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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Peoples Mandate Committee
Peoples Mandate Committee Records
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Peoples Mandate to Governments to End War was an international campaign begun on September 6, 1935, by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to express such overwhelming opposition to war that governments would not dare resort to it as a means of solving disputes between nations. By the end of the decade the Peoples Mandate became an independent organization, headed by Mabel Vernon, and focused on peace and connections between women and women's organizations in the Americas.

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Gift of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, United States Section; Mabel Vernon; Consuelo Reyes-Calderon
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Historical Background
Peoples Mandate to Governments to End War was an international campaign begun on September 6, 1935, by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to express such overwhelming opposition to war that governments would not dare resort to it as a means of solving disputes between nations. The project's goal was to secure fifty million signatures from the citizens of fifty countries. By 1937 the signatures from Europe alone numbered over 14 million.

In 1936 the U.S. section of the Peoples Mandate separated from the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and became a distinct organization under the name of the Peoples Mandate to Governments to End War, Committee for the Western Hemisphere. The executive board included many well-known reformers and pacifists, such as Carrie Chapman Catt (honorary chairman), Mary E. Woolley (chairman), Grace Abbott, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Lillian Wald, and Mabel Vernon (director).

Vernon, an energetic worker for the Mandate Committee and a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, was director from the organization's inception in 1935. Her first goal was to organize a "Peace Caravan" of women to drive across the United States, gathering signatures and support. Pleased with the success of this project, Vernon organized a "Flying Caravan" to establish contacts with feminists, pacifists, and other women in Latin America, the following year. By the end of the decade Women's International League for Peace and Freedom International had abandoned the Mandate as a strategy for peace. The American Committee was renamed the Peoples Mandate for Inter-American Peace and Cooperation. As the new name suggests, the goals of the organization emphasized an improvement of relations between inhabitants of the Americas. This was to be accomplished by further work through women's groups on both continents. Between September 1948 and September 1949 the group's name changed to the Peoples Mandate Committee (U.S.).

Collection Overview
The organizational records in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection consist mainly of material for the U.S. section of the Peoples Mandate. Other material includes correspondence, reports, press releases, scrapbooks, telegrams, biographies, newspaper clippings, photographs, and Mandate literature. A large section of the correspondence in this collection came from Latin American women and contains information concerning the status of women and the work of women's organizations.

This collection also contains some of the personal correspondence of Mabel Vernon. She was a feminist who had been a member of the National Woman's Party. A part of Vernon's personal correspondence reflects the ties she had with some NWP members. It also records some of the tensions between factions within the NWP leadership in the 1940s.Another section of Vernon's personal correspondence concerns women's relationships with women companions. Vernon's own friendship with her companion Consuelo Reyes, correspondence from Jeannette Marks about her friendship with Mary Woolley, correspondence with Margaret Hamilton and Vita Milholland regarding their life together; letters from other friends are included. Correspondents (and other names found in the collection) include Jane Addams, Josefa T. de Aguerri, Katherine Anthony, Gertrude Baer, Emily Greene Balch, Mary Ritter Beard, Katherine Devereux Blake, Florence Brewer Boeckel, Heloise Brainerd, Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, Ana del Pulgar de Burke, Angela Acuña de Chacón, Hannah Clothier Hull, Alma Lutz, and Delia Rojas de White.

Series A was given a name in December 2011, when the material in it was reprocessed into five boxes. Note that pages of newsclippings from a scrapbook had formerly been photocopied and placed in the Oversize Scrapbook Collection; these were removed to Series A, Box 4 in 2011.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Box 1
Programmatic materials, 1935 [2 folders]
Programmatic materials, 1936 [2 folders]
Programmatic materials, 1937
Programmatic materials, 1938

Box 2
Programmatic materials, 1939
Programmatic materials, 1940
Programmatic materials, 1941
Programmatic materials, 1942
Programmatic materials, 1943
Programmatic materials, 1944-1945

Box 3 (half box)
Programmatic materials, 1946
Programmatic materials, 1947-1949
Programmatic materials, 1950-1952, 1956

Box 4
“Flying Caravan”: Air Tour of Latin America Urging Ratification of Buenos Aires Peace Treaties, 1937 (October-November) [2 folders]
Boston House Washington, D.C.: 1. newsclippings, 1935; 2. Goodwill Tour of U.S. by distinguished Latin American women, 1939 [formerly scrapbook #0108; 2 folders]
Newsclippings from Latin American papers, 1935-1950 [4 folders]
Newsclippings, 1935-1949 [3 folders]

