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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Hague Appeal for Peace
Hague Appeal for Peace Records
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ca. 1997-2004
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DG 211

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The Hague Appeal for Peace is an organization with a global campaign to create a "culture of peace" through the following means: by strengthening humanitarian and human rights laws and institutions, by advancing the prevention, peaceful resolution, and transformation of conflicts, by abolishing nuclear weapons and develop disarmament campaigns, and identifying the root causes of war. More than 800 organizations--human rights, environmental, gender, disarmament-- have endorsed the HAP campaign.

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More information about The Hague Appeal for Peace organization may be found at http://www.haguepeace.org.
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Historical Background
Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP) was both an organization (based in New York, New York) and a conference, held May 11-15, 1999 at The Hague, Netherlands, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899. HAP defined itself as an organization with a global campaign to create a "culture of peace", to strengthen humanitarian and human rights laws and institutions, to advance the prevention, peaceful resolution, and transformation of conflicts, to abolish nuclear weapons and develop disarmament campaigns, and to identify the root causes of war. More than 800 organizations--human rights, environmental, gender, disarmament-- endorsed the HAP campaign. Cora Weiss was the president; Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Graça Machel, Jody Williams, José Ramos-Horta, Queen Noor of Jordan, the Dalai Lama and many others, lent their support. The Hague Appeal for Peace organization appeared to wind down around 2005. According to its website (2007), the work of HAP was taken over by Peace Boat US, a non-governmental and non-profit organization working to promote peace, human rights, equitable and sustainable development, and respect for the environment throughout the United States and the world.

Collection Overview
The Hague Appeal for Peace records include correspondence, financial records, minutes of meetings, information about the 1999 HAP conference, conference and post-conference reports; correspondence, speeches and memoranda of Cora Weiss; issues of Peace Matters, HAP's periodical; reference files about organizations working for peace and disarmament; and photographs, audiocassettes, and videotapes. This collection remains unprocessed and in the order it was donated.

Items removed:
Cloth bag with HAP logo in Memorabilia
AV items

Acc. 05A-048
Acc. 06A-008
Acc. 09A-041
Acc. 10A-072
Acc. 2014-073

Re-File Box Miscellaneous material collection in addition to other accessions.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Temporary Checklist for Unprocessed Collection

Acc. 05A-048

Box 1 Acc. 05A-048
Address Book
Financial records, 2001: bills/invoices [4 folders]
Financial records: saving account
Financial records: current account
Financial records: bank statements for current accounts, 2002 (August 28) - 2003 (March 25)
Financial records, 2000-2002: Rabobank account

Box 2 Acc. 05A-048
Financial records: bank statements for current account, 1998 (May 6) – 2000 (August 14)
Financial records: African Students Account
Financial records: DFID
Financial records: bank account
Financial records, 1998-1999: Rabobank Account [2 folders]
HAP Office: 1A ICP [2 folders]
HAP Office: 1B ICP [2 folders]

Box 3 Acc. 05A-048
HAP Office: 1B ICP
Peace pole dedication
Conference program addendum
Videos [removed to the Audiovisual Collection]
Voice of Russia
Conference program
African correspondence
Conference, Opiyo (Africa), 1999: coordination [3 folders]

Box 4 Acc. 05A-048
Volunteers, 1999 [6 folders]
All Africa Conference, November 7, 1999: office in Nairobi [work of? communication with?]

Box 5 Acc. 05A-048
All Africa Conference, November 7, 1999: West Africa coordinator [2 folders]
Symposium report
Summit of Peace Activists in South Africa
Hague Appeal For Peace
Civil Society Conference
South Africa
HAP Campaign in the West African Sub-Region: report
Conference, 1999: responses to invitation
Conference, 1999: Bosnia Peace Education Project

Box 6 Acc. 05A-048
Conference, 1999: preparatory meeting/s reports [2 folders]
Travel assistance to [from?] Africa [4 folders]
Gov. Centennial meeting, 1999 (May)

Box 7 Acc. 05A-048
Gov. Centennial meeting, 1999 (May) (continued) [2 folders]
Dutch HAP: platform [2 folders]
African Focal Points (Egypt)
African Focal Points (Nigeria)
African Focal Points (S. Africa)

