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Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-
[formerly NSBRO and NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Some Later Accessions

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Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
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DG 025

Language of Materials
Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only and entire collection, not only later accessions]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information
Restrictions to Access
Yes [researchers must obtain permission from CCW Executive Director to use files of individual conscientious objectors; contact Curator for details]
Usage Restrictions
Yes [some boxes are stored offsite; a request for their retrieval must be given to the Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the SCPC]
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Acquisitions Information
Gift of NSBRO, 1947-1948; many subsequent accessions
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Processed by archivists and student assistants; checklist created by Anne M. Yoder, Archivist, November 2008; This finding aid created by Flore Nouvel, February 2012; updated by Kathy Sun, March 2013.
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[Identification of item], in the Center on Conscience and War Records (DG 025), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law

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CCW Digital Files

Detailed Description of the Collection

Later Accessions

Acc. 07A-003
Box 1107 [Acc. 07A-003]
Statements of COs, 1991-1992 [see also box 1120 and 1136]

Box 1108 (1/2 box) [Acc. 07A-003]
Bob Horton: letters re: publication of book (Profiles of Conscience); mss. of book; photographs [removed to Photograph Collection]

Box 1109 [Acc. 07A-003]
Meeting minutes, 1993-1994
Board and Committee communications, 1993-1994
Miscellaneous, 1993-1994

Box 1110 [Acc. 07A-003]
Personnel records, 1970-1994 [see also box 1138]; “Words of Conscience” (10th ed.),

Box 1111 (1/2 box) [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records: correspondence, 1969-1977
Warren Hoover: correspondence, 1980; speaking engagements and seminars, 1970-1980

Box 1112 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records: bank statements (Riggs National Bank), 1998 (December) - 1999 (November)
[includes cancelled checks]

Box 1113 (1/2 box) [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records: reports, 1997 [incomplete set]
John David Thacker: correspondence, 1997

Box 1114 [Acc. 07A-003]
Hotline News Releases, 1969-1987
Article by Konrad Ege (journalist) re: WWII resistance and CPS

Box 1115 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records: miscellaneous documents, 2000; paid bills, 2000

Box 1116 -- missing [never received from CCW?] [Acc. 07A-003]

Box 1117 [Acc. 07A-003]
Program files, 1996-1997: plans, Board and staff meetings, etc.
Phil Burkholder: correspondence, 1996-1997
Jonathan Ogle: correspondence, 1994

Box 1118 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 1998:
-Paid bills
-Voided checks
-Daily deposits and receipts
-Financial statements (December)

Box 1119 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records:
-Memos, 1990-1997
-Transfers and deposits, 1997-1999
-Paid bills, 1998
-Bank statements (Riggs National Bank, etc.), 1999
-Credit card statements, 1998-1999
-Miscellaneous, 1999

Box 1120 [Acc. 07A-003]
Statements of COs, 1990-1992: Aldridge - Wipf [see also box 1107 and 1136]

Box 1121 [Acc. 07A-003]
Miscellaneous, 1958-1979:
-Board meetings
-Files of Warren Hoover

Box 1122 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 2000:
-daily receipts
-voided checks
-deposits, financials [?]

Box 1123 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 1999:
- receipts
- paid bills

Box 1124 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 1999: financials [?]

Box 1125 [Acc. 07A-003]
- LWY [L. William Yolton?]: correspondence, 1984, 1986-1988, 1991-1995; testimony, 1984
- National Conference on Nonviolence: correspondence, 1986-1987
- Board and staff meetings and retreats, 1987, 1995
- Board and staff correspondence, 1995
- Financial records: reports, 1992-1995
- University on the Mall (March 1992), 1993
- Annual report, 1995

Box 1126 [Acc. 07A-003]
- Board and staff meetings and retreats, 1990
- Annual meetings, 1990
- Planning for 50th Anniversary, 1989
- Financial records: statements, 1990
- L. William Yolton: correspondence, 1984-1996; speaking engagements, 1994-1999

Box 1127 [Acc. 07A-003]
Miscellaneous, 1992
- Board and staff meetings and retreats
- Annual report/s
- Board Committees
- Board correspondence and mailings
- Financial records: statements, fund appeal/s reports
- Mailing re: Dellums Bill
- Government dealings [?]

Box 1128 [Acc. 07A-003]
- Financial records: IRS dues (from 1994-1995), 1996
-- income and expense spreadsheets, 1994-1995
-- budget, 1998
-- taxes, budgets, etc., 1971, 1980, 1995-1996, 1998
- Testimony before Congress, 1989-2000
- Annual Meeting, 1998; Board and staff meetings, 1993
- Mailings and reports, __ - 2001
- Position statements, 1978-1998
- _____ Burkholder: correspondence, 1996 (May)
- Raymond Toney: correspondence, 1994-1995
- _____ Lessey and L. William Yolton: correspondence, statements and testimony, 1989-1990
- Legal Committee, 1995
- Walter Collins, 1970 (December 18)

Box 1129 (1/2 box) [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 1983-1990: income tax quarterly reports

Box 1130 [Acc. 07A-003]
Guatemala: correspondence, 1995
CO status, 1993-1996
Reference material, 1990s

Box 1131 [Acc. 07A-003]
CPS Remembered / Post-CPS
- CPS list permissions, 1993-1994
- Directory project description, 1991-1993
- Retirement benefits for government employees (in CPS), 1974-1983
- Reunion of CPS human guinea pigs, 1989-1994
- Position papers, testimony before Congress, historical study (Gordon Zahn)
- John Balaban: alternative service request, 1967-1971 move to other accession/series?

Box 1132 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records:
- payroll, 1976-1982
- income taxes, 1966-1989

Box 1133 [Acc. 07A-003]
Military Conscientious Objector Act (of 1992), 1991-1994:
- meetings, analysis, proposed revisions, plans, etc.
Statements by COs (4), 1981, 1989, 1996

Box 1134 [Acc. 07A-003]
Selective Service:
- reports and testimony, 1973-1996
- analysis of legislation, 1990s
- miscellaneous, 1990s

Box 1135 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 1998: statements

Box 1136 [Acc. 07A-003]
Statements by COs, 1991: Griffith - Peter [see also boxes 1107 and 1120]

Box 1137 [Acc. 07A-003]
Financial records, 2001: receipts, deposits, paid bills, void checks, payroll, etc.

Box 1138 [Acc. 07A-003]
Personnel files (P-W), 1970-1990 [see also box 1110]

Box 1139 [Acc. 07A-003]

Acc. 07A-041
Box 1140
--Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Accounts Paid, August–December 1982
Invoices 10498-10799, 1983
Invoices 10800-11099, 1983
Invoices 11100-11372, 1983
Checks, November, 1985
Checks, December, 1985

Box 1141—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Typewriter Ribbon Division, 1985
Checks, January, 1986
Checks, February, 1986
Checks, March, 1986
Checks, April, 1986
Checks, May, 1986
Checks, June, 1986
Checks, July, 1986
Checks, August, 1986
Checks, September, 1986
Checks, October, 1986
Checks, November, 1986

Box 1142—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks, December, 1986
Miscellaneous Financial Files, 1976-1981
March –December, 1981
Miscellaneous Financial Files, 1982
January, 1982
February, 1982
March, 1982
April, 1982
May, 1982
June, 1982
July, 1982
August, 1982
September, 1982
October, 1982
November, 1982

Box 1143--Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
December, 1982
Miscellaneous Financial Files, 1983
January, 1983
Checks, January, 1984
Checks, February, 1984
March Checks, 1984
April Checks, 1984
May Checks, 1984
June Checks, 1984
July Checks, 1984
August Checks, 1984
September Checks, 1984

Box 1144—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: January 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: February 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: March 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: April 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: May 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits: June 1996

Box 1145—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
NISBCO Daily Deposits to Money Market, 1997
NISBCO Paid Bills, 1997

Box 1146—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Financial statements January-March,1997
Financial statements April-June,1997
Financial statements July-September,1997
Financial statements October-November,1997
Financial Statement, December 1997
Checks January, 1985
Checks February, 1985
Checks March, 1985
Checks April, 1985

Box 1147—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks May, 1985
Checks June, 1985
Checks July, 1985
Checks August, 1985
Checks September, 1985
Checks October, 1985
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, July 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, August 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, September 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, October 1996
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, November 1996

Box 1148—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks/Receipts/Deposits, December 1996
Outstanding Invoices, Salaries, and Benefits Report, March 26, 1997
NISBCO Deposits to Checking Account, 1997
NISBCO Bank Reconciliations, 1997
Part of 1996 Check Stubs 17512 to 17805 January 1-September 4, 1996
NISBCO Receipts Journal, January 2, 1996 to June 21, 1996

Box 1149—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
NISBCO Daily Receipts Journal, June 24, 1996 to December 31, 1996
Accounts Receivable (Pink Copy of Invoice), 1996
NISBCO Debt Elimination, 1996
NISBCO: Income/Expense, 1996
NISBCO: Bank Accounts, 1996
NISBCO: Accounts Payable, 1996
NISBCO: Accounts Receivable, 1996
NISBCO: Net Value, 1996
Financial Statements, October 1975–September 1976
Financial Statements, October 1976–September 1977
Financial Statements, October 1977–September 1978
NISBC Monthly Reports, 1975–1984
Statements of Financial Condition, 1957–1965

Box 1150—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Statements of Financial Condition, 1966-1975
Checks, January 1987
Checks, February 1987
Checks, March 1987
Checks, April 1987
Checks, May 1987
Checks, June 1987
Checks, July 1987
Checks, August 1987
Checks, September 1987
Checks, October 1987

Box 1151—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks, November 1987
Checks, December 1987
NISBCO Check Stubs, 1995
NISBCO Receipts Journal 1995
Other Denominations Contributions Monthly, 1995
Consultative Council Contributions Monthly, 1995
NISBCO Budget, 1995
Receipts Ledgers Month by Month, 1995
Accounts Received; Invoices: Pink and Yellow copy, 1995
Financial Condition, Month by Month, 1995
Income and Expense, Month by Month, 1995
NISBCO Checking Account, Month by Month, 1995
Expense Ledgers, Month by Month, 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, June 1995

Box 1152—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks and Audit Trail, July 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, August 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, September 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, October 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, November 1995
Checks and Audit Trail, December 1995
Notice of Collection Tracer Sent, March 9, 1988
Notice of Collection Tracer Sent, August 4, 1988
Check Register and Stubs, January 1989
Check Register and Stubs, February 1989
Check Register and Stubs, March 1989
Check Register and Stubs, April 1989
Check Register and Stubs, May 1989
Check Register and Stubs, June 1989
Duplicate Notice of Unpaid Item, July 4, 1989
Check Register and Stubs, July 1989
Check Register and Stubs, August 1989
Check Register and Stubs, September 1989

Box 1153—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Check Register and Stubs, October- December 1989
Check Register and Stubs, January- December 1990
Check Register and Stubs, January- December 1991
Check Register and Stubs, January- December 1992
Yellow carbons of deposit tickets, January 1, 1993–June 30, 1993
Deposits, August 1, 1994– December 31, 1994
Deposits, 1995

Box 1154—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks and Audit Trail, January-May 1995
Monthly Financial Statements, October 1981–1983
NISBCO Checking Account, 1983
NISBCO Income, August 1983
NISBCO Income, September 1983
NISBCO Income, October 1983

Box 1155—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
NISBCO Income, November 1983
NISBCO Income, December 1983
Finance Committee 1982–1984
Statements of Financial Condition, 1982–1984
Miscellaneous Financial Files, 1983–1984
Receipts Ledger, 1985
Monthly Receipts Summary, December 1986
Check Stubs March 1992–June 1992
Check Stubs July 1992–December 1992
Check Stubs December 1992–December 1993
Accounts Received, 1992
Accounts Receivable (pink invoice), 1992
Checks and audit trail, January 1992
Checks and audit trail, February 1992
Checks and audit trail, March1992
Checks and audit trail, April 1992

Box 1156—Financial and miscellaneous [2 restricted folders] [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks and audit trail, May 1992
Checks and audit trail, June 1992
Checks and audit trail, July 1992
Checks and audit trail, August 1992
Checks and audit trail, September 1992
Checks and audit trail, October 1992
Checks and audit trail, November 1992
Checks and audit trail, December 1992
Advice for Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces [see Tripod for on line version]
Gay/Lesbian Harassment
Private First Class Jason S. Kopp, 1997 [restricted]
Anthony Keele, MD, 1998 [restricted]
Military CO packet prototype
Civilian Public Service Revisited: The Impact of CPS, 1997
Sexual Harassment in the Military
Check Stubs, May 1991–March 1992
Invoices, 1988
Invoices, January 1991

Box 1157—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Invoices, February 1991
Invoices , March-December 1991
January Checks, 1991
February Checks, 1991
Missing Deposits in February, 1991
March Checks, 1991
April Checks, 1991
May Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
June Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
July Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
August Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
September Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
October Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
November Checks and Audit Trail, 1991

Box 1158—Financial, recent fund appeals [Acc. 07A-041]
December Checks and Audit Trail, 1991
Analysis of Fund Appeals
Prospects for Fundraising
Fund Appeal 66, Summer 1997
Fund Appeal 65, Spring 1997
Fund Appeal, Winter 1996
Fund Appeal, Summer 1996
Fund Appeal, Spring 1996
Fund Appeal, November/December 1995
NISBCO Fund Appeal, September 1995
June Fund Appeal (#59), 1995
March Fund Appeal (#58) Human Rights for COs, 1995
December Fund Appeal (Corporate Express Bill), 1994
December Fund Appeal, 1994
August Fund Appeal, 1994
Spring Fund Appeal (#54), 1994
Pledges: Credit Card, 1996
Warren W. Hoover, Consultant, 1984
Fund Appeal Letters of Support, 1996–1997
Fund Appeal Analyses/Returns
Photocopies of Checks Received, February 1993

Box 1159—Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks and Audit Trail, January 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, February 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, March 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, April 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, May 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, June 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, July 1993
Checks and Audit Trail, August 1993

Box 1160—Financial and affiliation with other organizations [Acc. 07A-041]
Miscellaneous Financial Records, June 1993
Miscellaneous Financial Records, September 1993
Miscellaneous Financial Records, October 1993
Miscellaneous Financial Records, November 1993
Miscellaneous Financial Records, December 1993
Accounts received (yellow invoice), 1993
Accounts receivable (pink invoice), 1993
Accounts received (invoices paid), 1994
Accounts receivable (pink invoice copy), 1994
Contributions in memory of Bessie Steward
4th Freedom Forum, 1995 project
General Correspondence
Military Consulting Network; Germany, Suzanne McKenzie

