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Promoting Enduring Peace
Promoting Enduring Peace Records
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Promoting Enduring Peace was founded in 1952, with headquarters in Woodmont, Connecticut. Principles of the organization included: peace with freedom and justice for all, support for the United Nations, and belief in religion as the fundamental force for righteousness. Today PEP's mission is to conduct peace education promoting the advent of a harmonious planetary commonwealth through the convergence of the worldwide movements for disarmament, social justice, and environmental stewardship as the foundation of sustainable peace; through education and citizen diplomacy. The PEP established the Gandhi Peace Award.

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Historical Background
[by Wikipedia]
Promoting Enduring Peace (PEP or PEPeace) is a peace advocacy organization and United Nations non-governmental organization (NGO) based at 39 Goodrich Street on the New Haven-Hamden line in Connecticut. PEP was founded in 1952 by Dr. Jerome Davis to resist the ideology of ceaseless aggression and nuclear terror that characterized the Cold War, and was incorporated as a tax-exempt educational organization in 1958 and reincorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable-educational organization in 2008. Its principal programs have been peace education, citizen diplomacy, and the awarding of the Gandhi Peace Award to recipients such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Cesar Chavez, Daniel Ellsberg, and more recently Amy Goodman (2012), Bill McKibben (2013), and Medea Benjamin (2014). Its primary website is PEPeace.org.

PEP's peace education activities include publishing the daily and weekly peace news updates PeaceNews.org, emphasizing the connection between peace and environmental harmony, and co-sponsoring the daily environmental news update EnvironmentalHeadlines.

Though PEP is a secular organization, its roots are in the Christian Left and it continues to cooperate with members of the progressive religious community. In its early years PEP was led by Davis and Dr. Roland Bainton, both Yale professors (Religion and Divinity School, respectively), and its executive directors were retired Christian ministers. Howard T. Frazier, the first president of the Consumer Federation of America, served as PEP's longest-serving Executive Director. He developed and conducted the programs and activities from 1978 until his death in 1997, with the assistance of his wife and, later, co-director Alice Zeigler Frazier.

PEP is a membership organization, with "activist" (voting) and "supporting" (non-voting) members. Because assets have accumulated from decades of member donations sufficient to cover modest administrative costs, donations to PEP from individuals can be allocated entirely to programming.

PEP's activities were interrupted from 2005 through 2007 when a few members affiliated with other groups, led by an attorney affiliated with a group whose professed goal is the destruction of progressive and public organizations, attempted to have PEP dissolved so that its assets could be distributed to those groups. The attempt was blocked by the Office of the Attorney General of Connecticut and a court order providing for the continuance of PEP and the establishment of the Peace and Social Justice Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, endowed by a portion of PEP's assets, to award grants for projects substantially similar to PEP's traditional activities (peace education, citizen diplomacy, and work toward a sustainable world peace). Groups seeking funds from PEP are referred to that Fund.

PEP's mission, reformulated in 2007 to fit the post-Cold War circumstances of the 21st Century, is to contribute to transforming the reigning social paradigm from one of competition to cooperation, from a culture of violence and war to a global commonwealth devoted to the wellbeing of all who share it. The updated mission statement anticipates a convergence of dangers previously considered as separate and discrete, in which each danger compounds the others, paralleling the convergence of systems that characterizes globalization. It states that a rapid and peaceful transition is required from an unsustainable civilization steeped in institutionalized violence, exploitation, and profligate consumption to a commonwealth based on universal harmony, mutual respect, and a love of the Earth and all beings who call it home. The mission statement also states that PEP intends to devote significant effort and resources to achieving a fusion of peace, environmental, and social movements, in the belief that these causes are interdependent and none can succeed unless all succeed.

Currently PEP publishes the daily peace news update and feed PeaceNews.org and makes available articles and other peace resources online. Prior to the Internet PEP mailed out packets of articles to all who requested them; during the Vietnam War period alone PEP mailed over 10 million articles encouraging peace to educators and organizers in numerous countries. In 1975 PEP presented "Uncloaking the CIA" at Yale University, the first national conference exposing the dangers posed by unregulated CIA activities in 1976, from which a book of the same name was developed and published in 1978 (ed. Howard Frazier). A principal conference organizer was Dr. Martin Cherniack, then a student at the Yale School of Medicine, who later served as president of the organization for 18 years. A conference is in planning for Fall 2013 on the integration of the peace and environmental movements toward the transition to a sustainable, peaceful civilization.

By organizing groups of Americans to visit the USSR, Cuba, Costa Rica, China, and Mongolia during and after the Cold War, PEP has given ordinary citizens a chance to get to know "the Other," leaving them with positive, lifelong memories, new friendships and hope for a peaceful world. As an example, in 2002 a PEP citizen diplomacy delegation journeyed to Vietnam to contribute to healing the deep scars left by the 1960-74 U.S. invasion. Its largest and most well-publicized event was the reciprocal tours of the Volga River in Russia and the Mississippi River in 1978 by citizen delegations from the Soviet Union, the United States, and other nations.

The Gandhi Peace Award has always been accepted in person by the recipient during a ceremony held for that purpose in Connecticut or New York City, usually once each year. Since 2011 the Award has come with a cash prize. Nominations are accepted from PEP members; nominees are distinguished by having made, over a period of years, a significant contribution to the promotion of an enduring international peace founded on social justice, self-determination, diversity, compassion, and environmental harmony, achieved through cooperative and nonviolent means in the spirit of Gandhi. On March 13, 1959, PEP founder Jerome Davis formally proposed that a yearly award be given “for contributions made in the promotion of international peace and good will.” Brief bios of every Award recipient: PEPeace.org/gandhi-peace-award.

PEP co-sponsors numerous events conducted by other peace, environmental, and social justice organizations, such as the conference on human rights held at Quinnipiac University in 2008. The stated strategy is to take the "long view" rather than only respond to each new crisis as it occurs, as when Dr. Jerome Davis anticipated the dangers Cold War in the late 1940s and founded PEP in response. In 2003 PEP coordinated with other Connecticut peace groups to provide trains conveying thousands of people to the demonstrations in New York City opposing the Bush Administration plan to invade Iraq. PEP is developing a long-term "think tank" activity intended to create cogent source documents encouraging the productive interaction and mutual support of the peace, environmental, and social justice movements.

Collection Overview
This collection consists of records donated by Promoting Enduring Peace over five decades. It consists of internal records, promotional materials, correspondence, writings of officers and leading members, and documents concerning PEP programs and mission.

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Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated, except for the first 15 boxes, which were processed in January 2015.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020
Acc. 02A-037
Acc. 05A-069
Miscellaneous Files, 1949-2005 [received 1990, 1992, and 2010]

Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020
Box 1 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
History; biographies of leaders
By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
Meeting minutes, 1950s
Meeting minutes, 1960s
Meeting minutes, 1970s
Meeting minutes, 1980s [incomplete set]
Lists of Board of Directors
Memos / mailings to the Board of Directors, 1972-1989
Criteria for the Executive Director
Reports of Executive Directors, 1966 – circa 1974
Financial records
Publicity: press releases; letters/mailings to news editors
Press coverage
Resource lists
Reference material

Box 2 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Programmatic efforts:
Seminars and trips/tours, 1957-1962
Seminars and trips/tours, 1964
Seminars and trips/tours, 1965
Seminars and trips/tours, 1966
Interracial Goodwill Seminar and Study Tour, 1966
Around-the-World Study Tour, 1967
Goodwill Seminar Round-the-World Study Tour, 1967
West-East Africa Travel Seminar, 1969
Seminars and trips/tours, 1970
Seminars and trips/tours, 1971
Seminars and trips/tours, 1972
Seminars and trips/tours, 1973-1974
Eastern European Peace Seminar, 1974
Seminars and trips/tours, 1975
Trips/tours to China, 1975
Trips/tours to USSR, 1976
Efforts re: the Continental Walk, 1976
Trips/tours to China, 1977
Trips/tours to Cuba, 1977
Trips/tours to USSR, 1977
Trips/tours to China and Japan, 1978
Trips/tours to Cuba, 1978
Trips/tours to USSR, 1978
Trips/tours to China and Japan, 1979
Trips/tours to Cuba, 1979
Trips/tours to USSR, 1979
Trips/tours to USSR, 1980
Trips/tours to USSR, 1981
Trips/tours to Vietnam, 1981

Box 3 (1/2 box) [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Peace Cruise on the Volga, 1982
Peace Cruise on the Volga, 1983
Peace Cruise on the Volga, 1984
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986
Gandhi Peace Award, 1962-1989, 2004
Conference “The CIA and World Peace,” 1975
Newspaper Education Project, 1978-1981

Box 4 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Form letters / mailings, 1950s-1960s
Form letters / mailings, 1970-1975
Form letters / mailings, 1976-1977
Form letters / mailings, 1978
Form letters / mailings, 1979
Form letters / mailings, 1980
Form letters / mailings, 1981
Form letters / mailings, 1982
Form letters / mailings, 1983
Form letters / mailings, 1984-1989
Form letters / mailings, 1990s
Form letters / mailings, 2001-2005

Box 5 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Printed Items Created :
Pamphlets (title A-E)
Pamphlets (title F-N)
Pamphlets (title P)
Pamphlets (title R-S)
Pamphlets (title T, W)
Press releases
Publications / reprints, 1950s
Publications / reprints, 1960s
Publications / reprints, 1970s
Publications / reprints, 1980s
Publications / reprints, 1990s
Publications / reprints, undated

Box 6 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Printed Items Created:
Numbered publications / reprints (#5-169) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#172-191, 193, 195, 198)
Numbered publications / reprints (#200-249) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#250-280, 282-299)
Numbered publications / reprints (#300-384) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#390-469) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#470-479, 485-496, 498-519)
Numbered publications / reprints (#520-594) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#595-669) [some missing]
Numbered publications / reprints (#707-709, 711, 746-751)

Box 7 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Envelopes with printed addresses (mailing list): last names A-L

Box 8 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Envelopes with printed addresses (mailing list): last names M-Z & supplemental addresses

Box 9 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1974 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1974 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1974 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1974 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1974 (December)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1975 (December)

Box 10 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1976 (December)

Box 11 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1977 (December)

Box 12 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1978 (December)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (February)

Box 13 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1979 (December)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (March)

Box 14 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (April)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1980 (December)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (April)

Box 15 [Acc. 77A-012 / 83A-102 / 84A-020]
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (May)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (June)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (July)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (August)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (September)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (October)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (November)
Outgoing correspondence, 1981 (December)
Outgoing correspondence, 1982 (January)
Outgoing correspondence, 1982 (February)
Outgoing correspondence, 1982 (March)
Outgoing correspondence, 1982 (April)

Acc. 02A-037
Box 1a
[Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Alabama Correspondence
Alaska Correspondence
Arizona Correspondence
California Correspondence, 1990 - August 1993
California Correspondence, September 1993 - March 1994
California Correspondence, April 1994
California Correspondence, May - December 1994
California Correspondence, January - August 1995

Box 1b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
California Correspondence, September1995 - July 1996
California Correspondence, August 1996 -1998
Colorado Correspondence, 1985 - 1990
Colorado Correspondence, 1991 - 1997
Connecticut Correspondence, 1992 - September 1993
Connecticut Correspondence, October 1993 - May 1994
Connecticut Correspondence, June 1994 - April 1995
Connecticut Correspondence, May - December 1995

