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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers and records.
Albert Einstein Instution
Albert Einstein Instution Records
Inclusive Dates
1974 - date
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DG 220

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Materials in English
125 linear feet [papers only]
The Albert Einstein Institution was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. It is committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action. The principal founder of the Albert Einstein Institution is Dr. Gene Sharp. To further its mission, the Institution has supported research projects, actively consulted with resistance and pro-democracy groups, and worked to publicize the power and potential of nonviolent struggle around the world through educational materials, analyses, translations, workshops, and media visibility. The Albert Einstein Institution was named after the scientist, Albert Einstein and continues his struggle to resolve the continuing problems of political violence.

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Gift of Albert Einstein Institution, 2005 [Acc. 05A-028, Acc. 05A-083]
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Historical Background
The Albert Einstein Institution was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. It is committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action. The principal founder of the Albert Einstein Institution is Dr. Gene Sharp. The Albert Einstein Institution encourages research and policy studies on the methods of nonviolent action and their past use in diverse conflicts, shares the results of this research with the public through publications, conferences, and the media, and consults with groups in conflict about the strategic potential of nonviolent action. To further its mission, the Institution has supported research projects, actively consulted with resistance and pro-democracy groups, and worked to publicize the power and potential of nonviolent struggle around the world through educational materials, analyses, translations, workshops, and media visibility.

The Albert Einstein Institution was named after the scientist, Albert Einstein and continues his struggle to resolve the continuing problems of political violence. Einstein was deeply concerned about war, oppression, dictatorship, genocide, and nuclear weapons. At various times he was a war resister, a supporter of the war against the Nazi system, and an advocate of world government. In his later life, he became enormously impressed with the potential of nonviolent struggle.

Collection Overview
The records of the Albert Einstein Institution were transferred to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection beginning in May of 2005. The records were divided into the following six main categories: Administrative files; Program files; Publicity; Publications, Audio Visual materials and Development. The Administrative section includes files of the Albert Einstein Institution board, Albert Einstein Institution correspondence, financial records of the Institution, and personnel records of Albert Einstein Institution staff. The Program section includes records of Albert Einstein Institution programs around the world, with especial emphasis on South Africa, Burma, Tibet, and parts of the former Soviet Union. There is additional information on nonviolent international social justice movements in this section. The Program files also contains the records of Albert Einstein Institution Fellows and their work for the Institution. In addition, records in the Program files cover the Institution's projects to produce many translations of books on nonviolence philosophy and methodology that the Albert Einstein Institution sponsored. Books were tranlasted into at least 35 languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), five Burmese languages, Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italien, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tibetan. The Publicity section includes material on the Albert Einstein Institution and nonviolence movements from a variety of U.S. newspapers. The Publications section of the AEI, includes Albert Einstein Institution reports. newsletters, annual reports, original monographs, and information on the publication strategies of the translations. A variety of audio visual material, in the form of video recordings and audio cassettes on the practice of nonviolence compromise another section of the records. The Development files includes extensive information about Albert Einstein Institution fundraising campaigns, donor information from both individuals and public and private foundations. The files were created and arranged by Albert Einstein Institution staff. The original arrangment of these records has been maintained at this time. ]

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Contents of Collection
Administrative Files
Program Files
Publication Files
Audio Visual Materials [Audio Cassette Tapes] [Video Recordings (VHS)]
Publicity Files
Development Files

Adminstrative Files: Boxes 1-25 (32.5 linear feet)

Box 1-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]
Board Meeting Gene Sharp 1990 (September 27)
AE Board – 1989 (March 24)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1989 (September 7)
Annual Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1990 (April 27)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1990 (February 8)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1991 (February 25)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1990 (December 3)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1995 ( February 24)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1988 (October 4)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1996 (June 21)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp,1989 (May 5)
Board Meeting, 1994 (March 11)
Board Meeting, June 20, 1994
Fellows Program Proposals; 1996–1997
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1991 (June 3)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1991 (September 23)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1992 (March 12)

Box 2-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1991 (December 11)
Board Meeting, Gene Sharp, 1993 (March 4)
Board Meeting, 1993 (September 16)
Board Meeting, 1992 (October 8)
Board Meeting, 1992 (June 1)
Board Meeting, 1995 (May 16)
Board Meeting, 1995 (February 24)
Board Meeting, 1994 (October 26)
Board Meeting, 1993 (December 6)
Board Meeting, 1994 (March 11)
Board Meeting, 1994 (June 20)
Board Meeting, 1993 (December 6)
Board Meeting, 1995 (May 16)
Board Meeting, 1998 (May 5)
Board Meeting, 2000 (October 19)
Board Meeting, 1994 (October 26)
Budget Committee
Fellows Program Proposals, 2000
Policy and Outreach Program Report
Board Meeting, 1999 (January 26)
Board Meeting, 1997 (March 14)
Board Meeting, 1995 (December 7)
Board Meeting, 1996 (April 5)
Board Meeting, 1996 (June 21)
Board Meeting, 1997 (March 14)

Box 3-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]
AEI; Policy and Outreach Program report
Various Board Meeting and minutes:
1991 (February) – 1994 (October)
1991 (June 3)
1991 (December) - 1992 (June)
1992 (March), 1992 (October)
1993 March), 1993 (September)
1995 (January) – 1995 (June)
1995 (December 7) – 1997 (September)
1997 (September) – 1999 (May 24)
1998 (June) – 1999 (January)
1999 (August 16) – 2000 (November 27)
2000 (March) – 2000 (November)

Box 4-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]
Board Meeting:
1983 (December 3) - 1985 (June 24)
1985 (September 14) - 1986 (April 12)
1986 (June 1) - 1986 (November 2)
1986 (November 2) - 1987 (January 15)
1987 (January 15) - 1987 (April 7)
1987 (April 7) - 1988 (April 28)
1988 (April 28)
1988 (June, 22)
1989 (January 10) - 1989 (May 5)
1989 (May 5)
1989 (September 7)
1988 (October) - 1990 (February 8)
1990 (April 27) - 1990 (December 3)
1990 (December 3) - 1991 (February 25)
1991 (September 23)

Box 5-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]
Various Minutes etc:
Board Meeting:                      
Telephone Conference 1999 (August 16,) -2001
Telephone Conference 2001 (August 30)
Telephone Conference 2001 (October 3)
Telephone Conference 2001 (September 17)
Telephone Conference 2001 (December 21)
2003 (April - August.) minutes and memos and email
2003 (September) minutes and memos and email

Box 6-Administrative Files: Board Files [Restricted]

Newspaper and magazine clippings; 1985-1991
Board Member Files
Board Files:
Various Files; 1992
Board Bios:
Board of Directors:
Board Meeting:
1997 [2 folders]
1998 [2 folders]
Board Advisors:
2000 [2 folders]

Box 7-Administrative and Financial Files
Budget and Board Meeting, 1991
Fiscal Year Financials, 1992 [2 folders]
MLCMA Monthly Statements, 1992
Merrill Lynch Statements, 1992
F. Y. 1993 [2 folders]
Merrill Lynch Statements, 1993
Budget and Audit Documents, 1994
Budget Information, 1994
Budget Summary, 1994
Account Summaries, 1994
Nedbank –South Africa Program, 1994
Merrill Lynch Statements, 1994
Financial Records, 1995
Budget, 1996
Budget and South Africa, 1996

Box 8-Administrative Files: Financial

Various Financial Documents, 1995
Grants and Financial Records, 1995
Various Budget Documents, 1995
Financial Documents, 1995
Merrill Lynch, 1995
Budget and Merrill Lynch Statements, 1996
Auditors Reports, 1996
TDC – Handbook – Copies and Notes, 1996
Financial Documents, 1997
Auditors Reports, 1997-2004

Box 9-Administrative Files: Financial

Financial Documents, 1987-1988
Statements of January-June 1988
Financial Documents, 1988A
Financial Documents, 1988-1989
Financial Documents, 1989 [2 folders]
Merrill Lynch Annual Summary Statement, 1989
Financial Documents, 1989
Merrill Lynch Annual Summary Statement, 1989-1990
Financial Documents, 1990
Financial Documents, 1988-1990
Merrill Lynch Annual Summary Statement, 1989
Financial and Budget Documents, 1990
Financial Documents, 1990
Miscellaneous Financials and Brattle St. Office, 1990

Box 10-Administrative Files: Financial

Mrs. Berger; Journals, 1991
Trust Statements; Journals; Calvert Summaries, 1991
Merrill Lynch CMA Statements, 1990
Financials, 1990
Budget and 1099’s, 1991
MLCMA Statements, 1990-1991
Financial Audits, 1992-1995

Box 11-Administrative Files: Financial
Audit, 1986
Audit, 1987
Audit, 1988
Audit, 1989
Revenue and Expenses summary, funding sources report, 1989
Audit, 1990 [2 folders]
Audit, 1991
Audit, 1993

Box 12-Administrative Files: Accounting

Articles of Amendment – name change, 1983
Annual Reports, 1984-1998
Pub. Charity Forms, 1984-2000
Various Reports and Forms, 1991-2002
Form 5500-R, 1990-2000
W-2 Forms, 1991-1998
990 Forms, 1983-2000
1099 Forms, 1998-2000

Box 13-Administrative Files: Accounting and Correspondence

Various Forms, 1986-2001
Accounting Files, 2000-2001
Correspondence w and Audrius Butkevicius, 1994           
Correspondence ( last name[B] ), 1995   

Box 14-Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, A - C

Box 15- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, C(continued) - F

Box 16- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, G – H

Box 17- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, I – K

Box 18- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, K – M

Box 19- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, M – R

Box 20- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, R - V

Box 21- Administrative Files: Correspondence
Correspondence, W – Z
General Correspondence, A – G

Box 22-Administrative Files: Correspondence
General Correspondence, H – Z

Box 23-Administrative Files: Personnel [Restricted until 2037]

Box 24-Administrative Files: Personnel [Restricted until 2037]

Box 25-Administrative Files
Various Files

Program Files Boxes 26-70, 76-79, and 81-82 (62.5 linear feet)

Box 26-Program Files

Miscellaneous Administrative Files(continued)
Program Files, A – C [by country]

Box 27-Program Files
Program Files, C
Canada, 1992-1993
Carter Center
Cassette Reproduction
Catholic Church
Center for Common Security
Center for Defense Info.
Center for Intergroup Studies
Center for International Affairs
Center on Violence and Human Survival

Box 28-Program Files
Program Files, C – D
Chittagong Hill Tracts: (Bangladesh)
‘Christian’ Calls on NVS and CBD
Christian Science Monitor ‘Monitor Forum’
Church World Service
CIRIMEX proposal
Civil Defense
Civil Disobedience
CBD – Topic Codes of where discussed
CBD – Ted Olson
Civilian-Based Defense material and articles
Civilian-Based Defense Association
CBDA Conference, Los Angeles, 1997
Common Ground
Conflict Clinic
Conflict resolution in schools
Costa Rica
Coups D’etat
Creative use of conflict in Community Making
Creighton University
Crimean Tartars
Dartmouth College
Defense Budget Project
Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Systems Interactions
Direct Action Study

Box 29-Program Files
Program Files, E – I
Economic Sanctions
El Salvador
Episcopal Church
Estonia History
Ethics and Public policy Center
Fasting: Sources
Federation of Christian Ministries
Fellowship of Reconciliation and Soviet Peace Committee
Fellowship of ReconciliationU.C.C.
Feris Foundation
Finland, Dr. Pennttila
Five College Program
Fellowship of ReconciliationWitness
Ford Web Associates
Fordham University
French Alternatives Non Violentes
Fourth Freedom Forum
Global Demilitarization
Grad. Inst. of International Studies
Greenpeace Canada
Guerrilla Warfare
Hampshire College
Harvard (Widener)
Hawaii House
Hebrew University
Het Spectrum Publishers
Hong Kong
Human Rights
Icarus and Jamouz Media
Illinois University
Gene SharpIndian Visa

Box 30-Program Files
Program Files, I – L
Indo-Canadian Institute
Institute for Jewish Renewal
Institute for Philosophy
Institute Strategic Studies
International Alert
International Journal of Conflict Management
International League of Human Rights
International Peace Research Association
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
International Republican Institute
International Service Society
International Social Science Council
Investment Policies
Iowa Peace Institute
Journal of Palestine Studies
Labor Center
The Laucks Foundation
Lentz Lab

Box 31-Program Files
Program Files, M – P
Martin Luther King, Jr.Center
American Forces press
Media – Japan
Mennonite Central Committee
Methodist Church
Middle East
Moscow Conference
Musgrove Seminar
NationalConference on NVS
National Council of the Churches of Christ
National Democratic Institute
Netherlands and Social Defense Information Project
New Zealand
Nonlethal Warfare
Nonviolent Action
Nonviolence Confused
Nonviolence today
Nonviolence International
North Ireland
North Korea
North South Center
Norway – CBD
University of Notre Dame
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
February. 2000 Baker Conference
Olin Institute
OSR Bulletin
Pace University

Box 32-Program Files
Program Files,  P – S
Peace House
Peace Review
Peace Studies
People Power
Physicians for Human Rights
Porter Sargent publishers
Positions – Universities
Presbyterian Church
Program for Community Problem Solving
Program on Negotiation
Program on Nonviolent Sanction
Proliferation Prevention
Radio Free Europe
Rocky Mountain peace center
Salt magazine
Serpaz, Mexico
Seville Statement on Violence
South Africa
South Asia
Sri Lanka
Study Tour of Korea
Golubka Moscow Diary
Soviet Union, 1991

Box 33-Program Files
Program Files, U – Z
Soviet Union
Syracuse: Prog. on Analysis
Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Terrorism Articles
Thai Constitution
Bangkok Trip (cancelled)
Tiden (Norway)
Truman Research Institute
Turkey – Izmir, 1996
Twayne Publishers
Unitarian Universalists
United Nations
United Palestinian Appeal
University of Illinois
V.S. Institute of Peace Proposal
Umass Dartmouth
United States Info Agency
Veterans for Peace

Box 34-Program Files
Waging Peace Proposal
War and Peace Foundation
War Registers International
Who’s Who
Women Forging Community
World Bank
World Council Churches
Xavier College
South Africa Program Files
Development, Correspondence
SA Government
Boycotts, General resistance
Role in Religion
South Africa Program
Consumer Boycott
Rent Boycotts
Bus Boycotts
Work Stoppages

Box 35-Program Files-South Africa
School Boycott
1980: Students Struggle for their Schools
“The Youth”
UDF – General Overviews
Black Trade Union
Black T.V. and Community Alliances
ANC Veterans in 80s Struggle
General Overviews, Histories
Trade Unions and reviews
Legal Actions
Rent boycotts
Albert Einstein Institution – Correspondence with
Ford Foundation
Samuel Huntington
South Africa – Economic
South Africa – Academic
Non –South Africa
South Africa Workshop – reports
CBD – South Africa

Box 36-Program Files-Burma Consulting Files [Restricted]
Burma toward freedom
Helvey – “Translationto Democracy”
Burma Helvey, Strat. overview of P. D., 1996
Helvey – American Friends of Dem. in Burma
Helvey – D.C. Conference, 1993
Helvey – Post Cold War Draft
Helvey – Swedish Donors
Helvey, Robert  1991, 1992, 1993
Helvey, Robert, 1990, 1989
Correspondence, 1994
Correspondence, 1993
Helvey - General File
P. D. Course Summary -  Helvey
Helvey – Advanced Political Defiance Course
Political Defiance – Education and Training
Political Defiance – Strategist Course

Box 37-Program Files-Burma Consulting Files [Restricted]
Helvey, Robert – Educational Outreach Project, 1990
Political Defiance Course
International Reports on SLorc, 1997
NED: PDC and Ethnic Seminar Proposal
PDC – Comprehensive Proposal
NED and PDC – Audit Acceptance
Staff Grant
Financial Reports
Interim Reports
Helvey Report
Grant Documents
Burma Trip Prep.