Box 1161-- Affiliation with other organizations [1 restricted folder] [Acc. 07A-041]
National Center for Non-Profit Boards
National Association of Evangelicals
NWTRCC—National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Peace Factory; Susan Mark Lendis
Peace House; Oklahoma City
People for the American Way
POISE: Pre-Enlistment Options and Information Service
Project YANO: Youth and Non-Military Opportunities
Society of Christian Ethics [2 folders], 1993
Soldiers Mothers of St. Petersburg (Ella M. Poliakova)
Faith and Politics Institute
CCCO Internship Committee
CCCO Western Region
Rights of Children in Armed Conflicts
Bibliography on Peace Research and Conscientious Objection (1997)
Tabizi, Syamak H.[restricted]
Paper on the Rights of Subordinates
DoD Director 1300.6
Marine Corps Order 1206.16E
Navy CO Regulations
Current Coast Guard Regulations (Commandant Instruction 1900.2B)
Air Force Regulation 35-24
Los Angeles Area Committee for Conscientious Objection (LAACCO)
American Association for Counseling and Development 1985 Convention
Office Forms
Miscellaneous Files
Folio, Meeting NISBCO Service Board, December 16, 1991

Box 1162-- Affiliation with other organizations and Financial [Acc. 07A-041]
Church of Latter Day Saints
Called Meeting of NISBCO Directors, November 7, 1991
Report to the Board and Consultative Council by the Executive Director, 1995
Financial Statements in 1991
Budgets in 1991
Invitations to 50th Anniversary, 1991
Preparations for June 17 Board Meeting, 1991
Preparations for 1991 Annual Meeting
NISBCO Board and Consultative Council Minutes of December 16, 1991
NISBCO Nominating Committee, 1991
Monthly Memos to NISBCO Board, 1991
Minutes, June 17, 1991
Staff Meeting Dockets from 1991
Testimony of NISBCO in 1991 CM to Senate/House
Subcommittee on VA-HUD and Independent Agencies, May 2, 1991
Preliminary Report on Counseling, sent to Board and CC, April 3, 1991
Selective Service Correspondence, Meeting with Gambino, June 10, 1991
Miscellaneous Letters, Financial Report and Research Projects and Staff, 1991
Folio, Meeting, NISBCO Service Board June 17, 1991

Box 1163—Administrative files and CO files [11 folders are restricted] [Acc. 07A-041]
STAMP—Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel
Y2K Buddy Project for Nonprofits
Staff Meeting, 1998, 1999
Mailing List Software
Media Research Documentary on WWII COs, Joy Conley
Fundraising Efforts
Freedom of Information Act, Maresca Correspondence, 1987
Yolton—File for Legal Committee, 1986–1987 [restricted]
Hafiz, Muhammed Abdul, Army CO July 19, 1991 [restricted]
Recent CO Cases, 1993 [restricted]
Shazia Anwar files, Correspondence, etc. [restricted]
Petru, Catalin, 2004 [restricted]
Massaquoi, M.B., Air Force CO, January 1, 1991 [restricted]
Miller, William, 1999 [restricted]
Andesha, Afshan H., Separation Application—U.S. Air Force Reserve, 2004 [restricted]
Marquez, Kristian [restricted]
Hansen, Lynn Warren, 1998 Correspondence [restricted]
Sobolev, Dmitri. CO Correspondence [restricted]
David Grant Correspondence, re: CO Status, 1998 [restricted]
Covington and Burling, 1991 [restricted]
Cannick, III, Leander, Separation Request, 2003 [restricted]
Garlisch, Jared Michael, 2004 [restricted]
Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers, 1998
East Asia-U.S. Women’s Network Against U.S. Militarism, 1998

Box 1164—Administrative and financial files [Acc. 07A-041]
Kathy Gilberd, Application NAPIL
Objector Alerts—e-newsletter for CCCO, 1999
Gospel of Wet Peaceful Dogs, 1999
VA/HUD Legislation/Funding, 1999
Miscellaneous Information Requests, 1999
High Tech Marketing Tools for Military Recruiters, 1999
A Guide for Female Conscientious Objectors in Israel, 1999
Delayed Entry Program emails, 1999
Absent Without Leave (AWOL) emails, 1999
Street Law, 1998
800 FYI—95 GI Intake Form, L.A. Bob
Bill Yolton Correspondence, 1988–1995
Materials Request Response Letters
A Short History of Conscription in the U.S. and Why it Should Be Ended—Yolton, 1990
Alternative Service for Conscientious Objectors, 1993
Timing of CO Applications—Memo, 1997
Bustamente, Christian 2004
ChecksApril, 1988
ChecksMay, 1988
Checks June, 1988
Checks July, 1988
ChecksAugust, 1988
ChecksSeptember, 1988
Checks October, 1988

Box 1165—Financial records [Acc. 07A-041]
ChecksNovember, 1988
ChecksDecember, 1988
Prospects for Solicitation by NISBCO, 1990
Accounts Receivable, 1990
ChecksJanuary, 1990
ChecksFebruary, 1990
ChecksMarch, 1990
ChecksApril, 1990
ChecksMay, 1990
ChecksJune, 1990
ChecksJuly, 1990
ChecksAugust, 1990
ChecksSeptember, 1990
ChecksOctober, 1990
ChecksNovember, 1990
ChecksDecember, 1990
January, 1994

Box 1166—Financial and administrative records [Acc. 07A-041]
February, 1994
March, 1994
April 1994
May, 1994
June, 1994
July, 1994
August, 1994
H.R. 1072
Helping Out, Ch. 11, Conscientious Objection
Internationalization Program, Latin America Initiative Packet

Box 1167—Administrative files, work with other organizations [Acc. 07A-041]
The Latin America Initiative
Latin America Working Group
NISBCO National Service Packet, 1995
Army/Standards of Medical Fitness
Central America
Using Equal Access to Counter Militarism in High Schools
Legislative Packet
HCPDS Packet, regs. and com. packet prototype
National Service Packet prototype
Health Care Personnel Delivery System (Medical Draft)
CO Packet prototype
War Tax Resistance information
CO Box, 1991
Access Bills and Cases
Selective Service
The Washington Area Military and Draft Law Panel 1970
Lawyers Military Defense Committee (labels), 1971
Directory of Pro Bono and Public Interest Law Organizations of Washington, DC Area, 1992
Speaking Engagements
Hodge Correspondence, 1992
Amnesty International
Amnesty International Workshop

Box 1168-- Administrative files, work with other organizations [Acc. 07A-041]
Hutterian Brethren
Funding Options for CESS
CM, Clippings
The Collateral Consequences of a Felony Conviction
J.E. McNeil Workshop on Draft, July 7–15, 2006
National Center for Nonprofit Boards
NISBCO Draft Counselor’s Manual, July 17, 1980
NISBCO Draft Counselor’s Manual, 1982
National Education Association
Citizenship and National Service, DLC working draft proposal
Ending Draft Registration Packets, 1999
Organizational Endorsements of Open Letter to U.S. Secretary of State, 1999
Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers—Meeting Agendas, 1998
Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers, 1997–1999
NISBCO—Impact of Armed Conflict on Children, October 21, 1997

Box 1169-- Administrative files, work with other organizations and financial files [Acc. 07A-041]
Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers, 1998
NISBCO Board and Consultative Council June 6, 1988 Meeting Packet
NISBCO Board/Consultative Council December 9, 1986 Meeting Packet
Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me?
Slovak Republic—Restrictions on the Right to Conscientious Objection
Records Maintained on Individuals—5USC §552a (1997)
Enlisted Administrative Separations
Accounts Receivable, 1989
ChecksJanuary, 1989
ChecksFebruary, 1989
ChecksMarch, 1989
ChecksApril, 1989
ChecksMay, 1989
ChecksJune, 1989
ChecksJuly, 1989
ChecksAugust, 1989
ChecksSeptember, 1989
ChecksOctober, 1989
Checks November, 1989
ChecksDecember, 1989

Box 1170—Financial files, reference files on selective service, administrative files [Acc. 07A-041]
Checks and Audit Trail, September 1994
Checks and Audit Trail, November 1994
Checks and Audit Trail, December 1994
Check Stubs 1/12/1994–12/30/1994
Selective Service System
Military Service and Hazing
Tribunal des Conflits
Yolton, Executive Director: Office Management and General Daily Business
Yolton: General Correspondence and Miscellaneous Letters
Board Meetings, 1994
Board Meeting, June 1994
Minutes of January 1994 Conference Call
Staff Meeting Agendas for 1994

Box 1171-- Administrative files [Acc. 07A-041]
NISBCO Minutes, December 12–13, 1994
December 12–13, 1994 Board and CC Meeting preparations
Staff Meeting, February 8, 1994
Board and Staff Retreat, March 2–3, 1994
NISBCO Board of Directors
Yolton Testimony to VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies Subcommittee
—DoD Policy
Yolton and Finances correspondence, 1994
September 2001 Board and Staff Retreat Materials
Miscellaneous files from 1990s
Notes from 2000
Miscellaneous files from 2001-2006 [6 folders]; (contains office correspondence and some files of J.E. McNeil)
–25, 2006
Center on Conscience and War Lobby Packet May 14, 2004
Workshop Evaluations Friends General Conference 2006: J.E. McNeil; Workshop Leader
CCCO Outline for Draft Counselors April 1980
Center on Conscience and War Board Meeting, January 29, 2001
Center on Conscience and War Board Meeting, June 18, 2001
Carthage Foundation—1996 Annual Report

Box 1172—Administrative files, literature from CCW and other organizations [Acc. 07A-041]
Hotline Cases 2000
Board Lists
Advice to Youth Facing Draft Registration
Basic Draft and Registration Information (originals)
Conscientious Objectors and the Draft (1991 edition)
Celebrate International CO Day (postcards)
Operation Refuse War, May 12–16, 2006, Washington, DC
Draft Registration is No Joke brochure
You and the Draft
Conscientious Objector?
On Military Service and Conscientious Objection
FOR Nonviolent Direct Action
Changes in Selective Service System
Orthodox Peace Fellowship
Saying No to War: Are you a Conscientious Objector?
About the video tape on Civilian Public Service
Social Representation in the Military October 1989
Bring CCCO into your Community
A Time to Choose—CCCO, 1991
What Are the Capabilities of the Selective Service System, December 1978
A Policy Blueprint for Community Service and Youth Employment, September, 1984
U.S. Sentencing Commission: Discussion Materials on Organizational Sanctions, July 1988
Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada1970
NISBCO Working Paper Series: Freedom of Conscience and Religion in the Inter-American Human Rights System
Moral Responsibility To Refuse To Serve in an Unjust War
Torture in the Military?
War Crimes Tribunal

Acc. 08A-059
Box 1184 [Acc. 08A-059]
-Washington Council of Agencies
-NISBCO Guide to Alternative Service 1972
-NISBCO Draft Counselor’s Manual—19889 edition and updates to 1991 (2 copies)
-2001 Classics Ultimate Automobiles calendar
-The 2004 Hidden History of the United States calendar
-2005 calendar
Rainey v. Garret
-Opinion, Rainey v. Garrett March 16, 1993
-Rainey v. Garrett Petitioner’s Reply Brief
-Rainey v. Garrett Brief of Appellees

Box 1185 [Acc. 08A-059]
-Rainey v. Garrett Brief for Appellant, superceded
-Rainey v. Garrett Brief for Appellant
-Rainey v. Garrett Joint Appendix
-Notices from Court
-Selective C.O. Conference
-SCO Conference—Correspondence
-SCO Conference II
-SCO Conference—notes
-Briefing Schedule

Box 1186 [Acc. 08A-059]
-CCCO Literature List 1970
-Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers
-Washington Coalition on Child Soldiers, second

Box 1187 [Acc. 08A-059]
Jeremy Motts
-Envelope labeled Mementoes of Jeremy
-Jeremy I
-Miscellaneous Peace and Social Concerns
-C.O. Books
-Friends and the Viet Nam War Conference
Miscellaneous Nisbcos
-Bill Galvins
-Draft Counselor’s Advisory, Vol. 2, Number 1 January 1981

Box 1188 [Acc. 08A-059]
-Interfaith Alliance
-NISBCO Network, UAA Replies—Honduras November 7, 1996
-Desk , Miscellaneous
-Directory of Civilian Public Service, 5/1941–3/1947,
-Revised and updated through December 1993
-Directory of Civilian Public Service, 5/1941–3/1947,
-Revised and updated through June 1994
-William Yoltons
Jeremy Motts
-Rutherford High School 2/22/1980
-C.O. Material
-Draft Registration

Box 1189 [Acc. 08A-059]
-Miscellaneous Peace and Social Concerns
Jeremy Motts
-CCCO Newsletter, used by JCM (with some notes)
-The Peacemaker

Box 1190 [Acc. 08A-059]
Conscientious Objector Court Cases
-Joseph Case—US Supreme Court—NISBC amicus brief 11/1971
-O. Just v. USA 1955
-William Alex Kariakin (partial transcript) 1954
-Katcoff v. Marsh 1/22/1985
-US v. Kerley 1986
-USA v. Klotz 1974
-Knox v. USA 1952
-Lewis v Secretary, Dept of Army 1968
-Petition of Theodore Leidenfrost
-Linan v. USA 1953
-USA v. Lynch 1953
-Lynch v. Hershey 1954
-USA v. MacIntosh 1931
-Martin v. USA 1951
-McFadden v. SSS 1969
-McGee v. USA 1971
-Moore v. Raubinger, et al. 1955
-Moser v. USA 1944??
-Mulloy—CO Claim Reopening 1969
-Murray v. US 1071
-Musser v. US 1973
-Negre v, Larsen 1970
-USA v. Nichols 1953
-Noyd v. US 1968

