Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Part II, Series M: Alternative Service, Correspondence, and Administrative/Organizational Records ,1951-1979

Contact Information
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399 U.S.A.
Telephone: 610-328-8557 (curator);
Fax: 610-690-5728
Email: (curator)

Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
Inclusive Dates
Call Number
DG 025

Language of Materials
Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information / Historical Background / Collection Overview / Arrangement / Etc.
See index page for information

Detailed Description of the Collection
Box 1
Court-ordered civilian work
Old case mail
New Windsor consultations, 1969
I-W teacher atudy, 1969
Ad Hoc Committee
Civilian work agency list, 1968-1969
C.O. work program: annual analysis, 1966-1968
I-W assignment: newsclippings
I-W Memo
Teachers for West Africa program, 1969
Foreign Service
Christian Service Corps
New church agencies
International Voluntary Service [2 folders]
Teachers Abroad Program, 1969; Vanguard; Mennonite personnel listing
Church of the Brethren assignments
UUSC I-W job finder service
Umbrella agencies (religious)
Civilian work agency list changes, 1965-1967
Commission on Youth Service project (James Cavener), 1968-
I-W assignment statistics, 1969
Chicago American Friends Service Committee (AFSC): job counseling

Box 2
United Way of America: directory, 1970
"Peace Act," 1971-1972
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC): C.O. Counselor's kit, 1972
National Seminar on Alternative Service Opportunities general correspondence, 1970
National Seminar on Alternative Service Opportunities: program, 1970 (September)
C.O. Gathering, 1972
Civilian Public Service (CPS) pamphlets
Loyalty oaths an alternative service, 1950
Complete lists of I-W men by home state, 1952-1956
I-W cover letters and miscellaneous statistics prior to 1957
I-W correspondence with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), 1957
I-W correspondence, 1970-1971
Civilian work program study, 1970
Test mailing to "Ds" in I-W raw files

Box 3
Foreign I-Ws by countries; Merchandising your Job Talents pamphlet
Potential employers
Literature lottery numbers
Send guide
VSC Free Church
Guide correspondence
Guide questionnaire / contact memo
Minority group C.O.s
Projected guide format
Consultative Council: list and guide-letter
Get Your Job Approved
Miscellaneous C.O. papers
I-W Memo
Baptist/Friends S.C.
Church World Service / Laos International Liaison / Catholic Relief
Church of God / Service Civil International / Synagogue Council of America
Reformed / UCC (United Church of Christ)
United Methodist Voluntary Service
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee / Volunteer Corps

Box 4
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York City
New York State
North Carolina
North Dakota
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota

Box 5
Virgin Islands
West Virginia
American Indians
Community work
Foreign service
Hospital work (including mental health)
Industrial skills
Legal services
Local church projects
National umbrellas
Youth work
Questionnaires May 6th
Contact questionnaires
Contact List Corrections
Questionnaires on I-W and government documents
Government and religious forms and questionnaires

Box 6
Contact changes, 1971 (September)
Job contacts: 0's
Job contacts: 1's
Job contacts: 2's and 3's
Job contacts: 4's
Job contacts: 5's
Job contacts: 6's
Job contacts: 7's and 8's
Job contacts: 9's
Job contacts: possible future leads
Job contacts: revision, 1972 (April)

Box 7
DC Area
Overseas: international umbrella
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Box 8
Miscellaneous pamphlets/papers
Workforce, Affirmative Action Register, and other pamphlets
Workforce counselor, Washington DC VSC
Guide to Alternative Service

Box 9
I-W questionnaires for employers
I-W questionnaires: government and religious forms [2 folders]
Assignment practices
I-W employers memo
Employers' mailings
Approval requests
I-W Job Finder, 1969
Vocations for Social Change
Alternative service opportunities

Box 10
Civilian Work Agency List for C.O.s, 1966 (March)
Civilian Work Agency List for C.O.s, 1966 (October)
Civilian Work Agency List for C.O.s, 1967 (November)
Civilian Work Agency List for C.O.s, 1968 (July)
Guide to Alternative Service (2nd edition)
Guide to Alternative Service, 1970 (March)
State directors' lists, pre-1972
Guide to Alternative Service, 1972 (May)

