Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Part II, Series D-S #5

Contact Information
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399 U.S.A.
Telephone: 610-328-8557 (curator);
Fax: 610-690-5728
Email: wchmiel@swarthmore.edu (curator)
URL: http://www.swarthmore.edu/Library/peace/

Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
Inclusive Dates
Call Number
DG 025

Language of Materials
Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information
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Description Summary
Series D-S (Supplement #5): Records of I-W men released from Alternative Service Program, 1967-1968.

Detailed Description of Part II, Series D-S(5)
In this checklist, underlined words are box headings
Restrictions apply to all boxes/folders that contain information about individual men

Note: Names with dashes in front of them mean that information by or about them may be found in the collective file for the first letter of the men’s last names

Boxes 1-31: Released I-Ws (A-Z)
Boxes 32-36: Collective Files -- Released(?) I-Ws (A-Z)

Released I-Ws (A-Z)
Box 1

Abe, Leroy James, Jr.
Abshire, Donald Eugene
Acord, John Calvin
Adams, Carl Russel
Adams, Thomas Olin
Adams, Walter Russell, Jr.
Adkins, Jackie Lynn
Adler, Stanley Gwaine
Aeschbacher, Kenyon Roy

Agee, George Ballard
Ahlgrim, Henry Ralph
Albert, Frederick Eugene
Albrecht, Keith Eugene
Alderfer, Curtis Neal
Albright, Darrell Dean
Albright, Thomas Lee
Alderfer, Arthur James
Alderfer, Edward C.
Alderfer, Harold Lowell
Alderfer, James Kratz
Alderfer, Jay Edward
Ales, Harvey Thomas
Alexander, John Edwin
Alexander, Lyman Kyral, Jr.
Alger, Charles Dennis
Alger, Jerry Franklin
All, Harold David
Alleman, Nelson Leroy
Allen, Frank William
Allen, James Arthur
Allen, Terry Arnold
Allen, Thomas Samuel
Allgyer, Wilmer Stoltzfus
Allison, Gilbert Gordon
Ames, Robert Stanley
Amick, David Allen
Amstutz, Robert Neal
Anders, Clyde Moyer
Anderson, Andrew D.
Anderson, David E.
Anderson, David James
Anderson, Eugene, Jr.
Anderson, Thomas Carl
Andes, Donald Reid
Andrews, Alfred Weston
Andrews, Silas, Jr.
Angle, Bennett Gerhart
Angle, Dale Edward
Angle, David Carl
Angold, Donald Walls
Anthony, David Eugene
Anthony, Tony Michael
Apple, Gene Allen
Armstrong, Paul Carew
Armstrong, William Ellis
Arnold, Gottfried
Arnold, Frederick William, III
Ashelman, Peter B.
Auble, Haward Glen
Aughinbaugh, J.D.
Auker, Orville
Austin, Robert Francis
Babshoff, Jimmy James
Bachman, Gregory Allan
Baer, Darrell Dean
Baer, Moses
Baer, Paul Conrad
Baerg, Allen James
Bailey, Darrel Franklin
Bailey, Harold Wayne
Bailey, Jack Clayton
Baird, Bruce Allen
Baker, Frederick Warren
Baker, Gordon Keith
Baker, Jerald D.
Baker, Jimmie Junior
Baker, Larry Keith
Baker, Leonard David
Baker, Richard Alan
Baker, Tony Joe
Balderston, Charles Christopher
Baldner, Ronald Gene
Ballinger, John Orendorff
Baltozer, Billy Ben
Balzer, Ronald Keith
Bange, Jason Jacob
Baniqued, Robert Nathan
Bankes, Guy Wilbur, Jr.
Banks, Thomas Louis
Barber, Wayne Stanley
Barclay ,Robert Andrew
Bardell, Roger William
Barge, Richard Witmer
Barker, Curtis Warren
Barker, Johnny Lee
Barkman, Eli A.
Barkman, Jerry Wayne
Barnes, Charles Eric
Barnes, Daniel Ray
Barnes, Oscar Michael
Barnett, Fredrick Lee
Barnhart, Jerry Lee
Bartel, Erwin
Bartel, Lewayne Allen
Bartel, Paul Allen
Bartoe, Virgil Ray
Barton, Michael Lynn
Bashor, Thomas Dwight
Bashore, Donald Lynn

Box 2
Bates, De Wayne Charles
Bates, Harold D.
Bates, Richard Darrell
Bauman, Charles Gilbert
Bauman, Clarence Roy
Bauman, Glenn Roy
Bauman, Richard S.
Bauman, Titus Stauffer
Bawel, Daniel Sanford
Bayless, Rolland Dewayne
Beachey, Lewis A.
Beachy, Abraham A.
Beachy, Alvin Ray
Beachy, Andrew M.
Beachy, Corneilus N.
Beachy, Daniel James, Jr.
Beachy, David Weldon
Beachy, Elmer Eugene
Beachy, Harold Gene
Beachy, Herman D.
Beachy, John B.
Beachy, John L.
Beachy, Jonathan William
Beachy, Kenneth Leroy
Beachy, Leon M.
Beachy, Milton D.
Beachy, Noah B.
Beachy, Norman E.
Beachy, Perry D.
Beachy, Samuel D.
Beachy, Sanford Allen
Beagley, Elbert Wayne
Beagley, Walter Preston
Bean, David Wilson
Bear, Daniel Harold
Bear, Raymond Henry
Beard, Douglas Alan
Beaver, Lewis Franklin
Bechtold, David Allen
Beck, Keith Ross
Becker, Harvey Wayne
Becker, James Earl
Becker, Robert Lee
Becker, Roy James
Becker, Vernon Arverd
Becker, Vernon Roy
Beckes, Arthur Eugene
Beckman, Donald Eugene
Beckner, Donald William
Beechy, Robert LaVern
Beechy, Vernon A.
Beeghley, Norman Alvin
Beeman, Colin Hartung
Beery, Ronald Wayne
Beiler, Edwin John
Beiler, Jonas Junior
Beiler, Leroy Blank
Beiler, Levi G.
Beiler, Paul J.
Beiler, Robert Lee
Beinhower, Wilmer Leroy
Beitzel, Byard Stanley
Belsky, Jacob
Beltz, Bryce Daniel
Bender, Donald Ralph
Bender, Kenneth Dale
Bender, Lloyd Duane
Bender, Morris Edward
Bender, William
Bender, William N.
Benedict, Daniel Louis
Benedict, Ray Helman
Benner, David Kriebel
Benner, Harman Charles
Benner, Marlin David
Benner, Richard Yoder
Bennett, Edgar Lee
Bennett, Larry Hamilton
Bennett, Rex Mitchell
Berends, Dean Edward
Bergey, James Lowell
Bergey, Kenneth
Bergey, Roy Ziegler
Berke, Joseph H.
Berkey, Gary Lee
Bernardino, Paul Lara
Berry, James Kenneth
Bert, Samuel Zook
Bert, Wayne Eugene
Biberstine, Adrian Lee
Biggers, Mack Gene
Biggs, Leonard Lee
Bingham, Lee Elmer
Birky, Ernest Wayne
Birky, Nathan Dale
Birky, Roger Jon
Bisbort, Frederick William
Bishop, C. Bruce
Bishop, David Franklin
Bitikofer, Phares Wayne
Bleam, John David
Blekenberg, Dwight Dee
Blencowe, Michael Ray
Blosser, Carroll Sanford
Blosser, Dennis Lee
Blosser, James Allen
Blough, Freeman, Jr.
Blough, James Aldus
Blucker, Dale Devon

Box 3
Bodiford, Glendon Eugene
Boek, Kenneth Wayne
Boek, Richard Wayne
Bogatitus, Karl Vance
Bogue, Michael Garfield
Boll, Ray Edward
Boller, Gary Dean
Bolling, Brian Austin
Bollinger, Sherman Paul
Bolster, Philip Henry, Jr.
Bolton, David Philip
Bombarger, Daniel Lee
Bontrager, Alvin L.
Bontrager, Amos C.
Bontrager, Andrew R.
Bontrager, Benedict L.
Bontrager, Benny Ray
Bontrager, Billy Lynn
Bontrager, Carl Gene
Bontrager, Cecil James
Bontrager, Clarence Edward
Bontrager, Cornelius
Bontrager, David R.
Bontrager, Daniel, Jr.
Bontrager, Dennis Wayne
Bontrager, Ernest Dean
Bontrager, Floyd Dean
Bontrager, Herman D.
Bontrager, Irvin G.
Bontrager, Ivan M.
Bontrager, James
Bontrager, James Irving
Bontrager, John Howard
Bontrager, John J., Jr.
Bontrager, Larry Eugene
Bontrager, Levi B.
Bontrager, Marvin Dean
Bontrager, Menno L.
Bontrager, Mervin Jay
Bontrager, Phillip Eugene
Bontrager, Richard Allen
Bontrager, Thomas Jay
Bontrager, William C.
Bontreger, Gordon Ellis
Book, John Clare
Boone, Dennis Eugene
Boone, Frank Vernon
Boone, Garey E.
Boone, Martin
Boone, Randy Leslie
Booth, Stephen Dennis
Bordes, David Reuss
Borkholder, Henry J.
Borkholder, Jacob M.
Borkholder, Mahlon T.
Borkholder, Raymond J.
Borntrager, Joe J.
Borntrager, Milton Wayne
Borough, Gerald Eugene
Bortin, David Bruce
Boshart, Eugene Lee
Boshart, Larry Duane
Bouchard, Edward Larry, Jr.
Bounds, Frank Gill
Bowerman, Dennis Ray
Bowers, Willard George
Bowman, Earl Delmus
Bowman, Earl Edwin, Jr.
Bowman, Eugene Calvin
Bowman, Harvey Lee
Bowman, Harold Richard
Bowman, James Edward
Bowman, Kenneth Lamar
Bowman, Loren Ray
Bowman, Robert Clayton
Bowman, Ronald Lee
Bowman, Willis Dale
Boyce, Jerry Wayne
Boyce, Leonard Paul
Boyd, Gary Francis
Boyer, David Lee
Boyer, James Warren
Bradt, Norman Keith
Bragg, George Marion
Brandenberger, Elmer, Jr.
Brandt, Allan James
Brandt, Barry Lee
Brandt, Carl Everett
Brandt, Johnny William
Brandt, Larry Kenneth
Brandt, Larry Lynn
Brandt, Manfred John Clayton
Brandt, Mark Edwin
Brandt, Paul Allwein
Brechbill, Ray Lee
Bremer, Gerald Julius
Breneman, Daniel Kreider
Breneman, Elmer Kreider
Breneman, John Roy
Breneman, Phares Wenger
Brenneman, Ernest E.
Brenneman, Jacob James, Jr.
Brenneman, J. Stewart
Brenneman, Joel M.
Brewer, Dwight Kenneth
Brewer, Hubert Douglas
Brevont, George John
Bricker, Marion Leon
Bridge, Clinton Durwood
Bright, Steven Richard

Box 4
Brightup, Joseph Lee
Brinton, Daniel Fisher
Brislawn, Francis Shane
Broaddus, Paul F.
Brock, Charles Gilbert, II
Broda, Dale Roy
Brose, Gayle Laverne
Brovont, Karl Eugene
Brown, Albert Roy
Brown, Andrew Vaughan
Brown, Cleotha
Brown, Dale Jimmy
Brown, Donald Camery
Brown, Gerald Albert
Brown, Keith Allen
Brown, Leland Perl
Brown, Louis Elliott
Brown, Matthew Howard
Brown, Phillip Gordon
Brown, Robert Wayne
Brown, Steven James
Brubaker, Aaron
Brubaker, Dennis Sherwood
Brubaker, Donald Fletcher
Brubaker, Donald Lee
Brubaker, Elmer Lynn
Brubaker, James Merle
Brubaker, John Dale
Brubaker, John Sensenig
Brubaker, Marcus Gene
Brubaker, Ray E.
Brubaker, Samuel Munnau
Bruckhart, John Mark
Brumbaugh, Charles Ray
Brumbaugh, Lee Roy
Brundage, Charles Robert, Jr.
Brunk, Nolan Henry
Brunk, Richard Glendon
Brunner, Donald Derstine
Bryant, Robert Wayne
Brydge, Eldon Ray
Buchanan, Douglas Clement
Buchanan, Timothy John
Buchanan, Vernon Knight
Bucher, Cletus Brubaker
Bucher, Richard Wayne
Buckwalter, Henry Laverne
Buckwalter, Jacob Samuel, Jr.
Buckwalter, Leon Ruth
Buerge, Thomas Mendel
Buller, Delbert Eugene
Buller, Delbert James
Buller, Galen Leroy
Buller, Harold Ray
Buller, Leonard Joe
Buller, Lonnel Paul
Buller, Royce Lavern
Buller, Thomas Ralph
Bupp, Sylvan Merle
Burch, William Murray
Burchardt, Cecil Edward Otto
Burford, Eugene William, Jr.
Burkholder, Eugene B.
Burgin, Richard Arlen
Burkey, Frederick Lee
Burkholder, Christian Weaver
Burkholder, Clyde Miller
Burkholder, Daniel W.
Burkholder, Dennis Marlon
Burkholder, Donald Eugene
Burkholder, Duane Ray
Burkholder, Earl Franklin
Burkholder, Elden Duane
Burkholder, Eugene B.
Burkholder, John D.
Burkholder, John Edgar
Burkholder, Mark Edwin
Burkholder, Milo Dale
Burkholder, Nelson J.
Burkholder, Owen
Burkholder, Philip Owen
Burleson, Billy Ray
Burleson, Jimmy Wayne
Burlingame, Robert George
Burnett, Harold Lee
Burnett, John William
Burns, Allan Russell
Buss, Stanley Delbert
Butler, Arden Barry
Butler, Gerald Warren
Buzzard, Robert Lamar
Byer, David Wayne
Byers, Dale Samuel
Byers, Galen Keith
Byler, Alvin A.
Byler, Christy C.
Byler, Crist E.
Byler, Dan D.
Byler, Dan J.
Byler, Daniel Aaron
Byler, David J.
Byler, Edward T.
Byler, Ervin J.
Byler, James Lee
Byler, Joas D.
Byler, John E.
Byler, John T.
Byler, Joseph John
Byler, Kore David

Box 5
Byler, Mervin Lester
Byler, Reuben J.
Byler, Vernon
Byler, William W., Jr.
Cable, Charles Everett
Cable, David Paul
Cadwallader, William Parry, Jr.
Cafourek, James Arthur
Cain, James Harold
Campbell, Brenard Reuben
Campbell, David Faulkner
Campbell, Donald Irwin
Campbell, Dwayne Harvey
Campbell, Dwight Harold
Campbell, Harold Eldwin
Campbell, Kenneth Eugene
Campbell, Ruel Marvin
Campbell, Wayne Berry
Cannaday, David Marshall
Cannedy, Ronald Gene
Caplinger, Donald Lee
Carkin, Gary Bryden
Carlisle, Lynn Brian
Carlo, Carroll Adrain
Carlson, Gary Lynn
Carnathan, John Thomas
Carpenter, James Thomas, Jr.
Carper, Daniel Philip
Carr, James Paul
Carr, Phillip Elmer,
Carr, Roger William
Carr, Wendell Eugene
Carson, Carl Francis
Carter, Charles Eugene
Carter, Judson Marrion
Carter, Lawrence Wayne
Carter, Robert Joseph
Carter, Thomas Dale
Case, Undrel Marell
Cassel, Chester Hemoricks
Cassel, William Earl
Castle, Keith Earl
Casto, Garry Allen
Catalan, Alfred Romaldo
Caten, William Franklin
Chambers, Rodney Dale
Champ, Larry Dale
Champagne, Ronald Joseph
Charity, Pernell
Charles, John Walter
Charles, Robert Claude
Cheeseman, Terry Robert
Cheney, Chester Franklin
Chernabaeff, Richard Sam
Cheydleur, Frederic Dudley
Chinn, James Raleigh
Christian, Glen, Jr.
Christner, Alvin C.
Christner, Larry Wayne
Christner, Ralph
Chupp, Delbert
Chupp, Edward J.
Chupp, Edwin L.
Chupp, Ervin A.
Chupp, Harvey L.
Chupp, Lester R.
Chupp, Lloyd R.
Chupp, Omer J.
Chupp, Reuben D.
Chupp, Richard Dean
Chupp, Samuel E.
Chupp, Wayne Ray
Chupp, William, Jr.
Ciscel, Dennis Richard
Claassen, Stanley Lewis
Clark, Benjamin Lee
Clark, Jon David
Clark, Kenneth Richard
Clark, Leroy Jacob
Clark, Robert Hoag Austin
Clark, Stephen Bruce
Classen, Allan Lee
Classen, Harry R.
Classen, Larry R.
Classen, Roy James
Clawson, Clarence R.
Cleary, Bobby Dean
Cleaver, Dennis Durwood
Clement, Jonathan Barclay
Clement, Ralph Raymond
Clemmer, Arnold Dale
Clemmer, Dennis Merrill
Clemmer, Jacob Lewis
Clemmer, Marlin Lester
Clemmer, Paul
Clemmer, Rodney S.
Clemens, Ernest LaMont
Clemson, Richard Ray
Clymer, James Willis
Coblentz, Alvin Joseph, Jr.
Coblentz, Jake
Coblentz, Lester N.
Coblentz, Paul E.
Coblentz, Verton Daniel
Cockram, Hartle Donald
Coffman, Dennis Eugene
Coffman, Dwayne Wesley
Coger, Harold Clifford, II
Coggins, Bobby Jude
Cole, Alfred Otis
Collington, Joseph L.
Collins, Gerald Wayne
Collins, Robert Sheldon, Jr.