Box 1191 [Acc. 08A-059]
-USA v. Nugent/Packer 1952
-USA v. Oakes 1953
-USA v. OBryan 1970–1971
-USA v. Parker 1953
-USA v. Pekarski 1953
-Penner v. USA 1969
-Peter v. USA 1064
-USA v. Petherbridge 1942
Conscientious Objector Court Cases
- Falk Rehearing 1973
- USA v. Faxon 1953?
- Feuer v. USA 1953
- USA v. Fisher 1954
- Flakowicz v. Alexander 1946
- USA v. Frank 1953
- USA v. Fry 1953
- USA v. Bolton 1954
- USA v. Garvin 1947
- Usa V. Geyer 1952
- Gardiner v. Tarr 1972–1973
- Gibson and Dodez v. USA 1946
- Gillette v. US 1970–1971
- Girouard v. USA 1946
- Goff v.USA 1942??
- Gonzales v. USA 1955
- R. Gonzales v. USA 1959
- Goodrcih v. Marsh 1987
- Goodrich v. USA 1945
- USA v. Hammack 1953
- Hanauer v. Elkins 1957
- USA v, Hartman 1953
- Hull v. Stalter 1945

Box 1192 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Imboden v. USA 1051
- USA v. Izumihara 1954
- US v. Jacob 1985
- USA v. Jakobsen 1964
- Johnson v. Robison 1973
- Johnson v. Robison—NISBCO amicus brief 1973
- Robison—Supreme Court brief
- Johnston, Sokol, Patteson 1955
Conscientious Objector Court Cases
Gillette Case and Issue of Selective Conscientious Objection (Paper by Brian Brick)
Abramson v. USA 1952?
- USA v.Alvies 1953
- Ambrus v. McNulty 1971
- Annett v. USA 1953
- US v. Bolduc 1975
- Arthur Banks
- Cos and Voting Rights (Barnes Case) 1982
- Barrial v. Clement (Married men exempt, 1950–51) 1951
- Bejelis and Walker v. USA (denial of JW CO claims reversed) 1953
- Berman v. USA (improper induction of ministerial student, i.e., rabbinic)1953
- H. Berman v. USA (claim of “nonreligious” CO denied) 1946
- USA v. Boucher (nonregistrant case reversed) 1974
- CO box on registration form (Craig K. Brown ) 1985
- Brubaker Case (Refused -W)
- Campbell v. USA (appeal on denial of CO) 1955?
- Chaplan v. Webb (D. Conn) 12/20/1988
- Chernekoff v. USA (denial of due process) 1955
- USA v. Clark (denial of due process) 1952

Box 1193 [Acc. 08A-059]
- USA v. M. Clark (denial of due process) 1952
- Cassius Clay (Supreme Court opinion) 1971
- Collins v. USA (late crystallizer) 1971
- USA v. Cords (overturning effect of Board decision) 1954
- Cox, Thompson, Roisum v. USA (Supreme Court decision on JWs AWOL from
CPS because not granted min. exemp) 1947
- Cox v. Wedemeyer (JW denied due process) 1951
- USA v. Crawford (late crystallizer acquitted because not granted a hearing) 1954
- Davis v. USA (due process question) 1953
- Davis v. USA (Supreme Court decided on punitive acceleration of delinquents) 1974
- U.S. v. Daneals, et al. (153 indictments dismissed) 1/29/1974
- USA v. DeLime (denial of “nonreligious” CO) 1952?
- USA v. Derstine (denial of due process hearing) 1954
- Dickenson v. USA (Supreme Court decided to reverse denial of
ministerial exemption) JW 1953
- Dunn v.IndianaS (petition for writ of cert denied) 1974
- Usa V. Eaby (Utah CO no classified, acquitted for improper
induction process) 1952
- USA v. Edmiston (denied due process) 1954
- Edwards, Hillis case 1973
- Ehlert v. USA (Supreme Court dec agst post induction late crystallizer
“beyond his control”) 1971
- Elder v. USA (did not accept arguments that due process was violated) 1953
- USA v. Ellington (argues denial of due process) 1953
- USA v. Emrey (CPSer argues involuntary servitude because detached service not paid)
- Estep v. USA (Supreme Courtt decided against arbitrary decisions of local boards) 1946
- USA v. Evans (due process) 1953
- USA v. Everngam (denied due process because Catholic) 1951
- Falbo v. USA (Supreme Court decided that courts can’t overturn local board classification) 1944
Conscientious Objector Court Cases
-Searcey v. Crim (amicus brief) 1986
-Searcey v. Crim (related correspondence)
-Searcey v. Crim (brief for appellee USA) (red booklet)
-Searcey v. Crim (amicus brief) (green booklet)
-Searcey v. Crim, et al (brief—originals) 1988
-McNeil v. US (petition for writ of cert) 1987
-Oehser (and McNeil) (friend of court brief) (green booklet)
-J.E. McNeil, appeal amicus brief 1986
-Oehser and McNeil v US (DC Cir opinion and memorandum) 1987

Box 1194 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Oehser and McNeil v US (brief for appellant, appendix) 1986
- Oehser and McNeil v US (Cir DC No 86-5050; Notes)
- Oehser v US (McNeil, appellant) (related correspondence) 1987
- Portfolio with Miscellaneous papers
- NISBCO Selective Service Case
Conscientious Objectors
GAO Sudy: COs in Desert Storm
Takoma Park Resolution on CO Sunctuary
- TFORM 1991
- Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 PL 10-141
- 1991 Religious Freedom Restoration Act HR 2797
- PEYOTE Oregon v. Smith
- Bennett originals
- Bishofky and Brown v. Ebel (NISBCO brief)

Box 1195 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Notice of Levy for Lte filing, Form 900 (1987)
- IRS Levy on Ron
- Bennett Petition and Brief
- Kerley Affidavit
- Amicus Brief for Apollo Leong originals
- Massaquoi Brief originals
- Oehser and McNeil v. US NISBCO
- US v. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting NISBCO
- Rainey briefs-copies for photocopying
Conscientious Objector s
Camp Lejeune COs
Marine Administrative Message November 1990
- Camp Lejeune CO s 1991

Box 1196 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Marine Corps Gazette s February 1992
- New Military CO regulations—copies of various items
- ACLU stuff
- Heads of Denominations campaign
- Legal Times article
- COs in Desert Storm—How Many?
- SSS Board Memo re: Media Contacts during Desert Storm 1991
- Advice from Other Organizations on COs in the Gulf
- New CO Processing: Congressional Interest
- Amicus Brief
- COs 1991—Trials and Discharges
- Norton Hearings
- Catholics and the Gulf
Freedom of Informations
- 1985 Edition of Litigation under FOIA and Privacy Act (book)
- Ettlinger v. F.B.I. 596 F Supp (FOIA fees) 1984
- FOIA Requests—Process and Procedures

Box 1197 [Acc. 08A-059]
Gulf War cases
- Pruner: Plaintiff Memo in Support of TRO
- Military Cases in Federal Courts, Standards for TROs, Injunctions
- Pruner: Defendant’s Motion
- Pruner: Complaint
- Expert Witness Discussion
- Pruner Stuff
- Petition for Reconsideration 1993 (July 9)
- Stoploss Legislative History
- Religion in Public Life Conf 1991 (May 30)
- DOD Retired Members Mobilization Regulations
- Deactivation
- DeFazio Bill
- Dellums Bill Redress
Desert Storm
- Gulf War Syndrome
- New Accounts of Persian Gulf Conscientious Objectors
Conscientious Objectors
- Reiser v. Secretary of the Army
- Searcey v. Harris
- Selective Objection
- Selective Conscientious Objection: Congress
- FOIA/PA stuff
- Habeas Petition

Box 1198 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Searcey v. Crim, No. 86-8681, NISBCO amicus brief
- Searcey v. Crim, NISBCO amicus brief
- Searcey v. Crim, C8-75-A, NISBCO amicus brief
- San Diego Committee Against Registration and the Draft v.
Grossmont H.S. District decision
- Quiggle v. Erie School District
- Searcey et al. v. Crim et al. (correspondence)
- Searcey v. Crim, C8-75-A, NISBCO amicus brief
- Searcey et al. v. Crim et al. (correspondence), No. 86-8681
Conscientious Objector s
- Pine v. USA (improper denial of JW CO claim) 1954
- USA v. Plywacki (naturalization denied atheist who would not take
prescribed oath) 1953
- Presiding Bishop (LDS) v. Amos
- Frederick U. Reel habeas corpus v. Harry A. Badt (CO sincerity) 1945
- USA v. Regouby (reconsideration by local board) 1954
- USA v. Relyea (reversal of I-A-O classification0 1952
- Risedorf v. US Navy (appeal for CO discharge by member of
Unification Church) 1981
- Roberson v. US
- USA v. Rodriguez (classification by board) 1954
- USA v. Rogoff (abribrary classification) 1953
- Rostker v. Goldberg
- Rostker v. Goldberg 1981
- Rostker v. Goldberg
- Eagles v. US ex rel. Samuels (notes from Fed Reporter) 1946
- USA v. Schoebel (late crystallizer, JW, denied CO by local board) 1953
- Schuman v. USA (JE denied claim of CO or minister) 1953
- Mark Schmucker trial

Box 1199 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Rosika Schwimmer v. USA (CO naturalization) 1927
- USA v. Paul and David Seaver (2nd trial for refusal for induction) 1953
- US v. Seeger (decision) 1965 (March 6)
- Vasyl Sereda (Immigration Appeal of deportation as undesirable resident…)
- USA v. Shaw (induction after 26) 1954
- Sicurella v. USA (JW denied CO, affirmed by Supreme Court) 1955
- USA v. Simanton (improper hearing) 1953
- Simmons v. USA (late CO claim by JW, improper hearing and…) 1955
- USA v. Spease (attorney’s summary) (refused induction) ca. 1952
- USA v. Stain (improper handling of CO claim) ca. 1954
- Holmes Paullin v. Stanziale (appeal of habeas corpus…) 1943
- USA v. Stasevic, Vincelli, Prytyskacz (JWs seeking CO classification, denied…)
- Stiles v. USA (classification dispute) 1948
- USA v. Stull (to quash subpoena of FBI report) 1953
- Sundstrom v. USA (dissent of Supreme Court decided not to hear case) 1974
- Taffs v. USA (JW; theocratic war) 1953
- Tomback v. Bullock (CO classification denied) 1953
- USA ex rel, Trainin v. Cain (illegal induction…) 1944
- David Truong Trial
- Tyrell v. USA (ministerial exemption) 1952 (?)
Conscientious Objectors
- Waldron Supreme Court amicus
- USA v. Wallen (denied proper hearing) 1970
- Ward v. USA (knowing noncompliance w/ duty to report address) 1953
- Kendall Warkentine case
- Wayte Decision (press conference) 1985
- Wayte v. US (Supreme Court opinion)
- Wayte—Brief for US on Wayte’s writ of cert to 9th Circ and reply br
- Wayte Petition for writ of cert to Supreme Court (draft)
- Wayte—AC and CM notes on Supreme Court oral arguments 1985
- Wayte 9th Circ petition for writ of cert and reply brief

Box 1200 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Amicus brief for Wayte: Legal Foundation of America, amicus cur
- Amicus brief for Wayte: CCCO, NISBCO, et al., amici cur
- Wayte, Miscellaneous notes
- Clippings on Welsh
- Welsh v. USA (SC dec re: definition of “religious”) 1970
- Westerbeke v. Local Draft Board, no. 2 (unsuccessful appeal) 1954
- USA v. Wider (improper hearing) 1954
- Wieman v. Updegraff (loyalty oath, Okla) 1952
- Windsor v. USA (SC dec not to hear case on denied CO status) 1974
- Witmer v. USA (denial of CO claim) 1955
- Ronald W. Zimmerman (receipt of induction notice) 1953
- Zucker v. Osborne (CPS unconstitutional) denied 1944
- USA v. Bullock 1953
- Clements v. Laird (habeas for mil CO) 1971
- USA v. Goguen (USCMA dec that mil CO was improperly denied) 1971
Conscientious Objectors
- Hannig v. McClure (habeas corpus denied) 1952
- Larsen Case—discharge of Military CO
- Orloff v. Willoughby (SC decides not to release med spec….) 1952
- Parker v. Levy (Dr’srrefusal to train men for combat)
- Schlanger v. Seamans (jurisdiction on habeas corpus)
- Weidman v. Seeeney (improper induction) 1953
- Wolman v. USA, SSS, Rostker (on use of SSS #s, privacy) 1980
Solomon Cases (denial of benefits to nonregistrants)
- Alexander, et al., v. Trustees of Boston Univ (appeals opinion—1st Cir Court)
- Doe v. Turnage (MPIRG) 1984
War Tax Cases
- USA v. AFSC (SC dec on employer withholding war taxes)1 1974
- US v. sundry draft evaders (Dist Court dismissal of 26 cases) 1974
- Mastered by Deceit…1975 (December 12)
- Conscription Abuse/Impressment
- Alternative Service analysis in 1987, response to RIMS of 1992
- “depth” as a test for CO
- US Sentencing Commission Revises its Guidelines
- Impact of Criminal Code Revision on Draft Counseling …

Box 1201 [Acc. 08A-059]
- US Sentencing Commission Proposed Guidelines: Sentencing of Organizations
- Sentencing Commission 3/3/1989
- Access to documents—Sentencing Commission
- Federal sentencing guidelines—answers to some questions 1987 (September - October)
- Passage (in House) w/out amendment of Sentencing Guidelines 1987 (October 6)
- Impact Alert on Sentencing Guidelines
- Public Citizen Litigation Group brief on Sentencing Guidelines
- Supplementary Report on Initial Sentencing Guidelines… 1987 (June 18)
- Sentencing Guidelines—Comm Robinson’s dissent 1987
- GAO Report: Sentencing Guidelines—Potential Impact… 1987 (September)
- Draft Worksheets for Guideline Application 1987 (May 29)
Sentencing Commission s
- Sentencing Commission Testimony 1986 (May 12)
- Sentencing Commission correspondence
- NISBCO Testimony, US Sentencing Commission 1986 (April 15)
- Sentencing Commission IMPACT Alert¸ draft prepared by L.W. Yolton
- Sentencing Commission Testimony 1986 (April 15)
- Testimony on Offender Characteristics
- Testimony on Sentencing Alternatives1986 (July 9)
- Testimony on Plea Agreements in Sentencing 1986 (September 15)
- US Sentencing Commission and testimony of NISBCO 1986 (December 17)

