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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament Records
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DG 147

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In 1986 six hundred people marched across the United States to demonstrate their opposition to the world-wide nuclear arms race. The march took nine months from California to Washington, D.C. The marchers wrote: "we will create a non-violent focus for positive change; the imperative being that nuclear weapons are politically, socially, economically and morally unjustifiable, and that, in any number, they are unacceptable." The GPM was also a traveling intentional and communal society.

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Gift of Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament; and others [See list of donors and accession information]
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Processed and checklist prepared by Martha P. Shane (January 1989); updated by Wendy E. Chmielewski 1990; this version of finding aid created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, October 2009.
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Archved Great Peace March Web Sites
These web sites were created by the "alumnae" of the 1986 Great Peace March. The sites cover GPM activities since the march. The World Wide Web did not exisit in 1986 when the GPM took place. Beginning in 2002 the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archives (IA) cached theGPM's web site. Please check both URLs listed as there are some each may list different dates on which web sites were saved.

The links are provided here for the convenience of researchers interested in the history of the GPM's web presence. The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has no control over the web sites or how they are saved by IA.

Dates of web sites marked with an * indicate a change in that site from the last saved web site.


Historical Background
The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament evolved from another peace effort, PRO-Peace (DG 152 in SCPC). Formally organized on April 2, 1985, by David Mixner of Los Angeles, California, PRO-Peace envisioned raising $20,000,000 to send 5000 marchers 3000 miles eastward to Washington D.C. The march departed from Los Angeles on March 1, 1986, with only 1200 participants and a fraction of the needed monies in hand. The marchers soon began to realize that the collapse of PRO-Peace was imminent and some began to organize a new structure to take its place. On March 14, while camped near Barstow, California, they received word from David Mixner that PRO-Peace no longer existed. Many marchers departed but those who remained incorporated on March 19 into the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. A home office was established in Santa Monica, California, and financial aid was received from individuals and organizations, including the Peace Development Fund and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

The GPM, also known as Peace City and now numbering approximately 600, resumed its eastward walk on March 28. Its governance and organizational structure adapted to meet its evolving needs. Marchers assumed volunteer jobs, replacing the highly structured and paid PRO- Peace network, and a Policy Board began the task of governing. A City Council soon replaced the Policy Board with decisions made preferably by concensus. The Board of Directors was enlarged from three to seven members and a Judicial Board oversaw resolution of disputes and disciplinary problems among marchers. Three City Managers, one for each of the tent cities, plus department heads, formed an Operations Council. Mayor Diane Clark represented Peace City at ceremonial occasions as the GPM made its way across the United States.

Many departments and task forces were created to carry on the work of the March. These included the Community Interaction Agency which planned outreach events with communities the March passed through, the Field Department which later merged with the C.I.A., Education (Peace Academy) which worried about school for the children on the March as well as issue-oriented speeches for marchers, and Entrance/Exit which handled marcher applications.

A Statement of Purpose was approved with the following preamble "The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament is an abolitionist movement. We believe that great social change comes about when the will of the people becomes focused on a moral imperative. By marching for nine months across the United States, we will create a non-violent focus for positive change; the imperative being that nuclear weapons ar politically, socially, economically and morally unjustifiable, and that, in any number, they are unacceptable. It is the responsibility of a democratic government to implement the will of its people, and it is the will of the people of the United States and many other nations to end the nuclear arms race."

The marchers crossed the United States through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, and arrived in Washington, D.C. on November 14. Concluding ceremonies were held the following day in Meridian Park,followed by speeches in front of the White House, and closing ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial.

Collection Overview
The records of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (GPM) include administrative minutes, departmental working papers, correspondence to and from the marchers, accounts, poetry, art, and songs by marchers, GPM literature including releases, periodicals, a marcher directory, and manuals, as well as memorabilia, photographs, video cassettes, and newsclippings.

Of special significance are the original, chronologically arranged collections of documents found in the City Council Notebooks (SERIES I) where there are C.C. minutes, memos, policies, etc., and the Peace City News Notebooks (SERIES IV) where there are, in addition to the daily newspaper, releases, flyers, correspondence, etc. These original
collections show a correct sequence of events as well as which documents were important to the marchers themselves.

Administrative documents include minutes from the Board of Directors (19 March 1986 - 4 May 1987) and the City Council (13 April 1986 - 6 November 1986), as well as judicial case documents, some of which are restricted for fifty years. Working papers of the departments and task forces include minutes, reports, memos, correspondence, and releases. There is a geographical file with material pertaining to different cities and states through which the GPM marched and marcher applications from the Entrance/Exit Department. There is additional correspondence to and from both the march as a unit and individuals in it.

A literature file contains the flyers, mailings, and other releases distributed by the GPM as well as its periodicals, including the daily Peace City News and a marcher directory, The Silver Thread. Journals, diaries, books, poetry, and songs as well as interviews and surveys give first-hand descriptions of the March. There are newsclippings, photographs, a documentary video cassette titled Just One Step: The Great Peace March (1988), and memorabilia presented to the March by city officials and the blue ribbon signed by marchers and wrapped around the Washington monument at the conclusion of the March.

Miscellaneous papers of Franklin Folsom and a separate series of documents pertaining to events after the March are also among the GPM records.