Box 6
Conrad, Ernest LeRoy
Conrad, James Richard
Conrad, James Wilmer
Cook, Melvin Edward
Cookson, Steven Michael
Coomer, Rollin Richard
Cooney, Michael Thomas
Cope, Paul Alfred
Cope, Theodore Lorin
Corbin, Wilbur Melvin
Cornelsen, Ronald Dean
Cornish, Charles John
Cornish, Wallace Bert
Correll, Timothy Armstrong
Cosimano, Michael Charles, Jr.
Cotner, James Franklin, Jr.
Cottrell, Clinton Pete
Cottrell, Paul Richard
Coury, Gerald Anthony
Coward, Claude Lennard
Cowne, Jack Hugh, II
Cowsert, Theo Dale
Cox, Phillip Morlin
Cox, Virgil, III
Crandall, Jack Alden
Crawford, Dennis Leroy
Crawford-Bey, Dudley
Creamer, Clyde Howard
Crider, Larry Fred
Crider, Paul Douglas
Crilow, Richard Eugene
Cripe, Dennis Eugene
Cripe, May Eugene
Crouse, Marlin Keith
Crow, Stanley Harold
Crumely, Johnny Ben
Crumpacker, Harold Allen
Cruz, Manuel Cabrera
Cude, Travis Branard
Culp, John Ernest
Culp, Marlin Jay
Cummings, Keith Daniel
Cummings, Mark Ridgely
Cummins, Donald Gilbert
Curry, Joe Edward
Custer, Arthur Dean
Custer, Steven Howard
Dagen, Paul Wilmer
Dailey, Timothy Borton
Dalman, Larry David
Daniels, Donald Leroy
Danler, Wayne Dexter
Danner, Darryl Allen
Davenport, Theron Woodrow
Davidson, John Warren
Davis, David Miller
Davis, Frederick William
Davis, Kenneth Ray
Davis, Lawrence Leon
Davis, Vernon Leroy
De Beir, Noel Lee
Dean, Don Benjamin
Deardorff, Gerald Clair
Deaton, Lloyd Eugene
Deaton, Sheryl King
DeBerry, Richard Thomas
Decker, Fred
Decker, Galen Dale
Decker, Ronald Ross
Deckert, Gary Henry
Dees, Michael La Marr
Deibler, Howard Gene
Delagrange, Garry Lee
Delagrange, Larry Wayne
Delp, Charles David
Dence, David Allen
Denlinger, Allen Ray
Denlinger, Ronald Ezra
Dennis, John Victor
Dennis, Melvin LeRoy
Depew, Bobby Robert
Deptula, Waiter Austin
De Rhodes, Raoul Galen
Derksen, Duane Paul
Derstein, Harvey Lee
Derstein, Philip Alderfer
Derstine, Dale M.
Derstine, Donald Wayne
Derstine, Leon K.
Derstine, Mark Dennis
Derstine, Merril Shelly
Derstine, Ray
Derstine, Russel Landes
Derstine, Wayne Landis
Deshazer, William Brown
Destaoff, Morris John
Detweiler, Donald S.
Detweiler, Ernest Paul
Detweiler, Henry H., Jr.
Detweiler, Homer Edward
Detweiler, Howard Daniel
Detweiler, Jacob
Detweiler, John C.
Detweiler, Merrill
Detweiler, Raymond
Detweiler, Raymond T.
Detweiler, Ronald Eugene
Detweiler, Rudy M.
Detweiler, Wallace W., Jr.
Detweiler, Walter Lapp
Detwiler, James Landis
Detwiler, Murray
Devers, Rolland Paul
Dewese, Ronnie Lee
Dewey, George Andrew
Dewey, Thomas Blanchard
Dewit, Benjamin

Box 7
Di Biasi, Gene Guido
Dick, Eugene Allen
Dick, Thomas Edward
Dick, Vernon Robert, Jr.
Diehl, John Carroll
Diem, Roy Ervin
Diener, Lewis A.
Diener, Vernon Eugene
Diller, Duane A.
Dillingham, Ronnie Arnold
Dintaman, Carl Patrick
Dipiazza, Paul Joseph
Dirks, Ralph Herman
Disbrow, Ernest Lee
Doble, David Miles
Dobrienen, Daniel Michael
Dobson, John Charles
Donovan, Lewis Joseph
Doerksen, Larry George
Donaldson, Mark L.
Donegan, Howard Glen
Doub, Larry Wayne
Dougherty, Tim Everett
Doutrich, Marlin Eugene
Doutrich, Paul Heistand
Downen, Michael Jones
Drake, Jeffrey
Drennen, William Willard
Driskill, Lewis Conway, Jr.
Dubble, Kean Bryant
Duckett, Harold Eugene
Duckles, Robert Lawson
Dueck, Donald Wayne
Duerksen, Dennis Wade
Duerksen, Donley Norvin
Duerksen, Richard Wayne
Duncan, Richard Fairfield, II
Dunham, James Richard
Dunham, Jon Roger
Dunlap, Wayne Howard
Dunn, James Mark
Dunn, Steven Wilson
Du Rand, Curtiss Joel
Dussinger, Jay Harvey
Dutcher, David Ray
Dyas, Gerald Lee
Dyck, Franklin K.
Dyck, Melvin
Dycus, Daniel Lee
Dye, Wesley John
Dyer, George Francis, Jr.
Dyer, Lynn Herschelk
Dyer, Ronald Lee
Earhart, James David
Eash, Bernard Eugene
Eash, Donald Eugene
Eash, Elmer B.
Eash, Glen Eugene
Eash, Glen Jay
Eash, Loren David
Eash, Orla
Eash, Orvin Jay
Eash, Sammy Jay
Eason, Clifford Ray
Eason, Laurel James
East, Phillip Newton
Eastwood, Ronald Gene
Eberly, Daniel
Eberly, Eli Weaver
Eberly, Glenn Landis
Eberly, James Dale
Ebersole, Marlin Eugene
Ebersole, Richard Dale
Ebersole, Verne Lee
Ebersole, Wilmer Eugene
Eby, Clare Erland
Eby, Dolyn Lee
Eby, Elwood Jay
Eby, Eugene Ray
Eby, William Henry
Eck, Howard Wayne
Eck, John Harold
Edelman, Harry Willis
Ediger, Clayton Ray
Ediger, Norman Max
Ediger, James Alan
Ediger, Richard D.
Ediger, Stanley Eugene
Edwards, Nathaniel
Edwards, Robert Gerald
Efseaff, Peter Alex
Egge, Vernon Lee
Egli, Joe Eldon
Egli, Kenneth Charles
Egli, Merlyn Dean
Ehst, James Clemme

Ehst, Jesse Merle
Eichelberger, Gary Lee
Eichelberger, Steven Alvin
Eicher, Benjamin E.
Eicher, Duane Ray
Eicher, John
Eicher, Noah S.
Eichorn, Paul Wayne
Eikenberry, Donald Eugene
Eisenman, Ronald E.
Ekk, Bruno
Elkinton, David Passmore
Eller, John Alan
Eller, Timothy Harold
Ellis, Kedron Ernie
Elwell, Stephen Joseph
Emenheiser, Harry Stuart
Emmert, John Mark
Enck, Kenneth Lee
Engel, Daniel Franklin
Englander, Martin Alden

Box 8
Engle, Ray Leon
Engle, Ronald Eugene
Engle, Wilbur Hess
English, Daniel Martin
English, William Robert
Englund, Raymond E.
Enns, James Bernhard
Enns, Kenneth Dean

Enns, Paul Jay
Ens, Alvin Leroy
Ens, John Robert
Ensz, John Leroy
Ensz, Melvin
Epp, Anthony Ralph
Epp, James Lynn
Epp, Leroy Ellen
Epp, Roger H.
Erb, Andy L.
Erb, Daniel Edwin
Erb, Douglas Dean
Erb, Harry Milton
Erb, Larry James
Erb, Ralph Edgar
Erb, William, Eugene
Ernst, Gary Clyde
Esau, Herbert Gene
Esau, Lyvon Kay
Esau, Monroe Allen
Esbenshade, Carl Eugene
Esbenshade, Glenn Eugene
Esch, Bruce Eldon
Esch, Christian David
Esch, David Glick
Esch, Earl Lee
Esch, Galen Eugene
Esch, James Wilson 
Eshleman, Gerald Wayne
Eshleman, James Leon
Eshleman, Jay Mark
Estape, Victor Manuel
Estey, Walter William
Ethridge, Alexander
Etter, John Fielding
Euler, Richard Rudolph
Evans, Calvin
Ewing, Terry Lee
Eyer, Jay Albert
Eyster, Stanley Frey
Facker, William Harold
Fagan, Kenneth Charles
Fager, Charles Eugene
Fahnestock, Carl Kenneth
Fahnestock, Dean Olin
Fahnestock, John Adam
Falb, Linford Nevin
Falb, Milton Dean
Farnsworth, Ronald Allen
Farris, David Clarence
Farver, David Allen
Fast, Clifford Norman
Fast, Martin Stanley
Faul, Curtis Duane
Faus, Jay Leroy, Jr.
Fauske, Russell Eugene
Feaser, Walter Lee
Feaster, Rayford Luther, II
Fellows, Stephen Kenneth
Fenton, Thomas Robert
Fetters, Bruce Leroy
Fidler, David Lee
Fike, James Emmert
Filburn, Glen R.
Filburn, Lowell Everett
Fisher, Donald Lee
Fisher, Ervin D.
Fisher, James Harold
Fisher, John
Fisher, John D.
Fisher, Kenneth Longenecker
Fisher, Kieth Richard
Fisher, Samuel Kenneth
Flagg, Gene Allen
Flanders, Timothy Charles
Flaherty, Leigh Stephen
Flaming, Howard Dale
Flaming, Leslie Wayne
Flansburg, Paul Thomas
Fleharty, Francis Dean
Fletcher, Debs Benson
Floerke, Harley
Flory, Leland Eugene
Fly, David Maurice
Fong, Alan Thomas
Ford, Eugene George
Ford, Forest Raymond
Foster, Rowland George
Foth, Leroy Karl
Fowler, Allen Arthur
Flora, Eldon Eugene
Flora, Ronald Edward
Flora, Ronald Eugene
Flora, Wayne Elmer
Flory, Arthur Allen
Flory, Loren David
Flory, Roland Jaye
Flowers, Roger Dale
Fluke, Gary Wayne
Ford, Larry Walter
Forrester, Jerry Lynn
Forry, Charles Henry
Forry, Mark Alvan
Fortney, Ronald Elwood
Foster, David Ernest
Foster, Walter Alfred
Fox, Harvey H.
Fox, Jay Ervin H.

Box 9
Fox, John Henry
Franck, Elmer Wenger
Franck, Mervin Wenger
Frantz, George Eugene
Frantz, Joe Dean
Frantz, Terry Delmond
Franz, Ardean Lloyd
Franz, Lowell Dean
Franz, Michael George
Frederick, John
Frederick, Terry Dale
Frederick, William Richard
Freed, Arlin Willouer
Freed, Glenn Willouer
Freed, Russell Delp
Freeman, Donald Glenn
Freeman, Richard Alan
Frey, Donald Lee
Frey, Gene Allan
Frey, Kenneth Dewayne
Frey, Larry Wayne
Fried, Stanley Marc
Frisbie, Earl Lewis, Jr.
Friesen, Dale Russell
Friesen, David James
Friesen, Dwaine Roy
Friesen, Dwight Lowell
Friesen, Gilbert Dean
Friesen, Harvey Robert
Friesen, Jerry Dean
Friesen, John Wayne
Friesen, Lester Dale
Friesen, Paul Allen
Friesen, Philip Weston
Friesen, Randol Lee
Friesen, Robert Lee
Friesen, Verle Fay
Friesen, Wendell Dwight
Friesen, Wesley James
Frisby, Kenneth Patrick
Fritz, Gene Alvin
Fritze, Jay Calvin
Fry, John Bartrem
Fry, Joseph L.
Fuge, Charles Edward
Fuhrman, Marlin LaMar
Fujiuchi, Kelvin Akio
Fukaya, Thomas Ichiro
Fullmer, Edwin Everett
Funk, Marlin Roy
Gable, Alvin Lynn
Gaddy, Bobby Lee
Gaeddert, Arlee James
Gaeddert, Gerald Wayne
Gaines, Keith Parks
Gallagher, James S.
Gallios, Robert Eugene
Gammon, Lawrence Dalton
Garber, Car1 Dwaine
Garber, Dennis Calvert
Garber, Frederick Cline
Garber, Joseph Ronald
Garber, Lloyd Henry
Garber, Lowell Edward
Garber, Richard Charles
Garboden, James Lewis
Garde, Earl Robert
Garman, Lawrence
Garnand, Jimmie Ray
Garver, Cletus Martin
Gascho, Joseph Alvin
Gayman, Ronald Eugene
Gehman, Daniel LeRoy
Gehman, Daniel Martin
Gehman, Isaac Weaver
Gehman, James Harold
Gehman, James Kulp
Gehman, John Henry
Gehman, Merril Kulp
Gehman, Paul Ivan
Gehman, Walter Eugene
Geiser, Harold James
Geiser, Harry David
Geiser, Kenneth Lee
Geiser, Vincent Clair
Geiser, Winfred Jay
Genowa, Henry
George, John W.
Gerber, Cletur Gene
Gerber, Dean Michael
Gerber, Howard Eugene
Gerber, Jerry Joe
Gerber, Lewis Stanley
Gerig, Robert Loren
Gering, Randall Lee
Gerlach, Robert Lee
Gibson, Steven William
Giesbrecht, David Leonard, Jr.
Giesbrecht, Lawrence Ray
Gifford, Gary Orle
Ginder, Carl Eugene
Ginder, Gordon Edward
Gingerich, Alfred S.
Gingerich, Ben, Jr.
Gingerich, Daniel
Gingerich, Daniel Carl
Gingerich, Ervin Orlin
Gingerich, Harold Dean
Gingerich, Henry L.
Gingerich, John Joseph
Gingerich, Jonas J. , Jr.
Gingerich, Jonas M. [from Harrison, AR]
Gingerich, Jonas M. [from Wilcottville, IN]
Gingerich, Keith Eugene
Gingerich, Larry Duane
Gingenich, Melvin
Gingerich, Melvin A.
Gingerich, Orval Harvey
Gingerich, Raymond Joseph

Box 10
Gingerich, Richard Mark
Gingerich, Ura M.
Gingrich, Byron Dean
Gingrich, Ellis Wade
Gingrich, Gale Allen
Gingrich, Irvin
Gingrich, Mervin M.
Ginther, Harold Dean, Jr.
Gipe, Donald Boone
Gischell, August Glen, Jr.
Gish, Philip Brian
Gish, Rodney Allen
Glanzer, Arden Roy
Glanzer, Eli F.
Glanzer, JoJae
Glanzer, Paul David
Glasgow, Charles Blair

Gleitz, Robert Wayne
Glenn, Robert Harold, Jr.
Glick, Daniel Marvin
Glick, Eli Stoltzfus
Glick, Jacob Roy
Glick, John D.
Glick, Walter N.
Gockley, Sidney Witmer
Godfrey, Richard Eugene
Goebel, Gordon Dean
Goebel, Ronald Gene
Gochnauer, Edwin Carl
Gochnauer, Karl Eugene
Goering, David Glenn
Goering, Dwight Lyman
Goertz, Harry John
Goertzen, Carl James
Goertzen, Herman Koehn
Goertzen, Melvin Eugene
Goff, Daniel Kent
Good, Arthur Ray
Good, Clair Benjamin
Good, David Lamar
Good, Eldon Lee
Good, Elvin Bruce
Good, James Samuel
Good, Jerry Lee
Good, John Clayton
Good, Lawrence W.
Good, Luther Ephraim
Good, Melvin Heber
Good, Milton R.
Good, Parke Horning 
Good, Raymond Sanford
Good, Theodore Joel
Good, Warren B.
Good, Wilmer Kay
Goodwin, Donald Stewart, Jr.
Goold, George Charles
Goosen, Ronald Dean
Goosev, Peter
Goossen, Oliver
Goossen, Simon Walter
Gorham, Wilmer Eugene
Goshow, Glenn Keller
Gosnell, Donald Eugene
Gott, David Allen
Graber, Abner,
Graber, Alvis Eugene
Graber, Amos M.
Graber, Christian
Graber, Danny S.
Graber, David
Graber, Edward
Graber, Eldon
Graber, Ezra D.
Graber, Glen S.
Graber, Glenn [from Loogootee, IN]
Graber, Glenn [from Montgomery, IN]
Graber, Henry D.
Graber, James Edward
Graber, James Herman
Graber, John J., Jr.
Graber, Lowell Steven
Graber, Mervin E.
Graber, Richard Neal
Graber, William
Graber, Winfred
Graham, Kendell Derry
Grant, Bernard Cleveland
Graves, Richard Arthur
Gray, James Robert
Graybill, Clyde Ray
Graybill, David Myer
Graybill, Dennis Lee
Graybill, Jay Lloyd
Graybill, John Walter
Greathouse, Wilbert
Greco, Robert Anthony
Green, Carlos Curtis
Green, Joseph
Green, Vernon James
Greene, Byron Paul
Greene, Lance Anthony
Greenwalt, Theadore Lynn
Gregory, William Carey
Greiner, Glenn Jay
Grey, Robert Walters
Grieco, Darro David
Grieser, Daniel Joseph
Grieser, Glenford Gene
Grieser, Robert Wayne
Grieser, Rodney Curtis

