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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Witness for Peace
Witness for Peace Records
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DG 149

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Materials in English and Spanish
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Witness for Peace was founded in 1983 and was headquartered in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the group was to work with the people of Central America by acting in continuous nonviolent resistance to U.S. covert or overt intervention in their countries and to help change U.S. policy to one which fostered justice, peace, and friendship with the countries of Central America. Although primarily Christian, WFP welcomed others of otherspiritual approaches but who agreed with WFP's objectives

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Gift of Witness for Peace,1988 [Acc. 88A-052]; 1989 [Acc. 89A-049]; 1990 [Acc. 90A-076]; 1991 [Acc. 91A-028]; 1995 [Acc. 95A-063]; 1999 [Acc. 99A-020]; 2001  [Acc. 01A-016], [Acc. 01A-017], [Acc. 01A-041], [Acc. 01A-071]; 2002 [Acc. 02A-003], [Acc. 02A-007]; 2003 [Acc. 03A-020]; 2005 [Acc. 05A-001]; 2006 [Acc. 06A-026]; 2012 [Acc. 2012-074]
; 2015 [Acc. 2014-034]; 2017 [Acc. 2017-041]
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This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was received. This finding aid was created by Kathy Sun and Wendy Chmielewski, February, 2013.
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Historical Background
Witness for Peace was founded in 1983. U.S. headquarters for the organization were in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the group was to work with the people of Central America by acting in continuous nonviolent resistance to U.S. covert or overt intervention in their countries and to help change U.S. policy to one which fosters justice, peace, and friendship with the countries of Central America. Although Witness for Peace was primarily Christian, the group welcomed others with a varied spiritual approach but who agreed with WFP's objectives. Into the twenty-first century WFP It continues to be ationwide grassroots organization of people committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. Its mission is to support peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas by changing U.S. policies and corporate practices that contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean..

Collection Overview
This collection is unprocessed and records have been received from the Witness for Peace national office and some branch offices as well

Items removed:

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was received.

Re-File Box miscellaneous material received apart from regular accessions listed above, 1989-date.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 88A-052

Acc. 89A-049
Acc. 90A-076
Acc. 91A-028
Acc. 95A-063
Acc. 99A-020
Acc. 01A-016
Acc. 01A-017
Acc. 01A-041
Acc. 01A-071
Acc. 02A-003
Acc. 02A-007
Acc. 03A-020
Acc. 05A-001
Acc. 06A-026
Acc. 2012-074
Acc. 2014-034
Acc. 2017-041

Acc. 88A-052
Box 1 [Acc. 88A-052]
Training Maual (short-term), January 1984
Newspaper Clippings
Miskitu in Nicaragua Packet - Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
Witness for Peace Money - Organizational Financial Reports
Witness for Peace - staff / steering committee changes / personnel
AT&T  (C&P) Phone Bills (local and Nicaragua)

Box 2 [Acc. 88A-052]
Miscellaneous books and pamphlets

Acc. 89A-049
Box 1 [Acc. 89A-049]
(Work in Nicaragua)
Reports from long-termers - Religion
Reports from long-termers - November 1984 Elections
Reports from long-termers - Massacres December 1984
Annual Meeting
Checking Account - Wachovia
Center for National Security Studies Publication
Witness for Peace in Nicaragua

Acc. 90A-076 and Acc. 91A-028
Box 1 [Acc. 90A-076]
Witness for Peace-Annual Conference 1986
Election Strategy
Witness for Peace-Annual Conference 1987 Staff Proposals
Conference-September 1986
Annual Conference 1988
Annual Conference 1989
Annual Conference 1990
Atlantic Coast Proposals
Atlantic Coast Objectives
Witness for Peace-Crosses of Sorrow and Hope
Veterans Fast for Life
Staff Conference 1985-1989
LT/ST-Objectives 1988-1989
Long Term U.S. Witness
LT/ST-Objectives 1987
LT/ST Proposals
LT/ST Reports

