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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Dispatch News Service International
Dispatch News Service International Records
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DG 108

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Dispatch News Service International (DNSI), was formed in Saigon in 1968 by Michael Morrow and other free-lance writers to give Westerners a deeper understanding of the people, problems, and cultures of Asia. The Washington, D.C. office opened 1969 and focused on news of Indochina, Southeast and East Asia, and Latin America. DNSI suspended operations March 1973.

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Gift of Richard Berliner, Dispatch News Service, 1977
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This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was created by Andrew Ciampo, August 2009.
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Historical Background
Dispatch News Service International (DNSI), was formed in Saigon in 1968 by Michael Morrow and other free-lance writers to give Westerners a deeper understanding of the people, problems, and cultures of Asia. The Washington, D.C. office opened 1969 and focused on news of Indochina, Southeast and East Asia, and Latin America. DNSI suspended operations March 1973.

Collection Overview
Items removed:
Photos and negatives were removed to the Photograph Collection. The negatives have been scanned and may be viewed here.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 (paige box)
Index of 1972 news stories
Article list, 1971-1973
Articles: 102-106, 1971
Articles: 109-139, 1971
Articles: 140-169, 1971
Articles: 170-198, 1971
Articles: 199-229, 1971
Articles: 230-259, November 26, 1971 - January 25, 1972
Articles: 260-303, January 26, 1972 - April 3, 1972
Articles: 304-338, April 4, 1972 - May 31, 1972
Articles: 339-368, June 1, 1972 - June 30, 1972
Articles: 369-401, July 2, 1972 - July 31, 1972
Articles: 402-425, August 2, 1972 - September 6, 1972
Articles: 426-449, September 7, 1972 - October 15, 1972
Articles: 450-475, October 17, 1972 - November 29, 1972
Articles: 476-495, November 30, 1972 - January 22, 1973
Articles: 496-520, January 23, 1973 - March 9, 1973
Originals [two folders]
Miscellaneous articles
Alternative Features Service articles

Box 2 (paige box)
Burgess [two folders]
Everingham [five folders]
Erhart, Crystal
Erhart, Stephen
Fox and Dinh: Nguyen Thai Binh
Howell, Barbara
Howell, Haney
Howell, Leon
Luce [two folders]
Marlowe [two folders]

Box 3 (paige box)
McAllister [one folder and one envelope]
Morrow, Christine
Morrow, Michael [six folders]
Norton [two folders]
Pacific News Service

Box 4 (paige box)
Singer [two folders]
To read - Berliner
Miscellaneous photos [removed]
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Press
Daily Iowan
Dayton Daily News
Detroit News
Herlad (New York City)
Information (Denmark)
Miami Herald
Milford Citizen
Milwaukee Journal
Minneapolis Tribune
Le Monde
Montreal Star
New York Post
New York Times
La Opinion
Pawtucket Times
Philadelphia Bulletin
Rocky Mountain News
Saint Louis Post Dispatch
Seattle Times
Sydney Morning Herald
Toronto Globe
Printed articles - miscellaneous, June, 1970 - October, 1971
Printed articles - miscellaneous, 1970-1972
Printed articles - miscellaneous, 1971-1972
Printed articles, March, 1972
Printed articles, April, 1972
Printed articles, May, 1972
Printed articles, June, 1972
Printed articles, June - July, 1972
Printed articles, July, 1972
Printed articles, August, 1972
Printed articles, September, 1972
Printed articles, October, 1972
Printed articles, November, 1972
Printed articles, December, 1972
Published articles, 1970
Published articles, 1971
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 1, 1968-1969
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 2, 1969
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 3, 1969
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 4, 1969
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 5, 1969
Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle, volume 6, 1969-1970
Clippings from National Catholic Reporter, volume 1, 1968-1969
Clippings from National Catholic Reporter, volume 2, 1969
Clippings from National Catholic Reporter, volume 3, 1969
Clippings from National Catholic Reporter, volume 4, 1969-1970
Clippings from National Catholic Reporter, volume 5, 1970