Correspondents include Allan Affeldt, Coleen Ashly, Daniel Chavez, Diane Clark, Evan Conroy, Ed Fallon, Franklin Folsom, Tom Johnson, Richard Polese, John Records, Mordecai Roth, and Dan Weinshenker.

Items removed:
Oversize documents
-See list of items collected by GPM
- Blue ribbons used in Washington D.C.
-1 banner
Bumper stickers

-1 box of photographs
-39 slides
-360 slides by Khan Mahanm
Audio visual items
- Audio cassettes
-Video recordings (Including movie and out takes, by Cathy Zheutlin)
-Phono disk

-Computer diskettes

Arrangement of Collection
The Great Peace March derived from PRO-Peace (DG 152) so some documents from each group were moved to the other. Chronological order was used except in the Field Department geographical file and among such records as marcher applications where, in both instances, alphabetical order was used.

As discussed in the Scope and Content section, both the City Council Notebooks in SERIES I and the Peace City News Notebooks in SERIES IV are in original order. Much of the other GPM material received by SCPC was neither in notebooks nor in any kind of order. Much of it was subsequently arranged by placing together similar kinds of material, i.e., correspondence, periodicals, art, etc. The departmental origin of many of the working files was unknown.

The correspondence found in SERIES III was found unfiled within the collection. A significant quantity is also found scattered through the working files where it was found.

Franklin Folsom's scrapbooks of newsclippings were not photocopied as was done with the other newsclippings. Some of his papers are not in SERIES VIII but were placed with related material.

Some memorabilia was discarded, particularly souvenirs received along the route which were not peace-related, such as high school yearbooks and frisbees. Most memorabilia is housed in the Oversize section of SCPC.
Photographs and A-V materials are housed separately for conservation purposes. Locations are listed in SERIES IX.

Information about later accessions may be found below.

Detailed Description of the Collection

List of Accessions for the Great Peace March

Material received in accessions 86A-133 through 90A-105 are included in the main Great Peace March finding aid.
Material received in accessions and after unprocessed, but a folder list is included below.

- Peace Development Fund [Acc. 05A-047]
-David Patton [Acc. 10A-034]
-June Thompson [Acc. 10A-092]
-Donna Love [Acc. 11A-054
-Anne Drissel [Acc.2013-034]
Acc. 2015-030
Acc. 2017-026
Acc. 2017-097

Box 1
Statements of Purpose, philosophy
Articles of incorporation
Organization charts, lists, planning documents
Policy Board minutes (March 1986)
Board of Directors
Minutes (March 19, 1986-May 4, 1987)

Box 2
Ballots, tallies, etc.
Candidates' statements
Board of Directors' correspondence
Proposals to Board of Directors
Franklin Folsom's Board of Director's notes
Board of Directors miscellaneous
City Council
Official notebooks with following divisions:
Marcher lists

Box 3
Notes and notebooks of original, handwritten C.C. minutes
Notebook: "Policies of Peace City"
Notebook: Red Town "Comm 1" original minutes

Box 4
Judicial Board
Books 1 and 2: "Judicial Board Notes" (Handwritten minutes, June 9- November 10, 1986)
Requests for hearings
Cases heard and closed
Judicial Board miscellaneous
Policy statements, departmental memos, etc.
Conditions of restrictions for some cases
National Advisory Board


Legal Department
Finance Department
Financial statements and expense information

Box 5
Community Interaction Department (C.I.D. or C.I.A.)
Departmental reports, policies, etc.
Notebook: "Community Interaction Planning"
Questionnaire: "Person on the Street Survey"
Marcher petitions
Lists of endorsers
Form letters of endorsement
Proclamations and welcomes from city officials and others

Other original files that may belong in C.I.D.
Marcher projects
L.I.F.E. (Food Drive)
Girl and Boy Scouts
Blue Ribbon project
Mud Day (Unity Day - Nebraska. See also Geographical file)
Declaration of Life - Plan to Save the Planet Earth
Students for Social Responsibility
"Make a Difference" packet

Box 6 (Half box)
Problems and feelings on the March
Affinity groups
Ethnic/Inner City Interaction
Functional Activity Leads
Issues Background
International Relations
The Peace Wave (splinter group)

Field Department
Policies, reports, and departmental memos
Evaluations of various regional efforts
Volunteer meetings

Box 7
Field Department, (continued)

Geographical files (includes planning documents, releases,
reports, correspondence, memos, miscellaneous)

GPM Itinerary
Colorado, Florida
Illinois (Chicago)
Iowa (Mississippi Peace Cruise - July 30)
Maryland, Michigan
Nebraska (Mud Day, Heartland Peace Pilgrimage)

Box 8
Nevada, New Jersey
New York (New York City)
Ohio (Cleveland, Toledo)
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia)
Utah (Spirit Walk)
Washington D.C.
Minutes: D.C. office meetings
Releases, events, general mailings
Communications from D.C. office
Interfaith Service (November 15)
Department of Energy action (November 17)

Box 9
Fund-raising Department
Policies and reports
Collective Vision (Musical group)
Notebook of procedures, evaluations, etc.
miscellaneous reports and policies
Reports and policies including Keys and Trees Ceremony
Small memorabilia
Town scouting
Marcher for a day
Direct Action Task Force
Religious Task Force
Education Department
Reports and policies
School Project Notebook
Franklin Folsom's folder: "Education, schools, children"
Media Department (Public relations)
Electronic Mail ("Peace Net")