Box 2 [Acc. 90A-076]
Witness for Peace-ST Delegation Coordinators Packet
Witness for Peace-Short term delegation preparation materials
Coppertuite-Dinner Program
Coppertuite-Dinner Invitations
Fundraising-Coppertuite Correspondence
Witness to Washington Dinner-October12, 1986

Box 3 [Acc. 90A-076] and [Acc. 91A-028]
Long Term Team Minutes Coyuntura
Short Term Delegation Material
Executive Committee
Long Term Team Reports
DG 149-Witness for Peace Material from Refile Box 1991

Acc. 95A-063
Box 1 [Acc. 95A-063]

Midwest Region Files, 1992-1994
Field Reports, 1994
Administrator Files Correspondence, 1994-1995
Correspondence, 1994
New England Region, 1995
Administrator Files, 1990s
Administrator Files, 1991-1994
Coordinator Reports file of Grace Gyori 1985-1986

Box 2 [Acc. 95A-063]
Administrator Files Delegation forms, 1992
Board Files, 1992
Regional Coordination Communication & S.C.’s, 1989
Regional meetings Central Midwest
Memos, Board of Direct Reports etcetera, 1992
Training Manual, 1992
Central Midwest Region, 1986
Minutes: CMW Steering Committee, 1989 – June 1991
Miscellaneous Files & Via Crucis March 1989

Box 3 [Acc. 95A-063]
Miscellaneous Files, 1988
Internal Administrator File, 1991
Steering Committee October1990-1991
Internal Administrator Records, 1989
Miscellaneous Files, 1990
News clippings on Central America [3 folders]
Civilian Victims of us contra(?) War news clippings
Nebraska [2 folders]
South Dakota
North Dakota

Box 4 [Acc. 95A-063]
Minnesota – Resource Center of the Americas
Bus Schedules Chi-Madison-Minnesota
Minnesota Organizers
Minnesota I-M
Madison Contacts
Sacpulup Sister City / C.A.L.A.
Notes – Wisconsin – 1992
Prairie Journal
Notes – Iowa, 1992
Iowa/Nebraska/Minnesota/Wisconsin July 1992 tour
Illinois – Lynn’s letter July 1991
Illinois [2 folders]
Cleveland – C.A.N.
Indianapolis Peace & Justice Center
Notes – Indiana, 1992
Indiana/Ohio/Michigan tour (Anne) October1992
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 5 [Acc. 95A-063]
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Judy Kading Casey Iowa 10th anniversary Gathering in Rhode Island
Miscellaneous [4 folders]

Box 6 [Acc. 95A-063]
Santa Cruz
1987 Face to face
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Training Manual
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Mailings, 1990
Material from Refile box, 1994
Material from Refile box, 1998
Southeast Region
Southeast Region Literature
Southeast Region Outreach, 2000

Box 7 [Acc. 95A-063]
Guatemala Conference Documents
Miscellaneous Literature, 1998
Guatemala Death Log
Colombia – threats, denunciations, etcetera

Acc. 99A-020

Box 1 [Acc. 99A-020]
Witness for Peace, 1988-1989 (national WFP files, may be duplicated in other accessions)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1983
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1984 (2 folders)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1985
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1986
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1987
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1988 (2 folders)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1989 (2 folders)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1990 (2 folders)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1991 (2 folders)
Witness for Peace-Southeast, 1992 (2 folders)

Acc. 01A-016
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-016]
Scrap Paper
John Blatz Del.
El Retorno Los Acuerdos
Monthly Reports
Report on Guatemala Ceri-qua
Press Info.
GRAP Reports ‘n’ ineinos
Guatemala General
Guatemala – mili / DOHIA
La Iglesia
Memos Washington D.C.
Movement Popular
Caracterizacion de la Poblacion Repatruada en Guatemala
Subprograma de Respaldo Técnico Regional:  Compilación de Instrumentos    
Newsletters  PBI / Bolitines / etc.
Newslines / Info.
Paid adds
Special Reports
Team and Program meeting minutes
Team and Program meetings
WFP – Accion Permante Paper
Guatemala Team
People and the Profit Margin
Nicaragua 1995

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-016]
Guatemala 1995
Nicaragua 1995
Haiti Tour 1995
Haiti Program 1995
Cry For Justice
Haiti Proposal (Januaryuar y 1994)
Power of Many Voices
Guatemala 1995
Guatemala Team

Acc. 01A-017
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-017]
Misc. Folders
Easter Action
Completed Applications
Instructions Coordinators
Application Forms

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-017]
Misc. Folders
Correspondence Nicaragua
Financial – Expenses – Savings – Deposits
Clippings – Nicaragua – Press Releases – Statements
Letters to Congress
Video Taped Testimony March 19, 1980 – Ed, Lillian, Januarye
Letters to Congress People, Etc.

