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Women Strike for Peace
Women Strike for Peace Records
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DG 115

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Women Strike for Peace came into existence on November 1, 1961, as a protest against atmospheric nuclear tests by the U.S. and the Soviet Union. By the late 1980s the national WSP office in Philadelphia closed, but the WSP legislative office and various WSP branches around the U.S. remained active through the 1990s.

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Gift of Donna Allen, Evelyn Alloy, Barbara J. Balaban, Pam Block, Eve B. Carlson, Mary Clarke, Robert Claus, Jean B. Gaede, Hazel Grossman, Rose Hausman, Amy Swerdlow, Phyllis Schmidt, Jean Shulman, Ethel Taylor, Irma Zigas, Women Strike for Peace: National, Southern California, Los Angeles, East Bay [California], , Washington, D.C., Main Line [Pennsylvania], Nassau County, Great Neck, and New York, New York.
1978 [accs. 78A-018, 78A-020];
1979 [acc. 79A-071];
1980 [accs. 80A-091, 80A-099];
1981 [accs. 81A-013, 81A-029, 81A-059, 81A-074, 81A-077, 81A-113, 81A-116, 81A-118, 81A-122] ;
1982 [accs. 82A-087, 82A-110, 82A-129, 82A-133];
1983 [accs. 83A-014, 83A-047, 83A-087] ;
1984 [accs. 84A-014, 84A-028, 84A-032, 84A-034];
1985 [accs. 85A-070, 85A-084, 85A-124, 85A-135];
1986 [acc. 86A-016];
1987 [accs. 87A-023, 87A-113, 87A-120];
1988 [acc. 88A-033];
1989 [accs. 89A-024, 89A-026, 89A-068, 89A-072, 89A-098]
1990 [accs. 90A-015, 90A-022, 90A-028, 90A-043, 90A-056, 90A-060, 90A-063]
1991 [accs. 91A-018, 91A-033, 91A-084, 91A-107]
1992 [accs. 92A-038, 92A-046, 92A-071, 92A-106, 92A-112, 92A-113, 92A-118]
1993 [accs. 93A-008, 93A-035]
1994 [accs. 94A-005, 94A-032, 94A-051, 94A-074]
1996 [accs. 96A-012, 96A-040, 96A-047, 96A-061]
1998 [accs. 98A-002, 98A-088, 98A-089
1999 [acc. 99A-048]
2001 [accs. 01A-005, 01A-040]
2008 [acc. 08A-033]
2009 [acc. 09A-017]
2010 [acc. 10A-076]
2013 [Acc. 2013-050]
2018 [Acc. 2018-020] Papers of Ethel Taylor
2019 [Acc. 2019-067]
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rocessed by Swarthmore College Peace Collection staff, 1989; finding aid revised by Wendy E. Chmielewski, 1999; this version of finding aid by Wendy E. Chmielewski, September 2012; updated by Anne M. Yoder, July 2014. Accessions received after 1989 remain unprocessed.
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Women Strike for Peace List of Photographs

Historical Background
At its first national conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1962, Women Strike for Peace adopted the following declaration: "We are women of all races, creeds and political persuasions. We are dedicated to the purpose of general and complete disarmament. We demand that nuclear tests be banned forever, that the arms race end and the world abolish all weapons of destruction under United Nations safeguards. We cherish the Historical Introduction right and accept the responsibility to act to influence the course of government for peace. We join with women throughout the world to challenge the right of any nation or group of nations to hold the power of life and death over the world."

In a 1984 statement, WSP describes its own history thus: "We came into existence on November 1, 1961, as a protest against atmospheric nuclear tests by the U.S. and the Soviet Union which were poisoning the air and our children's food. That year 100,000 women from 60 cities came out of kitchens and jobs to demand: END THE ARMS RACE - NOT THE HUMAN RACE, and WSP was born. "...In the following years WSP educated and organized for peace anddisarmament; distributed facts on radiation to Congress through Lobby-by-Proxy campaigns, and to the public wherever people congregated. WSP women lobbied Congress as well as U.N. Disarmament Conferences in Geneva. WSP demonstrated at the nuclear bomb testing site in Las Vegas, warning of the consequences of above ground tests of nuclear weapons. In the early 1960s the House UnAmerican Activities Committee subpoenaed 20 WSP women, and they made a laughing stock of HUAC, helping to start it on the road to its eventual demise. WSP played a major role in the passage of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963. WSP was among the first groups to demonstrate against the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. When NATO countries met at The Hague to create the Multilateral Nuclear Fleet, WSP initiated an international conference and 1200 women from 14 NATO countries demonstrated against the MFL.

During the Vietnam War years, WSP established a Draft Counseling Service, organized a historical meeting at Djakarta of WSP and Vietnamese women, and sent a delegation to Hanoi which resulted in opening communications between POWs and their families. In the 1970s and 1980s it was a natural progression for WSP to become involved in opposing U.S. intervention in Central America, and campaigning against the militarization of space. "We undertook a drive against the new weapons which sprouted up much faster than arms control agreements. We fought against the proposed ABM system and together with other peace organizations brought it to a standstill. During the International Year of the Child in 1979,WSP initiated the campaign: Proposition #1 - A Peoples Referendum for Survival, and delivered over a hundred thousand signatures to the White House after a huge rally. WSP women all over the country were in the forefront of the Nuclear Freeze campaigns which swept the U.S. in the 1980s. "In the spring of '84, WSP sent a delegation to the Prime Ministers of the Netherlands and Belgium, urging those countries to refuse to place U.S. missiles on their soil. We initiated a nationwide educational campaign to expose the Reagan Administration's Defense Guidance Plan which envisions fighting, surviving and even winning a nuclear war.

WSPers have not only worked for ERA but have participated in the electoral politics on all government levels...." Sometimes called WISP (Women's International Strike for Peace) or Women for Peace, Women Strike for Peace functions primarily at the local level. A National Board, was located in Philadelphia by the 1980s. WSP interacted, throughout its history, with many other peace organizations. These include the Disarmament Working Group of the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice, the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCaliforniaRL), the National Council for Universal and Unconditional Amnesty (NCUUA), Women Act for Disarmament which it co-sponsored with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the Campaign to Stop Government Spying, and the Indochina Peace Campaign, as well as larger organizations like SANE and the War Resisters League.

By the late 1980s the national WSP office in Philadelphia closed. The WSP legislative office and various WSP branches around the U.S. remained active through the 1990s.

Collection Overview
The records of Women Strike for Peace, the bulk of which were donated by Amy Swerdlow, a member of New York, New York WSP and former editor of its national bulletin MEMO, are predominantly from National WSP, New York (City) WSP and Southern California WSP. They contain minutes, flyers, mailings, position papers, news releases, correspondence, peace action and subject/reference files, newspaper clippings, films, posters, and photographs. Records from National WSP (1961-late 1980s) include the minutes of the National Steering Committee (1962-1970), the National Consultative Committee (1970- 1973), and the National Board (1988), annual conference material (1962-1983), documents describing the history of WSP, and literature (1961-date) it produced and disseminated.

There is correspondence collected by WSP leaders Dagmar Wilson and Ethel Taylor, as well as their speeches. There is also correspondence which was found unfiled which is called "general correspondence" in the checklist. Peace action files contain correspondence, WSP literature, and working documents about events initiated or participated in by WSP. The records of Southern California WSP contain its literature, both general and subject-related correspondence, and extensive files donated by Mary Clarke, some of which describe WSP work with amnesty during the Vietnam War. There are peace action files from San Francisco and East Bay Women for Peace as well as their literature. New York (City) WSP records include the minutes (1961-1971) of its Central Coordinating Committee, literature, and correspondence. Documents from the Long Island area of New York include a Great Neck WSP collection of literature (1962-1974), and the general files and draft files of Irma Zigas of the Nassau County WSP. There are smaller amounts of material from Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. WSPs as well as from other branches. Peace action and subject/reference files cover subjects and events of importance to WSP including, at a general level, disarmament, radiation contamination, amnesty, nuclear protest, the draft, Vietnam, and Indochina. More specifically, subject topics include WSP confrontation with the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (1962, 1965), trips by WSP members to the USSR and the Accra Assembly (1962), the Hague (1964), Djakarta (1965), WSP lobbying efforts against the MX missile and B-1 bomber, and organizations with whom it worked.

Many WSP periodicals including MEMO (1964-1973), LA Wisp (1962 1967; 1973- date), The Washington WSPer (1963-date), and the WSP Newsletter (1963-date) are housed with Retired Periodicals in Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Correspondents include: Bella Abzug, Barbara Bick, Sally Bortz, Mary Clarke, Folly Fodor, Lorraine Gordon, Hazel Grossman, Frances W. Herring, Rita Handman, Kay Johnson, Vicki King, Janet N. Neuman, Ava Helen Pauling, Pat Reif, Phyllis Schmidt, Jean Shulman, Patricia Simon, Lynda Stein, Amy Swerdlow, Ethel Taylor, Edith Villastrigo, Dagmar Wilson, Trudi Young, and Irma Zigas.

Accessions received after 1989 remain unprocessed and are stored by accession number. These accessions include files of WSP offices around the U.S. and papers of individual WSP members. Please consult Swarthmore College Peace Collection staff for further information.

Items removed:
Audiovisual items

Arrangement of Collection
Processing of WSP records began in 1984 and was continued in 1989. Series A is the records of National WSP; Series B and C hold California and New York records respectively, and Series D contains the records of smaller branches, including Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Much WSP material was unsorted when it reached the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, but there were also files from its leaders and collections of subject-related correspondence. Hopefully, the provenance, or original order, of this latter material has been preserved. In arranging unsorted material, similar documents, such as minutes, literature, correspondence, etc., were placed together. Chronological order was used throughout this collection, with the exception of files found in original alphabetical order. Correspondence is in chronological order by year and month, not by day. WSP literature is also together by address of origin. All newspaper clippings are in Series A although many describe events of WSP branches. Photographs, films, and posters are stored with other Swarthmore College Peace Collection audio-visual materials to promote better conservation. Periodicals can be found in the Retired Periodical section of Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Much unfiled reference material was removed from the WSP records and relocated to other Swarthmore College Peace Collection collections. Acessions received after 1989 remain unprocessed, and may be located by accession number.

