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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Civilian Public Service Personal Papers and Collected Materials
Inclusive Dates
Dates of papers/records 1939-present
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DG 056

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Materials in English
15+ linear feet
Chiefly the personal papers of conscientious objectors assigned to Civilian Public Service (CPS) camps during World War II, such as correspondence, writings, memoirs, and reference material about CPS. Also included are records of or about various CPS camps and projects.

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Civilian Public Service Personal Papers and Collected Materials, Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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Historical Background
Civilian Public Service (CPS) was set up to provide alternative service for conscientious objectors during World War II. It was operated primarily by the historic peace churches and the U.S. Selective Service, coordinated through the National Service Board for Religious Objectors.

Collection Overview
In 1964, the Swarthmore College Peace Collection created a collection called Civilian Public Service, Personal Papers, in which it placed many smaller collections of papers acquired from individuals and organizations after 1946. This was reprocessed in 1991, and the title was changed to Civilian Public Service Personal Papers and Collected Materials.

Items removed:
- photos and slides were removed to the Photograph Collection (includes slides of camps #46 and #94 taken by Mel Zuck [acc. 99A-004])
- quilt made by wives and widows of CPS unit #98 in 1990s [acc. 02A-005] removed to Memorabilia Collection
- audiocassettes, computer diskettes and a video were removed to the Audiovisual Collection

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is organized into three series. Series I contains material that documents the experience of individuals connected with CPS, primarily authored during the years that CPS was in operation. The material appears in the boxes according to when it was given to the Peace Collection. Series II contains material about specific CPS camps and projects, collected from various sources. The items in this series may duplicate what is in other CO or CPS collections. Series III contains documents about CPS reunions, conferences about CPS held in later years, memoirs, and questionnaires from those who investigated CPS assignees etc. Certain restrictions, as noted, apply to the material in these series.

The 34 boxes of files from the Big Flats CPS Camp #46 were removed to DG 002: American Friends Service Committee, Part I, in 2018.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Box 1
Reference/Subject file [includes correspondence]
Peace or war for America, ca. 1941
World War II, ca. 1935-1944
Propaganda: war and peace, 1939, 1944
Conscientious objection
CPS Fund campaign, 1942-1945
CPS camps
Periodical We, 1947-1948

Box 2
Correspondence from C.O.s, 1942-1946
Writings by Cooper about conscientious objection, 1942-1960
Henry W. Dyer

- Correspondence, 1942-1943
- Correspondence with Rex M. Corfman and others, 1943-1944
- Correspondence with Harold Guetzkow and others, 1942, 1943
- Burow brothers trial, 1943
- Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1942-1944
- Sandstone (Minnesota) prisoners: correspondence with Russel I. Smith, 1944
- War Resisters League, 1942
- Work without pay, etc., 1945 [file of Tom Leonard]
- Camp government, Walhalla (Michigan), 1942
[see also Chicago Conference for Social Action, Series II]
Harold Guetzkow
- Correspondence (1942-1943)
[see also Chicago Conference for Social Action, Series II]
Curtis Zahn
- Typescripts of articles about pacifism, 1940s?
- Miscellaneous material, 1946-1963

Box 3
Richard Sterne
- Correspondence, 1942-1944
Channing B. Richardson
- Correspondence, 1942-1945
- Reference/Subject file
-- Criticisms of CPS
-- China
-- Society of Friends and CPS
-- Chicago Conference on Social Action
-- Bulletins from CPS camps [most removed to DG 002]
-- Essays, reports, etc. by miscellaneous authors
- Miscellaneous CPS material

Box 4
Purnell Benson
- Correspondence, 1943-1950
- Correspondence about proposed Ph.D.
- Manuscript notes for lectures on conscription and CPS
- Published articles on conscription and CPS
- Typescripts of articles on CPS
- Donald Charles Devault case about work refusal, 1944
- Corbett Bishop case about hunger strike, 1945
- Miscellaneous
- Typescript Conscription of Conscience: American Conscientious Objection in World War II by Mulford Sibley and Philip Jacobs, 1949
- Correspondence
- Analysis and criticism by Benson