Box 5 (half box)
Newsclippings, 1935-1949 [3 folders]
Miscellaneous newsclippings and other materials, undated

Box 1

Abbott, Grace
Achelis, Elisabeth (World Calendar Association)
Jane Addams anniversary, 1935
Jane Addams material
Airmail: Latin America list
Allen, Dora
American Coffee Corporation (Berent Friele)
American Friends Service Committee
American Red Cross
American Security and Trust Company
Andian National Corporation
Anti-hate material
Appeal to the President: signatures
Appeal to the President: distinguished signers, 1949
Armour, Hon. Norman
Armstrong, Dr. Florence A.
Atlantic Charter
Atomic bomb: comments, 1945

Box 2a
Aviators (air women)
A: miscellaneous
A: paid bills
Balch, Emily Greene
Baruch, Bernard M.
Beatty, Bessie
Behre, Emilie S.
Behrendt, Richard F.
Berliner, Emile
Bernstein, Rabbi Phillip (Central Conference of American Rabbis)
Burke, Sra. Ana del Pulgar de (Mrs. Thomas Burke)
Blake, Katherine Devereux [2 folders]
Blanpied, Miss Ethel
Boeckel, Mrs. Florence Brewer (National Council for Prevention of War)
Bone, Senator Homer T.
Boston House

Box 2b
Boyes, Gaeta Wold
Braden, Hon. Spruille
Brainerd, Miss Heloise
Brandeis, Mrs Louis D.
Brave New World
Breckinridge, Sophonisba
Bringhurst, Elizabeth M.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen; Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen: Ladies Auxiliary
Brown, Heywood
Brown, Louise Fargo
Buck, Pearl S. (Mrs. Richard J. Walsh)
Burke, Thomas
Business firms and businessmen
B: miscellaneous #1

Box 3
B: miscellaneous #2
Bills: paid
Callery, Katherine Hilles
Castle, Mabel Wing
Catt, Carrie Chapman
Carnegie Corporation
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carson, James S.
Catholic Association for International Peace
Certified statement of PMC finances, to year 1939
Christian Science Monitor
Christmas cards
Clapper, Mrs. Raymond
Clark, Elizabeth
Clippings: Latin America
Clippings: miscellaneous
Clyde, Mrs. Ethel

Box 4
Conference on Peace Settlement, 1946
Coonley, Mrs. Avery
Cowles, John
Crawford, Nelson Antrim (editor of The Household Magazine)
Crooks, Dr. Esther J.
Culbertson, Ely
C: miscellaneous
C: paid bills
Davies, H.C. Jr. (family)
Davis, Mrs. Bancroft
Declaration of Principles
Democratic National Campaign Committee
Diplomats' answers to invitations to Jane Addams Mass Meeting
Disarmament II, 1947- 1954
Disarmament II, 1955-1959

Box 5
Disarmament petitions: distinguished signers
Disarmament workshop: 1953
Dinner: Biltmore Hotel, New York
Distinguished signers: 1935
Dover Plan
Doyle, Michael Francis
Drevet, Madame Camille (Paris, France)
Dreyfus-Barney, Madame. Laura
Duke University
D: miscellaneous
D: paid bills
Eaton, Mrs. Horace A.
Economic Cooperation Administration
Ecuadorian Corporation, Ltd.
Edelman, Irvin A. and Louise
Editorials: Mandate

Box 6
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Elkus, Mrs Marjorie (Columbia Foundation
Letters: Doña Elsa and Rosa Montero, etc.
Embassies and legation
Equitable Security Trust Company (Wilmington)
European Mandate Committee
Evatt, Dr. Herbert V.
Extracts: Sen. McMahon, Lindsay, Sevareid
E: miscellaneous
E: bills paid
Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America
Federation of American Scientists
Federation of the Women of the Americas

Box 7
Fendall, Miss Mary Gertrude, 1934-1948
Fendall, Miss Mary Gertrude, 1949-1954
Fenwick, Dr. Charles G.
Ferguson, John H.
Field Foundation, The
Field, Mrs. Sara Bard
Financial reports, 1950-1952
Fisher, Mrs. Dorothy Canfield
Flanders, Senator Ralph E.
Flying Caravan: letters from members
Flying Caravan, October 30, 1937
Flying delegation, 1936
Ford Fund
Foreign names [see also India, China, Japan]
Form material, 1952-1955
Frank, Walter
Frantz, Harry W.
Friends Committee on National Legislation