Box 10
Info(rmation) Center
Entrance/Exit Department
Departmental reports and policies
Marcher forms, policies, information
Manuals: Marcher Manual and new marcher orientation pamphlet
Full-time marcher list
"Up to 30 Days" marcher list
Other marcher lists
Marcher Networking Book (Nov. 13, 1986)
Correspondence with applicants
Marcher I.D.s, expense vouchers
Communications Department
Departmental reports, policies, memos, miscellaneous
Computer education
V releases

Box 11
Bulletin board communications
People Power (Work, Jobs)
Logistics Department
Duty officers
Food service
Permits and licenses
Health and safety

Box 12
Route maps (Beginning of GPM-Nov. 15)
Printed itineraries
Peace City scheduling sheets (weekly)
Day schedules
Mail: lists, policies, memos, correspondence, etc.
Women's Collective


Box 13
To and from the GPM
To and from individual marchers
Governmental correspondence
From children

Box 13a
Letters from supporters after the Phil Donahue television show A B C D E-F G

Box 13b
Letters from supporters after the Phil Donahue television show H-I J-K L M (2 folders) N-O

Box 13c
Letters from supporters after the Phil Donahue television show P Q-R S (2 folders) T U-Z

Box 13d
Letters from supporters after the Phil Donahue television show No names Empty envelopes (2 folders)


Box 14
Flyers, mailings, releases (March 1986 - date; undated)

Box 15 (Half box)
Flyers, mailings, releases: Press kits

Box 16
Periodicals: (1986, many scattered)
Peace City News (Daily, April 3-November 21)
Notebooks (includes GPM printed material besides daily paper)

Box 17
Memos, forms, policies, etc.
miscellaneous completed submissions to Peace City News
Morning Roundup (Daily, March 26-August 20)
News from the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament (Weekly, April 9-September 23)
The Paper - A Peace City News Magazine Bi-weekly, cJune 5-September 26)
The Peace City Lampoon, "Humor, Satire, and Other Stuff for Adults" (June 15 and June 24)
The Weekly Peace, "An Info-Comm Publication" (April ? to July 11)
The Peace March Update (Monthly, May 20-November 26)
Greenskeepers (Clubb Hiram. June, July, September)
miscellaneous others
Marcher Directory: The Silver Thread (November 1986)
Updates (1987, 1988)
Alphabetical file of marchers' filled-out forms

Box 18
Alphabetical file of marchers' filled-out forms (continued)


Box 19
Accounts by marchers
List of books available at Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Short accounts by marchers
During the march
After the march
By "Chris" and Connie Fledderjohann
By Franklin Folsom
Tom Johnson's radio reports
Notes of Billy Lieb
Journal of Cynthia McGarvey
By June and Bill Thompson
miscellaneous writings
Statement of Plan, Purpose and Vision for Peace City, a Prospectus, by Susan Larson (May 1986)
Collections by Dale Malleck and Maramis
miscellaneous including:
As the Train Rolls By by Michael Krieger
Road Poems by Frank Sahlem

Box 20

By Guy Colwell
Logo contest
Flyer project
Marcher memorabilia
Translations into Russian
By Franklin Folsom during GPM

Box 21
Connie Fledderjohann's scrapbook: "Interviews with People along the Route of the Great Peace March"
Marcher surveys
"A Great Peace March Community Resource, Opinion and Idea Survey" (March 1986)
"Media Survey"
(Washington) "D.C. Plans Survey Questionnaire"

miscellaneous publicity about individual marchers

Box 22
Completed marcher applications: Alphabetical file and miscellaneous

Box 23
Completed marcher applications (continued) miscellaneous


Box 24
Newspaper clippings
March - June 1986

Box 25
July - November 1986 (and undated)

Box 26 (Half box)
Publicity from other organizations

Box 27
"Great Peace March Scrapbook" by Franklin Folsom and Connie Fledderjohann. (Chronologically ordered newsclippings,
GPM periodicals, and a few releases)


Box 28
Contents of chronological file containing GPM literature, some minutes, notes, etc.
Chronological file folders with dated references to Chris Ball's newsclipping book
Research material for book The Great Peace March by Franklin Folsom and Connie Fledderjohann with Gerda Lawrence (1988)


Plans and proposals for after the march
Official documents about termination of the corporation, disposal of assets, etc.
GPM mailings
miscellaneous notes
Spinoffs from GPM
Collective Vision
Peoples Peace Network
Peace film made by Cathy Zheutlin


Great Peace March [Acc. 86A-133]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 86A-141]
Claire Colfax [Acc. 86A 142]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 86A-145]
Sarah Willner [Acc. 86A-146]
Roger Voelker [Acc. 86A-147]
Roberta Wilson [Acc. 86A-149]
Saafalya (Sara) Banks [Acc. 86A-152]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 86A-155]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 86A-157]
Great Peace March [Acc. 86A-159]
Billy Lieb [Acc. 86A-160]
Rcihard Polese [Acc. 86A-161]

Ed Fallon [Acc. 87A-004]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 87A-009]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 87A-014]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 87A-019]
Sarah Willner [Acc. 87A-025]
Diane Clark [Acc. 87A-027] ?
Great Peace March [Acc. 87A-046]
M.L. Nocross [Acc. 87A-048]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 87A-051]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 87A-054]
Great Peace March [Acc. 87A-060]
Great Peace March [Acc. 87A-065]
Sallie E. Gratch [Acc. 87A-076]
Dan Coogan [Acc. 87A-094]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 87A-106]
Wendy Innis [Acc. 87A-118]
Chris Ball [Acc. 87A-119]
June Thompson [Acc. 87A-133]