Later Accessions
Acc. 90A-015
Acc. 90A-028
Acc. 90A-063
Acc. 91A-084
Acc. 92A-113
Acc. 92A-118
Acc. 94A-005
Acc. 94A-051
Acc. 96A-012
Acc. 96A-040
Acc. 97A-061
Acc. 98A-089
Acc. 01A-005
Acc. 01A-040
Acc. 10A-076
Acc. 2013-050
Acc. 2018-020

Unknown Accession [files from 1975]
Refile box

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Steering Committee: meeting minutes, 1962-1970
National Consultative Committee, 1970-1973
National Board, 1988-date

Box 2
Steering Committee: notices, 1963-1967
Memos to Contacts and Steering Committees, 1962-1971
Financial data, 1962-1970
Lists: National Contacts, 1961-1970
International contacts/committees/regions/projects
Miscellaneous documents describing WSP history [includes Washington WSP Retreat, October 5, 1968]

Box 3
National conferences , 1962-1983 , 1984-1988[?]
Miscellaneous regional conferences


Box 1
Literature, 1961: 1413 29th St. N.W. and 7616 14th St. N.W.,Washington, D.C.
Literature, 1961 (September) - 1964 (October): 1822 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036

Box 2
Literature, 1964 (October) - 1967 (April): #32, 2016 P St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036
Literature, 1967 (May) - 1970 (July): 2140 P St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037
Literature, 1970 (July) - 1971: 637 W. 125th St., New York, N.Y. 10027

Box 3
Literature, 1971 (December) - 1973 (June): 1 Union Square West, New York, N.Y. 10003
Literature, 1973 (July) - 1989 (Summer): 145 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Box 4

Box 5
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1962: Committee on Radiation, Washington, D.C.
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1962-1964: Disarmament Committee, 1822 Massachusetts Ave.,
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1964-1971: Legislative Committee, 2942 Macomb St., Washington, D.C. [and other D.C. addresses]
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1975 (April) - 1978 (August): Legislative Action Committee, 120 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1968-1971: National CBW Clearing House, 300 Pine St. Freeport, New York
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1968-1973: National Anti-Draft Clearing House, 1363 Pine Ct.,. Meadow, New York
Committee and Clearing House literature, 1962-date: newspaper clippings reproduced by WSP without address of origin
Unidentified literature
Lists of WSP periodicals in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection


Box 1
Collected correspondence
From Dagmar Wilson:
Official letters, 1961
Austria, 1962
National Guardian, 1962, 1963
Re: book manuscript, 1963-1966
Re: New York Daily News editorial on the occasion of Khrushcev's birthday, 1964
Invitations to speak, etc., 1964
General correspondence, 1965, 1967-1968
St. Louis-Chicago tour, 1967 (Fall)
West Coast tour, 1967 (November)
Speaking engagements, 1968

From Ethel Taylor:
Congressional correspondence, 1951-1972
Vietnam, 1968-1979

Box 2
International correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1961-1967
International correspondence: Great Britain, 1962-1963
International correspondence: Japan, 1965-1968
International correspondence: France re: Women's International Day, 1966-1967

Box 3

International correspondence: France re: Women's International Day, 1968
International correspondence: France re: cessation of bombing in Vietnam

Box 4
Branch correspondence: California, 1965-1971
Branch correspondence: Florida, 1964
Branch correspondence: Illinois, 1968-1971
Branch correspondence: Maryland (Baltimore), 1970
Branch correspondence: Massachusetts, 1964
Branch correspondence: Michigan, 1964-1966
Branch correspondence: New England (Voice of Women), 1969-1970
Branch correspondence: New Jersey, 1970-1971
Branch correspondence: New York, 1968-1971
Branch correspondence: Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), 1970
Branch correspondence: Texas, 1970
Branch correspondence: D.C. (Washington), 1966-1969
Branch correspondence: Washington [state], 1965, 1968-1970
Branch correspondence: other states, 1965-1971
Canada (Voice of Women), 1970-1973

Box 5
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: with Linus Pauling, 1962-1963
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: about National Coordinator proposal, 1963
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: comments on MEMO, 1963-1969
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: crackpot letters and other points of view, 1963, 1970
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: National Women's Committee for Civil Rights, 1963
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: letters to Officials, 1963
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: Irving F. Laucks, 1963-1967
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: about National Co-ordinating Committee meetings, 1968-1970
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: with legislators, 1969
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: to/from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1970-1971
Miscellaneous subject correspondence: to National Legislative Office, 1978

Box 6
General correspondence, 1961 - 1962 (September)

Box 7
General correspondence, 1962 (October) - 1963 (March)

Box 8
General correspondence, 1963 (April-October)

Box 9
General correspondence, 1963 (November) - 1964

Box 10

General correspondence, 1965-1967

Box 11
General correspondence, 1968

Box 12
General correspondence, 1969-1970

Box 13
General correspondence, 1971-date

Box 14
Speeches by Dagmar Wilson, 1967
Speeches by Ethel Taylor, 1969-date

Box 1
World Gathering of Women for Disarmament, Vienna, Austria, 1962 (March)
Geneva Disarmament Conference, 1962 (May)
Scrapbook on above conference by Gladys Blum
World Congress for Disarmament and Peace, Soviet Union, 1962 (July)
Nuclear protests, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1962 (July)
Accra Assembly, 1962 (July)
Women's Conference for International Cooperation Year, 1962 (September)
WSP vs. HUAC (House of Representatives Committee on UnAmerican Activities), 1962 (December)
Correspondence, 1962-1963
Ad campaign, 1962 (December)
Peace Political Action Committee, 1962
WSP bibliographies, 1962-1965
War toy campaign, 1963-1973
Women's Peace Pilgrimage to the Vatican, 1963 (April)
Mother's Lobby for a Test Ban, 1963 (May)
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations, 1963 (May)
Request for interview with President Johnson, 1964

Box 2
Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution, 1964 (March)
Women's NATO Peace Force Rally and Demonstration, The Hague, 1964 (May)
Economic conversion, 1964
Women's International Liaison Committee for International Cooperation Year, 1964
National Committee to Abolish HUAC, 1964-1965
Luncheon for Kay Johnson, 1965
International Teach-in, Toronto, Canada, 1965 (October)
Teach-in, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1965
International Cooperation Year, 1965
International Conference for the Liquidation of Foreign Military Bases, Djakarta, India, 1965
March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam, 1965
International Meeting of War Veterans, Moscow, Soviet Union, 1965
Walk with Dr. Spock for Peace in Vietnam, 1965

Box 3
National Interreligious Conference on Peace, 1966
Demonstration, July 4th, 1966
Americans Want to Know Project, 1966
Voter Peace Pledge Campaign, 1966
Protest against HUAC, 1966
Lobbying against Vietnam war, 1966
Felix Greene speech on "China, Vietnam and Ourselves," 1966
Joint project with Terre des Hommes, 1966
Metropolitan Council for Peace Politics, New York, New York, 1967
Statement on the Middle East, 1967
Jeannette Rankin Brigade, January 15, 1968
Pueblo incident, 1968
Campaign against chemical and biological warfare, 1968
WSP Embassy delegation to protest war, 1968 (February)
National Women's Lobby, 1968
WSP retreat at Folly Fodor's home, 1968 [transcript]
Paris Conference, 1968 (April)
Counter-inaugural actions, 1969 (January)
Committee of Liaison with Families; Ethel Taylor's visit to Vietnam, 1969-1972
Action, June 17-18, 1969
Vietnam Protest Lobby, Washington D.C., March 26, 1969
Applicants for trip to Cuba, 1969
Tax lobby against war in Laos, 1970 (March)
Sit-in to Stop the War, 1970 (June)

Box 4
Questionnaire from National WSP to Key Contacts, 1970 (November)
WSP Fundraiser, 1970
Non-violence training, 1970
CBW (Chemical, Biological Warfare) actions, 1970
Suit against Army Intelligence System, 1970
Petitions against use of nuclear weapons in Indo-China, 1970
Mothers' letter to Spiro Agnew, 1970
WSP statement on Angela Davis, 1971
Ad Hoc Committee to Cut Off the War Funds, 1972-1973
Demand for Disarmament Day, October 24, 1974
"We Don't Want to be the Last Generation" campaign, 1976
Application for funds against nuclear arms race, 1976
Halkin et al. vs. Richard Helms, et al. (CIA activities), 1976-1978
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, 1977
Neutron bomb protest, 1977, 1981
Reply to Washington Post editorial of October 6, 1982
Campaign against U.S. missiles in Belgium and Holland, 1984

Box 5
Working documents [drafts/reports/memoranda found unfiled]

Box 1
Newspaper clippings, 1961, 1962 [photocopies]

Box 2
Newspaper clippings, 1963-1967, undated [photocopies]
Magazine articles about WSP
Newspaper clippings, 1962 (April)

Box 3
Newspaper clippings, 1962 (April) - , undated

Box 1
Lists of items

Box 1
Bomb test suits, circa 1962
National Committee to Abolish HUAC, circa 1962
Scientists on Survival, 1962
WSP literature copied by FBI, 1965-1972
Pacifica Foundation: Station WBAI (Christopher Koch), 1963
Foundation for Change (Lyla Hoffman), 1965-1970
Berrigan's Defense Committee, 1971

Box 2

The Draft
Skits, poems, songs, speeches
Women and war
Anti-WSP publicity

Boxes 3-5


Box 1
Meeting minutes; conference reports, 1961-1962
Beginnings, 1961
Miscellaneous lists
Literature, 1961-1963: P.O. Box 69611, Los Angeles
Literature, 1963-1969: Box 19737, Los Angeles
Literature, 1964, 1966: 2308 Clyde St., Los Angeles
Literature, 1966-1979: 5899 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

Box 2
Literature, 1980-1985: 5899 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles
Literature, 1989-date: Suite B, 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, California 90401

Box 3

Collected correspondence
Demonstrations, 1962-1965
Clarke/Endore paper "The Military and the Struggle for Peace" , 1965
Trip to Djakarta, 1965
Phyllis Schmidt: trip to Djakarta, 1965
Mary Clarke: trip to Djakarta, 1965
A.B.M., 1969
Ettiger advertisement, 1969

Box 4
General correspondence, 1961-1974

Box 5
General correspondence, 1975-date

Box 6
Peace action
Peace education: war toys, 1964-1965
Peace education kit, 1964
Signatures for The Hague - MLF Action, 1964
Coretta Scott King Brunch, 1965 (March)
Political Action Workshop, 1966 [chaired by Mary Clarke]
Statement by Mary Clarke to the Los Angeles Board of Education, 1967
WSP delegation to Cuba, 1969
Spring Action Campaign, 1971
World Congress of Peace Forces, Moscow, Soviet Union, 1973
Geneva Conference, 1973-1974
Funds for Life, 1973, 1975
Actions on Chile, 1973-1976
Friendshipment, People-to-People Aid to Vietnam, 1975-1977

Box 7
Working documents, 1961-1976

Box 8
Action and Reference files: ABM
Action and Reference files: Accra Assembly
Action and Reference files: air war, 1971-1972 [includes Cornell study]
Action and Reference files: electronic air war -- Indo China
Action and Reference files: peace; civil rights; etc.
Action and Reference files: Aldermaston, 1960 (April)
Action and Reference files: Aldermaston, etc.
Action and Reference files: anti-WSP literature
Action and Reference files: blacks, circa 1963-1975 -- discrimination against / problems of / action
Action and Reference files: civil demonstrations
Action and Reference files: Draft, circa 1969-1975
Action and Reference files: Draft, circa 1973

Box 9
Action and Reference files: GI newspapers, 1972-1973
Action and Reference files: Hanoi Trip -- September 20 demonstration
Action and Reference files: Indo China -- civilian casualties
Action and Reference files: Indo China -- newspapers and bulletins from
Action and Reference files: Indo China Peace Campaign; Indo China Resource Center
Action and Reference files: "Local Peace Work, 1960-1961"
Action and Reference files: labor (U.S.) and peace; labor publications -- UAW Washington Report
Action and Reference files: Medical Aid for Vietnam-Mai, 1972-1975
Action and Reference files: National Conventions, 1972 [includes counter-conventions]
Action and Reference files: NATO-MLF
Action and Reference files: San Francisco, California, November 15, 1969
Action and Reference files: Paris peace talks -- final agreement, etc.
Action and Reference files: peace bulletins