Box 5
Eugene S. and Louise Wilson
- Correspondence, 1941
- Miscellaneous correspondence, 1941-1949
- Newspaper clippings, ca. 1941
Howard and Mary Alice Alexander
- Autobiographical statement of MAA, 1990
- Photographs; miscellaneous CPS material [photos removed to Photograph Collection]
- Correspondence of MAA to HA at Coshocton CPS Camp (Maryland), 1942 (March) - 1943 (June)

Box 6
Howard and Mary Alice Alexander (cont.)
- Correspondence of MAA to HA at Coshocton CPS Camp (Maryland), 1943 (July) - 1944 (April)
- Correspondence of HA at Coshocton CPS Camp (Maryland) to MA, 1941-1943

Box 7
Howard and Mary Alice Alexander (cont.)
- Correspondence of HA at Coshocton CPS Camp (Maryland) to MA, 1944
- Correspondence from HA and MAA from Cherokee State Hospital (Iowa), 1944 (January-October)
Franklin H. Briggs
- Correspondence, 1943-1945
- Contents of untitled binder
- Notes from Administrative Training School, Selective Service System: Directives to CPS camps, etc., 1943
William M. Fuson
- Correspondence while at CPS Camp #131 (Cherokee State Hospital, Iowa), 1943-1945

Box 8
"Letters from Samuel P. Hays to His Parents, 1940-1948," [Acc. 10A-087]

Box 9
William Cleveland
- Miscellaneous correspondence, mostly to WC, 1943-1950
- Manuscripts and correspondence pertaining to Society of Friends periodicals (Inward Light and The Notebook), 1944-1947
- Correspondence and literature about various retreats, 1946-1952

Box 10
Peter S. Olmsted
- Starvation project and others, 1944-1945
Darnell Family Papers
- Emerson L. Darnell
-- Biographical information
-- Correspondence, 1941-1945, 1949, undated
- Barbara Russell Darnell
-- Correspondence, 1942-1945, 1963
- Mrs. Alfred Darnell
-- Correspondence, 1941-1942

Box 11
Darnell Family Papers (cont.)
- Mrs. Alfred Darnell (cont.)
-- Correspondence, 1943-1945, n.d.
- Alfred Darnell
-- Correspondence, 1939, 1941-1945, 1949
- Achsah Darnell
-- Correspondence, 1941-1943
- Ocneva Darnell
-- Correspondence, 1942-1943
- Emerson Darnell
-- Correspondence (non-family), 1940s
- Miscellaneous CPS material
- Miscellaneous material
- Photographs [removed to Photograph Collection]
- Three nineteenth century banknotes [removed to Memorabilia Collection]
Round-robin letters from men in CPS Camp #32, 1944 [acc. 69A-155]
Dan Frysinger
- Miscellaneous correspondence
William L. Jones

Box 12
Miscellaneous material
William Macy Stanton Jr. [acc. 96A-001]
- Biographical information, 1942-1946, 1992
- Correspondence, 1923, 1944-1945
- Reflections on semi-starvation experiment, 1955
- Material on semi-starvation experiment
- AFSC CPS information
- [see also Series III, Box 5]
-Biographical material [includes photos glued to pages; acc. 08A-018]
-Human guinea pig experiments [photos removed to Photograph Collection; acc. 08A-018]
Warren D. Sawyer [acc. 08A-004]
-CPS Service Camp #19, Camp #49, Unit #140.2
-Book 1 of transcribed letters, 1940 (September) - 1942 (September); other letters and miscellaneous material
-Book 2 of transcribed letters, 1942 (September continued) - 1944 (September); other letters and miscellaneous material
-Book 3 of transcribed letters, 1944 (September continued) - 1947 (April); other letters and miscellaneous material
-Philadelphia State Mental Hospital [Byberry]
-Oral history of Warren Sawyer [paper copy] (from Rutgers Oral History Archives, (Rutgers Oral History Project online copy available)

Box 13
Gordon Coffin
Harry Holstrom
Benjamin Candee
Werner Janney
- “The Dog Valley Fire Crew Fights a Big One”
- “Casey Volunteers for Four Years”
James Walter Abrecht and Marian Gage Abrecht