Box 8 Acc. 05A-048
African Focal Points (Tsjaad)
African Focal Points (Uganda)
Conference, 1999: Outreach Africa (Sarah Kinobe) [3 folders]
UNOY 2nd Global Youth Peace Conference
Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom
Foreign language peace
International Congress “The Power of Peace”
Conference, 1999: history
Conference, 1999: media coverage [& publicity?] [2 folders]

Box 9 Acc. 05A-048
Conference, 1999: media coverage [& publicity?] [6 folders]

Box 10 Acc. 05A-048
HAP Conference: Report, Vol. 1 [2 folders]
HAP Conference: Report, Vol. 2 [2 folders]
HAP Conference: opening/closing plenary transcripts
Human Rights
Publicity [& media coverage of HAP?] [2 folders]

Box 11 Acc. 05A-048
Publicity [& media coverage of HAP?] [4 folders]
Arabic calendar, 1998
Address book page
Follow-up to ____
Summary of program conference
Script for whole program
Overview of script
Overview of cultural program

Box 12 Acc. 05A-048
Reports, 1999; African Focal Points
CVS contracts
ADB [2 folders]
Conference report
Signatures for Peace and Freedom, August 24, 1999
Organizing Committee: meeting packet
Homestay 1999

Box 13 Acc. 05A-048
Homestay 1999
Contacts [3 folders]
Travel Assistance to [from?] Africa [3 folders]

Box 14 Acc. 05A-048
Travel Assistance to [from?] Africa
Conference, 1999: Ambassadorial Round Table
Conference, 1999: Strand 2, International Law
Conference, 1999: conflict transformation
Conference, 1999: travel assistance to?/from? Eastern Europe [2 folders]
Financial records: fundraising, 1997-1998 [2 folders]

Box 15 Acc. 05A-048
Financial records: fundraising, 1997-1998
Financial records: fundraising, 1999 [3 folders]
Financial records: invoices/bills 1998 [3 folders]
Financial records: reports

Box 16 Acc. 05A-048
Financial records: reimbursements for/re: 1999 Conference
Conference, 1999; Logistics, 1998; NCC,1998 [2 folders]
Financial records: invoices/bills 1997
Financial records: invoices/bills; misc., 1999 [3 folders]
Financial records: misc., 2000

Box 17 Acc. 05A-048
Financial records: bills/invoices, 2000 [3 folders]
Financial records: fundraising, 2001 [2 folders]
Financial records: fundraising, 2000
Financial records: fundraising, 2002

Box 18 Acc. 05A-048
Financial records: fundraising, undated
Financial records: Rabobank account checkbooks
Financial records: misc.

Box 19 Acc. 05A-048
Peace Prize Nominees
Julia Morton-Marr  [2 folders]
Abuna Elias Chacour
Ramu Ramdas
George Soros
Gary Davis
OTPOR – Serbian Youth Movement
Eileen Daftein
Robert Stewart & Hanna Newcombe
Dr. Vjosa Dobruna
Lloyd Axeworthy
Vandy Kanyako Jr.
Radio for Peace International
Dr. Doris Allen
International Organization Committee for Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery
Performing Arts Centre, 2001
Mrs. Trotter
Altaf Qadeer
Franjo Starcevic
Chris Hunter
Azril Bacal, 2001
Trident Ploughshares
Peres Centre

Box 20 Acc. 05A-048
Videotapes [box contains list]

Acc. 06A-008

Box 1 Acc. 06A-008 [contains shipments labeled by HAP as boxes 3 & 4]
HAP Youth, 1999
HAP Conference, May 1999
McCarthy, Patrick
Conference Report
HAP Conference, 1999: workshop reports [2 folders]

Box 2 Acc. 06A-008
HAP Conference, 1999: workshop reports [3 folders]
HAP Conference, 1999: follow-up (Asia)
HAP Conference, 1999: follow-up (Canada)
HAP Conference, 1999: report -- Patrick McCarthy
HAP Conference, 1999: report -- Kofi Annan
HAP Conference, 1999: report -- Pacific Africa Youth
HAP Conference, 1999: comments post-conference
HAP Conference, 1999: plenary speeches