Box 1202 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Sentencing Commission—Testimony
- NISBCO Testimony—Sentencing Comm. on Capital Punishment 1987 (February 17)
- Justice Dept pro Death Penalty, Memo sent to Sent. Comm. 1987 (January 8)
- US Sentencing Commission Death Penalty issue
- US Sentencing Commission revises its guidelines 1987 (February 18)
- Testimony on Revised Sentencing Guidelines 1987 (March 11)
- Criminal Code NISBCO Testimony 1978
- Sabbath—Supreme Court
- Legal Briefs 1945–1954
- Feres v. US—Supreme Court 1987
- American Baptist Chruches
- Yolton Correspondence w/ American Muslim Council (New York City)
- Yolton and Hoover Correspondence with Amish
- Assemblies of God Council
- Bible Students National Committee for Religious Conscientious Objectors
- Blacks
- Bruderhof Communities Church International
- Catholic
- Christadelphian Churches—Miscellaneous correspondence
- Christadelphians
- Christian Science
- Christian Church—Disciples of Christ
- Christian Reformed
- Christs Sanct. Holiness

Box 1203 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Church of the Brethren #2
- Brethren Church—Ashland
- Church of God—7th Day
- Church of God (Seventh Day)—General Conference (Denver)
- Church of God General Conference—Morrow Georgia, Pres., David Krogh
- Church of God in Christ—Mennonite
- Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), [2 folders]
- Disciples Peace Fellowship
- Dunkard Brethren
- Episcopal P.F.
- Episcopal Church and MISBCO membership
- Fellowship of Ethical Pacifists
- Ethical Union
- Fellowship of Reconciliation
Correspondence with Religious Organizations
- Friends United Meeting
- Grace Brethren Church
- Hutterian Societies—Bruderhof
- Hutterian Dialog with SSS
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Box 1204 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Lutheran Church in America
- Lutheran, The American
- Lutheran Peace Fellowship
- Mennonite Central Committee
- Mennonite Confrontation on the Draft 1977–1982
- Methodist Peace Fellowship Newsletter
- Molokan Advisory Board
- Moravian Church, No. Province
- Mormons—Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
- National Federation of Priest Councils
- Old German Baptist Brethren S.C.
- Orthodox Peace Fellowship
Correspondence with Religious Organizations
- PAX Christi-USA
- Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
- Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
- Presbyterian USA
- Presbyterian US
- Reformed Church in America
- Seventh Day Adventist
- Seventh Day Adventist—Draft and -A-0

Box 1205 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Sojourners
- Selective Conscientious Objection, Ted Koontz of Associated Mennonite Biblical
- Atonement Friar’s article on CO, with emphasis on SCO
- North Carolina Council of Churches PandS Comm. Statement on Selective C.O. 1984 (August 8)
- Selective Objection: Nuremberg Principles
- SCO—Religious Statements
- Selective Objection [2 folders]
- Selective Conscientious Objection
- Just War Theory
- An Ecumenical Council of Peace
- The Constitution, the CO, and the “Just” War
- “The Nuclear Reality: Beyond Niebuhr and the Just War” 1985 (October 13)
- American Society for Christian Ethics: “Just War”—Ralph B. Potter
- Just War articles
- Selective Objection materials…and just war information, too.
Conscientious Objector s
- Andrew Pelham 1999
- Josh Peterson 1998
- Forrest Pitt 1999
- Jim Porter 1998
- Rustan A. Lujan—Marines CO 1998 (July 30)
- Efrain Sandoval, Marine Reserve CO 1998 (May)
- John San Juan
- Jason A. Shelly 1998

Box 1206 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Kris Camper 1998
- Kenneth Chesson 1999
- Spec. Craig Durham, Army, CO Packet Approved 1998
- Gregory Maier 1998
Funding and Development
- Grant Sources
- Grants
- Muhammed Ali/Spring Foundation application/inquiry 1992 (August 24)
- Baltimore Yearly Meeting Peace Committee
- ELCA Commission on Church in Society Grant Request for 1992
- ELCA Commission on Church in Society Grant App for 1991
- ELCA fund app for fiscal 1993, spec app to Hunger Fund
- ELCA Commission on Church in Society Grant App for 1990, awarded $3,500
- ELCA Funding Application for 1989, submitted 1988 (September)
- A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
- Development Committee 1989
- Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Requests Cmte
NISBCO Funding Request 1988 (November)
- Barbara Wallace, Development consultant 1989 (May)
- NISBCO (Fund for Conscience)
- The Other Side—magazine/givers guide

Box 1207 [Acc. 08A-059]
- 1985 Contribution Level Requests
- NISBCO—Foundation Marketing
- Funding Schedule for 1990 Celebration
- NISBCO—DM Appeals—General
- NISBCO: 1990 Project
- NISBCO executive on fund raising
- Fund Raising Proposals, Grants, NISBCO Requests
- NISBCO Planning
- Fund for Conscience Fall 1989
- Fundraising schedule and letters
- Miscellaneous letters
- Lancaster Laboratories
- Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) funding proposal 1988
- Fund for Conscience Joint Appeal March 1989
- Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Peacemaking funding proposal 1989–1990
- Archbold, Ohio trip
- Covington and Burling legal services appeal—1989 unsuccessful
- USIP proposal 9/1/1988
- SIG GOODMAN financial consultant dialogue in 1989—memos, etc.
- Summary of NISBCO’s finances 1987
- UUSCGP—July for fall determination 1988
- Veatch Program grant application 1984 (December)
-Foundation approaches

Box 1208 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Grant proposals 1984
- Resist
- United Church of Christ, Peace Priority funding proposal
- National Charities Information Bureau 1985
- Executive Director Report 1984 (December 3)
- Program and funding projects
- Funding in 1985/86 (Con. Coun.) replies to Aug inquiry
- Ethics for non-profits 1985 (May)
- Calling CC members in re money in 1984
- Burnam Fund Application 1987 (May)
- Burnam Fund Application 1985 (May 1)
- Wish List: Projects Which Grants Might Fund
- UUA Social Concerns Panel grant application 1984 (December)
- Stern Fund and NISBCO/NCUUA grant agreement 1976
- Wills and trusts material and correspondence
- Peace Development Fund grant proposal
- Film Fund. Application 1986 (October)
Fundraising Appeals
- List Exchanges 1983–1987
- Lindy Boggs
- December 1993 Fund Appeal #53 Major Donor to AV list 370 mailed
- December 1993 Fund Appeal #53

Box 1209 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Fund Appeal September 1993
- Fund Appeal Spring 1993 (health care professionals)
- AV letter December 1992
- December 1992 fund appeal
- Thanksgiving appeal 1992
- September 1992 appeal—Count on you?
- Exchange with The Other Side May 1991
- Carol Enters List Co.
- May 1992 Appeal—5,200
- May 1992—Thank you/appeal
- March 1992 Appeal
- December 1991 Appeal to AVs
- Fall fund appeal 1991
- December 1991 Appeal
- September 1991 Fund Appeal
- May 1991 Fund Appeal
- February 1991 Appeal Letter
- September 1990 Appeal Letter
- July 1990 Fund Letter
- Thank you letter for summer appeal
- Spring 1990 Fund Appeal Letter
- End of Year Fund Appeal 1989, personal letters and direct mail
- Fall Fund Raising Letter 1989
Fundraising Appeals
- Appeal Letter Fall 1989

Box 1210 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Appeal—Spring 1989 (May 15)
- Spring Fund Raising Letter
- Fund Appeal SG and Annual Report March 1989
- Spring 1989 Prospect
- Annual Report Appeal January 1989
- Special Prospect
- Appeal Letter September 1988
- Appeal Letter May 1988
- Appeal Letter Feb 1988
- Jeremy Mott Fund Appeal Letter August 1988
- Fund Appeal December 1987
- Mailing to Campus Ministers September 1987
- Appeal Letter October 1987
- Appeal Letter September 1987
- Appeal Letter May 1987
- Fund Appeal to Members of Cons Council 1986 (December)
- Prospect Letter June 1987
- Appeal Letter Feb 1987
- 1987 Pledgers
- VIPs
- WRL Washington Area List
- Appeal Letter December 1986

Box 1211 [Acc. 08A-059]
Fundraising Appeals
- Appeal Letter September 1986
- Appeal Letter June 1986
- June 1986 Appeal
- Appeal Letter March 1986
- Appeal Letter 1985 (November - December)
- Appeal Letter September 1985
- Appeal Letter July 1985
- Appeal Letter March 1985
- Appeal Letter December 1984
- HJV—checks
- Fund for Conscience Fall 1990 appeal
- February/March 1984 Appeal letter
- October/November 1984 Appeal
- August 1984 Appeal
- Summer 1984 Fund Appeal
- May–June 1984 Appeal Letter
- January/February 1984 Appeal
- November 1983 Appeal Letter

Box 1212 [Acc. 08A-059]
Funding Appeals
- Funding Appeal Responses 1983
- September 1983 Appeal Letter
- Appeal Letter June 1983
- Appeal Letter May 1983
- HJV—Prospect Mailing 1982
- Hunsinger, Jeffer, Van Groesbeck correspondence 1982–1984
- Peacemaker—House Replies
- HJV—Meetings 1982–1983
- HJV—Material to go to
- Building Support Base
- Consultative Council Contributions
- HJV Mailings
- Chart of Consultative Council Support
- Graphic designer correspondence
- NISBCO Fund Raising 1970
- Field Foundation Grant—NCUUA
- Funding Proposal
- 1982–1983 Moral Conscience poll personalized responses
- December 1982—Letter to Ministers
- Group Subscriptions
- Inactive Card

Box 1213 [Acc. 08A-059]
- HJV—Development (Shawn’s )
- Appeal Questionnaire January 1, 1978
- Replies to John Stoner Fund Letter
- September 1984 Fund Appeal
- Fall 1984 Prospecting Fund Appeal
- December 1984 Fund Appeal
- March 1985 Fund Appeal
- June 1985 Fund Appeal
- Second Quarter 1985 Fund Appeal
- Third Quarter 1985 Fund Appeal
- November 1985 Fund Appeal
- Appeal Letter First Quarter 1986
- May 1986 Fund Appeal
- Appeal Letter Third Quarter 1986
- Appeal Letter Fourth Quarter 1986
- November 1986 Fund Appeal
- March-April 1984 Fund Appeal
- January 1984 Fund Appeal
- February 1984 Fund Appeal, Welcome Bill, Hi, Bill Yolton
- If I am asked about civil disobedience—John K. Stoner
- Draft Registration—What has changed?—John K. Stoner

Box 1214 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Funding Letter Responses
- MCC Draft process workshop March 25, 1987
- Tuchinsky—drop letter for weeding mail list—NISBCO June 1991
- Fundraising NISBCO letter drafts end of 1983 and into 1984
Frozen Fund
- Frozen Fund 1948
- Frozen Fund
- Frozen Fund 1947
- Frozen Fund
- Frozen Fund
- Frozen Fund
- Current Legislation Frozen Fund 1953
- Frozen Fund, 1993 agenda
- Frozen Fund History and Negotiations, 1982 post scripts
- Detached Service and Frozen Fund, from the minutes of NSBRO
- Frozen Fund
- Current Legislation Frozen Fund—Care
- Frozen Fund
- Frozen Fund—Miscellaneous
- Frozen Fund 1946
- Frozen Fund

Box 1215 [Acc. 08A-059]
Alternative Service Regulations
Proposed Alternative Service Regulations 1983 (February 18)
Civilian Administration of Alternative Service (portfolio) 1983 (January 20)
- Removing Alternative Service from clutches of Selective Service
- Congressional Interest in the Alternative Service Regulations
- SSS Director’s Report on Alternative Service, Report #97-770 on HR 6956
- Related Documents, 1982 (September 30) A.S. Regs
- Employment Agreements, Test of Faith 1982
- Ruth Flower to Frank Massey on proposed FCNL alternative service employer
agreement 1982
- Alternative Service, Penn State Study of Potential Employers
- NISBCO-SSS Correspondence re: Alternative Service Regs 1982
- Correspondence with Gen. McGuire 1982
- Comments on 1982 (September 30) Proposed Alternative Service Regulations
- Alternative Service Proposed Regulations 1982 (September 30)
- NISBCO Comment on 1982 (September 30) Proposed Alternative Service Regs
- Selective Service Response to Comments on Proposed Alt Svc Regs
- NISBCO-SSS Meeting on Alternative Service Regs July 28, 1982
- Comment on Proposed Rule for Alternative Service (Related Documents)

Box 1216 [Acc. 08A-059]
Furniture from Sauder
Loan from Church of the Brethren, October 1984, pay in December 1985
- Income and Expense Reports 1994 and 1995
- NISBCO treasurer and controversy 1992
- NISBCO financial controversy in 1992
- Financial reports 1993
- Financial report at end of September 1993
- NISBCO finances in 1993
- Financial reports 1992
- Financial reports 1991
- Financial reports 1990
- Annual financial report for 1992 as prepared by Sheila Bach
- Photocopies of checks received December 1992
- Monthly receipts 1992
- Checking account activity, expenses for 1991

Box 1217 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Expenses by line item 1990
- NISBCO Budget and Financial Reports
- Accounts payable 1990
- Checking account activity 1990
- Back-up for 1990 financial reports
- Accounts payable
- Expenses, by line item 1989
- Checking account activity 1989
- Financial reports 1989
- Financial reports 1988
- Checking account activity 1988
- Expense register (by line item) 1988
- Grants and Bequests 1988
- Finance Reports 1987
- Checking Account Activity 1987
- Expense ledger 1987
- Grants 1987
- Finance Reports 1986
- Grants 1986
- Expense ledger 1986
- Checking account activity 1986
- Money Market account 1984–1986
- Financial reports 1985
- Grants 1985
- Line item expense ledger, monthly summary 1985
- Checking account activity, monthly summary 1985
- Checking account activity, monthly summary 1984

Box 1218 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Finance reports 1984
- Line item expense ledger, monthly summary 1984
- MMA and Chase Fund Account
- Cash receipts register 1989
- Cash receipts register 1988
- Misc petty cash receipts 1990
- Russell Miller—finance
- Fund for Conscience receipts ledger (pre-computer)
- Fund for Conscience appeal 1990–1991
- Fund for Conscience—Riggs Account
- Fund for Conscience, checking account activity
- 1/1986 early estimate
- 1985 budget
- Revised 1984 budget
- Miscellaneous
- Accounts payable 1981
- Bridgewater 3rd class application
Alternative Service/Selective Service Regulations
- William Bentley Ball
- MCC Brief on Affirmation of Faith, William Ball
- Alternative Service 1994
- Guide for Alternative Service Workers
- Guide for Alternative Service Employers