Box 1c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Connecticut Correspondence, 1996 - 1997
Delaware Correspondence
District of Columbia Correspondence, 1985 - April 1987
District of Columbia Correspondence, 1987 - 1989
District of Columbia Correspondence, 1990 - 1991
District of Columbia Correspondence, January 1992 - May 1994
District of Columbia Correspondence, June 1994 - November 1995

Box 2a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Florida Correspondence, November 1985 - 1987
Florida Correspondence, 1988 - 1989
Florida Correspondence, 1990 - 1992
Florida Correspondence, 1993 - 1994
Florida Correspondence, 1995 - 1997
Georgia Correspondence
Hawaii Correspondence
Idaho Correspondence
Indiana Correspondence, 1985 - 1991

Box 2b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Indiana Correspondence, 1992 - April 1994
Indiana Correspondence, May 1994 - 1996
Illinois Correspondence, 1986 - February 1988
Illinois Correspondence, April 1988 - March 1992
Illinois Correspondence, May 1992 - 1997
Iowa Correspondence, 1986 - September 1988
Iowa Correspondence, October1988 - June 1992
Iowa Correspondence, July 1992 - 1997
Kansas Correspondence

Box 2c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Kentucky Correspondence
Louisiana Correspondence
Maine Correspondence
Maryland Correspondence, 1985 - 1988
Maryland Correspondence, 1989 - April 1994
Maryland Correspondence, May 1994 - 1997
Massachusetts Correspondence, 1990 - September 1992
Massachusetts Correspondence, October 1992 - May 1994
Massachusetts Correspondence, June 1994 - 1997

Box 3a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Michigan Correspondence, 1985 - 1990
Michigan Correspondence, 1991 - October 1993
Michigan Correspondence, November 1993 - 1997
Minnesota Correspondence, 1985 - March 1987
Minnesota Correspondence, April 1987 - 1988
Minnesota Correspondence, 1989 - July 1991
Minnesota Correspondence, August 1991 - April 1994
Minnesota Correspondence, May 1994 - 1997

Box 3b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Correspondence
Missouri Correspondence, 1986 - 1992
Missouri Correspondence, 1993 - 1997
Montana Correspondence
Nebraska Correspondence
Nevada Correspondence
New Hampshire Correspondence, 1985 - 1990
New Hampshire Correspondence, 1991 - 1996
New Jersey Correspondence, 1985 - 1988
New Jersey Correspondence, 1989 - 1992

Box 3c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
New Jersey Correspondence, 1993 - May 1995
New Jersey Correspondence, June 1995 - 1997
New Mexico Correspondence
New York Correspondence, 1992 - May 1993
New York Correspondence, June 1993 - March 1994
New York Correspondence, April 1994 - July 1994
New York Correspondence, August1994 - August 1995
New York Correspondence, September 1995 - July 1996

Box 4a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
New York Correspondence, August1996 - 1997
North Carolina Correspondence, 1986 - 1991
North Carolina Correspondence, 1992 - 1996
North Dakota Correspondence
Ohio Correspondence, 1991 - 1993
Ohio Correspondence, 1994 - 1997
Oklahoma Correspondence
Oregon Correspondence, 1986 - 1991
Oregon Correspondence, 1992 - 1996
Pennsylvania Correspondence, 1992 - February 1993
Pennsylvania Correspondence, April 1993 - March 1995

Box 4b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Pennsylvania Correspondence, May 1995 - 1997
Puerto Rico Correspondence
Rhode Island Correspondence
South Carolina Correspondence
South Dakota Correspondence
Tennessee Correspondence, 1986 - February 1991
Tennessee Correspondence, May 1991 - 1996
Texas Correspondence
Utah Correspondence
West Virginia Correspondence
Wisconsin Correspondence, 1986 - August 1988
Wisconsin Correspondence, September1988 - March 1991

Box 4c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Wisconsin Correspondence, May 1991 - August 1993
Wisconsin Correspondence, September 1993 - 1996
Wyoming Correspondence
Canada Correspondence, 1986 - April 1992
Canada Correspondence, May 1992 - 1993
Canada Correspondence, 1994 - 1997
Foreign Country Correspondence, 1987 - 1990

Box 4d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Foreign Country Correspondence, 1991 - 1992
Foreign Country Correspondence, 1993 - 1997

Box 5a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, June 24 - July 15, 1984
Button Orders
Final Arrangements
Correspondence with Anniversary Tours
Obsolete Originals
1984 Originals
Volga Peace Pen Order
Participants: Bernhardt, Jane - Dellamonica, Anthony and Rose
Participants: Delacey, Hester - Gale, Jeffery
Participants: Getter, Rita - Hofman, Elizabeth

Box 5b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Participants: Hood, Jean and William - Levine, Herb
Participants: Maly, Larry - Patrick, Lucile
Participants: Peace, Judy - Rose, Thora
Participants: Schroder, Macia - Stoll, Frank and Anne
Participants: Studholme, Janice - Tuttle, William and Louise
Participants: Touche, Francis - Zurav, Marie
Originals of Material Sent to Applicants
Press Release Material (After Cruise)

Box 5c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Miscellaneous Materials
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985
Participant Information Cards
Anniversary Tours Info.
Button Orders
Final Arrangements [2 folders]
Original of Photo Gallery
Pushkin Diagram
Financial Report
Flight Arrangements (tentative)
Insurance List and AT
Numerical List
Organization List
Original Letters to Organizations to Publicize
Correspondence Re: [2 folders]

Box 6a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Miscellaneous Materials
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Questionnaires [3 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Beal, John - Fennell, Beth
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Fulton, Sally - Fox, Vernon and Florence
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Ferreri, Raymond - Kinney, Ida
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Knowles, Patty - Mattern, Doug and Naomi

Box 6b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Moore, Doris and Robert - Paol, Esther
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Panken, Sam and Sayde - Sakitt, Rita and Mark
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Sandroff, Michael and Sylvia - Steinhart, Lorraine
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants: Tait, David - Zurav, Marie
Tour Summaries, 1957 - 1973
Anniversary Tours - Mongolia Tour
Tours, 1957 - 1966
Tours, 1967 - 1968
Tours, 1969
Tours, 1970

Box 6c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Tours, 1971
Tours, 1972
Tours, 1973
Cuba Tour, October 9 - 23, 1977
Cuba Tour, January 31 - February16, 1978 [2 folders]

Box 6d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Tour of Central Asia, Siberia and Mongolia, July 5 - 26, 1981 [2 folders]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, August 8 - 26, 1989
Participants: Andrews, Milton - Auburn and Knauss
Participants: Bird, Nicholas - Cartwright, Betty

Box 7a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, August 8 - 26, 1989 (cont'd)
Participants: Cheriyan, Meera-Coleman, Martha
Participants: Cowles, Ben- Ellis, Carole
Participants: Evdokimoff, Mike- Gellar and Holmgren
Participants: Goff, William-Harrison, Pamela
Participants: Holmgren, Rod-Jecmaen, Ramona
Participants: Jenkins, Al and Nancy- Lane, Thomas

Box 7b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Participants: Latham, Robert-Lubbers, Elaine
Participants: Lynch, Edward- Meyers, W. Richard
Participants: Meehan, Yetta-Olson, Jane
Participants: Osser, Anne-Pitts, Geraldine
Participants: Rubin and Prussin-Sweeney, Helen S.
Participants: Thielle, Ruth-Voorhees, Amy

Box 7c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Participants: Warneke, Peter-Zausner, Violet
Co-Sponsors and other Organizations and Individuals
Howard's Notes
Japanese and Chinese Participants
Mailings to all Participants
Participant Lists
Miscellaneous Materials
Photo Gallery
Cancellations [3 folders]

Box 7d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
American Participants
Workshop Reports
Anniversary Tours [2 folders]
SPC Correspondence

Box 8a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, August 8 - 26, 1989 (cont'd)
Possible Participants
Preliminary Brochures
Solicitation Letters
Waiting List inactive for one reason or another
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, July 20 - August 7, 1990
Participants: Algazi, Herman - Carroll, Andrea
Participants: Charny, Gloria and Daniel - Demorest, Virginia
Participants: DePew, Joan - Gotelli, Ilze
Participants: Griss, Doris - Hiatt, Mary
Participants: Hinrichs, Anita - Hooper, Betty and Morton

Box 8b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Participants: Jepsen, Mark - Lovejoy, Ruth
Participants: Marcus, Eva - Olson, Kristin
Participants: O'Shaughnessy, Adele - Posey, Robert
Participants: Randall, Frank - Solomon, Mary
Participants: Sweet, Robert - Woodfield, Donna
Participants Addresses
Mailings to all Participants
Miscellaneous Materials
"Cities" Booklet
Forms and Form Letters
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1990: Mailing Lists

Box 8c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Photo Gallery (optional)
Solicitation Letters
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1990: SPC, UPC, Goverla Correspondence
Transportation Breakdown
Visa Application Records
Messages to World Leaders
Participant Lists
Possible Participants [3 folders]
Recruiters [2 folders]

Box 9a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, July 20 - August 7, 1990 (cont'd)
Anniversary Tours
Brochure: 1st and Final Drafts
Cabin Assignments and Room Lists
Cancellations [2 folders]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, July 23 - August 10, 1991
Participants: Ball, Joyce - Cooley, Martha
Participants: de la Perrelle, Evan - Hrycak, Olga
Participants: Kuzma, Alex - Panouses, Sophie)

Box 9b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Participants: Parker, Charles - Ruppel, Helen
Participants: Spencer, Metta - Wilson, Ivan
Prospects for Cruise [3 folders]
Questionnaire Responses
UPC Correspondence
Visa Processing
World Leaders / Post Cruise Messages

Box 9c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Anniversary Tours
Bed and Breakfast
Brochure: 1st and Final Drafts
Medical Supplies
Leadership Team
Mailings to All Participants
Photo Gallery (original)
Promotion of Cruise
Miscellaneous Materials
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, July 28 - August 15, 1992
Participants: Bradford, Stephanie - Heimlich, Miriam
Participants: Housley, Gwen - Reyes, Joan
Photo Gallery

Box 9d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
UPC Correspondence

Box 10a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, July 28 - August 15, 1992 (cont'd)
Carlson Travel Network / Air Tickets
Cruise Co-Sponsor, Children of Chernobyl Relief Fund
Federat of Peace and Concil (formerly Soviet Peace Committee)
Mailings to All Participants
Medical Supplies
Miscellaneous Materials
Costa Rica Tour, 1991
Addresses of Participants
Correspondence with Participants
Diana Warner - Dream World Travel Agency / Marazul Tours
Mailings to Participants
Payment / Receipts
Photo Gallery (original)
Plans / Program by Debra Latham of Radio Police International
Post-trip Correspondence
Tour Leaders / Speakers Report of Tour
Miscellaneous Materials
Costa Rica Tour, 1992
Carlson Travel Agency: travel agent
Correspondence with Participants

