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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Negotiation Now!
Negotiation Now! Records
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DG 196

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Negotiation Now! was a national citizens' campaign for new initiatives to end the war in Vietnam by means of massive petitioning The group was later known as the National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam. Its members called upon the United States government to unconditionally end the bombing of North Vietnam. It supported (then) U.N. Secretary General U Thant's call for negotiations among all parties to the conflict, leading to a political settlement of the war.

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Gift of Negotiation Now! (Mary Temple), 1998 [Acc. 98A-048]
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Historical Background
Negotiation Now! was a national citizens' campaign for new initiatives to end the war in Vietnam by means of massive petitioning The group was later known as the National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam. Its members called upon the United States government to unconditionally end the bombing of North Vietnam. It supported (then) U.N. Secretary General U Thant's call for negotiations among all parties to the conflict, leading to a political settlement of the war.

Collection Overview
Includes correspondence, annual reports, administrative files, financial records, flyers and handbills, minutes of meetings, periodicals, reference files, photographs
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Arrangement of Collection
This collection remains in the order in which it was donated

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
World Without War Council [2 folders]
United Church of Christ
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Negotiation Now! branches
Methodist Board of Social Concern
League for Industrial Democracy
National Council of Churches
Closed file-orders that have been filled
Center for War/Peace Studies 1968
Catholic Bishops and Cardinals
Carnegie Appointments
Campaign Workers Guide
Community Action Program
American Baptist Convention
American Jewish Congress, 1968
American PAX Association

Box 2
Disciples of Christ [and] United Christian Missionary Society
ADA 1968
Money Requests: Bills and Pledges. August 1971
Outgoing Correspondence, March 1970
Suggestions for Action for Mary ...[illegible]
Draft of Letter to Cardinal Dearden
Campus Contacts
Mailing List Response, 1969
Officers and Guiding Committee [and] N.C.P.S. in Vietnam
Pledge Bills
International. Appeal to E.K. (drafts)
Vietnam Buddhists
Comaico Adds [?]
Allan E. Goodman
China List
Press List - New York and National
Addresses [2 folders]

Box 3
Jackson letter, September 1970
1970 lobbying
Commonwealth and SANE's relationship with Negotiation NOW!
Ceasefire Statement; Draft and Replies
Airlie Conference
Airlie Conference Proposals and [?]
YWCA convention, 1970
Youth Committee for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East
1971 Vietnam Elections
Airlie June 1 Conference - Lists, etc.
Challenge of Building Peace
Center for War/Peace Studies
Center for a Voluntary Society
Ekman Polls
Dinner - Harvard Club December 1930
Research Project on Cease-fire - Draft. June 5, 1970 (52)
Draft Program Suggestions. May 26, 1970 (43)
International Project - May 26, 1970
Ad - Student. May 26 1970 (41)
Draft Statement on Cambodia and Cease-fire. May 26, 1970 (40)
Private Letter to President. May 26, 1970 (39)
University of California Survey on Support for Cease-fire Plan 5-25-70 (38)
Statement to Nixon on Cambodia. May 7, 1970
Thomas Morgan Letter Draft. May 4, 1970
Pearson Speech Draft. May 1, 1970 (31)
Program - Student Political Action. May 1970 (30)
Coate letter to Muskiene re: N.Y. Times land reform coverage. April 16, 1970 (28)
Coate letter to Keplinger, Paolo Alto Times re: Proposal for Peace. April 16, 1970 (27)
Discretionary Draft re: troop withdrawal, May 10, 1970
Joseph Kraft: Nixon’s team, January 7, 1969
Domino Theory article from The New York Times Magazine
A Proposal for Peace, Robert L. Coate, April 15, 1970
Student-Labor Position (draft), May 25, 1970
Stan Kimmitt memo, May 7, 1970
Dr. King and ADA reprints
“Jersey Bishop Calls Vietnam Policy a Bar to Peace”
 Pennsylvania letter re: Senator Hugh Scott, April 3, 1970
Cease-fire proposal background arguments and supporting material, March 15, 1970
Memo to officers re: March 12, 1970, meeting with Senator Scott, March 11, 1970
Oakland reprint, April 9, 1969
The New York Times: reprint of war poll, March 13, 1968
The New York Times: reprint of “Impasse” article, April 8, 1968
Record reprint – Dougherty
Kerr—“The Moral Imperatives are…”