Box 1219 [Acc. 08A-059]
- SSS Alternative Service Guides and NISBCO Comment
- Alternative Service Program System User’s Guide
- Alternative Service 1991
- David A. Treber, Response to Alternative Service Guides April 1992
- SSS Alternative Service Regulations, Final Rule 1989 (June 27)
- SSS Proposed Regulations 1989 (April 14); NISBCO Comment 1989 (June 13)
- SSS Proposed Regulations, NISBCO Warmline 1989 (May 23)
- SSS Proposed Regulations1989 (April 14), Comments by Others
- Proposed Recision of 165-5(a)(1)(iii) 1989 (April 14)
- SSS Proposed Regulations, NISBCO Analysis 1987 (December 17)
- SSS Proposed Rules 1987 (December 17)
- Proposed Regulation—SSS 1987 (December 17)
- Proposed SSS Alternative Service Forms, NISBCO and Others’ Comments
- White House
- Alternative Service, Comments by Mennonites, NISBCO, and Others 1987
- Test of Faith, Employment Agreements 1986
- Test of Faith, Employment Agreements 1985
- Employment Agreements, Test of Faith 1984
- Ball Memorandum on Test of Faith 1984 (April 11)
- Employment Agreements, Test of Faith 1983
- Alternative Service, Related Documents
- Employer Participation in Alternative Service Program
- CRB Materials
- Alternative Service Job Assignments
- Handbook for Alternative Service Workers
- Alternative Service Regulations (Final), Selective Service System 4/19/83
- NISBCO Comment, Alternative Service Proposed Regulations 3/25/83
- Comments on Proposed Alternative Service Regulations 2/18/83
Alternative Service Regulations
- Reporter, Special Edition
- Comments, Alternative Service Proposed Rule, (A-F) 6/7/82
- Comment on Alternative Service Proposed Rule (G-N) 6/7/82

Box 1220 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Comment on Alternative Service Proposed Rule (O-S) 6/7/82
- Comment on Alternative Service Proposed Rule (T-Z) 6/7/82
- NISBCO Comment on Alternative Service Regulations 8/6/82
- NISBCO Comment on Alternative Service Regulations (original) 8/6/82
- Alternative Service Regulations Proposed Rule 6/7/82
- Correspondence in re: Erickson Memo
- Erickson Opinion on Regulations
- Alternative Service Regulations, Jim Amstutz’ Parallel Texts
- NISBCO Testimony, HUD, Independent agencies 5/19/82
- SSS Concept Paper Comments Summary, NISBCO Reply 9/27/81
- Board Response to Proposed Regulations and Concept Paper 6/12/81
- Comments on Concept Paper
Financial related to office move
- RE: NISBCO move 1989
- Moving, Kain correspondence
- Office move/new lease 1992
- Lease, office, 534

Box 1221 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Leases, offices
- Sharp copying machine contract 11/26/1984
- Sub-lease w/ International Human Rights group, for corner office 1/15/93
- Moving, Kaplan/SRA
- Temp on moving 1993
- Postal receipts
- Insurance/life
- Insurance policies
- 1601 Court.
Alternative Service
- FOIA request re: Alternative Service Concept Paper
- NISBCO letter: Alternative Service Concept Paper
- SSS Concept Paper: Comments 1981
- Alternative Service Concept Paper Comments Summary 6/81
- Alternative Service Concept Paper 6/81
- Alternative Service Originals
- Alternative Service Concept Paper, 1/81 and Fed Reg version

Box 1222 [Acc. 08A-059]
- Alternative Service Concept Paper Draft 11/80
- Alternative Service Concept Paper 6/81
- NISBCO MCC Testimony, HUD, Independent Agencies 5/7/81
- Rostker Testimony, Senate Manpower and Personnel 3/10/81
- Special NISBCO Bd mtg in re Alternative Service Concept Paper 3/5/81
- SSS NISBCO Corres in re Alternative Service Concept Paper 1981
- National Service/Alternative Service
- Alternative Service Concept Paper, Fed Reg 1/22/81
- Concept Paper, Alternative Service, 1981 responses
- NISBCO Comments on Concept Paper (copies)
- Alternative Service Info
- Alternative Service Concept Paper 11/80
- Hotline 12/17/80
- Alternative Service Concept Paper Flow Chart
- Guritz Report, sans appendix
- General NSBRO statements to Congressional Committees 1948–1959
- SSS Testimony 1952
- S. 4029—Implications for COs
- P.L. 779 (S. 4029) 81st Congress
- “UMT Can Still Be Defeated” A. Stauffer Curry 1951
- Congressional Record (82nd Congress) 1952
- Legislative History 1951
- House Debate re CO issue 1951
- Senate: floor debate, CO issues 1951
- Senate Armed Services Hearings 1950
- Legislative History 1948
- Miscellaneous Bills and Amendments (78th and 79th Congresses) 1944
- Legislative History 1940
- Legislative History 1917
- Legislative History 1775–1864
- CO Legislative History Research

Box 1223 [Acc. 08A-059]
- H.R. 3037—Sentencing Guidelines Transition Act, Rep. Synar
- H.R. 3307 Sent. Guidelines Delay
- H.R. 3720—Solomon plan for automatic registration of FAF applicants
- H.R. 3798—Rep. Byron’s bill to expand women’s military roles on trial basis
- H.R. 4284—Solomon plan for automatic registration
- Solomon Amendment to Health Education Assistance Loans and Health Profession
- Solomon #2 to Job Training and Partnership Act—Survey of State by State
implementation 9/83
- SSS Act amended to provide eligibility to benefits for certain persons who fail to
register for the draft 10/14/86
- Solomon Amendment to DoD Auth Act (H.R. 4264) 1988
- H.R. 2632—Peace Corps Training Program Constance Morella
- Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and other protection Measures—House
- Peace Tax Fun Bill—H.R. 2041, S. 1018
- Miscellaneous House Legislation
- H.R. 1214 and H.R. 1651; the Solomon school access for recruiters bills
- Desert Shield/Storm Appropriations (assorted) 1991
- S. 689—1991 Peace Tax Fund Bill (Hartfield), H.R. 1870 (Jacobs)
- House and Senate Appropriations Amendment, re: “no rest or peace” 1991
- House Rpt, Subcom chair (Trax) statement, Ind. Agencies, etc. 1991
- Amnesty Report on Conscientious Objection January 1991
- GAO study—Defense Budget and Program Issues facing Congress 4/25/91
- House testimony on Recruiting and AVF by military personnel 1991
- Description of legislative process on Senate floor
- Armed Services Committee Rpt on 1990 Committee activities 1991
- 102nd Congress; miscellaneous legislation 1991
- NISBCO Testimony 1982
- NISBCO Alternative Service Testimony 1982
- Members of 98th Congress
- Miscellaneous House Bills, 98th Congress
- H. Congress Res. 27
- H. Res. 34
- H.R. 999
- H.R. 1050
- H.R. 1264
-H.R. 1567
- H.R. 1286
- H.R. 1500
- H.R. 1611
- H.R. 1622
- H.R. 1937
- H.R. 2026
- H.R. 2034
- H.R. 2045
- H.R. 2136
- H.R. 2145
- H.R. 2950
- H.R. 3069
- H.R. 3079
- H.R. 3224
- H.R. 3437
- H.R. 3437
- H.R. 3984

Larger Items that did not fit into a regular box (Former contents of box 1191) [Acc. 08A-059]
- Dossier de la objection de consciencia--Parauay 1991–1994
- Huntley, Jason correspondence
- Receipts Ledger 1990
- Receipts Ledger 1991–1992
- Receipts Ledger 1993–1994

Acc. 09A-063
Box 1227 [Acc. 09A-063]
Hearings on Selective Service System
Brethren Testimony
Senate Correspondence
FOR Testimony
Friends Testimony
ACLU Testimony
MCC Testimony
Military Law Reporter Testimony, 1986
NISBCO Testimony, 1986
Ohio State Legislature – State Solomon Amendment H.B. 845
Solomon Amendments, 1986
SSS and Gramm- Rudman
FCNL Voting Record, 1985
Voting Records, 1986
Mississippi Legislature Expresses Support for SSS
FCNL Congressional Directory
Selective Service Hearings Senate Government Operations 76
House Bills (# 93rd Congress)
Congressional Record/ House 94th
House Bills 94th
Correspondence Senate 94th
Federal Register, 1975
Legislative “Get- List”
Selective Service and Mobilization House Armed Services Subcommittee, 1976
Hearings on Marine Corps Recruitment, 1976
Senate Bills 94th

Box 1228 [Acc. 09A-063]
All Volunteer Force Files
Senate Bills 95th Congress
AVF Hearings (Sen. Nunn), 1977
Vet’s Benefits and Carter’s Upgrade, 1977
Congressional Record Clippings, 1977- 1978
Proposal for a Wartime Draft System, 1978
Recruitment Propaganda
95th Congress Files
Counter Recruitment
Counter Recruitment Possibilities
Washington Star- News AVF Series
Clippings – Veterans
S. 274 (continued)
Anti- Military Union Bill
S. 274 Press Release, October 15th, 1978
Selective Service Appropriations
Child and Family Services Act [S.626 and HR 2966], 94th

Box 1229 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Draft Repeal
Privacy Act of 1974
Wilson’s Draft Bill
Senate Armed Services, Volunteer Army, March 1972
Kennedy Hearings on the Draft, 1972
National Security Hearings, 1972
Ehlert (continued)
Ehlert Legislative Action
Correspondence Re: Ehlert
Senate correspondence, 1971
Senate Interior Committee youth Conservation Corps, 1971
92nd Congress/ bills Senate, 1971- 1972

Box 1230 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Congressional Record 92nd Senate
Test of Churches, Senate Armed Services Committee, 1971
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings, 1971
Conference Report – Draft, Senate/ House, 1971
Academy CO Refunds, HR 16895, September 28, 1992
House Bills, 1971
Correspondence; HR 6531 (draft bill), 1971
Herbert Amendment and Our Response
House Armed Services Committee Hearings, 1971
Congressional Record, 92nd House
House Armed Services Report, 1971
Study of SSS, Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure, 91st
Debate – Congressional Record, 1969
Legislation, 91st Congress, 1969- 1970
Legislative History, 1967

Box 1231 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Debate – Congressional Record, 1967
Legislative History – Bibliography
Military Selective Service Act, 1967
Presidential Message: Extend Draft Authority, 90th
National Defense Education Act, Student Loan, 1963- 1973
Legislative History, 1963
Legislative History, 1955- 1959
Universal Military Training and Services Act, Extension of, 1959
USAF Report to Congress, 1984
CO Box
FCNL Voting Record, 1984

Box 1232 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
The Nullification Language, October 30, 1986
House Legislation – 99th Congress
Senate legislation – 99th Congress
Obey Amendment
Senate Subcommittee HUD – Independent Agencies
The Feasibility of all CO Registration; SSS Report, May 1983
CO Box Responses, IB File, autumn 1984
CO Box Proposal and Controversy, 1984
Turnage Testimony HUD and Independent Agency in re SSS, February 21, 1985
House Correspondence – Miscellaneous
ACLU, CCCO, NISBCO Testimony, 1985
NISBCO Testimony, 1985
Legislation: S- 274 – Hearings 95th
Senate Bill 274

Box 1233 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
S- 274; Military Labor and Counseling Prohibition; 95th, 1978
Conscription Bills; 97th
House Bills; 97th Congress
Senate Bills; 97th Congress
Authorization Request for Reserve Programs in FY 1982
Turnage Nomination
AVF – Armed Forces Policy
Draft AVF Studies
Federal Register, Department of the Navy
Defense Budget Project, FY 87 Defense Budget
Bill to Amend Titles 1 and 37 US Code; Increase term of Service and pay bonuses for enlisting and re- enlisting in reserve components
Analysis of All Volunteer Force
Herbits Analysis; King Report
Griffith Report on AVF of 1984 for Heritage; references to SSS on p 9 and 10
All- Volunteer Force
Armed Services Manpower Posture and Authorization Request for FY 1982
Atlantic Council Report – “Toward A Consensus on Military Service” June 1982
National Guard

Box 1234 [Acc. 09A-063]
All- Volunteer Force
Defense Manpower Commission
“Civilization of the Army"; James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly, 1981
Why Johnny Can’t Fight; Fialka, Washington Star, December, 1980
Military Manpower
Manpower for Military Mobilization, Kenneth Coffey, 1978
“What Defense Says About manpower Commission Report”, 1977
Volunteer Army
Legislative Files: Correspondence
Boggs, Lindy (D-LA-Z)
Boland, Edward (D-MA-2)
Green, Bill (R-NY-18)
Kastenmeier, Robert W. (D-WI-2)
Sabo, Martin Olav (DEL-MN-5)
Sasser, Jim (D-TN)
Stokes, Louis (D-OH-21)
Turnage, Thomas, Director of SSS
Correspondence, MC’s 98th
Rescission of Funds for SSS, 1983 Subcommittee
Military Recruiting
HUD Independent Agencies Report for FY 1985; CO Registration

Box 1235 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files: Miscellaneous
NISBCO Testimony, 1983
Status of DOD Manpower Rejections for 1983
Status of the Air force FY 1983 Request
Status of the Army FY 1983 Requests
Status of the Marine Corps Request for 1983
Status of the Navy Requests for 1983
Legislative Files
Selective Service System Testimony, 1983
Department of Education Communications on the Solomon Amendment
Hearings on Regulations for Denying Educational Financial Aid to Nonregistrants
FY 1984 Reserve Manpower Requirements
S.2574, 1984
FY Active Duty Manpower Requirements

Box 1236 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Military Manpower and All Volunteer Force Congressional Record
House Armed Service Committee Hearings, 1984
Lebanon – Congressional Record, 1983
Grenada – Congressional Record, 1983
Fritz and Ron, post convention
Solomon III
Civil Defense – Congressional Record, 1983
Information for Registrants and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Postal Service, 1985
Classical Information Booklet PACKET
Classical Information Booklet, 1984- 1985
House Appropriations Report: Classical Information Booklet, 1984
Replies to CO Box Request, March Letter, 1984
HUD – Independent Agencies; CO Box; SSS Appropriation Testimonies, April 1984
Selective Service 184 Hearings, February 19, 1984, March 8, 1984
CO Box/ Classification Booklet
Congresspersons’ responses to draft opposition mail, 96th
More House Assorted National Service Bills
H.R. 2130 DOD Authorization
H.R. 2159 Rep Dante Fascell (D-FL) Peace Corps Amendments Act
H.R. 3039, 3040, 3041 – Rep Gerry Sikorsky – Loan forgiveness, deferral
Hearing on NS Legislation, Senate Labor and Human Resources, March 14, 1989
Assorted Other Bills
House Committee on Education and Labor; National Service, March 15, 1990
National Service Education Implications Hearing House E and L, April 19, 1989