Box 10
Action and Reference files: political action, 1965-1967
Action and Reference files: political action -- reprints, radiation, 1963
Action and Reference files: polls
Action and Reference files: publicity and ads -- reprints
Action and Reference files: Soviet Union
Action and Reference files: Spring peace offensive for 1971
Action and Reference files: Student Mobilization, November 14, 1969
Action and Reference files: Tonkin Gulf
Action and Reference files: Union of Vietnamese in the U.S. -- deportation hearings
Action and Reference files: Veterans (VA-VVAW- AVM) and publications
Action and Reference files: Vietnam -- bulletins, circa 1966
Action and Reference files: Vietnam -- cease fire; agreements
Action and Reference files: Vietnam -- Saigon-Thieu; political prisoners
Action and Reference files: Vietnam -- statistics on casualties and bombing
Action and Reference files: Vietnam War

Box 11
Action and Reference files: Vietnam War -- miscellaneous, 1970-1971
Action and Reference files: Vietnam War, 1972 (April) -1974
Action and Reference files: Vietnam, 1964-1965
Action and Reference files: Vietnam War, 1968-1971
Action and Reference files: Vietnam War, 1965-1971
Action and Reference files: Vietnam, 1975
Action and Reference files: Vietnam, 1966-1970s

Box 12
Action and Reference files: Marshall Windmiller -- commentaries on Vietnam, 1966-1967

Box 13
Amnesty files: Amnesty Action Information Center
Amnesty files: Americans for Amnesty
Amnesty files: master copies
Amnesty files: newsclippings
Amnesty files: packet by WSP
Amnesty files: resources and information
Amnesty files: Ann Arbor
Amnesty files: Bruce Beyer
Amnesty files: California colleges and universities
Amnesty files: CCCO-WR
Amnesty files: Clemency Information Center; military records release; power of attorney
Amnesty files: clemency program
Amnesty files: Gerry Condon
Amnesty files: C.O.s / deserters
Amnesty files: copies of letters to President Gerald Ford as a result of AAIC (5/16/75) mailing
Amnesty files: Demonstration, mini convention, 1974 (December)
Amnesty files: Discharge Review Board hearings (Army), 1976
Amnesty files: Draft, 1973-1977
Amnesty files: Editorials (radio and television)
Amnesty files: speech by Fritz Efaw
Amnesty files: Gallup polls
Amnesty files: Alvin Glatowski
Amnesty files: Gold Star Parents (and other names), 1973-1979
Amnesty files: Austin Hodge

Box 14
Amnesty files: event/s, January 27-31, 1975
Amnesty files: Kastenmeier Bill
Amnesty files: Koch Resolution, 1976-1977
Amnesty files: late registrants
Amnesty files: letters to the media re: February 22-28, 1976
Amnesty files: Lest We Forget
Amnesty files: John Maybury
Amnesty files: media contact list
Amnesty files: media information, 1974-1974
Amnesty files: military record release

Box 15
Amnesty files: "National Amnesty Week Material" by NCUUA, 1976
Amnesty files: National Amnesty Week, 1976
Amnesty files: NCUUA amnesty update
Amnesty files: NCUUA meeting minutes and memos
Amnesty files: newspaper advertisement
Amnesty files: NISBCO
Amnesty files: National Amnesty Week, 1976 -- 100 Sermons for Amnesty
Amnesty files: organizations working on amnesty
Amnesty files: meeting, Palo Alto
Amnesty files: Pendleton 14

Box 16
Amnesty files: phone lists
Amnesty files: political prisoners in South Vietnam; model letter to Thieu
Amnesty files: postcard, December 18, 1976
Amnesty files: printed material
Amnesty files: radio spots, 1974
Amnesty files: religious statements
Amnesty files: resolutions
Amnesty files: responses from Congress and White House, 1975-1976
Amnesty files: Richmond case
Amnesty files: "Travesties", January 5, 1977
Amnesty files: shopping centers
Amnesty files: Pat Simon campaign, 1974
Amnesty files: Speaker's Bureau
Amnesty files: Special Discharge Review Program
Amnesty files: state directors of SSS (addresses)
Amnesty files: letter by Kate Stern
Amnesty files: "Victories"
Amnesty files: West Los Angeles and the Draft, 1971
Amnesty files: article in [for?] Witness
Amnesty files: veterans groups
Amnesty files: unfiled material

Box 17
Amnesty files: binder, 1975 [by Pat Reif]
Amnesty files: packets, circa 1973-1976

Box 18
Amnesty files: lists of draft evaders, circa 1975

Box 1
Literature (San Francisco), 1961-date: Room 503, 50 Oak St., San Francisco
Literature (East Bay [called Berkeley, Oakland-Berkeley in 1960s]),

Box 2
Literature: lists of San Francisco Women for Peace newsletters in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 1961
Literature: San Francisco and East Bay WFP radiation test ban leaflets and bumper San Francisco Daily, Vigil at Federal Building
Newsclippings of Bay Area WFP activities
Bay Area delegation to Geneva: newsclippings, etc.
WSP delegates trip to ACCRA, Ghana Peace Conference and other conferences
Disarmament; Peace Walk, Hiroshima Walk
San Francisco and East Bay WFP: memos, meeting minutes, and finances
San Francisco WFP: brochures, finances, structure
East Bay disarmament course and correspondence
Bay Area WFP on WSP's being called before HUAC (also Los Angeles WSP)
San Francisco, Bay Area WFP: public events, 1963 -- Witness for Life, Hiroshima March, Sacramento lobby, and letters of officials
Early WFP activity against Vietnam War

San Francisco: anti-war toy campaign; efforts to protest fallout shelters
Petition against multilateral force
Los Angeles WSP: anti-war toy campaign; efforts to protest multilateral force
WSP delegation to Vietnamese women, Djakarta, 1965
Act for Peace in Vietnam: Alabama and other coalition actions
WPF: correspondence, action on Vietnam; San Francisco WSP
Conference; leaflets on Vietnam
Anti-war toys campaign; lobbying in Sacramento

Box 3
San Francisco WFP: activities, 1966; demonstration, "Have a Heart," Voter's Pledge; letter, leaflets on Vietnam
Boycott against Dow Chemical (maker of napalm), 1966-1968
Bay Area Peace Organizing Committee, 1966: anti-Vietnam War efforts
Coalition (BAPOC): demonstration at napalm plant
San Francisco WFP: war toy campaign -- leaflets, letters, and material from others on same subject
Spring Mobilization Against War in Vietnam, 1967
San Francisco WFP, 1967: support for national WSP demonstration at Pentagon; founding of Committee of Responsibility; toy resource kit; children's peace poems
San Francisco WFP: work for Proposition P; local anti-war efforts
Initiative; Sacramento lobby - Congressional correspondence; children's peace poems; support for peace torch
WFP-WILPF Draft Resistance Committee
San Francisco WFP: activities, 1968; WFP-WILPF Draft Resistance Committee; support for 9 for peace; 27 Presidio defendants; G.I. 1968 Easter peace march and Whitehorn case of refusal to register
San Francisco WFP: Vietnam war ad; Poor People's Campaign; WFP participation in national and congressional elections and in Jeannette Rankin Demonstration
WFP, 1969: WILPF activities; meeting reading "List of Dead"; Sacramento Lobby; support for San Francisco student strike; Bay Area WFP joins WSP National delegation to Cuba

Box 4
San Francisco WFP: demonstration against the Vietnam War, November 15; WFP-WILPF- sponsored New Mobilization
San Francisco WFP and WILPF: support for military and draft resisters
WFP-WILPF-sponsored N.California campaign against anti ballistic missiles, 1969-1970
San Francisco WFP New Mobilization Committee, 1970
San Francisco WFP: leaflets; press releases, etc.
San Francisco correspondence
San Francisco and East Bay WFP/WILPF: leaflets and petitions, 1971
Correspondence with legislators, Indo-Chinese war
Bay Area WFP and San Francisco WILPF-sponsored People's Coalition for Peace and Justice
Local WFP and other coalition participation in Children's March and April 22, October 14 Coalition, 1972

Box 5
WFP-WILPF campaigns against bombing and for cutting off funds, support for Vietnam vets against war and for Vietnamese students
Peace poll and electoral activity; boycott of Wonderbread (ITT); Santa Barbara WSP Conference and counter-recruiting
Correspondence with legislators, Indo-Chinese War
WPF, 1972-1973: medical aid to Indochina; Bach Mai
Bay Area WFP: campaign to free political prisoners in South Vietnam
Local WFP campaign for amnesty for draft and military resisters, 1973
Cut off war funds campaign and stop bombing of Cambodia
Bay Area WFP: impeach Nixon campaign
WFP: protests of Nixon appointments; position on Mid-East conflict and on Chile coup; meetings and leaflets
Congressional District coalitions (5th and 6th), 1973-1974
WFP, 1974: campaign to stop funding war, to support S. Vietnam prisoners and oppose deportation of Vietnamese students
WFP: amnesty campaign; support for military resisters
Bay Area WFP: sponsoring of coalition to cut military spending
Bay Area WFP: impeachment campaign
Bay Area WFP: work for disarmament, Middle East peace, and for Chile

Box 6
Bay Area WFP, 1975: campaign to stop funding war; March 22 demonstration
Bay area WFP: actionsre: CIA, Angola, Chile, Korea, Spain; S. B. Internal Security Bill
WFP: actions re: the Mid-East, nuclear disarmament, and International Women's Year

Box 1
Santa Barbara
Other area groups in California


Box 1
Central Coordinating Committee: meeting minutes, 1961-1971
Meeting minutes: miscellaneous
Literature, 1961-1963, undated: 750 Third Ave.
Literature, 1962-1967, undated: 151 East 50th St.