Box 4
CPC Lists of Republican Delegates
CPC August, 1968
Correspondence coordinators general
Contributors: $50 and over
Contributors: $25 and over
Don Luce
U.F.C.T. Greetings
Foreign Mail
Letters re. Norman Cousins Editorial
Guiding Committee Meeting, December 10, 1968
Prospective sponsor

Box 5
Executive Committee
Correspondence:  Executive Chairman and Co-Chairman, 1967-1968
Correspondence: Sponsors
Correspondence: Guiding Committee, 1968
Executive Committee and Guiding Committee - Not Current
Minutes and Notes - Executive Committee Meetings
Summit Conference, May 3, 1968
National Assembly, 1967
National Assembly, 1968
Press Conference -- Four Bishops, August 16, 1967
Princeton Meeting, December 1967
Catholic Press Conference
Events and Activities (General)
Luncheon Meeting, August 1, 1967
Prospects for Peace
Press Conference, April 8, 1969
Campaign and Elections, 1968
Conference on International Supervision
For the Record
Galbraith Speech, June 28, 1967

Box 6
Special Projects: Glassboro, NJ, July 1967
Leadership: Algernon Black, September 7, 1967
Airlie House - Notes
Ad - Correspondence and Incoming Replies
Ad Acknowledgement Letters $25-$50, 1968
Ad - Drafts
Ad - Letters Sent Out
Ad Draft December 15
Ad Lists
Ad Prospective Signers
Ad, June 1968 (drafts)
Ad Signers, February 11, 1968
Ad #2
National Convocation on The Challenge of Building Peace
Business Executives for Vietnam Peace
Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam
Convocation, March 5, 1969

Box 7
Hoa Binh Committee
Organizations - miscellaneous
Overseas Vietnamese Buddhist Association
Peace Council of the German Democratic Republic
Trade Union SANE
[Notice:] Removal of 1 folder of material on Northern California SANE/Trade Union SANE
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Right-Wing Organization
World Without War Council of the United States National Members Meeting, April 15-17, 1967 (Chicago, Illinois)
Index A-O

Box 8
Illinois [2 folders]
Indiana [2 folders]
New Hampshire
New York City organization
State coordinators (list)
C.A.T. expenses
State petition tally sheets per day
Students–to be called for registration

Box 9
New York [2 folders]
Community Action
Community Action Team
New York City, New York
SANE: organizations
United Auto Workers
United Church of Christ
United States National Student Association
Guiding Committee notes
Labor-trade unions
Legal status, corporations, etc.
New Democratic Coalition
Officers’ schedules/calendars
Springer (New York)
Letters (April 1969 mailing)
Christmas—fifth working draft, November 30, 1970
Saigon election information

Box 10
South East Asian Politics, January 1971
South East Asia—political events related to January 1971
Clippings before January 1968—Vietnam, US, and world
News releases
Vietnam trip (Mary Temple), Spring 1971
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Press conference, April 14, 1969
Prospects for Peace
Negotiation Now! from CDGA
Episcopal Bishops (list)
Washington Trip notes
A. Schlesinger, Jr. “Dear Friend” letters
Secretary Rusk
Saigon Trip, 1971
Response to memo of July 21, 1967
Questionnaire received from October 1968 mailing
San Francisco work

Box 11
Senate response to cease fire
Petition (Spanish translation)
Current Vietnam statements, April 1969
Staff and office correspondence
Democratic Congressional Hearing, 1968
Organization—checklists, procedures
Political contacts (mayors, governors, etc.)
Convention material personal—Mary Temple
The Board of Christian Social Concerns of the Methodist Church
Informing Convention Peace Corps—Janet Goller, August 1968
Introduction to testimony
Kerr testimony to Democratic Platform Committee
Thieu speech
Princeton Club invitation responses