Box 38-Program Files-Burma Consulting Files [Restricted]
Professional Services
Expense Forms
Advances for Course
August Participants
Bank Charges
August1996 Trip Notes
Second NED Report
FirstInterim Report
NED First segment Correspondence Notes
NED: Course Curriculum
Thailand February 1996
Communication and Postage
Cash Advances
Burma Trip
Travel: Students
Per Diem: Instructions
Per Diem: Students
Salary and Benefits and Taxes
Consultants Fee
Supplies and Equipment
Bank Fees
Burma Addresses, 1994
Arakan National Democracy Movement
Bangkok Post
Burma – American Friends of Democracy
Burma – Amsterdam
Asia Watch
Burma – Australian Contacts
Burma – Cannibalism
Burma – Chin Translator
New York Burma Conference
Burma Convention Boycott
Curriculum Political Defiance – Burma
Burma – Democratic Alliance
Democratic voice of Burma
Burma Developments
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Economist Intelligence – Thailand and Burma
Burma – Foreign Investments
Burma – Friends of...at Harvard
Burma – Human Rights
Institute for Asian Democracy
U.S. Institute for Peace
Burma -  Internal Protests
Jane’s Intelligence Review
Burma Relief Center
Kachin Friends
Karen Human Rights Group
Burma – Karuna Center
Monland Restoration Center
Burma – NCUB
Burma – NCUB Grand Strategy
National League for Democracy
New Era Wire Transfers
Burma – New Era Funding
New Era – Example Issues
New Era – Anti Dictator Criticisms
Norway Burma Council
Norwegian Burma Council
Burma and Norway
Burma – Open Soc. Inst. Maureen Aung Thwin
Burma Consultations; Open society Institute

Box 39-Program Files-Burma Consulting Files [Restricted]
Open Society – Burma Project
Burma Peace Foundation Report, 1993 [2 folders]
Burma – “Peace in Freedom”
“Peace Talks” 1993
Political Defiance Committee
Proposed Burma Project
Burma Refugee – American Embassy
Burma Refugees
Burma Scholarship
Burma Photos – SLORC Murders
Statistics – Burma
Burma – Strategic Development
Student Groups
All Burma Students League
Students - Democratic Burmese Students
Students – Overseas National Students Burma
Unarmed Resistance – Q and A
United States
U.S. Senate
Burma – Plight of Women
The New Era Journal (Burmese)
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Ch. 1 February 1994
Ch. 2 March 1994
Ch. 3 April 1994
Ch. 4 May and June 1994
Ch. 5 August 1994
Ch. 5 continued September 1994
Ch. 6 December 1994
Ch. 6 cont and Ch. 7 January andFebruary 1995
Ch. 8 April 1995
Ch. 9 May 1995
Ch. 9 July 1995
Ch. 10 Final Chapter November 1995
New Era December 1995
Burma News Clippings
Burma National Geographic

Box 40-Program Files
Miscellaneous loose Documents
ABSDF Visit, 1997
Contacts, materials, expenses
Burma – Madeline K. Albright
ASSK Speeches
Aye Saung
Robert Horn – Burma
Mahn Shah, 1997
Senator Mitch McConnell
Mike Mitchell
Intern: Moe Kyaw
Nai Ong Mon
Tin Maung Win
Sein Win Letter – Political Defiance
Zar Ni – Free Burma Coalition
Burma – Michael Beers
Louis Benson
Michelle Bohana
Glen Craig
Max Ediger
Peter Globensky
Thi Ha
Kevin Hepner
Shwe Htee
Win Khet
Yuzana Khin
Aung Kin
Ye Kyaw Thu
Aung Sansuu Kyi
Nai Shwe Kyin
Burma – Lakey and Beer prep. meeting
Dr. Em Marta
Dr. Mya Maung
Maung Maung
Bo Mya
Aung Myin
San San Myint, 1995
Tyn Myint – U
Thomas Zao Naw
Luin Nori Nori, 1995
Aung Naing
Nyi Nyi Lwin
Aung San
Ko Ko Do
Rep. Bill Richardson
Byron Rushing
George, Zau Seng
Mahn Sha
Ulf Sundhaussen
Tha Tha
U Ba Thung
Burma: Revolution
Democratic Alliance of G
Kjaw Si Thu
Dung Myint Tun
Oung Myint Tun
Lian Uk
Tin Maung Win
Naing Win
Sein Win
Harn Yawnghwe
Eh See Yoh
Saw Yoshu
Aung Moe Zaw

Box 41-Program Files-Consultation Files; Cuba, Tibet, Taiwan [Restricted]
Thai Constitution
Mack, Andrew
Kennedy, Scott
Flowchart for NV Campaigns
First infitada
Miscellaneous Articles and Clippings

Box 42-Program Files-Burma
Burma May 1996 Crisis
Burma – Moton and Muslim Project
Burma NCUB and PD Strategy Statement
New Era Raids
PDC Budget
SLORC – abuse of Buddhism
Burma “Spy Strategy”
Thai Security
UN Human rights
UN Rep in Rangoon
Wildlife Groups
DUB general letters
DUB part 1 and 2 December, 1995
Kareen Human Rights Group
Documents on Forced Relocation in Burma

Box 43-Program Files-Baltics Consultation [Restricted]
Ethnic Composition
Background Information
Origins of first trip
Trip report, January 1993
Huxley Grant
Vilnius Conference
Baltics 1995, Gene Sharppaper
Trip notes, 1994
Russian Policy
US policy
Military Defense
Miscellaneous Estonia Files
Latvia Files
Latvia trip notes
Conference notes
Various Conference Files

Box 44-Program Files-Baltics Consultation [Restricted]
Conference Statements
Roberts, Adam
Lithuania: National Defense Concept
Lithuania: Report on USSR
Miscellaneous Materials
Lithuania: Gene Sharp30 min. Notes
Sources and Trip Notes
Conference in London
Lithuania: Pennsylvania Board Report
Lithuania: FOR
Lithuania: Gene SharpEvaluation
Trip Notes, 1993
Lithuania Info Center: News releases
Supreme Council Resolution
Lithuania: BJ notes and Chronicles
Lithuania: VISA
Trip Costs
Baltic Ventures
Lithuania: Peter
Lithuania: Bulk Visit
Lithuania: Contacts – April 1994
Napolitano, Theresa
Baltics Trip: Miscellaneous 1994
Audrios Butler

Box 45-Program Files-Baltics CBD Treaty
Latvian Treaty
Latvian Butkev. Paper
Lithuanian: Treaty
Lithuanian: Butkev. Paper
Estonian: Treaty
Estonian: Butkev. Paper
CBD Treaty
Estonia: Trip Notes, 1991
Various Lithuania Files
AB Paper
Baltics Butkevioius Theses
Translated Treaties
Treaty: Legal Aspects
Defense Treaties
Treaty: Sources
Baltics: Articles and Sources
CSCE and Euro-structures

Box 46-Program Files-Serbia, Belarus, Baltics
Serbia – Accounts
Yugoslavia – Various
Serbia – MS
Serbia – Gene SharpMain Lecture
Srdja Popovic
Otpor Meeting 2 and 26 and 01
Serbia 2001: Agenda and Contacts
Civic Liberties
Serbia Trip 2001: Health Insurance
Yugoslavia visas
Belgrade Trip 2001: Planning
Serbia Trip 2001: Contacts
York and Ackerman – Serbia
Estonia 1991
Lithuania 1991
Baltic Reports
Muiznieks Latvia
Muiznieks analyzing Baltics
Latvia Conference 2000
Baltics Trip 2000: Health Insurance
Baltics Travel 2001
Itinerary and Contact Info.
Baltic Defense Ministries
Correspondence during 2001 trip to Baltics
Grazina Miniotaite, 2001
Lithuanian CBD Group
Media Coverage
Belarus Workshop
Evaluation Results
Belarus Workshop planning
Foundation for the support of citizens’ protection
Workshop report
Workshop contacts

Box 47-Program Files-Serbia, Belarus, Baltics [Restricted]
Belarus Workshop: Funding
Belarusian Workshop: Gene Sharpnotes
Miscellaneous loose documents
Second Belarus workshop: Travel insurance
Second Belarus workshop: Planning and Funding
Zubr: Belarus
Belarus – IRI 1997
J. Zaprudnik, M. Urban – Belarus
Tibet “Grand Strategy” proposal
TSWG Housing
Trace Foundation
TSWG Funding
TSWG Final Copies
NED Proposal
TSWG: Canadian Foundation
Tseten Norbu 2000
Tibetan News
Tibet Dalah Lama
Tibet H.H. Dalai Lama
Tibet Rinpoche
Tibet Banerjee, 1998
Norbu, Tenzin
TYC – Tseten Norbu
Tibetan – Contacts
Tibet – General
1998 (November) course materials
1998 (November) workshop notes
Gene SharpCourse notes

Box 48-Program Files-Tibet Consultations [Restricted]

1998 (November) Tibetan workshop evals.
November trip to India
India trip report and materials
Tsering Tsomo and Rinpache
Gene Sharpnotes on TCP
Tibetan NVS; India and China interests
Possible Tibetan Campaign Issues
September India Trip CM notes
Tibet Workshop Outline, 1998 (September)
India 1998 (September) trip, report, materials
September India Trip
Tibet 1998 Course September
Tibet 1997 (November) course Post-Trip reports
Course correspondence
Course materials
Gene Sharpcourse notes
Tibet – 1996 (November) Gene SharpNotes
Tibet – Course Materials
India travel 1997
Tibet – responses to course questionnaire
Dalai Lama
Tibet – General Info. and Articles
John Ackerly
Campaign for Tibet
Tibet house New York, New York
Tibet – Hunger Strikers
Gendlers Tibetan Project
Tibetans Dharam. – Communications and Postage
Tibet “working group” proposal

Box 49-Program Files: Tibet and Burma
Tibetan Strategy Working Group Consultation
Correspondence re: Tibet [3 folders]
TSWC (Albert Einstein Institution and TPPRC joint prop.)
Tibetans Dharam. 10-11 and 1996, Travel
Tibetans Dharam, 10-11 and 1996, Correspondence S. Richpoche
Tibetans Dharam, 10-11 and 1996, Correspondence Tsering
Tibetans Dharam, 10-11 and 1996, Correspondence O. P. Pandon
Tibetans Dharam, 10-11 and 1996, Contractual Services
Tsering, Jama and TPPRC Contacts
Tibet (Publicity, new stories)
Tibet: Hamilton, Canol.
Tibet (Contacts)
Tibet: Amnye Institute
Nicaragua: Peace Brigades International
Mexico (files mostly in Spanish)
Panama (various articles, info)
Philippines (correspondence and articles)
Tract NED
China (reports on trips to China, Southeast Asia)
DVB 7 and 1998 (Correspondence re: Burma)
FTUB CNAB Booklet 6 and 1996 (correspondence)
UN Report on Human Rights in Myanmar
Burma Strategic Plan Draft (NCUB) 1998 (May)
Burma PDC, correspondence with “K2”
Burma, Current Situation (5 and 1998) Tin Maung Win
SLORC Attacks 1997
Burma Strategy
National Endowment for Democracy meeting on Burma
Khit Pyiang Editorial 1 and 1999
SLORC Attacks 1998

Box 50-Program Files: Burma and Fellows Program

Burma Political information and Correspondence, 1999
SLORC Reports 1997 –PD-
SLORC Denunciations 1997
SLORC Denunciations 1996 (8 folders)
SLORC Denunciations 1995 [2 folders]
Newspaper Clippings on Burma
Richard Leaver (Fellow)
King, Mary
Ackerman, Holly
Yuen Foong Khong (fellow)
Binder (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program): Contains sections for:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
-(There are two folders with these same labels)
Binder (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program) with sections:
- Beckwith
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program) with sections:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
-Experiences of Civilian Resistance, by Lennart Bergfeldt (book)
Binder (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program) with sections:
-Tier Three
-Tier Two
-Tier One
Binder (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program) with sections:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier

Box 51-Program Files- Fellows and Books on Various Topics
Binders divided into sections:
Binder 1:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 2:
-K.M. Landzelius
-F. Magno
-H. Clark
-H. Sommer
-Third Tier
-Second Tier
-First Tier
Binder 3:
-K.M. Landzelius
-F. Magno
-H. Clark
-H. Sommer
-Third Tier
Binder 4:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 5:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 6:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Fellows Program Proposals
But For Birmingham: The Local and National Movements in the Civil Rights Struggle by Glenn Thomas Eskew
Domestic Politics and International Conflict Termination: The Dynamic Group Theory of Conflict Processes With Northern Ireland as a Test Case, dissertation by Nathalie Julia Frenslie
Economic Sanctions and Apartheid, by Haider Ali Khan

Box 52- Program File- Fellows s and Books on Various Topics [Restricted]
Social Limitations on the Nazi Dictatorship: The Rosenstrasse Protest and the Case of German-Jewish Intermarriage, Dissertation by Nathan A. Stolzfus
Binders from Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program:
Binder 1:
Binder 2:
Binder 3:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 4:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 5:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 6:
-Kurt Schock
-Henrik Sommer
-James Franklin
-Clifford Bob
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 7:
-First Tier
Binder 8:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
-H. Sommer
-H. Clark
-F. Magno
-K.M. Landzelius
Binder 9:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 10:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
-Weirdo File (aptly titled)
Addison Database
Fellows Brochure Mailing List
Fellows Program: Advertising
Fellows Program: Mailing Corrections
For Brochure Mailing List
SR Offices
Databases and Publications
Database problems
Fastweb Newsletter
Udrenas (Article on Lithuanian nonviolent resistance to Soviet Influence)
Fellows Program (suspended Replies)
Fellows: Current Form Letter
Project Summary
Ten-Year Summary of Project
Letter of Agreement Test
Fellows Agreement Revision
Expanded Fellows Program
Einstein Fellows
My “Rationale” (letter from Ron McCarthy)
CK Discussions
To Do: W-9’s
Fellows Memo to Bd 8 and 1997
Fellows – Albert Einstein Institution
Form Letter With Brochure
Contacts ’00 Round
Newsletters and News Releases
Other Programs
New Brochure Text

Box 53-Program Files-Fellows [Restricted]
Mary King, 1997-1998 [4 folders]
Clifford Bob 1997-1998 [2 folders]
Howard Clark 1997-1998
Fellows Report 1998
Fellows post selection 1998
Contacts 1998
Fellows Report 1997
Kurt Schock
Henrik Sommer [2 folders]
Binders (Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program):
-Kurt Schock
-Henrik Sommer
-James Franklin
-Clifford Bob
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 1:
-Kurt Schock
-Henrik Sommer
-James Franklin
-Clifford Bob
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 2:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 3:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 4:
-Level One
-Level Two
-Level Three
Binder 5:
-First Tier
-Second Tier
-Third Tier
Binder 6:
-Level One
-Level Two
-Level Three
Binder 7:
-Crut, John
-Kitterman, David
-Leaver, Richard
-Platt, Gerald
Binder 8:
Binder 9:

Box 54-Program Files-Fellows [Restricted]
Binders from Albert Einstein Institution Fellows Program:
Binder 1:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 2:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Binder 3:
-Tier One
-Tier Two
-Tier Three
Terrains of Resistance by Paul Routledge
Civil Resistance In Kosovo by Howard Clark
Unarmed Against Hitler: Civil Resistance In Europe, 1939-1943 by Jacques Semelin
Origins of Democratization in Poland by Michael H. Bernhard
But For Birmingham: Local and National Movements in the Civil Rights Struggle by Glenn T. Eskew
 Ram (files about Tibet program)
Res. Guide: Changes
Letters, bills from Garland Publishing
Aphorism of Defeatism
Odd resources
Bruce – Notes 5 and 2 and 1997, 9 and 1997
Summer 1997
Out-of-date reference list
Request Letter to fellows
Fellows library
Fellows’ replies
Robert Burrowes
Encyclopedia – nasty letters
Encyclopedia – Docs
Rojas Report and complaint
Crist, John
Kitterman, David
Leaver, Richard
Platt, Gerald [2 folders]

Box 55-Program Files-Fellows [Restricted]
Huxley, Steven
Incomplete: Letters, etc.
Check lists
Nathalie J. Frensley [3 folders]
Scranton [2 folders]
Hedman, Eva-Lotta [3 folders]
Glenn T. Eskew [2 folders]
Paul Routledge [2 folders]
Edy Kaufman [2 folders]
Muizniecks [3 folders]
Glenn T. Eskew
Smith, Kathleen [3 folders]
T. Rojas [2 folders]
Gilliam DeValle
Dorothy F. Cotton
Fellows Selection 1994-1995
Holly Ackerman [2 folders]
1993-1994 Fellows
Brian S. Mandell [2 folders]
Anthony Pereira
Sam Marullo [2 folders]
Glenn T. Eskew [3 folders]
Li Fang [3 folders]
Anthony Pereira
Pat Coy [3 folders]
Blank papers (Merrimack College letterhead)
McAdam – letter
Yuen Foong Khong [2 folders]
Uche Ewelukwa [5 folders]
King [3 folders]
Yamauchi, Paul [2 folders]

Box 56-Program Files-Fellows [Restricted]
Report text: 1996
Ackerman, Holly
Memo to Bd. re: budget
1996 form letter
1995 – Queries – “hot”
To-Do list (3 forms)
Bruce’s scheduling
Clippings – Albert Einstein Institution
Computer info [2 folders]
Activity Report Form
New Job
PNS and CS and PANDA Report
BJ to Bd. Re: Funding
Gene SharpKurtz and Turpin Encyclopedia
Original Development Assessment and Plan
Jacques Semelin’s Request
Burrowes Ref. list
CBDA Documents [2 folders]
ESS Workshop
Vita: May 1989
South Africa Workshop Talk 1991
Crow, Grant and Ibrahim
ISA 1990
Ruhrkampf ISA
PNS Seminar 10 and 1993
Paper for Verona (?) 1991 (April)
Lynne review (?) Session
NPT Letters
New York Times
Technique – Hawaii
Historical Emergence – NUA
The Techniques of NUA: Nature, Use, Effort
Mike True
Harry Barnes
Felix, Tanya
Smith, Tricia
People Power Video Final Report
Research funds listings
NEN info
NEA – Recent Guidelines
Abe Fellowship
Fellows Development
Grants and Funding related
Guggenheim Procedures
ASA and NSF Proposal
Methods entry [2 folders]
Denmark Entry
PNS Seminar 10 and 1993
Many Paths to Peace 1994 (August. 4)
Les Kurtz – conference
Contract and Camera ready
POLS 393
POLS 676
George Kent
Reference and resource work
Scranton, M.
Institutional Development and Nonviolent Resistance
Trade Strategy and Conflict
Economic Sanctions Conference
S. Medhi [4 folders]

Box 57-Program Files-Fellows and PNS [Restricted]
Ladutke [2 folders]
Reichardt [2 folders]
Cotton D.
Nathan Stolzfus [2 folders]
Funds to Lennart
PNSCS: Bulgaria and Joe Bond
PNSCS: Ecuador
PNSCS: McCarthy Report 9 and 1995
PNSCS: FY 1996 Grant
PNSCS: Bond – Fred
PNSCS: Miscellaneous
PNSCS: FY 1996 Budget
PNSCS: G5 memo, 4 and 2 and 1996
PNSCS: FY95 Request
PNSCS: FY94 Request
Imig, Noug
PNS [2 folders]

Box 58-Program Files-Fellows and PNS [Restricted]
NVSDB Review, 1989 (August)
Bond, Douglas
Gleeditsch – Bond
NSF Prop. Clean copy
“Korean Dissent and its Impact on Reforms” by Douglas Bond
Fellows 1998-1999: Kurt Shock
Fellows 1998-1999: Summer
Fellows 1998-1999
Fellows 1997-1998: Clark, Howard
Fellows 1997-1998: Bob, Clifford
Fellows: Mary King 1997-1998
Fellows 1997-1998
FY 1997 Fellows: Yamauchi, Paul
Fellows 1996-1997: Mary King
Fellows 1996-1997: Eweluka
FY 1997 Fellows Payment Schedule
Ron and Fellows
Fellows 1996-1997: McCarthy Report
Fellows Agreement
FY 1997 Fellows Evaluation
H. Ackerman and Cuba
Fellows: Summary
Fellows: Eskew
Li Fang
Fellows: Development
Fellows Program
Yuen Foong Kohng [2 folders]
Ximena Bunster
Steven Huxley
Stolzfus, correspondence and Reports
AssociationFor Transarmament Studies
Research: Receipts
Lennart Bergfeldt
Doug Johnson, 1988
Ann Zill

Box 59-Program Files: Chinese Translation [Restricted]
Wu, Eugene
Monkey Memo
Daniel Nelson
Chinese Translation: Ding
Li Fang: History of NVA in China
Correspondence 1990-1992
Monkey Master: Tai
Li Fang: Examples
CBD: Li Fang
CBD: Contract
CBD: Glossary
CBD: Tian, Dongdong
CBD: Tsim (Ch. Un. Press)
CBD: Schaberg
CBD+ROP: Lin and Taiwan
CBD: Taiwan: Dr. Shane Lee
Chinese CBD Royalty Payment
CBD: New Preface?
CBD – Taiwan Contract
Chinese Master 1991
Curtis Goering
ROP: Li Fang
CBD: Translation Final copy
ROP: Li Fang
Role of Power – Chinese
Canada: NDP, McLaughlin
CBD: Translation, revised

Box 60-Program Files: Translations: Burma

Awad Projects
Intifada and NVS Project
Nonviolent Resistance
Role of power
Anti-Coup and CBD and PNA: Jaoudy (pub)
Against the Coup: Bakehti (translation)
Shandoi, Hisham
CBD: Mneimneh
Power, Struggle Def.: Awad
“From Dict...”, Estimates and other translation
Burmese Translators
“From Dict...”: Open Society
“From Dict...” New Era Series (Tin Maung Win)
“From Dict to Dem” Translation
“From Dict...” Find revisions by Gyi of Min’s Revisions
“From Dict to Dem” Disk
“From Dict.” Thu. ABSL
“From Dict.” (Tin Maung Win)
 Aung Myo Min
Master Copy: Dictatorship to Democracy, Burmese Edition (Nen Era)
Burma: Costs
FDTF Burmese “Western Region version”
Burma Shan Translation
PD “Pocket Handbook”
PD Tract and NED
Chinese: Monkey Master [3 folders]
Shan TranslationSample Evaluation and Letters
Role of Power: Burmese Master
Role of Power
Role of Power: Burmese copies
Burma OSI translation Project 1997, signed contracts and agreement letters
OSI Burma translations: Contract
OSI Burma Translations: Open Society Institute
OSI Burma Translations: Albert Einstein Institution memos and notes
Glossary: English
Sample: Pocket SRE
OSI translation: Sample translation for reviewer
OSI translation: R. Helvey
OSI Translation: Karen
OSI Translation: Kachin
Kachins: Michael Jala Maran
Kachins: La Raw Maran
Van Bik, Kenneth: OSI Chinese translator
OSI Translation: Mon
Mon –2 and 1999 Correspondence
Chinese – correspondence 4 and 1999
OSI Translations: Chin
Burma: Dictatorship to Democracy Reprinting (starts 10 and 1995)
OSI Translation Project – Expenses

Box 61-Program Files: Burmese and Chinese Translation
Several hundred pages of Chinese and Burmese translation related documents
Karen: Full translation with eval. sugg. included
“From Dictatorship to Democracy” English Photocopy
Karen eval. (full) 5 and 3 and 1998 copy
Chinese full Translation—Not evaluated
Chinese sample, evaluated, recorded 11 and 13 and 1997
Chinese sample translation, completed 7 and 1997
Karen trans., hard copy and disk, 1 and 8 and 1998
Mon Full TranslationDraft, sent to eval. 11 and 11 and 1997
OSI Burma Proj. Mon ( final- ready for typist)
Kachin sample trans. – Completed 7 and 1997
Kachin Translation – ready for evaluator (not final) 10 and 1997
Kachin Full Evaluationsent to translator 1 and 19 and 1998
Kachin (Jinghpan) Evaluation, return to trans. 11 and 11 and 1997
Mon sample trans., completed 6 and 1997

Box 62-Program Files: Publications, Translations

Box: Archive, Albert Einstein Institution publications Disks
OSI Final Hard Copies and Disks
11 Booklets in Burmese
Package: OSI TranslationProject – From Dictatorship to Democracy and Sharp – Kachin Translation
Package: OSI TranslationProject – From Dictatorship to Democracy and Sharp – Mon Translation
Package: OSI TranslationProject – From Dictatorship to Democracy and Sharp – Karen Translation
Package: OSI TranslationProject – From Dictatorship to Democracy and Sharp – Chinese (Lai) Translation
2 booklets in Burmese

Box 63-Program Files: Translations: Dutch-Hebrew
Dutch: MEU (Making Europe Unconquerable)
Dutch: MEU: Contract
Dutch: MEU: Translation
Estonian: CBD: Ets
Estonian: Anti-coup papers
Estonian: CBD: Ets Revisions
Estonian: CBD: Kaare, Revised Final Translation
Estonian: CBD: kaare Translation: Unedited
Estonian: CBD: Luup
Estonian: CBD: Tupp
Estonian: CBD: Kaare
Estonia: SRD: Luup
Estonian: SRD: Kaare
Estonian: SRD: Nou
Estonian: SRD: Pold
Estonian: SRD: Translation
French CBD: Review by Norman Beaudet
French CBD: Guiradon
French: CBD: Guiradon revisions
French: CBD: Pug
French – Haiti: Lise Peloquin Translation
French – Haiti: Proofread and Translation– P. Smith
Haiti Translation
French – Haiti – M. Perard Joseph (Quebec – Haiti)
French: Miscellaneous
French: Haitian Anti-Coup
French: MEU
French: Making Abolition of War... (Quebec)
French Miscellaneous (unlabeled folder)
French: CBD: Translation
French Translation Miscellaneous
French: CBD: Translation
German: CBD: Austria
German: MEU
German: Publishers
Dictionary translation: German
German: Nolte
Hebrew: CBD: Translation
Hebrew: Miscellaneous
CBD: Hebrew
CBD: Hebrew: Review
CBD: Hebrew: Review (copies)
Review of Hebrew CBD: Hagana Lelo Alimoot: Tzurat Halecjima Ha’atidit
Hebrew: CBD: Gal, IIMS

Box 64-Program Files: Translations: Italian-Lithuanian
MEU: Italian Revised Copy
Italian: Anti-Coup
Italian: Miscellaneous
Italian: Gandhi as a Politician
Italian: Il Regno article
Italian: PNA
Indonesia Contract 11 and 1996
Indonesian FDTD 2 and 1996
Italian: MEU Contract
Italian: MEU: Luccio
Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Torino, Italy
Italian Translations
Japanese: Politics NVA
Korean: CBD: Disks
Korean: CBD: Hahn’s Printed Version w and Park Jong Chul’s edits
Korean: CBD: Hahn
Korea: CBD: Doug Bond
Korea: CBD trip 1995
Korean: CBD: Seongae Han
Korean: CBD: Myung Soo Lee
Korean: CBD: Possible translations
Korean: CBD: Kor. Uni. Press
Korean: CBD: Choon-ho Park
Korean: CBD: New preface
Korean: CBD: Edits by Shin-wha Lee of Final 10 and 1994
Korean: CBD: Revision 2 transl.
Korean: CBD: Translation Revisions by Song-Ya
Korean: CBD: Hahn Translation, Revision 1, awaiting 2nd review
Korean: CBD: transl., unedited
Latvia: CBD: Eglitis Translation
Latvian: CBD: Eglitis
Latvian: CBD: Junda
Latvia: CBD: Jundzis
Latvia: CBD: Pavlovski’s
Latvian: SRD: Eglitis
Latvian: SRD: Karklins
Latvian: SRD: Min. of Defense
Gene Sharp: Lithuanian article (Swedish Paper)
Lith.: Miniotate, G.: MS on NVA in Lith.
Lith: Miscellaneous
Lith: CBD: Contract
Lith: CBD: Drunga
Lith: CBD: Kirvaitis
Lith: CBD: Mintis
Lith: CBD: Misiunas
Lith: CBD: Saulauskas
Lithuanian: SRD: Kirvaitis
Lithuanian: SRD: Mintis
Lith: CBD: Manuscript
Lithuanian: SRD: Contract

Box 65-Program Files: Translations: Macedonian-Russian
Macedonian: SRD: Huzsvai (Reels)
Macedonian Edition> Author’s Preface
Macedonian: SRD
MEU: General Info
Norwegian: CBD
Garztecki: Polish Publications
Polish: CBD: Baranczak
Polish: CBD: Ekiert
Polish: CBD: Contract
Polish: CBD: Lindenberg
Polish: CBD: Rychard
Polish: CBD: Sztange and IFis
Polish: CBD: Tanalska
Gene Sharp: Polish articles
Polish: CBD: Translation, Edited
Polish: CBD: Translation, Unedited
Polish, Gene Sharp: Walka Bez...
Polish: publishers
Portuguese: Power, Str. and Def.
Russian – Albert Einstein Institution Lit. Handouts
Pragmatic Nonv. Struggle, Moscow 1989 – English Copies
Pragmatic Nonv. Struggle, Moscow 1989 – Russian Copies
Journalists Brief glossaries – English
Journalists Brief glossaries – Russian
Common Misconceptions NVA – English
Common Misconceptions NVA – Russian
198 Methods: English
198 Methods: Russian
Historical Ex. of NVS – English
Historical Ex. of NVS – Russian
Pragmatic Nonv. Struggle, Moscow 1989 – English masters
Pragmatic Nonv. Struggle, Moscow 1989 – Russian masters
Journalists Brief glossaries – English Masters
Journalists Brief glossaries – Russian Masters
Common Misconceptions NVA – English Masters
Common Misconceptions NVA – Russian Masters
198 Methods – English masters
198 Methods – Russian masters
Historical Ex. of NVS – English Masters
Historical Ex. of NVA – Russian Masters
USSR – Golubka Correspondence and Materials 1990-1992
Moscow Papers – Anti-Coup
Russian: Anti-Coup Papers
Russian: Printers
Russian: Dela Boetie (?)
Book in Russian
Russian: CBD: Gassel: Revised Edits
Russian: CBD: Gassel: Edits
Russian: SRD: Translation Edited
Russian: SRD: Translation Unedited
Russian: SRD: Gessen: Final Translation
Russian: CBD: Disks
Russian: CBD: Voltin
Russian: CBD: Gassell
Russian: CBD: Gassell
Russian: CBD: Kirsch
Russian: CBD: Bushnell
Russian: CBD: Aspreyan
Russian: SRD: Aspreyan
Russian: SRD: Gessen: copy
Russian: SRD: Gessen
Russian: Glossary
Russian: Politics NVA
Russian: Yeltsin Declaration