Box 11
Griffith, H. Gordon
Grimes, Gary Lee
Groff, Allan Groff
Groff, David S.
Groff, Donald Reid
Groff, Harold Martin
Groff, John Ira
Groff, Larry Laverne
Groff, Leonard Lee
Groff, Richard Stauffer
Groothius, Glen Le Roy
Gross, Gerald Meyers
Grove, Gary Eugene
Grove, John William
Grove, Larry James
Grove, Wesley Jones
Grover, Mark Sheldon
Groves, Marion Eugene
Grubb, Michael Philip
Grubb, Samuel Cornelius, Jr.
Grudznske, Kenneth Robert
Guenard, Bruce Ian
Guengerich, Wilson Jay
Guess, Larry ONeal
Guhr, Kenneth Eugene
Guhr, Leon Dale
Guhr, Marlin Dale
Guidal, Charles Joseph, Jr.
Gundy, George Alvin
Guntz, John Lester
Guthrie, Samuel Fleming
Haag, Charles Wilson
Haarer, Richard Lavern
Haarer, Verlin Edgar
Haas, Wilmer Eugene
Habacker, Nelson Richard
Hackman, Ronald Godshall
Hackman, Samuel Meyers
Hackman , Walter N., Jr.
Hackman, Willard Godshall
Hade, Max Eugene
Haertel, Richard, Allen
Hagan, James Edward
Hagerman, John Philip
Haire, Donald Raymond
Haldeman, Benjamin Isaac
Haldeman, Gale Duane
Haldeman, Milton Samuel
Haldeman, Raymond Ludwig, Jr.
Hall, Donald Ray
Hall, Lawrence Irvin
Hallack, Duane George
Halteman, Richard M.
Ham, Billy Earl
Hamann, Ralph Richard, Jr.
Hamilton, Bruce Evan
Hampton, Robert Lee
Hanchett, Eugene Ralph
Handrich, Stephen William
Hanesworth, Mark Thomas
Hanley, Donald Roy
Hanley, Gerald Lynn
Hanuscak, Joseph
Harder, Brian Conrad
Harder, Bruce Cullen
Harder, James Leroy
Harder, Martin Dale
Harder, Timothy Allen
Harkins, Dale Raymond
Harmdierks, Marvin Ray
Harms, Galen Merle
Harms, James Orlando
Harms, Leonard, Jr.
Harms, Ned Charles
Harnish, John Rodney
Harnish, Joseph Engle
Harns, Vernon Gene
Harrington, James Dale
Harrison, Cornell Eugene Boyd
Harris, Lee Melvin
Harris, Leonard Max
Harris, Michael Allan
Harris, Tommy
Harris, William Daniel
Harshman, Anthony Scott
Hartman, Carrol Otto
Hartman, Dennis Ray
Hartman, Larry Dean
Hartman, Phil Lynn
Hartman, Terry Dean
Hartzler, Charles Lee
Hartzler, Dean Ernest
Hartzler, Robert Neil
Hartzler, Steven Lee
Harvey, James Max
Haskins, Edward Alpha
Haskins, Harold Charles
Hatcher, Thomas Louis
Hathaway, Howard Marion
Hathaway, James Leroy
Hathaway, Stanley Ray
Hawbaker, Paul Joseph
Hawley, Robert David

Box 12
Hawthorne, Edwin Arthur
Haynes, Kenneth Dale
Haynes, Monroe Edward
Haynie, Louis Frederick
Hays, Glen Edward
Headings, Milton Dean
Headings, Philip Eugene
Hearn, Robert Merl
Heatwole, Byard Winston
Heatwole, David Eugene
Heatwole, Harold Richard
Heatwole, John Eli
Heatwole, Mahlon Simeon
Heatwole, Paul Virgil
Heatwole, Stanley Wayne
Heck, Dwight B.
Heckert, James Bittinger
Heddings, Joseph Leon
Hege, Clair Lehman
Hein, Donald Edward
Hein, Rodney Gale
Heinrichs, Roger Leslie
Heintz, Glenwood George
Heisey, David Lee
Heisey, James Lamar 
Heisey, Menno Frank
Heister, Carl Leon
Heister, Darl Lee
Heldibridle, Terry Gene
Heller, Irvin Metzler, Jr.
Helmuth, Carl Richard
Helmuth, David Roy
Helmuth, Elmer A.
Helmuth, Frederick Glen
Helmuth, George B.
Helmuth, Jerry Allen
Helmuth, Marvin D.
Helmuth, Melvin Leroy
Helmuth, Milton
Helmuth, Omar Jay
Helmuth, Sanford Keith
Helmuth, Trennis Dean  
Hendricks, Jon Sothern
Henry, Richard Clyde
Hensley, Ronnie Gene
Hepler, Joseph Lee
Herbster, John Milton
Herline, Theodore Von
Hernandez, Raul Flores
Herod, William David
Heroux, Robert Raymond
Herr, Bradley Elwood
Herr, Dennis Eugene
Herr, Ervin Lester
Herr, John Henry
Herr, John Isaac
Herr, Linden M.
Herron, Donald William
Herron, Thomas Paul
Herschberger, Lester M.
Herschberger. Nelson M.
Herschberger, Vernon E.
Hershberger, Albert, Jr.
Hershberger, Ben J.
Hershberger, Clyde Mark
Hershberger, Dale Richard
Hershberger, Dan E.
Hershberger, Daniel E.
Hershberger, Edward S.
Hershberger, Eli A.
Hershberger, Eli S.
Hershberger, Freeman M.
Hershberger, Gerald Keith
Hershberger, Gideon M.
Hershberger, Jacob E.
Hershberger, Jacob J., Jr.
Hershberger, Jerrold Lynn
Hershberger, Junior E.
Hershberger, Keith Leon
Hershberger, Levi S.
Hershberger, Mervin Lael
Hershberger, Owen N.
Hershberger, Owen Noah
Hershberger, Wayne
Hershey, David Landis
Hershey, Harold Jay
Hershey, Harold Raymond
Hershey, John Benjamin
Hershey, Lloyd Girvin
Hershey, Melvin James
Hershey, Noah Leaman, Jr.
Hertle, David Lee
Hertzler, James David
Hertzler, Joseph Ray
Hertzler, Oliver Wendell, Jr.
Hertzler, Russel Henry, Jr.
Hertzog, Kenneth Buch
Hertzog, Lloyd Marvin
Hesket, Tony Dick
Hess, Charles Richard
Hess, Elvin Haldeman
Hess, Harold Leaman
Hess, Herbert Lee
Hess, James Douglas
Hess, James Edward
Hess, John Ronald, III
Hess, John Wolgemuth
Hess, Kenneth Benner
Hess, Paul Longenecker
Hetzel, Jonathan Kepple

Box 13
Hibbs, Teryl Leland
Hiebert, Henry D.
Hiebert, Rodney Johnson
Higgins, Thomas Walter
High, Harold Herbert
High, James Horst
High, Mervin Musser
Hill, Thomas Edward
Hillegass, Robert Earl
Hiller, John Raymond
Hilty, Eli L.
Hilty, Jerome A.
Hilty, Lawrence John, Jr.
Hilty, Marvin L.
Hindley, Timothy
Hinman, David Hughs
Hinz, Benford Joe
Hippensteel, Ronald Levere
Hirschler, John Henry
Hissong, Larry Witter
Histand, John Mark
Hoach, Robert Wayne
Hochstedler, Eli
Hochstedler, Nelson Lee
Hochstedler, Walter John
Hochstedler, Wayne Lee
Hochstetler, Abraham J.
Hochstetler, Amos D.
Hochstetler, Daniel J.
Hochstetler, Harvey A.
Hochstetler, Herman H.
Hochstetler, Jacob D.
Hochstetler, Jacob J.
Hochstetler, Jerry M.
Hochstetler, Joe L.
Hochstetler, Kenneth William
Hochstetler, Larry Eldon
Hochstetler, Lisle A.
Hochstetler, Marvin A.
Hochstetler, Melvin
Hochstetler, Melvin H.
Hochstetler, Monroe Jay
Hochstetler, Owen E.
Hochstetler, Paul Ray
Hochstetler, Wayne E.
Hochstetler, Wilbur M.
Hochstetler, Willard Lee
Hochstetler, Willie
Hodel, Ernest Frederick
Hodge, John Laurent
Hofer, Andrew, Jr.
Hofer, Donald Dale
Hofer, George P.
Hofer, Glendon Dale
Hofer, Harley Jay
Hofer, Peter John
Hofstetter , Clinton E.
Hofstetter, Wesley Dean
Hogan, Ronald
Hogan, Timothy Paul
Hoke, Dean Richard
Holdeman, Archie Glen
Holdeman, Larry Lamont
Holdeman, Linford Willard
Holderreed, Bruce Andrew
Holdorf, John Martin
Hole, Allen David, III
Hollinger, Clyde Mahlon
Hollinger, James Lester
Holmes, Philip Robert
Holsopple, Paul R.
Holt, Wallace Dean
Homes, Glenn Jay
Honz, James Lowell
Hooley, Dennis Lamar
Hooley, Phillip Dean
Hoover, Gerald Wise
Hoover, Glenn Arlin
Hoover, Glenn Martin
Hoover, Harold High
Hoover, Herbert Charles
Hoover, John Landis
Hoover, Leslie Eugene
Hoover, Richard Clair
Horner, James Russell
Horning, David Metzler
Horsey, Martin Henry
Horst, Amos David
Horst, Clarence David
Horst, Donald Elwood
Horst, Earl Musser
Horst, Isaac Martin
Horst, Justus Clement
Horst, Leon Burkholder
Horst, Levi Stauffer
Horst, Merle Musser
Horst, Raymond Lehman
Horst, Roy B.
Horst, Walter M.
Hoschsterler, Abraham Jay
Hoskins, Joseph Cook, II
Hosler, Eugene Hershey
Hosler, Robert Bruce
Hostetler, Dan P.

Box 14
Hostetler, David Merle
Hostetler, Donald Jay
Hostetler, Donald Stanley
Hostetler, Elmer Levi
Hostetler, Joseph Allen
Hostetler, Levi Christian
Hostetler, Mahlon E.
Hostetler, Marvin Edward
Hostetler, Maurice Wayne
Hostetler, Ted Lee
Hostetler, William H.
Hostetter, Carl Todd
Hostetter, Carl Wilbur
Hostetter, Charles Douglas
Hostetter, Dwane Lee
Hostetter, Isaac John
Hostetter, Jay Ivan
Hostetter, Krall Kreider
Hoteko, Dimitri Andrie
Hottinger, David Winfred
Hough, Charles Fredric
Houghton, John Daniel
Houser, James Wilbur
Houser, Keim Thomas
Houston, Gary Dale
Howard, Jimmie Dewayne
Howell, William Emerson
Huber, John David
Huber, Lester Paul
Huck, Donald Joseph
Huf, George Philip
Hughes, James Carson
Hughes, Virgil Lewis
Hull, James Dixon
Hummer, Glenn Cassel
Hunn, Donald Richard
Hunsberger, Leroy Jay
Huntoon, Eldon LaVern
Huppert, John Charles
Hurd, Vernard Dean
Hursh, Curvin Martin
Hurst, Daryl Landis
Hurst, Gerald Richard
Hurst, James Daniel, Jr.
Hurst, Jay Melvin
Hurst, Ronald Dale
Hurst, Sidney Eugene
Hutter, Harold
Ice, Ronald Joseph
Imhoff, John R.
Imhoff, Ray Franklin
Immel, David Lynn
Inniger, William David
Isaac, Harold Dean
Isaac, Jerry Wayne
Isaac, Jimmy Richard
Isaac, Lawrence James
Isaac, Leon Dale
Isaacs, Alfred Ernest
Isch, Steven Alan
Israel, Peter Owen
Jackson, Raymond Lee
Jacoby, Gary Lee
James, Jonathan
James, Norman John
Jameton, Andrew Lang
Jamison, Dwayne Ezra
Jamison, Larry Benjamin
Jansen, Arlin Dietrich
Jantz, Allen Wayne
Jantz, Arnold Eugene
Jantz, Clayton Leon
Jantz, John Monroe
Jantz, Leon James
Jantz, Royce Reed
Jantzen, Loren Eugene
Jantzen, Warren Eldon
Jantzi, Boyd Helmuth
Jantzi, Clayton Duane
Jantzi, Gerald Helmuth
Jantzi, Ronald Helmuth
Janz, Leroy Herman, Jr.
Janzen, Darrell Lee
Janzen, Larry Dean
Jester, John Leonard
Johnson, Dayton Wayne
Johnson, Felix Boyd
Johnson, Fred Amos
Johnson, James Robert, Jr.
Johnson, Keith Wayne
Johnson, Kenneth Dale
Johnson, Merlyn Gean
Johnson, Raymond Keith
Johnson, Robert Lee
Johnson, Stanley Allen
Johnson, Steven Eugene
Johnson, Walter Bruce
Johnson, Wayne Andrew
Johnson, William Nathaniel
Johnston, James Michael
Jolley, Larry Dean
Jones, Alfred Norton
Jones, David Christopel  
Jones, David Perry
Jones, Dean Arthur
Jones, Jeffrey
Jones, John Albert
Jones, John Wesley
Jones, Lawrence Wesley
Jones, Lynn
Jones, Melvyn Walter
Jones, Richard Leroy

Box 15
Jones, Stephen Dale
Jones, Warrren Nichols
Jordan, Ernest
Jost, William David
Joyce, William R., Jr.
Juhnke, Dwayne Keith
Kaes, Robert Louis
Kaiser, Robert Cleveland
Kalp, Wayne Jay
Kalpakoff, William William, Jr.
Kanagy, Elmer Lee
Kanagy, Jesse Lee
Kanode, Dalton Wayne
Kappes, Allen Charles, Jr.
Kapssof, Pete Ivan
Karber, Robert Dean
Kastrup, Walter Jens
Kauffman, Abe J.
Kauffman, Adrian Stanley
Kauffman, Allen Richard
Kauffman, Andy S.
Kauffman, Cephas A.
Kauffman, David
Kauffman, Dennis Lynn
Kauffman, Donald Lee
Kauffman, Donald Reihl
Kauffman, Elton Lee
Kauffman, Ernest Eugene
Kauffman, Gary Eugene
Kauffman, James Edward
Kauffman, James Merlin
Kauffman, Jay Albert
Kauffman, Joe Eugene
Kauffman, Larry
Kauffman, Levi E.
Kauffman, Milo Franklin
Kauffman, Phillip E.
Kauffman, Richard
Kauffman, Wayne Edward
Kaufman, Aden V.
Kaufman, Adrian J.
Kaufman, Ernest A.
Kaufman, Harold Wayne
Kaufman, Richard James, Jr.
Kaufman, Robert Lee
Kaufman, Roy James
Kaufman, Samuel M.
Kaufmann, William Henry, Jr.
Kearse, Theodore Nathaniel, Jr.
Keefer, Kenneth Leroy
Keeler, Jay Paul
Keeler, Richard Freed
Keener, Eugene Nissley
Keener, John Milford
Keener, Robert Eugene
Keim, Aden E.
Keim, Andrew J.
Keim, Floyd
Keim, Harvey W.
Keim, Leander Jay
Keim, Mose J.
Keim, Paul S.
Keith, David Allen
Keller, Fred Eberly
Keller, John Daniel
Keller, Ray Wambold
Kenagy, Verlin Don
Kennedy, Lloyd Oliver
Kennel, Cecil Douglas
Kennel, Paul Charles
Kennell, Carl Melvin
Kennell, Emanuel Azor
Kennell, Johnny Edward
Kephart, Jerald Lee
Kerns, Ellis Claude
Keseloff, Mike Mitchel
Kettering, Harold Michael
Kettering, Merlyn Harold
Kiesel, Carson Lynn
Kiley, Daniel Sturges
Kilgore, Eddie Harold
Killey, Thomas Edward, Jr.
Kilmer, Harvey Brubacker
Kilmer, John Daniel
Kilmer, Phillip Roy
Kim, Robert Don
Kimble, George Leroy
Kimmel, Christopher David
Kimmey, Dennis Lee
Kincaid, Michael B.
Kindy, Emerson Leroy
King, David Thomas
King, Floyd Edward
King, Harold Leroy
King, James Menno
King, James R.
King, Jonas Stoltzfus
King, Keith Duane
King, Martin David
King, Philip Junior
King, Richard Gordon, Jr.
King, Ronald Lewis
Kinsey, William George
Kinzie, Forrest Robert
Kiracofe, Rolland Homer
Kirk, Ralph Wilson
Kirkdorffer, Gary, Lee
Kiryluk, Gunter Johann
Klaassen, Juane Keith
Klassen, Allen Richard
Klassen, Harold Dean
Klassen, Jerry Don

