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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors
Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors Records
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DG 060

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The Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors was a non-sectarian, free advisory service for conscientious objectors to war and military service. The MBCO was set up to provide counseling and legal aid in metropolitan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and established by the United Pacifist Committee in 1940. The group disbanded in 1980.

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Acquisitions Information
Gift of Frieda Langer [Lazarus] and Martin Goldwasser, 1966-1999
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Collection re-processed and checklist revised by Anne Yoder, Aug. 2002
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[Identification of item], in the Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors Records (DG 060), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Historical Background
The Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors was established by the United Pacifist Committee on July 1, 1940, and become a separate entity early in 1942. Its purpose was to assist conscientious objectors to war with their problems related to refusal to register, difficulties with draft boards because of classification, the Civilian Public Service (CPS) option, and other matters. It was non-sectarian and free of charge, and in the course of its existence gave counsel, and at times legal advice, to nearly 10,000 COs. Its office was located in New York City, first at 2 Stone Street, and later at 5 Beckman Street (Sept. 1944) and 170 5th Avenue (Oct. 1944 - ).

Harrison DeSilver was the first Director/Secretary of the Board, succeeded by Ruth MacAdam when DeSilver was drafted and sent to a CPS camp. MacAdam served from 1944 (or December 1943?) -1945, followed by Lila Rogers. Evan Thomas was the first Chair of the Board of Directors (July 1940 – 1952?), succeeded by Herman Alderstein and Martin Goldwasser. Members of the Board of Directors included R. Boland Brooks, Marion Code, Julien Cornell, Esther Frankel, Edward Gottlieb, Martin Goldwasser, Rabbi Isidor Hoffman, Jessie Wallace Hughan, Abraham Kaufman, Leonard Lazarus, Ruth MacAdam, Tracy Mygatt, Frank Olmsted, Frank Ortloff, Stephen Siteman, Evan Thomas, Frances Witherspoon, and DeWitte Wyckoff.

The work of the Board rose and fell accordingly when Selective Service requirements were enforced during World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars, and again in 1980. The Board disbanded in 1980.

Much of the material in this collection came from Frieda Langer [Lazarus]. She counseled many of the COs who came to the Board for help, and worked diligently on the issues surrounding conscientious objection. She helped to found the Board, and was its secretary for many years.

Collection Overview
Frieda Langer deposited the records of the Board in the SCPC in 1966, 1976 and 1989, and Martin Goldwasser gave a small amount in 1999. The material includes meeting minutes, correspondence, policy statements, literature and case files about individual COs. Meeting minutes and other material were removed from the Abraham Kaufman collection (CDGA) in March 2007 and incorporated into the Metropolitan Board collection.

Correspondents include Allen Barr, Purnell Benson, R. Boland Brooks, Julien Cornell, Harrison DeSilver, Esther Frankel, Martin Goldwasser, Edward Gottlieb, Abraham Kaufman, Frieda Langer, Ruth MacAdam [later Smith; she married CO Ernest Allyn Smith], Morris Milgram, A.J. Muste, Arlo Tatum, Evan Thomas, Roland Watts, and Norman Whitney.

Some material, having more to do with Frieda Langer’s personal work with COs than that of the Board, was transferred to other collections, namely folder/s re: her involvement with the War Resisters League’s Conscientious Objector Problems Committee (as chair), ca. 1944-1946 [see CDG-A: Langer, Frieda], and with the Workers Defense League [see CDG-A: Workers Defense League]

Arrangement of Collection
The collection is divided into several sections: Series A: general records, 1940-1945; Series B: general records, 1946-1980; Series C: files of Frieda Langer; Series D: C.O. interview cards; Series E: reference material; Series F: counseling files, 1971-1984 [formerly restricted].