Box 1237 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Senate Labor and House Resources Hearing on national Service April 21, 1989
Testimony of L. William Yolton before VA, HUD, Independent Agencies
WISC letter to gain support for defunding SSS registration
CRS Issue Brief: National Service proposals in the 101st Congress
Doug Bando – Cato Institute
Chronological history of rescission of faith- based service regulations
Education and labor Committee hearing on National Service June 28, 1989
Hearing on Military Manpower in Health Care, June 5, 1989
PL 100- 180 with authorization for SSS to develop a healthcare registration
Senate Committee on L and HR National Service Hearing, March 14, 1989
Testimony: HUD and Independent Agencies, May 8, 1986
Congressional Testimony, May 6-8, 1986 Statement of Wilfred L. Ebel, SSS Acting Director
CCCO Testimony to Senate Subcommittee on HUD and Independent Agencies, May 15, 1987
100th Congress Senate Armed Services Committee and Sam Nunn
Testimony: L. Wm. Yolton; subcommittee HUD and Independent Agencies, May 1988
Testimony: L. Wm. Yolton; HUD and Independent Agencies, May 9, 1988
100th Congress Overviews
Military Religious Apparel – Senate Legislation
S. 445 – Reinstating Draft
Military Religious Apparel – House Legislation
Senator Proxmire on the Draft
Bumpers, Incentives, for Volunteering Service; Tax Exempt Orgs, 1989

Box 1338 [Acc. 09A-063]
S. 581 – Increasing combat assignments for women – Senator Proxmire
S.589 Hatch’s Rules for a Constitutional Convention
S. 1473 – Postponing implementation of the Sentencing Guidelines
S. 1676 – Sentencing Guidelines Transition Act, Senator DeConcini
Military Draft: the Wrong Way to Go, Statement of Senator Proxmire May 29th, 1987
Youth Employment Services Act; S. 1731
S. 1822 – Making revisions to the Sentencing Guidelines
SSS – Published without reference to Senate’s Nullification Action
Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and other protection measures – Senate
Representative Solomon on Registration – clippings from Congressional Record
NISBCO Testimony – House Subcommittee HUD and Independent Agencies, 1987
SSS Testimony to House HUD and Independent Agencies, March 1, 1988
Other’s Testimony to House HUD Subcommittee, April 27, 1988
NISBCO’s Testimony to House HUD Subcommittee, April 27, 1988
Hearings: Subcommittee on Employment Opportunities HR 18 and 460; National Youth Corps
House National Service and related legislation
H.R. 1748 – DOD Authorization
H.R. 913, 1987
H.R. 1703 – Solomon Contracts Amendment
H.R. 2282 – Montgomery’s bill to get lists of nonregistrants from IRS
Revisions of McCarran- Walter Act and related issues
H.R. 2581 – State Defense Forces
H.R. 2900 – Solomon nonregistrants Post Office amendment
Congressional Handbook, Senate Edition, 1987
S. 539, 540, 541 Higher Education Volunteer Services Am Act, Sen. Bumper
U.C.C. on National Service, 1989
Japanese American Redress
S.3, Administer Volunteer National Service, 1989
Senate National Service Bills
S. 1430, National and Community Service Act of 1989, Kennedy et al omnibus bill

Box 1239 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
S. 1446, To authorize appropriations for FY 90- 91 for DOD personnel
Domestic Volunteer Service Act Amendments of 1989
Notes from Testimony of Gen. Lessev, March 2, 1989
HR. 2528 IMPACT, penalties for frivolous filing under Internal Rev code
Testimony of Representative Peter DeFazio defunding SSS registration, May 2, 1989
Oral Testimony to VA, HUD, Independent Agencies of L. Wm. Yolton, May 2, 1989
HR. 1951, John Porter (R-IL), National Service Act of 1989* Mandatory
HR. 1994, United States Peace Tax Fund Bill, Doug Walgren (D-PA)
HR.es. 205, Waiving certain points of order against APP Bill
HR. 660, Citizenship and National Service Act, Dave McCurdy
Assorted House National Service Bills
VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies
Post- Cold War World Hearing, December 19, 1989
Draft Legislation, 97th Congress
NISBCO Testimony Re: Turnage nomination, 1981
Military Pay Bill Info, S.1181. HR. 3380
Congressional Record – House, 1981
Congressional Record – Senate, 1981
DOD Authorization Act, S.815 PL97 86

Box 1240 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
DOD Appropriations FY82
State Legislative Measures, 1982
Department of Labor Actions on Solomon II
Job Training Partnership Act, HR.5320 and S.2036
“Solomon Amendment II” – Jobs training and cutoff
House Bills – 97th Congress
Senate Bills – 97th Congress
Aspin’s HR.5744 -- HR.5940, 1982
G.I. Bill Information, 1981
State Solomon Bill (MN)
SSS Regulations
House Armed Services hearing, February 4, 1982
Solomon Amendment, 1982
House Bills, 96th Congress
Senate hearings, 96th Congress, Barry Lynn (testimony)
Testimony Preparation for Criminal Code Revision Act of 1979
Tip O’Neill et al and War Scare Talk, 1979
Reserve Forces Policy Board, 1979
Reserve Forces Policy Board, 1980
96th Congress ERA Studies Pro Conscription, 1979
PL96- 154 DOD Authorization Act, FY 1980
Boyer, Chuck Testimony HASC, Subcommittee, March 12, 1979

Box 1241 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Miscellaneous Studies concerning aspects of militarism
Labor Unions, Conscientious Objection
“Costs of the National Service Act” Congressional Budget Office, 1980
House Armed Services Committee hearings, 96th
H.Con.Res.303 (elimination of nuclear weapons)
Budget Hearings – AVF – House, 1997
House: Armed Services Hearings, 95th
House Bills, 95th Congress
HR. 4282
House Bills (listing), 98th Congress
House joint Resolutions, 98th Congress
House Concurrent Resolutions, 98th Congress
House Resolutions, 98th Congress
Senate Bills (listing), 98th Congress
Senate Joint Resolutions, 98th Congress
Senate Concurrent Resolutions, 98th Congress
Miscellaneous Senate Bills
S.1033, 98th Congress
Public Law 08-371, Selective Service Appropriation FY85
House Concurrent Resolution 27, 1983
Senate: Armed Services Hearings, 97th Congress
CARD Efforts on Solomon I and II
FY1982 Supplemental Appropriations Bill, HR.6863
Legislative measures on “Solomon” (repeal, delay, etc.)
Congressional/ DOD Statements on AVF/ Draft

Box 1242 [Acc. 09A-063]
Legislative Files
Computer Matching
IRS and Registration Enforcement, August 11, 1982
Miscellaneous Anti- Draft Testimony
Miscellaneous Pro- Draft Testimony
NISBCO Testimony
Status of Recruiting, March 12, 1981
Selective Service Testimony, 1981
Selective Service Testimony, 1982
Registration, Compliance, and Prosecution, July 28, 1982
Status of Reserves, December, 1981
Congressional hearings – Draft Related
House – Military Pay Bill
Selective Service Files
Letter from Director of Selective Service, March 21, 1996
NISBCO comment, March 1, 1995
SSS Reg. Deletion (no substitution I-o/I-A-O), July 6, 1988
SSS Regs, December 17, 1987 (NISBCO comment, December 16, 1988)
SSS Reg, December 17, 1987, public comments
SSS Regs, December 17, 1987, NISBCO analysis
SSS Regs, December 17, 1987, NISBCO Hotline, January 19, 1988
SSS Regs, December 17, 1987
1987 SSS Regulatory Agenda, such as it is and Miscellaneous Regulations
SSS Final Rule
Comments by others on the March 20, 1987 proposed regulations
NISBCO’s comments on the March 20, 1097 proposed regulations
Hotline on March 20, 1987 proposed regulations
SSS proposed regulations March 20, 1987
SSS proposed rules – March 20, 1987
SSS Final Rule – March 20, 1987
O.P.M. regs governing SSS registration requirement, March 11, 1987
Tom Adler letter to Federal Reg Re: SSS mishandling of regs, January 28, 1987
SSS Notice of Systems of Records, January 23, 1987

Box 1243 [Acc. 09A-063]
Selective Service Files
NISBCO comment – SSS produced regs, December 10, 1986
Comments by others, SSS produced regs, December 10, 1986
Nullification of May 14, 1986 regs, continuing struggle
CCCO Action Alert on Regs of December 10, 1986, January 8, 1987
The Brouhaha over SSS proposed regs, December 10, 1986
William Ball correspondence
SSS proposed revision of systems of records, February 19, 1987
Proposed SSS regulations, December 10, 1986
Sign on letter for regulations, September 1986
NISBCO Hotline on December 10, 1986 proposed SSS regs, December 22
Mennonite response to regs and test, May 22, 1986
SSS regs – final rule, May 14, 1986
Comments on regs of December 27, 1985 per lwy, February 26, 1986
Press Release (SSS regulation revisions), February 7, 1986
Hotline SSS regs need comments, January 10, 1986
SSS regs December 27, 1985 NISBCO comment
SSS Regulation Files
Comments by others on Regs of December 27, 1985
SSS Regs, December 27, 1985; NISBCO Analyses, Hotline, Notes, Letters
Extension of Comments on December 27, 1985 Regulations, Effort for 60 days
CCCO Hotline on December 27, 1985 Regs
SSS Regulation Revisions, December 27, 1985
SSS FOIA Proposed Rule, November 5, 1982 NISBCO Comment
Selective Service Regulations – Final Rule, February 1, 1982
Selective Service Regs, NISBCO Comment, November 17, 1981

Box 1244 [Acc. 09A-063]
SSS Regulations Files
NISBCO preliminary comment on Alternative Service Concept Paper – transcript of April 15, 1981 Meeting
Related Documents, December Related documents, December Regs
Summary Sheets (SSS)
Selective Service Regs, NISBCO Comment, December 3, 1980
NISBCO Responses to SSS Regulations, 1980
Comments on the Regulations, December 3, 1980
SSS Regulations Prepublished, December 3, 1980
Correspondence Re: SSS Regulations, 1994
OMB and Form 22 revision, April 10, 1991 ff

Box 1245 [Acc. 09A-063]
SSS Regulations Files
Comments on Form 22, background papers for preparation, March 22, 1986
FOIA Request for Form 22, October 15, 1986
NISBCO Comment on Form 22, March 21, 1986
Comments on Form 22 (originals), March 1986
Comments on January, 1986 version of Form 22
Form 22 Prepublication Analysis of Memo of January 31, January 22, 1986
SSS Forms Files
Form 22 Background Issues, January 1985
Form 22 [2 folders]
Form 22, May 1985 version RIMS procedural directive
Select Comments on Form 22, January 28, 1985
Comments on Form 22, 1985
Materials as background for Form 22 struggle in late 1985 and in 1985
Form 22 Responses and Commentaries 84/85, June 1984
Follow up to SSS Meeting, January 28, 1985
Form 150
Form 22 – original (2nd version), October 1984
November 17/71 Form 150 Documents/ Letters

Box 1246 [Acc. 09A-063]
SSS Forms Files
SSS Forms: Notice of Comment Period
SSS Forms, 1988
SSS proposed forms 152, 153, 156, 157, 160, 163, 164, 166, January 16, 1987
CCCO comment on SSS Forms 1, 2, 3B, 3C, and 3V, May 1, 1987
NISBCO comment on proposed Forms 1, 2, 3B, 3C, and 3V, May 1, 1987
SSS Forms 2, 3B, 3C, and 3V
Form Files
NISBCO Comment on Forms, August 6, 1985
Comments on Forms Published, June 1985
Response to SSS Forms Prepublished July 13, 1985; Comments: August 6, 1985
Classification Forms, Information
SSS Forms
Form 9 – Claim for Postponement or Reclassification (SSS)
SSS Form 9 (Claim for Postponement or Reclassification)
Selective Service Forms, 1980- 1981
Sample Mailgram/ Claims Form
Information for Registrants
Information for Registrants, September 1988
SSS Information for Registrants Review Article, November 1985
Information for Registrants – SSS, Published November 1985
Information for Registrants, September 1985
Classification Information Booklet, Including Form 9, correspondence file
Information for Registrants, September 1981
Classification Information for High School Counselors
MSSA – 1981—Current Regulations
SSS FOIA Implementation and Fees – Final Rule, April 24, 1987
SSS Privacy Act proposals and changes, February 19, 1987
SSS Privacy Act Regulations, January 1987
1975 SSS Privacy Act Regulations
Selective Service Response to NISBCO Comments on RIMS Chapters
1992 RIMS Chapters 20- 25, NISBCO Response, April 5, 1993
RIMS Chapter 20
RIMS Chapter 21
RIMS Chapter 22
RIMS Chapter 23
RIMS Chapter 24
RIMS Chapter 25
RIMS 1990
N.L.G. RIMS Supplemental Proposal; Mayfield and Lake, October 1985
SSS Procedures and Cred. Time Procedures Manuals
RIMS Changes

Box 1247 [Acc. 09A-063]
Forms Files
RIMS Analysis
Publication of Regulations
Prepublication of SSS Forms as Regs ’41, ’67, ’72, ‘85
Improving Capability to Mobilize manpower SSS, 1980
Hearing Testimony in 1992
End the Draft Lobbying
Defending SSS Registration
Transcript of Plea in US v Kerley, September 14, 1988
SSS Instruction to Postal Service Window Clerks in Re: Draft Registration from 1980
US v Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Declaration of Marian Franz
Nick Levinson
SSS: Mobilization Capabilities and Options for Improvement
Preinduction Examination and Classification of SSS Registrants
Mailing Address of Military Entrance Processing Stations
Region Directors and Region Addresses
Selective Service System for Kansas, 1982
State Directors List
1605.56 Organization and meetings of local boards
Lessey Correspondence
Nomination of Samuel K. Lessey Jr. to be Director of SSS
Correspondence with Jerry D. Jennings, SSS Acting Director, 1987
Clinkscales Nomination
Ebel Correspondence, July 1986
DeWire Correspondence, 1984 ff
Travel Activities of former Director of SSS (Turnage), 1986
Turnage, Thomas, SSS Director, 1981
Turnage and New Windsor Massacre
General Turnage Information
To DeWire in re FOIA and Form 22, April 17, 1985
Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board
SSS Meetings, Statements and Transcripts, 1981
SSS Budget Justifications, Fiscal Years 1992- 1993
SSS Budget Justification, 1984 FY
Selective Service Budget Notes, 82- 83