Box 11
Guide to Alternative Service, 1970
Guide to Alternative Service, 1972

Box 12
Guide to Alternative Service: contents & preface
Guide to Alternative Service: Your Alternatives as a 1-0 or 1-W
Guide to Alternative Service: finding an alternative service job
Guide to Alternative Service: How to Get a Job Approved for Alternative Service
Guide to Alternative Service: working drafts
Guide to Alternative Service: What Types of Work Can C.O.'s Do for Alternative Service
Guide to Alternative Service: working drafts [2 folders]
Guide to Alternative Service: design
Guide to Alternative Service: umbrella changes
Guide to Alternative Service: employer corrections
Guide to Alternative Service: revisions
Guide to Alternative Service: local/regional contacts and referral sources for alternative service job-hunting
Guide to Alternative Service: alternative service employers' listing
Guide to Alternative Service: employment of conscientious objectors
Questionnaire for 1-W job counselors

Box 13
MCC reports on I-Ws
African Methodist Episcopal
Albanian Orthodox
Ambassadors for Christ
Advent Christian Church
Religious affiliations of C.O.s
Apostolic Pentecostal
Armenian Pentecostal
Assemblies of God
Association of Bible Students
Association of Fundamental Bible Churches
Baha'i World Faith
Bible Brethren Church
Bible Covenant Church
Body of Christ
Brethren Church
Religious affiliations of participants in alternative service
Christian Believers
Christian Missionary
Christian Molokan
Christian Reformed Church
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
Church of Christ
Church of Christ, Scientist
Church of Christ with the Elijah Message
Church of God
Church of God, Inc,, The
Church of God of the Faith of Abraham
Church of God & Saints of Christ
Church of God (Seventh Day)
Church of Jesus Christ
Church of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.
Church of the Blessed Hope
Church of the Brethren, 1965 (February- )
Church of the Brethren, 1953 ((May) - 1964
Church of the Christians
Church of the First Born
Church of the Four Leaf Clover
Church of the Living God
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Church of the Nazarene
Church of Theola
Covenant Community
Congregation of Yahweh
Dawn Bible Student Association
Disciples of Christ
Dunkard Brethren
Dutch Reformed
Emmanuel Association
Ethical Culture
Essenes of Kosmon
Evangelical Church of North America
Evangelical Congregational
Evangelical Covenant Church
Evangelical Free Church

Box 14
Evangelical Mission Covenant Church
Evangelical United Brethren
Faith Tabernacle
First Century Gospel
First Divine Association
First Missionary Church
Followers of Jesus Christ
Free Brethren
Free Holiness Church
Free Methodist Church
Free Pentecost
Free Will Baptist
Friends Evangelical
Full Gospel
Full Gospel Assembly
Full Gospel Church of God
God's Missionary
Gospel Assembly
Gospel Mission
Grace Bible Church
Grace Brethren
Grace Fellowship Church
Holiness Church
Holiness Church of God
Hutterian Brethren
Iglesia Evangelical Unida de Puerto Rico
Immanuel Missionary Church
Independent Christian
Independent Fundamental
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jesus Name Holiness
Koinonia Fellowship
Megidda Mission
Missionary Baptist
Missionary Church Association
Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.
No affiliation
Old German Baptist Brethren
Old Order River Brethren
Open Bible
Order of Aaron
Original Christianity and Yogi
The Peacemaker
Pentecostal Church
Pentecostal Holiness Church
Pentecostal Church of God
Pentecostal First Born Church of the Living God
Pentecostal Holiness Church
Pilgrim Holiness
Plymouth Brethren
Radio Church of God
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Revival Church
Roman Catholic
Rosecrucian Fellowship
Russian Molokan
Seventh Day Adventist
Russian Orthodox
Seventh Day Baptist Church
Society of Brothers
Society of Friends
Unitarian Universalist Association
United Brethren
United Brethren in Christ
United Christian Church

Box 15

United Church of Christ
United Missionary
United Pentecostal
United Zion
Unity School of Christianity
Universal Life Church
World Fellowship Church of Deliverance
Zions Order of the Sons of Levi, Inc.
Miscellaneous I-W material, 1968 (July-November)
Mennonites, 1968
Mennonite, 1967-
Mennonite, 1964-1966
Mennonite, 1956-1959
Mennonite, 1954-1955
Mennonite, 1960-1963
Mennonite, 1953
Religious affiliations: statistics; correspondence