Box 5 (paige box)
Clippings from Seattle Times, volume 1, 1968-1969
Clippings from Seattle Times, volume 2, 1969
Clippings from Seattle Times, volume 3, 1969
Clippings from Seattle Times, volume 4, 1969
Clippings from World Outlook, volume 1, 1969
Clippings from Washington Post, volume 1, 1968
Clippings from The Houston Post and Los Angeles Times, volume 1, 1969
Clippings from Vietnam Round-Up, volume 1, 1968-1969
Clippings from The Guild Reporter, volume 1, 1969
Miscellaneous correspondence with Richard Berliner
Engage/social action
Miscellaneous clippings, 1968-1971
Miscellaneous clippings, 1971 [two folders]
Miscellaneous clippings, October, 1971
Miscellaneous clippings, November, 1971
Miscellaneous clippings, December, 1971
Miscellaneous clippings, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, January, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, February, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, March, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, April, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, May, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, June, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, July, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, August, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, September, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, October, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, November, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, December, 1972
Miscellaneous clippings, January, 1973
Miscellaneous clippings, February, 1973
Clippings by Mike Morrow
Clippings by Seymour M. Hersh
Dispatch promotional brochure
Dispatch newletters
Dispatch weekly and bi-weekly releases, August 10, 1970 - August 30, 1971
College Press Service publications, 1971-1972
Secretarial position applications
Credentials - general
Promotion trip - midwest, March, 1972
Burgess/Morrow - Steel Tiger story
Addresses to record
Newspaper list and addresses
Mailing list

Box 6 (paige box)
Memo, June, 1972
Memo, October, 1972
Memo, November, 1972
Memo, December, 1972
Memo, January, 1973
Memo, February, 1973
Subscriber letter, March, 1973
Letter to writers, March, 1973
Copyright information
Apprenticeship program
List of newspapers
Dispatch information [two folders]
Employee applications for secretarial position
Filing system
Newspaper/magazine address list
Possible subscription queries
Record of telex sent to newspapers
Miscellaneous alternative correspondence
"Alternative media" list
Alternative Feature Service
Alternative News Service
Anchorage Daily News
Baltimore Sun
Bangkok Post
Beacon Journal
Birmingham Post Herald
Boston Globe
Brooklyn Today
Capital Times
Chicago Sun Times
Christian Science Monitor
College Press Service
Community News Service (alternative) [two folders]
Durham Cooperative News Service (alternative)
Earth News (alternative)
Harrisburg Independent Press (alternative)
Hobbitt Press Service (alternative)
Last Post (alternative)
The Latin American Service (alternative)
NC News (alternative)
Pacific News Service (alternative)
Religious News Service (alternative)
Rolling Stone
Stern Magazine
War/Peace Report
Washington Monthly
WIN Magazine
Zodiac (alternative)
Zoo World News Service (alternative)
Community papers: correspondence
Marc Lindenberg
Harper & Row
Columbia Broadcasting System news research
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Miscellaneous magazines
Magazines - initial approaches
Business in Thailand
Harper's Magazine
Journal of Contemporary Asia
Life Magazine
Look East
New Scientist
New York Review
Paris Match
Petroleum News
Time Magazine
Rejected articles
Stein cartoon
Miscellaneous writers
Asian Reports, February 7, 1972 - March 20, 1972
Dispatch News Service International articles [two folders]

Box 7 (paige box)
Miscellaneous clippings and Dispatch News Service International index
Articles by Michael Morrow
Articles by D.E. Ronk [two folders]
Articles by Fred Branfman
Miscellaneous articles (Hanlon and Coburn)
Miscellaneous [two folders]
Miscellaneous published articles
Published Dispatch articles [two folders]
Fund-raising packet and Lavelle post story
Dispatch News - original clippings of published articles
Financial statement: Allman
Financial statement: Bascynskyj
Financial statement: Beck
Financial statement: Benoit
Financial statement: Berger
Financial statement: Brewster
Financial statement: Brown
Financial statement: Burgess
Financial statement: DeMartino
Financial statement: Everingham
Financial statement: Fineberg
Financial statement: Fox
Financial statement: Freelance writers
Financial statement: Galston
Financial statement: Gorman
Financial statement: Hickey
Financial statement: Hopkins
Financial statement: Howell, Barbara
Financial statement: Howell, Leon
Financial statement: Jenkins
Financial statement: Johnstone
Financial statement: Jones
Financial statement: Kagen
Financial statement: Kee
Financial statement: Lawton
Financial statement: Lens
Financial statement: Marcus
Financial statement: Marr
Financial statement: McLellan
Financial statement: Morrow
Financial statement: Norton
Financial statement: Palling
Financial statement: Purnell
Financial statement: Radford
Financial statement: Ratner
Financial statement: Rivera
Financial statement: Ronk
Financial statement: Schmidt
Financial statement: Signer
Financial statement: Sodei
Financial statement: Troute
Financial statement: Unger
Financial statement: Washington Office Personnel
Financial statement: West
Financial statement: Zuckerman
IBM lease
Business with Singer
Redress mailing responses
Riggs National Bank - deposit slips
Meeting, July 28, 1972
American Freedom from Hunger/Joe Kimmins
American Report/Clergy and Laymen Concerned
Fund for Investigative Journalism - Thai air bases
Committee of Responsibility
Institute of Policy Studies
The Fund for Peace
Fund for Peace Proposal
Fundraising [two folders]
Bloch, Stuart
Manning - expenses
Weekly Asian releases
Newsletter subscriptions