Box 66-Program  Files: Translations: Russian
Box: “Bernal”
Russian CBD: Translation Unedited
Russian: CBD: Gassell: First Translation
Russian: CBD: Raduga Pub.
Russian: CBD: Mysl. (?) Publishers
Russian: CBD: Novosti
Russian: CBD: Feldman
Russian: CBD: New Russian Preface
Russian: CBD: Voltin: Edits of CBD

Box 67-Program Files: Translations: Spanish

Cuba: Translations: Brothers to the Rescue
Spanish – Cuba: Translations: Gene SharpPresentation June 96: “Facing Dictatorship”
La Lucha Political NV: Brothers to the Rescue
Spanish – Cuban: Role of Power Final
Spanish – Cuba: Role of Power: J. Paulson evaluation
Spanish – Cuba: Role of Power: J. Paulson, evaluator
Spanish – Cuba: Wise Monkeys
Spanish: Bernal
Spanish: From Dictatorship to Democracy (book)
Spanish: Defensa... (manuscript)
Spanish: DBSP: Eisenmann
Defense by Societal Power: Spanish Translation
Spanish: DBSP: Glossary
Spanish: DBSP: Translation, copy
Spanish: DBSP: Translation, copy
DBSP: Spanish
Spanish Translation– Mexico 1994 Defensa por el Poder de la Sociedad (correspondence)
Spanish: Defensa por...Sociedad Materials
Span: DBSP
Span: DBSP: Mexico
Span: DBSP: Panama
Span: DBSP: Spain
Spanish: Mexico: La Lucha Polititca NV
La Lucha Evaluation, J. Paulson 12 and 1997
La Lucha Caridad 9 and 1997
La Lucha
La Lucha – Caridad
Spanish – Cuba FDTD
Spanish: Cuba: From Dictatorship...
Spanish: Cuba: From Dictatorship...Evaluation, J. Paulson
Spanish: Cuba: EvaluationFrom Dictatorship...
La Lucha Politica Nonviolienta (Book)
Spanish: Mexico: La Lucha, Bernal
Spanish: Mexico: Mario Vargas Liosa
La Lucha (English) Revised – Disk
Spanish: Mexico: La Lucha Correspondence
La Lucha Computer Disks
La Lucha Politica NV

Box 68-Program Files:  Translations: Spanish –Tibetan
La Lucha: Cuba
Span: PS and D: Uruguay
La Lucha Politica 9 and 1995 (use to check revised version)
Spanish: La Lucha: Drafts from Mexico
Calcutta Paper: Spanish Translation
La Lucha: Cuban 9 and 1997
La Lucha: 9 and 1997
Documents in Spanish
Primero Justicia, Bernardo Rodriguez
AEI: Gene Sharpnotes on Translation Fund 3 and 1992
Translation* Distrib. Proposal
Translations and Distributions: Gene Sharp1992
Board Restricted Fund Notes – 3 and 1992
Translations Subventions report 1 and 1993
Proposed policy on Translation and Subv. 4 and 1994
Northwest Complains 1993 and 1994
Translationand Pub.  Uruguay
Translations: W-9 Tax Forms
Polish: CBD
Translation Summary Sheets
Translations: Tracking forms
Translation Procedures
Translations: Contracts
Publishers: Miscellaneous : US
Translations: Services
Translations: Pub. Contracts
Bay Greens VIII-IX 1990
Albert Einstein Institution Translation
Swedish: MEU
Manuscript: English: DBSP
Numerous articles and papers, some in Arabic
Tamil: “Tyranny Could Not Quell...”
Tamil Translation
Tibetan: Short book
Thai: CBD: Comm. and Gen. Staff College
Thai: “NVS: An Effective Alternative”
Thai: Against the Coup
Tamil: Politics of  NVA

Box 69-Program Files: Translations: Tibetan

English: Power and Pracitce NVS, Chapter 1 and 2
English: Power and Pracitce of NVS
Tibet – Translations and September Course
English: Tibetan: PPNVS
Tibet: Translations 1997 Pema Shenang Shastri
Tibet Translation: Documents Translated
Tibet Translation: Evaluators
Intro and Case Studies Phase 2 (Section 1) Tibet Translation
Phase 2 Section 2: Case Studies Cont.
Phase 2 Section 2: Tibetan TranslationEvaluation
Section 3 Phase 2: Tibetan Translation
Phase 2 Section 3: Tibetan TranslationEvaluation
Pema Shastri
Shastria, Pema (possible Visit)
Tibetan: Phase 1 (w and o case studies) Completed
Tibetan NVPS Phase 1
Tibetan NVPS Full Evaluation
PPNVS: Tibetan: Printing and Proofreading
Tibetan: PPNVS: Table of Contents
Tibetan: PPNVS: 4 and 13 and 1999
Foreword: Tibetan PPNVS
P. Shastri: Payments 7 and 1999 – 9 and 1999
Pema Shastri
PPNVS publisher’s Note
PPNVS: Tibetan Printing
Case studies Phase 2 Evaluation
Phase 2 Tibetan Evaluation, Definitions and Key Terms
Tibetan Key Terms w and Defs. (Master)
Intro and Case Studies Phase 2 Section 1

Publication Files-Boxes 71- 75 (6.25 linear feet)

Box 71-Publications:  Miscellaneous Reports/Files, Albert Einstein Institution Newsletters
Various Albert Einstein Institution Brochures
Albert Einstein Institution Reports
Biennial Report, 1990-1992
Biennial Report, 1988-1990
Albert Einstein Institution Publication List
Five Year Report – Draft
Fact Sheets
Cont. Examples of NVS
Historical Examples of NVS
198 Methods of NVS
NV Resistance and National Defense
How NVS Works
Common Misconceptions
Gene Sharp – Biographical Sketch
Envelopes and Labels
Albert Einstein Institution – Brochure
Albert Einstein Institution Brochure 1984
Fellows Program
Fellows Criteria Brochure
Fellows Program Distribution
#1 Patricia Parkman
#2 Johan Jorgen Holst
#3 Gene Sharp
Eglitis – Monograph No. 5
Roland Blecker – Mono No. 6
Research Agenda – Mono No. 7
Adam Robert Mongraph #4
Adam Roberts Mono 3/1999 Second Printing
Making the Abolition of War...Reprint
Self-Reliant Defense by Sharp
Project – Notes and Dreams
Newsletter Archives, Vol. 1 No. 1 – Vol. 3 No. 3

Box 72-Publications:  Albert Einstein Institution
Newsletter Archive Vol. 4 No. 1 – Vol. 6 No. 4
Miscellaneous Publications
Subletting 1999 Brattlert
Kalinia Translation
Anthology Project
Dictionary: Violent and Nonviolent Conflict
Press Release, St. Crawford
Project on Defense
ASSK Letter # 41
Making Europe Unconquerable
Appendix to ? (Areas for Research and Analysis)
Miscellaneous Files
Miscellaneous Papers and Correspondence
Publication: American Colonial Book
Publication: Middle East – Hebrew and Arabic Books
Miscellaneous Docs.

Box 73- Publications:  and Related Files
Dutch Magazine containing article ‘Sociale Verdegiging’ by Gene Sharp
Reviews (Original) TPONA
Miscellaneous Reviews TPONA
Miscellaneous Small Reviews
Review of Hebrew Editions
Arabic Translation
Articles on Israel
Middle East
Korean Translation
Ham Sok Hon
Philippines Translations
Spain and Spanish
Update/To Do re: Publications
Thai Translation
MEU Reviews
SPPF Reviews
Harvard Course Material – May
Reviews (pre-publication)

Box 74-Publications:  Albert Einstein Institution Publications and Reviews
Letters sent with copies of MEU
To Discuss with Gene/Recent Memos to him
Leading Newspapers: Addresses, Circulation
Correspondence re: Reviews of MEU
Miscellaneous re: MEU Translations
MEU – Austria Research Institute
MEU Danish Publishers
MEU Dutch and Flemish Publishers
MEU Finnish Publisher
MEU French Publisher
MEU German Publisher
MEU Italian Publishers
MEU Norwegian Publishers
MEU Swedish Publisher
MEU Second Edition
Ballinger – Correspondence
Ballinger – Miscellaneous
Ballinger Ads for MEU
MEU Press Kit for 2nd Edition
MEU Brochure
Ballinger: 1. Response to special mailing 2. Faculty Using Book
MEU: Harper and Row Bills, Correspondence
Kennan Review of MEU: Correspondence, Follow-Up
Office Business
Sales of Our Books
Two “New Publications” Lists
Gene Sharp’s Publication Lists
Biographical Notes
Copies Sent of MEU and NSTCBD
Copy and Offset Centers
Brochures of Books by Gene and Others – Sample Formats
Sample Op-Ed Pages
Soliciting MEU Promos and   Intro
Journals/Newspapers for MEU Promotion, General re: Approaching Eds., Specific Re: Outlets
Lists of Journals at Nearby Libraries to use in making up review list for MEU
Lists of European Journals to get MEU review copies. See Taylor and Francis’ Folder for Final Lists
MEU: Letters accompanying Bound Galleys
MEU: Form letters for soliciting reviews
MEU: Getting “Bound Galleys”, cost, details
Final Dust Jacket Copy and Promos (sent to Taylor and Francis 1985 (August 31))
MEU: Revisions of dust jacket copy
NATO Review: Correspondence re: MEU, possible article by Gene Sharp
People to send MEU and/or NSTCBD to
MEU Abstract and Revision
MEU: Quotations from
Taylor and Francis: Re: Contract
Taylor and Francis: See original contract under Contracts: Taylor and Francis (subject)
Taylor and Francis Correspondence

Box 75-Publications:  Translations
Taylor and Francis
US Branch of Taylor and Francis (including conflict re: price of MEU)
More re: mailing: Hebrew and Arabic Editions
Mubarak Awad
Promoting Hebrew and Arabic Editions
Suzuki, Makoto
Okamoto, Mitsuo
Kudos Mr. Shoroku
Translations – Korea
MEU – Austria
MEU – Belgium
MEU – Denmark
MEU – Finland
MEU – France
MEU – Italy
MEU – Netherlands
MEU – Norway
MEU – Transl. (General)
Jens Thoft
Brazilian Publisher
Christian Mellon
Italian Trans. of “Politics”
Soccio, Matteo-Azione, Nonviolenta
Sanford Thatcher, Princeton U. Press
Wallach Essay, Revisions (1985)
Translations: “To Do”
Prefaces to foreign editions
Defense by Societal Power, Original of New version
Defense by Societal Power, Old Version
Julio Quan, Costa Rica
NSTCBD: First Proof Corrections
NSTCBD National Security through CBD

Box 76-Program Files
Newsletter 1997: Burma Name
Newsletter 1997: Burma Maps
Newsletter 1997: Burma Facts
Newsletter 1997: Scanning Front Cover Permissions
Church of the Brethren
Media Packet Materials
February 1990 National Conference, Sample Correspondence
Conference Report
Press Coverage
Signed Release Forms
February 1990 National Conference Planning and Materials
Addresses, Phone and Fax Numbers from 1990 International Conference
Videotapes of Conference (not actually videotapes)
Conference Book
Travel Arrangements International
Conference – Regrets
Conference – Registrations
European CBD Conference
Monograph Brochure 1994
Monograph Promotions
Rockport Memos and Notes
Final Manuscript
Rockport Edited Transcript
Rockport Original Transcript

Box 76b-Program Files
Miscellaneous Conference Files (?)

Box 77-Program Files
Calif. Trip
Minneapolis Pax Christi – July 30
Wed., August. 14
California Trip 1986 (September 11-14), Fundraiser San Francisco to Los Angeles
California Trip, Tuesday - Wednesday September 9-10, Fresno
Syracuse Program on Nonviolence
Syracuse, Colgate Trip
Syracuse October 21
Swarthmore, 1980 (February)
Thailand, 1995
Thailand, 1984 (July)
Toronto, January. 27
Traprock 1981 (May 29-31)
Tunis, March 1989
U.N. Day, Santa Fe, 1985 (October 26)
Unitarian Universalist 1982 (March 28)
U.S. Senate
1975 (January 15 - 16), Waterloo
1982 (June 15) Washington
Washington DC (Iran) 2 and 22 and 1997
1983 (August 5) – Welsly (?)
West Chester State College 1981 (September 30)
Bonn, West Germany 1985 (May 3-8)
Bonn, FRG Conference Materials
West Virginia, 1983 (October 20)
West Virginia,Wesleyan College, 1983 (November 1-3)
Wheaton 1974
Whittier Institute, 1983 (June 21)
Whittier1983 ( June 20-23), Pasadena California
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 1985 (May 21-27)
Williams College 1972
Williams College 1980 (April 13)
William College, 1985 (February 19)
Wilson Memorial Conference 1975 (August. 17-23)
Carthage College, Wisconsin, 1976 (February. 21)
Wisconsin, University Of – Diocese of La Crosse, 1984 (March 30-31)
Wisconsin  ESR (?), 1984 (October 19-20)
Wisconsin and Eau Claire 1981 (October 5-7)
World Council of Churches, Geneva, 1980 (January 16-1
Dubrovnik – 1983 (June-July)
Zen Center, Buddhist – Rochester, New York, 1986 (May 23-25)
Prof. Hahn Visit, 1995 (October 31)
American Baptists, 1995 (May 11)
Rev. Daniel L. Buttry (American Baptists)
Rev. Thelma C. Mitchell (American Baptists)
Grazina Muniotate 1995 (March 27-28)
Human Rights Meeting 1994 (April 29)
Human Rights Meeting Albert Einstein Institution offices
Human Rights Structural Approach Paper
Burma Workshop Arrangements 1994 (December)
Burma Workshop 1994 (December)
Burma Workshop, Prep. Correspondence 1994 (December)
Burma Meeting 1994 (March and April), Correspondence
Burma Consultations, Travel info 4 and 1994
Burma Consultations, Hotels and Food and Map
Pol. (?) Defense Meeting, April 22-24
Burma Consultations, Gene’s Role 4 and 1994
Burma Meeting Budget
Burma Discussion, Press Release Master
Burma Discussion, Press Release Copies
Burma Discussions, Press Release Correspondence
Helvey Visit, 1994 (February. 24)
Butkevicius, Visiting Scholar, 12 and 1993
Butkevicius, Expenses and Receipts 1994
Butkevicius, Budget and Flight and Housing and Memos
Butkevicius, projects
Louis Kriesberg, Tues. 1993 (November 23)
Charles Norchi Visit 7 and 1993
Bo Mya Visit 6 and 1993 Expenses
Burma – Bo Mya Memo 5 and 6 and 1993 Re: US and UN Policy for Burma
Burma: Gen. Bo Mya KNU June 1993 Visit
Kachin Visitors, Dr. Stephen Morse and Dr. Zau Seng
Kachin Visitors 2 and 1993 Expenses and Arrangments
Buddhists meeting
Buddhist Conversations, Sulak 1992 (August. 4)
Buddhist Convers. Graeme MacQueen Paper 8 and 1992

