Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Part II, Series I: Men in I-W Service (Forms), 1960s and 1970s

Contact Information
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399 U.S.A.
Telephone: 610-328-8557 (curator);
Fax: 610-690-5728
Email: (curator)

Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
Inclusive Dates
Call Number
DG 025

Language of Materials
Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information / Historical Background / Collection Overview / Arrangement / Etc.
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Detailed Description of the Collection
Box 1
Names A-C
Names D-H
Names J-M
Names N-S
Names T-Z

Box 2
Abbott through Albi
Ablin through Applebee
Andrus through Ayres
Babashoff through Barnard
Barnes through Beachy
Beachy through Beiler
Beiler through Beougher

Box 3
Berg through Biser
Bishop through Bontrager
Bontrager through Bown
Bowser through Broderick
Brody through Brunson
Brunstetter through Burkholder
Burkholder through Bywaters

Box 4
Cable through Cersh
Cerutti through Coblenzt
Coblentz through Cowart
Cowen through Dailey
Daines through Dayhuff

Box 5
Deal through Dick
Dick through Duke
Dumond through Emmert
Emmons through Ferry

Box 6
Ferry through Fox
Francis through Fulton
Fultz through Gerber
Gerber through Golbach

Box 7
Goldbarg through Granbling
Granger through Guzy
Haarer through Hanson
Haprov through Headings

Box 8
Headings through Hershberger
Hershberger through Hirt
Hiskey through Horne
Horne through Hozeny

Box 9
Hubbard through Jackson
Jacobi through Johnston
Johnston through Kaufman
Kaufman through Kiehlmeier

Box 10
Kiers through Kiser
Kladder through Koehn
Keith through Kurtz
Kurtz through Fisher
Lappala through Lehman

Box 11
Lehman through Lewis
Lewis through Livingston
Ljungquist through Martin
Martin through McGlenn
McGlothlin through MacDonald

Box 12
MacElwee through Marsh
Marsh through Mast
Mc Affe through Miller
Miller through Miller
Miller through Milnes

Box 13
Milnes through Mytkowicz
Nabakowski through Newton
Nice through Moseman
Moser through Nofziger
Verlyn through Omer

Box 14
Omlor through Paulson
Paviour through Petersmeyer
Peterson through Preheim
Preheim through Ramer
Ramer through Regier

Box 15
Regier through Riley
Roark through Ross
Ross through Sachs
Sacra through Schuefler

Box 16
Schuefler through Schrock
Schrock through Severns
Sexton through Shetler
Shick through Slagell

Box 17
Slagell through Snook
Snow through Stahl
Stahl through Stockton
Stoda through Strong
Strotheide through Stutzman

Box 18
Styer through Taylor
Taylor through Tom
Tomaselli through Turner
Turnridge through Vessey
Vest through Wallace

Box 19
Wallace through Weaver
Weaver through Wert
Weiss through Williams
Williams through Wood
Wood through Yoder

Box 20
Yoder through Yoder
Yoder through Zapf
Zeager through Zwickel

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