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
History / purpose / policies
Origins [United Pacifist Committee]
Board of Directors and Advisory Committee lists, 1940-1945
Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1940-1944
Legal Committee: meeting minutes, correspondence, etc., 1942-1943
Board and Advisory Committee members correspondence, 1940-1945
Financial Records, 1942-1945
Cash received/disbursed, 1942 (June) – 1945
Published material
Form letters, ca. 1941-1945
Releases / policy statements / educational memos
Publicity / press releases
General work, 1940-1941
Work re: alternative service, 1941-1942
General work, 1942-1943
Work re: COs in the army, 1943
Work re: COs in prison, 1943
Work re: CO pamphlet, 1943

Box 2
General work, 1944-1945
General work, n.d. [ca. 1940-1945]
Correspondence to/from/about avowed COs, 1940 - 1945 (May) [see also/from General correspondence; case files]
Letters to College Deans, 1943
General correspondence, 1940-1941

Box 3

General correspondence, 1942 (May) - 1944 (April)

Box 4
General correspondence, 1944 (May) - 1945 (August)
General correspondence, n.d. [ca. 1940-1945]
Questionnaire filled out by COs, 1944-1945
Correspondence with Selective Service, 1940-1942
Correspondence with Selective Service boards, etc.
Correspondence, etc. with ACLU: NCCO, 1942-1945

Box 5
Correspondence, etc. with National Council for COs, 1941-1943
Correspondence, etc. with Northern California Service Board, 1942-1944
Correspondence with NSBRO, 1942-1945
Correspondence with Philadelphia Council for COs, 1944-1945
Correspondence, etc with Norman Whitney, 1941-1944

Box 6

Case Files of COs
Abosh, Bernard and Hyman
Abramowitz, Rubin
Abruzzese, Alfred T.
Adamy, Edward N.
Ahrens, Henry William
Aks, Rubin
Albert, Hardy L.
Albrecht, Irving
Amberg, Mathew Karl
Anderson, Alfred H.
Anderson, Edward H.
Angelone, Paul
Annunziata, Edward
Atkins, Bernard
Atkins, Carl
Atkins, Jerome
Bakody, Joseph E.
Barna, Lewis A.
Bartlett, Raymond W.
Basuk, Morris
Bernstein, Herbert
Beyer, Frederick E.
Bishop, Corbett
Blank, David
Blazier, Jacob Dale
Brandon, Arthur
Branigan, John F.
Bretscher, George H.
Brody, Irving
Broglio, Silvio
Brooks, Gordon
Brooks, R. Boland
Buonacasa, Anthony
Buzzelli, Joseph Anthony
Cabrera, John G.
Cannella, Charles
Castorina, Joseph A.
Chaffee, Clarence F.
Chernoff, Nathaniel
Chiefa, William
Chrekjian, George P.

Box 7
Case Files of COs
Citron, Abraham
Clarke, Sanford
Collins, Richard E.
Cook, W. Roland
Cordes, Edward John
Craigie, Stanton Collins
Davis, Max
Davis, Morris
Decker, Howard E.
Del Rosso, Robert
Denton, John Henry
DeSilver, George B. [brother of Harrison DeSilver]
DeSilver, Harrison [while in CPS, 1944]
Dindas, Samuel
Dixon, John Norman [Jack]
Doerr, George
Dopf Jr., Benjamin W.
Durand, John
Durling, Lee
Earle, Eyvind
Ehrman, Louis
Eichel, Albert
Eise, William John
Fagan, Stuart Thomas
Feldberg, Daniel G.
Fialkoff, Jack
Finkel, Jacob
Fiore, Charles G.
Fiore, Pasquale/Mario/Quentin [brothers]
Fiorillo, Joaquin
Fischer, Henry R.
Fishman, Stanley
Flanagan, Ross H.
Flynn, C. Allen
Frankel, Simon
Friedman, Lawrence
Gallina, David
Galt, Tom
Garcia, Andrew
Garcia, Ernest D.
Genovese, Frank
Gertner, Isidore
Glaab, Charles and Frank
Glixon, David M.
Glixon, Niel H.