Box 2
Literature, 1967 (February) - , undated: 799 Broadway

Box 3
Correspondence: general, 1962-date
Correspondence: legislative, 1960-1971
Miscellaneous working documents, 1964-1972
Anti-Vietnam activities, 1971
Peace essay contest, 1985 (November)
WSP-related material about/by Bella Abzug
Preparatory material for research paper on WSP by Amy Swerdlow

[See also additional material from New York WSP in acc. 95A-005 and acc. 96A-040]

Box 1
Nassau County Women Strike for Peace
Literature, 1967: P.O. Box 125, Great Neck
Literature, 1968-1972: 1363 Pine Court, East Meadow
Long Island Draft and Counseling Service, 1969-1971
Great Neck Women Strike for Peace
Literature (as collected by them)
Literature, 1962-1974: Box 125, Great Neck
Great Peace Week, 1962

Box 2
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) General Files:
Abzug, Bella
Ads: Postalia, 1972
Air War
Air War opposition, 1972
American Civil Liberties Union? [empty folder]
American Committee on Africa
American Documentary Films
AMEX (Canada)
American Friends Service Committee, 1972
American Friends Service Committee: Community Action Kit
American Indian Movement
Another Mother for Peace, 1972-1973
Atlanta Workshop in Nonviolence
Canadian Conference, 1971 (April)
Catholic Peace Fellowship, North Bellmore
C.B.W. and ABM
Chicago Peace Council
Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy
Committee for Nonviolent Action, New England
Committee to End Killing in Indochina
Con San Prison
Concentration camps, U.S.A.
Congress, 92nd and 93rd
Congressional records
Cross Currents
Demonstrations, 1972-1973 [6 folders]
Dikes, bombing of, 1972

Box 3
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) General Files:
Economic boycotts
Feliciano, Carlos (Committee to Defend)
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends for Life Campaign
Fund for New Priorities in America
Geneva Agreement on Vietnam
Hatfield-McGovern Bill, 1971
Honeywell, 1972
Indochina Peace Campaign
Indochina Resource Center
Indochina Solidarity Committee
ITT Boycott, 1972
Japanese Peoples Movement
Jewelry and related objects, 1972
Jewish Peace Fellowship
King Jr., Mrs. Martin Luther
Knitting Project, 1972
Legislative Committee (Martha Dudley)
LEPOCO (Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern)
Longest Day Campaign
McGovern Campaign
Medical Aid, Indochina, 1972-1973
Middle East, 1968

Box 4
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) General Files:
Middle East [continued]
Military budget
Nassau County Student Association
Nassau County Youth Board
National Action Group
National Caucus of Labor Committees
National Peace Action Committee
National Universal Unconditional Amnesty Council
Nuclear Annihilation
Operation Nevada
Paredon records
Paris Accords
Peace Plan (7-point, 8-point, 9-point)
Pentagon Papers Project
People's Blockade
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice
People's Party
Petitions and flyers
Planetary citizenship
Poetry [including Vietnamese]
Political prisoners
Position papers (WSP)
Press information
Prisoner Visitation and Support Committee
Prisoners of war
Racism and Repression Conference
Repression in the military

Box 5
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) General Files:
Rome Conference, 1973
Save Our Sons Campaign, 1971
South Shore Moratorium Committee
Southern Conference Educational Fund, 1972
Speaking engagements and responses
Stockholm Conference on Vietnam
Student Voice
Syracuse Peace Council
Tax resistance, 1972
Thompson, Kay
Tom Paine Independent Club
Toronto Meeting, 1969
United Farm Workers: lettuce boycott
Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1969
Vietnam Peace Parade
Vietnamese students in the U.S.
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War of Nassau County [New York]
Voice of Women
War contractors
War Resisters' International
War Resisters League, 1972, 1973

Box 6
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) General Files:
Women Strike for Peace: conferences, 1967, 1971 (June, October), 1972-1973
Women Strike for Peace: groups in Chicago, Los Angeles, Nassau, New York, 1972, North Shore, Rochester, 1972, San Francisco
Women Strike for Peace: national office
Women Volunteers to Vietnam
Women's Political Caucus
World Congress for Peace

Box 7
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) Draft Files, 1967-1972:
Draft counseling services
Flyers and pamphlets (old)
Draft resistance, 1968-1971
Draft workshop (WSP)
Long Island Draft Information and Counseling Service (LIDACS)
Draft, statements against, 1964-1972
Draft repeal, 1968-1971
National Council to Repeal the Draft
Draft resistance
Appeals procedures
Classification procedures and memos
Material on giving up deferment
Induction procedure
Congressmen: names and addresses

Box 8
Irma Zigas (Nassau Co. WSP) Draft Files, 1967-1972:
Draft act and related materials
Counselee forms, fundraising letter, medical history form
Lottery sequence
Alternate service
C.O. packet original
Conscientious objection
Conscientious objection (outdated material)
Draft resistance
Newspaper ads: WSP reprints
Doctors' draft
Medical information
Women and the War kit

Box 1
Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill [2 folders]
Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, Westchester
Copiague Island
Draft Book, 1969
Draft counseling and registration information
Other small area groups (in alphabetical order)
Dated literature without group identification
Undated and unidentified literature

[Note: From 1961 to 1970, National WSP was located in Washington, D.C. and co-existed with Washington, D.C. WSP. Series A therefore includes Washington, D.C. WSP material for these years.]

Box 1
Meeting minutes
Metropolitan Council, 1968
D.C.-Montgomery County [Maryland] WSP, 1970
Literature, 1962-1974: miscellaneous addresses
Literature, 1974-1975: 318 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.
Literature, 1979-1985: 201 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.
Literature, 1985-date: 105 2nd St., N.E.
Correspondence, 1971-date

Box 2
Working documents [drafts/reports/memoranda found unfiled], 1970-date

Box 3
Demonstrations against bombing Cambodia, 1973
Miscellaneous peace action projects, 1973-1974
WSP participation in coalitions, 1974-1981
Civil defense, 1975-1977
Cuba trip, 1977
MX and the nuclear arms race, 1978-1980
AFL-CIO Solidarity Day, 1981
Subject files, 1975-1981
Africa, 1977-1978
Aid to Thieu
Arms Control Association
Books, films, and publications

Box 4
Children's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1981
Chile, 1977-1978
Congress: testimonies on Indochina, U.S. aid, etc.
Defense budget, 1975
Draft, 1980
Funds for Life: budget

Box 5
Hiroshima, 1978
Human rights, 1977-1978
India, 1975
Indochina, 1972-1976
Indochina Peace Campaign, 1973-1974
Indochina: political prisoners
Intelligence, 1978
Iranian Student's Association, 1977-1978
Korea, 1978

Box 6
Medical Aid to Indochina
Military budget
MX, 1978-1980
National Women's Conference, 1977
Nuclear arms, 1977
Nuclear energy, 1977
Palestine and Iran, 1978
SALT II Treaty, 1979
Senate bills, 1976-1977
Miscellaneous reference material, 1977-1980

Box 7
Miscellaneous reference material, 1977-1980
Unsorted reference material about intelligence, disarmament, nuclear energy, SALT II, military budget, radiation, nuclear weapons, U.N. Decade for Women, defense budget, draft, fair employment, amnesty, MX, human rights, arms sales, and American Indians, Vietnam, Chile, Korea, Africa, Iran, Argentina, Cambodia, Indochina, Latin America, Rhodesia, Nicaragua, and the Middle East.


Box 1
Literature, 1962 - 1964 (March): Box 12426, Philadelphia 51
Literature, 1964 (March) - 1971: 20 South 12th St., Philadelphia 19107
Literature, 1971 (September) - 1973: 1307 Sansom St., Philadelphia 19107
[see National WSP, Series A,2 for 1973-date literature]


Box 1
Canada: Voice of Women, Halifax, Ontario/Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, Victoria
Illinois: Chicago, North Shore, Champaign, Urbana, Winnetka
Iowa: Cedar Rapids Area, Leonia, Marian
Michigan: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids
New England Voice of Women
New Jersey: Leonia
Ohio: Cleveland, Yellow Springs
Oregon: Portland
Washington: Seattle, Tacoma

Acc. 90A-015
Box 1 [Acc. 90A-015]
Amy Swerdlow: correspondence, 1964
MLF: correspondence, 1964
Djakarta, 1965
Czechoslovakia, 1968 (August 20)
MLF: names filed, 1964
Nato-Hague correspondence / Nato Women's Peace Force, 1964
Against military training
CBW Clearinghouse (Dorothy Forman), 1969-1970
Mailings, etc. 1969
KPFK, 1969

Box 2 [Acc. 90A-015]
ABM/Militarism Clearing House, 1968-1969
International Clearing House (Sarah Shoresman), Santa Barbara, 1969-1970
Women's organizing
Another Mother for Peace, 1973
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
MLF: miscellaneous
NATO MLF, 1964
NATO MLF Project, 1964 (May 12-14)

Acc. 90A-028
Box 1 [Acc. 90A-028]
Miscellaneous correspondence
Ploughshares Fund: correspondence, proposals granted
Luncheons: Philadelphia special events
Cassette promotion
Pam Block: correspondence
Jewish leads and contacts; Star Wars
Pam Block
Job openings, résumés
College program information
Internship cover letter
Intern outreach
Staff meeting
National Conference, 1982 and prior
Conference, 1983
Conference, 1984
Libby Frank: conference kit, 1986 (November)
Conference, 1986
Regional meetings, 1987 (February)
National Conference packet (distributed to participants), 1987 (November)
National Conference: final reports, 1987 (November)
National Conference: arrangements, 1987 (November)
National Conference: Libby’s notes, 1987

Box 2 [Acc. 90A-028]
National Conference: pre-conference correspondence, membership panel, etc., 1987
Staff meeting, 1988 (November)
Board meeting: miscellaneous, 1988
Board meeting: minutes, etc., 1988
Pre-board meeting mailing, 1988
East Coast regional meeting, 1988 (July)
Continuations Committee meeting, 1988 (September 13)
Continuations Committee meeting, 1988 (July 12)
East coast regional meeting, 1989 (February)
Board meeting, 1989 (May)
Pre-board meeting, 1989 (November)
Board packets, meetings, 1989 (November)
Miscellaneous meetings
Board meeting minutes (original and edited), 1989 (November)
Endorsements, statements, and positions
Fund budgets
Donor correspondence (including some celebrities)
Research and Education Fund
Research and Education Fund: fundraising

Box 3 [Acc. 90A-028]
Foundation correspondence [2 folders]
Star Wars: internal notes, goals, etc.
Star Wars: materials
Star Wars: actions
Slide show: reports
Slide show: miscellaneous communication
Slide show: communication with branches
Star Wars: booklet
Slide show: promotion
Slide show: final script and packet
Slide show: Blossom project
Slide show: newsletter reviews re: slide show
Primer promotion: religious orders
Primer blurbs, primer response form, primer order form

Box 4
[Acc. 90A-028]
Correspondence: primer promotion
Sam Caldwell: primer promotion
Primer records: Star Wars primers
Primer promotion: Bishops’ replies
National branch reports: primer promotion, 1986 (December 10)
Mailing lists: primer promotion
Branch activities re: Comprehensive Test Ban: letters, advertisements, leaflets, etc.
Agenda: Comprehensive Test Ban work
Tea and briefings
Membership development
Video/outreach presentations: Comprehensive Test Ban and women, 1989
“Stop nuclear weapons” packet
“Stop nuclear weapons” packet: editors’ mailing
Correspondence to the list: 350 contacts
Proxy mailing report
Comprehensive Test Ban correspondence
Demonstration at Department of Energy and Senate lobby, 1989 (May 9)
Approved proposals
West Coast film script
Miscellaneous: correspondence, fliers, etc.