Box 10b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Explore Costa Rica: travel agent
Mailings to all Participants
Photo Gallery
Post-Trip Correspondence
Radio for Peace, Int'l: Debra Latham
Miscellaneous Materials
Costa Rica Tour, 1993
Carlson Travel Network
Explore Costa Rice - travel agent
Mailings to all Participants
Participants: Payments and Correspondence
Photo Gallery
Post-Trip Correspondence
Miscellaneous Materials
Volga Cruise Press Releases
Newspaper Articles, 1980s
Howard's Speeches and Biographical Information

Box 10c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Teamworks, Inc. 1985 Annual Board of Directors Meeting: Howard Frazier, Secretary
Tour Summaries, 1957 - 1985
Articles from Past Tours with no other Information
The Arms Chase: Statistics
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1993: Prospects
Pen Pal Programs and Individual Requests
Gostelradio/KNBC Exchange: Los Angeles
Governing Bodies of the USSR [chart]
Dnieper/Connecticut Rivers, Sister River Relationship
Ecology of Peace
Bridges for Peace: Bibliography
Russian Contacts [2 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Profiles
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Coordinators
Soviet Visit, May 1990: Notes
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Miscellaneous Materials
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Newspaper Articles
Davenport, IA

Box 10d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Newspaper Articles

Box 11a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Newspaper Articles
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Russian Newspaper Articles on
Banquet: Guests to be Invited, July 23, 1986
Program on Cruise
Daily Bulletins
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Mayors
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Schedule for Cities
After Cruise: Washington D.C.
Fund Form Letter for Request of Large Funds from Individuals
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986, End of: St. Louis
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Washington Hilton
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Correspondence with Soviet Peace Committee
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Rates

Box 11b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Individual Information Requests [4 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Washington D.C.
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Publicity in Magazines and Other Publications
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Delta Queen Correspondence and Visit to New Orleans
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Scholarship Requests
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Russian Newspaper Articles [translated to English]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Frazier Song by Eldon Roe
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Sponsoring Organizations Speakers and Special Guests Notes and Correspondence
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Gift Acknowledgements
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Background, etc.
Letters to Congressmen
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Miscellaneous Materials
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Organizations
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Essay Contest (High School)
Volga Peace Cruise: Newspaper Articles

Box 11c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, August 5 - 21, 1982: Miscellaneous Info.
Foreign Correspondence, 1984 - 1986
Foreign Correspondence, 1987 - March 1988
Foreign Correspondence, July 1988 - 1989
Canada Correspondence, 1985 - 1990
Canada Correspondence, 1991 - 1992
Connecticut Correspondence, 1988
Connecticut Correspondence, 1989
Connecticut Correspondence, 1990

Box 12a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Connecticut Correspondence, November 1985 1987
Massachusetts Correspondence, 1986 - 1987
Massachusetts Correspondence, 1988
Massachusetts Correspondence, January - October, 1989
Massachusetts Correspondence, November1989 - 1990

Box 12b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
New York Correspondence, 1978 February 1987 - February 1988
New York Correspondence, March 1988 - December1988
New York Correspondence, 1989
New York Correspondence, 1990
New York Correspondence, 1991
New York Correspondence, January - July, 1992
New York Correspondence, August - December, 1992

Box 12c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Ohio Correspondence, October1985 - 87
Ohio Correspondence, 1988 - 1989
Ohio Correspondence, 1990 - 1991
Pennsylvania Correspondence, September 1985 - 86
Pennsylvania Correspondence, October 1986 - May 1987
Pennsylvania Correspondence, June 1987 - August 1988

Box 12d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Pennsylvania Correspondence, September 1988 - September 1990
Pennsylvania Correspondence, October 1990 - May 1992

Box 13a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Institute for World Order
Miscellaneous Peace Boat Materials
Peace Boat Applications
Gandhi Peace Award 1992 [2 folders]
Graham Russell Meetings
Retreat, February 15, 1991
Battell Chapel Concert
Center for Defense Information
Center for Soviet-American Dialogue
China Trip, 1992: Ben Cowles
Citizen's Summit II, January 1990
Chemical Weapons
Children's March, October 25, 1986
Christian Conference of CT, October 1996
Ark Communications Institute
American Earthquake Relief Appeals
Audubon Cruise, 1989
US-USSR Bridges for Peace
The Buffett Foundation
The Right Livelihood Award
Ct. Civil Liberties Union
Ct. Humanities Council
Council for Human Rights in Latin America
Concert: Marina and Yuri
Costa Rica: Radio for Peace and Guide
Comprehensive Test Ban (Carolyn Cottom)

Box 13b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Costa Rica Trip: Alice
Applicants for Work
Bed and Breakfast
Berkshire Forum
Citizen Exchange Corps
Citizens Democracy Group (CDC)
Bethlehem Peace Pilgrimage
Christmas Letter, 1990 (Frosty)
Center for Teaching Peace: C. Coleman McCarthy
List of Connecticut Peace (or related) Groups for 1986 Gandhi Peace Award to Dr. Lown January 1986 From: New Haven Peace Directory, summer 1984 (booklet) America Peace Directory 1984 (Green book)
Mike Clark
Bike for Peace
The Forum for US-Soviet Dialogue
Foundation Grants
Biographical Information on Alice and Howard Frazier
Friedman's Reception of Soviet Friends, April 25, 1991
M.K. Gandhi Institute
Grasso Official Statement
Peace and Freedom Award: Dr. Alice Hamilton
Health Professionals for Prevention of Nuclear War
Information Center
International Peace Walk
International Work camper
Institute for Soviet-American Relations
International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide
Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs
Lionel Jardine: Videotape
Video Tape Requests
Kids Meeting Kids
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bio Sketch and Tribute: Jerome David
Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, June 1 - 8, 1992: Prospects

Box 13c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, June 1 - 8, 1992: Plans
Effects and Dangers of Nuclear War
Employment Queries
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
Fast for Life (Charles Hyder)
Connecticut Association of American-Soviet Friendship [2 folders]
Cuba Articles
UPC Correspondence, 1990
1991 Cruise: Advertising
Costa Rica, 1992

Box 14a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Member Soviet Delegation to US, May 5, 1980 [2 folders]
Costa Rica: Miscellaneous Materials
Miscellaneous Materials [2 folders]
Cruise, 1992 (ADS)
CT Coalition on Cuba

Box 14b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
World Fellowship Summer
World Peace Council
World without War
Yale University (use of law school auditorium)
Zhurbin Concert, April 7, 1989
East Germany

Box 14c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Middle East
New Zealand
North Vietnam
Soviet Union: Homestays in
Insurance for Soviets
Royalty from MacMillan: CIA Books
CIA List
CIA Book: Garcia-Passalacqua and Pike
CIA Book
CIA Conferences: Speeches

Box 14d [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Dr. Benjamin Spock
A People's Appeal for Peace [2 folders]

Box 15a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Virginia, November, 1985 - December, 1987
Virginia, March, 1988 - June, 1992
Virginia, July, 1992 - September, 1997
Articles about Directors of Promoting Enduring Peace, 1992
Board Correspondence
Promoting Enduring Peace Board Meetings, 1998 - 1999
Board Meeting, April 13, 1996
Board of Directors Meeting, September 28, 1996
Executive Committee Meeting, May 25, 1996
Board Meeting, July 21, 1997
Finance Committee Meeting, October 29, 1997
Finance Committee Meeting, November 8, 1997
Finance Committee/Board Meeting, January 31, 1998
Promoting Enduring Peace Board Meeting, January 31, 1998
Finance Committee Meeting, February 20, 1996
Finance Committee Meeting, January 24, 1996
Board Meeting and Minutes, October 6, 1995
Board of Directors Meeting, October 21, 1994
Board Meetings, 1998
Executive Committee Meeting, February 6, 1999

Box 15b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Gandhi Peace Award, November, 1996
Rev. Wallace T. Viets
Board of Directors: Biographies
Board Meeting, October 15, 1993
Peace Pole Planting and Board of Directors Meeting, June 3, 1995
Board of Directors: Labels and Lists
Board of Directors: Correspondence
Finance Committee Meeting, February 27, 1996
Willard Uphaus
Ruth Uphaus
James Waller
Lou Zemel
Bess Horowitz Starfield
Walter E. Ulrich
Rev. Alan Thomson
Mark Shafer [2 folders]
Christoph Schmauch
Stephen G. Shephard
Clinton Robinson
Dr. Jack McMichael
Benjamin Mays
Eugene W. Moore
Scott Nearing
Mildred Scott Olmstead

Box 15c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Ensworth Reisner
Arthur O. Rinden
Jean Petty
Milton Lowenthal
Sidney Lovett
Rabbi Robert Goldburg
George Gardner Hill
Rev. Emerson G. Hangen
Betty Hill
Hugh B. Hester
John C. Kennedy
Edward Lamb
Eugene Lipman
Financial Data
PEP Finances
House Repair Jobs
Cuba Articles written by Participants, 1994

Box 16a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Promoting Enduring Peace: General Material
Breakfast Meeting: October 16, 1993
Boris Zrezartser, November 1990
International Dneiper Peace Cruise: Addresses, 1989
Russian Folk Music: Marina Dapura and Gruppa Yabloko
Dneiper Peace Cruise, 1991: Scholarships
Cruise, 1991: Memos
Cruise, 1991: Participants
Gorbachev Meeting, 1990
Articles/Miscellaneous [3 folders]
International Dneiper Peace Cruise, 1990: Ted Webb tape transcriptions
Cruise, 1991: Visas
Information Dialogue

Box 16b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Friendship Tour to Cuba 1978 [3 folders]
Information Dialogue Meeting: Participants
Chernobyl Environmental Issues in the USSR
Soviet Union: Miscellaneous
A People's Appeal for Peace
Ecology of Peace
Hawaii, 1994
Connecticut Coalition to Cuba
Andrea Carroll
Medical Aid Project, 1993: Cherkassy

Box 16c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Royal Ambassadors of Joy
Gus Dyer [2 folders]
Progressive Action Roundtable
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Cuba Information Project
Arms Trade Conference
Connecticut Coalition on Cuba [2 folders]
Cuba Articles, 1993
Cuba: Miscellaneous
Cuba, 1993

Box 17a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Cuba, 1993
TOCC, June1994
Arms Trade Articles
TOCC, March 1994
Questionnaire Returns
TOCC, December 1993
Gandhi Peace Award, 1994
Gandhi Peace Award, 1995
Bike for Peace
Bike for Peace, 1983: Intro. Administration
Bike for Peace: Fundraising Group Preparation
Bike for Peace: Hosting Official Events
Bike for Peace: Press Film Miscellaneous

Box 17b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga and Mississippi Peace Cruises
Lou and Judi Friedman
Promoting Enduring Peace Environmental Group, April 4-29, 1989
Ecology Trip, April 1990: Lou and Judy Friedman
Peace Ecology in Russia
Peace Messenger Cities: Conference Sept 16-20, 1990
California [2 folders]
New York [4 folders]

Box 17c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Massachusetts [2 folders]
Promoting Enduring Peace Board Meeting Minutes
Tour Photographs
Tours/Peace Seminars, 1972 - 1978 [2 folders]
Harry Steinmetz, 1975
Jerome Davis
Congressional Correspondence
Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Box 18a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Cuba Trip, March, 1995
Milton Lowenthal [3 folders]
TOCC, September, 1994
Carlson Travel Network
'Americans for Change' Presidential Task Force
The Panama Deception
Ukrainian Diabetes Project [2 folders]