Box 78-Program Files
Buddhist Convers., Donald Rothberg paper 8 and 1992
Buddhist Conver. 8 and 1992 Buddha and Conference Res. Paper
Butkevicius visit Expenses 1992 (July)
Buddhist Convers. Chris Queen Papers (2) 8 and 1992
Albert Einstein Institution Archives
Butkevicius Visit Report
DC, 1998 (June 2) Gene Sharp
Washingont, 1998 (April)
Mexico –Gene Sharp, 5 and 1996
Taiwan Trip Report, 1 and 1995 Master
Taiwan Trip Report Copies
Taiwan Report, Albert Lin
Taiwan Trip December 1994
Taiwan 1994, Travel, Etc and hotel
Taiwan Trip, Faxes to and from Gene Sharp
Taiwan, Gene SharpFaxes from 1994 (December) - 1995 (January)
Taiwan Trip – Speaking Announcements
1994 Travel Calendar
FY 1994 Founders Budget
Fiscal 1994, Travel Time
Washington DC, 1994 (January 4): Burma
Catholic Church – Rome Contacts
Rome Trip Report 1994 (January) Master
Rome Trip Report Copies
Rome Presentation Drafts
Fiscal 1993 Travel Calendar
Rome Travel 12 and 1993
Rome Follow-Up
Rome Evaluations 4 and 1994
Rome Notes 1994
New York Trip, 11-15 1993 Masters
Gene SharpNew York Trip 1993 (November) Non-Burma Appointments
Gene SharpNew York Trip 1993 (November), Burma
Juniata College, Baker Institute 1993 (September)
Thai Contacts 1992 and 1993
Gene, Thai Trip, Faxes to and from
Thai and Burma Summer 1993, Return Material – Hold
Thai Burma Summer Trip 1993, Expenses
Thai Burma Trip: Helvey
Thai and Burma Trip: Travel info.
Hawaii 6 and 1993 Def Without War, Gene Sharp Proofs mark-up for pub.
Hawaii, Spring 1993 Expenditures
Hawaii, April and March 1993
Baltics Report January and February 1993
Baltics, Winter 1992-1993: Contacts
Estonia 4 and 1993, Gene Sharp Handwritten Notes
London Contacts 1992 and 1993
London Winter 1993, Handwritten Notes
Thai Winter trip 1993, Expenses
Thai and Burma Trip Winter 1993, Report
Thailand, Chaiwait S. A. Report
Thai Trip Faxes
Thai and Burma Trip, pre-trip Letters to contacts
Thai and Baltics December -February. 1992 and 1993, Post trip report
Thai and Baltics and London Travel, Winter 1992
Travel Expenses, Gene Sharp 1992
Budget Thai and Burma Fall 1992, Trip Expenses
Thai and Burma Trip Fall 1992 Travel Info.
Burma 1992 Gene Sharp Trip
Thai and Burma Fall 1992, Fax Communications
Gene SharpThailand 1992
Gene SharpThai and Burma Trip Fall 1992 Notebook, November 1-8
Budget: Italy, Fall 1992 Trip Expenses and Reports
Gene Sharp Italy Trip 1992
Italy 1992 Contacts
Bergamo, Italy 1992
Drago, Antonino (Italy)
Italy media 1992 – Florence Radio Anna Whittle
MIR, Albert Zangheri, Italy
Italy Scuola Per For... (Luciano Fabri)
Dr. Angel Tabaro, Venezia, Italy 1992
Translators, Italy – Alberto and Augustusto Cacopado
Translators, Italy – Paulo Ceriani, Milano
Sr. Antonino Stina, Venezia
Italy Trip 1992 Gene SharpHandwritten Notes
Italy, Veneto Region, Regional Law # 18, 1988 (March 30)
Baltic Conference 1992 (June)
Vilnius 1992 Conference Profile
Vilnius 1992 Conference Program, Revised Copies
Vilnius Conference, 1992 (June) Conference Plan. Checklist
Thomas Cook
Russian and Lithuanian Visa Info
Vilnius Conference Press
Vilnius Conference Gene Sharp Notes
Vilnius Conference 1992 (June), Conference Notes CK BJ RP, Internal Use Only
Pajunen, Aimo, Finnish Mod., Declined
Vilnius Conference Airfare: A. Carter, R. Reming., Adam Roberts
Vilnius Conference List of Participants
Baltic trip 11 and 1991 Expense Report
Moscow and Baltic Trip 1991 (November 14 - December 7), B. Jenkins
Baltics Trip Fall 1991
Info for Activity Report – Windsor (Working File Gene Sharp)
Gene Sharp 1992, Windsor Lecture Notes
Windsor August. 1991
Lithuania Report and Bruce
Ackerman Trip Report
Columbia, Missouri 1991 (March)
V. Missouri Payment
Burma Report Hotel Arrangements

Box 79-Program Files and Videotapes

Defense Intelligence College
Various Program Files
London Trip
Sweden Trip Correspondence
Sweden, Post Trip Report by BJ
Miscellaneous Files.
McMaster University, Toronto 1989 (June)
Norway Press Release
Amesbury H.S. (Mass.) 1981 (May 20)
U. Illinois and Urbana
UN Conference Hawaii, 1982 (May 23-28)
CSIA Conference 1987 (May 11-12)
Social Science Research Council, New York, New York
Michigan Trip and Miscellaneous Files
University of North Carolina , 1987 (January. 27)
University North Carolina , Chapel Hill
Oregon State
Social Science Research Council, Washington DC, 1997 (March 8-9)
Nebraska, Hasting College, 1987 (March 16-17)
UNConference, Washington DC, 1987 (April)
United Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas, 2 and 30-7 and 2 and 1989
Travel – Asia fares 1992, question sheet
Travel Northwest Info.
Northwest Airlines
Travel, Bangkok Hotels
London 1993,  Travel info. and hotel
Travel, New York Hotels, 1994
Travel news, fares, etc.
Hotels: London
Travel – IAMAT
Travel – Medical Assistance
Travel – Health
9 and 1993 next trip folder
Consumer Reports Travel Letters
Speaking Checklist
Map Bangkok 1993
Map Odlo 1995
Visa Photos
Korea Visa Info 1995 (Applications)
Thailand Visa Instructions and blank master application
China Travel Info 2 and 1998
Gene SharpSpeaking in Lansing, Michigan, 1983 (October)
Spiral Zone: #23 Lair of the Jade Scorpion, #24 Man Who Wouldn’t Be King
War Without Weapons (copy)
Workshop Excerpts for Gene Sharp
Alternatives to Violence
Program on Nonviolent Sanctions
Alternatives to Violence
Alternatives to Violence – Exploration

Audio Visual materials-Boxes 80 and 86 (2.5 linear feet)

Box 80-Audio Cassette Tapes
Cassette Tapes: Many are unlabeled, others are packed together with rubber bands
Box: Civilian Based Defense Conference
Box: Rockport Conference Tapes, Session Three
Package: Unlabeled tapes, Gene Sharpat JFOR, Middle East Talks 4 and 589, China Conference 1989 (September 16), A Case for Nonviolent Defense
NPR: Morning Edition: Expulsion of Mubarak Awad and Blacks in the Military
Nonviolent Struggle and the future
Nonviolent Actions (Part 2)
Cross Reference: The Nonviolent Struggle 1 and 2
Kansas City (AFSC) Nonviolent Domestic
Kansas City (AFSC) Nonviolence International
Commentary (WTL Productions) 1980 (December)
Nonviolent National Defense 1983 (April 30)
Package: Trips
NPR Tapes and Transcripts [2 tapes]
Christian Science Monitor
Serbia 5 and 01 (package of 8 mini-cassettes)
Gene Sharp: 2 and 6 and 1985
Woziech Ostrowski: 27February 1985
Michael McEthe: 1985 (March 20)
Seweryn Blumstain, 1985 (April 17)
Johan Holst 1985 (April 19)
Randall Forsberg, Seminar on Nonviolent Sanctions
Edward Atkeson, 1985 (May 22)
Gene Sharp and Chris Kruegler 1985 (September 18)
Alberto L’Abate and Gene Sharp, 10 and 9 and 1985
Ron McCarthy 1985 (October 30)
Robin Remington, 12 and 11 and 1985
Gene Sharp, Bob Irwin and Chris Kruegler, 1983 (Octoer 19)
Chrisp Clamp 1983 (November 30)
Gene Sharp 17 December 1986 #7
Gene Sharp 1984 (May 2)
Chris Kruegler 1984 (October 3)
Andy Mack 1984 (October 17)
Jerry Schneiderman 1984 (November 14)
Padraig O’Malley 1986 (March 19)
Walter Cornser and Ronald McCarthy, 1986 (March 5)
Albert Einstein Institution Human Rights Structural Approach [4 tapes]
Package: Unknown
Buddhism and Strategic Nonviolent Actions [4 tapes]
Baltics 2001 (November)(5 tapes)
Serbian Meeting, 2001 (February 26)[4 tapes]
Session Three Part Two: How Do We Gain and Discriminate new knowledge about Nonviolent Struggle? [2 tapes]
Rock Mountain Forum, Denver, 1985 (April 12-14)
Package: Miscellaneous
Peter Wallensteen: 1987 (April 10) and 1987 (May 13) NPR Tapes and Transcripts

Box 81- Program Files and Videotapes
A dialogue: Confront Dictatorship, Political Grievances, War and International Aggression
Seminar: Paths to Future Exploration of Nonviolent Alternatives
Alternatives to Violence: Exploration
A Dialogue: Confronting Social Oppression and Denial of Human Rights
(unlabelled tape)
Box of Cassettes: Rockport Conference Duplicate Tapes
Box of Cassettes: Rockport Conference Original Tapes
Folder of Cassettes: China Tapes
Hauser, Rita
Helton, Arthur, OSI Tibet
Alan Kay
Donors: Gendlers (?)
Rose, Dr. Elihu
Cosby, Bill
Derek Leebaert
Otis, James
Malcolm Wiener
Soros, George
Prospect Research Info
Rejected: Major Donor Prospects
Individual Prospects
Cuba: Radio Marti
Cuba: IRI
Cuba: Directions
Cuba: Basulto, Sose
Cuba: Background Info
Cuba: Free Cuba Foundation
Cuba: Democracia
Unrep Peoples Org UNPO
BJ -> P and O memos etc
Sierra Leone
Burma: BJ Trip 3 and 1998
Burma: BJ Thai Journal
India: Helvey and Mitchell Visas
India and London trip October and Nov 96, Cash Advance
Tibet: Boston Contacts
Tibet: Translation NVPS
Tibet: 1997 (November): Participants List
Tibet: 1997 (November): BJ Journal
Tibet: 1997 (November): Participant Evaluations
Tibet: Visa Applications
Tibet: Financial Summaries
Tibet: Personnel Time
Tibet: Travel
Tibet: Telephone and Fax
Tibet: Postage and Shipping
Tibet: Books and Course Materials
Tibet: Tandon and Rinpoche
Tibet #2: Tsomo and Rinpoche
Tibet Project: Financial Statements
Tibet: Copy of Grant Documents
Tibet Project: BH report
Tibet: Gene Sharp Expense Reports
Tibet: Contacts and schedule
Tibet: Books and Handouts
Tibet: Evaluation and Participants
Tibet: Postage and Shipping
Tibet: Helvey Time
Tibet: Helvey: Curriculum and Gene Sharp introduction
Tibet: Sharp and Coady Time
Tibet Project: Travel
Tibet Project: Projected Expenses
Tibet Project: Telephone
Tibet: Background
Tibet: China, misc.
Tibet: Organizations
Students for  a Free Tibet: [2 folders]

Box 82-Program Files
Tibet: Rinpoche: Satyagraha
Tibet: Rinpoche:
P and O: FY 1996 Gene Sharp Travel
Gene Sharp: Serbia Op-ed
Gene Sharp: What is PD?
Gene Sharp: Khit Pyiang Editorial
BJ -> Gene Sharp
Gene Sharp: India: Ganhdians, 1996 (November)
P and O: To Do
Carnegie, Stremlau
Gene Sharp: Travel FY 1997
Gene Sharp: Canadian Gandhi Conf, 10 and 1997
Gene Sharp: Washington DC trip notes 2 and 1997
Gene Sharp: Nonviolent PoliticalStruggle (Bernal Revised)
Gene Sharp: CBD Reprints
Gene Sharp: Strategy Definition
BJ: Washington DC Meetings, 12 and 1997, IRI State
Albert Einstein Institution Translations Fund
Gene SharpCorrespondence
Gene Sharp: McMaster “Gandhi” Paper 10 and 1997
Gene Sharp: Calcutta “Gandhi” Paper 11 and 1997
Gene Sharp: NVA entry
Gene Sharp: NVA in Acute Interethnic Conflicts
Gene Sharp: Structural App. to HR
Gene Sharp: Intro to Thoreau
Gene Sharp: Iraq
Indonesia: FDTD
Gene Sharp: Hindu 12 and 1 and 1997
Sharp: Key points on demos
Investigating new options in conflict and defense
Developing a choice in a dangerous world
P and O Activities
Gene Sharp: Bio
Carter Center
P and O
Gene’s Board Reports
Gene Sharp: Lithuania
Latvia, White Paper
Gene Sharp: Consulting, other
Gene Sharp: Burma
Outreach: Burma
Gene Sharp: Weekly, Agenda
Helvey, Consultant Reports
Helvey: Enhanced Outreach Proposal and Assessments
Helvey: Advice
Henry: Mitchell: Visas to India
Helvey: Textbook on NVS
Helvey: Vita
Gene Sharp: Talks w and Military
Gene Sharp: Notes on Investig. in Dictatorships
Monkey Master: Liu Ji

Publicity Files: Boxes 83-84 (2.5 linear feet)