Box 5 [Acc. 90A-028]
Record, 1967
Women Strike for Peace Fund: East Bay contest
Women’s Watch
Coughlin Alert
Correspondence, articles, etc.
Legal action: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Proposition #1
Women Strike for Peace/Nuclear Test Ban
--Washington legislative office
--Government officials
Branch correspondence
--All branches
--East Bay branch
--East Coast branches
--West Coast branches
--Ambler- Eastern Montgomery County
--Chicago branch
--Los Angeles branch

Box 6 [Acc. 90A-028]
--Main Line [Pennsylvania region] branch
--New York branch
--Philadelphia area branches
--Seattle branch
--Washington, D.C., branch
New York: membership
Membership renewal letters
Membership notes: records
New member letters; information response letters
Vietnam: Philadelphia branch
Vietnam fliers and fact sheet
Vietnam open letters
Literature: Philadelphia branch
“We are Angry Women” campaign
Campaigns: archives
Chicago newsletter
Ambler branch activities
Newsletters and other Women Strike for Peace publications
--East Bay, California
--New York
--Main Line [Pennsylvania region]

Box 7 [Acc. 90A-028]
--San Francisco
--Washington, D.C.
--Legislative Alert
Peacelines file
Predecessor to Peacelines
“Dear Sister” letters
Ethel’s writings: published and unpublished
Miscellaneous: brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Acc. 90A-063
Box 1 [Acc. 90A-063]
Clippings and reprints
Creative past actions
Los Angeles chapter of WSP closes March 31, 1990
April 15th tax leaflet
Women Strike for Peace Research and Education Fund
Bus posters, October - November 1984
Bus card info
Peace song, Miller/Jackson
1 in 20 million
World Disarmament Campaign, England
Cookbook scroll, year of the child
Women Strike for Peace 20th birthday lunch
Nixon headquarters sit-in, May 9/10/11, 1972
Women Strike for Peace membership cards, brochures
Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968
L.A. Women Strike for Peace seals
Freeze, October 30, 1982
Women Strike for Peace logos
Peace poster contest, Paul Revere Junior High
Los Angeles Women Strike for Peace correspondence
Proposition #1
San Onofre action, 1977
National Women Strike for Peace communications
Requests for Women Strike for Peace literature
Multilater force (MLF) - Women Strike for Peace at the Hague
Women Strike for Peace - National Conference, October 1978
Women Strike for Peace National Conference - November 1983, Berkeley, California
Women Strike for Peace National Conference - November 1984, Washingon, D.C.
Women Strike for Peace National Conference - 1986

Box 2 [Acc. 90A-063]
National Conference 1987
Senator Denton and his "red herring", 1965
Djakarta meeting related material, 1965
Ad campaign, 1980
Middle East statement and letters
Women Strike for Peace 1984 election campaign
Women Strike for Peace on coexistence with men
Samples of Women Strike for Peace material
Women Strike for Peace material
Undated correspondence
Djakarta meeting with Vietnamese women, 1965
Pauling miscellenous

Box 3 [Acc. 90A-063]
Correspondence 1961
Correspondence 1962
Correspondence 1963
Correspondence 1964
Correspondence 1965
Correspondence 1966
Correspondence 1967
Correspondence 1968
Correspondence 1969
Correspondence 1971
Correspondence 1975
Correspondence 1976
Correspondence 1977
Correspondence 1979
Correspondence 1981-82
December 1962 hearings; Women Strike for Peace clippings
Women of Japan
Women Strike for Peace billboards
History of Women Strike for Peace

Acc. 91A-084
Box 1 of 1 [Acc. 91A-084]

Academic papers about Women Strike for Peace, by Pam Block, 1989, 1990, 1991

Acc. 92A-113
Box 1 [Acc. 92A-113]
Mack Party, 1967 (June)
Voter peace pledge: campaign and Mothers’ Day advertisement, 1968
Meeting between Senators Jacob E. Javits and Robert F. Kennedy, 1968 (January 5)
Visit of Soviet women sponsored by Women Strike for Peace: New York City, 1968 (January)
The Jeanette Rankin Brigade, 1968 (January 15)
Pueblo incident: demonstration, 1968 (February 1)
Protest against Vietnam War: Mrs. Hubert Humphrey- Albany, 1968 (February)
State Department interviews re: nuclear weapons threat, 1968 (February 15 and 24)
Women's Conference to end war in Vietnam- Paris, 1968 (April)
Stop the War Now; We Mourn All the Dead, 1968 (April 27)
Theater party, 1968 (April 30)
Poor People's Campaign, 1968 (May)
Stop Humphrey Drive, 1968 (May)
Dial-a-General Campaign, 1968 (July 1)
Demonstration: Governor Rockefeller on Senator Robert F. Kennedy's successor, 1968 (June 11)
National Proxy lobby, 1968 (July 15)
Paris Peace Conference, 1968 (July 15)
Biafra, 1968 (August)
Czechoslovakia Crisis, 1968 (August)
Women Strike for Peace in coalition with rally against war in Vietnam, 1968 (August 3)
Theater party, 1968 (December 4)
O'Dwyer Senatorial campaign, 1968 (October)
Democratic National Convention, 1968
Boston Tea Party Tax Campaign, 1969-1970

Box 2 [Acc. 92A-113]
Newspaper clippings
Antiballistic Missile (ABM) Campaign, 1969
Lindsay mayoral campaign (New York); Bella Abzug's Taxpayer's Campaign: urban priorities, 1969
Cut out Bloody War demonstration, 1969 (January 15)
Demonstration against Vietnam War, 1969 (March 26)
Taxpayer's revolt and petition campaign, 1969 (April-May)
R. O. T. C.  bill, 1969 (April)
New York City: march and rally against Vietnam War, 1969 (April 5)
Mother's Day flier; casualties of war, 1969 (May)
Whitehorn Case, 1968-1969
Stockholm Conference on Vietnam, 1969 (May 16-18)
World Congress of Women (WIDF), Helsinki, 1969 (June 14-17)
Washington, D.C., action against Vietnam War, 1969 (June 17-18)
Women's Coalition for Understanding and Women Strike for Peace: Washington lobby action,
1969 (June 24)
Antiballistic Missile meeting: Felt Forum, New York City, 1969 (June 25)
Vietnamese women's visit, 1969 (July)
Cuban trip: Federation of Cuban Women, 1969 (August)
Madison Square rally: Sane and Women Strike for Peace, 1965 (June 8)

Box 3 [Acc. 92A-113]
Demonstration: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Week, 1969 (August 2-9)
Moratorium, 1969 (October 15)
Theater party, 1969 (October 10)
Lincoln Memorial: Confront the Warmakers, 1969 (October 21)
Washington demonstration, 1969 (November 15)
Women Strike for Peace and the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1962-1966
C. B. W.: Women Strike for Peace
War toy campaign, 1963-1976
Hiroshima Conferences against atom and hydrogen bombs, 1960-1965
Multi-lateral force, 1963-1964
Disarmament, 1964
United Nations demonstration with Dr. Spock, Women Strike for Peace and Coalition, 1965 (April 10)

Box 4 [Acc. 92A-113]
Christmas card campaign: Christmas pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., 1965 (December)
"Dove" Washington lobby, 1966 (February 9)
Voters peace pledge campaign, 1966
Peace Parade: International Days of Protest, 1966 (March 26)
Mothers’ Day, 1966 (April 7)
Voters march on Washington; "This Mothers’ Day we ask one gift: just send our sons home", 1966 (May 15)
Toy fair demonstration: Parents in Toys, 1966 (March 7)
Forum on China, 1966 (May 27)

Napalm demonstration at United Nations; meeting at church center, 1966 (July 6)
March against Vietnam War, 1966 (August 6)
Prayer and Protest Day, 1966 (October 9)
Election campaigns and New York Women Strike for Peace re: Vietnam War, 1966
Sane and Women Strike for Peace: Madison Square rally, 1966 (December 8)
International Human Rights Day demonstration, 1966 (December 10)
Christmas action, 1966 (December 22)
Draft workshop, 1966 (January 22)
Washington Confrontation, 1967 (February 15)
--Advertisements and publicity
--Report back meeting, 1967 (March 8)
Spring mobilization, 1967 (April)

Box 5 [Acc. 92A-113]
March to Washington, 1965 (April 17)
WSP Mother's Day Protest Lobby on Vietnam, 1965 (June 23)
Jakarta MTG with Vietnamese Women, a first, 1965 (July)
Christmas Action New York Times Ad, 1965 (November 18)
Washington Vietnam Lobby, 1965 (November 27)
Anti-Draft Action, 1967 (April 5)
MRS LBJ Demonstration, 1967 (May 10)
Mother's Day Cards, 1967 (May 14)
Washington Demonstration White House, 1967 (September 20)
Mid-East Crisis 1967 (June)
Vietnam Summer, 1967
Dagmar Wilson Trip to Hanoi, Summer, 1967
National Mobilization Demonstration: Confront the Warmakers, 1967 (October 21)
WSP Demo: White House, 1967 (September 20)
Senate Internal Security Subcommitee Investigation, 1967 (October)
Referendums 1967 (November 7)
End the Draft Week, 1967 (December 4-9)

Acc. 92A-118
Box 1 [Acc. 92A-118]
Mary McCrory and Other Articles, 1977
Ron Young
British Peace Groups

Box 2 [Acc. 92A-118]
Unlabeled Folders about the House Un-American Activity Commitee and Disarmament [6 Folders]

Box 3 [Acc. 92A-118 / Acc. 94A-006]
Dismantled scrapbook: loose items or items removed
Dismantled scrapbook: photocopies of pages [2 folders]
From posterboards [3 folders]