Box 18b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, June 24 - July 17, 1984
Volga Peace Cruise: Addresses, 1984
Volga Peace Cruise: Address Labels, 1982 - 1985
Blank Visa Applications
UPC Correspondence
Greater New Haven Peace Council/The United Nations
Sowing Hope
Joseph C. Wilson Award
Correspondence/Chemical Weapon Info.
Press Articles of the International Dnieper Peace Cruise: USSR, May 25 - 30, 1988
Thank You Letters, 1975-1981
Thank You Letters, 1981-1983
Children of Chernobyl Relief Fund
Cuba Friendshipment
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship

Box 18c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Cuba [3 folders]
Applicants for job
Articles by Howard Frazier
Xavier, Sonia, and Xavia Quadra Vargas
Gandhi Peace Award [2 folders]
Andrea Carroll: Ukrainian Diabetes Project, 1993
Promoting Enduring Peace History: Miscellaneous Notes

Box 19a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: correspondence with delegates (A-F)
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: correspondence with delegates (K-Y, miscellaneous)
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: memos
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: correspondence with Slava Slouzhivov
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: invitations and replies
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: notes and correspondence re: delegates
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: American Delegation/photo gallery
Information Dialogue-Moscow, 1988: visa forms, travel arrangements
Articles re: USSR
Mayors' Delegation to USSR, 1989: correspondence
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: scholarships, lists, correspondence
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: travel information, correspondence, brochures
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: letter from Louis Friedman Participants Itinerary
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: master lists: participants, travel, room arrangements
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: organization members
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: correspondence, speaker list
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Speakers and Resource People
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Original Photo Gallery of Participants

Box 19b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise: Press Releases [2 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: letters to the participants
Volga Peace Cruise: Volga Declaration
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Publicity
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Publications
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Program
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Brochures [2 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Financial Sheet and letters of Payment to Ann Tours
Volga Peace Cruise, July 1987: Anniversary Tours
Volga Peace Cruise Article Sets, 1987: orders
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 19c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Ernest Sheffield
Howard Frazier: biography
Promoting Enduring Peace: Nigerian Chapter
Promoting Enduring Peace: Requests for literature
Volga Peace Cruise Lists: Information Dialogue
Soviet Delegation to US, November 5-18, 1989: Anniversary Tours
Soviet Delegation to US, November 5-18, 1989: Biographical Sketch/Conferences and Correspondence
Soviet Delegation to US, November 5-18, 1989: Correspondence
Soviet Delegation to US, November 5-18, 1989: New York and New Haven Roundtable Discussions
Soviet Delegation to US, November 5-18, 1989: State Department Correspondence
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Anniversary Tours
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Correspondence with Hosts
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Correspondence with SPC
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Correspondence with State Department
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Letters to Delegates
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Lists of Delegates/Schedules in the cities
Soviet Delegation to US, May 12-19, 1990: Transportation Information
Volga Peace Cruise: Master Lists (Howard Frazier)
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Letters of Appreciation

Box 20a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayer James Brady
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: John Carlson
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor and Mrs. Thom Hart
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor Keith Ingram
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Brian McGrath
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor William Morris, Jr.
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Carrie Saxon Perry
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor Vince Schoemehl
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor Richard Schwartz
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mayor Pat Screen (cancelled)
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Mississippi Mayors Participants
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Contacts/correspondence
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Press releases
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Room list/photos
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: Anniversary Tours' correspondence/forms
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: news articles
Mayors' Delegation to the USSR, April 15-23, 1989: daily schedule
Cuba, 1993: John A. Austin
Cuba, 1993: Joe Austin
Cuba, 1993: Carol Baker
Cuba, 1993: Lester and Jane Bill
Cuba, 1993: Aaron and Dorothy Braude
Cuba, 1993: Joan Campbell
Cuba, 1993: Ruth Emerson
Cuba, 1993: George Everett
Cuba, 1993: Lou and Judy Friedman
Cuba, 1993: William and Joyce Fuller
Cuba, 1993: C. Joy Gordon
Cuba, 1993: Ms. Bobbie Harms
Cuba, 1993: Fred and Audrey Lincoln
Cuba, 1993: Connie Lovejoy
Cuba, 1993: Mary McNellis
Cuba, 1993: Mary Morello
Cuba, 1993: Helen Nearing
Cuba, 1993: Patty Nuelsen
Cuba, 1993: Edith Pestana
Cuba, 1993: Jane and Kristin Olson
Cuba, 1993: Adele O'Shaughnessy
Cuba, 1993: Edith Oxfield
Cuba, 1993: Ellen Paullin
Cuba, 1993: Allie Perry
Cuba, 1993: Isabel Rossey
Cuba, 1993: Charles Tanner

Box 20b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Cuba, 1993: Tom Todd
Cuba, 1993: Jane Wilhelm
Cuba, 1994: Addresses, Advertising, Applications
Cuba, 1994: Cancellations/Forms
Cuba, 1994: Itinerary/Mailings to all Participants
Cuba, 1994: Marazul Tours
Cuba, 1994: Photo Gallery
Cuba, 1994: Post-trip correspondence
Cuba, 1994: Prospects/Roommates
Cuba, 1994: Helen Barron-Marion Billings
Cuba, 1994: Tim and Donna Bowles
Cuba, 1994: Ruth Emerson-Martha Fawley
Cuba, 1994: John Foster-Joshua Lucas Fox
Cuba, 1994: Lou and Judy Friedman
Cuba, 1994: Joy Gordon-Michael Gulachok
Cuba, 1994: Richard Hansen-Elizabeth (Betty) Hill
Cuba, 1994: Dena Kelly-Katherine Knowles
Cuba, 1994: Connie Lovejoy-Edward Manwell
Cuba, 1994: Margaret McLemore-Helen Nearing
Cuba, 1994: Edith Oxfield-Carrie Saxon Perry
Cuba, 1994: Richard Perry-Jean Petty
Cuba, 1994: Frank Randall-Everett and Betty Refior
Cuba, 1994: Philip Troxler-Leonard Wallace
Cuba, 1994: Richard and Susan Wildau-Jane G. Wilhelm
Cuba, 1994: Neville Williams
Costa Rica, April 4-11, 1994: Cancellations/Carlson Travel

Box 20c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Costa Rica, 1994: Explore Costa Rica
Costa Rica, 1994: Form Letters, Itinerary, Mailings
Costa Rica, 1994: Addresses, Advertising, Airport List
Costa Rica, 1994: Maps and Miscellaneous Materials
Costa Rica, 1994: Participants
Costa Rica, 1994: Photo Gallery
Costa Rica, 1994: Roommates
Costa Rica, 1994: Prospects, Brochures
Cuba, 1993: Exploring Relationships between Environment and Society
Cuba, 1994: The Struggle Agaist Racism: The Cuban Experience (Articles Written by Participants)
Promoting Enduring Peace: Miscellaneous

Box 21a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Soviet Union, 1986
Soviet Union, 1986-87
Soviet Union, 1987 [6 folders]

Box 21b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Soviet Union, 1988 [6 folders]
Soviet Union, 1989 [5 folders]

Box 21c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Soviet Union, 1990
Soviet Union, 1991
Soviet Union, 1992-1995
Article: Understanding the Soviet Union
Report of Ping and Carol Ferry: Of Russians and Americans
Volga River Cruise
Soviet Peace Committee
Addresses: Soviet Union
Applications for USSR Tour
Soviet Union: Miscellaneous
Soviet Union Article
Moscow News
Soviet Union Article by Norman Mailer, August 19, 1984
Soviet Union: Addresses
Togliatti, 1987
Letters to the USSR
Kiev, 1987

Box 22a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 1
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 2: Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin La Crosse, Wisconsin
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 2: Dubuque, Iowa Davenport, Iowa

Box 22b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 2: Burlington, Iowa
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 3: Hannibal, MO St. Louis, MO St. Louis postcards
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 3: Chicago, IL New York, NY Participants
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 3: Questionnaires
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 4 [3 folders]

Box 22c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 5 [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 6 [3 folders]

Box 23a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 7 [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Book 8 [4 folders]

Box 23b [Acc. 02A-037][off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 1: Participants A-H [4 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 2: Participants J-P [3 folders]

Box 23c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 3: Participants Q-Z [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 4: St. Louis
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 4: Cape Girardeau
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 4: Memphis
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 5: Greenville Vicksburg
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 5
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 5: New Orleans

Box 24a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 5
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 6 [2 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 6: Financial Accounting
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 6: Cancellations, Anniversary tours
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 7 [4 folders]

Box 24b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 8 [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Book 9 [4 folders]

Box 24c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Moscow and Vienna Conferences attended by H. Frazier, January and February 1983
Karen's Mail
List from Housley (Howard) of possible people for Volga Peace Cruise, 1985
Citizen's Summit II: Moscow, 1990
Pen Pals
NCR: Letters from People Requesting Info.
Letters for Peace
Promoting Enduring Peace: Leaflets
LaMont, Corliss [2 folders]
Dneiper Cruise 1988 (Alice)

Box 25a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Promoting Enduring Peace Essay Contest and Miscellaneous 1985
Cumberland Peace Essay Contest, 1980
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Participant Information Cards
"Mississippi Peace Journey, 1986"
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases from Burlington, IA and Nauvoo, IL
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases from Hannibal, MO
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Publicity and Press Releases from LaCrosse, WI
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Participant info. and Press Releases from St. Paul, MN
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases from Galena, IL and Dubuque, IA
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Press Releases from Dubuque
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Davenport
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986: Burlington
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: American Speakers and Resource People
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Soviet Participants
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Coordinators
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Brochures
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: US Participants and Organizations
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Program Workshops
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Narrative Notes
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Overview of the Cruise
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Vicksburg
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Articles
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Cape Girardeau
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Memphis
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Baton Rouge
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: New Orleans
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: St. Louis
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Itinerary
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1992: Odessa
Larry Long and Mark Twain
International Dneiper Peace Cruise, 1987
International Dneiper Cruise, 1992: Miscellaneous
Yalen, Susan

Box 25b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Japanese Autograph Book: "May Peace Prevail on Earth"
Volga Peace Cruise, July 13 - August 4, 1985: Participants
Vietnam Trip, 1981 [2 folders]
Cuba: Summaries of Peace trips to Cuba
Anniversary Tours, Tour #2 to Cuba, January 31 - February 16, 1978: revised itinerary
Cuba Day Exhibit, March 8-18, 1994: "Cuba - the Struggle against Racisim: the Cuban Experience"
Cuba trip, 1994: correspondence, Lou Friedman
Cuba trip, 1994: correspondence lists
Cuba Exhibit, March 9 - 19, 1993: "Cuba - Exploring Relationships between Environment and Society"
Cuba Reports, 1993
Cuba Reports, 1993 - 1994 [2 folders]

Box 25c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Cuba, 1993: Addresses
Cuba, 1993: Advertising/Applications
Cuba, 1993: Cancellations
Cuba, 1993: Forms
Cuba, 1993: Itinerary
Cuba, 1993: Mailings to all Participants
Cuba, 1993: Marazul Tours
Cuba, 1993: Plans
Cuba, 1993: Post-trip Correspondence
Cuba, 1993: Prospects