Box 8
Frost, Enoch Wesley
Frost, Mrs. Frank J. (Gene)
F: miscellaneous
F: paid bills
Gaetan Pirou, Madame. Marcelle
Gallant, Mrs. Walter B.
Gartz, Miss Gloria and Mrs. Kate C. Germany
Good Will Tour: budgets and estimates
Good Will Tour: letters from Mabel Vernon
Good Will Tour: miscellaneous
Goode, Miss Edith J.
Grace and Company, W. R.
Guaranty Trust Company (Mr. Herman B. Brock, V.P.; Mr. Willis Booth, V.P.)

Box 9
Gueydan, Mr and Mrs. H.L.
G: miscellaneous
G: paid bills
Hamilton, Dr. Alice
Hamilton, Miss Margaret
Handwriting, specimens of
Hanson, Mrs. Florence Curtis (Vice-President, National Federation of Teachers)
Harvey, Mrs. John S. C.
Haswell, Miss Elizabeth F.
Heath, Louis Jay
Hemisphere Arms Plan
Herald Tribune, New York
Hess, Mrs. Regina M.
Hester, Brig. Gen. Hugh
High, Stanley

Box 9a
Hill, Miss Sarah C.
Hilles, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
Hilles, Florence Bayard
Hochschild, Dr. Mauricio

Box 10
Hoffman, Paul G.
Hoover, Herbert
Hootin, Elizabeth M.
Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace
Howard, Mrs. Amalia Millan
Hull, Hannah Clothier [2 folders]
Hull, Dr. William
Human events
Hummel, Mr. R.A. (Lone Star Cement Corporation)
Hunt, Mrs. S. Foster
H: miscellaneous [2 folders]
Hay-Adams house receipts
H: paid bills
Iglehart, D. Stewart (W.R. Grace and Company)
Incorporation Certificate: Peoples Mandate Committee
Institute of International Education

Box 11
Inter-American Commission of Human Rights
Inter-American Conference
Inter-American Commission of Women
Inter-American Congress of Women
Inter-American Cook Book
Inter-American Economic and Social Council
Internal Revenue Service
International Business Machines Corporation
International General Electric Company (W.R. Herod)
Invitations: Peoples Mandate Committee samples
Ittleson, Mrs. Henry
I: miscellaneous
James, Mrs. E.H. (Louisa)
Jessup, Hon. Phillip C.
Jewish groups
Johnson, Mrs. Emily Cooper
Johnson and Johnson (W.J. Walters)
J: miscellaneous
J: Paid bills
Kagawa, Dr. Toyohiko

Box 12
Keep America Out of War Committee
Kellogg, Hon. Frank B.
Kent, Mrs. William
Kerr, Mrs. Lillian H.
Krupp, Mrs. Rebecca B. (Kentucky)
Kuhn, Victoria
K: miscellaneous
K: paid bills
Landon, Governor Alf M.
Landon delegations: Topeka, Buffalo
Landon, Governor Alf M.: student delegation
La Prensa: New York
La Rosée, Mrs. Julia Gueydan
Latin America
Latin American journalists
Latin American ministers and presidents
Latin American papers and magazines
Latin American women
Lee, Miss Muna
Lewis, Mrs. Lucy Biddle
Library of Congress
Lie, Trygve
Lima Conference
Lindbergh, Colonel Charles A.

Box 13
Lindley, Miss Josephine
Lippmann, Walter
Lists, 1948-1952
Lists, 1950-1958
Leras, Dr. Alberto
Lloyd, Lola and Mary Maverick
Lorimer, Mrs. W.S. (Texas)
Loveland, Mrs, Charles
Luncheon, 1946-1947
Luncheon "Flying Caravan," Carlton Hotel, December 11, 1937
Luncheon for Gabriela Mistral, Carlton Hotel, February 21, 1939
Luncheon for Inter-American Committee of Women, April 17, 1944
Luncheon, New York, July 26, 1939
Lutz, Miss Alma, 1940-1949
Lutz, Miss Alma, 1950-1963
L: miscellaneous
McCann, Mrs. Anabel Parker
McCormick, Mrs. Anne O'Hare
McDermott, Captain Edward
McDowell, Miss Mary S.

