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Appendix A: Notes re: Histories of Branches (through Pennsylvania) by Susanna Morikawa

No early branches; three existed in the 1960s: Birmingham, Tuskegee, Selma

No early branches; three existed in the 1960s: Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson; all but Tempe still active

State Branch: its first conference was held in 1930; in existence until at least 1962
Locals: in 1930 there were eight Branches which were still active; during the years following, Branches

were added and others dropped out or became inactive. At different times, Branches existed in Long Beach, Marin County, Sacramento, Santa Maria, and San Diego. Branches were very active in the 1960s; some designated themselves as Branches even though their existence was fleeting
Bay Area Feminist: est. 1981
Berkeley-East Bay: 1940-current
Carmel "Branch": est. in 1929
Castro Valley Provisional: active during Vietnam era
Diablo Valley: active during Vietnam era
Hayward: active during Vietnam era
La Jolla-San Diego [now San Diego Branch]: active during Vietnam era
Livermore: active during Vietnam era
Los Angles a.k.a. San Fernando Valley: 1928-current
Marin County: active during Vietnam era
Monterey Peninsula/Monterey Branch: 1960s-current
Mount Diablo: active during Vietnam era
Oakland Co.: 1920s-1970 [ceased functioning in 1944 & then re-started?]
Ojai: 1937, 1960s
Orange Co: 1960s
Pajaro Valley [first Bilingual branch]: 1991
Palo Alto: 1923-1982 [changed name to Peninsula Branch]
Pasadena: 1932- 1960s
Peninsula: 1983-current [was Palo Alto Branch]
Placer-Co a.k.a. Auburn-Placer: 1981-current
Riverside,: active during Vietnam era
Sacramento: 1920s-current
San Diego: 1937-current
San Fernando Valley: same as LA?
San Francisco: 1923-current
San Gabriel: active during Vietnam era
San Jose: 1962-current
San Mateo Co.: active during Vietnam era
San Pedro: n. d., but probably active during Vietnam era
Santa Barbara: 1924-current
Santa Cruz: 1961-current
Santa Rosa: ca. 1978-1980
Sierra Foothills: 1981-current
Ventura: 1980s-current
Regionals: In the 1980s, locals met periodically in regional conferences. Northern CA included Berkeley,
Monterey, Peninsula (called Midpeninsula), San Francisco, Fresno, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Auburn/Sierra Foothills, East Bay
State Branch: established a State Branch in the late 1920s that functioned at least until 1969. More
recently, there is a Colorado Cluster Branch, which is a consortium of branches that produces a joint newsletter. Colorado Cluster "Branch" cooperating branches include Boulder, Denver, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Lyons
Boulder: 1927-current
Denver: 1927- ; still active?
Estes Park: 1980s; still active?
Fort Collins/Loveland: 1960s-current
Greeley: 1960s; still active?
Pueblo: active during Vietnam era
Seems to have had no state branch?
Fairfield Co.: 1930s-current
New Haven: 1964-current
New London: active during Vietnam era
Valley Shore: 1979-81
Westport: active during Vietnam era
Wilton: 1937

Kent Co: 1937
New Castle: 1967
Wilmington: 1937, 1964-1979
District of Columbia
District of Columbia: 1922-1973
Women of Action: est. 1992-1993
Never had a State Branch, but has flourishing Branches now that WILPF retirees have moved to FL
Margaret Meade [Deerfield/Boca Raton]: 1980-
Miami/Greater Miami: 1957- current?
Orlando-Winter Park: active during Vietnam era
Palm Beach County: 1963-
Sarasota-Manatee: 1973-
South Beach (is probably a chapter of Greater Miami)
Tallahassee: active during Vietnam era
Tampa: 1934, 1970-
Treasure Coast. 1985-current?
West Palm Beach: 1972-current?
No State Branch or early Branches
Athens: 1983; still active?
Atlanta: active during Vietnam era
North Georgia Chapter: 1985

No State Branch
Honolulu: 1938; still active?