Box 8
Case Files of COs
Goellner, Joseph
Goldberg, Jack
Gottlieb, Ira Israel
Govertsen, Christian
Gram, Curtis
Graves, Morris
Greenberger, Murray
Haase, Horace J.
Haff, Drayton S.
Haffen, Raymond William
Haigh, Gerald
Hallowell, Ralph P.
Hamilton, Wallace
Hannibal, Richard C.
Harvey, Allen
Heller, Albert T.
Heller, Jacob
Hennion, Robert B.
Hoffman, Daniel Neal
Hoffman, Nathan
Horwitz, Nathan
Huber, Albert
Huber, Raymond C.
Iaia, Caesar
Ippolito, Casper Louis
Isely, Philip
Jacobs, Noah
Jones, Ashton B.
Jones, Rufus H.
Jones Jr., Walter Royal
Jurczenia, Thomas
Kalch, Joseph L.
Kampelman, Max
Kaplan, Seymour
Kaslowitz, Al
Kassin, Arthur
Katz, Sander
Kauten, Mathias
Keeler, Allen G.
Kleinbaum, Max M.
Kolano, Edward
Korell, Karl
Kunz, Carl
Labassi, Nicholas
Laikauf, Adolph
Lancaster, Josiah
Lang, Alex
Lasky, Hal
Lawrence, Fred John
Lawson, Albert H.
Lawson, Norman
Lazarus, Leonard [while in CPS, 1944]

Box 9
Case Files of COs
Leeds, Anthony
Levy, Rabbi Harold
Liebfried Jr., Henry C.
Lindenbaum, Louis
Loglia, Emilio
Love Jr., John K.
Lowell Jr., Robert Traill Spence
Lulcovich, Joseph
Lupes, Alexander
Mady, Henry T.
Magee, [Mr.] Beverly
Maker, Lynn
Malex, Bernard Joseph
Man, Albon
Man, Alexander
Mantis, Alter Wolf
Marcantonio, Nicholas
McManus, John
Meckler, Zane
Mellor, Joseph
Meyer, Samuel
Migliorino, Ralph A.
Moraski, Sidney
Moster, Sanford Joseph
Moyle, Peter
Muler, Joseph William
Muller, Robert
Mulowski, Stanley C.
Nelson, Alexander
Nestor, Louis
Nevitsky, Meyer
Nevitsky, Reuben
Nielson, Arild
Offerman, Chester
Olmsted Jr., Remington
Ormai, John
Oshinsky, Abraham
Otsuka, James
Palma, Harold
Patton, Harry J.
Peck, James
Perlman, Max
Phillips, Randolph

Box 10
Case Files of COs
Piatelli, Marco G.
Post Jr., Stirling D.
Powelson, John P.
Pressman, Nathan
Price, Paton
Puro, Israel
Raho, Nicholas
Ravin, Irving
Rayach, Elton
Reiner, Milton
Ritchie, Norman
Robinson, Ralph Oscar
Rogg, Edward
Rosenthal, Paul
Rosse, Nicholas
Rothbart, Lawrence
Salmon, Alvin M.
Saxon, [Steven (Stephen?)] George
Schloeh, Fred
Schlosberg, Harold
Schoenberg, Samuel
Schulz, Hubert E.
Schumacher, Victor D.
Schwaneman, Henry M.
Schwartz, David
Schwartz, Irving
Schwartz, John Arthur
Shaffer, George
Shirley, William
Siegelman, Philip
Silber, Bertram
Silverman, Elijah
Silverstein, Jerome
Singer, Samuel
Slade, Albert
Smith, Albert E.
Smith, Donald T.
Smith, Ernest Alyn
Smith, Thomas C.
Speltz, Eugene W.
Springer, Herbert [see also Richar d C. Hannibal file]
Stanewick, Richard
Stanley, George
Stefano, George
Steinhilber, Norman
Stitz, Herman J.
Stockdale, William Evans
Strauss, Graham
Striegel, Joseph Ross