Box 3 Acc. 06A-008
Press conference, May 1998
HAP Conference, 1999: workshop reports [2 folders]
Launch, May 4, 1998
HAP Conference, 1999: messages to the conference
HAP Conference, 1999: report
Organizational reports re: HAP

Box 4 Acc. 06A-008
Cambodian brochure
WGWR Public Education Baseline Survey
Propuesta de Diversificacion Curricular
HAP/UNNDA master file
Agencies contacted for DDA Project
Albania: general information
Albania: contacts; misc.
Albania: correspondence
Cambodia: Progressive Activity Reports
Cambodia: correspondence
Niger: correspondence

Box 5 Acc. 06A-008
Niger: basic information; misc.
Niger: narrative reports; budget
Niger: contacts
Peru: reports. etc.
Peru: misc.
Peru: misc. resources
HAP/DDA, 2003
Chronological record of HAP/DDA partnership [3 folders]

Box 6 Acc. 06A-008
HAP Gender Post Conference [2 folders]
Post Conference reports
Post Conference report: correspondence
HAP Conference in print

Box 7 Acc. 06A-008
Post Conference reports & events
Post Conference reports & events (continued) [3 folders]

Box 8 Acc. 06A-008
HAP success stories
HAP Summer Movie Festival, 2002
Generic proposal
South Project: proposal
HAP events, 1999-2000, 2002
Film Festival, 1999
HAP General Assembly, October/November 1999, January 1998
St. Petersburg Conference, June 18-20, 1999
Millennium Forum, May 2000
Tuchman: The Proud Tower
HAP events, 2004
Centennial Conference, 1999; friends, 1999
Religion & Spirituality Focus Group
HAP success stories
Cora Weiss: Reports
HHL outreach
Centennial Conference, 1999: Gov.
HAP press [publicity by HAP?]

Box 9 Acc. 06A-008
November 1, 1997
World Federalist Association, January 1999
Cora Weiss: memos, 2004
Cora Weiss speeches, 2000-2004
Archives, 2001
DPI/NGO Workshop, September 10, 2002
HAP events, 2001-2002
HAP events, 2003
Individual complaints procedure, May 31, 2001
2003 Board Meeting material, November 14-15, 2003
Grants received [2 folders]
Board of Directors: meeting minutes, November 2003

Box 10 Acc. 06A-008
Executive Committee: meeting minutes, 1999-2000
Grants received, 2000
Staff, 1999
Core budget
Conference program
HAP conference poster packet
Peace Matters
Hague agenda: translations
Centennial 1899-1999 [2 folders]

Box 11 Acc. 06A-008
Centennial 1899-1999
Agenda: Catalan
Peace Matters, February 1998
The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference: press releases

Box 12 Acc. 06A-008
The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference: press releases
Declarations for Conference
NAM: meeting invitations to government officials & to organizations
Responses from international & regional organizations to invitation
Governmental responses to invitation
Enclosures to invitations
Background information for invitations to governmental officials
Acceptances by Kofi Annan, Carol Bellamy & Javier Solana, May 1999
Articles re: HAP
Media coverage of HAP [2 folders; binders?]
Hague Appeal stationery [3 folders]
HAP Conference, 1999: speeches & press releases
Coordinating Committee: meeting minutes [2 folders]

Box 13 Acc. 06A-008
Coordinating Committee: meeting minutes
Hague Appeal: documents 1996-1997 [3 folders]

Acc. 09A-041

Box 1 Acc. 09A-041
Ford Foundation Application 2002-2004
Hague Appeal for Peace Dhanapala April 13, 2002
Fedrico Mayor and Hague Appeal for Peace - Global Campaign for Peace Education Conference 2003
Fundraising Hague Appeal for Peace  I
Fundraising Hague Appeal for Peace II
Hague Appeal for Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education 2001-2003
DDA/Hague Appeal for Peace Peru
DDA/Hague Appeal for Peace Albania
DDA/Hague Appeal for Peace Niger
DDA/Hague Appeal for Peace Cambodia