Box 14
McMahon, Senator Brien (D), Conn.
Mc: miscellaneous
Mc: paid bills
Magazine articles
Malik, Dr. Charles
Manger, William
Marks, Miss Jeannette
Matthews, Mrs. Burnita Shelton
Martin, Anne [2 folders]
Marshall, Lenore G.
Matz Foundation
Matz, Israel

Box 15
Mearns, Nell (Mrs. J.G.)
Meeman, Mr. Edward J. (Press-Scimitar)
Milholland, Miss Vida, 1935-1944
Milholland, Miss Vida, 1945-1952
Minutes of meeting
Moorfield, Amelia
Moors, Mrs. John F.
Musser, Mrs. Burton W., 1936-1942
Musser, Mrs. Burton W., 1943-1960

Box 16
Musser, Mrs. Burton W. (cont.)
Mydral, Gunnar
M: miscellaneous [2 folders]
Nash, Frank C.
Nation, The
National Association of Women Lawyers
National Broadcasting Company
National City Bank (H.C. Shepherd)
National Conference on International, Economic, and Social Development
National Council for Prevention of War
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States
National Council of Jewish Women
National Council of Women
National Education Association
National Humane Education Society
National Humane Education Society: paid bills
National Woman's Party
National Woman's Relief Society of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Salt Lake City, Utah)
National Women's Democratic Club
Nelson, Mrs. Walter M.
Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal
New Republic, The
New Zealand
Newhall, Miss Harriet
Nolde, O. Frederick
North Atlantic Pact
University of North Carolina
N: miscellaneous
N: paid bills

Box 17
O'Day, Mrs. Caroline
O'Day, Mrs. Caroline: tea for Mandate Committee, January 23, 1939
O'Day, Mrs. Caroline: congressional campaign
O'Day: people written regarding United States delegation to the Buenos Aires Peace Conference
Olmsted, Mrs. Midred Scott
Organizations re: President's October 24, 1950 address to the United Nations
Organizations: speakers
O: miscellaneous
O: paid bills
Pan American Airways
Pan American Child Conference, Pan American Conference (the 10th Pan American conference held in Venezuela): Lillian Sears, Delegate of the Peoples Mandate Committee
Pan American Day
Pan American Society
Pan American Union: releases
Pan American Union: letters

Box 18
Pan Pacific Women's Association
Pandit, Mrs. Vjaya Lakshmi (Ambassador of India)
Parent-Teachers Association
Paris Committee
Paris Conference
Paris Conference, 1946: Fendall correspondence
Paris Conference: statements
Parsons, Mrs. Edgerton
Paschkis, Victor
Payne, Dr. Arthur Frank
Peace settlements
Pearl Harbor
Peaslee, Mr. and Mrs. Amos J.
Personal Property Tax
Philippine Islands
Phillips, Miss Lena Madesin

Box 19
Picot, Madame. Georges
Pierrefau, Countess Alain de
Post (The Washington Post)
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
Press Club, Women's National
Press releases, 1947-1952
Progressive, The
Pulitzer, Misses Carrie, Anita and Mabel
P: miscellaneous

Box 20
P: miscellaneous (cont.)
P: paid bills
Quigley, Mrs. Christine
Quota International
Q: miscellaneous
Radio Broadcast: Good Will delegates, 1939
Radio Broadcasts, 1945-1948
Radio Broadcast: Pan American Day, 1941-1944
Radio Program, 1936
Radio Program: launching of Mandate, September 6, 1935
Radio Program: Jane Addams anniversary, May 3, 1935
Radio Program: Kellogg-Briand Pact anniversary, August 27, 1934
Radio Programs, 1934
Radio Blue Network: ABC
Radio Broadcast: Tenth Anniversary of Kellogg-Briand Pact (NBC-B/N), August 27, 1938
Radio Broadcast: Ninth Anniversary of Kellogg-Briand Pact, August 27, 1937
Radio Program, June 1937
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
Radio Station: WGY (Schenectady, New York)
Radio Station: W2XAF (Short Wave), International-General Electric Company
Reader's Digest
Reports on Mandate work
Reyes, Consuelo [2 folders]

Reyher, Mrs. Rebecca Hourwich, 1938-1947
Reyher, Mrs. Rebecca Hourwich, 1948-1966
Reyher, Mrs. Rebecca Hourwich: anti-hate pamphlet

Box 21
Rhoads, May Frank
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Jr., Mrs. John D.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: delegation (Des Moines), September 3, 1936
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: delegation (Hyde Park), August 23, 1936
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: statements
Roosevelt, Jr., Franklin D.
Royes, Consuelo
Rosenwald, Mrs. Julius
Russell, Dorothy M.
R: miscellaneous [2 folders]
San Francisco Committee (Miss Tilly Schanzer)
Schaefer, Bernhard K.
Schneiderman, Miss Rose
Secretary of State Dean Acheson
Shannon, Mrs. Hannah M.
Slemp, Bascom
Smedley, Frederic C.
Smith, Miss A. Marguerite
Smith, Miss Marinobel
Smith, Miss Nellie M.