Box 26a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Veterans for Peace
Veterans Against Foreign Wars
USA-USSR Dialogue material
US-USSR Bridges for Peace
House Party
USA-USSR Citizens Dialogue
United Nations
Travel Tips USSR
Trash Pick-up
Think Peace
Thank You # 2
Soviet Visit, May 1985 (aborted GDR visit)
Soviet Union
Soviets' Visit, May 1985
Soviet Publications
Soviet Peace Committees [2 folders]

Box 26b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Smith, Samantha
Shkiryak-Nizhnik, Zoreslava, M.D: Visit to USA, April 26, 1992 - May 27, 1992
"A Sign of the Times" Loaned to:
Sister Cities: New Haven and Novorosslsk-Letter-T. Holahan
Rockwell, Marjorie
Right Livelihood Award
Referdum Norway
Radio for Peace International
Publications: Renewals
Press Clipping
Promoting Enduring Peace: Statement of Purpose
Professional and Alumni Associations, 1980
Pledge of Resistance
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Pfaff, Roy
Promoting Enduring Peace: Statement Describing the Organization
Promoting Enduring Peace: Phone Call Threat
"Membership Donation" Card: Originals for Promoting Enduring Peace mailing, 1986
Form Letters
Pen Pals (International)
People's Peace Treaty
New Haven Peace Center
"People Waging Peace" Orders
Peace Walk
Peace Video
Peace Wave
Peace University of UN (Costa Rica)
Peace Study Courses
Peace and Related Groups, October 1984: Mailing List for New Haven Area
"Peace Organizations Past and Present"
Peace Organizations
Letters to Peace Organizations re: tours
Peace Links

Box 26c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Peace Making Convocation on New Haven
Peace Games, June 1991
Peace Education and Action Center (New Haven Peace Center)
Peace Education
Pax Christi
Nuclear War Prevention Kit
Nuclear Tests
Nuclear Power
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Nuclear Freeze Clippings
Nozhin, Major Gen. Evgeny: Visit to Canton, CT, May 17, 1992
New Haven Peace Commission
National Farm Worker Ministry
National Peace Academy Campaign, 1982
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988: Logo Buttons
Miller, Sally (Infinity Productions
Promoting Enduring Peace Members and Nuclear Arms Freeze Group, June 1988: Milford Lists
Mailing Lists (Assorted)
Unitarian Churches
Volga Peace Cruise, 1985: List
Soviet Addresses, ca. 1982-1986
Youth Festival Moscow, 1985
New Haven County Chapter and Essays on Education (Robert Muller)

Box 27a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Vietnam Story Jerry Elmer
Pfaff, Roy: Discussions with
Vietnam Trip
MPLS Meeting
Newspaper Clippings
Peace Council
CIA and World Peace Council
Letter to Peace Organizations
CIA Conference

Box 27b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Contract with Free Press CIA and World Peace Book
Alex Smith talk
Special Education Project: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Ed Oberlin: Signatures
List of Publications Publishing Special Education Series (12)
Minn. Conference, 1980 - 1983: Correspondence between Promoting Enduring Peace and Soviets
Minn. Conference, 1980 - 1983: Handwritten Miscellaneous Notes
Minn. Conference: Actual Conf. Working Papers and Miscellaneous Notes
Minn. Conference, 1980 - 1983: Letters received by Promoting Enduring Peace
Minn. Conference, 1980 - 1983: Promoting Enduring Peace Letters, outgoing
Peace Education
Knoxville and NC

Box 27c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
World Federal Authority Committee
World Federalist Association
World Citizen Assembly
World Peace Conference: October 15-19, 1987
Workmen's Compensation Ins. Lalor Ins. Agency
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [2 folders]
War Resister's League, 1977
Walk to Moscow
Veterans for Peace
CIA and World Peace Conference
Letters to Peace Organizations
Macmillan Publishing Correspondence on CIA book
Knoxville and NC
War Registers League 1977

Box 28a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Book 1 [3 folders]
Book 2 [3 folders]
Book 3 [3 folders]

Box 28b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Book 4 [3 folders]
Book 5 [3 folders]
Book 6 [3 folders]

Box 28c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Book 7 [3 folders]

Box 29a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Book 8 [3 folders]
Book 9 [4 folders]
1987 Volga Peace Cruise Participants

Box 29b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
American and Soviet Publications: Articles
Alaska, May 1980 - 1983
Arkansas, May 1980 - 1983
Arizona, May 1980 - 1983
Alabama, May 1980 - 1983
Colorado, May 1980 - 1983
Connecticut, May 1980 - 1983 [3 folders]

Box 29c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
California, May 1980 - 1983 [5 folders]
Delaware, May 1980 - 1983
District of Columbia

Box 30a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Florida, May 1980 - 1983 [2 folders]
Georgia, May 1980 - 1983
Hawaii, May 1980 - 1983
Idaho, May 1980 -1983
Illinois, May 1980 - 1983
Indiana, May 1980 -1983
Iowa, May 1980 - 1983
Kansas, May 1980 - 1983
Kentucky, May 1980 -1983
Louisiana, May 1980 - 1983
Maine, May 1980 - 1983
Maryland, May 1980 - 1983
Massachusetts, May 1980 - 1983 [3 folders]

Box 30b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Michigan, May 1980 - 1983
Minnesota, May 1980 - 1983
Mississippi, May 1980 - 1983
Missouri, May 1980 - 1983
Montana, May 1980 - 1983
Nebraska, May 1980 - 1983
Nevada, May 1980 - 1983
New Hampshire, May 1980 - 1983
New Jersey, May 1980 - 1983 [2 folders]
New Mexico, May 1980 - 1983
New York, May 1980 - 1983 [5 folders]

Box 30c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
North Carolina, May 1980 - 1983
North Dakota, May 1980 - 1983
Ohio, May 1980 - 1983

Box 31a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Oklahoma, May 1980 - 1983
Oregon, May 1980 - 1983
Pennsylvania, May 1980 - 1983 [3 folders]
Rhode Island, May 1980 - 1983
South Dakota, May 1980 - 1983
Tennessee, May 1980 - 1983
Texas, May 1980 - 1983
Vermont, May 1980 - 1983
Virginia, May 1980 - 1983
Washington State, May 1980 - 1983
West Virginia, May 1980 - 1983
Wisconsin, May 1980 - 1983
Wyoming, May 1980 - 1983
Canada, May 1980 - 1983 [2 folders]
International Countries

Box 31b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Promoting Enduring Peace Tours, 1970s: China Tour 1975
Untitled, World Federalists
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Final Brochure, Sent to enclosed people/organizations, etc.
Untitled, articles
High School
Post-Trip Information
Promoting Enduring Peace Seminary to Soviet Union: 1981 Seminar [3 folders]

Box 31c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Untitled articles
International Dneiper Peace Cruise, 1988
International Dneiper Peace Cruise, 1988
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: News Articles
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Requests for Information

Box 32a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: Requests for Information
Peace Seminar to USSR, August 15 - September 5, 1980
Peace Seminar to USSR: cancelled applicants
Peace Seminar to USSR, 1980: anniversary tours correspondence
Tours to USSR, 1980
Peace Seminar to USSR: Publicity and articles
Articles Saved, 1980s
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982: miscellaneous material, correspondence w/ soviet organizations/ etc.
Volga PIN correspondence

Box 32b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Correspondence with all participants continued to vol. 3 [2 folders]
Promoting Enduring Peace: tour to China, 1979 [2 folders]
Glee Clubs tour to Soviet Union [2 folders]

Box 32c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
China tour, 1978 [5 folders]
Tour to Soviet Union, 1977 [2 folders]

Box 33a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Trip to Soviet Union. 1977 [2 folders - cont'd from Box 32]
Trip to Soviet Union, 1977: Itinerary/ Other Materials
China Tour 1977 [4 folders]
USSR Trip, 1976

Box 33b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Jerome Davis Peace Seminar to USSR, 1976
Eastern Europe Peace Seminar, 1972
Tours, 1965
Tours, 1965 (Grace. W. Power)
Volga Peace Cruise, 1984
Promoting Enduring Peace: Tours, 1974-1976
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1974-1976 [2 folders]
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1974-1976: Club Tour Memos List of Participants Sweden Soviet Union, 1974
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Book 1 [4 folders]

Box 33c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Book 2 [2 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: "Gallery"
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Participants [2 folders]

Box 34a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982 [4 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982: Final Correspondence [4 folders]

Box 34b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982: Sent Peace Cruise Flyers People
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982: Russell Johnson Miscellaneous Names and Addresses
Volga Peace Cruise, 1982: Intourist Cruise Correspondence
Kiev, 1983
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Handwritten Notes Soviet Material Correspondence w/ Soviet Union
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Howard's Miscellaneous Forms and Lists
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: American Correspondence
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Photos by Jim Motavelli, Soviet Articles w/ Translations
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: American Articles and Correspondence relating to them

Box 34c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Correspondence with Participants [4 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1983: Scholarships
Volga Peace Cruise, 1984: Beyond War: An Appeal to Reason [2 folders]

Box 35a [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Custom Forms for USSR
Impressions in a Changing China: Report of the 1977 Visit
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, 1925 - 1950
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, Feb 1950 - December 1970
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, January 1971 - February 18, 1971
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, February 19, 1971 - February 26 1971
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, February 27, 1971 - March 5, 1971
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, March 6, 1971 - March 16, 1971
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, March 17, 1971 - March 24, 1971
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, April 6, 1971 - April 18, 1971

Box 35b [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, May 1973 - April 1976
Jerome Davis: Correspondence, Undated
Jerome Davis: Notecards, Photos, Postcards
Jerome Davis: Classes, lectures, notes, handouts [3 folders]
Jerome Davis, 1920s: Yale
Jerome Davis: Writings and Lectures, A-L
Jerome Davis: Writings and Lectures, M-Y
Davis, Jerome
Lou and Judy Friedman: Correspondence [5 folders]
Lou and Judy Friedman: Newspaper Articles and External Events [2 folders]
Lou and Judy Friedman: Flyers and Articles
Lou and Judy Friedman: Notes and Miscellaneous

Box 35c [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Lou and Judy Friedman: Correspondence, 1990      
Lou and Judy Friedman: Correspondence, 1986-1991
Lou and Judy Friedman: Correspondence, 1986-1991
Lou and Judy Friedman: Correspondence, 1986-1990
Lou and Judy Freidman: Newspaper articles andexternal events, 1986-2000
Lou and Judy Freidman : Newspaper articles and external events, 1987-1990
Lou and Judy Friedman: Flyers and articles, 1985-1990
Lou and Judy Friedman: Notes and miscellaneous, 1984-1991

Box 36 [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
CIA Conference, 1975: Speakers' Addresses
CIA Conference, 1975: Speeches
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1975: "CIA Conference and World Peace" signed Book Contracts, etc. [2 folders]
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1987: "Begin with Me" video project
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987: letters concerning press clippings, etc.
Costa Rica Peace Seminar, 1993: itinerary applications
Peace Boat, 1994: Newsletters bills
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1994: Miscellaneous Efforts to Promote Peace
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1996: Board Member Correspondence
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1996: Miscellaneous Efforts to Promote Peace
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1974, 1977, 1980 - 1983: Miscellaneous news clippings
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1985 - 1997: Correspondence with people in Vermont
Promoting Enduring Peace, August 1989 - January 1992: Correspondence with people in Vermont
Promoting Enduring Peace, January 1992 - July 1996: Correspondence with people in Vermont