Box 8 (paige box)
Source Catalog
Mailing forms
Asian Reports
Replies from Asian Reports subscribers
Correspondents' mailing labels
Rifkin/People's Bicentennial Commission
Stern, Philip
Stern advertisement campaign
Dispatch News Service International budget, 1972-1973
Fundraising, 1972
IRC - contributors' list, October 23, 1972
Newsletter address lists
Proposed budgets
Information about Dispatch, April 1972
Promotional ideas
Mailing addresses for dailies, weeklies, and bi-weeklies
Promotion letters
Money contracts
Boyd, Tom
Swift, Steve
Unpaid accounts
Fundraising packet - financial plan
Fundraising packet - correspondents' bias
Fundraising packet - form letter [two folders]
Subscription forms for Harrisburg tape
Mailing list, March, 1972
Dispatch health plan
Manning - legal
Bernstein, Carol
Patterson, Alicia
Thompson, Betty
National Council Churches of Christ - John Mullen
Business with Ginn's
International Voluntary Services
Promotion - prospective mailing lists [two folders]
Promotion - Asian Reports prospective mailing list
Advertising information
Advertising service
Latin American contact
Bi-weekly releases promotional brochure, 1971
Trans World Airlines
Victor- adding machine
Financial statement: Allen, Ed
John Zeigler, Incorporated and Cause advertising
Dispatch memo, June, 5, 1971
Stern Community Law Firm/Stern Concern
Miscellaneous correspondence
College promotion brochure, 1971-1972
Subscriptions paid

Miscellaneous clippings
Foreign visa requests
Press cards
Memo, November, 1971 - December, 1971
Memo, June, 1970 - September, 1971
Air Force Magazine
Atlanta Journal
Carolina Plain Dealer
Newspapers/magazines correspondence
Newspapers/magazines correspondence
Correspondence - Dagbladet (Norway)
Replies to mailing, March, 1972
Memo, January, 1972
Memo, March, 1972
Memo, April, 1972
Miscellaneous brochures, 1971
Correspondence: San Francisco Chronicle
Correspondence: Washington Star
Correspondence: West Bend News
Correspondence: WRVR Radio
Correspondence: Washington Post
Correspondence: Community Papers
Correspondence: Miscellaneous dailies
Weeklies: address list and Master Card
Correspondence: Alternative Industries
Correspondence: American Report
Correspondence: Anvil
Correspondence: All You Can Eat
Correspondence: The Bird/Atlanta
Correspondence: Chinook
Correspondence: Commission for World Justice and Peace (Detroit)
Correspondence: D.C. Gazette
Correspondence: Engage
Correspondence: Far Eastern Economic Review
Correspondence: Fellowship Magazine
Correspondence: Guardian
Correspondence: International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace: Vietnam International
Correspondence: The Issue
Correspondence: LA Free Press
Correspondence: LA News Advocate
Correspondence: Lancaster Independent Press
Correspondence: Lightning
Correspondence: Media News Syndicate
Correspondence: Military Law Office
Correspondence: Mockingbird
Correspondence: Nation
Correspondence: National Catholic Reporter
Correspondence: New Wave
Correspondence: North Country
Correspondence: Peach
Correspondence: Phoenix
Correspondence: Review
Correspondence: Scher, Mark