Lisa ? [Acc. 88A-007]
Great Peace March [Acc. 88A-011]
Great Peace March [Acc. 88A-013]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 88A-035]
Sarah Willner [Acc. 88A-068]
Dan Weinshenker [Acc. 88A-082]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 88A-101]
Madonna E. Newburg [Acc. 89A-144]

Stephanie Wolf [Acc. 90A-006]
Cathy Zheutlin [Acc. 90A-047]
Franklin Folsom [Acc. 90A-105]

Ocean Tree Books [Acc. 91A-009]
-Peace Like a River
Jane Smiley [Acc. 91A-017]
-Journals written by donor on Great Peace March

Diane Clark [Acc. 97A-039]
Photographs, audio cassette, other miscellaneous GPM material created or collected by donor

[Acc. 01A-052]
-Updates on Great Peace March
Ben Atherton Feron [Acc. 01A-064]
-articles about the Great Peace March, 1986
[Acc. 01A-065]
-email list of Great Peace March participants, 2001

S. Michele McGadde [Acc. 02A-019]

Jacqueline Smith [Acc. 04A-029]
-360 color slides of the Great Peace March, taken by Khan Mahanm
Judy Jones [Acc. 04A-075]
newspaper clippings on the Great Peace March, 1986

Peace Development Fund [Acc. 05A-047] includes Great Peace March financial records
Box 1
GPM Policy and Field Procedures
Not Sent Literature
GPM Marchers Agreements
Joe Broido Management Survey
Office Property/ Ownership
Penguins Flyers
Returned Mail Items
B.O.D. #17
B.O.D. Miscellaneous
GPMfGND Payments
Articles of Incorporation
Contributions, Form letters
NY Event
Employment Commission
Endorsements starting August 1986
German American Peace Pilgrimage
Gimme Shelter Site Info
GPM Continues
B.O.D. #14

Box 2
B.O.D. #7-#11
B.O.D. #12
B.O.D. #13
B.O.D. #15
B.O.D. #16
Dan Weinshenker (Board of Directors)
Collective Vision
B.O.D. #1
B.O.D. #2
B.O.D. #3
B.O.D. #4
B.O.D. #5
B.O.D. #6 and Elections
Denver Public Health Education
Housekeeping and Laundry Lessons and Worksheet
Mirage Editions Contract
Collective Vision Contract
City Council Meeting
Campsites and Dates
City List
GPM Letter to Chernobyl
Cindy Carlson
B.O.D. - Other than Minutes

Box 3
Board Elections- City Council
Bulk Mail Permit
Beth Kaufman
Articles of Incorporation
Bruce’s Info
Abe Boxerman and Contributions
Pro-Peace Speakers Training Handbook
Press List/ Nationwide Master List
Press Listings Nationwide
Evaluation from Public Health
Press Release Originals
Thank You Letter- Original
Utah Dept. of Public Safety

Box 4
Marcher Applications
Talent Bank
Sample of Aluminized Paper/ Photocopying
PeaceNet Printouts
Mayoral Letters/ Philadelphia Logistics
Iowa Evaluation
Miscellaneous GPM
Button Catalog
Letterhead/ Stationery
Letters and Correspondence
Ethnic Outreach
Press Coverage of March

Box 5
Scouting Report
Resource People- Billy’s Phone Lists
Soviet Union Info
Talent Bank List
Miscellaneous Records
Philadelphia Planning
Curriculum Project- Original
Speaking Engagement Forms- All filled out
Sadnah’s Forms
Press Coverage of March [2 folders]
Press Releases
GPM- B.O.D. Mail List
GPM- Peace March of Southern Calif. Grant Request
GPM- Registered Mail Receipts
Gen. Trans. Info
Miscellaneous Records
Miscellaneous Records
Concert Committee Meeting Agenda
Physicians List
Donnely/Colt Info
Vigil Stuff
Super Sunday Info
Mary Pat Kane Articles

Box 6
Peace City News
Terrell Lamb P.R. Letter
GPM Transportation Dept. Vehicle Info
Electronic Mail Received
Community Interaction Department
General Nuclear Info
Chris and Susan’s Media Recap for Philly area
Media Packet
Media Event with March
Media List (Billy Grassie’s)
Driver’s License and Information
Work Schedules
GPM Vehicle List
Truckers Flyer
Ticket Letter
Operating Authority thru States
Accident Reports
Driving Guidelines
Vehicle Registration
Ford Tractor Papers

Box 7
General Peace Group Info
National Info Center- The Great Peace March [3 folders]
Paid Invoices- Philadelphia
Paid Invoices- Ohio
Paid Invoices- Site
Paid Invoices- Pennsylvania

Box 8
Miscellaneous March Material
Art Auction
PAND Letter
New York 4-D Fundraiser
Info Packet List
New York Fundraiser Club Area
Destination Info
Great Peace March General Plan
Media Coverage
Marcher Documents, Destination Documents