Acc. 01A-041
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-041]
‘95 Staff Retreat
Winslow Printing
NHI Campaign
WFP Northwest
Southeast WFP
Finance & Development 1996
Jeep Sale - 1997
Haiti 1997
People’s Campaign for Nonviolence
Nicaragua Labor - 1997
Guatemala Task Force
Haiti 1996

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-041]
Haiti Delegations
Guatemalan Autogoipe 1993
Programs 1995
Grassroots 1995
Paid Ads
WFP Mid-Atlantic
WFP New England
WFP Midwest
Regions 1994
Haiti 1994

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-041]
WFP- Charts of addresses & Funds
1996 Md. Responses & Copies of checks
Major Donor appeal MD 9602A- 0730
MD 9603
MD : Mailings October1995
Major Donor 1995
Various Articles
MD : Mailings June 1995
50 Years Campaign
Econ Way of Cross 1996
SOA 1996
SOA 1997
SOA 1997
Haiti : Tom Driver January 1998
Chiapas Delegation
Invitation Samples
Checks, Victory Fund Events
WFP 1990 1996
WFP Important Facts
Potential Major Donors to be entered

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-041]
Major Donors – Database Updates
WFP Major Donors
Haiti FR delegation
Guate August 4-18 Joyce P.
NICA Michelle Tooley July 9-24
NICA August 3-17 Teen – Gail
Voices for Haiti Netwk 1997
Call to Renewal: SOJO
Voices for Haiti 1997
Washington Ofc. On Haiti
WOLA- Haiti
Voices for Haiti: 1996
Voices for Haiti: 1995
CPE Pilot Proj.
LANG 1997
Economic Violence & WB, Mateyko & Flynn, July 9- 25
Labor Rts. & Free Trade NICA June 18-28, Ricker
Intercultural Teen Del., Billings & Franco (Phares), August1-15
Globalization & Justice, Rev. Kerbel October1-15
Haiti November 11-22nd, Anne Hill
NICA November 14-28
Jack & Sherry Leveitte Del., NICA

Box 5 [Acc. 01A-041]
Redwing HFH/ WFP Del.
WFP Women Del. To Guate Jean Bodeau
WFP of Haiti  Ann Barstow
Brian Linn/ NICA March 25- April – 1995
Union Theological Seminary
Articles & Press releases on Nicaragua
Accompaniment Del. To Guate
January 9-17 Haiti Bucknell
Gail & Jim – Guatemala February
Nicaragua January 14-28 1997
Ned Walsh – Haiti February 28
Sustainable Development Boyer (ASU) & Phares July 5- August7
Economic Justice & Development in Haiti, Marie Racine August4-14
Labor rights in Guate. Casey June 12-22

Acc. 01A-071
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-071]