Box 37 [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Promoting Enduring Peace, January 1985 - March 1988: Correspondence with people in Washington State
Promoting Enduring Peace, May 1988 - January 1992: Correspondence with people in Washington State
Promoting Enduring Peace, March 1992 - April 1994: Correspondence with people in Washington State
Promoting Enduring Peace, April 1994 - May 1998: Correspondence with people in Washington State
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Dr. Albert Danielson
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Edward Aberlin
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Rev. Karl H. Baehr
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Rev. Lee H. Ball
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Professor Roland Bainton
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Dr. Gus Caffrey
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Marta Daniels
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Member - Professor Tom Emerson
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Members - Lou and Judi Friedman
Promoting Enduring Peace: Board Members - Ruth Gage-Colby

Box 38 [Acc. 02A-037] [off-site]
Gandhi Peace Award, 1982: recipient Randall Forsberg
Gandhi Peace Award, 1989
Gandhi Peace Award, 1993: recipient Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr.
Gandhi Peace Award, 1994: recipient Father Roy Bourgeois
Gandhi Peace Award, 1995: recipient Edith Ballantyne
Gandhi Peace Award, 1996: recipient New Haven/Leon Sister City Project [4 folders]
Gandhi Peace Award: retrospective material, 1960 - 1996
Gandhi Peace Award, 1997

Acc. 05A-069
Box 1 [Acc. 05A-069]
Certificate and Award
ABM treaty
ACDN France
A Tree for Peace
Atomic Mirror
Audiovisual equipment
Back From the Brink
Blood diamonds
Cities for Peace
Colombia: Steve Kobasa
Comp. USA
Conference, March 2, 2002
Conferences: 2001Congress follow-up
CT. Coalition to Stop Star Wars
CT. Secretary of State
Correspondence, 2003
Correspondence, 2002
Costa Rica
Correspondence, 2001
Crank mail
Credit card
Doctor P.C.
Donations, 2002
Dwight Hall
Earth Charter
Earth Link
Fact sheets
Bruce Gagnon
Global cease fire data
Global Network
Grace Home: correspondence, 2003
Grace Home: adoptions
Grace Home: correspondence, 2002
I.W. freedom ride
Institute for Simplified Hydroponics
Iraq: sanctions
Iraq: women
IRS: past
Japan Council Against Atomic Bomb
Kucinich, Dennis
Labor: contacts
Lawyers' Committee Nuclear Proliferation / Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier
March on Washington, April 20
May Day: rally program
May Day
Mayors for Peace
Nevada trip
New England Coalition
New Haven: Aldermen
New Haven: Leon
New Haven: Peace Commission
New York Times advertising
Nuclear power posture
Nuclear reactors: U.S.
Nuclear waste
Official list
No Shred of Evidence
NPRI Symposium
Peace Train, 2003
Funds: surplus
Peace Train, March 20, 2004
Project ideas
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Public relations
El Puente
Qumsiyeh, Mazin
Radio for Peace International
RNC, 2004
Shundahai Net
Sierra Leone
Urgent call
The Voice
Van Pelt, James
Witness for Peace
Woolman Hill
World Bank
World Federalist

Box 2 [Acc. 05A-069]
"The Catholic Disarmament"
"The "Soviet Threat": A Clear and Present Danger?"
"Moving Toward a Disarmament World"
"Social Costs and the Arms Race"
"The Yankee Arms Merchant"
"Now It's a 'Naval Gap'"
"First Use of Nuclear Weapons"
"What's Happening to Our Country?"
Wanted in the Truth 211" by William Sloane Coffin
"Eradicate Nuclear Weapons from the Face of the Earth" by Helen Caldicot, New Perspectives
"Are We Safer Today Than in 1980?" by Ellen Goldman, Miami
"If The Reagan Pattern Continues, America May Face War" by W. Averell Harriman
"Idols are Dangerous" by Alexander N. Yakovlev, The Churchman
"Our State, Their Revolution: Reflections" by Sydney Lens
"Soviet Treaty Violations" by Martha Daniels, Freeze Focus, May 1984
"Nicaragua Visited" by Solreig Eskeda, Connie Roussinos and Joseph Shalki, The Churchman, April-May 1984
"Russian Trip Ends in Hope for Peace" Gloucester Daily Times, August 28, 1984
"Are We Building a War Base in Honduras?" by Greatchen Eick, Christianity and Crisis
"Mirror That Reflects False Images"
"Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Catholic Bishops' Peace Letter" by Patrick H. Coy, The Christian Century
"Losing Moral Ground"
"The Butler That's Traded Off for Guns"
Five Steps to Halt the Arms Race, by Harold Willens, Newsweek
Special Report of the Soviet Union Trip
Interview with Bishop Sojourners, 2/85
Deadly Connection, By Sidney Lens CALC report, 2/85
Nuclear War and The Third World Intervention
Civil Disobedience: An American Tradition
Doyoufeela Draft
A tribute is paid to Samantha Smith
Ground rules for improving the Soviet-US Negotiating Climate
End Cold War against Cuba
No Number: A People's Appeal for Peace
On the Mississippi: Cruising Peaceful Waters
On Board for Peace Fellowship, 9/86
Nuclear 'War' is Homicide
The Last Word
Twenty Years of Neglect, Arms Control Today, 1-2/86
Master List of PEP Numbered Articles
Register Now, Die Later
World Peace in This Election Campaign
Don't Give the Pentagon New Poison Gas Weapons
Deterrence: Reckless Prudence
The Way We Want To End the Arms Race
The Defense Budget
Power Plants and Weapons: The Nuclear Connection
The Atomic Bomb Wasn't Necessary in WWII, Howard Frazier
Letter From Albert Einstein, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists
Peace, Security, Prosperity Depend on U.S Relations
The Arms Race in Reverse
The Human Cost of U.S Foreign Policy
Let's Start Talking About Socialism
Missing Billions
Cuba: Update on Revolution
The Bondage of Liberation
Healing the Wounds of War, Justice, Not Charity, for Vietnam
The Ultimate First-Strike Weapon
Agents of Non-Violent Change
The future of "conventional war"
The Revolutionary Temperament
Bruce Martin Article
Can The War End?
Who Needs a War Economy?
Weapons for Generation of Peace
Doctors Deplore Asian War
Our Bombs Fall on People
The Great Tasks for 1975
Christian Resistance Intensifies in the Philippines
Nuclear Fuel: The Hot Shuffle
Peace and Well-Being of Mankind
Open Letter: Hugh Hester Ford's War by Proxy
Thieu Thi Tao: Case History of a Prisoner of Politics
Who Makes Foreign Policy and Whom Does It Serve
Reporter's Notebook: Madness of War in Phnom Penh
Arise Ye Prisoners of Extinction
Observations on the Present State of the World, by Robert Nuller
Tomorrow's Automated Battlefield
Lessons of Korea and Vietnam
Attack Now: The Pentagon Reaches for the Button
Waking America Up to the Nuclear Nightmare
Should We Be drafted to Protect Corporate Profits? (No.2 in series)
Which is the Worst Case? W. H.
Who Needs the MX? II Wicker New York Times
Tokyo Declaration August 1-3, 1979
Talk Given by George Wald August
Medical Implications of Nuclear Power
Planned Economy Conversion Getting off the Hook of Defense Dependency
The Pentagon's Secret First Strike Plans
Detentes? In Whose Interest?
The Real Threat of Nuclear War
First Strike: The Pentagon's Secret Strategy
A Time to Stop
The Time is Now
A Race to Death
U Thant GPA
What Russian Children Are Thinking About Nuke Weapons
The Military: Short-changing the economy
The Empire Strikes Back
Sovieticus: The Nation, May 12, 1984
The Nuclear Peril: 1984 address by George McGowen
Soviet may not initiate star war
Reagan's untruth about Managua
Mark Twain's "The War Prayer"
Why The Soviet Union is so Concerned About "Star Wars"
Why the U.S must end its war
America goes it alone
A People's Appeal For Peace
Meetings and Impressions: Mississippi Peace Cruise
Dealing in Blood
Defense and Disarmament. News: Special Report
The Nuclear Arms Race
In Contempt of Court
Healing Ourselves, Healing the Word, an Interview with Norman Cousins
Respect Please
Medical Needs in Indochina
The Philippines: Revolution Ahead?
American Report
On Banning Genocide: "We should have been first"
Test-Tube Warfare
Energy Gluttony and Overkill
On consuming the surplus
Address to World Conference
A People's Movement for Peace
Amnesty: The Reward for Courage
The Economics of Death: Douglas Mattern
The War Syndicate
Criminal Negligence, Congress, Chile and the CIA
Stonewall Colby of the CIA
The Uncontrolled Atom Crisis of Complacency
The Americans Gen. Hugh B. Hester
Cuba: A Blossoming New Society
Unilateral initiatives for disarmament
Marving the MIRVs
The Moral Case for Helping World's Poor
Peace with Honor
The Collapse of Democracy in the Philippines
The Depth of Militarism
Toward a Coalition of Concern
Watergate and Hiroshima
Congress Bestows Amnesty: What Nixon Forgets
Indochina: Illusion of withdrawal
Healing the wounds
No more war
On Justice for The Palestinian, by I. F Stone
The CIA in Chile under The Cloak and Behind
Promoting Enduring Peace Seminar
Who Owns the Ozone?
The War goes on in Vietnam
Reality of Pacification
Why the arms race?
Middle East: Struggle for Peace
New Options for World's Peoples
Howard Frazier's Report on China
Jails Hold Political Prison
Lessons of Korea and Vietnam
Attack Now: The Pentagon Reaches for the Button
Waking America up to the nuclear Nightmare
Should we be drafted to protect corporate profits?
Which is the worst Case?
New volunteer army
The case for amnesty
The pentagon as the enemy of capitalism
Vietnam: Let Us Begin
Nixon and Amnesty
The Message drom Stockholm
Reassessing 'Pacifism Reassessed'
War is Peace: The Invisible War
At the Turning Point arms Control Options
Stopping the Trident at King's Bay
The War System is the Enemy
Cuba: A Sense of Purpose
Defending the Canal in the Age of terrorism
Can a cookie cute bomb be all that bad?
Soviet-U.S Relations Today
With Humanity as Pawns
Disarmament: The International Connection Macho Obstacles to Peace
Planning for conversion
Awaking from Dream of Kings and Wizards
The case against the CIA
Bomb builder calls for Curbs on A-funding
Free to be Human
Nuclear Nemesis
The New Economic Order: A Third World Domestic REs.
The Myth of Soviet Aggression
The Tripwire Scenario
The third most powerful man in the world
The New Ball Game
The Case against Nuclear War
The Great Foreign Policy Debate we ought to be playing
The Pentagon and the Next War: manifesto
To Penetrate the Conscience
There isn't much time
For which we stand
Letter from Sen. Cranston
Arms and madness
Threatening suicide
The CIA and world Peace conference
A short Sermon
Quo Warranto? (By what right?)
A mad rush toward military confront
The Draft: Preparing America for its Next Vietnam
Nuclear arms and nuclear power
A tribute to Gerome Davis
A look at the Russian threat
Nuclear omnicide
Religion and Nuclear
History Lesson
Speaking the Unspeakable
Behind the Myth of the 'Soviet Threat'
Canadians visit China
Ike on Man against War
I was taken in
A new cold war?
Deterrence myth
Nuclear weapon chart
Who'll stop the train?
Nuclear winter
Why I Quit My Job
Of Peace and Policy
An Agenda for improving relations between the US and USSR
Not just for Democrats
Now a 'Warhead Gap'
Let's Recognize Cuba
In the Good Old days
Volga peace cruise
Toward a Nuclear Age Ethos
Trying To Teach Peace
Letter regarding Gorbachev's proposal for elimination of nuclear weapons
Explanation of General Sec. Gorbachev
A Mother pleads for peace
Taking the pledge against Star Wars
A prescription for hope
Moscow's view on Nuclear Testing
In memoriam
US-Soviet relations
Under Fire
Yes for an answer
Reagan Isn't Buying
Brochure on a People's Appeal for Peace
Old unnumbered articles
Contrast: words and deeds
Reprints inventory numbered articles
Electronics weapons Replace U.S
America: Change It or Lose It
Let's Not Blame the UN
How we got where we are
People of sorrow: the War in Indochina
Silent Vietnam
Tom Wicker
Can We Control Our Militarism?
Buyers united
Paine Webber
Smith Barney
Audit: fiscal year
Review Project
Fiscal year
CT. Secretary of State Document Review
Executive committee and finance committee

