Document Groups (DGs)
DGs are those manuscript collections for which the Swarthmore College Peace Collection (SCPC) is the official repository. This list is added to as new collections are donated to the SCPC. Collections that have on-line finding aids are linked below. Some of these collections, as noted below, have restrictions regarding their use by researchers. Contact the Curator in advance for permission to use these collections. Also, some collections have boxes that are stored off-site. Note that the papers of individuals are listed under their last names.

A Quaker Action Group Records [AQAG] (DG 0 74) boxes stored off-site AQAG Photographs
ACCESS: A Security Information Service Records (DG 216)
Jane Addams Papers (DG 001) [photograph exhibit]
Agape Foundation Records (DG 237) some boxes stored off-site
Albert Einstein Institution Records (DG 220)
boxes stored off-site
Horace Gundry Alexander Papers (DG 140)
boxes stored off-site
Devere Allen Papers (DG 053) [photograph exhibit]
boxes stored off-site
Alliance for Conscientious Objectors Records (DG 088)
restrictions apply
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Records (DG 250)
Alternatives to Violence Project USA (DG 271)
American Civil Liberties Union: National Committee on Conscientious Objectors Records (DG 022)
restrictions apply; boxes stored off-site
American Friends Service Committee Records [AFSC]: Civilian Public Service / Prison Service Committee (DG 002) For AFSC CPS administrative records only restrictions apply; some boxes off-site
American Peace Society Records (DG 003) [photograph exhibit]
American Peace Test Records (DG 197)
American Union Against Militarism Records (DG 004)
some boxes stored off-site
Amnesty Information and Action Center Records [renamed as the Dwight S. Large and Frances K. Large Collected Papers]
boxes stored off-site
Bennett Andrews and Florence Andrews Papers (DG 209)
Another Mother for Peace Records (DG 102)
boxes stored off-site
Armistice Records (DG 137)
boxes stored off-site
Art for World Friendship Records (DG 066)
boxes stored off-site
Atlanta Sanctuary Committee Records See Carol Cummings and Frank Cummings Papers


Hannah J. Bailey Papers (DG 005) some boxes stored off-site
Emily Greene Balch Papers (DG 006) [photograph exhibit]
some boxes stored off-site
Jerome Balter and Ruth Balter Papers (DG 254)
Albert Bigelow Papers (DG 076)
Brandywine Peace Community Records (DG 158)
Ellen Starr Brinton Papers (DG 051)
Marion Bromley and Ernest Bromley Papers (DG 214)
boxes stored off-site
Elihu Burritt Papers (DG 096)
Business Executives Move for New National Priorities Records (DG 116)
boxes stored off-site

Henry Joel Cadbury Papers (DG 081)
Kay Camp Papers (DG 169) some boxes stored off-site
CarEth Foundation Records (DG 200) boxes stored off-site
Center for Economic Conversion Records (DG 215)
Center on Conscience and War Records (DG 025; formerly called NSBRO and NISBCO)
restrictions apply; some boxes stored off-site
Central America Working Group Records (DG 145)
Central American Historical Institute Records (DG 174)
boxes stored off-site
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors Records [CCCO] (DG 073)
restrictions apply; boxes stored off-site
Horace Champney Papers (DG 166) boxes stored off-site
Charles Chatfield Papers (DG 224) boxes stored off site
Children's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Records (DG 190)
Children's Peace Fair Records (DG 218)
Church Peace Mission Records (DG 177) boxes stored off-site
Civilian Public Service: Personal Papers and Collected Material (DG 056)
restrictions apply
Civilian Public Service Union Records (DG 008)
Clearing House for Nigeria / Biafra Information Records (DG 168)
boxes stored off-site
Clergy and Laity Concerned Records [CALC] (DG 120)
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy Records (DG 138)
Committee for Nonviolent Action Records [CNVA] (DG 017)
some boxes stored off-site
Committee for World Development and World Disarmament Records (DG 069)
Committee of Liaison With Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam Records (DG 227) restrictions apply
Committee of Responsibility Records (DG 173) boxes stored off-site
Committee on Militarism in Education Records (DG 009)
some boxes stored off-site
Common Ground Records (DG 243)
Community of Christ Records (DG 273)
Consider the Alternatives Productions, Inc. Records (DG 130)
some boxes stored off-site
Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development (U.S.) Records [COPRED] (DG 123)
Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice Records (DG 135) some boxes stored off-site
Sandi E. Cooper Peace History Reference Collection (DG 269)
Julien Cornell Papers (DG 010)
restrictions apply boxes stored off-site
David Cortright Papers (DG 101)