Box 2 Acc. 09A-041
Conference Report Hague Appeal for Peace
Board of Directors Packet 1999
United Nations Disarmament Education Study
Hague Appeal for Peace International Advisory Board Contact Information
Hague Appeal for Peace and Global Campaign for Peace Education Lists
Organizing Committee Meeting November 17-19, 1999 Packet
Hague Appeal for Peace Youth Desks Mayer Foundation Peace Education
Hague Appeal for Peace-DDA United Nations Book Draft
Hague Appeal for Peace ROOT
Hague Appeal for Peace Ford 2000-2002
Hague Appeal for Peace Documents Conference April 1999
Hague Appeal for Peace Documents Miscellaneous
Hague Appeal for Peace – Peace Education in Peace Agreements Annex and Proposals, Adina Shaperio January 2007

Box 3 Acc. 09A-041
Global Campaign for Peace Education Kit
Miscellaneous Russian Reports
Hague Agenda United Nations A/54/98 French, Arabic, Russian, English, Catalan

Acc. 10A-072

Box 1 Acc. 10A-072
Hague Appeal, 2001 [2 folders]
HAP/UNDDA Albania,2002 [2 folders]
Articles, Press Releases, 2000-2001
Hague Archives Dupes, 1999
Retreat: Aachen, Germany; September, 2000

Box 2 Acc. 10A-072
HAP UN/DDA Cambodia [2 folders]
Mill Forum: May 23, 2008
HAP Finances 1999-2000
International Conference/Culture of Peace: Madrid, 2000
NGO Millenium Forum
HAP Clippings, Articles, Miscellaneous
Worldwide Activities Brief (GCPE)
HAP History, Miscellaneous
Peace Encyclopedia and HAP

Box 3 Acc. 10A-072
HAP Board of Director's Meeting: November 13, 2003 [2 folders]

Box 4 Acc. 10A-072
HAP 2000 [2 folders]
HAP 1998 Fundraising [2 folders]
HAP Finance, 1998-1999 [2 folders]

Acc. 2014-073
Box 1
Women for Meaningful Summits 1990
Women for Meaningful Summits 1990
Soviet-American Women's Summit [6 folders]
Soviet-American Women's Summit: Book
Women for Meaningful Summits: Interns and Kellogg Grant Papers
Sandomieskaya and Tsintsadze
Leningrad, Moscow, Tbilisi

Box 2 [Acc. 2014-073]
Women for Meanginful Summits: Kellogg Internship
SANE Education Fund: Lenore Marshall
SANE Education Fund: 1985
SANE Education Fund Evaluations: 1987
SANE Education Fund/Freeze: 1989
Peace Action + United Nations: 1997
International Peace Bureau: 2006
International Peace Bureau: Elections 2006
Foundation ILCOP-International Peace Bureau #1

Box 3 [Acc. 2014-073]
ILCOP-International Peace Bureau, Replicas
Wangari-Nobel Prize
International Peace Bureau: Geneva, March 3-6, 2006
International Peace Bureau: Alfred Nobel Centennial, Oslo, Dec. 5-9, 2001
International Peace Bureau: Swedish RedCross, Stockholm, Dec. 12, 2001
International Peace Bureau: Helsinki, 2006
International Peace Bureau: 1992, 1994, 1996
International Peace Bureau: Barcelona, October 19, 1994
Interlegal: 1992-1996
Interlegal: 5/1993
Alicia Cabezudo: Educator-In-Residence

Box 4 [Acc. 2014-073]
Hague Appeal for Peace: Finances
Hague Appeal for Peace: Fundraising [2 Folders]
Hague Appeal for Peace: Swedish Money
Hague Appeal for Peace: Olof Palme Fund
Friends of Centennial 1999
Hague Appeal for Peace Conference 1999
Hague Appeal for Peace: Peace Education, Adelphi University
Hague Appeal for Peace: Barcelona
Tutu, Crater, and Pacem in Terris
Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research
Hague Appeal for Peace: Board of Directors: 1999, Board Packet
Hague Appeal for Peace: Letters of Recommendation 2003-2004

Re-File Box
Material from Re-File Box

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