Box 1248 [Acc. 09A-063]
Selective Service Files
Federal Budget, FY 1982 – SSS/ FEMA
Ronald Reagan Correspondence
Budget, Selective Services, 1981
Biographies of Rostker and Bond of SSS
SSS Budget, 1979
FY 1979 Budget Justifications
Registration Debate (public)
Registration Debate
Registration Debate (judiciary)
Registration Debate (administration)
Take Back Your Social Security Number
Registrars ex Post Officio
Selective Service Structure/ Activities
SSS Information Packet – C. McCarthy, 1993
White House Meeting
NISBCO statement on Reg and Draft presented at White House, April 19, 1979
November 19 Letter to Carter, 1979
Letters to/ from President Re: Conscription
Registration, 1980
Study: President’s Selective Service Reorganization
President’s Reorganization Task Force on Selective Service
SSS Reorganization Task Force – Preliminary Report
Correspondence with SSS Re: Brochure on Deep Standby Draft, 1976
Selective Service Curriculum Region 5, Spring 1984

Box 1249 [Acc. 09A-063]
Selective Service Files
Automatic Registration
Supreme Court: Rostker v Goldberg
Indictment Protests
Anti- draft Activities, 1982
Postal Service (SSS)
Registration/ Postal Workers/ Prosecutions
Postal Service and SSS Registration, 1980
Post office and Registration
Postal Service and and Selective Service
CO Registration Procedures, 1980
Selective Service System Reorganization Study, 1977- 1978
Anti- draft/ Registration Arguments
Weakness in the SSS Emergency Reg Plan – GAO, August 29, 1979
Section of CFR with Annotations on Regs Null and Void
“The CO camps” Nation, June 28, 1980
Reagan’s Resumption of Draft Reg, January 6, 1982
Grass roots opposition to draft registration
Registration Irregularities; CCCO campaign against SSS
SSS Files (miscellaneous)
Constructive Registration
Parent Locator Service
SSS Fact Sheets, 1984
SSS data matching
SSS Notice of Systems of Records and Computerized Matching of Records 12/ 11
SSS/ HHS data matching
Social Security Numbers/ Data matching Information
DMV Director Replies
Comparison of DMV- SSS data on male populations in states
State SSS Director Replies
Defense Information on nonregistrants
SSS Registration Compliance Information; CCCO – West Coast FOIA request, April 1986
SSS toll- free phone number
Continuing Draft Registration/ Grace Period
An End of Grace
Legal Recourse for nonregistrants
Indictment – Prosecution procedures
US Sentencing Commission; Proposed Sentencing Guidelines

Box 1250 [Acc. 09A-063]
Selective Service Files
Support/ Defenses for Nonregistrants
Prosecution Policies, 1981
Justice Department Guidelines for Prosecution of Nonregistrants
Referrals to Justice for investigation of nonregistrants as of Spring 1984
Last Change for 26 Year Olds (SSS Publicity), December 7, 1985
Registration/ Nonregistration Files
Justice Department Non- case Action on nonregistration
Warkentine, Kendall, sentencing provided for right to resist as a CO
Registration Statistics/ Compliance
Nonregistration in Death Valley Days
Selective Service Law Panel Nonregistration Lists
Postcards/ Warning Letters from Selective Service and Justice
NISBCO Statement on Compliance with Registration, 1983
SSS Address verification Program
Solomon Amendment Files
Solomon Amendments, DOD and National Science Foundation, 1994
Department of Education Solomon Regulations 34 CFR Sec 669.31- 35, 1989
Department of Education regulations on aid to SSS registrants, June 28, 1985
NCC Resolution on Registration and Federal Student Aid, May 1993
Comments on Solomon Regs
NISBCO Statement on DOE regs on Solomon, 1983
Solomon I – Limit on Federal Student Aid
FY 1983 DOD Authorization Bill S2248 (Solomon Amend to Education Act)
Department of Education Rules, 1993
Solomon Challengers
Solomon – Attempted Limit on Evidence
State Responses to JTPA and Solomon II

Box 1251 [Acc. 09A-063]
Solomon Amendment Files
Solomon: Miscellaneous
Solomon II – Job Training partnership Act
Solomon Limits on Federal Contractors
Solomon Limits on Funds for Medical School Students
Solomon in the states
S.510 – MD Solomon
Solomon: Maryland Bar Bar
Solomon – Alternative Funds; Church of the Brethren
Solomon – Alternative Funds; Friends
Solomon – Alternative Funds; Presbyterians
Solomon – Alternative Funds
Solomon – Alternative Funds; Mennonite
Solomon/ Thurmond Amendment to DOD Authorization Act, 1985
Anti- Solomon Campaign
Klepper v Ohio (Solomon Challenge)
Solomon History
OPM regulations on SSS Registration for government employment, March 11, 1987
Thurmond Amendment Challenge
Thurmond Amendment – Limit on federal civil service
Research on Thurmond
Ritchie, David T.
Selective Service System: The Formative years, 1926- 1940
National Service Files
Don Eberly and His Newsletter
Coalition for National Service, 1987 ff
National Youth Leadership Council, Center for Youth Development and Research
Action Agenda for the 1990s on National Service (Coalition for National Service)
National Service Legislation in the 100th Congress

Box 1252 [Acc. 09A-063]
National Service Files
Youth Service Corps Bill in the 100th Congress, draft
The Unstudied Element in National Service: the Motivation to Serve, February 4, 1987
Charles Moskos on national Service
Roots of Service, Theodore H. Erickson at National Service Consultation
Booklet/ pamphlet on National Service
National Service Files form consultation, including report, 1987
DLC proposal for National Service, rough draft
National Youth Service Consultation, CVSA and NISBCO, Fall 1987
CVSA National Service Consultation Report, November 1972
Service America “Streams” news report on youth service programs
An Analysis of National Youth Service, 1985
Post Office Subcommittee on Human Resources national Service hearings, April 29, 1987
Files relating to Congressional Deliberations on National Service
Hearings on National Service, house P.O. and Civil Service SC, April 29, 1987
Original testimony on National Service, June 30, 1987
Hearing on National Service, House Employment Opportunities SC, June 30, 1987
Weinberger on National Service, February 22, 1986
Congressional Record, 1985
Gallup Poll on National Service
Eleanor Roosevelt Institute National Service Policy Statement, 1976

Box 1253 [Acc. 09A-063]
Files relating to Congressional Deliberations on National Service
National Service articles: Bandow, points of Light, etc.
Reports bearing on Compulsory National Service
National Service Legislation
National Service Congressional proposals, 1993
National Service – Clinton’s Plan(s), 1993
National Service in 1993, Reactions: NISBCO and NGOs
National Service clippings, 1993
1993 Testimony; Senate Approp. VA, HUD Re: SSS
NISBCO Testimony to Subcommittee on VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies, 1993
1993 Testimony; House Approp. VA, HUD Re: SSS
Oral Testimony, Senate VA, HUD- IA, May 21, 1993
Testimony House VA, HUD,IndianaD Agencies, May 6, 1993
1993 SSS Budget request/ report, Approp Subcommittee for VA, HUD, March 31, 1993
1993 Selective Service Standby Act – DeFazio efforts, Letter to Adm., Etc.
Press Clippings: January- June 1993
1993 H.R. 2019; “The United States Peace Tax Fund Act”
1993 Interfaith IMPACT legislation briefing workshop
Budget appeal article, October 1992
Fund- raising letter samples
National Service Legislation in the 103rd Congress
1993 United Nationals Developments Re: Conscientious Objection
1993 Military Conscientious Objector Act, pre- intro critiques, drafts
Religious Freedom Restoration Act, 1993
Newspaper, Magazine articles, 1992

Box 1254 [Acc. 09A-063]
National Service Legislation
Press Clippings: June 1992- December 1992
Somalia action – news and op-ed clippings, November- December 1992
1993 Def Auth Bill highlights; JROTC, retirement enhancements, service and more
Senate Testimony Re: Selective Service; Approp. Subcommittee on VA, HUD
Sen. Bumpers’ service proposals for Clinton team, November 1992
National Service
National Service, 1994- 1995
Recruiter Fraud: Master Packet Materials
Counter- recruitment: unflattering military clippings
Be all you can be WITHOUT the army
Counter- recruitment: Master Packet Materials
Blacks, women, gays…: Master packet Materials
Vets: Master Packet Materials
Stafford Loan Forgiveness Regulations, 1994
National Service – Correspondence with NVS, 1994
Clippings Re: SSS Shutdown
Press clips, July- December 1993
Stafford Loan Forgiveness appropriation, 1993
Stafford Loan Forgiveness
VA HUD and Independent Agencies FY 94 H.R. 2491 – Senate Action
Correspondence on National Service Trust Act, NISBCO and NGOs
Senate Testimony, 1993

Box 1255 [Acc. 09A-063]
National Service
Adkins Amendment to cut the SSS funding roll call (defeated 310-96), July 29, 1992
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), May 13- 14, 1992
Response to 2nd version of Redress bill, as per CM for NISBCO
Redress bill, draft, copies, feedback
Rankings of House members
Synopsis of Dellums bill (original)
H.R. 5060, Dellums CO bill
Church Responses to CO (and H.R. 5060) PC-USA and Am. Baptists, June 1992
ACTION ALERT! For Mil. CO Act, H.R. 5060, May 1992
Congressional Record acc’t of introduction of Mil CO Act, H.R. 5060
DOD response to Sen. Leahy’s Req. for information on COs, July 1992
1992 Mil. Conscientious Objector Act; materials used for Cong. Visits
Critiques, Analysis of Dellums bill (2nd draft)
Suggestions on Reform Bill, April 1992
Conscientious Objection
Overview and Analysis of Dellums Bill
Dellums CO Discharge Bill: Assuming eye witness, testimony, etc.
Mailings on Dellums Bill
Cathy Gatling’s summary of information on specific Cos/ resistors/ imprisoned
Highlights of the Military Conscientious Objector Act
The Nation: “The High Price of Conscience,” Bruce Shapiro, January 20, 1992
CO Discharge Procedure Reform Bill – discussion draft
GAO report on the Gulf War COs
GAO study on the COs
Fact Sheet on Selective Service System and Draft Registration (original)
ACLU CO policy revision
Testimony to House Appropriations on Selective Service, April 1992
Study materials for history of draft and registration
Strategy Meeting: March 20, 1992 on Dellums and DeFazio bills
1992 House testimony Re: SSS Approp Subcommittee for VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies
DeFazio attempts to amend Def Auth (sunset and end registration), June 1992
Mailing Lists: COPRED, MCC etc.
Letters to Congress from constituents and organizations – Dellums and DeFazio legislation
1992 DeFazio Selective Standby Act, H.R. 4367

Box 1256 [Acc. 09A-063]
Conscientious Objection
Lessey – Director’s statement on House and Senate Approp Subcommittee for VA, HUD, I.A. Re: SSS
Transcripts of NISBCO and CCCO/ AFSC meetings with SSS, April and May 1981
Congressional Quarterly Almanac 1979- 1982 on Draft Registration
National Service Information/ developments
Lamar Gibble on European COs
1990 Booklet on International CO Situation
United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
Readiness 1990
Fall 1992 Reporter
Guritz Report, September 10, 1979
Guritz Report on Alt Service Program, 1979
Accounts Payable – Paid, January- March 1976

Acc. 2012-006
Box 1 [Acc. 2012-006]
Peace tax hearings- Part I and II, 1992 (May 21)
International Criminal Court creation, 1997
Responses to militaries in school
Case Cledith H. Davis vs. correctional center, military versus civilian law, 2003
Coalition for an International Criminal Court/United Nations, 1998
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors Development Projects, 1997
Civilian Public Service Camps Information, 2000 (January 25)
Meeting/Peace training Information, 1999
Child soldiers (United Nations…)
Warren Hoover Employee File, 1984 (April)
International Law Norms
Conscientious Objectors information around the world
Ron Spurga stories/poems
Uganda- Lord’s Resistance Army and actions, 2006 (May/June)
South Korean Prisoners for Peace, 2003 (December 1)
Peace in Sudan, 2005
Greece information on Conscientious Objectors, 2003
Anti-war resistance in Israel
War Resistance in Colombia, 2008

Box 2 [Acc. 2012-006]
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors Board of Directors Meeting, 1979 (November 19)
Charley Maresca- Special NISBCO Board Meeting, 1981 (March 5)
Charley Maresca- NISBCO staff, 1981
Charley Maresca- NISBCO annual meeting, 1981 (December 7)
Charles Maresca- Associate Director-Counseling, 1982 (May 6)
NISBCO information, 1982
NISBCO Consultative Council- Civilian Administration of Alternative Service, 1983 (January 20)
NISBCO Board Meeting, 1983 (June 16)
Dick McSorley- NISBCO Board and Consultative council Meeting, 1983 (December 12)
Charley Maresca - NISBCO Board and Consultative council Meeting, 1983 (December 12)
Charley Maresca - NISBCO Board and Consultative council Meeting, 1984 (December 3)
Charley Maresca - NISBCO Board and Consultative council Meeting, 1984 (June 11)
Charles Maresca- NISBCO Board Meeting, 1985 (June 10)
Duane Shank- NISBCO Board Meeting, 1985 (December 11)
Charley Maresca- NISBCO Board Meeting, 1986 (June 9)

Box 3 [Acc. 2012-006]
NISBCO Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1987 (June 15)
NISBCO Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1987 (December 7)
Charles Maresca- NISBCO Board and Council Meeting, 1988 (June 6)
Charles Maresca- NISBCO Board Meeting, 1988 (December 5)
NISBCO Meeting, 1989 (June 5)
NISBCO Board of Directors, 1989 (December 11)
NISBCO Board and Staff Retreat, 1990 (April 4)
NISBCO Board Meeting, 1990 (June 11)
NISBCO annual Meeting, 1990 (December 10)
NISBCO Board Meeting, 1991 (June 17)
NISBCO emergency Board Meeting, 1991 (November 7)
NISBCO Meeting, 1991 (December 16)
NISBCO Meeting, 1992 (June 15)
NISBCO Meeting, 1992 (December 14)
NISBCO Meeting, 1993 (June 14)
NISBCO Board, 1993 (December 13)