Creative Response to Conflict Records (DG 274)
Carol Cummings and Frank Cummings Papers (DG 180)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana Papers (DG 011) boxes stored off-site
Ann Morrissett Davidon and William C. Davidon Papers (DG 144) boxes stored off-site
John Dear Papers (DG 201)
some boxes stored off-site
Delaware County Pledge of Resistance Records (DG 242)
Delaware Draft Counseling and Education Services, Inc. Records (DG 229)
Dorothy Detzer Papers (DG 086)
boxes stored off-site
Dispatch News Service International Records (DG 108) [image exhibit]
Danilo Dolci Papers (DG 105)
boxes stored off-site

Earth Quaker Action Team Records (DG 272)
Educators for Social Responsibility Records (DG 206)
Abraham Egnal Papers (DG 136)
Eichel Family Papers [photograph exhibit] (DG 131)
Elkinton Family Doukhobor [Special] Collection (DG 133)
Gerhard Elston Papers (DG 165)
Emergency Peace Campaign Records (DG 012)
some boxes stored off-site
Episcopal Peace Fellowship Records (DG 118)
Edward W. Evans Papers (DG 122)
Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace Records [EXPRO] (DG 160)

Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America: Committee on the Conscientious Objector Records (DG 048)
Fellowship of Reconciliation Records [FOR] (DG 013)
Henry LeRoy Finch [Roy Finch] Papers (DG 195)

Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies Records (DG 019)
Ross Flanagan Papers (DG 064)
Lella Secor Florence Papers (DG 126)
Rose Dabney Forbes Papers (DG 014)
some boxes stored off-site
Libby Frank and Morton Frank Papers (DG 247) boxes stored off-site
Esther Frankel Papers (DG 097)
restrictions apply
Freeze Voter Records (DG 156) boxes stored off-site
Louis A. Friedman Papers (DG 238)
boxes stored off-site
Friends Committee on National Legislation Records [FCNL] (DG 047)
some boxes stored off-site
Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children Records (DG 111)
boxes stored off-site
Friendshipment/Bach Mai Hospital Relief Fund Records (DG 228)
A Ruth Fry Papers (DG 046)

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (DG 255)
Anthony Giacchino Camden 28 [Motion Picture] Collection (DG 235)
Robert Wallace Gilmore Papers (DG 163) boxes stored off-site
Edward P. Gottlieb Papers (DG 172) boxes stored off-site
Anna Melissa Graves Papers (DG 015) some boxes stored off-site
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament Records (DG 147)
GWEN Project Records (DG 202) some boxes stored off-site

Hague Appeal for Peace Records (DG 211)
David Hartsough Papers (DG 280)
Howard W. Hallman Papers (DG 246)
Henry Ford Peace Expedition Records (DG 018)
some boxes stored off-site
C. Douglas Hostetter Papers (DG 260) boxes stored off-site
Jessie Wallace Hughan Papers (DG 251)
boxes stored off-site
Hannah Clothier Hull Papers (DG 016)
some boxes stored off-site
Gaillard T. Hunt Papers (DG 199) [link to Hunt's own web site and writings, findng aid for SCPC's
collection of Hunt papers is not yet available on-line]
Dorothy Hutchinson Papers (DG 125) restrictions apply

Indochina Resource Center Records (DG 167) boxes stored off-site Indochina Resource Center List of Photographs [stored on-site]
J. Stuart Innerst Papers (DG 103) boxes stored off-site
Institute for World Order: Grants Committee Records (DG 112)
International Peace Walk Records (DG 150)

Homer A. Jack Papers. (DG 063) some boxes stored off-site

Roy C. Kepler Papers (DG 185)
Kindlewood Peace Community Records (DG 279)
Lake Mohonk Conferences on International Arbitration Records (DG 054) some boxes stored off-site
Rita Lasar Papers (DG 276)
Latin America Working Group Records (DG 184)
Robert Levering Papers (DG 080)
Frederick J. Libby and Faith Ward Libby Papers (DG 087)
boxes stored off-site
Belva Ann Lockwood Papers (DG 098)
some boxes stored off-site
Milton Lowenthal Papers (DG 191)
Lutheran Peace Fellowship Records (DG 171) some boxes stored off-site
Alice Niles Lynd and Staughton Lynd Papers (DG 099) some boxes stored off-site
Bradford Lyttle Papers (DG 079)
restrictions apply