Box 16
Kleier, Jorden Oscar
Kleinsasser, Daniel P.
Kleinsasser, Daniel Samuel
Kleinsasser, Wilmer Dean
Klemperer, George Frederick
Kliewer, Jerry Wallace
Kliewer, Larry Vaughn
Kline, David
Kline, Paul A.
Kline, Roy A.
Klinefelter, Charles Wayne
Kling, David George
Kling, John Jacob
Klinge, John Fred
Klingenberg, Edward Duane
Knappenberger, Monroe Joehn
Knechel, Herbert Terry
Knepp, Calvin
Knepp, David
Knepp, Jackson
Knepp, Jacob
Knepp, John Henry
Knepp, Johnny
Knepp, Owen
Knepp, Paul
Knepp, Ronald Dwain
Knepp, Wilmer H.
Knepper, Paul Dean
Knepper, Ronald Jay
Knicely, Boyd James
Knight, Patrick Thomas
Knox, Victor Leroy
Koble, Keith Carson
Koehn, Andrew Lee
Koehn, Bernhard Lee
Koehn, Carlyle L.
Koehn, Dale Dewaine
Koehn, David Henry
Koehn, Dennis David
Koehn, Donald Dean
Koehn, Donald Ray
Koehn, Duane Dale
Koehn, Earl L.
Koehn, Eldon Gene
Koehn, Ernest 
Koehn, Franklin John
Koehn, Jerald Lee
Koehn, Jimmie Albert
Koehn, John Maynard
Koehn, Joseph Dean
Koehn, Kenneth Ray
Koehn, Larry Dean
Koehn, Leonard Lee
Koehn, Leroy Franklin
Koehn, Lyndon Eugene
Koehn, Marshall Allen
Koehn, Melvin Lee
Koehn, Merle Dean
Koehn, Orlan Dale
Koehn, Paul William
Koehn, Ray Allan
Koehn, Raymond Cecile
Koehn, Richard Glen
Koehn, Rodney James
Koehn, Vaden Lee
Koehn, Veril Eugene
Koehn, Virgil Allen
Koehn, Willard Henery
Kolb, David Moyer
Kolb, Harold Souder
Kolb, Lester Souder
Koogler, Eber Samuel
Koory, George Nicholas
Kopp, Robert Lee
Kornbluh, Meilech
Korneff, Nick
Kosareff, Jacob Joe
Koser, Kenneth Edward
Koser, Thomas Charles
Kovaleski, Charles Francis, Jr.
Kovalesky, Robert Anthony
Krabill, Donnie Lee
Krabill, Ronald Duane
Kramer, Jonas R.
Krabill, Lyle Wayne
Kramer, Daniel John
Kramer, Vernon R.
Krantz Lawrence Everett
Krantz, Loren A.
Kratz, Elmer Larry
Kratz, John Harvey
Kratzer, Erich Lee
Kraus, Marvin Eugene, Jr.
Krause, Herbert Keith
Kraybill, Harold Erb
Krehbiel, Ernest Martin, Jr.
Krehbiel, Michael Joe
Krehbiel, Randolph John
Krehmeyer, Elmer Joe, Jr.
Kreider, Elvin Groff
Kreider, Jacob Lloyd, Jr.
Kreider, Ronald Lester
Kreider, Stanley Lee
Krepps, Ronald Leroy
Krocker, Menno Dean
Kroeker, Benjamin H.
Kroeker, Dennis Laverne

Box 17
Kroll, David Alvin
Kropf, Elton Jay
Kropf, Ervin Daniel
Kropf, Marvin Levi
Kropf, Oran Samuel
Kropf, Roy Elmer
Krull, Dana Lane
Krull, Lester John
Krupa, Timothy J.
Kuehn, Walter Allan
Kuhns, Donovin Dean
Kuhns, Lester L.
Kuhns, Willis Eugene
Kulp, Dale Lavern
Kulp, Stanley Ray
Kulp, Wilson Yothers
Kurtz, Eli D.
Kurtz, Gerald Ray
Kurtz, Kenneth Paul
Kussart, Donald Rex
Kwilinski, Charles Noble
La Bianco, Richard Allen
Lading, Kent Leroy
Lake, Joseph Glen
Lambert, David Marshall
Lambright, Freeman, C.
Lambright, Freeman M.
Lambright, Leroy L.
Lambright, Orva W.
Lamons, Robert Burdette
Landes, Lowell Carson
Landes, Stanley Duane
Landis, Abram Jerry
Landis, Arlen Ray
Landis, David Lee
Landis, David Mark
Landis, Earl Kulp
Landis, Earl Shelly
Landis, Elmer Alderfer
Landis, Glen K.
Landis, James Alderfer
Landis, Larry D.
Landis, Larry Dale
Landis, Marlyn Shertzer
Landis, Paul G.
Landis, Ray Frankenfield
Landis, Robert Moyer
Landis, Sanford Lee
Landis, Warren Brubaker
Landry, Joseph Henry
Landseedal, Florin, Jr.
Lantz, John David
Lantz, Richard Keith
Lapp, Charles Harold
Lapp, David Elmer
Lapp, Emanuel S.
Lapp, Gordon W.
Lapp, Harley Alderfer
Lapp, John Alva
Larson, Christopher Alan
Lasiter, Leo Dawayne
Lauber, Keith Lemoine
Laughlin, David Leroy
Laughman, Howard Lavere
Laughman, Rodger Augustus
Lavy, Gerald Wayne
Laymon, John Richard
Le Fever, Harold
Leake, Gary Norman
Leaman, David Martin
Leaman, Elmer Lewis
Leaman, John Mark
Leaman, Paul Richard
Leary, Marshall Lynch, Jr.
Leather, Donald Lancefield
Leatherman, Alton A.
Leatherman, Erwin Daniel
Leatherman, James Allen
Leatherman, Ralph Lewis
Leatherman, Richard Wilson
LeBlanc, Paul Joseph
LeBlanc, Reve Lowell
Lebo, Leon Richard
Lechlitner, Dennis Craig
Leckenby, Ronald Edward
Lederman, Darrel Jay
Lederman, Roger Lee
Lee, Edward M.
Lee, Robert Larry
Lee, Truman Howard
Lefever, Allen Hostetter
Lefever, Bart
Lefever, Ernest Weaver
Lefever, Harold Elwood
Lehman, Allan Dean
Lehman, Amos Y.
Lehman, Clair Ronald
Lehman, Donald Lee
Lehman, Everett John
Lehman, Floyd Thomas
Lehman, Gerald Ray
Lehman, Glen Leroy
Lehman, Harold Wayne
Lehman, John Mark
Lehman, Leland Ray
Lehman, Melvin Henry
Lehman, Peter Lawrence
Lehman, Philip Allen

Box 18
Lehman, Timothy Neal
Lehman, William David
Lehmann, David Claire
Leichty, David Herman
Leichty, Gerald Lynn
Leichty, Jacob, Jr.
Leichty, Wesley James
Leinbach, Adin Martin
Leinbach, Dennis Devon
Leinbach, Lloyd Glenn
Leisey, John Royer, Jr.
Lemon, Phillip Jackson
Lengacher, Amos, Jr.
Lengacher, Elmer Leroy
Lengacher, Eugene
Lengacher, Leroy
Lengacher, Ronald Wayne
Lengacher, Samuel
Lengacher, Vernon
Lenhert, Wesley Benjanin
Lenker, Garry Charles
Lenker, Leon Edward
Lenz, David Arthur
Leppke, Larry Andrew
Leuz, Christopher Augustus, III
Lewis, Arthur Anthony
Lewis, Jerry Wayne
Lewis, Larry Edward
Lewis, Robert Ronald
Liechty, Leon Wayne
Liechty, Steven Lee
Linder, Lee Walter
Linder, Ronald Brent
Line, Jack Arthur
Linsenmeyer, Dean Alan
Liskey, Russell Calvin
Listenbee, David
Litwiller, Alvin Dee
Litwiller, Jon Allan
Litwiller, Norman A.
Livengood, Earl Hess
Livingston, James Albert
Livsey, Robert Preston
Lloyd, Guy Russell, III
Lloyd, Larry Lee
Lockhart, Douglas Wayne
Locs, Robert Eugene
Loescher, Frank William
Loewen, Donald James
Loewen, Kenneth Allen
Loewen, Melvin Gene
Loewen, Paul Dwayne
Lofton, Zane Sterling
Logan, James Everett
Logan, Mark Alexander, Jr.
Logan, Marlan James
Long, Alton Cassel
Long, Glenn Walter
Long, Jacob Frey
Long, Joe Kenneth
Long, Roy Lee
Longacher, Robert Wendell
Longenecker, Neal Dwight
Loose, Larry Wayne
Lorenz, Fredric Ray
Loux, Robert L.
Lucas, Everett Wilson Charles
Luchsinger, Kenneth LeRoy
Luker, Robert Perry
Lumpkin, Arthur Merrill
Lusey, Patrick Joseph
Lynch, Richard Stephen
Lyndaker, Vernon Benjamin
Maas, Rolf Edward
Mac Dougall, Donald William
Mac Kay, Scott Stevenson
MacBride, John Douglas
Mack, Ronald Jean
Macon, Edwin Jay
MacWhinney, Brian James
Maddox, James Henry
Maggert, Philup Larry [not Philip]
Mahlendamp, Robert Lee
Mallory, Wilbur Louis
Mandel, Jacob P.
Manfrass, Keith Craig
Mann, Schurley Ralph
Mann, Selara Rolyat
Marcho, Gary Wayne
Marcus, Russell
Maricle, Dennis Philip
Mark, James Walter
Markey, Charles Michael
Markley, Kenneth Gene
Marlin, Leon Vern
Marner, Wallace Gene
Marner, Wilbur Keith
Marshall, Jonathan Davis
Marso, Gerald Lee
Martens, Eugene Wayne
Martens, Jay Dean
Martens, Loren Keith
Martin, Abraham
Martin, Albert Eshleman

Box 19
Martin, Alvin Eugene
Martin, Ammon M.
Martin, Carl Eugene
Martin, Dana La Mar
Martin, Daniel Lee, Jr.
Martin, David Paul
Martin, David Ray
Martin, Delmar Wayne
Martin, Donald Edward
Martin, Earl Sauder
Martin, Eddie M.
Martin, Edwin Martin
Martin, Eldon Dean
Martin, Ervin Burkholder
Martin, Floyd Kurtz
Martin, Gary Lee
Martin, George Brubaker
Martin, Glenn
Martin, Glenn Edward
Martin, Glenn Jay
Martin, Glenn Joseph
Martin, Harold Eugene
Martin, Harold Jay
Martin, Henry
Martin, Henry Oberholtzer
Martin, Irvin Lee
Martin, Irvin Samuel, Jr.
Martin, Isaac Stauffer
Martin, Ivan K., Jr.
Martin, Jay Kenneth
Martin, John Oliver
Martin, John Risser
Martin, Kenneth Melvin
Martin, Kenneth Wayne
Martin, Larry Eugene
Martin, Larry Wayne
Martin, Lee Roy
Martin, Lester F.
Martin, Leroy Martin
Martin, Leroy W.
Martin, Lester S.
Martin, Lewis M.
Martin, Linford Jay
Martin, Lloyd Burkholder
Martin, Lloyd Weaver
Martin, Lowell Wayne
Martin, Loyal Leroy
Martin, Manasseh B.
Martin, Mark B.
Martin, Marlin Good
Martin, Marlin Roy
Martin, Melvin W.
Martin, Mervin Sensenig
Martin, Neal Martin
Martin, Noah Z.
Martin, Norman Oberholtzer
Martin, Orrin
Martin, Paul Eugene
Martin, Raymond Larry
Martin, Reuben Sibel
Martin, Richard Sauder
Martin, Robert Daniel
Martin, Robert Luke
Martin, Ronald Wayne
Martin, Roy Elwood
Martin, Roy Zimmerman
Martin, Willard H.
Martin, Willis Zimmerman
Massey, David Crishtian
Mast, Allen Wilfred
Mast, Andrew E.
Mast, Chester Norman
Mast, Clifford David
Mast, Daniel, Jr.
Mast, Earl L.
Mast, Edward A.
Mast, Edwin A.
Mast, Eli A.
Mast, Ernest
Mast, Ervin J.
Mast, Ezra E.
Mast, Floyd Merkle
Mast, Gerald Duane
Mast, Glen Jay
Mast, Ivan M.
Mast, James Melvin
Mast, John A.
Mast, John Henry
Mast, Jonas A.
Mast, Joseph J.
Mast, Junior M.
Mast, Larry Eugene
Mast, Lawrence David
Mast, Levi A.
Mast, Levi D.
Mast, Levi J. [Mexico, MO]
Mast, Levi J. [Millersburg, OH]
Mast, Lloyd M.
Mast, Marvin Ray
Mast, Mervin Ray
Mast, Ora W.
Mast, Paul E.
Mast, Perry Jay
Mast, Ray C.
Mast, Raymond A.
Mast, Roy E.
Mast, Samuel E.
Mast, Samuel Junior

Box 20
Mast, Vernon Lee
Mast, Willard F.
Mathe, Steven
Matthay, Michael Landacre
Matthews, Donald William
Matthews, Joe Arthur
Mattern, Ronald Luke
Maust, Douglas Dale
Mayeske, Dwight Alva
McAdams, Benny Frank
McAlexander, James Gerald
McBeth, John Henry
McClain, Ronnie Lee
McClellan, Freddie Leon
McClung, John Moulton
McComb, Richard Carter
McCormick, Larry Leroy
McCrain, David Jack
McCulloch, Gary Wayne
McDaniel, Ernest Ray
McElmurry, Terry Joseph
McGhan, Jay D.
McGinley, Wilson Lee
McKenzie, George
McKinney, Billy Joe
McLain, Jacky Lloyd
McManus, John Joseph
McNaughton, Douglas Bruce
McQueary, Harley George
McQuinney, Alpha Omega
Meade, Joseph Dean
Meck, Gerald Wayne
Medlin, William Fred
Medlock, William Frederick
Mehl, Richard Carleton
Melhorn, James Elwood
Mellinger, Paul Dale
Mellott, Harold R.
Mentz, Thomas Lee
Mercer, Clifford John
Mercer, James Caubett
Mergler, Earl Jay
Merideth, Robert Melvin
Merkey, Donnie James
Mertz, Paul Heiser
Metz, Richard Earl
Metzger, David Richard
Metzler, Kenneth Martin
Metzler, Myron David
Meyer, William Frederick
Meyers, Lee Henry
Mierau, Ronald Lee
Milburn, Duane Clifford
Miles, Michael Stephen
Miller, Aden N.
Miller, Albert P.
Miller, Allen Dale
Miller, Alvin Lynn
Miller, Alvin M.
Miller, Alvin S.
Miller, Andrew D. [from Tuscola, IL]
Miller, Andrew D. [from Nappanee, IN]
Miller, Andrew N.
Miller, Andrew R.
Miller, Andy S.
Miller, Atlee J.
Miller, Austin Jacob, Jr.
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, Benjamin L.
Miller, Benjamin R.
Miller, Bill Clarence
Miller, Charles D.
Miller, Christian Blank
Miller, Clair Dewayne
Miller, Crist A.
Miller, Cristie C.
Miller, Clarence E.
Miller, Dan D.
Miller, Daniel E.
Miller, Daniel J. [from Millersburg, OH]
Miller, Daniel J. [from Cleveland, OH]
Miller, David A.
Miller, David Eugene
Miller, David J.
Miller, David Lee
Miller, David Lowell
Miller, Daniel O.
Miller, Daniel Ray
Miller, Daniel Roman
Miller, Daniel William
Miller, David Eli
Miller, David Lee
Miller, David Ray
Miller, Dean Meredith
Miller, Delbert Ray
Miller, Dennis A.
Miller, Dennis Alan
Miller, Dennis Dee
Miller, Dennis H.
Miller, Dennis M.
Miller, Dewayne J.
Miller, Don Alan
Miller, Donald Wayne
Miller, Douglas Hiram
Miller, Douglas Jay
Miller, Edward Leven
Miller, Edwin Lee
Miller, Eldon Ray

Box 21
Miller, Eli Allen
Miller, Eli H.
Miller, Eli J. [from Dundee, OH]
Miller, Eli J. [from Clark, MO]
Miller, Eli M. E.
Miller, Ellis Glenn
Miller, Elmer H.
Miller, Elton A.
Miller, Elva W.
Miller, Enos C.
Miller, Ervin D.
Miller, Erwin C.
Miller, Everett Eugene
Miller, Ezra E., Jr.
Miller, Ezra M.
Miller, Ezra P.
Miller, Farrell Andrew
Miller, Fred Hauck
Miller, Freddie M.
Miller, Frederick Eugene
Miller, Garland Dale
Miller, Gary Dale
Miller, Gary Lee
Miller, Gary Thomas
Miller, Gerald Keith [Indianapolis, IN]
Miller, Gerald Keith [Greenville, OH]
Miller, Glen Eugene
Miller, Glenn Eugene
Miller, Glenn Jay
Miller, Glenn Leon
Miller, Gordon Francis
Miller, Gordon Vane
Miller, Harlan Ray
Miller, Harley William
Miller, Harry L.
Miller, Harry M.
Miller, Harry W.
Miller, Harvey
Miller, Henry A.
Miller, Henry D.
Miller, Henry L.
Miller, Henry S.
Miller, Herbert Wayne
Miller, Herman E.
Miller, Howard Jay
Miller, Hubert Lee
Miller, Ira A.
Miller, Jacob, Jr.
Miller, Jacob J.
Miller, Jacob S.
Miller, James
Miller, James Edward
Miller, James M.
Miller, James Richard
Miller, Jay Kenneth
Miller, Jay Meredith
Miller, Jerry J.
Miller, Jerry Martin
Miller, John Henry
Miller, John Henry, Jr. 
Miller, John Henry, II
Miller, John J.
Miller, John Junior
Miller, John Lloyd
Miller, John Mark
Miller, John Marlin
Miller, John Martin
Miller, John N.
Miller, Jonas J.
Miller, Joni U.
Miller, Joseph M. [from Iowa City, IA]
Miller, Joseph M. [from Wooster, OH]
Miller, Josy M.
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Kenneth Eby
Miller, Kenneth Wayne
Miller, Larry David
Miller, Larry Devon
Miller, Larry Wayne
Miller, LaVern James
Miller, Lawrence Eugene
Miller, Leland S.
Miller, Leo Jay
Miller, Leon M.
Miller, Leonard Eugene
Miller, Leroy E.
Miller, Leroy Glenn
Miller, Leroy W.
Miller, Leslie Dean
Miller, Lester R.
Miller, Levi A. [from Millersburg, OH]
Miller, Levi A. [from Wooster, OH]
Miller, Levi E.
Miller, Lloyd D.
Miller, Lloyd L.
Miller, Lloyd O.
Miller, Loren Keith
Miller, Lynn Arthur
Miller, Lynn Richard
Miller, Mahlon Dwayne
Miller, Marcus
Miller, Marvin Dean
Miller, Marvin M.
Miller, Marvin Ray
Miller, Melvin Eugene
Miller, Melvin James
Miller, Melvin Jay
Miller, Melvin P.