Tides Foundation-1997
BD Correspondence 1994
Originals May 1994 Board Meeting
1993 Executive Committee Calls
Board Minutes April 1993
Board Miscellaneous 1993
Confidential: 1993
F2F Packet December 1991
December 6-9 NSC Meeting minutes
Face 2 Face December 6-9, 1990
December 21, 1990 NSC Meeting Minutes
1990 Miscellaneous
December 6-9 Board Meeting Proposal Materials
F2F originals December 1990
Finance Section WFP Policy Manual: Originals
Nominations and Elections
Crisis Management
Procedures for Proposals
Fundraising and Lists
1995 Financials
Financial Reports 1998
1998 Audit
Financial Statement December 31, 1998
1997 Budget
1997 Audits
Fiscal year 1998 Audit
Financial Report 1990, 1991
Annual Report 1997(6)
Fiscal year 1999 Audit
Annual Report 1995
Finance Committee
1994 Audit
1992 Audit
Major Donor Mailings 1995
Budgets 1998
Support Letters
Major Donors 1995
Direct Mail 1995
Miscellaneous Board 1993
Originals F2F Fall 1993
Board Meeting 4-1993 Originals from Packet
F2F June 1992 Minutes
Bios New Board Members June 1992
June 1992 Board Minutes
F2F November 1992
Memos from Executive Director January 1991- August1992
1992 Miscellaneous
June 1992 Board Meeting and Minutes
Board miscellaneous 1992
June 1992: F2F Packet Materials
Board Meeting November 1992 Packet
F2F mailings June 1992
1991 Miscellaneous
Bios 1991
F2F discard file
Board Miscellaneous 1991
1991 Minutes Baord Executive Committee
F2F December 1991

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-071]
WFP: Board 1995
May 1994: Board package
Originals BoardPk November 1994
November 1994 Board Packet
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Board Areas of Expertise
BOD 1994
Philosophy and Strategy 1996

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-071]
Financial Correspondence 1994
BoardPersonnel 1994
Guate 1994
F2F: November 1994
Exec Com Calls 1994
May 1994 Board Minutes
1994 November Board Minutes
Staff Development 1995
1995 Board Questionnaire
F2F Fall 1995
Miscellaneous Board 1995

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-071]
Marcos Belleche
Carter, Leigh September 1, 1989-1990 P/R
1994 Finances

Acc. 02A-003
Box 1 [Acc. 02A-003]
Witness for Peace, Southeast -Financial Records (2 folders)
Witness for Peace, Southeast, 1994 (4 folders)

Box 2 [Acc. 02A-003]
Witness for Peace, Southeast, 1995 (4 folders)
Witness for Peace, Southeast, 1996 (4 folders)

Acc. 02A-007
Box 1 [Acc. 02A-007]
LT Alumni Newsletter 1985-1990
LTT meeting reports
Letters to LTT applicants, May 1998
Planning and Budget 1996
Students for 60,000 1996-2000
Update 1998
Solidaridad: News and Analysis from Central America 1999
1492-1992 Expose the Myths: Calling for a Just World Order
Campus Organizing Guide for Peace and Justice Groups 1996
Nicaragua 1997 - a visit
Long Term Team Reports before DC consolidation 1989-91
Job Applications June 1999
Nicaragua 1996
International Team Application Spring/Summer 2000
Plans for 1997
Guatemala Solidarity Conference Fall 1996-1997
October1996 Newsletter
Fall 1996 Newsletter
Mexico, press August/September 1996
Intelligence Reform Pledge
From Guatemala Team, August9, 1996
LTT meetings Southern Mex. September 1990-May 1991
LTT meetings 1990-91
New England January 1995
Board of Directors 1995-1997
Timesheets – Interns October1996
50 Calls April 1996
5-year Plan 1993
New England Region Mailing Lists and Newsletters, Spring/Summer 1997
Correspondence, order forms, May 1998
Youth and Young Adult Delegation to El Salvador – 1998 (Cleveland)
Communications w/NE Region – 1998
Materials from mid-1980s
Guatemala minutes 1991-93
Guatemala minutes 1993-94
Welcome Packet #2 1989-1990
LTT Training Manual
Application Check-off Forms
Training April 1994
Applicant Selections Sepembert 1993
Training Evaluations September 1993
Training Evaluation September 1992
LTT info pack 1993
Correspondence 1998
Current LTT 1993-94
LTT/Staff Biographies November 1993
Haiti Packet One
Delegation Coordinator Packet 1997
Managua Planning Meeting September 1996
U.S. Elections 1996
November 22, 1996 Update
Grossman, Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy, November 1996
Better Neighbors Kit June 1996
Grassroots Plans 1995-96
Nicaragua Visa Applications 1989
What to Pack, Nicaragua
Media Alerts 1996-2000
New England, Weston Priory, June 2, 1998
New England, Miguel Chitic September -October 1996
Local Organizers Manual 1987 October
Chiapas – March 1999
WTO protest, D.C. – April 2000
LTT Statistics, to 1989
Julia Blanca September 1996
Face-to-Face meeting October1995