Box 16
I-W survey [4 folders]
Boumel study, 1969

Box 17
Congressional hearings on conscientious objectors, 1974-1976

Box 18
Amnesty Fact Sheet: Who Would Get Amnesty?
Amnesty hotline
Amnesty naterial samples and stock
Amnesty bills
History of amnesty
Resources for amnesty education
Amnesty education packet: assorted materials
Amnesty packet
Amnesty education packet
Amnesty Group: discussion guide
Questions and answers on amnesty
Doris Gordon on amnesty
Mennonite Church General Assembly, 1973

Box 19
Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors
Earned re-entry: counseling notes
Religious statements on amnesty (most recent)
Repatriation: general information
Amnesty history through 1957
NSBRO/NISBCO and amnesty
NCUUA (National Council for Universal and Unconditional Amnesty)
NCUUA, 1977 (Fall)
NCUUA: New Directions, 1977
Amnesty Bulletin Committee for Amnesty World War II
Brethren Amnesty Committee
Upgrade Program

Box 20
ACLU: reports, 1974
Amnesty: major articles with insights or speeches
ACLU: Henry's hotline
Amnesty Guide and Leader's Manual, 1974
Duane Shank: correspondence
Duane Shank: writings
C.O. pardons: survey
Presbyterian Veterans Packet (Salerno)
Menno Vets Project
Dwight Large: amnesty /earned re-entry, 1974-1975
Koch, David: earned re-entry

Box 21
WG: meeting, September 13, 1977
WG: meeting, March 25, 1977
WG: meeting, February 2, 1977
WG: meeting, November 19, 1976
WG: meeting, September 27, 1976
Proposals for education and action
Proposals for direct services (discharges, counseling)
WG: meeting, July 19, 1976
Subgroup meetings, 1976 (June)
WG: meeting, June 1-2, 1976
Discharge Network: proposals
NISBCO Board of Directors: meeting, February 3, 1976
Ad Hoc Working Group: meeting, February 3, 1976
NCC/DCS Working Groups: guidelines
NISBCO Board of Directors: meeting, January 13, 1976
Meeting, December 19, 1976
NISBCO/NCUUA: proposal I
Initial proposals
Special Ministries: final event
WG: correspondence
WIG: Vietnam era victims and cultures
Interreligious Working Group on Vietnam: Generation Ministry

Box 22
General Ledger: October 1, 1973 - September 30, 1976
General Ledger: October 1, 1971 - September 30, 1973
General Ledger: October 1, 1969 - September 30, 1971
General Ledger, October 1, 1966 - September 30, 1969
General Ledger: October 1, 1962 - September 30, 1966
General Ledger: October 1, 1957 - September 30, 1962
General Ledger: October 1, 1953 - September 30, 1957
General Ledger: February 1, 1951 - September 30, 1953

Box 23
War Resisters League (WRL): appeal letter and responses
NISBCO: appeal letter, 1970
NISBCO: appeals, 1971 (Spring and Summer)
NISBCO: appeals, 1971[?] (Fall and Winter)
NISBCO: appeal, 1970
NISBCO: appeal letters -- past
NISBCO: appeal letter, 1972 (Spring/Fall)
NISBCO: appeal letter, 1972 (Winter)
NISBCO: appeal letter and responses
Rick M's I-W mailing
NISBCO: appeal letter (current)

Box 24
Taxes withheld: quarterly statements, 1970-1975
Taxes withheld: quarterly statements, 1960-1969
Income taxes withheld (in D.C.), 1969-1970
Taxes withheld: quarterly statements, 1952-1959

Box 25
Cash Receipts Register, October 1974- September 1975
Cash Receipts Register, October 1973- September 1974
Cash Receipts Register, October 1972- September 1973
Russell Miller: finances [2 folders]
Accounts payable (unpaid)
Accounts payable (old)
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1957- September 30, 1958
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1958- September 30, 1959
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1959- September 30, 1960
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1960- September 30, 1961
Finances-Miscellaenous October 1, 1961- September 30, 1962
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1962- September 30, 1963
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1963- September 30, 1964
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1965- September 30, 1966
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1964- September 30, 1965
Finances: miscellaneous, October 1, 1966- September 30, 1967