Box 4
[Acc. 2012-006]
NISBCO Board and Consultative Council, 1994 (June 7)
Board/Staff retreat, 1995 (April 6/7)
NISBCO Board Meeting, 1994 (December 13)
NISBCO Board/Consultative council, 1986 (December 9)
Information for War Resisters League
War Relics- Vietnam
Freedom of Information Act- Army
David Treber Personnel file, 1988
Raymond Toney, Mennonite Central Committee Personnel File, 1993
Correspondence Response to donations, 1995
Arlyn Miller, Mennonite Central Committee Personnel File, 1992
NISBCO Testimonials
Council General Correspondences, 1969 - 1979
Legal Briefs regarding War and Co. (Supreme Court), 2005
Military Counseling Project, 1995
Dellum- Military Conscientious Act, 1994
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Information, 1994
Letters from National Service Board for Religious Objectors on behalf of the Reporter, 1946 - 1952
News Article, 2003 (March 25)
Reports from Office, 1991 (April 16)
Miscellaneous Information Requests
Families for Early Autism Treatment Information, 2004 - 2005
Various United States States’ positions on Duty
Children Soldiers
Religious Freedom Restoration Act, 1997

Box 5 [Acc. 2012-006]
Legal Corrections
Katherine Jashinski, 2005
Iraq War Criticisms, 2002 - 2003
Center for Conscious and War in the news
Child soldiers
Church Documents
School of the Americans Protests, 2004 - 2005
Random Brochures
Freedom of Information Act- Air force, 2001 - 2003
Jashinski Case, 2005
International Criminal Court Creation, 1996
Photograph copies
Conscientious Objector, 1999
Federal Tax Returns, 1992 - 1996
Forum for Academic and Institutional rights versus United States offices, 2004
Freedom of Information Act- Navy/Marines, 2001
European Conventions on Human Rights, 1995

Box 6 [Acc. 2012-006]
Peace Tax Information, 2006
Dellum Act, 1995
Comptroller General Report on Military Conscientious Objectors, 2006
Conscientious Objectors Human Rights
Conscientious Objectors Call Information
Davis versus City of Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia, 2003
Conscientious Objectors Applications
Random Correspondence, 1995-2000
Appeals for support
United States Army Regulation on In-Service Conscientious Objectors, 1983
American Friends Service Committee
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Roman Catholic
Centro Legal de la Raza

Box 7 [Acc. 2012-006]
Como llena la Forma 150
Memorandum de Registro
NISBCO literature and old literature lists
¿ Quien es el objetor por conciencia ?
Lipton versus United States Air force case, 2000
Churches, Mennonite
Asylum status in the United States
Major Recruitment Abuse, 2002/2006
Military Selective Service
Organization of American States Reports, 1993
United Nations Documents (Human Rights Conscientious Objectors), 1993/1994
United States Human Rights/Liberties, 1994
Pax Christi, 1995
Sentencing (Federal Crimes), 1987
International Conscientious Objectors Provisions, 1982
Counter Recruitment, 2005
Watson versus Geren, 2008
Entry Level Separations Bill, 2005
Religious Affiliations of Congress people
Bill to institute mandatory service for all, 2005
General Court Case Information

Box 8 [Acc. 2012-006]
Snyder, Beattie versus State of Virginia, 2005
Related cases Snyder, Beattie versus State of Virginia

Acc. 2012-059
Box 1 [Acc. 2012-059]

Bibliography on conscientious objection, 1987
Miscellaneous materials- conscientious objection
Center on Conscience and War organizing packet- Elizabeth
Charles Rangel
Advisory committee- G. I. Rights Network
Selective Service System and driver's license
Domestic conscientious objection cases- information from clients, etc.
--Burundi information, 1997
--Africa- refugees, corporations, etc.
--Caucasus and Central Asia- conscientious objection
--General Latin America military information
--Latin America- Conscience and Central America study tour, 1994
--Latin America- Quaker involvement, 1990s

Box 2 [Acc. 2012-059]
--Middle East- conscientious objection, child soldiers, 2004
--Angola coup information, 1980s
--Argentina conscientious objection reform 1992 - 1993
--Austria conscientious objection laws (in German), 1994 (February)
--Network of Conscientious Objectors- Santiago, Chile, 1995 (August)
--Colombia conscientious objection information, 1990s
--Croatia conscientious objection article, 1994 (February)
--El Salvador- election observations, 1994
--El Salvador- military law information
--El Salvador- immigration/asylum, 1995
--Costa Rica- militarization, conscientious objection
--Dominican Republic, 1961
--Germany- conscientious objection cases, 1991
--West Germany materials (in German), 1986 - 1990
--Guatemala peace process, 1990s
--Honduras conscientious objection reform, 1990s
--Mexico- democracy, conscientious objection information, 1994
--Netherlands- peace tax, 1988
--Nicaragua- military law, 1985
--Paraguay funding proposals, 1985 (May)
--Poland- conscientious objection, military laws, 1994
--Russia- peace project coordinator, 1993 (December)
--Russia- anti-militarist, 1993
--Sierra Leone, 2004
--Spain- Spanish language conscientious objection laws, 1984 (October), 1987, 1994 (March)
--Uruguay conscientious objection information, 1994
Healthcare professionals registration- newspaper articles and background legislation
Hearing on medical personnel, May 14, 1990

Box 3 [Acc. 2012-059]
Discharge review boards- regulations, mid-1970s
Discharge review boards, 1975 - 1979
"High School Outreach and Counter-Recruitment"- The Objector (April)
AWOLs [absent-without-leaves] and UAs [unauthorized absences], 1994
Department of Defense regulations, 1993
Public hearings- all-volunteer force, 1974 - 1975
Courage to Resist
Miscellaneous Fellowship of Reconciliation materials- pamphlets, brochures, etc.
Legal packet to get into public schools
Refusenicks- Israel
Kevin Benderman
Shutting down the Selective Service System
War Tax Resistance Conference, July 6-9, 2000
Peace tax, conscientious objection to war tax, Rosa Packard talk, 2000
Draft, national service

Box 4 [Acc. 2012-059]
Quaker House correspondence
Ending draft registration
Truth Commission on Conscience in War
Cox Commission
Selective Service
Stop the draft, 2003
Military Conscientious Objector Act of 1992
Selective Service System, 2003
Selective Service System, 2002
Selective Service System, 2001
David Brown
The Good War- World War II conscientious objectors
Reserve Officers' Training Corps and Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Operation Refuse War
Church of Latter Day Saints
Freedom of Information Act

Box 5 [Acc. 2012-059]
Jewish Peace Fellowship- wrestling with conscience
J. R. O. T. C., militarism of education- master packet materials
Military conscientious objection- book
Master copies of old lobby packets
Miscellaneous materials
Media coverage, 2001

Box 6 [Acc. 2012-059] Restrictions apply
Yolanda Huet-Vaughn- removal of medical license
Conscientious objectors
--Holden, Brian- Air Force, 1990 (November 20)
--Hurlbut, Charles- Air Force, 1991 (June 12)
--Isaacs, Greg- Army, 1991 (January 11)
--Istvan-Wood, Susan- Army Reserves, 1991 (May 18)
--Jaskwhich, Lieutenant David- Army, 1990 (October 19)
--Jilovek, Janet- Army Reserves, 1990 (December 13)
--Johnson, James- Marines, 1991 (February 26)
--Jones, Tahan- Marines- Gulf War, 1992 (February 18)
--Kaelin, Christina- Army, 1991 (January 15)
--Kaplan, Jason- Marines, 1994 (May 11)
--Karim, Talib- Army Reserves, 1992 (March 30)
--Keil, Travis- Army, 1994 (August 30)
--Hale, Kristin- Army Reserves, 1991 (January 16)
--Hall, June- Marines, 1993 (July 19)
--Hebert, John Alex- Navy Reserves, 1991 (January 3)
--Hedges, Charlie- Marines, 1996 (June)
--Hennick, Michael- Marines (discharged), 1990 (June 25)
--Hernandez, ________- Army Reserves, 1991 (January 10)
--Hester, Donald- Marines (Individual Ready Reserves), 1995 (September 7)
--Hinton, Christopher- Navy, 1992 (June 16)
--Holas, David- Army, 1991 (February 20)
--Hager, David- Army, 1995 (September)

Box 7 [Acc. 2012-059] Restrictions apply
Conscientious objectors
--Gallion, Steven- Navy, 1992 (May 8)
--Gallion, Steven- Navy, 1992 (November 7)
--Gillis, Daniel- Marines, 1991 (January 1)
--Garner, Keith- Army Reserves, 1992 (March 9)
--Graby, Christopher- Army, 1993 (February 5)
--Gregory, Vaughn- Marines, 1990 (December 28)
--Grey, Lieutenant Jonathon- Marines, 1996 (July)
--Grusek, Chris- Army, 1998 (June)
--Guyton, Captain Glen A.- Air Force, 1997 (September 11)
--Belanger, Tony- Navy Reserves, 1991 (January 13)
--Barkett, Theodore- Army Reserves, 1991 (January 7)
--Bailey, Robert V.- Army, 1992 (January 10)
--Arthur, Michael J.- Army, 1990 (September 1)
--Alexander, Roger- Army, 1990 (December 17)
--Airola, Darwin- Marines, 1991 (March 4)
--Afonso, Felipe- Army, 1990 (October 17)
--Blevins, Mimi- Army Reserves, 1990 (December 4)
--Blutstein, John Paul- Army, 1991 (January 23)
--Bishop, Jason I.- Marine Reserves (closed), 1991 (July 22)
--Bennet, Richard A. O.- Army R. O. T. C., 1991 (February 8)

Box 8 [Acc. 2012-059] Restrictions apply
Conscientious objectors
--Burkett, Chris- Army R. O. T. C., 1990 (October 16)
--Burnside, Janet- Army, 1992 (June 15)
--Brubaker, Steve- Coast Guard, 1991 (August 15)
--Brandon, Frank- Army Reserves, 1993 (January 21)
--Conaty, Tracy- Army Reserves, 1991 (January 14)
--Colon, Oscar- Army, 1991 (May 1)
--Clayton, Martin- Navy, 1991 (January 22)
--Clase, Darrell- Navy, 1992 (January 20)
--Chastain, Sean- Navy Reserves, 1990 (October 25)
--Centa, Bryan- Army, 1991 (January 14)
--Cassani, Vince- Army, 1992 (June 15)
--Carroll, Scott- Air Force Reserves, 1995 (February 15)
--Carrick, Terrence Noel- Army Reserves, 1990 (December 18)
--Carraher, Travis- Army, 1992 (October 27)
--Cameron, Emily- Army Reserves, 1990 (December 21)
--Butler, Jared- Navy, 1996 (December)
--Burton, ________- Army, 1991 (Februaru 19)
--Cusick, Kelvin
--Cusick, Kelvin- extra
--Cusick, Kelvin- Marines, 1990 (December 21)
--Cunningham, __________-Army medic, 1990 (December 19)
--Cruz, Eddie- Air National Guard, 1991 (January 16)

Box 9 [Acc. 2012-059] Restrictions apply
Conscientious objectors
--Crombie, Howard- Selective Service System non-registrant, 1995 (May 1)
--Cox, Rory- Solomon Draft Registration Amendment, 1993 (February 1)
--Cook, Paul E.- Marines, prisoner, 1992 (August 10)
--Conger, Dennis- Marine Reserves, 1992 (April 28)
--Darling, Reverend Dennis- Army Reserves, 1992 (February 18)
--Engle, Molly- University of Nevada-Las Vegas School of Medicine oath, 1991 (December 9)
--Ellena, Peter- Marines, 1992 (November 30)
--Ehrenberg, Stewart- Coast Guard, 1991 (February 27)
--Edwards, Michelle- Army, 1991 (February 20)
--Edwards, Laura- Army, 1991 (January 25)
--Duddy, Katherine V.- Army- closed, 1990 (April 18)
--Ellis-Cheek, Imani, 1991 (February 20)
--Easterbrook, Mike, 1998 (September)
--Dunn, Melissa H.- Navy, 1997 (October)
--Dunn, James- Selective Service System non-registrant, 1998 (May)
--Dotson, Paul- Marine Reserves, 1990 (October 2)
--Dickerson, Donna- Marine Reserves- hardship- discharged, 1991 (February 18)
--Dejewski, Stephanie Lynn- Navy, 1995
--De la Cruz, Jose- Army Reserves, 1991 (April 18)
--DeAngelis, Paul- Army Reserves, 1990 (February 1)
--Davis, John- Army, 1991 (January 4)
--Davis, Efrem- National Guard, 1990 (November 20)
--David, Jerome Antwan- Navy, 1991 (June 5)
--Finn, Suzanne "Wendy"- Air Force, 1990 (October 30)
--Fritzer, Felicien- Selective Service System non-registrant, 1995 (December 20)
--Frantz, Elaine- R. O. T. C.- closed, 1990 (April 18)
--Francis, Andrea- Air Force, 1991 (November 4)
--Forrest, Joann- Army Reserves, 1990 (December 2)
--Flockerzy, Michael- Navy Reserves, 1991 (January 10)

Box 10 [Acc. 2012-059]
Amnesty International: Concerns in Europe from January to June 1997
Draft Counselor's Manual- Update #1, 1991
Draft Counselor's Manual- Revision, 1987 (January)
A "Peace Team" Reader: Nonviolent Third-Party Crisis Interventions by NGOs [non-governmental agencies], 1993 (November 15)

Box 11 [Acc. 2012-059]
Miscellaneous correspondence
Draft evader lists by state/region
--District of Columbia
--New Hampshire
--New Jersey
--New Mexico
--New York
--North Carolina
--North Dakota
--Rhode Island
--South Carolina
--South Dakota
--West Virginia
--United States Territories

Acc. 2012-059A
Selective Service System Publications
Box 1 [Acc. 2012-059A]
Manual for Advisors to Registrants, 1972 (April 24)
National Headquarters- Selective Service System- Washington, D. C.- news releases, 1948 (August 20) - 1952 (September 19)
Guide for 1983 Informal Training for District Appeal Boards- Chairperson's Package (April)
Guide for 1983 Informal Training for Local Boards- Chairperson's Package (April)
Selective Service System Board Member Handbook Updates, 1983 (October 26)
Civilian Review Board Member Handbook, 1984 (May 11)
Guide for 1984 Continuation Training for Local Boards- Chairperson's Package

Box 2 [Acc. 2012-059A]
Selective Service System Board Member Training Manual, 1982
Guide for 1984 Continuation Training for District Appeal Boards- Chairperson's Package

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