Acc. 94A-005
Box 1
Women Strike for Peace to Albany; taxpayers’ campaign
Anti–draft week, 1970 (March)
Demonstration in Washington, D.C.: Women's Declaration of Liberation from Military Domination
Spring offensive and anti–tax action
Amendment to end the war
Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam: demonstrations and campaigns, 1970 (May)
Mothers’ Day Action, 1970 (May 8-10)
Sit–in to stop the war
Women Strike for Peace office invasion by Y. A. F.
C. B.W. action, 1970 (July 9)
Hiroshima Day; nuclear weapons campaign, 1970 (August 6)
Demonstration, 1970 (August 26)
Lunch–in for Bella Abzug, 1970 (October 7)
Take New York City out of the war, 1970 (October 15)
Don't Be Misled leaflet and Women Strike for Peace position statement, 1970 (October)
New York P. A. C. action, 1970 (October 31)
Women Strike for Peace and National Coalition Against Racism and Repression
"Set the Date" demonstration at Saint Patrick’s, 1970 (December 2)
CCC meeting at Grace Church (with Bella), 1970 (December 5)
New York correspondence: inquiries and requests for materials
Set the Date, 1971 (January 31)
Set the Date campaign and Vietnam Disengagement Act
Demonstration at New York and James Buckley
Take New York out of the war rallies
Central Park Action, 1971 (April 3)
Wall Street action, 1971 (April 5)
Women chaining themselves to White House fence, 1971 (April 3)
Canada Conference
End the war, bring the G. I.s home: march on Washington, D.C., 1971 (April 4)
Mothers’ Day; Save our Sons campaign
Spring offensive
Moratorium Day; Sutton Proclamation
Buckley- Javits, End the War, End the Draft
End the Draft
Longest day, longest war
Demand that Nixon go to Paris and accept seven-point peace plan
Judy Lerner’s trip to Japan and Hanoi
Women March for Equality Coalition
Demonstration: mission to United Nations to protest resumption of bombing North Vietnam
Demonstration at the Danbury prison
Trip to Hanoi: Amy Swerdlow and Irma Zigas
Moratorium Day
Phone call to Paris
Demonstration: Moratorium Day and Coalition
Demonstration in front of I. T. T. Corporation: Wonder Bread \boycott
Vigil outside Saigon Mission to free Madame Ngo Ba Thanh
10th anniversary commemorative meeting with U Thant at United Nations
Democratic Committee demonstration
Correspondence, 1972
Set the date, opening of Congress
Toy fair demonstration: war toys
Children's survival march
Indict the warmakers demonstration: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Demonstration in front of I. T. T. building
United Nations bombing, demonstration in Washington, D.C.
N. P. A. C. demonstration: New York City
I. T. T. Action
I. T. T. Proxy–stockholders Meeting
Sit–in in Carl Albert's office
Mothers’ day
Demonstration in Washington, D.C.
Democratic National Convention
Hiroshima Day
Demonstration at Nixon headquarters and United Nations
Meeting with Cora Weiss and Mrs. Gartley
Demo at library and McGovern motorcade
Demonstration: Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Cease Fire Agreement
Demonstration to Washington, D.C.
Signing of the peace agreement
Lobbying action in Washington, D. C.
Foreign aid bill action
O. E. O. hearings, Shirley Mangolin testimony
Women Strike for Peace strikes back at high food prices
Response to bombing in Cambodia
Demonstration: vigil at Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Church case amendment
Theater party fundraiser
Washington demonstration: Women Strike for Peace and Coalition
White House and New York vigils re: Cambodia; Impeach Nixon campaign; cut military budget
Day of Conscience
1973, continued
Demonstration: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
Abourezk Amendment
World Peace Congress
Women Strike for Peace meeting with Javitz and Buckley; Queens demonstration
Women Strike for Peace luncheon
Energy crisis and United Nations; war and Cambodia
Toy fair demonstration
Mideast seminar
Disarmament seminar
Trip to Geneva
Women's International Day
O. E. O. demonstration
Demonstration at United Nations
Meeting with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Lobby in Washington
Women Strike for Peace and Vietnam Veterans against War action: Washington
Week of Concern
Fundraising letter
Action: Wall Street
Action: Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Women Strike for Peace supports International Demand Disarmament Day
Survival campaign coalition
Vietnam and Cambodia
Puerto Rican Solidarity Day

Acc. 94A-006
See box 3 of Acc. 92A-118 / Acc. 94A-006

Acc. 94A-051
Box 1 [Acc. 94A-051]
Miscellaneous [8 folders]
Vietnam Trips
Cleveland-Women Speak Out

Box 2 [Acc. 94A-051]
Paris 1968
Stockholm Conference 1972-1973
Children's Survival National Welfare Rights Organization
Pilots' Wives
Prisoners of War Liaisons
Civil Defense
House Un-American Activities Committee 1964-1965
Test Ban
Conversion to Peace Economy
Tax Protest

Box 3 [Acc. 94A-051]
Another Mother for Peace
Pilgrimage to Rome
January 15, 1962
Liaisons with Prisoners of War

Box 4 [Acc. 94A-051]
UN Resolved Washington State Patrol (WSP)
World War II
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Geneva 1962

Box 5 [Acc. 94A-051]
House Un-American Activities Committee 1962
Multilateral Force (MLF)
1963 National Conference
1964 National Conference
1965 National Conference
1966 National Conference
1967 National Conference
International Clearing House-National Information Memo
Peace Education Bulletin
Legislative Newsletters
Peace Concern
Vietnamese Mothers' Letter
Viet-nam Democratic Republic of Viet Nam

Box 6 [Acc. 94A-051]
Djakarta Meeting
Vietnamese Women
United Nations
April 1968 Paris Conference
1968 National Conference
1972 National Conference
1971 National Conference
Alice Herz

Acc. 96A-012
Box 1
Miscellaneous Disarmament [1], May 1984 – May 1985
Miscellaneous Disarmament [2], June-October (1983)
Miscellaneous Disarmament [3], January 1979-November 1983
Miscellaneous Disarmament [4], April 1978-April 1984
Miscellaneous Disarmament [5], May 1975-June 1984
Miscellaneous Disarmament [6], August 1974-January 1984
Miscellaneous Disarmament [7], April 1978-April 1984

Acc. 96A-040
Box 1 [Acc. 96A-040]
Women Strike for Peace luncheon, 1977 (November 21)
International Women’s Year: pins and other emblems
Women Strike for Peace and Survival, 1995 (May 14)
Reception for Madame Salycheva, 1975 (May 21)
Demonstration: Washington, D.C., 1975 (July 8)
Demonstration: Rockefeller Center, 1975 (July 17)
Hiroshima Day, 1975 (August 6)
Atom and Hydrogen Bomb Conference, 1975 (August)
World Congress: International Women’s Year meeting- Berlin, 1975 (October)
Fundraising letter, 1975
Demonstration: New York City, 1975 (November 13)
Zionist resolution at United Nations; Israel Women Strike for Peace statement, 1975 (November)
Japanese delegation to United Nations, 1975 (December)
Vladivostok Agreement, 1975
Military spending vs. jobs, 1975
World Peace Tax Fund, 1975
International Women’s Day, 1976 (March 8)

Box 2 [Acc. 96A-040]
International Women’s Year Coalition, 1975
Women Strike for Peace 15th Annual Luncheon: seating plan, 1976 (April 3)
Mid-East meeting with Dr. Noam Chomsky
Second Women Strike for Peace statements on Mid-East, 1976 (March 13)
Presidential forum, 1976 (March 29)
Women Strike for Peace 15th Annual Luncheon
--Invitation and development of paste-up to completion, 1976 (April 3)
--[Unlabeled], 1976 (April 3)
--Program 1976 (April 3)
Carter and election, 1976
New York book fair, 1976 (April 30 – May 2)
Sacks Lodge, 1976 (May and October)
Demonstration on Wall Street, 1976 (June 9)
Application for funds to conduct intensive campaign on urgency of nuclear arms race, 1976
Fosler and Kleiser bills

Box 3 [Acc. 96A-040]
Billboard Campaign, 1976 (July)
Demonstration at convention: 34th Street and 8th Avenue, 1976 (July 8)
Democratic National Convention Platform Committee, 1976 (July)
China Test and fallout, 1976 (October 5)
Japanese Delegation to United States, 1976 (October 13-15)
V. I. P. Letter re: November 30, 1976
Demonstration: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
Nuclear Cards to Carter demonstration, 1976 (December 16)
Angola, 1976
Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice, 1976 (October 16)
Irish peace movement, 1976
Washington, Pentagon, White House and Congress, 1977 (March 8)
Fundraising letter, 1977 (March)
Meeting at White House, 1977 (March 9)
Saint Patrick’s demonstration, 1977 (March 3)
Threat of Nuclear War and Women Strike for Peace film showing, 1977 (March 30)
Foreign Policy Forum, 1977 (April 23)
Women Strike for Peace and Peace Assembly, 1975 (January 25-27)
International Women’s (Day) Year, 1975 (March)

Box 4 [Acc. 96A-040]
Luncheon Invitation, 1977 (May 21)
To Be Announced At Luncheon, 1977 (May 21)
WSP Meeting with Deputy Mayor: Arms Control Resolution, 1977 (June 9)
Sacks Lodge, 1977 (June 10-12)
IWY- NY State Meeting, Albany, NY, 1977 (July)
Speak Out: Military Spending and its Effects on our City, 1977 (June 8)
WSP Demo in Washington D.C. to protest Neutron Bomb, also meeting with Senator Hatfield, 1977 (July 20)
WSP White House Visit, 1977 (July 26)
WSP Nagasaki Day Demo, 1977 (August 9)
ERA Rally Central Park, 1977 (August 27)
Sacks Lodge, 1977 (October 7-10)
WSP Bazaar: Garage Sale, 1977 (October 15-16)
WSP Delegation to Cuba, 1977 (October 22)
Hearings: Transport of Radioactive Material NYC, 1977 (November 10)
Vinnie Burrows WSP at Village Vanguard, 1977 (October 30)
National Women's Conference, Houston, Texas, 1977 (November 18)

Box 5 [Acc. 96A-040]
Disarmament Working Group: Nuclear Disarmament, 1977 (December)
Demo across fr. St. Paris, Message to Carter about Neutron Bomb, 1977 (December 16)
Meeting: Report by Martha Baker about Trip to Cuba, 1977 (December 10)
Women's Lobby: Meeting With Koch, 1977 (December 6)
Meeting: Non-Governmental WSP Woman Leaders - Baker, 1977 (December 15)
Warnke, US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Letter to Ethel Taylor, 1978 (February)
Vietnam Revisited, 1978 (February 11)
International Women's Day, 1978 (March 8)
Luncheon Invitation 1978 (April 8)
WSP Luncheon Program, 1978 (April 8)
Luncheon, Table Layout, 1978 (April 8)
Luncheon Attendees, 1978 (April 8)
Luncheon Boutique, 1978 (April 8)
WSP Luncheon: General Thank you's, correspondence, packets, press, etc. 1978 (April 8)
WSP Luncheon, Educational Material, 1978 (April 8)
WSP Demo (Key to Disarmament), St. Pats, 1978 (April 18)
Transfer Amendment, 1978 (May)
Opening WSP Walk-a-Thon (SSOD), 1978 (May 23)
Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations on the United Nations Special Session on Disarmament, 1978 (March 11)
Mobilization Rally SSOD, 1978 (May 27)
UN Special Session on Disarmament, 1978 (May 23 - June 28)
Operation Turning Point Leadership Kit

Box 6 [Acc. 96A-040]
International Women's Meeting (SSOD), 1978 (May 28)
UN SSOD WSP and Coffee House
UN SSOD WSP and Key Tags
NATO Demo, Washington, D.C., 1978 (May 30)
Sacks Lodge Weekends Fund Raising, 1978 (June-October)
Sit-in at US Mission, 1978 (June 12)
WSP and Rosenbergs Rally, 1978 (June 19)
Ethel Taylor Testifies Before Senate Committee on Intelligence, 1978 (July 11)
Hiroshima Day, 1978 (August 6)
Microwave Testimony WSP, 1978 (October 5)
WSP Book Fair, 1978 (October 6-9)
Arms Bazaar Protest, 1978 (October 16)
Visit of FMC (Federacion de Mujeres Cubanas) Cuban Women, 1978 (November 1-15)
St. Pats. Demo, 1978 (December 10)
Meeting with Ukrainian Women, 1978 (December 7)

Acc. 97A-061
Box 1 [Acc. 97A-061]
Women for Peace- Berkeley, Oakland, 1975 - 1996
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Alliance for Survival (Northern California)
Berkeley City Council
Coalition to Cut Military Spending
B-1 Bomber
Hiroshima Day activities
Feed the Cities

Box 2 [Acc. 97A-061]
Lobby day, 1979 (April 3)
Feed the Cities letterhead
Feed the Cities, Not the Pentagon
Oakland Women for Peace
Feed the Cities Conference, 1977 (February 2)
Disarmament- United Nations conference
Another Mother for Peace
Minutes of Planning Committee