Box 12
Chicago contact sheet
Baicich letter to supporters
Vigil memo re: instructions
Candlelight vigil flyer 2
Klein-Scharper vigil letter
Amendment to Majority Report
Peace Corps volunteers (Bruce Murray, etc.) in Chile protesting war, 1967
Petitions re: Vietnam, signed by Peace Corps volunteers in Chile
New York Times: “The Deadly Talks,” December 17, 1968
National Committee for a Political Settlement
New York Times reprint, April 15, 1969
Newark Evening News reprints   
Lutheran Forum editorial
State mailing

Box 13
South Dakota
North Carolina
North Dakota
West Virginia
New York
Cease-fire information
Referendum Cease-fire, 1971
Vietnamese speakers available, November 1970
Kerr statement on land reform re: March 27, 1970
Land reforms—Roy Prosterman, August 1969
Cease-fire negotiation
Defense Department casualties
Budget estimates—1971 campaign
Press mailing list
Program draft
District of Columbia

Box 14
Clark E. Kerr, Jr. “Indochina Formula”, May 11, 1971
“How To,” April 1971
Vietnam study program through University of Washington, Seattle
Press conferences
Committee notes
Democratic Platform Committee
Executive Committee meeting, May 23, 1968
H. Goldberg—Indochina
List of coordinators
Campaign to end killing in Indochina
Congressional correspondence
Cohen problem
Letters to the editor
Michael Harrington
Old copy and photos
List of ADA members and correspondence
Democratic Party
Convention Peace Corps/Democratic delegates mail

Box 15
Convention Peace Corps Correspondence [2 folders]
First questionnaire replies, September 1968
Convention Peace Corps/applications
Convention Peace Corps
Convention Peace Corps recruits
Convention Peace Corps kit
Strategy for Peace, 1968
“The Peace Plank for all candidates and both political parties”
“A First Draft of a Cease-Fire Agreement”
Platform testimony
Peace Plank sponsors as of August 16, 1968
“A Peace Plank…for all candidates…for both political parties,” 1968
“Why This Peace Plank?”
Convention Peace Corps/volunteer kit
Convention Peace Corps/Republican delegation, platform committee, etc.
Convention Peace Corps/student housing—Chicago
Convention Peace Corps/Republican National Committee correspondence, mailings, etc.
Convention Peace Corps—reports on interviews
Convention Peace Corps—New Jersey Republican delegation
Convention Peace Corps—headquarters of state delegates
Major Medical Policy/The Workmen’s Circle
US Committee to End the Killing
Rauh statement, August 1967
Convention Peace Corps—constituents to delegates
Press release: Dr. Kerr’s statements at Statler Hilton, D.C., August 19, 1968
Press conference, July 10, 1968
The Wall Street Journal: Vietnam land reform
“Land Reform and the Paris Negotiations,” June 20, 1968
Query to presidential candidates
Convention Peace Corps/Democratic Platform committee
Executive Committee meeting minutes, February 28, 1968
Executive Committee meeting minutes, January 16, 1968
Executive Committee meeting minutes, January 4, 1968
Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1967 (October 25, November 9, November 21)
Memos to Executive Committee
Kerr letter to sponsors and friends, November 26, 1968
Kerr letter to Guiding Committee, November 26, 1968
Executive Committee meeting agenda, February 28, 1968
Guiding Committee meeting agenda, April 10, 1968
Executive Committee memo, April 24, 1968
Yanitelli Press release, May 23, 1967
Telegram from J.D. Rockefeller and Ted Hesburgh
Shannon letter
Schlesinger “Dear Friend,” May 1967
Rabbi Herman
Philadelphia Rabbis
Archbishop Hallinan letter
Summit invite
Summit Conference program, May 3, 1968 [2 folders]
Stark memo on Summit Conference
National Student and faculty registration for Negotiation Now!
Memos to organizational leaders
Mary Temple memo on Summit Conference
Leader memo for Summit Conference
Kerr meeting, September 19, 1968
Invitation to Summit Conference
Cover letter for brochure “A New Strategy for Peace in Vietnam,” October 1968
April 2nd dinner seating list
April 2nd dinner invitations
Kerr meeting agenda, September 17, 1968
Action Program for Summit Conference, May 3, 1968
Acknowledgement forms
Acknowledgement letter to respondents to December fund raising appeal
Clark Kerr memo to congress, July 2, 1969
Memo from Mary Temple to officers and sponsors, May 1969
Memo from Chairman to Organization leaders, June 10, 1969