Box 2 [Acc. 02A-007]
Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace, SE Region – 1999
Notes, Materials, denuncias, from Apr 2000 delegation
Nicaraguan Speaker’s Tour October 1996
Justina Tzoc and Ellen Sherby Tour October 1997
Miguel Chitic Tour October 1997
Cirelo Ortero Speaker Tour October 1997
1997 Speaker’s Tour Planning October 1997
Speaker’s Tour – Amanda Rodas Fall 1997
Fall 1996 Speaker Tour Evaluations
SW Speaker’s Tour Planning September 1996
Speaker Tour Planning August 1997
Nicaragua Speaker Tour Participants Fall 1996
Claudette Werleigh Speaker Tour November 1997
Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, mid-1990s
Putumayo and the South Summer 2000
Media/G&W Associates 1996
Colombia Task Force February 1994 – June 2000
Media Spring 1998 – Spring 1999
Campus Kit Originals September 1998
Carol’s 1995 Grassroots Plan – January 11, 1995
Board of Directors Meeting Spring 1996
Delegation Training Manual
SW Region Board Minutes January 10, 1999
NW Region Applications, Correspondence 1995
SW Region, Board, Communications, May 1997 – August 1998
August 1998 Delegation from SW, January 1998
SW Region Work Records and Media 1997 – 1998
“Coyuntura” SW Region October/November 1997 – 1998
SW Region 1995 – 1997
SW Region Correspondence/Minutes 1996 – 1997
Guate. Correspondence June 10, 1998
SW Speaker’s Tour April 1998
Speaker’s Tours SE Region 1998 – 1999
Gail Phares misc. essays 1996 – 1998
Organizer’s Training June – September 197
Program Updates/Meetings – SE 1995 – 2000
Budget - December 1996
Speaker Tour Bills to Regions Fall 1996
Emails from Nicaragua Team October 28, 1997
Delegations/ Follow-up SE Region 1995 – 2001
Urgent/Action Request SE Region 1995 – 1998
Mid-Atlantic Newsletter February 2000
Mid-Atlantic Speaker’s Tour October 1998
Mid-Atlantic Assoc., Regional Coord. Proposal April 1999
Alternative Development to Neoliberalism Tour April 1999
Annual Retreat and Workshop February 24, 2000
Mid-Atlantic Correspondence 1998
Mid-Atlantic Communications 1996 – 1999
Mid-Atlantic Region – Nicaragua May – August 1998
Great Lakes Contacts 1999 – 2000
Midwest Region Reactivation 1997 – 1998
Media/News Clippings 1998 – 2000
Corporate Campaign 1997
Grassroots meeting November 1997
Memo to Regions January 28, 1998
Short Term Delegations 1994 – 1996
The Power of Many Voices, 1996
Board of Directors Meeting April 1996
LTT Delegation Guidelines 1987 – 1988
LTT Re-entry 1986 – 1988
Training Resource Directory 1989
LTT Training Manual Summer 1990
Brian Stevens August 1995
Guatemala Guidelines/Philosophy  May 1992
LTT meetings/reports Guatemala, September 1990 to May 1991
Haiti LTT Application 1997
Walking with the People of Haiti – 1997
LTT Training Fall 1997
Promotion/Recruitment for LTT 1986-1988
Video Project Nicaragua 1986 – 1987
1997 – 1998 Grassroots campaign kit
WFPers in the news 1999 – 2000

Acc. 03A-020
Box 1 [Acc. 03A-020]
Witness for Peace Strategic Planning Questionaire [2 folders]
"Short Forms"-Witness for Peace Questionaire
Short Forms
Strategic Plan-New Receipts [3 folders]

Box 2 [Acc. 03A-020]
Strategic Plan [2 folders]
Restructuring Witness for Peace
Strategic Plan 2000
Religious Working Group 1999
Strategic Plan 2000
Econ Way 2001
A16 2000

