Swarthmore College Peace Collection

WILPF Arms Conference(?),
Washington (DC), December 1921

photo #B1 of WILPF photograph exhibit

Identification of names taken from newspaper photograph "Women Advocates of Peace
Holding Convention in Washington" (American, Baltimore, Maryland), Dec. 14, 1921

01. Mrs. H. Leech 08. Grace Hoffman White (Mrs. J. J. White)
02. Mrs. W.T. Burch 09. Lucia Ames Mead (Mrs. Edwin Mead)
03. Emily Greene Balch 10. Mabel Kittredge
04. Jane Addams 11. Ellen Winsor
05. Mrs. George T. Odell 12. Prof. Margaret Crooke
06. Mrs. Robert M. La Follette 13. Lucy Biddle Lewis
07. Mary Winsor  

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