Box 14
Carl F. Kelley to John Musgrave
Herman Will
Toshiyuki Fukushima
Ralph Corlies Rudd
Robert L. Wixom
Cornelius Steelink
David C. Walden
- Mss. re: early history of CPS, 1944 (July)
George Hay
Gregg Phifer
Nancy Neumann
William Rostron

Box 15
A. Wilson and Dorothy Whitman [acc. 03A-101 and 03A-016]
- Biographical information; acquisition of letters [photos removed to Photograph Collection]
- Letters to Dorothy (as fiancee), 1943 (October) - 1943 (March)

Box 16
A. Wilson and Dorothy Whitman [acc. 03A-101 and 03A-016] (cont.)
- Letters to Dorothy (as wife), 1943 (April 12-May 20, June 4, August 8, December 9)
- Reference material
Henry Satterthwaite
Stanley A. Leavey
- Biographical information
- "Another Wartime"
- Correspondence with agencies concerning CPS assignments
- Letters to wife, Margaret Leavey, 1943 (March-August)
- Letters from wife, Margaret Leavey, 1943 (July), undated
- Correspondence; miscellaneous
- Reference material

Box 17

Vincent Beck [acc. 07A-003]
- reminiscences, etc. re: service in CPS
Bryn Hammarstrom [acc. 07A-003]
- Service at Patapsco CPS camp, 1940-1941
- Service at Buck Creek CPS camp, 1941-1943
- Service as CPS smokejumper, 1943-1944
- Service with Brumbaugh CPS reconstruction unit, 1945-1946
- Correspondence sent to family while in CPS, 1940-1946
- Correspondence from family, October 1943
- Correspondence of wife (Beppy) sent to family, 1945-1946
- Resignation from West Side Presbyterian Church (Ridgewood, New Jersey), May 1941
- Correspondence and lists, etc. re: Wesleyan University C.O.s, 1946-1947
- Correspondence after CPS
- Correspondence re: smokejumping (and reunions), 1973-1996
Edmund Dunlop
A. A. Hall
George Hay
Graham Hodges
George Yamada
Robert M. Cox
- List of material
- Correspondence, 1943-1946, 1993, 1997
- Writings and testimony on conditions at Cleveland (Ohio) State Hospital, 1944-1945
- Documents re: Ohio Grand Jury investigation on conditions at Cleveland (Ohio) State Hospital, 1944-1945
- Newspaper clippings about conditions at Cleveland (Ohio) State Hospital, 1943-1946
- Miscellaneous reports about conditions at Cleveland (Ohio) State Hospital, 1943-1946
Quentin C. Stodola
- Booklet [images also available as digital files; acc. 07A-062]
Charles Lord
-Philadelphia State Mental Hospital [Byberry] (Pennsylvania) [acc. 07A-040]

Box 18
Nelson Fuson [acc. 97A-043]
- List of material available in Friends Historical Library
- Letters and articles re: pacifism
- School of Community Living, etc. (CPS Camp #94, Trenton, North Dakota)
- Correspondence re: CPS assignments and plans for China Unit
- Attendance at conference on China
- Survey of interest sent to CPS men re: China Unit. 1943 (September) [includes 20 replies]
- Prospects for interest in Trenton course re: China
- Media coverage re: possible China Unit
- China Unit: general/miscellaneous
- China Unit: general/miscellaneous (cont.)
- China Unit at Pendle Hill, 1943 (May-August)
- China Unit: letters to/from 1st Unit (in South Africa)
- China Unit: memos from the AFSC
- China Unit: AFSC Subcommittee on China [re: China Unit vs. FAU, 1943]
- China Unit: “Study Aid for China Service Unit”
- China Unit: bibliographies; books sent to/from CPS Unit to/from libraries, etc.

Box 19 (1/2 box)
Nelson Fuson [acc. 97A-043] (cont.)
- China Unit: culture studies, etc.
- China Unit: culture studies, etc. (cont.)
- China Unit: language studies
- China Unit: language studies (cont.)
- China Unit: geography studies, etc.