Box 22

Miller, Melvin Vern
Miller, Menno J.
Miller, Merlin Elwood
Miller, Merlin Lee
Miller, Mervin C.
Miller, Michael Allen
Miller, Milo M.
Miller, Mose E.
Miller, Mose S.
Miller, Nelson Daniel
Miller, Noah J.
Miller, Ora Wayne
Miller, Paul Donavon
Miller, Paul Edwin
Miller, Paul Frederick
Miller, Perry E.
Miller, Perry Jay
Miller, Perry Lee
Miller, Perry U.
Miller, Peter M.
Miller, Philip Samuel
Miller, Raymond
Miller, Raymond D. [Millersburg, OH]
Miller, Raymond D. [Washington, IA]
Miller, Raymond H.
Miller, Raymond LaVon
Miller, Raymond M.
Miller, Raymond S.
Miller, Robert E.
Miller, Robert Eugene
Miller, Robert Lee
Miller, Rollin Dean
Miller, Ronald Lee
Miller, Roy E.H.
Miller, Roy J.
Miller, Roy L.
Miller, Roy S.
Miller, Rudolph A.
Miller, Samuel A. [from Shipshewana, IN]
Miller, Samuel A. [from Sugar Creek, OH]
Miller, Sanford Wayne
Miller, Stanley W.
Miller, Steven Gay
Miller, Timothy Charles
Miller, Uriah J.
Miller, Valentine E., Jr.
Miller, Vance Edward
Miller, Verlin D.
Miller, Vernon J.
Miller, Vernon LeRoy
Miller, Wallace M.
Miller, Wayne
Miller, Wayne A.
Miller, Wilbur D.
Miller, Wilbur E.
Miller, Willard Devon
Miller, Willard J.
Miller, Willard Monroe
Miller, William A.
Miller, William J.
Miller, Wyman D.
Miller, Wyman Leroy
Miller, Yost N.
Milyard, William Alfred
Mininger, John Mark
Mininger, Robert Donald
Mininger, Ronald Edward
Mishler, Jerry Val
Mishler, John Wesley
Mitchell, Vernon David
Mitchikoff, Daniel Paul
Mock, Gary Hugh
Modgling, John Wesley
Mohler, Jay Harold
Mohler, Merlin James
Mohler, Paul Leroy
Mohoff, Billie John
Moll, Richard Mansfield
Monson, Daniel Melton
Montanelli, Jack Lee
Montel, Stephen Michael
Montgomery, Melvin Eugene
Montgomery, Wendell Cabel
Moore, Albert Lee
Moore, Daniel Leroy
Moore, Hubert Marcus
Moore, Jimmie James
Moore, Kenneth Alan
Morden, Bruce Armand
Morgan, Louis Adrian
Morgans, Arthur George
Morlan, Jack Lee
Morris, James Edward
Morris, Jonathan White
Morrison, Robert Keith, Jr.
Morrow, Charles James
Morse, Allan Earl
Mosemann, Christian Wenger
Mosemann, Luke Brubaker
Moser, Beryl Arthur
Moser, Gary Eugene
Moses, Jesse Daniel, III
Mosher, Robert Hamilton
Moss, Jerry David
Mount, Russell William
Mowen, Alton Eugene
Moyer, Abram Laverne
Moyer, Benjamin Kreibel
Moyer, Carl Ernest
Moyer, Donald Alderfer
Moyer, Donald Styer
Moyer, Elwyn Bruce
Moyer, Donald Styer
Moyer, Elwyn Bruce
Moyer, Harold Dale

Box 23
Moyer, Henry Halteman
Moyer, James Arthur
Moyer, James Lonford
Moyer, James Norman
Moyer, Leon Hackman
Moyer, Lester Dale Styer
Moyer, Lowell H.
Moyer, Merrill
Moyer, Patrick Cernell
Moyer, Richard Godshalk
Moyer, Ronald Allen
Mueller, Peter
Mull, Donald Amos
Mullet, Andrew R.
Mullet, David L.
Mullet, Ervin J.
Mullet, Eugene
Mullet, Fred
Mullet, Gary Lynn
Mullet, Merlin
Mullet, Raymond D.
Mullet, Roman B.
Mullet, Sam E.
Mullett, Alvin Ray
Mullett, Paul Earl
Mullins, John Roger
Mumaw, Clare Lavern, Jr,
Mumma, Levi W.
Mummau, Lee Eby
Mummau, Reist Eby
Murdock, David King
Murphy, Michael Wayne
Murray, Bruce Alan
Murray, Lyndell Wayne
Murray, Thomas Mantle
Mushakian, John Edward
Musselman, Roy Dale C.
Musser, Paul Zimmerman
Musser, Roy Weaver
Musser, Walter Lee
Myers, Barry Saylor
Myers, David Arthur
Myers, David Claude
Myers, Dennis Eugene
Myers, Dennis Lloyd
Myers, Donald Bowman
Myers, Gary Edwin
Myers, Gerald D.
Myers, Howard Quentin, Jr.
Myers, Jerry Ross
Myers, John Scott
Myers, Lamar Jay
Myers, Ralph S.
Myers, Russell Elwin
Myers, Tim Irvin
Myers, Winslow Fraser Booth
Mylin, Jay Lloyd
Nafzinger, Gary Lee
Nafziger, J. Lowell
Nafziger, James Clair
Nafziger, Lowell Gene
Nafziger, Ralph Dean
Nafziger, Ralph Laverne
Nafziger, Thomas Eugene
Nagel, Edwin
Naylor, Larry Benjamin
Neal, James David
Neeland, Ralph Anthony
Neeley, Carl Ralph, Jr.
Neer, Philip Lee
Nees, Garrett Lynn
Neff, Carl Devon
Negherbon, John Charles
Nelson, Anthony Asa
Nelson, David Lee
Nelson, Dudley Lee
Nelson, Jesse Eugene
Nelson, John Patrick
Ness, Adam Kenneth
Ness, Charles Allen
Ness, Tommy Lee
Nesselrodt, Jarrett Allen
Neuenschwander, Sherman Dale
Neufeldt, Roger James
Newcomb, Lloyd Frank
Newcome, Michael Elza
Newcomer, David Elwood
Newman, Elbert Ozine, Jr.
Newsom, Lynn
Newswanger, Alvin M.
Newswanger, Donald Eugene
Newswanger, Galen Ray
Newswanger, Noah Martin
Newfeldt, Robert Dale
Nice, David Dean
Nice, Lester Wayne
Nichols, Clayton Dale
Nichols, Lester Cleo
Nichols, Merlin James
Nichols, Ronald Duane
Nicholson, Richard Wayne
Nickel, David Jona
Nickel, DeWayne
Nickel, Harvey Dean
Nickel, Johnnie William
Nickel, Richard Dale
Nightingale, Arley Wayne
Nightingale, DeWayne
Nightingale, Evan
Nightingale, Kenneth Warren
Nightingale, Rawlin Dean
Nightingale, Richard Eugene
Nisley, Andrew M.
Nisley, Noah M.
Nisly, Earl James
Nisly, John Fredrick
Nisly, Samuel Edward
Nisly, Sheldon Lee
Nissley, Daniel, Jr.
Nissley, Ivan Eugene
Niswander, Martin Abram
Nitzsche, Larry Lloyd
Nofziger, Paul Lynn
Nofziger, Peter William

Box 24
Nolt, James O.
Nolt, Marvin Musser
Nolt, Mervin H.
Nolt, Mervin Jack
Nordrum, Richard Campbell, Jr.
North, Estel Eugene
North, George Edward
Norton, Leland Jay
Novak, Richard James
Nunemaker, Donald Lee
Nunemaker, Lowell Ray
Nunemaker, Ronald Dee
Nunes, Dwight Anibal
Nussbaum, David Daniel
Nussbaum, Delmar Jay
Nussbaum, Dennis Paul
Nussbaum, Gary Lee
Nussbaum, Frederic Ray
Nussbaum, Paul Aaron
Nussbaum, Robert Lee
Nyce, John Wesley
Nyce, Kerry Lynn
Oberholser, Konrad Grimm
Oberholtzer, James
Oberly, Gary Leo
Oberly, Kenneth Richard
O’Brien, Richard John
Obrock, Terry Alan
Ogle, James Theodore
Oldham, Glenn Alfred
Oliver, John Watkins, II
Olson, Kenneth Armond
Oinonen, Paul Victor
Orendorff, Joseph Aaron
Orr, LaWayne Russell
Oswald, Dean Harold
Oswald, Gerald Lee
Oswald, James Walter
Oswald, John Dee
Oswald, Richard Paul
Oswald, Ronald Lynn
Ott, David Hemphill
Ott, Ronald Lee
Otto, Elmer Ray
Otto, John Henry
Otto, Lester S.
Otto, Paul Edward
Overholt, Kenneth Edward
Overholt, Mart
Overholt, William
Overholtzer, Durand Kieth
Overly, Darrel Edward
Owens, Wayne Thomas
Oyer, Frederick Schultz
Oyer, Michael Jon
Oyler, Dennis Allen
Oyler, Richard Lloyd
Padilla, Arthur
Palmer, David Wilcox
Palmer, Joseph Sidney, II
Palmer, Paul Cutler
Pankratz, William Allen
Panattoni, George Max
Paris, James Russell
Parker, Lewis Ray
Parmer, Ronald Lee
Parshall, George Burton, III
Partridge, Ronald William
Pate, Larry Clayton
Paton, Barry Lee
Paton, Kenneth Wayne
Patton, Christopher Davis
Paul, John Lyon
Pauley, Clinnon
Paulus, Reginald Christian
Payne, Victor Milton, II
Payton, Robert Charles
Peachey, Roy Robert
Peachey, Thomas Jacob
Peachy, John Lester
Peacock, Jean Thomas
Peagler, Edward Roy
Peaster, Larry Eugene
Peck, David Leroy
Peckman, Gerald Nelson
Pederson, Kenneth Merle
Peifer, Elvin Herr
Peifer, Jay Laverne
Peltier, Donald Michael
Pendell, David Roy
Penner, Bruce Larry
Penner, Clayton Dale
Penner, David Peter
Penner, Gary Wayne
Penner, Loren Dean
Penner, Ralph Wayne
Penner, Roger Earl
Penner, Stanley James
Penner, Vern Ray
Pennington, Allen Clifford
Perron, Bobby Lee
Perschbacher, John Harold
Pertle, David Paul
Peters, Bobby Don
Peters, Daniel Albert
Peters, David Ray
Peters, Douglas Loren
Peters, James Eldon
Peters, Kenneth Dean
Peters, Larry Gene
Peters, Lowell Dean
Peters, Robert Edward
Peters, Romaine Ardis
Peters, Ronald Ray
Peters, Virgil Frank

Box 25
Petersheam, Isaac Riehl
Petersheim, Edward J.
Petersheim, Edward S.
Petersheim, Elva J.
Petersheim, Loren Oliver
Petersheim, Tobias R.
Peterson, James Owen
Petre, Daniel Russell
Petre, Rufus Daniel
Petry, Stephen Leigh
Petticoffer, Terry Lee
Phillips, Earl Michael
Pierson, Gary Carl
Piper, Roanld Eugene
Plank, Clyde David
Plank, Ira W.
Plank, Lee Roy
Plank, Norman J.
Plank, Raymond A.
Plank, Sam
Pletcher, Orlo Richard
Pletcher, Sanford Charles
Podsiekoff, Fred Frederick
Pomerantz, Michael
Potteiger, Gary Eugene
Porter, Darrel
Porter, Dennis Ray
Porter, Donald Dwayne
Posselt, Rudolph Theodore
Powell, Harry Leo
Poynter, Naman Ashur
Preheim, Doyle Conley
Preheim, Garris Dean
Preheim, Merlin Dean
Preheim, Orel Wayne
Price, Henry Ray
Price, William Raphael, Jr.
Prickett, Charles Oliver
Primm, Vance Allen
Pruitt, Dr. Don E.
Pruitt, John Douglas
Pyle, Kenneth Leon
Pyle, L. Wayne, II
Quiring, Ralph Edger
Raber, Alvin L.
Raber, Atlee R.
Raber, David H.
Raber, Ervin [from Montgomery, IN]
Raber, Ervin [from Millersburg, OH]
Raber, Henry
Raber, La Vern A.
Raber, Melvin H.
Raber, Owen W.
Radovich, Richard Anthony
Ramer, Eldon Dennis
Ramer, Keith Martin
Ramer, Willis E.
Ramirez, Antonio Sinfor
Ramos, Vidalino Rivera
Randolph, Edward Francis
Rankin, Jacob Clemens
Ratzlaff, Donnie Robert
Ratzlaff, Duane Leon
Ratzlaff, Edmond Jay
Ratzlaff, Gerald A.
Ratzlaff, Jerry Wayne
Ratzlaff, Kenny A.
Ratzlaff, Larry Wayne
Ratzlaff, Randall Kent
Ratzlaff, Sherwin Harvey
Rautenkranz, Gary Edward
Ravlin, Lawrence Hall
Reddell, Carl Wayne
Redwine, Ernest A.
Reeb, Eldon Ervin
Reeb, Paul Eugene
Reece, John William
Reed, Clayton John
Reed, Frank Leon
Reed, Harold Woodson, Jr.
Reed, Ronald Darrel
Reed, William Claude
Reese, Richard Lee
Regehr, Jerold Henry
Regier, Calvin Joel
Reeves, George Hilty, Jr.
Regier, Eugene Daniel
Regier, James Dale
Regier, James Wesley
Reid, Brian Arthur
Reiff, Ferree Charles
Reiff, John Harry
Reimer, Arlie Gene
Reimer, Gordon Denis
Reimer, Leslie Merle
Reimer, Robert Ray
Reimer, Roger David
Reimer, Ronald Dean
Reinford, Clyde Leatherman
Reinford, Marvin Halteman
Reist, John Sieber
Reitz, Elvin Lee
Remington, Harvey Alvin
Rempel, Darriel Bardette
Rensberger, Francis Dale
Replogle, James Snader
Ressler, Elvin James
Ressler, Ronald Carlton
Rexford, Charles Timothy
Reynolds, Earl Alvin
Reynolds, Jay R.
Reynolds, Merl Calvin
Rhodes, Eldon Frederick
Rhodes, Eldon Jay
Rhodes, Frederick Anthony
Rhodes, Galen Leon
Rhodes, Lee Dewitt
Rhodes, Mark Allen
Rhodes, Richard Thomas
Rhome, James Wilson, Jr.
Rice, Allen Paul
Rice, Vernon Dale