Box 9

Consolidated Statements thru January 31 and February 29 (1988)
FYE 1988 Financials
Distribution of Assets, Checks to PDF
Journal Entries
1987 Tax Returns FYE March 31 1988
FYE 1987 Financials
FYE Schedules
Marcher Bank A/C Pennsylvania (Mellon Bank)
December Schedules
January Schedules
February Schedules
March Schedules
Department Charts and Other Miscellaneous 1986 Info
1986 Tax Returns
CT-2 Periodic Report to Attorney General 1986
March 31 Financial Statements 1st Draft
Expense Summaries March 1986-February 1988
Income Summaries March 1986-February 1988
FYE Asset Schedules
FYE Expense Summaries, State Offices
FYE Income Schedules, State Offices
State Office Seed Money Summary
Final Mailing
Final Financial Report
Mail List Info and Appl
January 27 Phone Conference
Closedown Reports
Customer Account Analysis
National A/C - MIA Bank Statements
Bank Recons- Santa Monica
Petty cash count and recons

Box 10
New York Petty cash ledger
1988 Payroll Info
Consulting Fees- 1988
1988 DE43 and W-2s for CA State, Federal 1988 W-2s and W-3s
Employee Pay Records 1987
Consulting Fees 1987
1987 W-2, W-3, DE43
1987 1099s
Completed 1987 W-4s
Allnet #s
Allnet- WATTS Line
Asset Lists
Bank Letter of Authorization
Bank General Info
Budget Info
Accounting Numbers
Copy Machine Rental
Chief of Accounts- Standard
Collective Confusion
Computer Procedures
Correspondence- Chronology
Incoming Correspondence
T-Shirts Darnell Designs
Distribution of Assets
Donation Letters
Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets 1986-1987
US Sprint- Pro-Peace Phone Cards
Unity and Diversity
Utah Fuel Users
To Do List
Silver Thread Proposal (Richard Polese)
Sec. of State- Certification of Good Standing
1988 PA Motor Carrier Road Tax Report

Box 11
Pro-Peace Determination Letter
Policies and Procedures
Nebraskans for Peace
New York State
City of New York Public Solicitation Report
Legal Advice
Loan Deferment Brian G Hoop
Loeb and Loeb
City of Los Angeles – Dept of Social Services
501C3 Determination Letter- IRS
IRS – Employer ID
Allnet #s
Peace Development Fund
PDF Notes from J Broido
Peace Development Fund
Thank Yous
T- Shirts
Type-Writer Information
W-9 Completed Outside Inquiries
Poster Project
Pro- Peace Inc.
GPM Projections
Radiothon Pledge Slips
Record of On-Site Donations August 21-November 14
Donations On-Site Pre August 21

Box 12- Sovran Bank Info and Miscellaneous Items
Sovran Bank Info+ Miscellaneous items
Statements, Payments
Merchandise [5 folders]
Boulder Office [8 folders]

Box 13
Boulder Office [8 folders-continued)
Financial Statements
Policies and Procedures
Daily Cash Count and Reconciliation

Box 14
Campscape November
CIA November
Direct mail November.

Box 15
Illinois Dept. of Revenue Special Fuel Usage
Garden Spot Duplicate Part
Tax Exempt Requests
Franklin Folsom File Writing Project
FTB – 100 ES, 1987
Employer ID Number
Denver Post Credit Problem
Deposit Returned Jequie Park
Director and Officers Compensation
DC Fundraising Report and Vendors License
Communications – J. Records
Correspondence- Incoming
Correspondence- Outgoing
Credits Received
C and P Phone Problem (A/C in Collection)
Copier Concepts Inc.
Street Scene
City of LA General Information Card
Checks Returned to Donors
B.O.D. – Articles of Incorporation
BLM Correspondence
Bulk Mailing Info
AZ Corp Loans
AA Catering
Finance- Ledger Sheets, Field
CIA- Ledger [2 folders]
Inventory Stock
Communications Log
Old Money Envelopes
VW Van

Box 16
Laguna Niguel Office Income Information
DC Office Financial Reports- Date Order
Phone Bills [2 folders]
Miscellaneous Banks and Other Items- DC
Canvass review notes
Canvass records, July
Canvass records, August
Canvass records, September
Canvass records, October
Canvass reports, November
Segal’s fundraising

Box 17
Computer Loan Letters
Merchandise [2 folders]
Cash Disbursement Ledgers
Philadelphia Office Books [2 folders]
Bookkeeping manuals
Letters to Mike, check copies
Financial report forms
By-Laws and corporate records
Financials statements
Finances, September 15 - October 15
In-Kind: summary
In-Kind: donations--mayoral
In-Kind: donations--kitchen
In-Kind: water
In-Kind: CMBC
In-Kind: maintenance
In-Kind: sanitation
In-Kind: education
In-Kind: communications (CMBC)
In-Kind: K - 4/middle school/daycare
In-Kind: diesel propane
In-Kind: others
In-Kind: data processing
In-Kind: medical/dental
In-Kind: from site 8, September - November
Sale of Assets, FYE 1987
Intangible Assets

Box 18
CIA, July
Merchandising, August
Entertainment, June
City council, June
Campscape, June
Day March Receipts (June)
Miscellaneous June Items
Direct Mail Project
June Department Recons. "Site"
June Site Departmental Spreadsheets
June Disbursements [2 folders]
Cash Count Reconciliation, June 2 - July 2 and Transaction Report
June schedules
Ellis insurance
Industrial indemnity
GTE calling cards
Insurance claims
Freeze Voter re: Computer in Balden
Miscellaneous Financial Reports
Financial statements
National In-Kinds