State Branch / Chicago Branch: 1937-1952
Champaign-Urbana: 1969 and possibly current
Charleston: Vietnam era
Chicago: 1920-1963: active before the State Branch, and reorganized in 1952 to create a separate Chicago
Branch; was divided in 1963 into two units, Chicago Metropolitan and Chicago South Side.
Chicago Metropolitan: created when the State Branch was divided; 1963-
Chicago North Shore: for a time was a chapter of Chicago Metropolitan Branch; 1969-current
Chicago South Side: created when the State Branch was divided; active during Vietnam era
Chicago West Suburban: a sub-group of Chicago Metropolitan until 1968; 1968-
DeKalb: active during Vietnam era
Springfield: 1950s; still active?

Names and locations of informal "branches" changed frequently in the 1960s-1970s (Vietnam era),
resulting in a number of short-lived groups. In the mid-1960s, Indiana had five Branches: Michiana, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Central Indiana & Bloomington.
State Branch: a State Branch was established in 1966 to encourage the founding of local branches and to
provide better communication for members-at-large; active during Vietnam era
Bloomington: est. 1965; became official Branch in 1966; still active?
Central Indiana: active during Vietnam era
Falls City Provisional: active during Vietnam era
Fort Wayne : 1937
Gary/Calmut,: active during Vietnam era
Indianapolis: active during Vietnam era
Lafayette: est. 1965
Michiana (South Bend-Michigan border): active during Vietnam era
Northwest Branch: 1978
South Bend: est. 1983
Southern Indiana: est. 1981 to cover Monroe & Brown Counties; still active?
Terre Haute: active during Vietnam era

Ames: 1936-37
Des Moines: est. 1962; active during Vietnam era; archival records deposited at Women's Library of the
University of Iowa
Iowa City,: active during Vietnam era

Kansas City: active during Vietnam era
Lawrence: est. 1967; active during Vietnam era
McPherson Provisional: active during Vietnam era
Newton: est. 1936
Sedgwick County (Wichita): 1980s
Topeka: 1980s; still active?
Louisville: active during Vietnam era

State Branch: 1933-1935
New Orleans: active during Vietnam era
Maine Branch: 1995- [State Branch?]

State Branch: est. by 1928
Baltimore: 1926; archival records deposited in Goucher College
Carroll Co.: active during Vietnam era
Northeast Maryland: 1963-1981

State Branch: WILPF group in Boston functioned as a "state" branch until ca. 1977 when the National
recommended that it concentrate its activities to the Boston area and encourage the local Branches to function independently. The State Branch was divided in 1978 into Springfield, Worcester, and Greater Boston Branches, although there were some earlier WILPF activities already in those "branches." Archival records deposited in Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College, Harvard University
State Branch / Boston Area Branch: 1921-1977
Blue Hill Preliminary: Vietnam era
Boston/Greater Boston: 1978
Cambridge: active at least by 1965
Cape Cod: active during Vietnam era & still active
Concord: active during Vietnam era
Newton/Wellesley: active during Vietnam era
Northampton/Amherst: active during Vietnam era
Salem: 1936
Springfield: 1943-1979
Worcester,: active during Vietnam era
State Branch: served as a liaison between local Branches until 1980, when it replaced the functions of a
state branch with a state coordinator; archival records deposited at the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti: active from Vietnam era & still active; archival records deposited at the University of
Detroit: 1934-current; archives deposited in Wayne State University
East Lansing: active during Vietnam era; still active?
Greater Lansing: 1995; this may be current version of East Lansing/Ingham County
Ingham Co.: active during Vietnam era & still active
Kent Co.(Grand Rapids): active during Vietnam era & still active
Lake Superior: 1981
Menominee Valley (MI and WI): active during Vietnam era through 1988; still active?
Michiana: see Michiana, IN
Northville/Plymouth: active during Vietnam era
Oakland Co.: active during Vietnam era
Petosky/Little Traverse: active during Vietnam era; still active?
Rouge Valley: Vietnam era
Traverse City: intertwined with Petosky: active during Vietnam era
State Branch:
the Minnesota organization was unusual. The State Branch was established very early
(1920s) and had its own board as did Branches in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Minn. South Suburban. The four Branches cooperated on events and newsletters, personnel overlapped, and the material filed under separate names is usually interrelated. In the mid-1960s, these Branches became a "state" Branch with local committees, plus a Branch in Rochester. After 1970, there was an effort to create more "outlying" Branches, and by 1984, the so-called State Branch was renamed Minnesota Metro Branch(??)
Hibbing [unofficial Branch]: active during Vietnam era; disbanded in 1966
Minneapolis: intertwined with State/Metro
Minneapolis -South Suburban: intertwined with State/Metro
Rochester: active during Vietnam era
St. Cloud: active during Vietnam era and until at least 1980
St. Paul: intertwined with State/Metro
State Branch:
1933: active during Vietnam era
Itta Bena Provisional: active during Vietnam era
State Branch: 1934-1945
Saint Louis: 1933-
No state branch but some general activity before locals
Missoula: 1980-81
Lincoln: 1935-1940
No apparent Branch but loosely organized to participate in NE peace activities
State Branch: based in Cleveland and its activities were interwined with those of the Cleveland Branch;
active at least in 1925-1979
Cleveland -- Women Speak Out for Peace and Justice Branch: est. ca. 1969; a peace organization that
worked/works together with WILPF