Box 26
Rich, Eric Burdette
Richer, Allan J.
Richer, Jacob Laverne
Richmond, Millard Gordon
Ridenour, Michael Edward
Rider, David Ralph
Riegsecker, Glen Jay
Riegsecker, Stephen Jay
Riegsecker, Verl Lavon
Riehl, Eli B.
Riehl, Ephriam Esh
Riehl, Kenneth Eugene
Riemenschneider, Richard Allen
Ries, John Eric
Riesen, Roland Francis
Rife, James Lee
Riggenbach, Arthur Alan
Riggleman, James Lewis
Rinehart, David William
Rinehart, Duane Lee
Rippen, Dale William
Rissler, David Ringler
Rissler, Isaac Andrew
Ritchey, Harry Robert
Rittenhouse, William Herbert
Roan, Douglas Wayne
Roberts, Gordon Leroy
Robinson, Amos
Robinson, Daniel Buren
Robinson, Jack Carroll, Jr.
Rocha, Ernest Joe
Rocz, Ronald Anton
Rodeffer, Samuel Allen
Rodman, Jack Leroy
Roedel, Ronald Lee
Roelofs, Howard John
Roesch, Robert Duane
Roesh, Norman Leroy
Roffino, Peter Ezio
Rogers, Dennis Mark
Rogers, Donald Lee
Rogers, Doyle Kent
Rogers, Philip Max
Rogers, Stephen Leslie
Rogie, Melvin Delbert
Rohrer, Dale Ranck
Rohrer, Murray Jay
Rohrer, Wayne Samuel
Rohrer, John Daniel
Rohrer, Lawrence Wilbur
Roper, Richard Allen
Ropp, Howard Lee
Ropp, Leon Clare
Ropp, Terry George
Rose, David Thoreau
Rosenberger, Donald
Rosenberry, John Landis
Ross, Truman Kenneth
Roth, Charles Jesse
Roth, Edward Earl
Roth, John Junior
Roth, Marshall David
Roth, Mervin Leroy
Roth, Paul Alvin
Roth, Ralph Joseph
Roth, Robert Lee
Roth, Ronald Ray
Roth, Stephen Eugene
Roth, Thomas Lee
Rothrock, Roscoe Thomas
Rotunno, Thomas Eugene
Royce, Gordon Phillip
Royer, David Paul
Royer, Steven Leslie
Rudin, Andrew Charles
Rudy, Benjamin Martin
Rufenacht, Max Lee
Ruge, Robert Tracy
Rumble, Gary Eugene
Rumer, Paul Walton, Jr.
Rupp, James Harlan
Rupp, Marlin Paul
Rupp, Ronald Dale
Rupp, Tommy Allen
Ruppert, Paul Isaac
Rush, Erwin Lloyd
Rush, Linwood Ruth
Rushly, Roger Dean
Russell, Dale Winford
Russell, Gary Lee
Russell, Stephen Richard
Rutt, Peter Roy, Jr.
Rutter, James Richard
Rychener, Thomas Lee
Saal, James Ernest
Sabasta, James Earl
Saffer, Dale Earl
Sala, William Jay
Salamon, Rassel Yaroslav
Saltzman, Karl Clinton
Samarin, Harry Paulich
Samarin, Paul John
Sams, Daryl Eugene
Samson, Dennis Marvin
Sanders, Glen Alan
Sanders, John Charles
Sandoz, James Louis
Sandridge, Stephen Gale
Sanger, Frederick Lee
Sankey, Kerry Reeves
Sann, Jonathan E.
Sarrett, Robert Hugh
Sauder, Clyde Amos
Sauder, Delmar Lee
Sauder, James William
Sauder, John Leroy
Sauder, John Morris
Sauder, Kenneth Risser
Sauder, Larry Dale
Sauder, Leonard Ray
Saul, William Lee
Savery, Joseph W.

Box 27
Sawatzky, Sheldon Victor
Scaggs, Ray
Schaefer, John William
Schaefer, Paul Elliot
Schauer, Leland Von
Schellenberg, Eugene Dale
Scherry, Noel Wayne
Schinkel, Lee Charles
Schlabach, Duane K.
Schlabach, Harley F.
Schlabach, Ivan A.
Schlabach, John, Jr.
Schlabach, John Daniel
Schlabach, John N.
Schlabach, LeRoy N.
Schlabach, Lewis E.
Schlabach, Menno D.
Schlabach, Moses A.
Schlabach, Nelson L.
Schlabach, Omer E.
Schlabach, Paul
Schlabach, William Allan, Jr.
Schloneger, Willard Ray
Schmidt, Ario Duane
Schmidt, Arvid John
Schmidt, Dennis Ray
Schmidt, Gareth Neil
Schmidt, Glenn Robert
Schmidt, Harlow Kenton
Schmidt, Jimmy Joe
Schmidt, John Paul
Schmidt, John Russell
Schmidt, Laverne Dayton
Schmidt, Lennis Delayne
Schmidt, Lynne Leroy
Schmidt, Max Gerald
Schmidt, Melvin Dean
Schmidt, Myron Dale
Schmidt, Richard Ben
Schmidt, Ted A.
Schmidt, Wayne Keith
Schmucker, Benjamin
Schmucker, Clarence M.
Schmucker, Daniel M.
Schmucker, David J.
Schmucker, Galen Eugene
Schmucker, Howard Ray
Schmucker, Leander J.
Schmucker, Melvin E.
Schmucker, Paul
Schmucker, Ronald Jay
Schmucker, Ronald Thomas
Schneider, Raymond Joseph
Schnepp, Robert Neil
Schofield, Edward Everett
School, Emory Franklin
Schrag, Kenneth Lee
Schrag, Lonnie Eugene
Schrock, Abraham M.
Schrock, Aden L.
Schrock, Adlai A.
Schrock, Amos, Jr.
Schrock, Arnold Smauel
Schrock, Edward C.
Schrock, Elwood Glen
Schrock, Elwood Lynn
Schrock, Ernest H.
Schrock, Ervin F.
Schrock, Harold Andrew
Schrock, Henry P.
Schrock, Joni J.
Schrock, Joseph Edward
Schrock, Larry Wayne
Schrock, Lawrence
Schrock, Leroy Moses
Schrock, Lester L.
Schrock, Levi J.
Schrock, Levi Ray
Schrock, Marion
Schrock, Neil Edward
Schrock, Ora L.
Schrock, Paul Dean
Schrock, Paul S.
Schrock, Rudolph
Schrock, Samuel D.
Schrock, Stephen Douglas
Schrock, Wayne Allan
Schrock, Wilbur Lee
Schrock, William L.
Schrock, Wilmer A.
Schroeder, Arlyss Wayne
Schroeder, Arthur D.
Schroeder, Harold Allen
Schuch, Ward Emil
Schultz, Chester Leon
Schultz, Virgil Dean
Schwartz, Dan H.
Schwartz, Daniel [from Geneva, IN]
Schwartz, Daniel [from New Haven, IN]
Schwartz, Eldon
Schwartz, Enos G.
Schwartz, Freddie P.
Schwartz, Frederick G.
Schwartz, Joseph S., Jr.
Schwartz, Joseph T.
Schwartz, Lloyd
Schwartz, Mose I.
Schwartz, Noah N.
Schwartz, Ora H.
Schwartz, Peter Q.
Schwartz, Raymond N.
Schwartz, Sam N.
Schweitzer, Perry, Jr.
Scott, Jack George
Scott, Joseph Frank, Jr.
Seal, Wayne Douglas

Box 28
Sears, Gary Lynn
Seibert, Leland Grant
Seiler, Larry Wayne
Sell, Harold Richard
Selzer, Edwin Dwight
Sensenig, Clair Burkholder
Sensenig, Daniel Snader
Sensenig, Eli Stauffer
Sexton, Gerald Armin
Shafer, Gary Larry
Shaffer, Frank Eugene
Shaffer, Richard Roland
Shaffer, Robert P. S.
Shaffer, Wayne Revere
Shamp, James Allen
Shank, Delmas Franklin
Shank, Earl Hughbart
Shank, Fred Daniel
Shank, Gabriel Franklin
Shank, John Robert
Shank, Joseph Geil
Shank, Wayne Edward
Shanks, Nathan Leo
Sharp, Larry Richard
Sharp, Paul David
Shaub, Jay Marlin
Shaum, Elvin Lee
Shaum, Melvin Lee
Shaw, Melvin Jacob
Shea, William Dana
Shearer, Gary Wayne
Shearer, Richard Leroy
Sheeler, Ronald Jay
Sheffield, Lonny Dean
Sheffield, Robert Eugene
Shellenberger, Richard Miller
Shellenberger, Wallace Alyn
Sheller, Eugene Keith
Shelter, Vernon William
Shenk, Roger Lee
Shepherd, Larry Wayne
Shetler, Eli V.
Shetler, Ivan Leland
Shetler, Jacob E.
Shetler, Levi Dean
Shetler, Ora Dwayne
Shiffler, Samuel Houg
Shirk, Daniel Brubaker
Shive, Arthur Franklin
Shoaf, Jack Arthur
Shober, Kent Brengle
Shoemaker, Gary Scott
Shoemaker, James Woodrow
Shoemaker, Loren J.
Sholwalter, Warren Eugene
Shonk, David Earl
Short, Duane Allen
Short, LaVon Dean
Short, Lonnie Lamont
Short, Marvin Lee
Short, Terry William
Short, Thomas Lee
Short, William Dale
Shoup, Marvin Ray
Showalter, David Elmer
Showalter, Fred Rhodes
Showalter, Harry Jones
Showalter, James Edward
Showalter, Larry Daniel
Showalter, Ray Edward
Showalter, Ruel J.
Showalter, Stephen Conred
Shrock, Alvin
Shrock, Chester Simon
Shubin, Philip
Sides, Donald Ray
Siebert, Waldo Eugene
Siegrist, David Harnish
Siemens, Harry Allen
Siemens, Henry James
Siemens, Larry Herman
Sigler, Wayne Ottomer
Silvers, Alan Christian
Simmons, Ronald Travis
Simpson, John Thomas
Sims, Lance Abercrombie
Sink, Wayne Allen
Sites, Paul Dean
Sites, Tommy Edgar
Skiles, James Meredith
Skiles, Richard Lee
Slabach, Anthony Wayne
Slabach, James Andrew
Slabaugh, Allen Ray
Slabaugh, Jerry L.
Slabaugh, Merlin Jay
Slabaugh, Owen Dale
Salbaugh, Richard Jay
Slabaugh, Sanford Eugene
Slagel, Lynn Jay
Slagell, Frank Duane
Slagle, Keith Warren
Slagle, Kenneth Dewayne
Slagle, Philip James
Slaymaker, Robert John, Jr.
Slivkoff, Michael A.
Smith, Byron Douglas
Smith, Cecil Melton
Smith, Charles Thomas, Jr.

Box 29
Smith, David Dean
Smith, David Norman
Smith, Donald Duane
Smith, Ervie J.
Smith, Gregory Rowland
Smith, Harry Martin
Smith, James Fenton
Smith, James Lawrence, Jr.
Smith, James Leonard
Smith, Jimmie Charles
Smith, John Jay
Smith, Kenneth Wayne
Smith, Kirby Hulon
Smith, Larry Gene
Smith, Larry Joe
Smith, Marvin Edward
Smith, Orlie David
Smith, Paul Emery
Smith, Peter Folsom
Smith, Randall Alan
Smith, Robert Lee
Smith, Rolland Perry
Smith, Ronald Arlie
Smoker, David Marlin
Smoker, Eli Bieler
Smoker, Marvin James
Smoker, Sanford Roy
Smucker, Alvin J. Marion
Smucker, Joe Detwiler
Snader, Glenn Ray
Snader, Lester Roy
Snavely, James Earl
Snavely, James Simons
Snavely, Jay Richard
Snavely, Marlin Brandt
Snell, Franklyn James
Snider, Philip Michael
Snyder, Barry Wayne
Snyder, Glen Ira
Snyder, Harley Leroy
Snyder, Jay Alvin
Snyder, Paul Robert
Snyder, Thomas Lee
Snyder, Vernon Stanley
Sollenberger, Alfred Duane
Sommers, Darrel Dean
Sommers, Earl Dean
Sommers, Larry Jay
Sommers, Roger Dean
Sommers, Ronald Lewis
Sommers, Wilbur Ray
Soria, Moses Gabriel
Sorrell, Samuel Perry
Souders, Jay Raymond
Sours, Mark Allen
Sowers, David Alvin
Sowers, John Calvin
Spahr, Victor James
Spaulding, Mark Charles
Spencer, Marvin Franklin, Jr.
Spencer, Rodney Charles
Sperling, Neal Grant
Spires, Darrell James
Spitler, Gary Arthur
Spradley, Joseph Bryant, Jr.
Spragens, John Brewer, Jr.
Springer, Leon Dale
Springer, Van Charles
Sprinkle, Jerry Lind
Stahl, David Joe
Stahl, George William
Stahl, Joe, III
Stall, David Dale
Stambaugh, Dale John
Stambaugh, Harold Arthur
Stamm, Edward Eugene
Stamm, Roger Lee
Stanard, Kingsley Levan
Starr, Lavern Douglas
Stauffer, Billy B.
Stauffer, Bruce Elliot
Stauffer, Clair Eugene
Stauffer, Edwin W.
Stauffer, Elvin Kreider
Stauffer, Harley Russel
Stauffer, John Lowell
Stauffer Ladd Loren
Stauffer, Leroy Wenger
Stauffer, Paul Eugene
Stauffer, Roger Lee
Stauffer, Samuel Lee
Stauffer, Sanford Richard
Stayrook, Robert Edward
Steckel, Robert Eric
Steele, Lee Ray
Steele, Richard Swinton
Steider, Merlin Ray
Steiner, Clair Wayne
Steiner, John David
Steiner, Wilbur David
Steinhauer, David Frederick
Steinhauer, Paul Frederick
Steinle, Stephen Ardean
Steria, Gary David
Sterner, Lynn Edward
Steury, David
Steury, Rudolph, Jr.
Stevens, Gary Allan
Stevens, Glenn Douglas
Stevens, Lige Albert
Stewart, James Duncan
Stewart, Wilbur Eugene
Stickel, Dana Lee

Box 30
Stockburger, Ronald Claire
Stockslager, Paul Thomas
Stoll, Amos Willie
Stoll, David
Stoll, David Dale
Stoll, Glenn
Stoll, Herman, Jr.
Stoll, Levi
Stoll, Nicholas
Stoltenberg, John Gary
Stoltfuz, Jonas K.
Stoltzfus, Benjamin Stoltzfus
Stoltzfus, Clair Roger
Stoltzfus, Christian Ivan
Stoltzfus, Christian King
Stoltzfus, Daniel Fisher
Stoltzfus, David Ray
Stoltzfus, Elmer S.
Stoltzfus, Emanuel Zook
Stoltzfus, Gerald J.
Stoltzfus, Henry K.
Stoltzfus, John R.
Stoltzfus, Randell Dene
Stone, David Robert
Stone, Henry Asaph, III
Stone, Victor Emerson
Stoner, Gerald Lee
Stoner, Ronald Duane
Storne, Jack Ben
Stover, John Henry
Strait, Donny Newton
Stratton, Robert William
Strite, Marvin Daniel
Stroh, Fred Dwayne
Stroy, Freddie Lee
Strubhar, Ronald Dean
Stubblebine, John Bradford
Stucker, Virgil Austin
Stuckey, Gary Lee
Stuckey, Jay Roland
Stucky, Kenneth
Stucky, Max Eugene
Studebaker, Joe Brent
Studebaker, Stephen W.
Studer, Roger Lloyd
Stuter, Robert William
Stutzman, Clarence H.
Stutzman, Cloy Eugene
Stutzman, Curtis Wesley
Stutzman, Dannie Lee
Stutzman, Edgar Dale
Stutzman, Edwin D.
Stutzman, Eli S.
Stutzman, Freeman
Stutzman, Gary Lee
Stutzman, Glenn David
Stutzman, Jay H.
Stutzman, Jerry Jay
Stutzman, Jerry Lavoy
Stutzman, Larry Royce
Stutzman, Leon James
Stutzman, Leslie Jay
Stutzman, Ralph
Stutzman, Ray D.
Stutzman, Raymond Paul
Stutzman, Robert J.
Stutzman, Roman A.
Stutzman, Ronald Lee
Stutzman, Stanley Joseph
Stutzman, Timothy Jay
Stutzman, Wilbur Ray
Stutzman, Willis L.
Sumerix, Frederick L.
Summers, Dale Glenn
Sutter, Charles Raymond
Swaim, David Wendell
Swantz, Henry L.
Swantz, John Harvey
Swartz, Carroll Edward, Jr.
Swartz, Samuel Keith
Swartz, William Carter
Swartzendruber, Dennis J.
Swartzendruber, Larry Joe
Swartzendruber, Willard Keith
Swartzentruber, David A.
Swartzentruber, Glen [from Millersburg, OH]
Swartzentruber, Glen [from Odon, IN]
Swartzentruber, Levi R.
Swartzentruber, Merlen Dean
Swartzentruber, Paul
Sweigart, Earl Stauffer
Swift, Hugh
Swift, Ronald
Syversen, David E.
Szczepanski, Reginald Neil
Tackett, Michael David
Targgart, Danny Lee
Taylor, Donald Wayne
Taylor, Frank Welsey
Taylor, John Tucker
Taylor, Michael Edward
Taylor, Mickey Allen
Taylor, Ronald Edward
Teeter, Jerry Daniel 
Teeter, Steven Ray
Teets, Philip Lee
Teichrow, Robert Lee
Terry, Gary Wayne
Theisen, Jerry Paul
Thiel, Mark Allen
Thien, Roy Lee
Thiermann, David S.
Thiessen, Wilmer Gene
Thomas, Edwin Eugene
Thomas, Harold Robert
Thomas, Jack Edward
Thomas, James Hess