Box 3 [Acc. 03A-020]
Training Manaul
GPC Meetings
Personnel Committee
Personnel Policies Work by Personnel
Investigating anti-semitism in Nicaragua
National Coordinating Office on the Refugees and Displaced of Guatemala (NCOORD) 1999 [2 folders]

Box 4 [Acc. 03A-020]
Haiti Task Force 1997
Colombia Support Network (CSN)
Grupo Propositivo de Cabildeo (GPC) 1998
Nicaragua Labor 1999-2000
1996 Transition Plan
Webber, G.W.
Job Descriptions
Paul Scire
Grants Schaffer, Beth Blanchard
Carol Richardson
John Mateyko
Brian Stevens
Bob Bonthius
Haiti Volunteers
Haiti 1998
Judith Wier

Box 5 [Acc. 03A-020]
Haiti Task Force
Haiti Policies
Haiti Task Force 1998
Witness for Peace Policies-Old
Haiti Task Force
10th Anniversay
Mid-Atlantic 1998-1999
Receipts: Santiago Anniversary Delegation-1994 and Big Deal II 1996
Personal Newsletters
Michelle Tooley Delegation May 17-June 5, 1998-Receipts
Non-Witness for Peace Personal Newsletters
1996-1997 Witness for Peace Personal Newsletters
Paid AD December 1991 Stgo. Atitlan
1997 Meeting Minutes
Personal Newsletters 1994-1995

Box 6 [Acc. 03A-020]

Personal Newsletters 1994-1995
Big Deal III February 10-24, 1997-Receipts
Guate Jaunary 1998-Receipts
Ellen Wells January 31-February 14, 1998-Receipts
November , 1998
June 1998-Receipts
July 1998
May 1998-Receipts
October 1998
SOA Delegation November 29-December 5, 1997 Receipts sent to Mark
April 1998
Gail Phares July 1997 Delegation-Receipts
August 1998
February 1998

Box 7 [Acc. 03A-020]
March 1998
Eleanor Oakley Delegation November 29-December 11
SOA Delegation December 13-20, 1998
August4-19, 1996 Joyce Penfield Delegation
Andy Summers Delegation March 18-26, 1998
"Encuentro" October 5-16, 1998
December 1998
September 1998

Acc. 05A-001
Box 1 [Acc. 05A-001]
Guatemala May- November 1993
Pilgrimage for Peace and Life 1993
Nicaragua June- July 1993
El Salvador January - March 1993
Congressional Action February- October1993
Witness for Peace Southeast- 1993
CITCA Chapter May 1991, March 1993- December 1993
Media Alert Project February- December 1993
The Crusade December 1992- November 1993
NAFTA January - June 1993
Miscellaneous, February- December 1993
CITCA February -October. 1997
ASU- GUAT- HOND May- November 1997
Guatemala Speaker Tour September- December 1997
Haiti Speaker Tour October 1997
NAFTA and Fast Track Augustust- December 1997
Witness for Peace Southeast- January- October 1997
Pilgrimage 1997
Media Alert January – October 1997
Guatemala December 1996- September. 1997
Policy Work May- November 1997
Nicaragua February- November 1997

Box 2 [Acc. 05A-001]
1997 (cont)
The Crusade June, July 1997
The CIA December 1996- May 1997
SOA (School of the Americas) April- November 1997
Misc. 1997
SOA 1998
Media Alert 1998
Mexico Delegation January- May 1998
Pilgrimage April-May 1998
Cuba Delegation December 1997- April 1998
Bishop Gerardi March-May 1998
Public Policy Work 1998
Teen Delegation 1998
WFPSE/CITCA January- August 1999
SOA- November- December 1998, March- December 1999, April 2000
Media Alert 1999
Mexico Delegation January 1999
Pilgrimage March- April 1999
Bishop Gerardi February- April 1999
Cuba Delegation May- August1999
Public Policy Work December 1998- November 1999
CITCA Newsletters 1999
Teen Delegation May- September 1999
Work with Youth August 1998- November 1999
Cancel the Debt April- December 1999