Box 11

Case Files of COs
Surko, John
Swift III, Charles R.
Syms, Allen William
Tannenbaum, Jerome
Temerson, Alexander
Torelli, Caesar
Torelli, Charles G.
Tuck, Jay Nelson [Jerry]
Tuomey, James
Tuomey, John
Tuomey, Thomas J.
Tuttle, Dean

Box 12
Case Files of COs
Van Dilla, Marvin
Vekony, Anthony
Virzera, Armand
Vitarelli, William V.
Walling, Hayden English
Weatherbee, Herbert
Weberman, Samuel L.
Weberman, Saul
Wehmeyer, Fred
Weiss, Hans
Whelan, Duane
Whitehead, Rev. Robert C.
Wickman, Richard E.
Winston, Richard
Wolfson, John
Woolnough, Donald F.
Wren, Alex
Wulffaert, William
Yarrow, Donn
Zavackas, Vito
Zelazinski Jr., Joseph
Zernit, Sidney
Zimic, John
Zussman, Albert


Box 13
Board member lists
Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1945-1949 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes,1950-1952 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1953-1955 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1956-1960 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1961-1965 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1966-1969 [incomplete set]
Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1970-1976 [incomplete set]
Correspondence with Board Members
Financial records, 1948 -1973 [incomplete]
Financial records: bequest from Catherine Solendar, 1975
Financial appeal letter and contributors, 1964
Financial appeal letter and contributors, 1966
Financial appeal letters and contributors, 1970-1971
Bail bond fund for COs, 1948-1949
Bail bond fund for COs, 1960s
Bail/Bond fund for COs, 1970
General work, 1946-1980
Form letters; publicity
Goldwasser correspondence with/about CO Gunther Schimkus, 1974-1975
Goldwasser correspondence, 1951-1955
Goldwasser notes, etc., 1960s-1970s
General correspondence, 1946-1960
General correspondence, 1962-1969
General Correspondence, 1970-1972

Box 14
General correspondence, 1973-1980
Correspondence, etc. with/about CO Allen Gilmore, 1973-1974
Siteman, Stephen [Secretary of Board]: general and case correspondence, 1950-1952
Siteman, Stephen: general and case correspondence, 1960-1964
Siteman, Stephen: Edward Gottlieb (school draft counselor for Board), 1966-1967
Work re: incorrect physical diagnoses for COs, ca. 1971
Conf. “The COs in the Nuclear Age,” 1960 [proposed]
IRS and NY Dept. of Labor

Box 15
General Correspondence, 1948-1969, n.d. [includes requests for information from COs]
Correspondence with Board Members, 1958-1969
Correspondence with Herman Alderstein (Chair of Board), 1952-1959
Correspondence with Lyle Tatum (CCCO), 1951-1955
Correspondence etc. re: CO Legal Committee, 1967-1968
Correspondence and involvement with Consultative Peace Council
Correspondence with Los Angeles Area Committee for Conscientious Objectors (Charles Macintosh), 1951-1955
Correspondence re: Mothers Against War
Correspondence with NSBRO, 1951-1955
Correspondence and involvement with NSBRO, 1959
Correspondence with/about CO Nat Auerbach re: pardon, 1959-1960
Correspondence with CO Rubin Abramowitz re: pardon, 1953-1956
Correspondence with/about Hayden Covington, 1951-1955

Box 16

Correspondence re: coordination and future of CO work
Correspondence and reports, etc. re: Paroles, 1945-1946
Correspondence re: applying for Marshall Fund Grant, 1953
Correspondence re: amnesty/Pardons for COs, 1955-1960
Questionnaire re: pardons of COs, 1956
Correspondence etc. with/about lawyers, 1948-1954
Correspondence etc. with/about National Parole Board
Correspondence etc. with/about Department of Justice
Correspondence etc. with/about Department of Justice re: removal of hearing officer T. O’Rourke Gallagher, 1951-1952
Correspondence and notes etc. re: local and state parole boards/departments of justice/hearing officers, etc.
Correspondence etc., re: bail fund/indemnities, 1951-1955
Correspondence etc. re: arrest of Lucille Miller for advising draft resistance, 1955
Correspondence re: financial assistance for COs, 1955
Hosten, Edward (case), 1955
Correspondence re: War Resisters League pamphlet “Which Will It Be – G.I. or C.O.?,” 1952 [Lazarus disliked it]
Letter to school counselors re: providing them with CO information, April 1957
Correspondence, etc. re: broadcasts on COs, 1965

