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Brandywine Peace Community Records
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The Brandywine Peace Community was founded in April, 1972 by Delaware County (Pennsylvana.) and Chester County (Pennsylvania) citizens who advocated nonviolent direct action. The group was especially active against nuclear weapons manufactured by the General Electric Company, and later Lockheed Martin Marietta.. The Brandywine Peace Community was headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania. until 1983, then moved to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

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Gift of Brandywine Peace Community, 1991 [Acc. 91A-123]; 1992 [Acc. 92A-109]; 1993 [Acc. 93A-089, Acc. 93A-104]; 1995 [Acc. 95A-095]
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Unprocessed; this finding aid was created by Andrew Ciampa and Wendy Chmielewski, July 2009.
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Historical Background
The Brandywine Peace Community was f ounded in April, 1972 by Delaware County (Pennsylvana.) and Chester County (Pennsylvania) citizens who formed "a nonviolent resistance community working for peace, disarmament, and a change of values and priorities...to an emphasis on peace, social justice, and the needs of the people." The group has always advocated nonviolent direct action by means of fasts, demonstrations, vigils, or principled trespass on private property; was especially active against nuclear weapons manufactured by the General Electric Company, and later the Lockheed Martin Marietta Company (located on the same site as GE). Originally called the Brandywine War Tax Resistance Fund, later (as of 1976) called the Brandywine Alternative Fund; name changed to the Brandywine Peace Community and Alternative Fund ca. 1978, then to Brandywine Peace Community in 1980. Issued a newsletter, 197?-1989. The BPC members and supporters have also participated in anti war activities during the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war. The group was originally headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, then moved to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania in 1983.

Collection Overview
Includes correspondence, flyers and handbills, newspaper clippings, periodicals, reference files and notes, and photographs. Correspondents include Robert M. Smith.

Items removed:
Photographs of various vigils, including at GE, King of Prussia, PA January 20, 1992, Good Friday, 1992

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and the files remain in the order in which they were received. This finding aid is organized by chronologically by date of receipt of material.

Acc. 91A-123
CDGA, 1992
Acc. 92A-109
Acc. 93A-089
Acc. 93A-104
Acc. 95A-095
Acc. 2016-043

Acc. 2017-042
Materials from Refile Box 1992-date

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 91A-123
Box 1 [Acc. 91A-123]
Fall events, 1978
Summer events, 1978
Tax season, 1979
May – August, 1979
Fall and winter events, 1979 – 1980
Spring, 1980
Summer, 1980
Anti-draft activities ( Delaware County and Philadelphia), July 1980
Re: action on September 9 th: resolutions, petitions, flyers (BPC, others), letters, and press clippings
Fall and winter events, 1980
Pilgrimage for Life, November 25 – 26, 1980
Fall – winter, 1981
“GE5,” October 1981
Spring – Summer, 1981
Spring, 1982
Summer – Fall, 1982
Winter – Spring, 1982 – 1983
First mass “walk-on” at General Electric, April 5, 1982
Fall – Winter, 1983 (November 22 “Walk-on)
General Electric, MK-12A, etc.
“Rooftop Peacemakers”: action at General Electric, 1984
Summer, 1984: August 5 th Service
Re: September 24 th blockade, 1984
Box 2 [Acc. 91A-123]
Pre-Thanksgiving Witness, 1984
Winter, 1984 – 1985
Spring, 1985
Miscellaneous: includes 40 th anniversary of first atomic bombings
Fall, 1985
Crane project, 1985 – 1986
Winter, 1985 – 1986
Holy Thursday and Good Friday, 1986
Nonviolence training for trainers, June 28 – 29, 1986
Spring – Summer, 1986
Assorted Brandywine Peace Community newsletters, 1982 – 1991
Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 1986
Fall – Winter, 1986
January 17, 1987
Spring, 1987
Summer, 1987
September 12, 1987
25th anniversary of Cuban Missile Crisis, October 24, 1987
Box 3 [Acc. 91A-123]
Winter – Spring, 1987 – 1988
Holy Week walk, spring 1988
Summer, 1988
August, 1988
Pre – Thanksgiving fast, November 21 – 23, 1988
Christmas services, December 21 and 23, 1988
King Day, 1989
Holy Week, 1989
August 6 – 9, 1989
Thanksgiving, 1989
Christmas, 1989

Box 4  [Acc. 91A-123]
1984 – 1985 (Winter)
1985 (Spring) 
40th Anniversary re: 1st A-bombings                                    
Rizzuto, Charles, 1403 Maple Avenue Eldmere, G.M. - B.C. & Metropolitan                                 
1980 (Fall)      
Crane Project, 1985 - 1986    
1985 - 1986 (Winter)
Holy Thursday and Good Friday, 1986