Box 83-Publicity Files
Exploratory letters: op-eds 2000 (January)
Nature Conservancy, 2000 (January - February_
Newsday, 1999 (December 26)
New York Times December 1999 (May)
Hindustan Times, 1999 (January)
Exploratory letters for Gandhi: Op-ed articles
The Hindu Article: 1998 (September 27)
Gandhi Op-Eds 1998 (January)
Mathrubhumi National Daily
International Herald Tribune
Now Magazine (Toronto) 1999 (April 1)
Miami Herald Article 1999 (January 16)
The Hindu Interview 1997 (November)
The Hindu (New Delhi) 1997 (December 1)
National Herald (New Delhi) 1997 (Noever 23)
Peace Magazine, 1997 (September - October)
NPR, Rosenstrasse Protests, 1997 (June 2)
Philadelphia Inquirer, 1997 (March 18), N. Stolzfus, “Unsung Heroes Defied Nazis”
Der Tagesspiegel, 1996 (November 10)
Mainichi Daily News, 1996 (September 16)
Washington Post, 1996 (September 11) “Taking on Burma” editorial
New York Times 1996 (September 9), BJ Editorial “Burmese Democracy Will Not Be Stopped”
Bangkok Post, 1996 (September 3), SLORC Accusations
Nation (Thailand) 1996 (September 3), SLORC accusations
New York Times 1996 (September 3), SLORC Accusations
Boston Globe, 1996 (September 3), SLORC Accusations
New Era Journal (Burmese Edition), 1996 (August)
New Era Journal 1996 (July), “The Wise Monkeys”
El Nuevo Herald, 1996 (June 16), NV Cuba Conf.
Hermanos as Rescate Conference, 1996 (June 14-15)
El neuvo Herald, 1996 (June 14), editorial
New Era Journal, 1996 (March) “Free Spirit” interview w/ ASSK
New York Times , 1996 (February 28)“Nonviolence Wears a Tough Face”
Diario las Americas, 1996 NV Cuba Conference
“But What About Hitler?” Fellowship, 1995 (May-June)
Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, 1994 (September - October)
Anti-Coup Papers
Baltic Articles
New York Times – 1994 (August 2) “Amid Ethnic wars, Psychiatrists seek Roots of Conflicts”
Washington Post, 1994 (July 16), Op-Ed
InternationalHerald-Tribune, 1994 (May 28-29)
CSM Article, 1994 (January 14)
Cambridge Chronicle Article
Fellowship, 1993 (July-August)“The Lessons of Birmingham”
Fellowship 2000
Diario El Muno (San Salvador) 1983 (December 21-22)
Caracas – 1992 (December 22) (Spanish)
Peter Ackerman and Barbara Harmel, Herald Tribune Articles
The Nation (Thailand) , 1992 (November 12)
The Sunday Star Ledger, 1992 (October 4)
Manchester Guardian, 1992 (September 13)
Op-Ed Copies, 1992(September)
The Atlantic Monthly 1992 (September)
International Herald Tribune 1992 (September)
Newsweek 1992 (July 20)
Christian Science Monitor 1992 (June 10) Letter to the editor – Roger Powers
Time, 1991 (September 23) Letter to the editor – Bruce Jenkins
Christian Science Monitor, 1991 (September 19), letter to the editor
Newsweek, Letter to the Editor – Roger Powers, 1991 (September 10)
InternationalHerald Tribune –1991 (May 31)
Peaceworks – 1991 (May)
The Boston Globe, 1991 (April 7)
Fellowship, 1990 (April - May)
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1990 (April 4)
National Catholic Reporter, 1990 (March 2)
The Christian Science Monitor, 1990 (Februar 14)
The Boston Globe 1990 (,February 11)
The Guardian International – 1989 (August 7)
The Christian Science Monitor – 1989 (July 31)
Arizona Daily Sun 1989 (July 3)
Washington Post, 1989 (July 2) [2 folders]
New York Times, 1989 (June 18)
Subject to Change, Fall 1989
Harvard Gazette, 1988 ( November 11)
Gandhi’s Article – Gene Sharp provides comments
Boston University, The Daily Free Press, 1987 (April)
Social Alternatives, 1987 (April)
Omaha, Nebraska, 1987 (March)
Albany, Oregon Commuter, 1987 (February)
Coruallis, Oregon 1987 (February)
U. of North Carolina, Daily Tar Heel 1987 (January)
Central Michigan Life, 1987 (January)
Jordan Times, 1986 (November)
Christian Science Monitor, 1986 (June)
Washington Times, 1986 (May)
Jerusalem, 1986 (May)
Nuclear Times, 1986 (May)
LA Times, 1986 (April)
New York Times Book Review, 1986 (April 20)
Washington Post, 1986 (March)
The New York Review, 1986 (February)
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1985 (March)
Whole Earth Review Fall 1985
 Japanese 1984
Polish Article 1984
MANAS, 1984 (October)
Denver Post, 1984 (October)
Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountain News 1984 (October)
National Catholic Reporter, 1984 (September)
Commonwealth 1984 (April)
Melbourne, Australia: The Age, 1984 (July)
New Options, 1984 (June 18)
Harvard Gazette, 1984 (June 7)
Des Moines Sunday Register, 1984 (May 6)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette 1984 (May)
Boston Sunday Globe, 1983 (December)
The New Yorker, 1983 (December 12)
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Barbara, News-Press, 1983 (November)
Harvard U. Gazette, 1983 (November)
The Harvard Crimson, 1983 (October 5)
Herald Tribune, 1983 (April)
Boston Globe, Friday, 1983 (February 11)
Des Moines Sunday Register, 1983 (February)
Philadelphia Inquirer, 1983 (February)
Los Angeles Times, 1983 (January 31)
Grand Forks Michigan Herald, 1982 (April)
Wisconsin Leader Telegram, 1981 (October)
Miscellaneous Magazines and Newspapers 2002-2003

Box 84-Publicity Files
Gene Sharp – Dutch Article
“Disregarded History” Fellowship 1976 (March)
Gene Sharp : Groundswell Articles
Guardian Op-Ed 1989 (July)
Guardian: Reprints
Guardian Ad 1989 (August)
Gene Sharp : InternationalReconciliation
Investigating New Options In Conflict and Defense
“Intifada and NV Struggle” Journal of Palestine Studies, 1989 ( August)
Gene Sharp : “Need for Substitute for War”
Gene Sharp : “NVA As A Substitute for InternationalWar”
Speaking (possible) Louis Kriesberg, Eastern Sociological Panel 1996 (March)
Colliers Encyclopedia, 1994
DeLight Intro
Davis Institute Article
USIP: Gregorian Article
JPS: Affif Interview Fall 1987
Gene Sharp : Transition to CBD in Church and Society
Gene Sharp : Tarrytown Letter
Gene Sharp : SALT Interview
“The Return”
Il Regno Letter of Correction – Gene Sharp 1994
Gene Sharp 1992, Gene Sharp Response to CBDA Huxley
Thoreau on Role of Civ. Dis., Intro by Gene Sharp
Newspaper, Washington Post 1994 (July), Letter to Editor by Gene Sharp (copies and master)
Rome Paper, Il Regno Version (copies and Master)
Newspapers – Herald Tribune, Haiti Op-ed 1994 (May 28-29) (copies and master)
Haiti op-ed 5/1994 (copies and master)
Washington Post Correspondence 1994 (July)
InternationalHerald Tribune Correspondence, 1994 (May) article
El Salvador Anti-Coupe 1992 (December), Diario El Mundo Article
Russian Newspapers Project 1993
Bolivia Anti-Coup Contacts, 1992 (August)
Chile Anti-Coup Contacts 1993 (June)
El Salvador Anti-Coup News Contacts 1992 (December)
Guatemala Anti-Coup Contacts,1993 ( June)
Guatemala Coup 1993, Ambassador Mulet
Latin Am. Anti-coup contact, 1992 (June)
Tibet: Amnye Machen Inst. 1993
Venezuela Anti-Coup Contacts 1992 (December)
Venezuela – Caracas “Economia Hoy” 1993
Haiti Op-Ed Contacts Newspapers 1994 (May)
Haiti Op-Ed Correspondence
Knight Ridder 1994
Norway – Ikkevold Interview: Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
The Oxford Companion Letter/Contributors Manual
Gene Sharp Lecture – Immaculate Heart College 1984
Gene Sharp Lecture – News Report, San Jose 1983
Defensa de Base Civil 1994 (July)
World Conf. on Women 1995 (September)
Gene Sharp Articles
Brandeis University, Seyom Brown, 1985 (April 7)
Bridgewater, December 7 (?)
Bridgewater Coll., Virginia 1986 (April 7-8)
17 November 1980 – Brown
Brussels, March 24-25, Past Speaking
SUNY Buffalo Conference 1974 (April)
Deterrence and Defense by NV Sanctions, Brisbane Australia, 1985 (July)
Gene Sharp Articles: Exploring Nonviolence in Burma, in Ploughshares Monitor
CSM op-ed 1989 (July)
New York Times Gandhi, Gene Sharp op-ed 1997 (November)
Herald Tribune, Serbia 1997 (January 6)
Gene Sharp : op-ed articles (current)
Role of Power – corrected Arabic
Univ. Of Illinois, 1989 (April 16-18)
Tufts University, 1989 (April 14-16)
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada: 1989 (June 19 - 27)
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Conference: 1989 (June 19 - 27)
Gene Sharp Itinerary and tickets

Box 85-no folders listed

Video Recordings
(additional video recordings in Box 81 in Program Files)

Box 86-Video Recordings [VHS] (Includes many unlabelled)

Barbara Harmel 1990 (October 3)
The Carol Randolph Show, Interview with Barbara Harmel
Gene Sharp: Monitor Today, 1989 (July 31), World Monitory 1989 (August 29), World Monitor 1989 (September 3)
Telecollege Interview with Gene Sharp, March 1987
Gene Sharp and Chile: La Politica Nonviolenta
Events, Vilnius 1991 (January)
Events in Riga 1991 (January)
Gene Sharp, Taiwan 1994 (December) [7 tapes]
Video of CBD Conference 1985 (October)
Strategic Analysis of Nonviolent Struggle: West Bank and Gaza
Mubarak Awad, Patrick Lekota, Li Lu, Raymundas Rayatskas, U Tin Maung Win, Moderator: Christopher Kruegler, Question and Answer Segment [3 tapes]
Lekota Press Conference cue
Nightline – Ted Koppel 1988 (May 6)
Bill Moyers: Beyond Hate: Inauguration Ceremony
Channel 7 – Urban update, Patrick Lekota
CBD – Exploration and Strategy 1985 (October 5)
Interview with Gene Sharp aired on “The 10 and 11 Magazine Etc.” 1986 (April 12)
“Meet Patrick Lekota”
“The Address of Gene Sharp”
Icarus and Tamouz Media, Albert Einstein Institution “People Power” Excerpts [2 tapes]

Audio Visual Collection (on site)
Approximately 200 3.5 inch computer disks with Albert Einstein Institution files

Development Files, Boxes 87-100
Box 87-Development Files
Gene Sharp: Original Concept Doc.
Develop: Proposal Writing Notes
AEI: Reports to Funders
1990 Conference Participants
Albert Einstein Institution Conference Notes 1990 (February)
Develop.: Hoffman Rpt.
AEI: Kruegler: Internal Asses 1990 (February)
Internal Review
FY 1999: Don Received Reports
FY 1999 Donor Appeal
FY 1999 Appeal
FY 1999 Donations
Ackerman Letters FY 1998
FY 1998 Acknowledgements
FY 1998 Appeal
FY 1997 Ackerman Friends
FY 1997 Appeals
FY 1996 Ackerman Friends
Appeal – Donations, Log only
Gifts Recieved
Direct Mail Analyses
Appeal Fall 1996
Appeal Fall 1995
FY 1995 Appeal to Ackerman Friends
Appeal Fall 1994
1994 (October) Prospect Mailing
November 1994 Annual Appeal
Spring 1994 Appeal
Annual Appeal 1993 (December)
Fall 1992 Annual Appeal
Spring 1992 Appeal
Holiday Cards ’1991
Bd. Center Contact Solicitation 1991 (December)
Fall 1991 Appeal
1991(June) – House Appeal
Annual Appeal Fall 1990
1990 (July) Newsletter Appeal
1990 (May) Mailing – Prospecting
1990 (May) Mailing to Current Donors who did not respond to fall 1989 Annual Appeal
Annual appeal to donors,November1989
Mailing, October 1989
Guardian Ad – 1989 (August. 8)
Mailing June 1989
Second Mailing – 10K Appeal – Follow-up (3K) Spring 1989
Winter 1989
Appeal to Contributors, October 1988
Appeal to “Friends”, September 1988
Appeal to Friends, December 1987
Appeal to Contributors, 1987 (November)
Einstein Appeal Letter, 1986 (December)
Gift Annuities
Boston Foundation Pooled Income Fund
Ploughshares Planned Giving Material
Boston Cultivation Events
List of Donors, 1994 (June 19)
New York, New York Cultivation Events
Washington DC Donors
10th Anniversary – 1993 (December 6)
1990 Donor Survey
Albert Einstein Institution Major Donors – Profiles
Bablis, John
Donor info and memo
Major Donor Prospects – Profiles in Progress
Donor Prospect Research

Box 88-Development Files : Campaign Plans, Prospects, etc.
Asian Fund Raising
Young, James (Mr. and Mrs.)
Fundraising – Planning
Divoky and Associates [3 folders]
Direct Mail – Costs
Foundation Research
Calc. and Assign. of Overhead to Proposals
Commtact Inserts – Files
Progress Reports
1998 – Feeler Mailing (never sent)
Ploughshares Fund
Banyon – Tree Foundation
CarEth Foundation paper 2001 (August)
FDTD (Eng.): Proposal Materials
Miscellaneous Files
Viola Weinberg
JRTC: 1999
Ford Foundation 2000
JP Fellowship App. 2000 (January)
New Voices Application 2000 (January)
Charles Perkins
American Friends Service Committee
Benjamin, Fred
Funding: Gene Sharp2nd assistant
Arca Proposal

Box 89-Development Files : Campaign Plans, Prospects, etc.
Foundation prospects 2000
Agape Foundation
Ahimsa Trust
The George I. Alden Trust
Arias Fundacion
Albert Einstein Institution New Grant: Arca, 1999 (April)
Arca: Musgrove: Bios
Arca: Musgrove: Bios: Raw
Arca: Musgrove: Program Schedule, etc.
Arca: Musgrove Information
Arca: Musgrove: Participants Contact and Information
Arca: Musgrove: Seminar Information
Arca: Sea Palms
Arca: Musgrove: Drafts
Arca: Jerry Heins
Arca: Grant Musgrove
Arca: Musgrove: Contacts
Arca: Musgrove: Lawson
Arca: Musgrove: Carson
Arca: Musgrove: Arriagada
Arca: Musgrove: Travel
Arca: Musgrove: Correspondence
Receipts: Copies
Arca: Travel Itineraries
Arca Foundation
Arca: Musgrove Seminar 1999 (May)
Arca Foundation
Aspen Institute
AT and T
George F. Baleer Trust
Frank M. Barnard Foundation
Ruth M. Batson Educational Foundation
The Brookdale Foundation Group
Benton Foundation
Bissell Foundation
Boehm Foundation
Heinrich Boell Foundation
Borden Foundation
Boston Foundation
Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation
B. P. America
Bradley (Lynde and Harry) Foundation
W. H. Brady Foundation
The Buffett Foundation
Burma Donors Secretariat
Bydale Foundation
Cabot Family Char. Trust
Ella Lyman Cabot Trust
B and G.S. Cadbury Trust
Capital Fund Foundation
CarEth Foundation
Carnegie Corp. Of New York
Stremlau and Carnegie
Carthage Foundation
Chase Fund (Anna H. and Elizabeth M.)
Charity Projects
Church of the Brethren (H. Lamar Gibble)
Coca Cola
Columbia Foundation
Columbia Savings Charitable Foundation
Communities Foundation of Texas
Compton Foundation [3 folders]
John Brown Cook Foundation
Council on Foreign Relations – Arthur Helton
The Cottrell Foundation
CS Fund, FY 1997
CS Fund, FY 1996
CS Fund, FY 1995
CS Fund, FY 1994