Box 22
Social Security
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (M.J.A. Bertin)
Soroptimist Club
South Tyrol
State Department: miscellaneous correspondence
State Department: releases
Stevenson, Adlai Ewing
Stevenson, Adlai Ewing: interview
Stix, Mrs. S.L.
Stowe, Mr. Leland
Summary: Mms English-Spanish
Sutro, Mrs. Lionel
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Swarthmore College
Swope, Mrs. Gerard

Box 22a
S Miscellaneous
S Paid bills

Box 23
Taft, Senator Robert A.
Talley, Mrs. Dora Alexander
Taxes paid
Taylor, Mrs. Mercedes De U.
Texas centennial
Texas Company, The
Thomas, Norman
Tomlinson, Mrs. G.H.
Tone, Mrs. Gertrude Franchot
Toppin, Mrs. James
Tour arrangements
President Harry Truman: addresses; comments
Truman, President and Mrs. Harry

Box 24
Trump, Marjoie
Typewriters and typing set
Tydings, Senator Millard E.
T: miscellaneous
T: paid bills
Union De Mujeres Americanas (UMA)
United Fruit Company (Samuel Zemurray and A.A. Pollan)
United Nations: correspondence, 1949-1957
United Nations information
United Nations: introductions, etc.
United Nations: Paris, 1951
United Nations Assembly in Paris: 1948
United Nations General Assembly: letters to/from Mary Gertrude Fendall, 1948
United States Representatives
United States Senators
U: miscellaneous
U: paid bills

Box 25
Vallance, William Roy
Van Cott, Mrs. Ella Q.
Van Starkenbourgh, Mrs. Tjarda
Vandenberg, Senator
Van Der Veer, Mr. McClellan (Birmingham Age-Herald)
Vernon, Mabel: articles about
Vernon, Mabel: articles about
Vernon, Mabel: birthday greetings
Vernon, Mabel: expense account, 1950-1951, 1953-1954
Vernon, Mabel: expense account, 1947-1949
Vernon, Mabel: family history
Vernon, Mabel, 1934-1935
Vernon, Mabel, 1936
Vernon, Mabel, 1937-1938

Box 26
Vernon, Mabel, 1939
Vernon, Mabel, 1940-1951
Vernon, Mabel: miscellaneous
Vernon, Mabel - personal letters [2 folders]
Vernon, Mabel: personal reference material
Vernon, Mabel: statements
Vertical File Service
Veteran's Organizations
Villard, Oswald Garrison
V: miscellaneous
V: paid bills
Walters, W.J.
Warburg, Mrs. Felix M.

Box 27
Wellborn, Mary Moss
Welles, Sumner
Welles, The Honorable Sumner, 1936-1939
Welles, The Honorable Sumner, 1940-1961
White, John W.
White, Sue
Whitney Foundation (William C.)
Whittemore, Mrs. W. Nelson
Wier, Miss Louise
Wilde, Mrs. J. Ernest (Mary Almena Gray)
Wiley, Anna Kelton
Williams, Dr. Mary Wilhelmine
Wold, Emma
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Woman's Society of Christian Service

Box 28
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; form material
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; correspondence
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1954
Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Box 29
Wooley, Mary E [box 3A]
Wooley, Mary E. [box 3B]
Wooley, Mary E. [file 1]
Wooley, Mary E [file 4]
Wooley, Mary E.: correspondence, 1936 (January) - 1937 (August) [2 folders]

Box 30
World Constitution
Worldover Press
World Woman's Party
Wright, Miss Alice Morgan
W: miscellaneous [2 folders]
W: paid bills
Young Women's Christian Association
Yale University Library
Y: miscellaneous
Zeigen, Ethel Harris
Zilboorg, Mrs. Gregory
Zonta International