Box 20
David Stoffregen
- Background information
- Letters (4) to relative and friend, 1941-1945
- Letters to his mother, 1941 (January-December)
- Letters to his mother, 1942 (January-June)
- Letters to his mother, 1942 (July-December)
- Letters to his mother, 1943 [bulk: August-November]
- Letters to his mother, 1944 (February-December)
- Letters to his mother, 1945
- Letters from his mother, 1942 ( January-September) [2 photos removed to Photograph Collection]
- Letters from his mother, 1943 (August-December)
- Letters from his mother, 1944 (April (ca.) - December)
- Letters from his mother, 1945 (January-October)
- Letters to/from Ida Belle Stoffragen (mother) from relatives and/or friends

Box 21
David Stoffregen (cont.)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1941 (September-December)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1942 (January-February, May, July-December)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1943 (April-December)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1944 (January-August)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1944 (September-December)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1945 (January-May)
- Letters from friends, etc., 1945 (June-August) ; undated
- Letters from friends, etc.: form letter "P.A. Communique," 1944 (March-September)
- Letters from his mother, 1945 (January-October)
- Letters to/from Ida Belle Stoffragen (mother) from relatives and/or friends
Edward Stannard & Orestes "Rusty" Unti
-Correspondence, 1940-1943; other AFSC printed items about post-war international service
Mel Zuck [see also Series III]
- CPS papers, 1944-1945; etc.

Box 22
Hibbard Thatcher
[note: photographs removed to Photograph Collection; many newsletters & pamphlets discarded as duplicates]
- Biographical information
- Letters written
- Letters received
- Miscellaneous
Malcolm Campbell and Hurford Crosman
- "Thumhow", Letter from Campbell and Crosman to familiy, 1944 (April 29 - May 5) They transferred from Camp 52 in Powellsville Maryland to camp 94 in Trenton, North Dakota.  They gathered in South Orange New Jersey on Saturday April 29, 1944 and started hitch-hiking on Monday May 1st, arriving in Williston, North Dakota on Friday May 5, 1944. [Photocopy, scanned from original, which remains in Crosman family hands; Acc.2014-053]
Daniel J. Peacock [includes typed notes by Daniel Peacock in 2014 about various items and events]
[note: Photographs-removed to Photograph Collection and Graphics by William Wallace-removed to graphics and oversze graphics collections]
-Biographical material
--Daniel Peacock and Charles [?] (friend at Earlham College), 1945
--Daniel Peacock and his mother, 1945
--Daniel Peacock and Shirley Greene [later Peacock] (Wife), 1946
--Daniel Peacock and William Wallace (CPS friend), 1953
--Daniel Peacock and CPS men, and various medical personnel concerning the starvation experiments at the University of Minnesota, 1992-2005
--Daniel Peacock and Henry Scholberg (aka Cedric) (CPS friend), 1999-2006
--Daniel Peacock and Daniel Miller (CPS friend), 2001-2006
-CPS Experiences
--Buck Creek
--Camp Antelope, Coleville, California (CPS Camp 037)
--University of Minnesota Starvation Experiments (CPS Unit 115), 1944-1945
--Mount Weather, Bluemont, Virginia (CPS Camp 114), 1946
--Relief and reconstruction training and travel to Poland, 1946
-Reference material: articles about stravation experiments, 2004, 2005
Robert Lovett
-Draft board and CPS
-Conscientious objector paperwork
-World War II rationing paperwork

Box 23
Philip Cressman
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1943 (November)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1943 (December)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (January)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (February)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (March)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (April)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (May)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (August)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (September)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1944 (October)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1945 (September-December)
-Letters from wife Virginia, 1946 (January-February)
-Miscellaneous letters