Box 90-Development Files : Campaign Plans, prospects, Foundations C-I
CS Fund 1993
CS Fund FY 1992
CS Fund FY 1991
CS Fund FY 1990
CS Fund FY 1989
CS Fund FY 1988
CS Fund FY 1987
CS Fund FY 1986
CS Fund FY 1985
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Cummins Engine Foundations
Gene Sharp: DOD proposal
Dorcas Davis: 1999-2000
Dorcas Davis Fund
Davis, Dorcas (correspondence)
Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
Deer Creek Foundation
Digital Equipment Corporation
Diocese of Amarillo
William H. Donner Foundation
Dun and Bradstreet
Earhart Foundation
Earlham College 1999
Engelhard (Charles) Foundation
Fairchild (Sherman) Foundation
Fel-Pro and Mecklenberger Foundation
Field Foundation
Fitzgerald, Anne (Greenville Foundation)
Ford Foundation [6 folders]
Franklin Research
Freedom Forum
Fund for Peace
The Gandhi Foundation
General Service Foundation [2 folders]
Genesis Foundation
Gere Foundation
Gifts in Kind America
The Gleitsman Foundation
Glickenhaus Foundation
Greenville Foundation [2 folders]
The Wm. and Mary Grove Foundation
Guggenheim (Harry Frank) Foundation
Gulf Oil Foundation
Harcourt General Charitable Foundation
Haymarket People’s Fund
Hazen Foundation
Hauser Foundation
Patrick Henry Foundation
Wm. and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Historical Research Foundation
Hitachi Foundation
HKH Foundation
Anne S. Howells Charitable Trust
Humane Studies Foundation
IBM South Africa Projects Fund
Index Group
International Foundation
InternationalCentre for Human Rights...Montreal, Canada
IRI [2 folders]
Box 91-Foundations I-M
Caroline P. and Charles W. Ireland Foundation
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Japan Society – Sumitomo, General information
Jewish Communal Fund of New York
Johnson Foundation
B. Johnson Foundation
W. Alton Jones Foundation
Kaiser (Henry J.) Family Foundation
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Henry P. Kendall Foundation
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation
Leighty Foundation
Donor: Lerner, Perry
Leverhulme Trust (UK)
Levinson (Max and Anna) Foundation
Liberty Fund
Lilly Endowment
Arthur D. Little Foundation
LOTUS Corporation
Henry Luce Foundation
Mac Group
MacArthur Foundation, John D. and Catherine T.
MacArthur (J. Roderick) Foundation [2 folders]
Madison Foundation
The Marpat Foundation
Marshall Fund of Arizona
McKnight Foundation
Mellon (Andrew W.) Foundation
John Merck Fund [2 folders]
Merlin Foundation
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation (24 Folders)

Box 92-Development Files
: Foundations M-O
Foundations of the Milken Families
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation [2 folders]
Ruth Mott Fund (9 folders)
Stewart R. Mott
A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
National Democratic Institute
National Endowment for Democracy (13 folders)
National Science Foundation
Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
Friedrich Nauman Foundation
Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.
New England Business Services
New Hampshire Charitable Directed Fund
New-Land Foundation
New Prospect Foundation
New World Foundation
New York Community Trust
New York Friends Group (12 folders)
Norman Foundation
Norwottock Charitable Trust
Nufield Foundation
John M. Olin Foundation
Olof Palme International Center [7 folders]
One World Fund
Ottinger Foundation
Open Society Institute [7 folders]
Olof Palme Financial Information[3 folders]

Box 93-Development Files: Foundations O-R
DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) [52 folders]
Packard Foundation
Parvin (Albert) Foundation
Pew Charitable Trusts
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Pitt-Des Moines, Inc. Charitable Trust
Ploughshares Fund [10 Folders]
Polaroid Foundation
Marjorie Merriweather Post Foundation
Povert and Race Research Action Council
The Prospect Hill Foundation
Public Welfare Foundation
George A. Ranlose Foundation
A. Philip Randolph Ed. Fund
Reader’s Digest Foundation
Reebok Foundation
Revlon Foundation
Christopher Reynolds Foundation
Smith Richardson Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund [2 folders]
Rockefeller Family Fund
Rockefeller Foundation
Rocky Mountain Institute
John W. Rollins Foundation
Rowland Foundation
Rowntree Charitable Trust [4 folders]

Box 94-Development Files
: Foundations R-U
Rowntree Trust (11 folders)
Rubin (Samuel) Foundation
Bayard Rustin Fund [2 folders]
Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Aaron and Martha Schechter Private Foundation
Schering-Plough Foundation
Scherman Foundation, Inc.
Schoettle, Enid
Florence and John Schumann Foundation
Sequoia Foundation
Shifting Foundation
Sisters of St. Francis
Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of  Benedict
L.J. and Mary C. Skaggs
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Smithkline Beecham Foundation
Sommer Family Foundation
Spencer Foundation
The Stare Fund
Starr Foundation
Steele (Harry and Grace) Foundation
Stern Family Fund
The Stone Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Streisand Foundation
Sun Microsystems
Sunflower Foundation
Wm. and Mary Swartz Foundation
Tappanz Foundation
Threshold Foundation [2 folders]
Tides Foundation [2 folders]
Trace Foundation
Tinker Foundation
Town Creek Foundation
Turner Foundation
Twentieth Century Fund
US State Dept. [2 folders]
UPS Foundation
USX Foundation
People Power: York and Association
USIP (United States Institute for Peace)[14 folders]

Box 95-Development Files
: Foundations U-Z
Gregorian, Hrach
Moore, John Norton
Thompson, Dr. Willard
USIP (United States Institute for Peace) [29 Folders]
Lawson Valentine Foundation [2 folders]
Xerox Foundation
Wallace (DeWitt) Reader’s Digest Fund
Wallace (Lila) Reader’s Digest Fund
Wallach Foundation (Miriam and Ira) [4 folders]
Warner (Albert and Bessie) Fund
Warsh-Mott Legacy
Weaver Family Foundation
Weinberg, Viola
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation
Westminster Foundation (UK)
Weyerhauser Family Foundation
Winston Foundation for World Peace
Wolverine World Wide Foundation
Working Assets Funding
World Peace Foundation

Box 96-Development Files: Old Donor Files A-Blo
Devel. [3 folders]
Soros (Huge packet)
AA97 Documents
CY97 Donations and Documents
Donor Prospects
Database Printouts
Albert Einstein Institution Donor Database – NCOA and Zip changes 1997 (June)
Peach Tree Data
Cosmic Communications: Direct Mail
Abed, George T.
Abrams, Gerry
Abrams, Morris R.
Ackerly, John
Ackerman, Don
Ackerman, Ruth
Adams, Gordon
Addison, Colborn M.
Affleck, Michael
Ahern, Dona and Frank
Ahlquist, Craig
Aiken, Jean
Alexander, Laurel
Allen, James K. and Elizabeth H.
Allen-Baber, Deborah
Alley, Hugh
Ampey, Dr. Russell M.
Anable, David
Anders, Paul
Anderson, Nancy E.
Andrews, Barbara
Angel, Helen
Anreder, S.S. and Jean
Apsey, Lawrence
Arends, January and Carmen
Armstrong, Bob and Shelly
Ashmore Jr., Robert B.
Aspinwall, Richard and Dorothy
Arthur, Greg and Robyn
Auer, Dr. Edward T.
Axelrod, Glenn S.
Baez, Joan
Bailar, John C. Jr.
Bailey, John R.
Banks MD, Henry H. and Judith R.
Barounis, Thomas and Diane
Bassett, Andrea
Bates, Margaret L.
Bauska, Sandy J.
Bayer, Elizabeth B.
Beauvais, Corrine
Beck, Ethel
Beck, Norman and Evelyn E.
Becker, William S. and Carol N.
Beisheim, PhD, Peter H.
Benjamin, Dr. Fred B.
Bentley, Rabbi Philip J.
Berer, Shaol and Dorothy
Berger, Leon H.
Bergman, January
Berman, MD, Paul H.
Berry, Carl W.
Bertsch, John T.
Bigda-Payton, Thomas and Frances
Bilby, Robert W.
Binch, Anne
Bingham, William
Black, Joanne
Bleichman, Norman
Bleichman, Norman and Bonnie
Bless, Wallace R.
Blood, Margaret C.

Box 97-Development Files
: Old Donor Files Blo-Gro
Blum, Marcus I. and Bluma
Bogdonoff, Peter
Bogdonoff, Philip
Boles, Howard and Elizabeth
Bolle, Kees and Sara
Bongero, Agnes
Bondurant, Joan
Bortree, William H.
Boss, Irwin S. and Ruth
Bostian, Lawrence L.
Bowling, Herley Jim and Mollie
Bowne, Gerald and Barbara
Boyd, Stanley and Robin
Brace, Robert
Brainerd, Robert S. and Carol H.
Brandenberger, Horace and June
Brandt, Mike and Debra
Bray, Richard and Susannah
Brembeck, Cole and Helen
Bresler, Kenneth
Brewer, Judy
Bristol, Jim
Brockelbank, Leslie
Brook, Leonard and Edith K.
Brooke, Anthony and Gita
Brostoff, Seymor M. and Lillian
Brother, Richard
Brown, Charles
Brown, Helen
Brown, Louis M. and Hermione
Brown, Russell
Brown, Sandra E.
Brown, Harold
Brown, William O. and Sandra T.
Bryan, Dale A.
Bryant, John
Buehler, Walter S.
Buffett, Warren E.
Buist, Elizabeth and Leon
Burkhard, Donald G.
Burns, Carol A.
Burtis, David and Linda
Burton, Russell and Bettie
Burtt, Marjorie
Buscemi, Vincent
Butler, Susan E.
Calhoun, Craig
Cameron, Elizabeth
Campbell, Alan and Miriam
Campbell, Colin and Nikki
Campbell, Robert and Sylvia
Canada, Howard
Cannold, Harold and Beatrice
Carey, James
Carlson, Ernest and Joyce
Carsey, John and Marcy
Carter, Hugh
Centre for Intergroup Studies
Chaney, Helen
Chartier, Richard
Chatrchatrian, Gaiane
Chestnut, K. Lynn
Chicago Area Donors
Chisholm, Leland and Susan
Ciaccio, Edward J.
Church of the Covenant
Cinquemani, Dr. Dorothy
Cion, Elizabeth Heller
Clarke, Anthony
Clarke, Virginia A.
Cohen, Joshua and Lisa
Coleridge, Greg and Marilyn Joachim
Cohn, Carol
Colmaire, Sally and Michele
Colgate University Peace Studies Program
Columbia, Ruth C.
Conna, Sherrill and Mary Lou
Connolly, John and Linda
Connor, Pat
Cooley, Donald W.
Cooperrider, E. A.
Corella, Norberto
Coret, Irving and Harriette
Cortright, David
Costello, Karen and Edward
Costello, Dr. and Mr. Edward
Coulter, N. Arthur, MD
Cowan, Ken
Cowles, Dr. Edward and Lillian
Coxson, Pamela
Crain, Robert L.
Crawford, Stephen
Crom, Steven E.
Crowell, Bruce and Francis
Crutchfield, Benjamin and Jane
Cundill, Peter and Associates
Culbertson, Barbara and Robert
Cummings, David
Cunningham, Patricia A.
Curtis, Kathleen R.
Curtis, J. R.
Dageforde, Mary L.
Dankert, Roger and Ellen
Davidow, Diana and Robert
Davis, Ronald and Shirley
Davis, Sister Marie
Dawson, An
Dawson, Genevieve
Dayton, Mark
Delanty, Timothy and Gloria
Denison, Myrna and John
Diamond, Marcus
Dickenson, Marie E.
Didrickson, Caleb and Eleanor
Dillon, John
Dixon, Katherine
Dodge, Christopher
Doehlert, David
Doherty, Edward
Domesick, Dr. Valerie
Dotta, Tane
Dougherty, Kathleen
Doussan, Rev. Douglas
Doyle, Robert F.
Drake, Anne
Dumont, James
Duncan, May S.
Dunfey Family
Dunkerly, Craig
Dyer, Bobbe
Eastman, William and Yasuko
Edwards, Thomas and Lucretia
Elliott, William III
Emery, Alden
Emrick, Madeleine
Engandela, Victor J.
English, Caroline
Engstrom, Elmer
Erskine, Ada
Escandell, Noemi
Estrin, Elizabeth Globau
Evans, William and Lucretia
Faden, Gerson
Fantz, Dr. Charles
Farmer, Cheaber H.
Fazio, Patricia
Federman, Joel
Feingold, Jeanne and Arnold
Feinstein, Roger
Feldman, Ken
Ferguson, Kent
Fernald, William B.
Fernelius, Mrs. W.C.
Ferreira, Selma C.
Ferris, Elizabeth G.
Field, Margaret M.
Findley, Rachael
Fine, Lyn
Finn, James and Marianne
Fish, Alice G.
Fisher, Eleanor
Fishman, Eleanor
Fleck, Cary
Flowers, John
Foell, Earl
Folsom, Elisabeth
Ford, Edwin G.
Formanek, Robert J.
Forrester, Nathan B.
Forsberg, Randall Watson
Fox, Eugenie
Fox, Saul
Foxman, Helen
Foxvog, Douglas
Franclemont, M. M.
Frazier, Paul
Freehafer, Nancy
Freund, Ruth and Bernard
Friedman, Joel
Friedman, Joshua
Friedman, Paul G.
Fye, Flora
Fuller, Marjorie
Galante, Mary Ellen
Gale, Alta M.
Gammill, Dorothy L.
Garbish, Georgine M.
Gardiner, Pete
Gardiol, Yvonne
Garson, Sandra
Garvey, Helen
Geishecker, Margaret
Gemmer, Robert and Myrna
Gemner, Dr. Robert
Genovese, Michael
Gibb, C. Peter
Gibeau, Dawn
Gibson, William
Giffee, Philip
Gilbert, Ann
Gilbert, Robert I.
Gilmore, Rev. Gerald F.
Gittis, Howard
Gloster, Teresa
Gluck, Hildegard B.
Goekler, John
Golas, Suzanne
Gold, Stanley
Goldberg, Jean
Goldsmith, Susan
Goodman, Carolyn
Gordon, Henry N.
Gore, Harriett
Gough, Deborah
Gould, Lawrence and Eva
Graham, Kenneth
Grand, Paul
Grant, David
Grant, W.B.
Grassie, William
Graves, Mallory
Gray, Dr. Gibson
Grayson, Joan M.
Green, Lance E.
Greenhill, Manuel A.
Griffen, William and Judith
Griffiths, Steven I.
Groppe, John