Box 31
Thomas, John Gilbert
Thomas, Marvin Earl
Thomas, Melvin Hess
Thomas, Richard Duane
Thomas, Richard M.
Thomas, Tommy
Thomassen, Timothy Mark
Thompson, Cyrus William
Thompson, Gary Max
Thompson, Glenn Leroy
Thompson, Jim Frank
Thompson, Ronald Lee
Thorne, David Wilson
Thornton, Billy Ray
Thurman, John Howard
Tobey, Richard Murray
Toews, Lawrence Wesley
Toews, Paul Robert
Toews, Percy Lee
Toews, Randall Lynn
Tom, Max Gail
Tomlinson, Gene L.
Tompkins, Roger Allen
Tope, Roger Dean
Town, Oliver Louis
Townsend, Jacob Richard
Trauger, Eugene W.
Trauger, Richard
Tremain, Allen Lee
Troutman, Richard Bruce
Troy, Richard Aubin
Troyer, Abe M.
Troyer, Aden R.
Troyer, Albert A.
Troyer, Albert E.
Troyer, Alvin N.
Troyer, Crist B.
Troyer, Crist S.
Troyer, Dan L.
Troyer, Daniel J.
Troyer, Daniel Lee
Troyer, Darrel Jay
Troyer, David C.
Troyer, David J.
Troyer, Dennis Dee
Troyer, Donald Gene
Troyer, Donald LaVern
Troyer, Donald Ray
Troyer, Eli E.
Troyer, Eli S.
Troyer, Emanuel A.
Troyer, Floyd Allan
Troyer, Harry Jay
Troyer, Henry C.
Troyer, Jake J.
Troyer, Jonas J.
Troyer, Joni B.
Troyer, Keith Richard
Troyer, Larry Lee
Troyer, Levi C.
Troyer, Levi J.
Troyer, Lloyd N.
Troyer, Melvin E.
Troyer, Melvin J.
Troyer, Melvin L.
Troyer, Norman N.
Troyer, Perry J.
Troyer, Philip Edward
Troyer, Philip Jeptha
Troyer, Raymond Lee
Troyer, Reuben, Jr.
Troyer, Reuben J.
Troyer, Richard Wayne
Troyer, Robert L.
Troyer, Robert Lee [from Mitford, NE]
Troyer, Robert Lee [from Middlefield, OH]
Troyer, Rodney John
Troyer, Ronald Dean
Troyer, Ronald Steven
Troyer, Terry Lynn
Troyer, Vernon E.
Troyer, Wayne L.
Troyer, Willis
True, Donald Anderson
Trzeciak, John Henry
Tubbs, Paul Frank
Tuller, Edwin Hurlbut, Jr.
Tunnell, Lyndale Hugh
Turner, David Montgomery
Turner, Lowell Edwin
Turner, Thomas Orin
Tyson, Jonathan Douglas
Tyson, Norman Stanley
Ulrich, David Eugene
Ulrich, Dennis Wayne
Ulrich, James Michael
Ulrich, Larry Allen
Ulrich, Norman Lee
Umble, Dennis Roy
Umble, Gerald Roy
Umble, James Wendell
Umlauf, Richard Lynd
Ummel, James Alvin
Underwood, William Edward
Unrau, Arlis Arthur
Unruh, Clyde Dean
Unruh, Donny Ray
Unruh, Gary Lee
Unruh, Gary Lynn

Box 32
Unruh, Gerald Donnie
Unruh, Gerald Lee
Unruh, Gordon Dwight
Unruh, Larry James
Unruh, Lonnie Duane
Unruh, Marlin Loren
Unruh, Marlow Henry
Unruh, Merlin Warren
Unruh, Paul Willard
Unruh, Richard Wayne
Unruh, Rodney Lee
Unruh, Ronnie Roy
Unruh, Warren Keith
Unruh, Willard Dean
Unternahrer, Norman Lee
Unterseher, Lon Malcolm
Valentine, Christopher Coles
Valentine, Dale Eugene
Valliere, James Thomas
Valoff, Bob Samuel
Valoff, Ronald William
Van Arsdale, Ronald Dee
VanPelt, Paul Ivan
VanVleit, Richard Albert
Vargo, Lester Ray
Varonin, Jack
Vawter, Alfred Thomas, II
Vega, Jose Alberto
Venhuizen, John Steven
Vetter, James David
Vinard, John Robert
Vogel, Thomas Charles
Vogt, Stanley James
Vogt, Verden Lee
Von Mosch, Herman Curt
Vongunten, Neill Greg
Voran, Richard William
Voth, Albert Elroy
Voth, Gerald Eugene
Voth, Jerald Dwayne
Voth, Jerry Steven
Voth, Kenneth Lee
Voth, Lawrence Wayne
Voth, Morris Eugene
Voth, Raymand Earl
Voth, Richard Allen
Wadel, Walter
Wagaman, Larry Ronald
Waggoner, Jay Melvin
Wagler, Adrian
Wagler, Arthur
Wagler, Benjamin
Wagler, Frank
Wagler, James Leroy
Wagler, Joseph Paul
Wagler, John Williams
Wagler, Leon James
Wagler, Leonard
Wagler, Levi
Wagler, Owen
Wagler, Peter Junior
Wagler, Richard Lee
Wagler, Verlin
Wagner, Charles Richard
Wagner, Herbert A., III
Wagner, John Cassel
Wagner, Mervin Darrell
Wagner, Philip Arthur
Wagner, Richard Delroy
Wakefield, John Lewis
Walden, Chester Lionel
Waldner, Andrew A.
Waldner, Joshua J.
Waidner, Michael Mike
Wall, Lester Dean
Wall, Valdo Jacob
Walston, Bobby Earl
Walter, Orie B.
Walters, Thomas N.
Waltner, Douglas Milford
Walton, Raymond Odell
Wampler, Robert Edward
Wanner, Charles Alexander, Jr.
Ward, Clyde Lewis
Ward, Jerry Glen
Warfel, John Donald
Warkentin, Ronald Albert
Warnick, Donald L.
Warrick, William Bewley
Warstler, David Carl
Warstler, Jerry Jay
Washburn, William Gregory
Waters, Andrew James
Watkins, Donald Eugene
Watson, David Arthur
Watson, Travis Le Roy
Waugh, John Lewis
Way, Kenneth Matthew
Wayland-Smith, Robert Dean
Weaver, Andy B.
Weaver, Carl Virgil
Weaver, Carl Weber
Weaver, Charles Kenneth
Weaver, Cleo Warren
Weaver, Dale Lester
Weaver, David Glenn
Weaver, Ervin, Jr.
Waever, Gideon A.
Weaver, Harry M.
Weaver, Harvey J.
Weaver, Irvin Musser
Weaver, Ivan M.
Weaver, Ivan Newswanger
Weaver, Jake P.
Weaver, James Edward

Box 33
Weaver, James Horning
Weaver, Jay Roger
Weaver, Jerrel Elwood
Weaver, John Denny
Weaver, Joseph L.
Weaver, Junior Ben
Weaver, Lester M.
Weaver, Marvin Lamar
Weaver, Marvin Lester
Weaver, Marvin Rutt
Weaver, Melvin S.
Weaver, Mervin Gingrich
Weaver, Mose E.
Weaver, Paul Raymond
Weaver, Roger Lee [from Lancaster, PA]
Weaver, Roger Lee [from Goshen, IN]
Weaver, Ronald Lamar
Weaver, Roscoe Eldon
Weaver, Virgil Dean
Weaver, Wayne Jay
Weaver, Wayne M.
Weaver, William Daniel
Weaver, William P.
Weber, John S.
Weber, Leon Eberly
Weddle, Joseph Leland
Wedel, Eldon Ray
Wedel, Galen R.
Wedel, John Henry
Wedel, Larry DeWayne
Wedel, Rodney Roy
Weech, Sidney Earnest
Weil, Robert Emil
Weiler, Moses Martin
Weinert, David Joseph
Weinstein, Herbert
Weinstein, Myron
Weirch, Samuel E., Jr.
Weiss, Peter David
Welborn, Howard Dayne
Welch, Myron Alan
Welch, Willis Earl
Weldy, James Lynn
Welfley, Charles Maynard
Welfley, William Wade
Welk, Charles Leon
Weller, John Marvin
Wells, Milton
Welsh, Harold Edgar
Wenger, Dale Evan
Wenger, Donald Edward
Wenger, Eldon Wayne
Wenger, Ellis Dale
Wenger, Harold Christian
Wenger, James Rodney
Wenger, Jay Vernon
Wenger, Kenneth R.
Wenger, Lee David
Wenger, Lester David
Wenger, Marlin Esbenshade
Wenger, Nelson Ray
Wenger, Roy D.
Wenger, Weldon Dean
Wengerd, Alvin J.
Wengerd, Alvin Ray
Wengerd, Dallas Leroy
Wengerd, Daniel A.
Wengerd, Eli D.
Wengerd, Melvin E.
Wengerd, Roy Laverne
Werner, Larry Aaron
West, Lowell Edward
Weyand, Robert
Weybright, William Lee
Whetson, John Charles
Whetstone, Arthur Lewis
Whetstone, Perry H.
White, Charles Frederic
White, Howard Eugene
White, Olen Earl
White, Richard Eugene
White, Virgil Dennis
White, Wesley Rhyne
Whiteman, James Martin
Whitener, Ernest Lee
Whitford, Eldon Lee
Whitford, Gary Dean
Whitmer, Donnie
Whitmer, Mark Ellis
Whitmore, Christopher Mack
Whitt, Jesse Leo
Whorton, Richard Lee
Wiand, Robert Lee
Wickey, Chris T.
Wickey, Corneal A.
Wickey, James Allen
Wickey, Joseph Laverne
Widrick, Marvin Ezra
Widrick, Robert Lloyd
Wiens, Henry
Wiens, Max Allen
Wiens, Myron Gale
Wiens, Richard Henry
Wiens, Richard Lee
Wigert, Walter Swen
Wilber, Larry Dean
Wilerson, Thomas Jackson, Jr.
Wilkins, Michael Hoover
Wilkinson, Stephen Ross
Willard, Robert Archie, Jr.
Willems, Noel David
Willems, Ronald Lee
Williams, Charles Wayne
Williams, Donn Allen

Box 34
Williams, Harold Lee
Williams, Jackie Leonard
Williams, Joseph Jerome
Williams, Russell Franklin
Williams, Sidney Earl
Williams, Theodore E.
Williams, Willie Hawthorne, Jr.
Williamson, Craig Burke
Williamson, Melvin E.
Williamson, Melvin Thomas
Williamson, Murray Don
Williar, Jacob Ross
Willis, Hughlet Lyn
Wilson, Darl Eugene
Wilson, James Henry
Wilson, John Arthur
Wilson, John Henry
Wilson, John Sal
Wilson, Laurel Edwin
Wilson, Peter Lamborn
Wilt, Russell Gibbs
Wingard, Melvin Jay
Wingert, Marlin Lee
Winterborne, Roger Arthur
Wise, Fred Leon
Witmer, James Clair
Witmer, Jay Earl
Witmer, Jay Richard
Witmer, Samuel Clifford
Witmer, Vernon Lee
Witmer, Willis S.
Wittmer, Ervin
Wittner, Howard Leroy, Jr.
Wolf, Dean Everett
Wolf, Gerald Dean
Wolf, Maurice Eugene
Wolf, Thaddaeus Samuel
Wolf, Daniel Paul
Wolfe, Louis Bennett
Wolgemuth, Paul M., Jr.
Wollman, Daryl Gene
Wollmann, David D.
Womack, Charles Taylor
Woods, Jeffrey Robert
Workinger, Elden Edward
Wortham, James Lemuel, III
Wray, Herschel Clyde
Wren, Peter Alex
Wright, David Allan
Wright, Lewis Carter
Wright, Thomas Elton
Wright, Thomas Hollyday
Wulliman, Philip David
Wurtz, David D.
Wurtz, Mike M.
Wyse, Richard Allen
Yarbrough, Dennis Eldon
Yarrow, Douglas Olmstead
Yeackley, Rodney Alan
Yoder, Abe A.
Yoder, Abe R.
Yoder, Abraham W.
Yoder, Aden A.
Yoder, Aden J.
Yoder, Albert R.
Yoder, Alfred M.
Yoder, Allen M.
Yoder, Ammon A.
Yoder, Albert J.
Yoder, Allen A.
Yoder, Alva [from Montgomery, IN]
Yoder, Alva [from Odon, IN]
Yoder, Alvin A.
Yoder, Alvin Lamar
Yoder, Andrew C.
Yoder, Andrew E.
Yoder, Andrew J.
Yoder, Andy A.
Yoder, Atlee E.
Yoder, Benjamin J.
Yoder, Bradley Lyle
Yoder, Calvin H.
Yoder, Carroll Leith
Yoder, Cecil Eugene
Yoder, Charles Richard
Yoder, Christie T.
Yoder, Clarence Duane
Yoder, Clarence J.
Yoder, Clarence W.S.
Yoder, Cletus David
Yoder, Crist J.
Yoder, Dan C.
Yoder, Danny
Yoder, Darrell Delmer
Yoder, Daryl Denton
Yoder, David
Yoder, David A.
Yoder, David Dean
Yoder, David Lavern
Yoder, David Leon
Yoder, David Perry
Yoder, Dennis Lee
Yoder, Devon L.
Yoder Earl
Yoder, Edward D.
Yoder, Edwin
Yoder, Edwin Leroy
Yoder, Eli H.
Yoder, Eli M.
Yoder, Elmer Z.
Yoder, Emanuel J.

Box 35
Yoder, Everett Lee
Yoder, Ezra J.
Yoder, Ezra L.
Yoder, Floyd Eugene
Yoder, Freddie T.
Yoder, Frederick Lewis
Yoder, Gene Arnold
Yoder, Gerald Andrew
Yoder, Gideon Lester
Yoder, Harvey Lee
Yoder, Herbert Lynn
Yoder, Ivan L.
Yoder, Jacob A.
Yoder, James Eugene
Yoder, Jay Harold
Yoder, Jerry J., Jr.
Yoder, Jerry Lee
Yoder, John A.
Yoder, John Christopher
Yoder, John Daniel
Yoder, John Henry
Yoder, Johnny
Yoder, Jerry Lynn
Yoder, John Mark
Yoder, Jonas N.
Yoder, Kenneth Lee
Yoder, Larry Dean [from Washington, IA]
Yoder, Larry Dean [from Mio, MI]
Yoder, Larry E.
Yoder, Lauren Eugene
Yoder, Lauren Wayne
Yoder, Lawrence Alan
Yoder, LaVon Dee
Yoder, Lee Andrew
Yoder, Leroy F.
Yoder, Lester T.
Yoder, Levi M.
Yoder, Lloyd William
Yoder, Marion Kay
Yoder, Mark Harvey
Yoder, Martin Duane
Yoder, Marvin
Yoder, Marvin Duane
Yoder, Marvin
Yoder, Max Dean
Yoder, Mayard Eldon
Yoder, Maynard M.
Yoder, Melvin Jay
Yoder, Melvin Lee
Yoder, Melvin N.
Yoder, Menno E.
Yoder, Menno Junior
Yoder, Michael E.
Yoder, Milford L.
Yoder, Monroe L.
Yoder, Mose A.
Yoder, Moses R.
Yoder, Noah
Yoder, Noah William, Jr.
Yoder, Norman Elmer
Yoder, Norman Glen
Yoder, Ola Richard
Yoder, Olen F.
Yoder, Orlin Harold
Yoder, Owen N.
Yoder, Paul A.
Yoder, Paul Phillip
Yoder, Paul Stanley
Yoder, Perry M.
Yoder, Ray Moses
Yoder, Raymond
Yoder, Raymond A.
Yoder, Raymond A.
Yoder, Raymond D.
Yoder, Raymond Eli
Yoder, Reuben W.
Yoder, Reuben C.
Yoder, Reuben Jerald
Yoder, Richard J.
Yoder, Robert Daniel
Yoder, Robert Eugene
Yoder, Robert Lee
Yoder, Robert Paul
Yoder, Robert Wayne
Yoder, Ronnie Lee
Yoder, Roy A.
Yoder, Roy A.
Yoder, Roy David
Yoder, Roy Newton
Yoder, Roy P.
Yoder, Sam
Yoder, Samuel Jay
Yoder, Stanley Edward
Yoder, Stanley Eugene
Yoder, Tobias T., Jr.
Yoder, Verton Allen
Yoder, Wilbur Lee
Yoder, Willard T.
Yoder, William Benner
Yoder, Willis
Yoder, Wilmer Keith
Yoke, Stephen Samuel
Yordy, Wallace- Edwin
Yost, Leon Carl
Yothers, Paul Abram
Youndt, Henry Lee
Youndt, Raymond Eugene
Young, John Thomas, Jr.
Young, Wendell James
Yunker, Jean Douglas
Yutzy, Donald Alvin
Yutzy, James Lynn
Yutzy, John J.