Box 24
Robert Wixom [acc. 2016-069 and acc. 2016-071]
- Correspondence, 1944
- Correspondence, 1984-1989
- Correspondence, 1990-2005
- CPS reunion/s
- CPS reunion/s: document "Massachusetts General Hospital CO's, 1943-1946" [also titled "The 40th Reunion Newsletter of CPS Unit #115, The Life Raft Experiment, and Parolee CO's: Massachusetts General Hospital, 1943-1946, Reunion July 1983, Boston, Massachusetts"]
- Notes from talks heard during CPS?, circa 1946-1947
- Reference material re: CPS [including recollections by CPSers]
- Reference material: mss. by Armin L. Saeger Jr. re: CPS and beyond
- Reference material: media coverage of CPS Camp #10 (Royalston)
- Reference material: photocopy of Milt Gold's scrapbook re: CPS and C.O.s in WWII
- Reference material: transcript of speech "Dr. Butler's Work With Conscientious Objectors During WWII" by E.D. Bell Jr., 1987


Box 1
Chicago Conference on Social Action, April 1943
- Correspondence of Harold Guetzkow, Rex M. Corfman, Henry Dyer and others
- Conference literature
- Post-conference material
- Miscellaneous“Greater opportunity in CPS,” 1942-1943
CPS conferences, 1942-1943
Castaner project (Puerto Rico), 1942-[1944, 1945]-1951
Work in mental hospitals
Forest fire training
Recipes from CPS camps
Pocket Songster for CPS camps

Box 2
Food for Europe Fund (CPS Camp #76, Glendora California)
- Records, 1946
- Alphabetical file of letters of gratitude
- Some translations of letters of gratitude
Starvation Project (Unit #115)
- Reference material from Charles David Smith, 1945
Thomas B. Ritchie
-Photographs of Big Flats Camp #46, 1942-1943 [removed to the Photograph Collection] [acc. 2015-060]


See also: files of Daniel Peacock in Series I

Box 1

CPS Survey “Study of the Effects of Civilian Public Service on World War II Conscientious Objectors” by Paul Wilhelm, 1987-1989
- Preparatory material Restrictions Apply

Box 2
CPS Survey “Study of the Effects of Civilian Public Service on World War II Conscientious Objectors” by Paul Wilhelm (cont.), 1987-1989
- Responses to Wilhelm questionnaire A-R Restrictions Apply

Box 3
CPS Survey “Study of the Effects of Civilian Public Service on World War II Conscientious Objectors” by Paul Wilhelm, 1987-1989
- Responses to Wilhelm questionnaire S-Z Restrictions Apply
Description of interviews with World War II conscientious objectors by Cynthia Eller, 1990 Partial Restrictions Apply [audiocassette tapes (with transcriptions on Mac Write diskettes) removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Video of 50th year reunion of Buck Creek CPS Camp #19, 1991 [removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Questionnaires from CPS people sent out by Washington (DC) Friends Meeting, 1946
“Recollections of a World War II Conscientious Objector,” by Larry Miller

Box 4
Questionnaires re: women and CPS sent out by Rachel Goossen Partial Restrictions Apply [acc. 93A-108]

Box 5
Reflections on semi-starvation experiment [acc.96A-001]
Reunions of Semi-Starvation Experiment Unit 45, 1991 (March), 1995 (August) [acc.96A-001; oversize photo removed to Photograph Collection; audiocassettes removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Material from Ray Firestone
Material from James Clark [see also Sugar Hill Burn Diary in Book Collection]
CPS reminiscences of Bolton Morris, Richard Leonard, George B. Mathews and Gordon Zahn
Conference “An Extraordinary Paradox,” Pendle Hill (Pennsylvania), 1996 (November)
Materials from "The Laurelites" Partial Restrictions Apply
CPS Unit #98
- Miscellaneous material
- Recollections by the wives and widows of men in Unit #98; description of quilt made by women in 1990s
- "CPS 98 Partners"
Letter and reminiscence from Roland Smith (Buck Creek Camp), 1991 (December)
CPS reunions / retrospective conferences [collective file]
Memoir "Another Wartime" by Stanley A. Leavey, 2005 [copyright retained by the author]
CPS #103 Smokejumpers reunion letter, 2007; mailing list of members
Interview with Harold Bush, October 12, 2007 [acc. 08A-034]
Robert Kleinhans [Acc. 10A-029]