Box 16
Memo to member of congress from the chairman
Memo from Mary Temple to officers and sponsors
“Why We Went to Paris”
Memo re: “Possible Appearances at Negotiation Now! Functions During Coming Weeks,” November 10, 1967
Temple-Gilmore memo, February 13, 1968
Mary Temple—current program
Memo from Mary Temple, July 21, 1968
Memo to President Johnson and President-Elect Nixon (first draft)
June 20, 1968 Letter to Sponsors
Info Packet Memo
February 11, 1968 Ad: Mary Temple Memo
Memo - Free Elections
Rauh Letter - December 5, 1968; IV memos[?]
Statement by Executive Committee on Proposition “P,” November 9, 1967
Negotiation Now! Executive Committee
Suggested Letter to Platform Committee
Sponsorship Request Reminders
Request for Sponsorship November 1968 Response Card
Request for Sponsorship
Request for Aid
May 17, 1968 Letter to Sponsors and Supporters
Letter for Campaign Mailing, October 1968
Kerr Memo to Sponsors and Contributors to Negotiation Now! Ad
Kerr Memo, February 8, 1968
Kerr Memo January 22, 1968
Kerr Letter to Platform Committee
Kerr Letter to Contributors of February 11 ad (II)
Kerr Letter to Contributors to February 11, 1968 ad (I)
Fund Raising Clark Kerr
Clark Kerr Fund Raising
Kerr Letter to Contributors
Old Facts and Background D.C.
NN! International Work (outline)
N.N. and Other Projects
Initiative Statement
How U Thant Views the Vietnam War
Fact and Background, November 1967
Assembly Report, October 8-9, 1967
You Can Help with NN
Summary 6 Months Program Budget, April 1969
Payment for the Brochure, “A New Strategy for Peace in Vietnam.”
4/18/69 Fund Raising Letter from CK
Fund Raising Letter for April 1969 Mailing
Fund Raising Letter from C.K. to Large Contributors, April 18, 1969
Financial Report - April 21-December 31, 1967
Financial Report, February 1968
Financial Report January 1-February 23, 1968
Financial Report, January 1968
Cover Letter for January 1969 Mailing
Cease-fire Campaign Budget (VI)
Budget - May 10, 1968
All Press Coverage Reprints, 1970
Notes – Conversations, January 1970
Land Reform Publicity
Senate Breakfast, April 8, 1970
Washington Press List
Letter to President
S.R.-351 - Mondale
Mondale Speech - Draft, January 31, 1970
Working Drafts
Student Ad
1970 Correspondence - Already Checked by Debbie
Fundraising - 1970
Draft - Jackson Letter to N.Y. Times, November 5, 1970
Jackson Speech Draft
Prosterman Draft - Standstill Cease-fire, August 30, 1970
Mondale Resolution on Cease-fire and Free Elections - DRAFT- January 19, 1970

