Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399, USA
Appendix B: Notes re: WILPF International by Archivist Eleanor Barr, Jan. 1985
[may no longer be applicable in 2000- ]
Records, 1915-date. 7.47 meters (24.5 feet)
Scope and Content
The official records of the international headquarters of the
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (established 1919)
and its predecessor, the International Committee of Women for Permanent
Peace (1915-1918), are deposited in the Western Historical Collection,
Norlin Library, University of Colorado at Boulder. A printed guide to
these records (A Guide to the Women's International League for Peace and
Freedom Papers, 1982) is available in SCPC (see Archives-Reference
collection). These records were microfilmed in 1981-1982 by the
Microfilming Corporation of America. Women's International League for
Peace and Freedom, Papers, 1915-1978; A Guide to the Microfilm Edition
is also available on the Archives-Reference shelf in SCPC. Of the 114
reels of microfilm filmed for this project, nine are available in SCPC.
The material designated in the microfilm edition as Series I, Part H,
was held by the Peace Collection from 1940 to 1981.
The records of WILPF-International available in SCPC have come from
various sources over the years since the Peace Collection was
established in 1930. Individuals who have contributed significant
quantities of records include Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, Heloise
Brainerd, Benny Cederfeld, Mildred Scott Olmsted, and Alice Thacher
The SCPC collection of WILPF-International records includes
Executive Committee minutes (1920-1965), resolutions, scattered
correspondence (1920-1953), reports, and materials on conferences and
committees. Also included are minutes, resolutions, scattered
correspondence, reports, and other material relating to the
international congresses (1915-1977) held by WILPF approximately every
three years. Records from the 1960s to date are sketchy compared to the
earlier years.
The collection also includes miscellaneous materials (1915-1975,
primarily pamphlets, leaflets and releases) from twenty-nine national
sections. Much of this material is from the sections in Denmark,
France, Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden.
Records (1928-1950) of the Committee on the Americas are also part
of the WILPF-International collection. The bulk of this material
consists of the correspondence (1936-1950) of Heloise Brainerd,
Correspondent of the Committee, with women in Latin America.
Serial publications of WILPF-International from 1915 to the present
are also available in SCPC.
A brief history of the Women's International League for Peace and
Freedom is included in the above-mentioned guides to the WILPF papers at
the University of Colorado.
Consult card catalog for additional material on the history of
The records of WILPF-International are arranged in six series, as
Series A Historical Records
Series B Congresses
1. Historical Records
2. Bound Reports
Series C National Sections
Series D Committee on the Americas
Series E Geneva Collection
Series F Serial Publications
Series A, B, and C are composite series, created to accommodate
material received from various sources at different times. The
arrangement of both Series A and Series B is basically chronological,
then by type of material. Series C is arranged first by country, then
by date and type of material.
The records in Series D were received from Heloise Brainerd in four
separate accessions, 1948-1953. The correspondence is arranged by date
and then by country.
Series E consists of WILPF records that were sent to the Swarthmore
College Peace Collection in 1940 from international headquarters in
Geneva for safekeeping during the war. The collection is arranged by
type of material and then by date. In 1981, with the permission of
WILPF-International, this material was transferred to the University of
Colorado for inclusion in the microfilm edition of the WILPF papers. The
original records have been retained by the Norlin Library of the
University of Colorado, but a microfilm copy is available in SCPC.
Series F, a collection of serial publications, is arranged by title
and by date. Additional WILPF periodicals are available in the SCPC
periodical collection. Consult card catalog for holdings. Some
periodical titles are also available on microfilm.
Under a grant from the Jane Addams Peace Association, Series A, B,
and F were thoroughly processed in late 1984-January 1985. WILPF
records from Emily Greene Balch were added to the collection at this

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