Macedonia Cooperative Community Records (DG 071) boxes stored off-site
Dorothy Marder Collection (DG 233)
Milarda Marsalka Papers (DG 217)
Sallie Marx Papers (DG 270)
Massachusetts Peace Society Records (DG 020)
boxes stored off-site
John McConnell Papers (DG 212) boxes stored off-site
David McReynolds Papers (DG 134)
restrictions apply
Edwin Mead and Lucia Ames Mead Papers (DG 021) boxes stored off-site
Helen Mears Papers (DG 210)
Betty Medsger Collection of the Burglary of the FBI Office, Media, Pennsylvania (DG 277) some boxes stored off-site
Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors Records (DG 060)

Metzler, Sylvia (DG 283)
Midwest Committee for Military Counseling Records (DG 187)
Military Families Speak Out (DG 253)
Joseph Miller Papers (DG 193)
Movement for a New Society Records (DG 154)
Duncan Murphy Papers (DG 266) boxes stored off-site
A.J. Muste Papers (DG 050) some boxes stored off-site
Tracy D. Mygatt and Frances Witherspoon Papers (DG 089) some boxes stored off-site

George and Florence Nasmyth Papers (DG 057)
National Action/Research on the Military-Industrial Complex Records [NARMIC] (DG 208)

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund Records (DG 155)
National Council Against Conscription Records (DG 052)

National Council for Prevention of War Records [NCPW] (DG 023) boxes stored off-site
National Council to Repeal the Draft Records (DG 085)
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objection [see Center on
Conscience and War]
National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam Records (DG 075)
National Peace Conference Records (DG 049) some boxes stored off-site
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (U.S.) Records (DG 186)
Scott Nearing Papers (DG 124)
Negotiation Now! Records (DG 196)
Juanita Nelson and Wallace F. Nelson Papers (DG 262)
New Call to Peacemaking Records (DG 143)
New England Committee for Nonviolent Action Records [see Committee for Nonviolent Action Records]
New Jersey SANE Records (DG 132)
New Society Publishers Records (DG 189)
some boxes stored off-site
New Swarthmoor Community Records (DG 028)
restrictions apply
New York Friends Group Records (DG 198)
New York Peace Society Records (DG 026)
boxes stored off-site
NGO Committee on Disarmament Records (DG 139)
NISBCO; NSBRO [see Center on Conscience and War]
NOMOR, Committee for a Nuclear Overkill Moratorium Records (DG 146)
boxes stored off-site
Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia Records (DG 239)
Nonviolent Peaceforce Records (DG 268)
Nuclear Resister Records (DG 261)

Allen S. Olmsted II Papers (DG 095) boxes stored off-site
Mildred Scott Olmsted Papers (DG 082)

Victor Paschkis Papers (DG 119) boxes stored off-site
Peace Action Records (DG 151) some boxes stored off-site
Peace Action Center Records (DG 093)
boxes stored off-site
Peace Action, Inc. Records (DG 219)
Peace and Justice Studies Association Records (DG 231)
Peace Association of Friends in America Records (DG 027)
boxes stored off-site
Peace History Society Records (DG 094)
some boxes stored off-site
Peace Pilgrim Papers (DG 104)
Peace Studies Association Records (DG 230)
Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament Records (DG 030)
boxes stored off-site
Pennsylvania Peace Society Records (DG 031)
boxes stored off-site
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice Records (DG 084)

Peoples Mandate Committee Records (DG 109)
boxes stored off-site
Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America Records (DG 181)
Philadelphia CISPES [Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador] Records (DG 183)
Philadelphia War Tax Resistance Records (DG 182)

Philadelphia Women's Peace Encampment Records (DG 157) some boxes stored off-site
Phoenix Defense Fund Records (DG 072)
Physicians for Social Responsibility Records [PSR] (DG 175)
boxes stored off-site [except for possible more recent accessions]
Concepcion Picciotto Papers (DG 275)
Planetary Citizens Records (DG 092)
Pledge of Resistance, Albany [Chapter] (DG 258)
Murray Polner Papers (DG 113)
Josephine Wertheim Pomerance Papers (DG 129)
boxes stored off-site
Post War World Council Records (DG 062)
boxes stored off-site
Prisoner Visitation and Support Records (DG 223) some boxes stored off-site
PRO-Peace Records (DG 152) some boxes stored off-site
Professionals Coalition for Nuclear Arms Control Records [PCNAC] (DG 164)
boxes stored off-site
Promoting Enduring Peace Records (DG 141)
some boxes stored off-site