Box 17
Memo to Key Democrats re: “A Strategy for Democrats,” January 1970
Draft Resolution on a Cease-fire, January 22, 1970
Kerr Letter to President re: Chau Case. March 5, 1970
Chau Statement Draft, March 2, 1970
Mid-East Draft #2 - Vance Comments, March 1970
Packwood Letter to President re: Cease-fire - Draft, March 1970
Chau Statement - Draft, February 27, 1970
Coate Letter to President Thieu re: Chau Case, February 27, 1970
Arguments against a Cease-fire, February 1970
Memo to Ken Davis re: Cease-fire, March 10, 1970
Clark Kerr
Press and TV News
Eccles, Marriner
General Correspondence: F-K
Kerr (Non-Congressional)
Pledge Bills - 1969
Levinsohn - New Jersey
Perry Levinsohn
Morgan Memorial Fund
Government Correspondence
Walter Reuther
Acknowledgements to People Who Contributed to Pleas for Budget, November 26, 1968
Work to Be Done, January 27-28, 1969
Henry E. Niles Letter
General correspondence: Q-S
General correspondence: T-Z and miscellaneous

Box 18  
William A. Pierce Correspondence
Crazo Organizations
National Council to Repeal the Draft
Student Peace Union
Typed Drafts
Airlie House Conference, May 24, 1968
Prospectus (Draft) Airlie
American Friends Service
Fund for Peace
Labour Party
League for Industrial Democracy
Hubert Humphrey
Democratic Party
Peace Corps
Conference Airlie House
Mailing House Information
C. Paid
D. Paid

Box 19
F. Paid
G. Paid
Daily Finance Report
Finance and Bills
Expenses; Miami ABC
Expenses Chicago
Cease Fire
U. Paid
Western Union: paid bills and correspondence, re: paid or unpaid bills
W. Paid
Finance Reports
3 Bishops
June 28 Delegations
Peace Plank for Democratic Party
Peace Plank: How It Would Work
Peace Plank, July 1968
August 7 - Press Release
Proposed Amendments
Questions on Coalition Government
Questions on Peace Plank
Sample Local Press Release for Convention Peace Corps Members
Sponsor Lists
Stark Letter to Republican Platform Committee
Student Mailing on CPC
To Platform Committee Members: Statement of Peace Plank
Welcome to CPC
What is the Peace Plank?
Why This Peace Plank?
Senate Peace Influence; Christian Science Monitor, September 4, 1970
Kerr Letter on the Appointment of Ambassador Bruce, September 1970
Fund Appeals, 1970
Sound Motive - Dubious Method; New York Times, August 31, 1970
Talk or Talk-Fight in Vietnam; New York Times, August 30, 1970
Mrs. Kim’s Letter to Mary Temple
Kuomintang and Chinese Communist United Front

Box 20
March, 1969 Mailing Acknowledgements and Letters
Names - Vietnam - 1969
Kerr - Saigon
Correspondence - Saigon
Documents – Saigon
Press releases, lists, clips
Names, lists—Saigon
Delegation: bio data, schedules, purpose
“A New Strategy for Peace in Vietnam,” May 26, 1969
Basic Political Position
Alternate strategy to deal with negative reply from Hanoi
“Break the Deadlock Now!”
“The Cease-fire Strategy Package Proposal
Cease-fire strategy
Draft of position paper and ad text
Draft (mimeographed) of cease-fire as first item of negotiations
Draft (typed and Xeroxed) of cease-fire as first item of negotiations
Draft statement on Anti-Ballistic Missiles
Draft—Peace Plank, May 27, 1968
First draft of cease-fire agreement
“For the Record—A Call for Dramatic Action for Peace in Vietnam”
Goals and program
An International Program
“It’s time to stop bombing North Vietnam…”
Letter from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
Letter to  Churah and organization leaders, February 20, 1968
Memo from Penn Kemble re: Future National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam
Letter to guiding committee about draft of “Cease-fire as First Item of Negotiations”
“Mobilization of Organization Resources: A Query”  
Negotiation Now petitions
Negotiation Now program for International Week
Negotiation Now statement, 1967
“A New Strategy for Peace in Vietnam”
“Next Steps for the National Committee…”
“The Next Step to Peace in Vietnam”
“Peace in Vietnam is too important to become a political football”
Policy outline
Policy statements
Report from Paris and Washington, May 1969
Statement by Negotiation Now! Campaign leader
“Stop the Killing,” June 19, 1968
Strategy for peace policy statement, 1968
“Subject: If Hanoi Says ‘No’” first draft
November meetings with Johnson and Murphy
National Assembly, 1967
Press clippings, September 1967
National student and faculty registration
Legal documents
“Vietnam: Will the killing start again?,” December 15, 1968
“Vietnam and Beyond”
Dinner, December 10, 1969
Century Club, December 12, 1968
Office procedures and forms
Mitrovich expenses
“Why the President Should Try the Cease-Fire Strategy Now”