Box 6
Transcriptions of oral interviews with CPS men, by Cynthia Eller, 1980s
- Anonymous
- Ashby, Paul
- Baker, Charles
- Baker, Don
- Barnes, Fred
- Beachler, Donald
- Bertochini, Gilbert
- Blocher, Henry
- Bogen, Howard
- Boone, Aretas
- Bristol, James
- Brown, George
- Brown, Richard
- Brubaker, Herbert
- Bryant, Arthur
- Carper, Eugene
- Cary, Robert
- Cohn, Sigmund
- Colburn, William
- Convers, Fred
- Dell, Joe
- Delp, Paul
- Edinger, Cal
- Fischer, George
- Foote, Caleb
- Geiger, Cal
- Gifford, Seth
- Grover, Gilbert
- Hanawalt, Dwight
- Herbst, Albert
- Hogan, Herbert
- Jarboe, Russell
- Jones, J. Edwin
- Kaufman, Gordon
- Kidder, Eugene Jr.
- Klaffke, Charles
- Krug, Lyle
- Liskey, Samuel
- Lowerre, James
- Mast, Roy
- Mizutani, Saburo
- Nutson, Gale
- Nutson, Gordon
- Parker, Malcolm
- Paulson, Carl
- Phillips, R. Paul
- Potochnik, Rudy
- Prochaska, Harry
- Reed, Hayes
- Rubin, Gerald
- Sateren, Leland
- Spencer [Roger S.?]
- Stanley, Delmar
- Stocksdale, Bob
- Templin, Lawrence
- TenBrink, Howard
- Vogel, Robert
- Wilkinson, Harmon
- Windemiller, Duane
- Zahn, Gordon
- Zytkoskee, Tate

Box 7
Material from Daniel Dingman, Richard Underwood, and the Topeka I-W Program and transcriptions of oral interviews with World War II conscientious objectors, and other material from Men of Peace by Mary R. Hopkins
- Daniel Dingman
- Richard Underwood: "Civilian Public Service and After"
- 50th Anniversary of the Topeka (Kansas) I-W Program, 1952-2002
-Ahrens, Chris
-Allen, Charles
-Angell, Richard
-Angell, Steve
-Bacon, Allen
-Bacon, Margaret
-Barnaby, Merill
-Bartholomew, Evert
-Bartholomew, John
-Blickenstaff, Delbert
-Blickenstaff, Harold
-Brinton, Ted
-Burgess, Samuel
-Carson, Harold
-Cooley, Charles
-Cronk, Elwood [photographs only]
-Fowler, Earl
-Geiger, Cal
-Gray, Bob
-Grigg, Thurston
-Hall, Thomas
-Hanks, John Warren

Box 8
Transcriptions of oral interviews with World War II conscientious objectors, and other material from Men of Peace by Mary R. Hopkins
-Hartman, Neil
-Hays, Sam
-Hinkey, Earl
-Houser, George
-Johnson, Curtis
-Johnson, Douglas
-Jones, T. Canby
-Kelsey, Phil
-Long, Jan
-Lord, Charles
-Mattox, Jim
-Michener, John
-Michener, Robert
-Miller, Bruce
-Neal, Phil
-Nichols, Herbert
-Ornsby, Henry
-Palmer, Stuart
-Powelson, Jack
-Roose, Kenneth
-Sanderson, Ross
Box 9
Transcriptions of oral interviews with World War II conscientious objectors, and other material from Men of Peace by Mary R. Hopkins
-Sawyer, Warren
-Smith, Harlan
-Smith, Reed
-Snipes, Bradshaw
-Stark, Leonard
-Stark, Walter
-Stephenson, Edwin
-Sutton, Marshall
-Swain, Henry
-Taylor, Richard
-Thomforde, Phillip
-Way, Roger
-Williams, Wendell
- -CPS file
-Wilson, Warren
-Yinger, Milton