State Branch: the early material of the Pennsylvania State Branch was processed by Ellen Starr Brinton;
this material was reprocessed in 1997-2000 by Susanna Morikawa and Anne Yoder. The Pennsylvania State Branch was closed in 1966. The 1950-1965 records of the State Branch were processed by Martha Shane in December 1987 as Series B,5. In 1999, this material was incorporated into the rest of the Pennsylvania Branch material
State Branch, 1931-1949
Blair/Altoona City: disbanded 1960
Bucks County: merged with Mercer City (NJ) Branch in Fall 1988
Chester County / West Chester: according to a history written in 1951 by Ellen Starr Brinton,
this Branch claimed to have been organized in 1916, before the Pennsylvania Branch of the Woman's Peace Party had been established
Delaware County Evening: est. in early 1950s; members were from various communities in
Delaware County who preferred to meet at night; in the summer of 1970 until ca. 1973, the "Evening" was dropped from its name; it continued to meet in the evenings in the Drexel Hill area, but small attendance resulted in an eventual merger with the Swarthmore Branch
Delaware Valley: created in 1934 to coordinate activities between the branches/groups in Delaware
county. From 1934-1953, it functioned with officers & committees. However, after 1950, it apparently was not recognized by the PA State Branch which preferred to deal directly with the local Branches rather than through a county intermediary. By 1953 it had been decided to function as a Council, with an annual meeting of representatives from the Branches. After 1953, the term "Delaware County Branch" generally referred to joint ventures between WILPF chapters & Branches in Delaware County, including Lansdowne/Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, Media, Delaware County Evening, & Swarthmore. At the same time, a Delaware County Evening Branch was organized which included members from many of the same communities. From late 1970 to about 1974, this branch dropped "Evening" from its name, but continued to meet evenings in the Drexel Hill area. Check related Branches for additional material on members of WILPF in Delaware County.
Erie: disbanded 1938
Landsdowne / Upper Darby: est. in 1940 through a merger with the Upper Darby Branch;
disbanded in 1967; area now covered by Swarthmore-Delco Branch
Main Line: disbanded temporarily ca. 1986, but active again in the 1990s
Montgomery County: includes groups in Pottstown, Lower Merion & Norristown; at times, the
Pottstown Chapter referred to itself as a Branch, but it probably did not hold that status; was inactive after 1945(?), as WILPF preferred to organize at the local level rather than the county level
Northeast Philadelphia: est. 1961
Philadelphia County: reorganized in 1935 with subgroups defined by congressional districts, as
part of an effort to separate local work from the State Branch (headquartered in Philadelphia)
Pittsburgh / Allegheny County: est. 1921
Pottstown [Branch?]: organized under International League for Peace and Freedom, rather than WILPF?;
probably a chapter of the Montgomery County Branch
Swarthmore / Swarthmore-Delco: est. 1934; in 1974, name was changed to Swarthmore Area Branch, and
in 1984 to Swarthmore-Delco Branch
Upper Darby: merged with Landsdowne Branch ca. 1940

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