Box 19
Secretary of State (CA)
IRS literature sent
Connie Jenkins Poster Order Slips
LocRad, Inc.
Letter to March
Mid-America sanitation
Merchandise order records [2 folders]
Illinois Bank [2 folders]
Finished receipt sheets
Finished cash disbursement sheets
Receipts [2 folders]
Office Manager Steve Carole
5513-New York
New York Volunteers
New York (Xeroxed checks)

Box 20
Site – March and April Department. Summaries, Check Sequence
Nofare Analysis [2 folders]
CID Closing Material
Miscellaneous notebook
“Collective Confusion”
Miscellaneous information, 1986 (March)
Miscellaneous information, 1986 (April)
Transportation receipts, 1986
Marcher Bank A/C – Ohio
Pennsylvania bank account
Site Account – Washington DC (DC event support)
Miscellaneous data [2 folders]

Box 21
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
March receipts
April receipts
Transportation, November
Tent repair
Sites and permits, November
Iowa regional report
Indiana regional report
Michigan state office
New York regional report
Ohio regional report
Pennsylvania regional report
DC regional report
Colorado regional report
California regional report
Regional offices

Box 22
DC State office financial reports [2 folders]
DC, August 1 - 31
DC, September
July Schedules
Miscellaneous, July
Site department reconciliation
Media, June
Sanitation, June
Medical, June
Site/permit, June
Tent repair, June

Box 23
Transportation, June
Water, June
Diesel and propane, June
Trees and keys, June
Mail, June
Kitchen, June
K - 4, June
Judicial, June-July
Information-comm., June (Department 17)
Greens keepers, June
Finance, June
Entrance/exit, June
Education, June
Duty Officer petty cash
Direct mail, June
Daycare, June
Community interaction, June [2 folders]
Transportation, August
Field, August
Care-a-Van Fundraising
Fundraising (not summarized), August

Box 24
Maintenance, June
Security, August
Cash receipts, October 30 - November 13
Cash receipts, November 13 - end of month
November schedules
Miscellaneous information, November
Cash receipts, November
Propane and diesel, October 1986
Merchandising, October
Field, October
Water, October
Transportation, October
Media, October
Mayoral, October
Maintenance, October 1986
Mail, October

Box 25
Kitchen, October
K - 4, October
Middle School, October
Information center, October
Greens keepers, October
Finance, October
Entrance, October
Education, October
Direct Mail, October
Daycare, October
Duty Officer, October
Iowa financial statement
Paid invoices
Iowa information
July information
Ed Fallon: Iowa account
Indiana finance
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 26
Ohio, financial statement
District office reports, Ohio
Ohio, July - August
Ohio financial report, August 1 - September 12
Ohio, September 13 - October 18
Ohio, October 9 - November 10
Ohio financial statement, November 11 - December 16
Ohio bank records
Pro-Peace Cleaveland: fundraising income
Financial invoices paid by National
Financial invoices to National
Checking account
Daniel B. Keck financial records
The Pittsburgh office [2 folders]

Box 27
Pittsburgh: checking records
Pittsburgh miscellaneous
Water, August
Tent repair, August
Site/permit, August
Sanitation, August
Propane, August
Miscellaneous, August
Medical, August
Media, August
Mayoral, August
Maintenance, August
Mail, August

Box 28
Kitchen, August
K - 4/middle school, August
Information center, August
Greens keepers, August
Finance, August
Entrance/exit, August
Education, August
Duty Officer, August
Direct mail/DP, August
Daycare, August
Community interaction, August
Entertainment department, August
Campscape, August
Board of directors (Dan W.)
August schedules
Site cash receipts, August
Site cash disbursements ledger, August
Site department reconcilitation, August
Miscellaneous information, August
Fundraising spreads/receipts, July
Merchandising, July
Propane, July
Water, July

Box 29
Transportation, July
Tent repair, July
Site/permit, July
Sanitation, July
Medical, July
Media, July
Mayoral, July
Maintenance, July [2 folders]
Mail, July
Kitchen, July
K - 4/middle school, July
Information-comm, July
Greens keepers
Finance, July
Entrance/exit, July
Education, July
Duty Officer petty cash, July
Direct mail, July
Daycare receipts, July
Communications/day march, July
Entertainment, July
Campscape, July
Board of directors, July
Site cash receipts, July
Cash disbursements site, July
Site cash disbursement receipts, July - August

Box 30
Deposit ($11,781.26), January 27, 1987
Deposit ($5,565.39), February 19, 1987
Deposit ($6,002.19), March 4, 1987
Deposit ($4,153.00), March 24, 1987
Deposit ($3,870.00), May 25, 1987
Deposit ($2,190.00), December 19, 1986
Deposit, January 1987
Deposit ($8,874.21), December 24, 1986
Deposit ($12,375.57), December 12, 1986
Deposit ($6,690.33), November 19, 1986
Deposit ($23,347.97), November 7, 1986
Deposit, October 31, 1986
Deposit ($21,068.76), November 19, 1986
Deposit ($21,068.76), November 14, 1986

Box 31
Deposit ($16,496.48), November 4, 1986
Deposit ($20,000.00), November 11, 1986
Deposit ($7,894.53), November 24, 1986
Deposit ($3,686.33), November 21, 1986
Fred Segal
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Stipends--National and consulting fees, 1986
Copies of checks deposited
Checks, 1986 [4 folders]