Box 10 (1/2 box)
Material from Men of Peace by Mary R. Hopkins
- 18th-19th century Friends material [removed to FHL]
- Merom obituaries and memorials
- Merom “Plowshare”
- Merom reunions, 1987-1998
- Merom reunion,1999
- Merom reunion, 2000
- Merom reunion, 2001
- Pellagra experiment, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago (Illinois), 1945-1946 [photocopy of photograph only]
- Miscellaneous conscientious objector correspondence

Box 11 (1/2 box)
Material from Men of Peace by Mary R. Hopkins
- Board reports and minutes
- Correspondence
- Correspondence with publishers

Box 12
Mel Zuck
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., 1978-1989
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., 1990 - 1992
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., 1993 - 1995
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., 1996 - 1997
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., 1998 - 2010
- Correspondence re: CPS Directory etc., undated
- Correspondence with Richard Anderson
- Correspondence with Mary Haworth
- Correspondence with Alex Sereyan
- CPS Directory committees, 1992, 1997
- Lists
- Obituaries of CPSers
- CPS reunions, 1986-2005
- CPS reunion, 2008

Box 13
Mel Zuck
- Petersham - CPS Camp #9
- Merom - CPS Camp #14
- Buck Creek CPS Camp #19
- Coshocton - CPS Camp #23
- Coleville - CPS Camp #37
- Eastern State Hospital, Williamsburg - CPS Camp #41
- Big Flats - CPS Camp #46
- Byberry State Hospital - CPS Unit #49
- Duke University Hospitals - CPS Unit #61
- Glendora - CPS Camp #76
- Warren State Hospital - CPS Unit #83
- Brattleboro Retreat (State Mental Hospital) - CPS Camp #87
- Trenton - CPS Camp #94
- Coast 2nd Geodetic Survey - CPS Camp #98
- CPS Unit #100
- Missoula - CPS Camp #103
- Ames - CPS Camps #104
- Gatlinburg - CPS Camp #108
- CPS Unit #115
- Reference Material re: CPS
Armin L. Saeger, Jr.
-"My Experiences as a WWII Draftee in Civilian Public Service" [Chapter Five from Sowing My Quaker Oats]
David Stoffragen
- Merom CPS Camp: history; reunions, 1987-2000 [photos removed to Photograph Collection]
- Merom CPS Camp: biographical information & obituaries of Merom C.O.s
- Warren State Hospital CPS Unit: reunions, 1985, 1990

Box 14
Robert McCoy
-"My Road to Peace," [may be an excerpt from Planting the Good Seed: Letters from a Quaker Relief Worker, Wilmington College Peace Resource Center, 2007]
Lloyd Balderston Swift
-"Memoirs of Lloyd Balderston Swift: Childhood to China," April 15, 1989; letter of Gladys H. Swift to Robert Wixom, July 20, 1998 [Acc. 11A-061]
Richard Cecil Lazarus
- "Memoirs of Civilian Public Service Camps, 1942-1945" by Richard Cecil Lazarus, April 2006 [Acc. 2013-057]
Frank Bartholomew, John Bartholomew, Samuel Burgess, Elwood Cronk, Neil Hartman, Curtis Johnson, Stuart Palmer
- Interviews with conscientious objectors living at Medford Leas, retirement community, Medford, New Jersey, 2007 [part of the public television series The War: Stories from the Front Lines and the Home Front; acc. 2013-056; DVDs removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Wilton Emerson Hartzler-Memorial Service Program "A Service Celebrating the Life of Wilton Emerson Hartzler (1920-2014)," January 17, 2015; letter from Mel Zuck (undated, but circa March 31, 2015), describing Wilton Hartzler. [Acc. 2014-014]
CPS Smokejumpers [Acc. 2015-015]
-CPS Camp 103 Reunions, 2002-2004
-Newspaper clippings and other material Camp 103 and CPS smoke jumpers
-Newspaper clippings and other material by and about Dale Landis (who served at Camp 103)
-Photographs and issues of Smokejumpers magazine [removed to photograph and periodicals collection]
Robert Lovett
-Oral history interview (2007)
Julian Schrock
-"At Cascade Locks, 1940-1944," 2005 Schrock was the son of camp director Mark Schrock. Compiled documents about life in camp. Material about Lew Ayres and George Yamada.

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