Acc. 06A-026
Box 1 [Acc. 06A-026]
Newspaper clippings
Media alert [2 folders]
Congressional correspondence
Teen delegation to Nicaragua
January Columbia delegation [2 folders]
Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America (CITCA) [3 folders]

Box 2 [Acc. 06A-026]
1990 pilgrimage
1991 pilgrimage
Witness for Peace Southeast [3 folders]
Mexico Delegation
Cancel the Debt

Acc. 2012-074
Box 1 [Acc. 2012-074]
Miscellaneous papers
Witness for Peace-Minutes
Witness for Peace-Diversity
Witness for Peace-Internal Documents
Witness for Peace-Internal Memos/Emails
1989-Witness for Peace Documents
1998-Witness for Peace Documents
1986-Witness for Peace Documents
1988-Witness for Peace Documents
Witness for Peace Documents 1990
Dismissing the Cuban facilitation
Statistics and undated document
1991-Witness for Peace Documents
2000-Witness for Peace Documents
1993-Witness for Peace Documents
1994-Witness for Peace Documents
Personal Notes
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Internal

Box 2 [Acc. 2012-074]
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua internal documents
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Newsletters (Nicaraguan Development)
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Board Minutes
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua board minutes continued [2 folders]

Box 3
[Acc. 2012-074]
Miscellaneous [6 folders]
Witness for Peace Strategy Planning Committee Summaries 1998

Box 4 [Acc. 2012-074]
September 30th
Steering Committee Minutes, 1989
Witness for Peace Business 1989
1988-1989 Steering Committee Agenda and Minutes
Guatemala Program
Regional Newsletter

Box 5 [Acc. 2012-074]

Atlantic Coast Program
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Human Race
Coffee Orders
Gilberto Aguirre Talks 1991
Clare Weber June 1990
Gary's Tour
Dan Driscoll Tour
Carlos Escorcia Tour
Guest Speakers-Tour 1988
Mary Hartman-Event
Panama-Honduras Guests
Contacts: Delegations, Speaking tours, etc.
San Diego
Santa Barbara
San Francisco
South Bay Cluster 1990

Box 6 [Acc. 2012-074]

New Mexico
Orange County
Cluster Committee Notes
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Strategy and Planning
Miscellaneous [4 folders]
Witness for Peace Policy and Procedure Manual

Box 7 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous [8 folders]

Box 8 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous Guatemala [2 folders]
Miscellaneous [4 folders]

Box 9 [Acc. 2012-074]

Days of Decemberision, etc.
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Street Vendor's Association cards/letters/originals

Box 10 [Acc. 2012-074]
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Information, Central America
Christic Institute
El Salvador
Miscellaneous [4 folders]

Box 11 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous [2 folders]
December 1989-May 1990
December 31, 1989
Miscellaneous [5 folders]

Box 12 [Acc. 2012-074]

Alpha List
Miscellaneous [4 folders]
Telegram Authorization from Witness for Peace Record September 1989

Box 13 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Volunteers Rae's copy
Phone Tree/Nicaragua Coffee Flier
Phone Tree
Phone Volunteer form
Southwest Region Regional Coordinator Search

Box 14 [Acc. 2012-074]

Campaign of Conscience Addresses
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 15 [Acc. 2012-074]

Steering Commitee 1987-1988
Phone Messages October1988-June 1989
Steering Committee Minutes Agenda
Regional Coordinator Reports 1987
Susie Castor-Haiti Tour
Miscellaneous [4 folders]

Box 16 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Grant Writing General Information/Samples
Witness for Peace 10th anniversary
Regional Gathering September 24, 1988
Witness for Peace Partner Briefs
Regional Newsletters-Past
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
National Witness for Peace-Past Newsletters

Box 17 [Acc. 2012-074]

Council of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua Newsletter
Council of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua Brochure, Loan Fund
Witness for Peace Minutes
Witness for Peace Reports
Liberty Hill
Regional Coordination
Witness for Peace Resources for Sale

Box 18 [Acc. 2012-074]

Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Middle East
Volume Jobs
Foreign Policy

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Witness for Peace-Newsletter
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