Box 3 [Acc. 97A-061]
Log, 1977-1978
Log, 1979-1980

Box 4 [Acc. 97A-061]
Log, 1981-1982
Log, 1983-1985
Log, 1986-1988
Log, 1989
Log, 1990
Log, 1996

Acc. 98A-089
Box 1 [Acc. 98A-089]
We Are Angry Women- donors to advertisement, 1980 (June 1) [2 folders]
Alva Myrdal Award and speech1980 (May 29)
Washington, DC demonstration, Constitution for a Non-nuclear World 1980 (April 26)
Iran Rescue Mission press conference, 1980 (April 25)
Anti-draft demonstrations and actions 1980 (March-July)
Teach-in with the Mobe, 1980 (February 13)
International Year of the Child, background material 1979
Military budget, newspaper clippings 1979
Strontium 90 in milk update 1979
Journal 18th anniversary IYC ads, 1979 (November 3)
Journal 18th anniversary text, 1979 (November 3)
Journal 18th anniversary luncheon , Martha hostesses, 1979 (November 3)
Journal 18th anniversary program, 1979 (November 3)
Journal 18th anniversary arrangements, 1979 (November 3)
Journal 18th anniversary invitation, 1979 (November 3)
Anti-nuclear demonstration, New York City, all peace groups 1979 (Ocotober 28)
Demonstration, Washington, DC Prop. I, IYC, organizing for 1979, (October 13)

Box 2 [Acc. 98A-089]
Women against War meeting, 1980 (June 10)
We are the Guinea Pigs- film showing, 1980 (June 4)
Washington, D.C., demonstration- buses. 1979 (October 13)
Washington, D.C., demonstration- Proposition 1, 1979 (October 13)
International Year of the Child- original calls for May 12 postponed to October 13, 1979
Women Strike for Peace Program- D.C. demonstration- Proposition 1, 1979 (October 13)
Anti-nuke rally- New York, 1979 (September 23)
Coalition of Labor Union Women Conference, 1979 (September 13-16)
Nuclear moratorium campaign, 1979 (June 28)
Nagasaki Day, Times Square meeting, Martha Speaks, 1979 (August 9)
Anti-nuke hearing- Attorney General, 1979 (May 31)
Demonstration- Armed Forces Day M. F. S., 1979 (May 19)
March on Washington, D.C.- No More Harrisburgs- Three Mile Island, 1979 (May 6)
W.O.M.A.N. rallies, 1979 (February 11, May)
Witness for Peace weekly vigil, 1979 (April 14-)
Three Mile Island nuclear accident, 1979 (March-April)
P.S.R. advertisement- New England Journal of Medicine- nuclear power, 1979 (February)
Non-luncheon appeal letter, 1979 (February)
Opposition to Lieutenant General Signious, director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1979 (January 26)
New York arena meeting, church center, United Nations (Proposition 1), 1979 (January 20)
International Year of the Child- project and scrolls- Rights of the Child, 1979
Year of the Child, 1979

Box 3 [Acc. 98A-089]
Endorsements- Proposition 1, 1979
Follow-up- Proposition 1 campaign, 1979
Proposition 1, 1979
International Year of the Child- parents and teachers, 1979
Proposition 1: New York City Council resolution on Proposition 1 and power plants, 1979
Press conference: International Year of the Child- Proposition 1, 1979 (January 18)
Conversion, 1978-1979
Vietnam background material
Department of Defense budget; Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia actions and visits to Congress
S. 1: articles, informational material, and calls to action
Meeting, 1975 (November 15)
Cambodia and Vietnam, 1975
Civil defense: shelters and evacuations, 1978
ROTC and Women Strike for Peace, 1973

Box 4 [Acc. 98A-089]
Congressional correspondence (other than re: Vietnam), 1970s
Vietnam letters and telegrams to President and Congress; responses, 1967-1975
Anti-Draft Press conference, 1980 (June 18)
Demonstration at Chinese United Nations mission, 1980 (October 24)
Women Strike for Peace 19th Annual Luncheon
--Invitation, 1980 (November 15)
--Menu and arrangements, 1980 (November 15)
--Program, 1980 (November 15)
--Layout of tables and attendees, 1980 (November 15)
--Thank you’s, etc., 1980 (November 15)
--Boutique, 1980 (November 15)
--Material distributed, 1980 (November 15)
Women’s Pentagon action, 1980 (November 16-17)
Saint Patrick’s demonstration, 1980 (December 17)
Indian Point- testimony to City Council, 1980
Bulletin (Central Intelligence Agency contribution), 1980
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1980
Women Strike for Peace 20th Anniversary Luncheon
--Program, 1981 (November, 21)
--Committee meetings and miscellaneous, 1981 (November 21)
--Boutique, 1981 (November 21)
--Elissa, 1981 (November 21)
--Materials and shipment to and from hotel, 1981 (November 21)
--Tickets: lunch orders and instructions, 1981 (November 21)
--Invitation, 1981 (November 21)
Demonstration: Stop General Haig, 1981 (January 9)
Women Strike for Peace Concert, 1981 (January 25)
Women’s Rights Day: D.C. Women Strike for Peace, 1981 (February 4)
Black America’s Stake in Peace, Hotel Roosevelt, 1981 (April 4)
United States Out of El Salvador, 1981 (April 18)
Demonstration on El Salvador to D.C., 1981 (May 3)
Mothers’ Day demonstration, D.C., 1981 (May 10)

Acc. 01A-005
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-005]
Publications, 1970-1979
Unlabeled folder
Leaflets, 1973-1974
Leaflets, 1975-1976
Leaflets and activities, 1974-1975
Correspondence to Peaceletter
Correspondence, 1976-1977
Correspondence, 1974-1975

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-005]
New York press releases
New York political action: correspondence with senators, etc.
New York and national speeches
Letters to the editor
Information packet
Peaceletter material
New York Research and Education Committee and Projects; Speakers Bureau
Newsletter editors
Petition #2
Correspondence re: Peaceletter
New York public relations correspondence: newspapers, radio stations, etc.

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-005]
Meeting minutes
Mailing, 1975
Unlabeled folder
Luncheon, November 21, 1981
New York: information re: groups
Record of leaflet orders
New York WSP: general correspondence (incoming)

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-005]
Correspondence, 1973
New York WSP: office procedures, 1963-1966
Thank you letters, 1973
National fundraising envelopes and general fundraising
National petitions

Box 5 [Acc. 01A-005]
Miscellaneous documents [3 folders]

Box 6 [Acc. 01A-005]
National office, 1970-1971
Luncheon, 1974 (November) and 1976 (April 3)
Reprints, 1972-1973
Press releases, 1972-1973
Liaison meeting, 1971 (April 10)
Ethel Taylor
National office, 1972
CCC meeting, 1975 (January 8)
National correspondence
Thank you letters, 1972
Season’s greetings received by Women Strike for Peace, 1970-1971

Box 7 [Acc. 01A-005]
Miscellaneous documents [3 folders]
Unlabeled folder
U. S. A. Today proofs
Unlabeled folder
New York correspondence, inquiries and requests for material, 1966

Box 8 [Acc. 01A-005]
New York correspondence, inquiries and requests for material, 1968
New York correspondence, inquiries and requests for material, 1967
National newsletters and literature
National office, 1970-1971 [2 folders]
Unlabeled folder
Boston Voice of Women
Sacramento Women for Peace
Legislative Office, Washington, D.C.

Box 9 [Acc. 01A-005]
National anti-draft clearinghouse and amnesty
Forms and blanks (New York), 1971 and prior
Washington, D.C. WSP
Philadelphia WSP
San Francisco WSP
National office: statements
Correspondence from WSP groups other than New York
National office: ffliers and leaflets
National office: publicity
National office: Liaison Committee
N. C. C. contact file
Rochester WSP
WSP international clearinghouse
Chicago WSP
Newsletters and fliers of WSP groups other than New York
Wheaton, Maryland WSP
East Bay Women for Peace
National office: correspondence, 1966-1968
WSP Washington Legislative Line
National office: press releases

Box 10 [Acc. 01A-005]
California WSP: correspondence, literature, etc.
National office: peace education, 1966
National office: position statement
PL, 1980 (Winter)
Correspondence, thank you letters, 1969-1971
Unlabeled folder
Membership renewals
Quotes and notes

Box 11 [Acc. 01A-005]
Iraq, Kuwait
Middle East
The Netherlands: action and correspondence
National office: correspondence, etc.
National office: Coordinating Committee meeting, February 7, 1990
Board meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1989 (November)
National board meeting, Washington, D.C., May 7-8 1989
National board meeting, Washington, D.C., 1989 (May)

Box 12 [Acc. 01A-005]
National board meeting, California, November 11-13, 1988
Regional conferences and national conference, Washington, D.C., 1986
Conference, Berkeley, California, 1983
Closing of Philadelphia office
WSP issues and campaigns
National office: Peace Lines
“Dear Sister” letters
WSP emergency network
Women’s Watch (Congress)
WSP: Washington, D.C. office
National office: historical material
“In memoriam” letters
List of speakers
Form letter for membership inquiries
Press contacts
Correspondence, 1984-1986
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty campaign
Leaflets: national office; New York WSP
Educational: Don Amter, 1999 (October 23)
Educational: Reverend Lucius Walker, 1999 (October)
Luncheon for Blanche Cook, 1997 (October 25)
Educational: Frances Fox Piven, 1996 (October 26)
Luncheon, Southgate Hotel, 1995 (October 21)
Luncheon, Southgate Hotel, 1993 (October 30)
Educational: Congressman Nadler, 1994 (October)
Educational: Ellsberg, 1992 (November)
Educational: Commoner (Mark Cohen), 1992 (April 25)
Coordinating Committee: meeting, Washington, D.C., 1991 (June 19)
Educational meeting, November 17, ____

Box 13 [Acc. 01A-005]
Luncheon: Bella Abzug, Ethel Taylor, Martha Baker- Days Inn, 1991 (November 23)
Educational: Aaron Tovish, 1990 (June 2)
Miscellaneous documents
Educational: Sternglass, 1989 (May 6)
Educational meeting, 1988 (October)
Educational forum, 1987 (October 31)
Luncheon: William Sloane Coffin, 1988 (May)
Educational meeting: Reverend Callahan, 1987 (April 14)
Women Strike for Peace luncheon, 1986
Educational events and meetings
Women Strike for Peace 23rd Anniversary Celebration, 1984 (November)
Luncheon honoring Jean Shulman, 1983 (November)
Buffet luncheon, 1983 (June)

Acc. 01A-040
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-040]
--Requests for information and literature, 1981
--Peaceletter, 1981
--Peaceletter, 1979
CCC meetings
--1978 (January-May)
--1978 (June 7) [2 folders]
--1978 (June 21)
--1978 (July 19)
--1978 (August 16 and September 12)
Correspondence and acknowledgments from members, 1980
Correspondence: contributors, 1980
Correspondence: memorials and acknowledgments, 1980
General correspondence, 1980
Philadelphia meeting: regional, 1979 (February 11)
National Conference, Washington, D.C., 1979 (October 13-15)
CCC meeting, 1980
CCC meeting, 1981