Box 21
William Dunfey
Peace Plank Convention, 1968
CPC applications
Contact script
CPC acceptance letter
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Baicich letter to delegates
Washington, June 28, 1967
Press clippings, August 1967
Washington Convocation
Phan Quang Dan
D. Dewees
Question and answer
Important letters and telegrams
Press Conference, April 14, 1969
Vietnam Education Project
Arnold Greenberg
New Mexico
Vigil Volunteers
New Jersey

Box 22
Penn Kemble (Youth)
Clark Kerr
Hubert H. Humphrey
The Shefa Fund, 1992 – 1996
Sisters of St. Agnes, 1999 – 2002
Letter from Schlesinger and Kerr—Convention Peace Corps
Letter on Convention Peace Corps from Paul Baicich
Memo from Clark Kerr re: appointments with delegates in Chicago
Miami—August 2 press releases
Miami—July 30 and August 1 press releases
Peace Corps applicant form
Guideline for compromise Peace Plank
American Friends Service Committee
Diahann Carroll benefit
Program draft
Data with Vietnam election crisis, August 20-24, 1971

Box 23
Vietnam report, July 31, 1971
“An Election Observer Team in South Vietnam,” August 5, 1971
Thieu letter
Ballot copy for referendum cease-fire, April 1971
Post-vigil press release
New Jersey ad, May 1967
“Cease-Fire Now!” campaign, 1969 (September) – 1970 (December)
Tran Van Don meeting report, September 25, 1970
Katzenbach letter, September 24, 1970
SANE resignations
Community Action Team
Bulletins—file copies
International campaigns, 1970 (November-December)
Press release, January 5, 1968
Summary statement of press conference, February 16, 1968
“Vote Now to End the Vietnam War”
Bilheimer proposal
List of sponsors
Meeting with Harriman, April 25, 1968
New York organization leadership
“Non-Partisan Organizations and the Vietnam War”
Pledge card
Quotas, goals by states
Report forms
SANE political strategy for 1968
Sample press release
Press release, June 19, 1969
Press release, April 14, 1969 [2 folders]
Press release, April 8, 1969
Press release, March 19, 1969
Press release, August 14, 1968
Press release, August 8, 1968
Press release, August 7, 1968
Press release, July 29, 1968
Press release, July 28, 1968
Press release, May 3, 1968
Press release, April 3, 1968
Press release, February 16, 1968
Press release, February 11, 1968
Position paper drafts
Rt. Reverend Leland Stark
Robert Coate
Cyrus Vance
Victor Reuther
“What have we done” committee’s accomplishments, 1967 – 1969
Report on current action, February 26, 1970
Chau, March 5, 1970
Report from Paris, June 1970
Internationally Supervised Cease-fire Agreement—A Research Project, July 1970
Unilateral Withdrawal, July 1970
In Vietnam and Washington, July 21-31, 1970
Thieu’s speech to South Vietnam, July 31, 1970
Middleast/Southeast Asia Cease-fire statement, July 27, 1970
Clark Kerr