Quaker Action Group Records [see A Quaker Action Group Records]

Mercedes M. Randall Papers (DG 110) boxes stored off-site
Hugh Richardson Papers (DG 032)
Dorothy Medders Robinson
Papers (DG 127)
Rockland County Peace Association Records (DG 121)
Igal Roodenko Papers (DG 161) boxes stored off-site

SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058)
John Nevin Sayre Papers (DG 117) some boxes stored off-site
SOA Watch Records [School of the Americas Watch
] (DG 207)
SCI International Voluntary Service (U.S.) Records (DG 148)
Lawrence Scott Papers (DG 090)
Search for Equality and Justice in Palestine Records (DG 257)
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Records (DG 244)
SHAD Alliance Records (DG 142)
Lynne Shivers Papers (DG 263)
Simpson, Craig (DG 284)
Alice Slater Papers (DG 225) boxes stored off-site
Edward F. Snyder Papers (DG 241)

Society of Friends: Collected Peace Material [U.S.] (DG 033) boxes stored off-site
Edith Reeves Solenberger (DG 176)
boxes stored off-site
Wilhelm Sollmann Papers (DG 045)
boxes stored off-site
Anna Garlin Spencer Papers (DG 034)
boxes stored off-site
Lee Stern Papers (DG 170)

Helene Stöcker Papers(DG 035) boxes stored off-site
Sidney Dix Strong Papers (DG 036) boxes stored off-site
Student Peace Union Records (DG 065)boxes stored off-site
Marjorie Swann and Robert Swann Papers (DG 264)
Swarthmore College Peace Collection Records (DG 000)
John M. Swomley Jr. Papers (DG 226)
boxes stored off-site

Phyllis B. Taylor and Richard K. Taylor Papers (DG 278)
Topsfield Foundation Records (DG 256) boxes stored off-site
Steve Trimm Papers (DG 232) boxes stored off-site
André Trocmé and Magda Trocmé Papers (DG 107) restrictions apply

Unitarian Universalist Peace Network Records (DG 159)
United Peace Chest of Philadelphia Records (DG 194) boxes stored off-site
United States Comprehensive Test Ban Coalition Records [or U.S. Coalition for a Comprehensive Test Ban?] (DG 178)
Universal Peace Union Records (DG 038) boxes stored off-site
U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East Records (DG 188)
U.S. Peace Council Records (DG 153)

Veterans for Peace, Inc. Records (DG 240)
Veterans Vietnam Restoration Project Records (DG 265)
Vietnam Summer Records (DG 067) boxes stored off-site

Walkabout Peace and Justice Records (DG 162)
War Resisters' International Records [WRI] (DG 039)

War Resisters League Records [WRL] (DG 040)
War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund Records (DG 192)
Washington Peace Center Records (DG 252)
Cora Weiss Papers (DG 222)
Lydia G. Wentworth Papers (DG 041)
boxes stored off-site
Norman J. Whitney Papers (DG 061)
restrictions applyboxes stored off-site
George Willoughby and Lillian Willoughby Papers (DG 236)
E. Raymond Wilson Papers (DG 070)
boxes stored off-site
WIN Magazine Records (DG 077)
boxes stored off-site
WIN Magazine Records: Photograph Collection (DG 077)
WIN Magazine:Digitized Issues
Wisbech Local Peace Association Records (DG 042)
boxes stored off-site
Alice Wiser Papers (DG 203)
boxes stored off-site
Witness for Peace Records (DG 149)
Neil Wollman Papers (DG 234)
Woman's Peace Party Records (Part I of DG 043)
some boxes stored off-site
Women Strike for Peace Records (DG 115)
Women's Committee to Oppose Conscription Records (DG 068)
boxes stored off-site
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records [WILPF] (DG 043) [photograph exhibit]
some boxes stored off-site
Women's Peace Society Records (DG 106)
Women's Peace Union Records (DG 044)
boxes stored off-site
Dorothea E. Woods Papers (DG 213)
boxes stored off-site
World Conference on Religion and Peace Records (DG 078)
some boxes stored off-site
World Conference on Religion and Peace, USA Records (DG 059)
World Peace Foundation Records (DG 055)
boxes stored off-site
World Without War Council, Midwest Records (DG 128)

Young Friends of North America: Committee on Conscription Records (DG 083)

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