Box 9 (paige box)
Correspondence: Shellum, Bernie
Correspondence: Space City!
Correspondence: Strait
Correspondence: Taxicab Times
Correspondence: Terrill, Ross
Correspondence: Vermont Freeman
Correspondence: War/Peace Report
United Nations Liberation Front/Sweeden
College Press Service - Dispatch PNS
Correspondence: College Subscribers
College Subscriber list
College paper address list
Correspondence: Chronicle (Duke)
Correspondence: Cornell Daily Sun
Correspondence: Daily Illini
Correspondence: Highlander
Correspondence: University of North Carolina
Miscellaneous correspondence: radio
Radio - Angela Davis promotion, March 10, 1972
Radio mailing lists
Harrisburg radio subscribers
Pacifica Radio
National Public Radio
Miscellaneous information regarding radio
KGW Radio
WNCR Radio
Dispatch video
Environmental Protection Agency Newsphoto
Glad Day Press
Specialized Distribution
American Friends Service Committee
Congressional Quarterly
Consumer groups
Chicago Area Group on Latin America
Cornell Library
Fourth Estate
Indochina Education Council
North American Congress on Latin America
National Council of Churches (Boyd Lowry)
National Action/Research on the Military Industrial Complex
Project Dialogue
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Parade Magazine
Radical Information Project
San Juan Star
The Trumpet
War/Peace Report
Village Voice
Worcester Gazette
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars
The Writer
Coalition on National Priorities
Des Moines Register & Tribune
Korea Project
Legal forms
Columbia Broadcasting System
Material for News Service
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars
Report on activities at Tan Son Nhut
International Voluntary Service
Miscellaneous correspondence
White House press credentials
Legal counsel
News service addresses
Legal: contract forms
Office - design and upkeep
Office equipment
Overseas press club
Post information
Telex messages
Telex business
Video project
Western Union file
Writers' queries, 1971-1972
Correspondence: Ackland, Len
Correspondence: Alinun, Ali
Correspondence: Allen, Ed
Correspondence: Allman, T.D.
Correspondence: Aronson, Henry
Correspondence: Atkins, Jim
Correspondence: Baczynskyj, Boris
Correspondence: Barton, Dave
Correspondence: Beck, Christopher
Correspondence: Benoit, Charles
Correspondence: Berger, Michael
Correspondence: Blum, Jim
Correspondence: Boggett, Dave
Correspondence: Borrell, John
Correspondence: Boyle, Richard
Correspondence: Brewster, David
Correspondence: Brown, J.J.
Correspondence: Brown, Mark
Correspondence: Brown, R.M.
Correspondence: Bruch, Jack
Correspondence: Carlos, Newton
Correspondence: Cavalerie, Daniele
Correspondence: Cell, Chuck
Correspondence: Champlin, John
Correspondence: Chatlopadhyay, B.
Correspondence: Cherry, Benjamin
Correspondence: Cowper, Steve
Correspondence: Coyne, John
Correspondence: Crettier, Charles
Correspondence: Custers, Peter
Correspondence: Damer, Sean
Correspondence: Deborah, Davis
Correspondence: Delgado, Oscar
Correspondence: Dinges, John
Correspondence: Dinh, Tran Van
Correspondence: Doner, Rick
Correspondence: Donaldson, Dr. Peter
Correspondence: Doob, Peter
Correspondence: Dorland, Doug
Correspondence: Eastin, Crystal
Correspondence: Ellis, Vicki
Correspondence: Erhart, Crystal
Correspondence: Erhart, Steve
Correspondence: Everingham, John
Correspondence: Fenley, Linda
Correspondence: Fineberg, Richard
Correspondence: Fisher, George