Box 32
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Open house
German peace march
Bulk mail, post office permit, return mail
Miscellaneous flyers
Petty cash receipts
Finances [2 folders]
First Interstate Bank account number 221-3-16487 (National account) and bank reconciliations
Calculated cash balance
Cash flow analysis
Finances, November
Greens keepers, November
Information center, November
K - 4, November
Kitchen, November
Mail, November
Maintenance, November
Mayoral, November
Media, November
Medical, November

Box 33
Money receipt book
Returned and void checks

Box 34
Checks [2 folders]
First Interstate Bank miscellany
Allen's press clipping
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
George Skalski phone problem (Stan Donovan)
Seed money
Miscellaneous information, 1986
State office notes

Box 35
Petty cash slips
Water, November
Diesel/propane, November
Merchandise, November
Fundraising, November
Contributions [2 folders]
Xeroxed checks
Internal receipts
Receipt books, 1986 (September-November)
Bills, checks, payments

Box 36
Paid invoices
Wire transfer
First Interstate Bank account--Laguna signature cards
National cash disbursements, 1986 (May) - 1987 (March 30)
Early May petty cash receipts and summary
Receipts from petty cash
Petty cash--Santa Monica (unspread), April 1986
Petty cash--Laguna Niguel (National), 1986 (March-May)
Bulk mail

Box 37
Financial statements
Work orders--Sharp
Work orders--Lorna
Money receipts

Box 38
Money receipts

Box 39
Xeroxed checks, 1986 [7 folders]

Box 40
Xeroxed checks, 1986 [2 folders]
Checks, receipts, 1986 [3 folders]

Box 41
Contributions [2 folders]
Checks, receipts, 1986

Box 42
Board of directors, March-April
City council, March-April
Campscape, March-April
Kitchen, March-April
Maintenance, March-April
Media, March-April
Medical, March-April
Sanitation, March-April
Site permit, March-April
Advance, March-April
Department 036, March-April
Water, March-April
Department summaries: general ledger internal
Miscellaneous information, May 1986
Campscape tent repair, May
Duty Officer petty cash, May
Education, May
Greens keepers, May
Infocom, May
Daycare/K - 4, May
Kitchen, May
Mail, May

Box 43
Maintenance, May
Media, May
Medical, May
Sanitation, May
Site/permit, May
Water, May
Advance, May
Transportation, May
Cash disbursements

Box 44
Money receipts
Departmental journal of balances--"Déjabu"
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Tent repair, October 1986
Medical, October 1986
Miscellaneous, October 1986
Sanitation, October 1986
September schedules
Miscellaneous information, September 1986
Cash receipts, September
Reconciliations, September
Cash disbursements ledger and summary, September
Disbursement receipts

Box 45
Campscape, September
Communications, September
CIA, September
Entertainment, September
Mayoral, September
Media, September
Medical, September
Miscellaneous, September
Sanitation, September
Sites/routes/permits, September
Tent repair, September
Transportation, September
Daycare, September
Direct mail/DP, September
Duty Officer petty cash, September
Education, September

Box 46
Entrance, September
Finance, September
Greens keepers, Septembers
Information Center, September
K - 4/middle school, September
Mail, September
Water, September
Propane and diesel, September
Merchandise, September
Fundraising, September
Maintenance, September
Field, September
Kitchen, September
CIA, October
Communications, October
Campscape, October
Board of Directors, October

Box 47
Site department summaries, September
Board of Directors
October Schedules
Miscellaneous information, October
Budget, October 1986
Cash receipts, October
Summaries, October
Reconciliations, October
Cash disbursements, October
Entertainment, October
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 48
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Reconciliations, November
Monthly summaries
Cash disbursements and reconciliations, November
Articles of incorporation
Miscellaneous [3 folders]

Box 49
New York office
Petty cash receipts
Visitors packet
New York--T-shirts
Great Peace March Benefit Concert, 1986
Washington, DC
Paid invoices--merchandise
Paid invoices (Indiana)
Paid invoices--DC office
Paid invoices (New York) [two folders]
First Interstate Bank: bank signature cards
Financials in date order

Box 50
GPMfGND inventory Santa Monica office
1099 Income schedules, 1986
Policy statements
Post office--claim for missing postal money orders
Statement By Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
Systems flowcharts
Originals of financial statements, 1986
Pro-Peace lease
Open items cleared
New York transport: Greyhound
Bulk mail
Petty cash disbursements
Mary Folsom donations
Bianca t-shirt sales report
New York fundraising

David Patton [Acc. 10A-034]
Box 1 of 1
ProPeace literature and marcher application
Great Peace March newspaper clippings
Community Interaction Department
David Patton's GPM notebooks, 1 and 2
David Patton's GPM notebooks, 3 and 4
David Patton's GPM spiral notebooks:
-Community Interaction Department
-Notebook, 1986 (July 18 - 29)
-Notebook, 1986 (July 29 - August15)
-Notebook, 1986 (August 7-16)
David Patton's small spiral notebook: random notes; Community Interaction Department calendar, 1986 (June - November)