Box 26
A-C, 1969 A-C
D-I, 1969 D-I
J-M, 1969 J-M
N-S, 1969 N-S
T-Z, 1969 T-Z
A-L, 1970 A-L
M-Z, 1970 M-Z

Box 27
A-E, 1971 A-E
F-L, 1971 F-L
M-Q, 1971 M-Q
R-Z, 1971 R-Z

Box 28
A-D, 1972 A-D
E-K, 1972 E-K
L-R, 1972 L-R
S-Z, 1972 S-Z

Box 29
A-C, 1973 A-C
D-J, 1973 D-J
K-Q, 1973 K-Q
R-Z, 1973 R-Z
A-D, 1974-1975 A-D
E-J, 1974-1975 E-J

Box 30
K-N, 1974-1975 K-N
O-S, 1974-1975 O-S
T-Z, 1974-1975 T-Z

Box 31
A, 1976-1977
B, 1976-1977
C, 1976-1977
D, 1976-1977
E, 1976-1977
F, 1976-1977
G, 1976-1977
H, 1976-1977
I, 1976-1977
J, 1976-1977
K, 1976-1977
L, 1976-1977
M, 1976-1977
N, 1976-1977
O, 1976-1977
P, 1976-1977
Q, 1976-1977
R, 1976-1977
S, 1976-1977
T, 1976-1977
U, 1976-1977
V, 1976-1977
W, 1976-1977
X, 1976-1977
Y, 1976-1977
Z, 1976-1977
Correspondence re: newsletter "The Reporter..."
Correspondence re: drop shipment orders

Box 32
General correspondence, June 1970
General correspondence, May 1970
General correspondence, April 1970
General correspondence, March 1970
General correspondence, February 1970
General correspondence, January 1970
General correspondence, December 1969
General correspondence, November 1969

Box 33
General correspondence, March 1971
General correspondence, April 1971
General correspondence, June 1971
General correspondence, July 1971
General correspondence, August 1971

Box 34

General correspondence, September 1971
General correspondence, October 1971
General correspondence, November 1971
General correspondence, December 1971

Box 35
General correspondence, July-December 1979
General correspondence, January-June 1979
General correspondence, July-December 1978
General correspondence, January-June 1978
General correspondence, July-December 1977

Box 36

Counselors' Newsletter (SSS)
Counselors' Newsletter (SSS): attachments
Discharge Upgrading Newsletter
Conscientious Objector Service
LAMLP newsletter
LASSLP (Los Angeles Military and Selective Service Law Panel) newsletter
Military newsletters
The Washington Area Military and Draft Law Panel newsletter

Box 37

Draft counselor's training programs: NISBCO
Draft counselor's training programs: miscellaneous
C.O. counselors: referral questionnaire
Training: basic counselingskills
Training: C.O. questions
Training: evaluation forms
Training: physical exams
Training: physical questionnaire
Training: role-playing and skits
Training: Virginia maps
Medical counseling
Overhead projections
"Dated" material from C.O. packets
Listings of draft counselors, 1970-1973
Literature from local groups, 1971-1973
Lawyers: correspondence; list/s

Box 38
Interfaith Committee on Draft Information Subcommittee (ICDI)
Interfaith Committee: meeting, ____ (April)
Interfaith Committee
IFCDMI Draft and Military Consultation, 1975
IFCDI: High School Subcommittee
IFCDI: mailing list

Box 39
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): Board meeting minutes [2 folders]
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): finances
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): financial support
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): prison visitation

Box 40
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): Department of Defense (Major P. Kane)
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): prison visitation
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): David Wesley Brown
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): visitor packet
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): reports of Robert Horton
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): correspondence, 1969
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): correspondence, etc., 1969-
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): general material
Prisoner Vistation: representatives (Stauffer Curry, George Willoughby, Bent Anderson)
Prisoner Visitation Service and Support (PVS): statistics

Box 41
Selective Service System
U.S. Congress: material on the Draft
Miscellaneous anti-Draft papers
Senators' Responses to draft opposition mail
Tuchinsky, SSS and xonsumer
Testimony of Emmett Lehman, March 5, 1980
Correspondence with government officials
Newsclippings re: counter-recruitment (by clipping service)
Draft registration memo, 1973
J.H.Sherk: appreciation letter to/for Peter S. Beatty
M.R.Zigler: personal material
Warren Hoover

Box 42
Churchmen's Committee to End the Draft in 1971
National Council Against Compulsory Service [2 folders]
National Council to Repeal the Draft [3 folders]

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