Box 10 (paige box)
Correspondence: Fitzgerald, Joan
Correspondence: Fox, Jeanne
Correspondence: Fox, Richard
Correspondence: Fox, Tom
Correspondence: Galeano, Eduardo
Correspondence: Galston, Arthur
Correspondence: Gatins, Joseph
Correspondence: Gerrand, Jim
Correspondence: Gilpin, Susan
Correspondence: Gittings, John
Correspondence: Goldstone, Anthony
Correspondence: Gorman, Ian
Correspondence: Graeb, John
Correspondence: Griffin, Carl
Correspondence: Gutierrez, Pedro
Correspondence: Haas, Anthony
Correspondence: Haase, David
Correspondence: Hackler, Tim
Correspondence: Hadji-Ristik, Petar
Correspondence: Hall, Bob
Correspondence: Halliday, Fred
Correspondence: Hamilton, Peter
Correspondence: Hanson, Richard
Correspondence: Hickey, Conn
Correspondence: Higgins, James
Correspondence: Hopkins, Alfred
Correspondence: Howell, Haney
Correspondence: Howell, Leon
Correspondence: Hughey, Ann
Correspondence: Johnson, Peter
Correspondence: Johnstone, Diana
Correspondence: Jones, Diane
Correspondence: Kagen, Richard
Correspondence: Kee, Jeffrey (Sng Hup)
Correspondence: Kiely, Jane
Correspondence: King, Ken
Correspondence: Lathom, Vicki
Correspondence: Leiken, Robert
Correspondence: Lens, Sydney
Correspondence: Lifschultz, Larry
Correspondence: Luce, Don [two folders]
Correspondence: Manawis, Emer
Correspondence: Manson, Bill
Correspondence: Marcus, Joe
Correspondence: Marlowe
Correspondence: Maslow, Jonathan
Correspondence: McAllister, Desmond
Correspondence: McClellan, Vin
Correspondence: McCoy, Al
Correspondence: McDonald, Angus
Correspondence: Mendelsohn, Allan
Correspondence: Moeran, Brian
Correspondence: Moreau, Ron
Correspondence: Morris, David
Correspondence: Morrow, Christine
Correspondence: Morrow, Michael [four folders]
Correspondence: Newton, Harris
Correspondence: Nicholson, Joe
Correspondence: Niederman, Sharon
Correspondence: Norton, Rubert
Correspondence: Orantes, Isaac
Correspondence: Palling, Bruce
Correspondence: Payer, Cheryl
Correspondence: Peagam, Norman
Correspondence: Pearson
Correspondence: Perrot, Dominique
Correspondence: Petersen, Chris
Correspondence: Pillai, M.G.G.
Correspondence: Porter, Mark
Correspondence: Porter, Pat
Correspondence: Pritchard, Chris
Correspondence: Quinn, Tom
Correspondence: Radford, Jeff
Correspondence: Rivera, Larry
Correspondence: Roberts, John
Correspondence: Ronk, Don
Correspondence: Schleiffer, Diana
Correspondence: Schmidt, Susie
Correspondence: Schmuecker, Mike
Correspondence: Seuanez, Hector
Correspondence: Shaffer, Robert
Correspondence: Shanks, Herschel
Correspondence: Shapleigh, Alexander
Correspondence: Signer, Ethan
Correspondence: Singh, Pakir
Correspondence: Smith, Peter
Correspondence: Snow, Bob
Correspondence: Sodei, Rinjiro
Correspondence: Solowey, Fred
Correspondence: Spragens, John
Correspondence: Stein, Ed
Correspondence: Stein, George
Correspondence: Stentzel, Jim
Correspondence: Stork, Joe
Correspondence: Thayer, Carl
Correspondence: Thorpe, Norman
Correspondence: Trautman, Kathleen
Correspondence: Trenbath, Lauren
Correspondence: Troute, Dennis
Correspondence: Unger, Jonathan
Correspondence: West, Phil
Correspondence: Whang, Roy
Correspondence: White, Christine [two folders]
Correspondence: Wideman, Bernard
Correspondence: Wiggins, Jim
Correspondence: Williams, Wha
Correspondence: Wilson, T. Hunter
Correspondence: Wolf, Lou
Correspondence: Zekrya, Mir
Correspondence: Zubryn, Emil
Correspondence: Zuckerman, Ed
Article about John Dornbierer

Box 11 (paige box)
Womens Liberation Writers
Newspapers/magazines, 1970-1971
General correspondence, 1970-1971
News letter news service: addresses, letters, continuing financial statements, 1970-1971
Correspondence: domestic writers, 1971
Incoming correspondence, Dispatch staff: volume I, February, 1970 - October, 1970
Incoming correspondence, Dispatch staff: volume II, October, 1970 - February, 1971
Outgoing correspondence, Dispatch staff: volume I, March, 1970 - December, 1970
General correspondence, 1971 [two folders]
Freelance writers, 1971
Chronological correspondence, February, 1972 - April, 1972
Chronological correspondence, May, 1972 - July, 1972
Chronological correspondence, July, 1972 - August, 1972
Chronological correspondence, August, 1972 - October, 1972
Morrow-Howell manuscript
Miscellaneous correspondence

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