June Thompson [Acc. 10A-092]
Box 1 of 2
Great Peace March Color Photographs

Box 2 of 2 [Acc. 10A-092]
Great Peace March Color Photographs

Donna Love [Acc. 11A-054]
Box 1 of 1
ProPeace Miscellaneous
The Great Peace March of 1986
- Miscellaneous (Part 1)
-Miscellaneous (Part 2)
-Donna Love Files
-Unsorted Articles (Part 1)
-Unsorted Articles (Part 2)
-Articles ( -Feburary)
-Articles ( March- April)
-Articles (May- July)
-Articles (August- September)
-Articles (October- December)

Anne Drissel [Acc. 2013-034]
Box 1 of 2
Pro Peace
Scouting Packet
Organization Chart
Hands Across America- Santa Rosa side trip
Tom Atlee
Peace March Administration
City Council- Minutes & Notes
Board and Election of Officers
Corporate Papers
Correspondence with Anne Drissel

Box 2 of 2 [Acc. 2013-034]
Anne Drissel's Community Interaction Agency Field Operation Journals [2 folders]
Newsletters, Pamphlets and Leaflets
Newspaper Clippings [2 folders]

Acceccsion. 2013-039

Box 1 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
EC. December 1989
Executive Committee 1990
Executive Committee 1992
EC Meeting 1993
EC Meeting 1994
EC Meeting 1995
EC Meeting 1996
1994 EC Budgetary, Fundraising, and Staff Reports
EC/NC Structure

Box 2 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC February 1988
NC Meeting February 14-17, 1992
August 1992 NC Meeting
1992 Press/Eugene Conference
National Conference 1992, Eugene, Oregon
NC Meeting 1993 February
MC Meeting July 1993
NC Meeting May 1994
NC Meeting 1994
NC Meeting 1995 February
NC Meeting July 1996

Box 3 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC February 1996
Summer 1997 NC Meetings
Summer 1998 NC Meetings
WRL NC February 1999
WRL NC Summer 2000
WRL NC Summer 2001
Summer 2002 NC
February 2003 NC
NC 2004
NC Agenda Committee
Packet July 2004

Box 4 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
Robert Reiss
Letters: Posner, Benelle, Digia
Ireland/Northern Ireland
Mediterranean Ocean
The Netherlands
Norway FMK
Poland WIP May 1997
Soviet Union
Vince Roamon, Freeman Internship Evaluation
1992 Annual Dinner
"Songs of Struggle, Songs of Love"
2000 Annual Dinner
Conferences Organizing
Disarmament /Counter-Recruitment Task Force
DC Anti-Draft Meeting May 31, 1980
WRL DRaft/Counter-Recruitment Program 1982

Box 5 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
October 18, 1992
Shutdown Selective Service
Disarmament Task Force minutes 1988-1991
Counter-Recruitment Taskforce 1992
Disarmament Retreat, 1995
Disarmament Task Force, 1996-1997
5 Year Reviews of Disarmament
Disarmament Task Force, misc.
Disarmament Task Force, Summer 1998
Day Without the Pentagon
Day Without the Pentagon 1997-1998
Washington DC Support for WRL 75th Anniversary

Box 6 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
Day Without the Pentagon, 1998
Day Without the Pentagon, speakers at rally
Day Without the Pentagon, DC steering committee
Day Without the Pentagon, collected press clips
Media Proposal for Day Without the Pentagon
Day Without the Pentagon, 1998-Media
Day Without the Pentagon 1998-Listings and Press
Caravan Websites
Day Without the Pentagon-college contracts
Day Without the Pentagon-Permits
Day Without the Pentagon-Park Service Permits
Day Without the Pentagon-Pledge of Nonviolence
Day Without the Pentagon-Bread and Puppet
Day Without the Pentagon-Nonviolence Training
Day Without the Pentagon-Odetta
Day Without the Pentagon-Betty's Flyers
Day Without the Pentagon-Puerto Rican Flyers
Day Without the Pentagon-Staff
Day Without the Pentagon-Tactical Manual
Day Without the Pentagon-Originals
Day Without the Pentagon-Boston
Day Without the Pentagon-October 19th, 1998 Civil Disobedience
Day Without the Pentagon-collage of clips
Day Without the Pentagon-Scenario development
Day Without the Pentagon-mailings
Day Without the Pentagon-NYC

Box 7 of 7 [Acc. 2013-039]
Day Without the Pentagon-press and web coverage
Day Without the Pentagon-Local organizers
Day Without the Pentagon-NYC 339 letter
Day Without the Pentagon-misc
Day Without the Pentagon, 1999 Training Programs
Day Without the Pentagon, 2000
Day Without the Pentagon, NYC 2000
Day Without the Pentagon, dollar bill flyer
Day Without the Pentagon-Alternative Funds

Box 1 of 1 [Acc. 2015-030] and [Acc. 2017-026]
Peace March-press related documents
Manuscripts, Letters, Financial Reports
Liz Matera, newspaper clipping [Acc. 2017-026, all housed with Acc. 2015-030]
News Paper Clippings
Judith Notes/Collection on the March
Silver Thread Directories (Original and Updates)

Box 1 of 2 [Acc. 2017-097]
Biographical information
Great Peace March Newspaper Clippings
October 1-14
October 15-30
November 1-14
November 15-30
Post March

Box 2 of 2 [Acc. 2017-097]
Pro Peace/Writing/Talks
Pro Peace
Press Relations
Pro Peace Prior 1986 (March 01)
Pro Peace Pamphlets
March 1986 (March 14 - 31)
Peace City News
International Peace Walk
D.C. September Onward

Photos and slides removed to photograph collection

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