Box 98-Development Files: Old Donor Files, Gro-Mur
Gross, Bertram and Kusum Singh
Gross, Ronald
Gross, Theodore and Dr. Ruth Nass
Gumbleton, Bishop Thomas
Guttman, Selma
Gurland, Johanna
Guthman, Melvin
Hacala, Fr. Joseph
Hague, Paul
Haimowitz, Carla
Hall, Charles A.S.
Hall MD, David and Anne
Hall, Kathryn and Frank
Hall, Roberta and Margaret
Hall, Robert S.
Hallam, Patricia D.
Hallett, Robin
Halloran, Keith
Halpern, Diane H.
Halstead, Margaret
Hamilton, Chuck and Carol
Hamilton, John C.
Hamlin, Jeff and Marilyn
Hammer, Julia B.
Hanes, Mary Ann and Harold
Hanna-Davies, Toby
Harak, G. Simon
Harbort, Dr. Robert
Harch, Joseph W.
Harmony Books
Harper, Louise J.
Harris, Marie E.
Harris, Richard and Roxie
Harvey, Faye
Hawthorne, Hazel
Hayden, Monica R.
Hays, Carole G.
Hays, Rusty and Ida
Hefter, William and Ann
Heimbuck, Kenneth and Chloe
Hemenway, Joanne M.
Henig, Morton E.
Henneman, Anita L.
Hennessee, Joyce M.
Herr, Zimmerman, Bob and Judy
Hickernell, Barbara K.
Hill, Peter
Himes, Kenneth
Hoffman, Rosalind
Hollingsworth, Frank and Dora
Holman, John
Holmes, Pauline and Rober
Holt, Mary B.
Holy Cross College
Hooley, Josephine S.
Hopwood, Nancy
Horan Jr., William
Horkin, J. Rose
Hormann, Marilyn
Horne, Lila Blake and J. W. C. III
Hough, Frederick and Emily
Howard, Herb
Hughes, Guy
Hull, Robert
Husted, S.D.R.
Igoe, Michael
Innes, Susan
Ireland, Ruth N.
Irwin, Robert A.
Jaffe, Sanford
James, Fred W.
Jameison, Jamie and Robin
Jameson, Melissa
Jentner, Norman
Jessen, Susanne and Howard
Johnson, Barbara
Johnson, Peggy
Johnson, Dr. D. Kay
Jones, Richard E.
Joseph, Peter T.
Josephson, Harold
Joyce, James A. and Mrs. James A.
Joyce, Robert
Julis, Mitchell R.
Kahn, Allan Russell
Kahn, Julie L.
Kahn, Rhea
Kaledin, Eugenia
Kalt, George
Kane, Joseph and Anita
Kaneb, John A.
Kaplan, Mark
Karklins, Rasma
Karsen, Wendell and Joyce
Karst, Samuel G.
Kaseman, Mansfield
Kasinsky, Joyce
Kaufman, Abraham and Ida
Kauszler, Helen
Kauffman, January S.
Keavney, Christopher J.
Keene, Tom R.
Kekst, Gershon
Keith, C. Freeman
Kellenberg, Thomas
Kellogg, Martin
Kelley, Elizabeth B.
Kelly, Frank
Kenner, Jeffrey and Company
Keyes, Gene
Kilmer, Manford H.
Kingston, Maxine
Kingsford, Charles
Kirby, Bernard C.
Kitto, Dick
Klavens, Jonathan S.
Klein, John and Edith
Kline, Paul and Joyce
Koepke, R.P. and Marilyn
Kolchinsky, Rose and Ben
Korman, Phyllis
Kosanke, Arlene
Kotlarz, Rev. Robert
Kruegler, Chris
Kruegler, Mr. and Mrs. James
Kummerow, Amy and Fred
Kunkel, Norman W.
Kunstman, Keith and Jeannette
Kurtz, Lester
Kuschner, David E.
Kovitz, Benjamin
Lakey, George
Lampe, Rita and David
Lang, Eugene
LaPlante, Richard and Patti
Lapp, Holly
Lappen, Chester
Larson, Anna V.
Larson, Mildred
La Rue, Catherine B.
Laughlin, John S.
Lazar, Doris
Leaman, Irene
Lester, Nora
Lewit, David
Lieber, Susan
Lifton, Robert Jay
Lindgren, J. Ralph
Lindley, F. Haynes Jr.
Lippman, Ralph
Lipscombe, James and Roberta
Lipton, Martin
Livingstone, Dr. Robert
Locks, Charles S.,
Loeb II, Milford
Loran, Dr. William
Los, Jonathan
Lovins, Amory and Hunter
Luccio, Matteo
Lumarda, Joe
Lynch, Marcus
Lynch, Phyllis
MacDonald, Joan
Maclay, Malcolm
Magziner, Jonathan M.
Magill, Duane
Magoon, Clair L.
Maier, Ruth
Malone, J.J.
Malone, Julia
Malott, Anita
Manchester College
Mandeville Jr., Mick and Rosemary
Mankins, David and Whittaker, Gwendolyn
Manley, David H.
Maran, Rita
Marlens, Dr. Hanna
Marold, Fred
Marsh, Steve
Marshall, David and Ruth
Martin, Boyd
Mascoff, Elmer
Matthiesen, Bishop L.T.
Maxwell, Jean
Mayer, Carola B.
Mattoon, Carol
McAmis, Dr. Robert
McCarthy, Chip and Josie
McClure, Dr. Judith S.
McConville, Monica and Donald
McCulley, George and Linda
McCulley, Phil
McDonald, Amb. John
McDonald, Michael
McFadden, W. Robert
McLean, Malcolm
McPhail, Clark
Means, Robert S.
Medford, E. Leslie and Marie
Meints, Nelle G.
Melchiorre, Sherry and Michael
Melfi, Ann and Walt
Melowsky, Charles
Mendelsohn, Bruce
Messner, Arnold
Meyer, Howard N.
Meyerding, M. Jane and Kreft, Nancy
Michaud, Elizabeth E.
Milholland, Pamela
Miller, Joseph
Moore, Christopher
Moore, LeRoy
Morgan, Helen
Morgan, Kenneth and Amy
Morgan, Lucy
Moreland, Margaret
Morgan, Lucy
Morris, Elsa L.
Morris, Markley
Morrison, Philip
Morton, Joseph
Moss, Richard H.
Mouton, PhD, Robert
Movan, Jerry and Omajean
Mullaney, Mary
Mulligan, Patricia G.
Munger, Prof. Edwin
Murphy, Carol

Box 99-Development Files: Old Donor Files, Mur-Szu
Murphy, Mark
Murphy, Sheila
Murray, Mary Catherine and Peter
Murtranowski, Bill
Myers, David and Elizabeth
Miller, Norman
Miller, Pearl
Miller, Steven R.
Milliken, Samuel A.
Mills, Stephanie
Milos, Marilyn
Mischel, Florence S.
Mizzell, Ellen
Mleckova, Marie
Monroe, Mrs. James
Nagler, Michael
Nagle, Miriam
Nattkemper, John and Jean
Neidert, James
Nelson, Conrad
Nelson, Jim L.
Neun, Sr., David and Paula
Nguyen, Mary Jane
Nichols, Garry S.
Nickerson, Joan Norton
Nugent, Elizabeth
O’Brien, Ernest
O’Connor, Dennis and Linda
Ocweija, Frank
O’Day, Ruth
O’Keefe, Philip
Offenhauer, Priscilla
Ofner, Ruth
Oliver, Raymond
Olanoff, Samuel
Olson, Reginald and Barbara
Ofis, James
Ottewell, Guy
Oyer, Kathryn
Overby, Charles
Padgett, Charles and Irene
Pagnucco, Ron and Jackie Smith
Palevsky, Joan
Parker, Dr. D.M.
Parker, Judith M.
Parksy, Gerry
Pastor, Robert and Margaret
Patterson, Jeffrey
Paul, Dorothy and David
Paul, Shuva J.
Peace Grows, Inc.
Pearce, Heln
Pedri, Mary
Pelton, Dr. Leroy
Pemsler, J. Paul
Pennybacker, Miles
Perlmuter, Louise G.
Perrin, Don
Perry, Lloyd and Rita
Peters, Jeffrey and Cici
Peterson, Carol
Phillips, Charlotte
Phillips, Maureen
Phillips, Michael
Pierce, Diana C.
Pierce, Steven
Pilchik, Ely E.
Pineo, J. Franklin
Poole, Peter
Portnoy, Fred
Potapchuk, William R.
Powers, Joel D., Victoria K.
Powers, Marjorie
Powers, Roger and Quass, Susan
Prabell, Paul
Price, Virginia L.
Radecki, Thomas
Ragin, Charles
Rand, Willard Jr.
Rapaport, Marc and Sheri
Raphael, Bonnie
Ratner, Marc
Rattner, Ronald
Raven, Nanvy
Redwood, Victoria
Rees, Robert and Audray
Reid, William and Susan
Reidel, Ted and Betty
Reif-Lehrer, PhD., Liane and Sherwin
Reinfranck, E.C.
Reinke, Samuel and Wilma
Reuss, Phyllis
Reynolds, John
Rice, Dr. Harry
Rich, David
Richardson, Kathleen
Richmond, Benjamin and Jody
Rivera, Montye
Richards, James and Quigley, Rosemary
Robben, William
Roberts, George and Leane
Robertson, Roberta
Robinson, Jean
Robinson, Richard R.
Rohwer, Virginia and Robert
Roman, Gene
Romano, Joseph
Rose, Elihu
Rose, Rachel D.
Rose, Sandra
Rosenberg, Janet
Rosenblitt, David
Rosenthal, Martin
Ross, Murray
Rothman, Joel
Rosenthal, Alan
Rothschild, Micheal
Rothschild, The Lord
Rubinstein, Nina
Ruof, Frederick
Rusch, Dr. Thomas
Russell, Ralph
Ryan, Jim and Linda
Sager, Robert
Salmon, Peter and Linda
Sandiford, Dr. Angelita
Sanford, Marion L.
Santiago, Florence M.
Sargent, Betty Lee
Savin, Patrick
Scherer, Ron and Kathy Simmons
Schlegel, Marvin and Dorothy
Schlesinger, Martin and Janet
Schliebe, Delbert
Schumacher, Victor
Schutz, Robert and Marie
Schwiers, Rose
See, Carolyn
Seiler, Frances
Selwitz, Rose
Selz, Edgar
Serao, Giuseppe
Setlow, Carolyn
Sevy, Grace and Solomon
Shapiro, Jim
Shapiro, Michael
Shartzer, Sandy
Shaw, Francis and Roberta
Shawl, Catherine
Shear, Warren
Shedd, Ben
Sheridan, Paul
Shiraishi, Kazuya
Shivpuri, Pyare
Showalter, Marie
Showers, Paul
Silverman, Robert H.
Simon, Anne
Simpson, Bob
Singh, Kusum
Singer, Nora B.
Slobod, Jeannne
Small, Cynthia
Smith, Allison
Smith, Phil and Daniel
Smith, Gerald
Smith, Lauren
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Michael S.
Sniegocki, John
Snyder, Judy
Soder, Jacob M.
Solet, January
Solomon, Kenneth
Spiegel, Thomas
Sparrow, Richard and Diane
Springer, Amy
Stahl, Stanley and Karen
Starr, Michael
Stavros, Dr. Thomas and Janet
Startt, Janet Muhaima
Stearns, Howard
Stein, Robert
Stephenson, Carolyn
Stevens, Harry and Joan
Stevenson, William and Joanne
Stewart, Waldo
Stewart-Abernathy, Judith
Stillion, Kay
Stillwater, Bryce
Stoddart, Goeffrey and Veronica
Stollnitz, Henry
Story, Irene E.
Strachota, Kathryn
Strang, Earl and Marquita
Stratman, William
Straus, Virginia
Stuart, A. J.
Sturtevant, Thomas and Mary
Sullivan, Jeremiah and Mary
Sussman, Lois
Swann, Rev. Alfred and Eva
Swedelson, Dorothy
Sweet, Alma
Swope, Rev. Jean Anne
Szurgot, Zot

Box 100-Development Files
: Old Donor Files
Taezner, Erwin and Ruth
Talbot, Phillips
Taliaferro Jr., Richard
Tanner, Bruce
Tarshis, Barry and Bernice
Taylor, Ailene and Richard
Taylor, Nancy and Matthew
Thomas, George and Carmel
Thomas, Lloyd
Thompson, Inga
Thornton, Hal
Thumann, Henry
Tiberio, Faith
Tiger, C.B.
Tilston, Eunice
Tobin, Frances T.
Tobisman, Stu
Toffler, Alvin and Heido
Toohey, Mary Lou and John
Toubes, Judith
Tremaine, Kit
Trenholme, Peter and Judith
Trepp, Warren and Jeanette
Tythacotte, Louise
Trump, Eddie
Trump, Julius
Tryon, Edward and Marjorie
Turner, Alwyn
Twombly, Hurd
Tyler, Frank and Adelaide
Tyrer, Ron and Judy
Vaillancourt, Jean-Guy
Van Liew, Roland
Van  Zandt, Jack and Shannon
Phil Villers
Vivino-Hintze, Anne
Vogt, Iola and Karl
Von Rautenfeld, George
Uphaus, Ruth MacLennan
Walsh, David
Walton, Alice and Lewis
Wang, Kang-Lu and Martha
Ward, Nancy and Grant Abert
Ware, Louise M.
Warner, Katharine P.
Watkins, A. Lionel
Watson, William B.
Wald, Prof. George and Ruth
Walker, Jay
Wallace, Betty and John
 Wallace, James
Watts, Pauline
Wayne, Stanley
Wedl, Carole
Weille, M and M.F. Blair
Weiss, Dudley
Weitzman, Sandra
Welch, Ann
Welch, Florence and Graeme
Wells, Ian and Marilyn
Wells, Marion
Wentling, Rebecca
Wetmore, Bob
Whealey, Robert and Lois
Wheatley, John
Whipple, Natalie
White, Darlene and Thomas
Wildman, Ben and Grinnell, Gail
Wilf, Henry
Wilf, Henry
Willett, Sandra L.
Williams, Loretta
Williams, Rebecca Otter
Wilson, Alice W.
Wilson, Greg
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Vera
Windrum, Carol
Winnike, Sister Lucille
Winter, Emily
Winter, Kenneth
Witt, Nancy
Winter, Norman
Wittenborg, Harriet
Wolfensohn, James
Wolfensohn, Sarah
Wolpin, Milton
Woodard, Merryl
Woodrich, Arnold and Mary
Woodruff, Rev. H. Raymond
Wraga, Natalie
Wright, Frank
Wright, Robin
Wright, PhD., Virginia
Wycoffe, George
Wyly, Sam
Yaskulka, David
Yoder, William
Yoshizumi, Cara
Young, Nigel
Zielonka, January
Zucker, David and Hanna
Zurcher, Susan L.
Breyfogle, Charles
Carter, Florence M.
Cherney, Anna
Cottrell, Annette
Dimock, Herbert and Margaret
Doran, Robert
Dublin, Elln
Duncan, Burton
Fallon, David Anthony
Flynn, Allen and Marie
Fraser, Gladys G.
Gersten, Diane
Gellert, Otto
Gothelf, Charlotte
Hayes, William and Edith
Ingalls, Mary
Kay, Eleanore
Lankler, Ralph C.
Lockwood, Stephen
Lewis, Frederick
Mandel, Lilo
Martinez, Elizabeth and Peterson, Robert
McFarland, Lilian
McGill, Douglas
Minnis, Mhyra
Newman, Israel
Oglesby, J.C.
Osgood, Charles
Owen, Mabel
Plowden, Sam
Pritcher Evelyn
Renno Jr., James
Sarcka, Elizabeth
Schadler, Steven
Seykot, Charles
Siclari, Vincent
Stanton, Donald and Barbara
Strickland, Kathleen and Austin, Janet
Switzer, John
Itek, Lindsay
Cary, Stephen
Dunfey, John
Potential Donors
Additional Donor info. on papers organized alphabetically

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