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Witness for Peace-Miscellaneous
Witness for Peace-Publications [2 folders]
Witness for Peace-Newsletters
Miscellaneous [5 folders]

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Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Annual Reports
Miscellaneous Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Staff Reports
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Newsletters (Sister State Update)
Non-Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua/Non-Witness for Peace Items
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Diversity (North and South)
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Pamphlets/Brochures
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Diversity (Internal)
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Articles/Press
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Financial Documents
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua-Letters to members

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Garber microcredit
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Annual Reports
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 24 [Acc. 2012-074]

Vendors November 1990
Vendors September 1990
Vendors 1992
Staff Reports
If It Weren't for Inventors We'd All Be Walking
Miscellaneous [4 folders]

Box 25
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Miscellaneous [6 folders]
Miscellaneous Publications [2 folders]

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Miscellaneous Witness for Peace Publications
Miscellaneous publications from other organizations

Acc 2014-034

Box 1 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Reading Haiti
Steve Bennett's Visits, February 1997
Follow-up with Steve
WFP with HQ in Texas
WFP Brochures
Valley WFP Cluster
Things clusters can do
Rachel Weir
Delegation WFP Correspondence
1988 April WFP Delegation
Honduras-Nicaragua 1989 Summaries
Case for Openess
Long Term Team 1989/1990
Donor Cards1986-1988
Managua Office

Box 2 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Misc. Items
Newsline 1992

Box 3 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
5th Region- Stats/History
Peace Process - 5th Region Nueva Guinea
Peace Process - National
Psychological Impact War
Update GA Historical Institute
My copies
Congressional Hearings AID/Invierno
NG - Peace Commission letters and informers
Proyecto Rigoberto Cabezas and Agrarian Reform-Somoza

Box 4 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Letters from Nicaragua

Box 5 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
WFP 1996-1997
Technical Format
Notes and Reports
WFP - Steph's Notes

Box 6 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
WFP Delegation November-December 1991
Wilson CD Action Pledge of Assistance
Non-Violent C.D. Action Pledge of Resistance
Honduras TF
Mailings List Valley Cluster
POR- Steering Committee Meetings
Regional Network
Misc. Items
La Quanta Avanza
NG Peace Commission Report November 10, 1991
Primer Informe Sobre La Problematica Campesina
Derechos Humanos
CEPAD Report September 10, 1989 "Peacemaking"
CEPAD Report July 1991
CEPAD Report November-December 1990 "Peace, Peace, When There is No Peace"
CEPAD Report September-November 1991 "Amid Rumors of War"
Diagnostico de Nueva Guinea July 1991
Envio October 1991
Next Steps/Notes from Prospects

Box 7 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Nicaragua Later History
Central America
Treasurer's Monthly Report 1987

Box 8 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Nicaragua Elections
Hemisphere Initiatives
Election Monitor
Christmas Card Orders to Fill
Summer 1990-1991 Plan Program
WFP 1991
Appeals (PSW)
Steering Commitee 1990
Steering Commitee-WFP-February 27, 1990
Steering Commitee 1992
Steering Commitee 1993
Minutes-1987 Steering Commitee

Box 9 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Merger Discussions 1992-1993
Intro IT/Praise in the Name of the Lord
Notes TD. C
Regional Coordinator Job Evaluation
Meetingwith Moises May 1992
Moises and S.W. Region
Summit of the Americas
White House - Guatemala
Assorted Articles

Box 10 of 10 [Acc 2014-034]
Misc. Files
Misc. Files
Notes for Speaking

Acc. 2017-041
Box 1 of 1
Miscellaneous files from Ray Torres

Re-File Box
Office of Executive Director
Steering Comittee: Minutes and conference calls
National Office: Memoranda and releases
Face to Face Conference
South West (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Central Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)
Midwest newsletter (Casey, Iowa), 1989
Midwest newsletter (Casey, Iowa), 1991
Re-File material
Re-File material, 2003
Re-File material, up to 2007
Re-File material, 2008
Re-File material, 2009
Re-File material, 2010
Re-File material, 2011
Re-File material, 2012-2015

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