Box 1

Latin America: newspapers
Latin American - U.S. relationship
Argentina: Bolívar, Sra. Angela de Carvajel Y Márquez de
Argentina: Comité Cultural Argentino
Argentina: Fuselli, Srta. Anelica
Argentina: Irogoyen, Srta. Susana Perez, Buenos Aires
Argentina: Jimenez, Sra. Maximina Olmos de
Argentina: Paz, Jorge A. Verde
Weddell, Ambassador Alexander W.
Argentine material
Bolivia: Nunez del Prado, Srta. Marina
Bolivia: references Brazil
Brazil: Aranha, His Excellency Oswalda (Rio de Janeiro)
Brazil: Caffery, Ambassador Jefferson
Brazil: Fonseca, Sra. Lucia de Paula (Rio de Janeiro)
Brazil: Gammon, Mrs. S.R.
Brazil: Lutz, Miss Bertha
Brazil: Mendonca, Dona Anna Amelia C. de
Canal Zone

Box 2
Chile [2 folders]
Chile: Byxbee, Sra. Stella Ch. de
Chile: Espinosa, Olga Pablete de
Chile: Harrison, Alfredo A.
Chile: Marchan, Sr. M. Salas
Chile: the press (newspapers, journalists, etc.)
Chile: Statement of the President of
Chile on the armaments race in Latin America
Chile: Rivera, Srta. Maria M.
Chile: Vergara, Sr. Mario
Chile: Walker-Linares, Dr. Francisco
Chile: White, Sra. Delia Rojas de
Colombia: Bogotá Conference [2 folders]
Columbia: Florez, Sr. Ernesto A.

Box 3
Colombia: Gomez-Vega, Srta. Paulina
Colombia: Union Femenina de Columbia
Colombia: Urueta Mendez, Sr. Ramon
Costa Rica
Costa Rica: Chacón, Sra. Angela Acuña -- citation
Costa Rica: Chacón, Sra. Angela Acuña
Costa Rica: Clays, Madame. Yvonne
Costa Rica: newsclippings
Costa Rica: Reyes Calderon, Srta. Consuelo
Costa Rica: Reyes Calderon, Srta. Consuela -- personal
Cuba [2 folders]
Cuba: Bustamente, Sr. Antonio S. de
Cuba: González, Sra. Elena Maderos de
Cuba: Lujan, Sra. Dulce M. Borrero de
Cuba: Moreno, Sr. Dr. Don Enrique Guiral
Cuba: Upmann, Sra. Maria Dolores Machin de
Dominican Republic

Box 4
Ecuador, Republic of
Ecuador and Peru
Ecuador: Castillo, Sr. Dr. Abel Romeo
Ecuador: Lafronte, Sra. Rosa Huerta de Viteri (Quito)
Ecuador: Levi, Dr. and Mrs. Roberto
Ecuador: Levi Castillo, Piedad
Ecuador: Lewis, Miss Ellen B.
Ecuador: earthquake relief, 1949
Ecuador: El Telégrafo
Ecuador: Velazco-Galdos, Srta. Adelaida
Ecuador: Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. F.L. (Ecuadorian Corporation, Ltd.)
El Salvador
Guatemala: Doninelli, Madame. Aída

Box 5
Honduras: Blanco, Sr. Francisco J.
Honduras: Medina, Sra. Lucila Gamero de
Honduras: Miralda, Sra. Paca Navas de
Honduras: Mondragon, Srta. Rosinda
Mexico: Mexican Conference
Mexico: Castillo Ledón, Sra. Amalia
Mexico: Kiel, Sra. Clemencia Ostos de
Mexico: Obregón Santacilia, Sra. Adeal Formoso and Dra. Romero
Mexico: Padilla, Sr. Lic. Ezequiel
Mexico: Padilla Nervo, Dr. Luis
Mexico: Ramírez, Srta. Guadalupe and María Elena
Mexico: Reyes, Sr. Alfonso
Mexico: Saavedra, Srtas. Alicia Y Esther
Mexico: Torre G., Srta. Rosa
Mexico: Zilboorg, Mr. and Mrs. James
Nicaragua: Aguerri, Sra. Josefa T. de
Nicaragua: Zapata, Srta. Maria Cristina

Box 6
Peru: Garcia Y Garcia, Srta. Elvira
Peru: Larco Herrera, Sr. Rafael
Peru: Naranjo, Sra. Anita Fernandini de
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico: Amadeo, Srta. Teresa
Puerto Rico: Ramos, Srta. Luz M.Uraguay
Venezuela: Rincones, Srta. Yvonne Gonzaulez (Caracas)

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