Box 5  [Acc. 91A-123]
Nonviolence Training for Trainers, June 28 - 29
Nonviolent Campaign Development                         
1986 (Spring/Summer)                       
Assorted Brandywine Peace Community Newsletter and Miscellaneous Flyers, 1982- 1991          
Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 1986                 
1986 (Fall/Winter)                  
1987 (January 17)
1987 (Spring) 
1987 (Summer)                      
1987 (September 12)

Box 6  [Acc. 91A-123]
Action: 25th Anniversary of Gulan Missile Crisis, 1987 (October 24)
Action: 25th Anniversary of Gulan Missile Crisis (Continued), 1987 (October 24)
1987 (October 24)

Box 7  [Acc. 91A-123]
1987 (Winter) – 1988 (Spring)
Holy Week Walk, 1988 (Spring)
1988 (Summer)                      
1988 (August)
Pre-Thanksgiving Fast, November 21 - 23
Christmas Services, 1988 (December 21 - 23)

Box 8  [Acc. 91A-123]
King Day, 1989                     
Holy Week, 1989                   
1989 (August 6 - 9)
Thanksgiving, 1989                
Christmas, 1989                     

CDG-A, 1992
Box 1
Brandywine Alternative Fund
Brandywine Alternative Fund, 1970s: loan applications from various non-profit, alternative lifestyle and social activist organizations
Loan applications, 1980
Loan applications, 1981
Loan applications, 1982 – 1983
Projects and publicity
File copies of releases and flyers
Minutes and treasurer’s reports
Brandywine Peace Community, 1972 – 1977
Brandywine Peace Community, 1978 – 1985
Brandywine Peace Community, 1986 –

Acc. 92A-109
Box 1
Retreat, August 1987
Mobilization for Survival
Brandywine Peace Community and Alternative Fund (monthly meetings)
Brandywine Peace Community and Alternative Fund (weekly peace work meetings)
Mrs. Elaine Hohn
Meeting minutes
Meeting minutes continued
Box 2
Minutes for 1985 meetings
Retreat, January 23 – 25, 1987
Retreat, July 11 – 13, 1986
Retreat/planning session, January 17 – 19 1986

Acc. 93A-089
Box 1
Peace Center of Delaware County
Sunday evening ‘Formation’ gatherings/services, 1984 – 1985
Peacework Alternatives
General Electric
Pledge of Resistance
Wine in the Wilderness
Peacemakers Reflection Center and Medical Mission Sisters
Bombing of Libya
Early newsletters and poetry book, 1985
INFACT (re: General Electric focus/boycott)
General Electric boycott
“Deadly Deception”
Copies of boycott sign-ups
Delivery of 10,000 sign-ups
Regular/weekly vigils each Tuesday: Valley Forge and Philadelphia
Box 2
General Electric
Defense Science Board
General Electric/Mark 12A
Resource/group sheet for booklet
General Electric’s space center/Defense Satellite Communications System/satellites
General Electric’s space center/Defense Satellite Communications System/satellites, folder 2
Miscellaneous: includes General Electric Pinellas plant
Edward Lis’ case
General Electric contract listings, 1984 – 1985
Space station
“GE indicted”
General Electric/nuclear power
General Electric – electric chair
General Electric’s advertising
General Electric financial services
General Electric and unions
General Electric and Radio Corporation of America background report
General Electric buys Radio Corporation of America

Acc. 93A-104
Box 1
Brandywine , March 1984
Justice not GE
Baker and Taylor – Commerce
Box 2
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Steps of Justice, 1990
War Resisters League and Fellowship of Reconciliation
Persian Gulf and actions
Holy Thursday and Good Friday, 1991
Box 3
Martin Luther King, 1991
Christmas, 1990
Fall, 1990: Global Walk for a Livable World

Acc. 95A-095
Box 1
Brandywine Alternative Fund
Correspondence, etc. (2 folders)
Regualr monthly meetings
Loan requests
Brandywine war tax resistance
Financial statistics
Summer events, 1976-1977
Brandywine Peace Community
July 16-Aug. 6 1991
Fall – winter 1991
Thanksgiving Camden, 1991
Christmas, 1991
King day UF, 1992
Holy Week, 1992
Late spring – summer, 1992

Acc. 2016-043
Declaration of Peace materials, 2006-2007 (1 folder)

Acc. 2017-042
Miscelaneous News Clippings (1 folder)

Materials from Refile Box
Box 1
Material from refile box, 1992
Material from refile box, 1997
Material from refile box, 1998
Material from refile box, 1999
Material from refile box, 2001
Material from refile box, 2002

Refile Box, 2008-
Material from refile box, 2008
Material from refile box, 2009
Material from refile box, 2010
Material from refile box, 2011
Material from refile box, 2012
Material from refile box, 2013
Material from refile box, 2014
Material from refile box, 2015
Material from refile box, 2016

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