Box 17

Board testimony before U.S. House Armed Services Committee re: exemptions for COs, Jan. 1952 [includes correspondence]
Hearings re: CO work program budget, 1952
Senate hearings re: religious rights, 1955
Conference of Agencies Servicing Conscientious Objectors, New York (NY), Jan. 29, 1959
Participation in Conference on Political Action for Disarmament, New York (NY), December 18, 1959
Conference “The Conscientious Objector in the Nuclear Age,” 1960
Involvement with War Resisters League [includes correspondence re: resignation]
Reports of Stephen Siteman re: CO cases; notes by FL, 1950-1951
Misc. notes
Notes re: Selective Service [includes reference material]
Reference Material
Religious statements re: peace and conscientious objection
World government, 1949-1956
World citizenship (Garry Davis)
Korean War, 1950
Plans re: peace
Tax refusal/resistance
COs in the army
COs in Europe
Civil defense
COs and citizenship
Opposition to nuclear weapons

Box 18
Case Files of COs
Auger, Raymond N., 1953
Ball, George William, 1953
Baron, Edward, 1950-1952
Baron, Stephen, 1955
Bassford IV, Abraham, 1956
Barragato, Stephen R., 1952
Bauer, William [and Frank], 1952
Bell, Charles, 1952
Benepe, Barry, 1955-1959
Benevente, Charles, 1951
Berg, Lloyd A., 1952
Bergdoll, Alfred, 1950-1951
Birnkrant, Milton, 1960-1963
Berman, Daniel, 1951-1952
Blazej, Richard, 1952-1956
Braham, Mark, 1951-1952
Brilliant, Alan, 1961-1962
Burke, Richard, 1954
Burnett, David, 1952-1953
Cameron, Duncan, 1951-1952
Christiano, Nicholas W.
Coffey, Michael, 1950-1953
Coleman Jr., McCalister, 1954-1955
Couch, Joseph, 1952-1955
Crehan Jr., Thomas F., 1952-1956
Darling, William Ritchie, 1954-1955
Davidson, Vern George, 1953-1957
de Lime III, Thomas Louis, 1952-1955
DeGrasse, George, 1953-1955
Devoe, Howard and Robert, 1952-1957
Dixon, Weldon, 1953-1955
Donnelly, Richard, 1953-1955
Doty, Hi, 1945-1946
Drexel, Harry, 1961-1962
Edwards, Harvey, 1950-1954
Eisler, Colin Tobias, 1954-1958
Elman, Arnold Eli, 1953-1955
Emery Jr., Arthur, 1954-1956
Essner, Edward, 1951-1953