Box 3 [Acc. 05A-069]
Public Citizen
Abolition 2000
Cuba: participants
Cuba: Marazul tours
Cuba: contacts
Vietnam: hydroponics
Bill paid for
Recap 6-1
Vietnam: correspondence
Cuba, January 2002
Cuba, December 2002
Cuba, May 2002
Cuba: news clips
Cuba: planning tips
On Repentance and Revolution
Cousins: Is Dissent Necessary? Momentum for Madness
Davis: Let Us Make Peace in Vietnam
Coffin: Ministry of Reconciliation
Vietnam: questions
True: Can We Win In Vietnam?
Are the Elections in South Vietnam Rigged?
U Thant: The U.N and The Human Factor
Cousins: Patriotism and Vietnam?
Educators' Appeal to the American people: Help Stop the War in Vietnam
Some opinions on U.S policy in Vietnam
Davis: Double Standard of Morality
Dialogue: Christ and Marx
Warbug: Opposition to the War in Vietnam
How earth will be a heaven
Hord: The American Rape of Vietnam
Cuba: CT Coalition
Future Cuba Part
Gomez (Cuba)
Cuba: PEP flyer
Nuclear Age Peace FD.
Cuba: Travel Agents
Working Groups
Cuba: Resources
World CT. Opinion
Cuba w/ Wand
SDR clippings

Box 4 [Acc. 05A-069]
Brit. Tsedek: Delegation
BTVS: Fundraising
Brit. Tsedek: Media
Brit. Tsedek- 5
BTVS: Press
Brit. Tsedek: NH
Brit. Tsedek: NH2
Pal. POS: Israel EX.
The Wall
Fast for Peace 2
One Voice
"Peace Boat" Start
Mitchell Report
Middle East 4
BTVS: AP and P Com
BTVS: chapters
BTVS: comp. listening
Geneva Accord
Geneva Initiative
BTVS: New England
(The) Wall
Brit. Tsedek: Shalom
Brit. Tsedek: NH III
BTVS: Study Group
Fast for Peace
The Other Israel
American Jews For Peace
Middle East
Middle East III
Middle East II
IDF Refuseniks
Brit. Tsedek: V
Right of Return
BTVS (The) Call
Brit. Tsedek: Conference 2003
BTVS conflict Res.
Geneva 2 Accords
BTVS Leaders
Brit. Tsedek: Lobby

Box 5 [Acc. 05A-069]
MRC Management
Massey Financial Service
PEP Publicity
Clark: Algeria and Vietnam
Bellamy: Parable of the Water Tank
Children of the A-Bomb
What to Do about Vietnam?
Pope John XXIII: Disarmament
Innerst: The Communist and I
Fleming Does Deterrence Deter?
Pearson: Christians who Unwittingly Play The Communist Game
Davis: A Modern Parable
The Cuban Crisis
Peace Poster
Buck: What shall we do about China?
Let's stop the fallout
Wadsworth: Nuclear Testing is Not in the National Interest
An Open Letter to President Kennedy
Report of USSR Goodwill Seminar, 1961
Money Mark PEP statement
Paper for finance Committee
Dr. Nhan: Case Sheets
Vietnam 2003/4
For Participants
Vietnam Participants
Vietnam Charles Travel
Dr. Nhan: Stockholm C.
Dr. Nhan: Vietnam Scrarbook
Agent Orange
Work Practice: Vietnam
Reports: Charles
Pershing Disbursement
Vietnam Fact Finding
Finance Committee Data
Vietnam Correspondence 2
Vietnam: contacts
Vietnam: articles
Vietnam: travel
Vietnam: follow-up
Project outlines
Insurance folder
Linsco / Private Ledger
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Fund Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement