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-040]
Executive Committee: meeting, New York, 1980 (October 2 and November 25)
National meeting, 1980 (June 20)
Executive Committee, 1981 (April 22)
National, 1981
National Conference, 1981 (May 15-17)
New names to “Draft” letter and Peaceletter
Steering Committee: meeting minutes- New York, 1969-1970
National meeting, New York, 1975 (June 25-26)
Regional meeting, New York, 1975 (October 9)
Eastern Regional Conference- Philadelphia, 1978 (February 19-20)
Eastern Regional meeting, 1978 (August 11)
Eastern Regional Conference- Philadelphia, 1978 (December 11)
National Conference- Berkeley, California, 1978 (October 20-22)
National Conference- SALT I, 1978
National Conference- Year of the Child, 1978
Memoranda, etc., 1978
Correspondence, 1978
--Memorials and acknowledgments
--Federation of Cuban Women
--Requests for information and literature
Correspondence, 1979
--Requests for information and literature
--Memorials and acknowledgments
Correspondence, 1981
--Memorials and acknowledgments
--Acknowledgments from members and supporters
Information packets, 1982 and prior

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-040]
New York CCC: meeting minutes, 1969 [2 folders]
Membership letter and campaign, 1981
General correspondence, 1982
International Women’s Day, 1982 (March 6)
Operation Warning - Kiss the Children Goodbye, 1982 (March 3)
Threats to our civil liberties and struggle for peace, 1982 (March 27)
El Salvador - Washington, D.C., 1982 (March 27)
Saint Patrick’s action: There is No Shelter From Nuclear War, 1982 (April 28)
Theater party: Freedom Ain't No Bowl of Cherries, 1982 (May 14)
International Demand Disarmament Day, October 24, 1981: national meetings
International Demand Disarmament Day, October 24, 1981: demonstration at 42nd Street Library
Operation Warning- Kiss the Children Goodbye: demonstration, 1982 (June 2)
United Nations Second Disarmament Session, 1982 (June 12)
International Demand Disarmament Day demonstration, October 20, 1982: mobilization
International Demand Disarmament Day demonstration, October 20, 1982: marathon, October 24

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-040]
Helen Caldicott / Women’s Party for Survival, 1976-1981
Boycotts, 1979
Congressional candidates: Directive 59, Proposition 1 campaign, 1980 (September)
Prescription for Survival, 1981
Prescription for Survival campaign: Proposition 1, 1981

Acc. 10A-076
Box 1
Out of the Kitchen and Into the Streets: How the Mothers of Women Strike for Peace Took on Disarmament and Peace in the 1960s
Material from Refile Box (1992)
Material from Refile Box (1993)
Material from Refile Box (1994)
Material from Refile Box (1995)

Acc. 2013-050: Dagmar Wilson Papers
Box 1 [Acc. 2013-050]
Americans Want to Know: Cambodia correspondence, 1966
Americans Want to Know, 1966
Americans Want to Know: articles written, 1966
Miscellaneous Publications: "War and Peace and the Problem of Berlin", "Let There Be a World", "Women Strike for Peace Memo, Vol. 2, #1", "The German Problem: Roadblock to Disarmament", "The Story of Disarmament", and miscellaneous flyers

Box 2 [Acc. 2013-050]

Education Committee, 1979-1985
Current, 1982
LCCND (Loudoun County Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament): meeting, 1986

Box 3 [Acc. 2013-050]
LCCND (Loudoun County Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament), 1986- [2 Boxes]
"Unfinished business" [2 Boxes]

Box 4 [Acc. 2013-050]
Mss. (draft of Ethel Taylor's Book?), 1996
WSP Friends, 1995-1996
WSP Chapter, 1989
Flyers; correspondence, 1991
Committee on Human Dignity, 1961
Miscellaneous material on peace

Box 5 [Acc. 2013-050]
Miscellaneous material on peace
China Friendship Committee, 1975
Disarmament/Test Ban Treaty, 1960-1962
SANE Nuclear Policy, 1960
Correspondence, publications and statements, 1962 [2 folders]

Box 6 [Acc. 2013-050]
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee: correspondence and publications, 1960-1961
Vietnam, 1972-1974
Amnesty, 1973
WSP, 1968-1971

Box 7 [Acc. 2013-050]
House Un-American Activities Committee, 1965
Americans Want to Know: Cambodia, 1966
Americans Want to Know: Cambodia, 1967
The German Problem: Roadblock to Disarmament, 1966
Americans Want to Know: Cambodia correspondence, 1966-1967

Box 8 [Acc. 2013-050]
Miscellaneous publications; German problem
Dagmar's Committee: Cambodia correspondence, 1967
Multi-Lateral Force and Proliferation of Nuclear Arms Through NATO, 1964
Outgoing Mail on "The German Problem", 1964 (April-July)
NATO, 1964 (December) - 1965 (January)
Timetable of US-USSR disarmament, 1962
Germany: press clippings after book was published, 1964
Disarmament, 1964-1971
Vietnam, 1964-1967

Box 9 [Acc. 2013-050]
Berlin Letters, 1961
Miscellaneous: German Problem, 1963-1964
Correspondence re: disarmament book, 1962-1964
Correspondence, statements, press clippings: 1967-1968
The German Problem: research, clippings, etc.
The German Problem: old drafts
Miscellaneous flyers and handouts

Box 10 [Acc. 2013-050]
Peace Lines, 1988-1991
Booklets and flyers
31st Anniversary Celebration, miscellaneous flyers and booklets, 1992
Plutonium Project, 1994
Nuclear Disarmament (Dagmar), 1996
The Hague (Dagmar), 1995-1996
World Court Project, 1994-1995
World Court, 1993-1995
Slocome: Peace Women, 1992
Nuclear disarmament: reports, articles, 1994-1995
The Value of Peace Making, Keeping, and Building, 1993
Main issues, 1991
Bud and Ruth Schultz: "Political Repression," 1985

Box 11 [Acc. 2013-050]
Art correspondence, 1990
Correspondence and miscellaneous documents, 1988-1989
WSP Friends: personal correspondence
Thank You notes for "The Story of Disarmament," 1964
Correspondence on Disarmament book, 1963-1965

Box 12 [Acc. 2013-050]
Incoming-outgoing mail on Disarmament Book, 1962-1965
Financial records, 1963
Test Ban Treaty, UN Disarmament Pact, 1962
Disarmament Research Committee, 1962
Questions to U.S. Disarmament Agency, 1961-1962
Disarmament negotiations: Geneva, Newspaper clippings, history of disarmament, 1962
Khrushchev Peace Proposal, 1960-1962
Disarmament Campaign: miscellaneous, 1962

Box 13 [Acc. 2013-050]
"The Story of Disarmament": draft and materials, 1962
Intercollegiate Conference on Disarmament and Arms Control, etc., 1962
"The Story of Disarmament": final copies

Box 14 [Acc. 2013-050]
Wolf, Warner and Trible, 1983-1984
Press: Loudoun County, 1979-1985
Dagmar Wilson: miscellaneous peace work
Janet Bunbury
Recent communications, 1985
Quaker Peace and Social Concerns Committee, 1984
ACDA News Today, 1985-1986
Nuclear Weapons FREEZE Campaign
Arms control and Central America

Box 15 [Acc. 2013-050]
Notes by Dagmar Wilson. 1980s
Miscellaneous Women Strike for Peace, 1986
Dagmar Wins
WSP History
"Star Light: An Alternative to Star Wars", Monterey Peninsula Herald, June 20 1985
The Ribbon, 1985
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1971-1975
Miscellaneous newspapers
Americans Want to Know: press releases
Germany: miscellaneous
Nuclear arms for NATO, 1963
Americans Want to Know Campaign, 1966: Cambodia/Vietnam Border
Congressional Records: Mike Mansfield, Berlin in a Changing Europe
Course on Disarmament, 1962

Box 16 [Acc. 2013-050]
Vietnamese art prints [removed to Oversized Items Collection: Graphics]
Dagmar Wilson: miscellaneous
German booklet: drafts
German booklet: gallery proofs
Berlin Crisis and NATO
Washington Post and the Peacenics
Peace Making Day: Loudoun County Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament, May 30, 1983
FREEZE: Congress
WSP and Loudoun County: Disarmament Activities, 1979-1981
Women and peace

Box 17 [Acc. 2013-050]
Dagmar Wilson: speech and correspondence, 1981-1983
WSP, 1981-1983
Draft Chapters 1-5: Amy Swerdlow's dissertation with Dagmar's biographical corrections, 1981
Loudoun County Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament, 1983-1984
Disarmament: Other Voices
WSP 21st Annual National Conference, October 1-4, 1982
Loudoun County Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament, 1982
Peace Press, 1982-1983

Box 18 [Acc. 2013-050]
1967 Spring Mobilization
Janet Newman; clippings re: Vietnam; etc.
Vietnam Lawyers Committee, 1967
Friends Committee
"Is Cambodia Next?," 1967
ZIFF - Isidore Ziferstein
Vietnam: correspondence, 1967
Vietnam, 1968: freedom of speech, poor people, newclippings
Vietnam: non-WSP actions

Box 19 [Acc. 2013-050]
FREEZE (National and Virginia)
National Conference 1972
WSP Memo, 1972-1975
WSP, 1979 (October 13)
WSP 1981/20 Years
WSP commemorative book, 1961-1979; proposition speeches
General notes by Christopher Wilson
Bella Abzug
Canadian Peace Assembly
China policy, 1966
The Draft, 1967

Box 20 [Acc. 2013-050]
Miscellaneous, 1984
Miscellaneous nespaper clippings [Acc. 2019-067]
Letter from Bertrand Russell [removed to retricted letter collection]

Box 1 (of 1) [Acc. 2018-020] Ethel Taylor papers
Ton Auth cartoons, removal sheet
Ethel Taylor: biographical material, 1968 - 1969
Ethel Taylor: biographical material, family ration books, World War II, 1941 - 1945
Ethel Taylor: biographical material, miscellaneous
Ethel Taylor: biographical material, travel documents, 1969
Ethel Taylor: newspaper clipping, 1968 - 2003
Ethel Taylor: correspondence with Women Strike for Peace colleagues, 1965 - 1979
Ethel Taylor: correspondence with Linus Pauling, Adlai Stevenson, Roslyn Carter 1952 - 1990
Ethel Taylor: speeches and writings
Ethel Taylor: speeches and writings- signed copy of We Made a Difference, 1998
Ethel Taylor: FBI File [1]
Ethel Taylor: FBI File [2]
Ethel Taylor: FBI File [3]
Ethel Taylor: Correspondence with families of American Prisoners of War, A - L
Ethel Taylor: Correspondence with families of American Prisoners of War, M - Z
Lists of American prisoners of war; other documents about prisoners of war
Minutes of meeting at DRV headquarters, Choissy, France, with notes by Ethel Taylor, 1971-06-12
Ethel Taylor: pages from scrapbook for trips abroad for Women Strike for Peace 1968 - 1971

Unknown Accession
Box 1
Launching Women Strike for Peace and Survival, 1975 (May 14)
Miscellaneous material, 1975 (December) [file of Ethel Taylor]

Refile Box
Miscellaneous items, 1962-1966, 1986, 1987, n.d.

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