Box 19
Case Files of COs
Everngam, Howard, 1951-1952
Ferro, Carlo, 1952-1956
Fidel, Louis, 1951
Frost, Justin, 1952
Box 19 (cont.)
Case Files of COs
Galley, Anselm, 1954
Gamer, Carlton E.W., 1951-1956
Garst, James D., 1951-1953
Griswold, David, 1952
Grooms, Richard, 1950
Grossman, Robert, 1953
Haas, Fred, 1957
Handrich, Paul, 1952
Haring, Lee, 1951-1952
Harkins, Jack, 1955
Harris, Hilary Tjader, 1951-1954
Harvey, Arthur, 1952
Haskell, Noël, 1950-1957
Helbok, John E., 1960-1961
Herman, Bert, 1953
Herman, Evans, 1950-1951
Hess, Robert Henry, 1954-1955
Honan, Park, 1953-1954
Honan, William Holmes [brother of Park Honan], 1954
Hooge, Donald R., 1954
Hosten, Edward Bernarr, 1951-1961
Howard, Dennis M., 1952-1954
Husti Jr., William, 1951
Jakobson, Arno, 1958-1960
Johanson, George E., 1951-1953
Katz, Mervyn, 1951
Kelman, Herbert C., 1951-1955
Koster, Henry, 1951-1961
Koven, Ronald, 1953
Kramer, Milton, 1949-1952
La Barbera, Vincent, 1952-1959
Landeck, Philip, 1953
Larsen, Jack, 1953
Lehrecke, Thomas, 1955
Leonard, Thomas J., 1957-1958
Lerner, Stuart, 1953-1954
Lewinson, Eugene, 1952

Box 20

Case Files of COs
Libassi, Salvatore Frank, 1951-1955
Limsky, Irwin, 1961-1962
List, Ernest Theos, 1953-1954
Louvis, Anthony
Luckom, Bram, 1961
Lyle II, Edgar Rochford, 1958
Lyon, Richard, 1949-1951
Mallia, Anthony, 1952
Marcus, Albert, 1955
Marin, Peter Michael, 1954
Martin, Ralph F., 1950-1955
Mascaro, Louis and Carl [twin brothers], 1952-1953
McCrum Jr., Joseph, 1951-1952
Mendelsohn, Malcolm, 1954
Mittelmann, Douglass, 1954
Moeffett, Cleveland, 1954-1955
Mondlin, Marvin, 1951
Montague Jr. LeRoy S., 1957
Moritz, Arthur, 1958-1959
Murray, Donald Patrick, 1952
Neuhauser, James Groff, 1952-1953
Nolt, Jacob Weaver, 1960
Nugent, Harry Gray, 1952-1953 [see also Lester Packer file]
O’Conner, Steve, 1962
Oehlschlager, William J., 1952-1959
Owens Jr., Robert
Packer, Lester, 1950-1954 [see also Harry Gray Nugent file]
Padovano, Anthony, 1955-1957
Paley, Morton, 1953
Panesoff, Stanley
Peranio, Roger, 1951-1956
Perley, Lyle James, 1952
Portman, Steve, 1953
Pumo, Anthony, 1953
Purvis, Robert W., 1958-1960
Ramirez, Antonio, 1955
Redeker, Charles Frederick, 1953-1955
Redlefson, Donald, 1952-1958
Resnick, Bertram, 1951-1955
Rick, Tom, 1952
Ringewald, John and Robert [brothers], 1954-1955
Rivera, Edward Luis, 1953-1955
Rose, James, 1956
Rothenberg, David P., 1953
Rothgarber, Herbert, 1952
Rubin, Mordecai S., 1954-1956
Sacks, Robert, 1954-1959
Sandberg, Abraham and Joseph [brothers], 1951-1952
Scheider, Walter, 1951-1956
Schlanger, Jeffrey, 1959-1961
Schrag, Morton, 1951-1953
Schulze, Richard A., 1953-1960
Seibert, Mark, 1954
Serino, Gerald, 1953-1954
Setteducati, Arthur, 1951
Sokol, Robert, 1945-1953
Sperber, Ignatx [Benjamin], 1952-1955
Springer, Arthur, 1959-1960

Box 21
Case Files of COs
Stambler, Moses, 1953-
Sternbach, Jack C., 1950
Sturm, Israel, 1952-1954
Suda, William Alfred, 1960-1962
Thompson, Paul, 1952
Thornton, Arthur S., 1954-1955
Trop, Jules, 1950-1955 [includes other vegetarians: Jay Samuels, Larry Denton, Ed Byrnes, Jim Pape[?]]
Tyrrel, Nelson, 1952
Varhol, Gregory, 1954
Weeks, Sheldon, 1954
Weiner [Wayne], Stanley Robert, 1952-1959
Werner, Otis, 1949
Werson, Stephen J., 1955
Wider, Saul, 1952-1957
Williams, Jonathan, 1951
Williams Jr., Lewis, 1952
Wilson, Wilbert Edgar, 1952-1953
Wimmer, Richard Samuel, 1961-1962
Wufka, Bodo Ernest, 1955-1962
Youman, Lowell S., 1953-1955
Zucker, Robert A., 1953-1955
Zuckerman, Marvin [Martin?], 1952?