Box 6 [Acc. 05A-069]
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Bank Statement
Shaping a peace time
Getting Beyond
Christians and Crisis
25 wars are still
Instant Activists: Ideas at Work
To End the Cold War
Arms sales, Military AID
Peace Warrior: An Interview
Bush Jumped the Gun in the Gulf
Say No to Mr. Bush's War
Is Perestroika a Soviet Version of the New Deal
Peace Though Strength is a Fallacy
U.S War Momentum
International Peace Cruise Article
Acceptance Speech
Dorothy Day
Joined by Rivers
Mohandas Gandhi
Yeltsin's Ominous Move to Resume Nuclear Testing
Why Not Try Democracy
Anti-Nuclear Movement
Might No Longer Adds To Security
El Salvador: The Next Vietnam
Can Nuclear Weapons Be Abolished?
The hands move closer to midnight
A-Bomb Almanac
War is Not Inevitable
Nuclear Terrorism: Dealing With the Threat
Corliss and Maggie
UN calls on World Court to Ban the Bomb
Turning the page
Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes
Forecast and solution
Florida Cubans Just Blowing Smoke
Fifty Years Later: A Testimony
Getting Humanitarian Aid to Cuba
Guns, The NRA and the US constitutional
Ridding the World of Nuclear Weapons
We're in An Arms Race with Ourselves
The SDI Drain The Nation
Can We Convert From a Military to a Civilian Economy?
Grassroots Organization
South Korea: Glitter of Games Masks Pain
The Myth of US Exceptionalism
The Arms Race: how to stop if what stand in the way
Making Peace Here and Now
Worldwide military priority in the dust
PS: Washington preaching Peace while testing weapon
The immorality of weapons and war
The price of presidential procrastination
Thomas Paine
Are we afraid of Peace?
Changing the US-USSR relations
Radical different world
If Stone, 1907-1989
On the environment Mark Twain's War Prayer
To pray in the time of war
We seek no peace alone
War crimes in the Persian Gulf
Report on Costa Rica
Lessons to be learned from the gulf war
Ecology begins at home
The media and the Gulf war
The search for nonviolent solutions
Their Finest Hour
Feminism, Nonviolence and Liberation
Interview with Alice and Howard Frazier
The superpower of violence and the new world order
Cold War is Over: Will the US respond?
End Nuclear Tests Now
Nuclear Weapons Testing Casts a Deadly Shadow on the Environment
Promoting Enduring Peace
Reflecting on My Trip
Manhattan project
Challenging Goliath
Open Letter to Bill Clinton Regarding US army's School of the Americas
The peace movement and Bosnia
1993 Ukraine diabetes project
Milford Group Aids
Walker Pastor for Peace
The World Court Project
Pamphlet on the World Project International Campaign
Benjamin Ferenz and Article "At Liberty"
It's High Time to Embrace Havana
A Disarmament Campaign Overview
Making the United Nations
Are We Headed Toward Another Korean War?
The US in the World Leading Arms Trafficking
USA's Economic Blockade
World Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons: a citizen pledge
Landmines: Mass destruction in slow motion
End the siege against Cuba
School of the Americas: Cold War Dinosaur or Training Ground?
Beijing's Reflections
The Gulf War
Civil Disobedience
The Weapons, The Power, The Waste
The New World War
Whose Media Is This?
Economic Conversion, Employment and Prosperity
World Court Rules Against Nuclear Weapons
The Russians Are Coming!
On Accidental Nuclear War
Looting the Means of Production
The End of the World Could Come this Year
Taking a Risk for peace
A Sermon tribute to Brig. Gen. Hugh B. Hester
Omnicide and the Problem of Belief
Peace Is an Individual Struggle
U.S-Soviet Relations: Turning from Catastrophe
Our Enemy and Gandhi's legacy
Post Reagan: A Time of Hope
Or a world to lose
Soviet Swords and Plowshares
The Wrong War: Abroad at Home
The Saga of SDI: Ike Was Right
US Invasion of Nicaragua
Anti-Communism is Not the Road to Peace
Shared Fate in the Nuclear Age
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Why We Should Root for Gorbachev
Volga Peace Cruise
Compatibility: Individualism and Collectivism
Talking Peace with Gorbachev
Weapons Junkies
Bold New Conference for Test Ban
Stockholm Declaration on Disarmament
Non-Doers of the World
Appeal from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for a Total Ban and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
More Prosperity, More Hunger
The New York Times, Sunday, April 9, 1989
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Soviet Scientists: Low pay, No pay, Now insults
To See Ourselves
Agenda for the Peace Builders
We Will Not Kill
The Peace Movement's Next Steps
Gorbachev the Great
Injustice Taints the Just
Money For War but Not For the poor
Still Cruising After All These Years
War and Peace and the Environment: the Quest for Nuclear Supremacy
If It's Time for Peace, Who Will Make It Happen?
Yeltsin's "Shock Therapy" burns out Russian Economy
Russia Stood Up on Dream of Partnership
Guest Editorial: Kevin Cassidy "Defense Conversion is about Real National Security"
Swords into Plowshares, Bombers into Combines: an interview with Susan Strong
Seeds of Justice (Cesar Chavez)
Embarking on the Quest for a More Human World
No General Ever Had a Big Enough Army
Department of Peace Dividend
Petition: International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Wasteful and Dangerous Defense Spending
World Landmines Kill 25 People a Day
The Bombing and Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Cuba: 'Its Period of Difficulty'
New Economics for New Century
The 1997 Defense Budget: The Triumph of Terror over Fact
Statement on Vietnam and Kampuchea U.S. Farm News
Remembering Hiroshima: address by John Paul II
Georges F. Kennan's Einstein Peace Prize Address
Yes: The People Decided
Tomorrow the World
Numerical insecurity
Why Does Reagan Say America is Behind?
Unfathomable Risk: Stumbling into the Twilight Zone
Korean Air Line Incident
USA-USSR dialogue Minneapolis May 24-29, 1983
A Gap? Another?
Flaws Bury Feasibility of Civil Preparedness for Nuclear War
Communism, the Churches and the Peace Movement: FOR
Avoiding the "Probable" War
The Path to the World Peace
Law and Nuclear War
The Freeze Referendum: What's Next?
Euro-strategic Weapons Fact-Sheet
Refuting Incorrect Assumptions about the USSR
A-Bomb chaplain "I Was Told It Was Necessary"
The Haig Doctrine: First Strike Policy
Against Trident 11
It's a Sin to Build a Nuclear Weapon
Peace Program for the 80's
Is a US-Soviet Freeze Possible?
What's the Truth on Panama Casualties?
It's Patriotic to Hate
Saddam You're No Noriega
US and UN vs. Iraq
Negotiations Now
The Middle East crisis
Shaping a Civilian Economy
There's Another Side to What's Happening in Cuba
A people's agenda for 1992
Report from North Korea
Tell the Truth about Gulf War
Proposition One
Petition to Congress of the USA and to the Common Wealth Independent States
What if Chernobyl Happened in Connecticut?
From the Movement to the Moment
A Government of Lies
The Environment Pollution President
Tightening the Chokehold on Cuba
Why is the U.S still Testing Bombs?
Howard Parsons: guest editorial
Barbara Leon: guest editorial
Starving Cuba into Submission
Report from Cuba-US Farm News
Cuba Revisited: Loyalty to Fidel is Solid
Repeal Torricelw's Cuba-Bashing Law
A Rebirth for Cuba's Churches
Defense Conversion
Turning Off the War Machine
The Arrogance of War
Randall Forsberg
It's Time to End US Boycott of Cuba
War Without End
Why Not Give Democracy a Chance in Haiti
To Reform America: The Non-Violent Solution
The Arms Race
A Tragic Cold War Affair with the Atom
Hiroshima Day
Defense Funds Could Be Better Used
The Seville Statement on Violence
World Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Disarmament the Public Mood
Reflections on Organizing with Frances Crowe
War Spending Outstrips Peace Spending
Haiti Aristide Caged by American Saviors
Ban the Bombs?
Cuba: Time to Change direction
When the Deaths of a Million Children go Unnoticed
Mugging the world: U.S Number One in Arms Sales
50th anniversary commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima
To count the bomb the hoc proliferation treaty and the world cases
The U.N at 50: Its Value and Its Limits
Military Spending: Facts and Priorities
Apology and Hope
Acceptance speech of Edith Ballantyne upon receipt of Candle Peace Award
Poverty and Weapons: Global Giveaways
The Sooner the Better
The Ukrainian Diabetes
Peacekeepers, Not War Keepers
The New Abolitionist
General Disarmament: Another Boost for Abolition
Report on Abolition 2000 Conference, January 22-27, 1997
SOA Torture Training Revealed
Treasures Safe Combo
Diabetic Contributions
Connecticut State Income Tax Exemption
Of Russians and Americans
Marblehead Visitor to Russia Finds People Never Want Another War
Peace seminar on the Volga
Freeze warms up
Fallout: The Medical Effects
The Arms Race
The Nuclear Debate
Moral Man and the Nuclear Dilemma Revisited
Reagan's Nuclear Shell Game
The Delusions of Military Power
Peacemaking in the Global Perspective
Reconsidering Nuclear Insanity
Swords into Plows
On Nuclear War
We're on wrong in El Salvador
Understanding Europe's Anti-War Movement
First Strike
Count All the Arms
Georges Kennan Calls on US to View Soviets More Soberly
Instruments of Peace, Weapons of War
Does War Make Sense?
President Brezhnev's Letter to President Reagan
Maddening, Not Madness
Do You Want to Go to War in El Salvador?
The Speech We Ignored
Lightning to the End of the World
Impressions from the Visit to the Soviet Union in 1980
Impressions from the Visit to the Soviet Union
Is the USSR Nosing Ahead in the Arms Race?
More Bucks for the Bang
The Doomsday Scene
Study Finds Compliance
INF Agreements in Principle
"Star War" Desperation
The Future of US-Soviet Relations
We Need a Constitutional Presidency
Remarks of Speaker Jim Wright on Soviet
Mississippi Peace Cruise 1988
Disgrace in Panama
Nuclear Deterrence: Philosophy of Omnicide
Leo Tolstoy 1828-1910
Forum the peace dividend: What to do with the cold war money
Does peace have a chance?
Guns or butter?
The Chernobyl Legacy
The People of Nicaragua Have Spoken: Call for a New Global Order
People of Gaia
Bertrand Russell
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Box 7 [Acc. 05A-069]
Bank statements
Volga Peace cruise
Miscellaneous: Soviet Union
PEP International Year of the Culture of Peace
Pentagon Panthers: Latin America Army
Financial statements
Nuclear War: Disaster, Beyond History
More Than Herbs and Acupuncture
India and Pakistan at War
China Report
The Ongoing War
Vietnam Today and The Philippines at the turn of the century
Amchitka and Tribalism
A Foreign Policy for Peace
The Light Will Shine Again and the Root Against Your Own Country
Where Are The Leaders Of Our Country?
Manifesto and a War-Crime Bibliography
Stalking the Panthers
Lifton: Have Americans become murderers?
Cleveland: Personal Opinion
Letters from Vietnam: The terrible reality
Sternglass: The death of all children
The U.N today
Schesch: Who are the Vietnam ONG?
Newton: Valedictory address
TQUE: Vietnam- Dead end in Asia
Bonpane: Our Latin Vietnam Guatemala
Malloy: Vietnamese Peace Movement Leaders Speak
U.S Action in Vietnam Promotes Communism
Fleming: Can We Play God in Asia?
Fleming: Is containment Moral?
What is your Peace IQ?
Helpful For Students from Abroad?
Fleming: Costs and consequences of the Cold War
Lynd: Address in Woolsey Hall January17, 1966
Morgenthau: Vietnam: Shadow and substance
Morgenthau: We are deluding ourselves in Vietnam
Cousins: How America can Help Vietnam
What I Will Doo for Peace!
Merriman:We're Teaching our Children The violence is Fun
Stevenson: Mission But Peace- No Enemy but War
McGovern: Vietnam, The Time is Now
Palmer: Out To Get The Panthers
On Bringing Democracy To America
Red White and Blue Fascism-Communism
Hersh - On Uncovering The Great Nerve Gas
Neal: False Concepts in Foreign Policy
The New American Militarism
Inside The Arms gray Train
Reflections on America's Social Ethics
The Illusion Dies
U Thant and the U.S
Recap/ Strategy
New Idove savings section # 51806389
Tax Form 941- Monthly Report
Pep Bill PD
Hue Sister City
Newdhaven Savings
CT State Income Tax Payments
Overcoming obsessive communism
Children Literature
Gift from UkrainianPeace ID.' 91
Gift of Time
Offshore Oil boom
Letters to Hanoi won't Free POWs
The What Price Victory
The New Yorker The Talk
Progress is Not Just Around the Corner
Anti-Americanism Common Cause in Vietnam
The Six Point Proposal
The Way to End the War: the Statement of Ngo Cong Duc
A Coalition Government Might Work
A time for reconciliation
The end of the world before the end of the century
Korea: Can Cold War ground Thaw?
Silent Death
How The Arms Race Works
The usury of war
Wald generation in search of a future
Snow -The State of the Siege
Mc Gvern--The ABM Unsafe At Any Price
Knoll-The military establishment rides high
McCarthy-The Pursuit of Military security
Why Vietnam?
1918-1968: Is the world safaer for anything?
Human Rights-Basis for world Peace
The conquest of violence
Special report
Theologian assesses Marxism. Common views notes in Christianity and Marxism
This is the Army
Will there be ... Russia
Okinawan White Paper
Hamilton Politics of hunger
Call to leadership
Vietnam War as difficult to win as it is to end
Notes on Cambodia
Profits for War Profits for Peace
The Leaves fall The Blood flows
An ex-soldier recalls his own
Exercise of Loyalty
We claim our future
From a Vietnam Veteran
Inderbox in Latin American
Pentagon under Fire
Vietnam the U.S and the U.N charter
China notes--Can Christians Learn from China?
China spectator paper: Was the unseating of Taiwan unjust?
Vietnam Amnesty--Proposal to the President
All the muscle at 1/3 the cost
Is the national honor being bombed? National Unity or Vietnam
A vote for Peace
SEATO: false alibi
Statement conferencing the cisis in Vietnam
A just war or Just Another war?
PEP around The World study Tour July 9, 1967
We burned every hut
Vietnam and the fourth Group
Niemoller and Bosley on Vietnam Policy
Quotes from religious leaders: The Vietnam war
Vietnam wrong enemy, wrong place, wrong time
Sermon for the Eve of Yom Kippur, September 23, 1966
We badly need a Paul revere type of alarm throughout the land
Justice, Justice shall ye pursue
Can Pay Americanisa Succeed?
Thant asks talks by all concerned in the Vietnam war
Insight into the problem
The Christian Conscience and War
Harris Moralism and Vietnam
Twenty years with the United Nations
The UN- a 20 year balance sheet
What are the results of the U.S action in Saigon?
Nearing the brink in Vietnam
China" Views from America and Canada
Why complete and total disarmament?
Nation-Wide world peace essay contest
Rosenblum: Peace-The Road to Survival
Concern of the Church for China
Address on Foreign aid
A United Nations day message
New realities
Justice Promotes World Peace
It's your United Nations
Moving toward Peace
Three statements on war and peace
The devil and the Soviet Russian
Text of World Church Plea
Ten minutes for Peace
Economic crisis in the U.S
Bomb shelters will not save us!

Box 8 [Acc. 05A-069]
Photo albums (2)

Box 9 [Acc. 05A-069]
The struggle against racism: the Cuban experience
PEP 9-19. 1993
PEP March 7-14, 1993
PEP July 28-August 15, 1992
PEP June 1988
PEP April, 1991
PEP August 1991
PEP August1990
PEP August 7, 1990
Handbook of organizations involved in Soviet-American Relations 1990
Mayor's delegation
Mississippi cruise 1988
American delegation 1988
International DNIEPER Peace Cruise June 1988
Information booklet
PEP August1988
Volga Peace cruise 1997
Participants of Mississippi Peace Cruise August12, 1986

Box 10 [Acc. 05A-069]
Peace from the heart
We are all in the same boat, Gorbachev tells his adversaries
Ecology of Peace
Organizations involved in Soviet-American relations, June 1993
Through the open door: traveling in the USSR
Organizations involved in Soviet-American relations June, 1986

Box 11 [Acc. 05A-069]
PEP Application for Tax Exemption
Howard and Alice Frazier Files and Correspondence
The Gandhi Peace Awards
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
The Struggle against Racism: The Cuban Experience
Trip to Russia (Howard and Alice Frazier)
Peace Cruise Books

Miscellaneous Files, 1949-2005 [received 1990, 1992, and 2010]
Box 1
Miscellaneous materials, 1949-1981
Miscellaneous materials, 1980-1983
Miscellaneous materials, 1983-1984 [Acc. 84A-020]
Miscellaneous materials, 1984-1997
Miscellaneous materials, 2001-2005 [received in 2010]
Miscellaneous materials, undated
Events (miscellaneous brochures and schedules for cruises, marches, conferences), 1972-1982

Box 2
Events (miscellaneous brochures and schedules for cruises, marches, conferences), 1984-1988
Mailings to P.E.P. members, 1973-1981
Mailings to P.E.P. members, 1984-1990


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