Box 24
U.S. Senate
Guiding committee, 1969
Registration for Washington dinner, October 1967
Executive committee, 1967
Newspaper reprints out-of-date
Letter to Nixon urging cease-fire, September 1, 1970 (released to press September 18)
David Riesman—incoming and outgoing
Drafts and revisions of materials produced in office
Episcopal press release, September 16, 1967
General correspondence: A-E
Midwest efforts (Ed Doty)
Policy/position statement on Vietnam
Guiding committee
Dollar Ballot for Negotiation Now Pilot Project
Current sponsors
South Vietnam Embassy
Trip to Vietnam, 1969; correspondence and notes
Policy [3 folders]

Box 25
Peace Plank
Washington work, 1971
Notes—Sacks in Paris
International committee and appeal—early drafts
Paris, Summer 1971
Schedules—Executive Committee
Celebrities list
Pope Paul VI
June 10, 1969

For Mrs. Rosen
World Without War Council
Platform committee [2 folders]
Sabbath Sunday, September 16-17, 1967
Senate breakfast, September 19, 1968
Vietnam trip [2 folders]

Box 26
Guiding Committee, 1968
Guiding Committee, April 10, 1968
Stop the Arms Race
Executive and Guiding Committees: Dag Hammarkjöld Lounge, September 12, 1967
Fundraising letters, 1968-1969
Vigil program
Mailings/contribution requests
Vigil permits
Negotiation in Paris—official statements
WATS line
“A bill to amend the Foreign Military Sales Act”

Box 27
Letter to the President, August 1969
Saigon trip, 1969
Land reform
Paris talks, 1968
Minutes, March 2, 1970
Special gifts
Untitled [4 folders]
Staff meetings
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
American Friends Service Committee
American Jewish Congress
Americans for Democratic Action
Center for War/Peace Studies
Christianity in Crisis
Church of the Brethren
Citizens for Peace in Vietnam
Clergy and Laymen Concerned
Disciples of Christ: The United Christian Missionary Society
Disciples Peace Fellowship
Episcopal Church Center
Friends Committee on National Legislation
League for Industrial Democracy
Lutheran Church in America
Methodist Church: Board of Christian Social Concerns
Box 28
National Association of Laymen
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
National Council of Women of the United States, Inc.
National Federation of Temple Youth
Post War World Council
Sisters of Notre Dame Letter
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
United World Federalists
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Unitarian-Universalist Association
Women’s Committee of Concern on Vietnam
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
World Peace Broadcasting Foundation
Unfiled originals
Socialist Party
Discussions and drafts re: proposed public statements
Negotiation Now!, 1967
Negotiation Now!, 1968 (January-June)

Box 29
50-State campaign
Princeton Club, April 2, 1968
Sponsors, 1967
Correspondence, 1967
General Correspondence: L-P
Payroll (inactive)
Background and guides
New statement by Roy Prosterman
International program
Index P – Z

Box 30
Delegation release to PR newswire, June 1, 1971
Fundraising, July 1971
$25 and over and $100 and over
Norman Thomas list
American Baptist Convention
Abortion record
Lists [3 folders]
Fundraising letters, November 26, 19684

Box 31
China list
Vietnam round-up and reports
Interview transcripts
Free Cities Plan
Democratic Engagement
Vietnam Peace Proposals
Reprints on Vietnam

Box 32
International law, etc.
Spring Mobilization [2 folders]
Anti-Ballistic Missile
The New Party
Soviet Peace Committee
National Liberation Front (Spivak report)
National Mobilization Committee material
New Politics Conference

Box 33
Negotiation Now!, 1968 (July-December)
Negotiation Now!, 1969
Negotiation Now!, 1970-1973
Negotiation Now!, undated
Cover letter to Republicans
Cover letter to Democratic Delegates
Robert Pickus notes
Clippings (general), Summer 1967
“Text of Ad—Query to Presidential Candidates”
“A Turning Point—Peace or War?” revised draft of New York Times ad
“A Turning Point—Peace or War?” New York Times reprint, February 11, 1968
Telegram and cable to Johnson and Ho Chi Minh
Testimony before the Democratic Party Platform Committee
Statement, May 1967
Schlesinger, 1967

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