Box 22 [card file box]

Interview cards, 1940-1945

Box 23 [card file box]

Interview cards, 1940-1945 (cont.); 1946-195_

Box 24
Case Files of COs
Baral, David
Benedict, Donald
Berkowitz, Arthur
Berman, Herman
Billings, Arthur
Bloomstein, Charles L.
Boike, Dr. Peter
Bouzidon, Thomas
Bowles, Whitney
Brussell, Roy Edward
Chiarito, Americo
Clare, Gordon Herbert
Diamond, William Lowis
Dingman, Daniel
Eby, Isaac Shirk
Estey, Charles Gurley
Etcheverry, Frederic Wayne
Fischer, Robert Miles
Foote, Caleb
Gallatin, Archie
Geyer, Andrew
Gonzalez, Joe Valdez
Halperin, Bernard S.
Horst, Peter Scott
Imperato, Andrew
Kittredge, Selwyn
Konides, Stephen
Kramer, Milton
Kuhns, Henry Welty
Lewis, Avner
Murphy, Stanley
Nichols, Homer
Oakes, James Stephen
O’Leary, John James
Oller Jr., Joseph
Penley, Howard
Petherbridge, Richard Wood
Reel, Frederick U.
Reid, Maurice
Reinhart, Robert
Relyea, James Johnston
Rosen, Burton
Schaefer, Norman
Schubin, John Andrew
Schwoyer, Vincent C.
Scott, Howard Beeman
Sicurella, Anthony Tony
Simmons, Robert
Skultety, Frank W.
Smith, Russel S.
Strobel, Ernie
Stull, Harold N.
Tootell, John E.
Vincelli, Michael
Walsh, Joseph P.
Warren, Wirt A.
Weightman, Melvin Atwood
Witmer, Philip Andrew

Box 25
Misc. CO/CPS material
Misc. CO committees
Committee on Conscientious Objectors of the Washington Federation of Churches, ca. 1942
Cooperative Council of the NSBRO
Northern California Service Board for Conscientious Objectors: meeting minutes, 1941 (December) - 1944 (March)
Northern California Service Board for Conscientious Objectors: mailings, etc.
Philadelphia Council for Conscientious Objectors, 1943
United Pacifist Committee
Misc. re: COs
Draft counseling groups, ca. 1970-1972
Alternative service for COs, ca. 1967-1973
Selective Service, ca. 1968-1974
Building custodian John Kimball and refusal to raise American flag on Sundays, 1951
Presidential pardons (list), December 1947
Newsclippings, 1940-


Box 26 [previously restricted]
Counseling 1982, 1984
Cases, 1974
Cases, 1973
Cases, 1972 (2 folders)
Cases, 1971

SERIES G: CASE ADMINISTRATIVE FILES [ACC. 76A-15][previously restricted]
Box 1
Summaries of case information arranged by Anne as noted in Frieda Langer 1961-1968
Bonito and Thomas, card burning
Cases at Friends World Castle
Stratos, Geo Stephen, 1968
Simmon, Chas
Manning, Daniel
Kujawski, Mario
M.G. Conscientious Objector Cases, 1969
Kaufman, Michael L.
Correspondence (Cases) 1966-1968
Cases, 1970
Chronological logs of Frieda Langer

Box 2
Current case notes, 1970
Cases, 1968
Photostats of SS file, Gregg Bachner
White, Dan L.
Frieda Langer, current cases, 1965-1966 (2 folders)
Interview Cards

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