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Henry Leroy Finch Jr. (Roy Finch) Papers, 1933-1995

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Finch Jr., Henry Leroy (Roy Finch)
Henry Leroy Finch Jr. (Roy Finch) Papers
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DG 195

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Henry Leroy (Roy) Finch Jr. was a pacifist, conscientious objector to World War II, philosopher and writer..

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Historical Background
Henry Leroy Finch, Jr. was born on August 8, 1918. He was a pacifist and conscientious objector during World War II. He served in Civilian Public Service (CPS) Camp 11 (Ashburnham, Massachusetts) and Camp 37 (Coleville, California), and with CPS Unit 41 Williamsburg, Virginia). The first two were engaged in U.S. Forest Service efforts, and the latter was a mental hospital. After the war, Finch worked as an editor for Alternative and Liberation. For a time he was involved with the American Forum for Socialist Education, but his primary affiliations were with the Fellowship of Reconciliation and War Resisters League. He earned a PhD, taught philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College for twenty years and at Hunter College for sixteen years, and wrote several books, including Simone Weil and the Intellect of Grace. Finch was one of the founders of the American Weil Society in 1970. He died on August 22, 1997.

Finch was known as Roy in pacifist circles during the 1940s-1950s, and as such this name is noted in parentheses in the title of his papers because it shows up this way in the various collections at the SCPC. He used Henry as his name in his professional life.

Collection Overview
This collection is comprised of material related to Finch's pacifist activities in the 1940s and 1950s. It includes much correspondence, as well as some administrative material for organizations or efforts he involved himself with. The papers contain only slight reference to Finch's work as a philosopher, writer and professor.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Biographical information
Speaking engagement, 1971
Writings: article "The New Peace Movement - Part I" Dissent (Winter and Spring issues), 1963
Writings?: draft of "A Memorandum on the Men Who 'Walk Out' from CPS Camps"
Writings?: draft of handbook introduction [by Finch?], 1949
Wartime experiences (especially re: CPS)
Service in CPS: Camp #11, Ashburnham, Massachusetts -- general
Service in CPS: Camp #11, Ashburnham, Massachusetts -- meeting minutes, 1942
Service in CPS: Camp #37, Antelope (Coleville, California) -- general
Service in CPS: Camp #37, Antelope (Coleville, California) -- men applying for transfer to government camps
Service in CPS: Camp #37, Antelope (Coleville, California) -- spike camps
Service in CPS: Camp #41, Eastern State Hospital (Willamsburg, Virginia) -- general
Service in CPS: Camp #41, Eastern State Hospital (Willamsburg, Virginia) -- letters of patients
Reference material re: CPS: statements and letters against CPS or conscription
Reference material re: CPS: general
Reference material re: CPS: draft "Report on Actual and Potential Use of [CPS] Assignee Abilities," 1945

Box 2
Correspondence (by Name):
- Sidney Aberman re: the WRL
- Winslow Ames re: the WRL
- Harry Elmer Barnes re: "Liberation"
- Ellen Starr Brinton re: the WRL
- George Cole (while in CPS)
- David Dellinger, 1939-1946, 1954
- David Dellinger: general [no correspondence]
- Ralph (DiGia?) re: the WRL
- Hal Faber(?) (while in the army)
- Fyke Farmer re: the WRL
- Lewis Hill (while in CPS)
- Jessie Wallace Hughan re: the WRL
- Jack Jones re: "Liberation," 1959
- Jack Jones re: "Liberation," 1960-1963; notes
- Roy Kepler re: "Liberation" and the WRL
- Frieda Langer Lazarus re: the WRL
- Josh Lewis (while in CPS)
- Charles Mackintosh / Frieda Langer Lazarus re: the WRL
- James Mather, 1933-1934
- James Mather, 1936-1939
- James Mather, circa 1933-1939
- James Mather: general [no correspondence; 2 photographs removed]
- David McReynolds re: "Liberation"
- A.J. Muste (F.O.R.) re: "Liberation" and the WRL
- Jerry Myers

Box 3
Correspondence (by Name):
- Eleanor Nelson re: "Liberation"
- Karl Olson (while in CPS)
- Frances Rose Ransom re: the WRL
- Edward C.M. (Ned) Richards re: the WRL
- Bayard Rustin re: "Liberation" and the WRL
- William Sattler
- Pat Scarlett of the Macedonia Co-Op Community
- George Snyder (while in CPS)
- David Swift
- Arlo Tatum re: "Liberation" and the WRL
- Richard Taylor
- Denny Wilcher, 1942-1944 (while in CPS and in county jail)
- Denny Wilcher, 1945-1958
- Denny Wilcher, circa 1940s-1950s
- George Yamada, 1943 (while in CPS), 1958
Correspondence (by Name and Date) [includes CPS men]:
- First names: A-B, 1940s
- First names: C-D, 1940s
- First names: E-G, 1940s
- First names: H-J, 1940s

Box 4
Correspondence (by Name and Date) [includes CPS men]:
- First names: K-R, 1940s
- First names: S-W, 1940s
- First names: undeciphered, 1940s
Correspondence, circa 1950-1995
Correspondence: handwritten letter [by Finch?]
Correspondence with/about the Fellowship of Reconciliation (F.O.R.), 1941-1944
Correspondence with War Resisters League (WRL) staff, 1943-1947
Correspondence re: the WRL, 1951-1953 [see also named correspondence folders]
Correspondence re: the WRL, 1954-1960, undated [ibid.]
Correspondence written by others to others re: the WRL [includes WRL staff]
WRL decisions, etc. [no correspondence]
Correspondence etc. re: the Walk for Peace (WRL)
Correspondence etc. re: the Committee for Non-Violent Revolution
Correspondence [mostly by others] re: the American Forum - For Socialist Education

Box 5
The American Forum -- For Socialist Education: general [no correspondence]
The American Forum -- For Socialist Education: general [no correspondence] (continued)
Correspondence sent as Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee for Publication of Eric Gutkin's Books
Correspondence of others with/about Dr. Eric Gutkind and his book Choose Life -- The Biblical Call to Revolt
Book reviews of Choose Life -- The Biblical Call to Revolt (1952)
Correspondence re: "Alternatives" periodical, 1947-1951
"Alternatives" planning, etc.
Correspondence re: proposed new periodical/publication, 1961-1962
Notes and mock-ups re: proposed new periodicals/publications
Miscellaneous notes (for magazine production?)
"Liberation" Publication Board: meeting minutes, 1956
"Liberation" Editorial Board: meeting minutes, circa 1957-1958
"Liberation" Editorial Board: meeting minutes, 1960

Box 6
Prospectus, correspondence, etc. re: "Liberation"
Correspondence re: "Liberation"
Correspondence re: "Liberation (mostly re: Cuba)
Articles for / notes about / etc. "Liberation" [no correspondence]
Articles for / notes about / etc. "Liberation" [no correspondence] (continued)
Resignation as editor of "Liberation"
Reference material: lists of conscientious objectors (C.O.s) and C.O. wives
Reference material: mss. "The C.O. Link: Conscientious Objection to World War II and the San Francisco Renaissance" by Glenn Wallach, circa 1985

Box 7
Reference material: mailing lists
Reference material: Chicago conferences, 1943 (April), 1946 (February)
Reference material: Committee on Non-Violent Revolution
Reference material: miscellaneous

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