Box 36
Yutzy, John R.
Yutzy, Jonas W.
Yutzy, Ronald Gene
Yutzy, William
Zahourek, Jon Gail
Zeager, Charles Benjamin
Zehr, David Carl
Zehr, Nathan John
Zehr, Paul Edward
Zehr, Paul Elmer
Zehr, Ralph Daniel
Zehr, Wilbur Ray
Zeiset, Carl
Zeiset, Clair Raymond
Zeiset, Samuel Weaver
Zell, Gerald Koser
Zerkle, Curtis Vincent
Zickafoose, Matthew Lowell
Zimmerman, David Hieronimus
Zimmerman, David Musser
Zimmerman, Dennis Edward
Zimmerman, Earle M.
Zimmerman, Edwin Z.
Zimmerman, Galen M.
Zimmerman, Ivan Sensengi [not Sensenig]
Zimmerman, Jay Christian
Zimmerman, Jay Robert
Zimmerman, John Arthur
Zimmerman, John Earl
Zimmerman, John Paul
Zimmerman, Leaban George, Jr.
Zimmerman, Levi Bucher
Zimmerman, Mahlon G.
Zimmennan, Mark Bucher
Zinmerman, Marvin Dean
Zimmerman, Marvin Snyder
Zimmerman, Paul Melvin, Jr.
Zimmerman, Roy B.
Zimmerman, Shannon Lee
Zimmerman, Willlam Alfred
Zook, David Lee
Zook, Paul Elwood
Zook, Wilmer Roy
Zoss, Stephen Frederick
Zuercher, David Lee
Zuercher, Robert Dean
Zuercher, Theodore Emanuel
Zumbrun, James Leroy

Boxes 1-36: Released I-Ws (A-Z)
Boxes 36-41: Collective Files -- Released(?) I-Ws (A-Z)

Collective Files

A [collective file]
- Aardahl, Spencer Marvin
- Aber, Gerald Dean
- Adams, James William
- Adams, Michael Bruce
- Adrian, Duane John
- Airesman, Royden Eugene
- Alderfer, Lowell Moyer
- Alderfer, Melvin Stephen
- Alexander, Frederick Eugene
- Alexander, Milton Dalphas
- Allen, Dennis Wayne
- Alley, Hartley David
- Allison, Billy Joe
- Amstutz, Clinton Earl
- Amstutz, Stuart Alan
- Anderson, Charles Curtis
- Angle, Donald Eugene
- Anglemyer, Robert Henry
- Ankrom, Milford Lee
- Ark, Philip Randal
- Arnold, Franz Eberhard
- Arnold, John Edward, Jr.
- Aschliman, Stephen Allen
- Asher, Henry Lee
- Austin, Donald Peter
B-Be [collective file]
- Baarsch, Gene Robert
- Bachman, Walter Frederick
- Baer, Duane Arlin
- Bailey, Ronnie Paul
- Baime, Thomas Clemens
- Bainter, Donald Cloyd
- Baker, Loren Franklin
- Balsiger, Dennis Ray
- Balzer, Stanley David
- Bandy, Michael Eugene
- Bange, Clair John
- Bange, Ray Eugene
- Bardell, James Allen
- Barklind, Daniel Edwin
- Barkman, John M.
- Barkman, Samuel E.
- Barnard, David Paul
- Barnhart, Samuel Lawrence, II
- Bartel, Douglas Wayne
- Barwick, Wade Raymond
- Beach, David Howard
- Beachy, Daniel Moses
- Beachy, David
- Beachy, Edward R.
- Beachy, Levi Lee
- Beachy, Melvin Glen
- Beachy, Roger Neil
- Beadle, John Octave
- Bean, Reathel Gene
- Beck, Gregory Jay
- Beck, Randall Lee
- Becker, Allen Dean
- Becker, Carl Wayne
- Becker, Donald Dee
- Becker, Jannes Arlowe
- Becker, Rodney Allen
- Becker, Wilbert Dale
- Beckley, James Ray
- Beechy, Elmer L.
- Bell, Reuben Leroy
- Bembry, Shelby Shazar
- Bender, Clayton Richard
- Bender, Clifford Glen
- Bender, John Alvin
- Bender, Romayne Jay
- Bendy, Robert Harold, Jr.
- Bergen, Erland Dean
- Berokoff, Peter
- Berry, Leroy
- Berry, Melvin Daniel
- Bettin, Darrell Keith
Bi-Bri [collective file]
- Bietry, Philip Adrian
- Birky, Byron Thomas
- Birky, John Lee
- Birky, Marlon Jerald Birky
- Blizard, Ronald Leo
- Blosser, Donald Wayne
- Blough, Harold Blaine
- Boardman, Peter Folger
- Boehs, Harold Dean
- Boggs, Danny Aldon
- Bogrette, Robert Graham
- Boker, Edward Jerry
- Boll, James Lamar
- Bonner, William Clark
- Bonnet, Robert George
- Bontrager, David D.
- Bontrager, Devon Jay
- Bontrager, Edwin Jay
- Bontrager, Eugene Lamar
- Bontrager, Glen D.
- Bontrager, John Adrian
- Bontrager, Joni M.
- Bontrager, Merle
- Bontrager, Philip Emerson
- Bontrager, Samuel D.
- Boocher, Allan Duane
- Borkholder, John
- Borntrager, Ernest Edward
- Borntrager, Floyd
- Bosserman, Ronald Dee
- Bowman, Joel Hubert
- Bowman, Joel Kenneth, Jr.
- Bowman, Lynn Allen
- Bowman, Raymond Metzler
- Boyd, Roger Earl
- Boyd, Stanley Hess
- Brady, Marlin Jay
- Brahms, Gilbert Lee
- Brandt, Ronald Lee
- Brauen, Larry Ray
- Braybon, Terry Neal
- Brecher, Jeremy Hans
- Breidenstine, Terry Paul
- Brenizer, Charles Andrew
- Brenneman, Robert Eugene
- Brenner, John Elwood
- Brinton, Keith
- Britton, Lawrence Allen
Bro-Byler [collective file]
- Broadbent, Jeffrey Praed
- Bronaugh, John Mitchell
- Bronston, William George
- Brookmyer, Jon Edward
- Brooks,  Le Ester  
- Brown, Alvin Harris
- Brown, Charles Baird
- Brown, Dennis Howard
- Brown, Joel Burton
- Brown, Larry Eugene
- Brown, Philip Lowell
- Brown, Robert Edward Lee, Jr.
- Brown, Rodney Roy
- Brown, William Ira
- Brubaker, Curtis Dale
- Brubaker, Elwood James
- Brubaker, Fred Eugene
- Brubaker, Jacob W.

Box 37
Brumback, Hubert Lee, II [separate folder]
- Brumbaugh, Allen
- Brunk, Dale Coakey
- Buch, Richard Eugene
- Bucher, John Lloyd
- Buckwalter, John Benjaman
- Buell, Frank Andrew, Jr.
- Bukaroff, Nicholas
- Buller, Alfred Ralph
- Buller, Arlin Ray
- Buller, Duane Alan
- Buller, Robert Ellwood
- Burkey, John Loren
- Burkholder, Clarence Norman
- Burkholder, Dennis Carl
- Burkholder, Edward Allen
- Burkholder, James Rex
- Burkholder, Levi Weaver
- Burkholder, Walter Edwin Jr.
- Burkholder, Willis Butt
- Burroughs, Robert Eugene
- Burseth, Charles Adolph, Jr.
- Busby, Daniel Dean
- Buschman, Lawrent Lee
- Busenitz, Elwyn James
- Busenitz, Roger Karl
- Bush, Allen Carson
- Butler, James Clyde
- Butler, William Murray
- Byerly, William E.
- Byler, Chester M.
- Byler, Daniel A.
- Byler, Lester J.
C-Cl [collective file]
- Campbell, Galen Hansford
- Canada, Maurice Francis
- Carlet, Francis James
- Carlisle, Leonard Wayne
- Carnes, Robert Melvin, Jr.
- Carpenter, Robert William
- Carper, Donald Eugene
- Carroll, Marion Jefferson
- Carter, Stanley Norman
- Carvajal, Frank
- Cassel, Dale Eugene
- Chamberlain, David Edward
- Champion, Don Paul
- Chandler, Robert Orland
- Chapman, Floyd Ray
- Charles, Levi Hershey
- Chatterton, Michael Jon
- Chesley, Neal Ronald
- China, John
- Chowning, Alvin Lee
- Christensen, Kenneth Lee
- Chronister, Dennis Harold
- Chupp, David R.
- Chupp, Elva
- Chupp, Verlin Ray
- Chupp, William Jay
- Clark, George Washington, Jr.
- Clemens, Jacob Edward
- Clement, David Pusey
- Clemmer, Roy Jonathan
- Clugston, Kenneth Wayne
Co-Cu [collective file]
- Coats, David Allen
- Coblentz, Amos
- Coblentz, Elvin B.
- Coblentz, Ivan N.
- Coblentz, Mervin M.
- Coblentz, Moses M., Jr.
- Coffman, Daniel Joseph
- Cogdell, Oscar Mac Neil
- Cohen, Steven Robert
- Cole, Glenn Carlton
- Coleman, Jimmy Herbert
- Collins, Chester Joseph
- Condon, Richard Charles
- Cool, Larry David
- Cooley, Robert Donald
- Cope, James Paul
- Cordell, John Charles
- Corlett, James E.
- Cory, Ernest Bert
- Costell, David Herschell
- Cowles, Richard Norman
- Cox, David Lee
- Cox, Gerald Wayne
- Craddock, Carl Robert
- Craghead, Ronda Lee
- Crawford, Jeffrey William
- Cravens, John William
- Crider, Rudyard Lee
- Crisco, William
- Cross, Brian Clark
- Cummins, Richard George
- Cunningham, Ernest Lloyd, Jr.
- Curtis, Joel Aaron
- Cutrell, James Marshall
D-Dic [collective file]
- Daniel, Ronald Alvin
- Daniels, Jay Dwight
- Darlow, Richard William
- Davidson, Michael Peter
- Davis, Donald James
- Davis, Donald Lee
- Davis, James Alden, Jr.
- Davis, Steven Earl
- Day, Joseph Robert
- Deckert, Donald Dean
- Deckert, Geoffrey Owne
- Deiter, Donald Landis
- Delagrange, Donald Leroy
- Delagrange, Joe, Jr.
- Delp, James H.
- Dennis, Joseph
- Denlinger, Donald Eugene
- Denlinger, Donald Harold
- Densch, Gerald Robert
- Derrickson, Jeffrey Keith
- Derstine, David Roth
- Derstine, Marlin M.
- Derstine, Ray Kratz
- Detrick, Joe Abraham
- Detweiler, Floyd S.
- Detweiler, Thomas D.
- Detwiler, Ronald Mininger
- Devers, Darrell Leroy
- Dick, John Edwin
- Dickel, Keith Eugene
- Dickey, Peter Lewis
Die-Dy [collective file]
- Diener, David La Wayne
- Dighton, Stephen Dorian
- Diller, Lehman Eugene
- Dilling, Samuel Elmer
- Dimon, Harold Charles
- Dirks, Dean Allen
- Dirks, James Frederick
- Dirksen, Darrell Dwight
- Dobrinen, David Mitchel
- Donahey, Darvin Carl
- Dorsing, Leslie Jim
- Draper, James Darwin
- Driscoll, Robert R.
- Due, Richard Thomsen
- Duerksen, Duane Larry
- Duerksen, Larry James
- Duerksen, Ronald Lee
- Duncan, Phillip Lewis
- Dundon, Terry Dean
- Dunlap, Dennis Nelson
- Dunning, Ronald Eugene
- Dyck, Galen Ervin
- Dye, David Ray
- Dye, James Leroy
- Dyrenforth, Harald Gunter
E [collective file]
- Earhart, Lincoln Wayne
- Earhart, William Stanley
- Eason, Thomas Jay
- Easter, David Kent
- Eastwood, Donald Dean
- Eash, Mervin Dean
- Ebersole, Henry Hess
- Ebersole, Larry Duane
- Eby, Donald P.
- Eby, Harold Lee
- Eckburg, Larry Alan
- Ediger, Byron Royce
- Ediger, Myron Lee
- Egli, Grant Orville
- Ehrisman, Warren Walter
- Eichelberger, Dean Leroy
- Eikenberry, Larry Leon
- Eller, Stanley Whitmer
- Elliott, Dennis Lee
- Ellis, David Reed
- Ellison, Raymond Alvin
- Ely, Daniel Lee
- Emmert, Dennis Ray
- Ens, Harold Wayne
- Entz, Clifford
- Entz, Eldon Elliott
- Epp, Delvyn Gene
- Epp, Philip S.
- Epp, Stanley Dale
- Erb, Kenneth Wayne
- Erb, Paul Stanley
- Eshleman, Carl Elsworth
- Espenshade, Gerald Lee
- Essary, James Edward
- Essen, Drew Dean
- Evans, Russell Richard
- Eversole, Laurence Edward
- Evseff, Steven William
- Ewert, James Myron
F [collective file]
- Fairley, Michael Gilbert
- Falk, Noel Wesley
- Falk, Theodore Carswell
- Farnol, Jeffery Daniel
- Farres, Albert George, Jr.
- Fasnacht, Dennis Eugene
- Fast, Elden James
- Faxon, Darrel Elba
- Feaser, Philip John
- Ferguson, Eugene, Jr.
- Fields, Irvin Edward
- Fields, William Prentice
- Filbrun, Wayne Edward
- Fink, John Richard
- Fisher, Samuel W.
- Fitz, James Laverne
- Flavell, Christopher Story
- Flick, James William
- Flick, Thomas Elmer
- Flick, Stephen Raybern
- Flora, Glenn Ivan
- Flory, Donald Lee
- Flynn, Tim
- Folck, William Frederick
- Folsom, Stephen Ray
- Forrester, Marshall Keith
- Foster, Charles Albert, Jr.
- Foster, John Martin
- Francis, Donald Ray
- Frantz, Timothy John
- Franz, Ronald Eugene
- Fredenburg, Daniel Dale
- Freed, David Lee
- Frese, Donald Bassett
- Frey, David Eugene
- Frey, Don Eugene
- Frey, Eugene Ray
- Frey, Richard Dean
- Frey, Ronald Elbert
- Friesen, Dennis Charles
- Friesen, Eugene Douglas
- Friesen, Harold Allyn
- Friesen, James Allen
- Friesen, La Rhue Gene
- Friesen, Raymond Dick
- Friesen, Roger Leland
- Friesen, Royce Arden
- Friesen, Stanley Lee
- Friesen, Stanley Richard
- Friesen, Wolfgang Otto
- Froese, Arthur Eugene
- Fry, Levi J.
- Fry, William Reed, III
- Fulmer, Richard
- Funk, Ronald Bruce
Ga-Gli [collective file]
- Gaeddert, John Wesley
- Gaeddert, Lyle Eugene
- Gaede, Chester
- Gage, Delmar John
- Gage, Malcolm Bryce
- Gainer, Robert
- Gappert, Kenneth Gordon
- Garber, John Fay, Jr.
- Garber, Ronald Lee
- Gardner, Jerry Wayne
- Garman, Robert Clair
- Garrett, Lee Edward
- Garzon, Alfonso Antonio
- Gascho, James Leroy
- Gates, Stanton Joel
- Gaunt, Robert Fillmore
- Gehman, Abraham Jesse
- Gehman, Harvey Eli
- Gehman, Le Roy Hackman
- Geib, Norris Edward
- Geiser, Gerald
- Geiser, Lowell Howard
- George, Kenneth Ray
- Gerber, David Kenneth
- Gerber, Elmer LeRoy
- Gerber, Norman Stanley
- Gerber, Ronald Keith
- Gerhart, Carl Dean
- Gerson, Andrew N.
- Gingerich, Abraham
- Gingerich, Daniel Eugene
- Gingerich, Dannie E.
- Gingerich, Lawrence L.
- Gingerich, Lee Andrew
- Gingerich, Paul J.
- Gotch, Allen Roy
- Gingerich, Moses C.
- Gingerich, Richard Devon
- Gingrich, Roy Marshall
- Gipson, Charles Franklin, Jr.
- Givens, James Barton
- Glaser, Gary G.
- Glassen, Robert Paul
- Glick, Allen Ray
- Glick, Bruce David
- Glick, Caleb Amos
- Glick, Robert Elwood

Box 38
Glo-Gu [collective file]
- Glover, Leslie Harold
- Godshall, Gerald Lee
- Goebel, James Waldo
- Goentzel, Kenneth Wayne
- Goering, Charles Evan
- Goering, Lauren Eugene
- Golden, Frederick Leon
- Good, Amos Hostetter
- Good, Arnold Samuel
- Good, Carl Wesley
- Good, Eli Henry
- Good, Harold Lester
- Good, Ray Harland
- Good, Raymond Eugene
- Good, Robert Lee
- Good, Timothy Jay
- Goodling, Lindell Joel
- Goodwin, Andrew
- Goodwine, Scott Robert
- Goossen, Andrew James
- Gordon, Philip Howard
- Gorrilla, John Joseph
- Gotch, Allen Roy
- Graber, Aaron
- Graber, Benjamin Cleadus
- Graber, Charles Jacob
- Graber, David Lee
- Graber, Glenn S.
- Graber, James Andrew
- Graber, Nelson Jay
- Graber, Robert Charles
- Green, Miles Monroe
- Green, Robert Paul
- Greene, Clifford Allen
- Gregory, Fredric Sheldon
- Greiner, Stanley Wayne
- Griffin, Walter Leroy
- Groening, Jerry Dean
- Groff, Paul Hess
- Grose, Paul Edward Hoag
- Grove, Richard Edwin
- Gulliver, Gerald Bruce
- Gusler, Duane Keith
- Guyer, Charles Oscar
- Guyer, James John
Ha-Hershberger [collective file]
- Hadley, Herald Mort
- Hagedorn, Michael Dale
- Hagens, Richard Lee
- Hagg, Michael Berard
- Halasi, Kalman, Jr.
- Haldeman, William Charles
- Hall, Everett Devon
- Hall, Keith Alvin
- Halpern, Daniel James
- Halteman, Glenn Landis
- Halteman, James G.
- Halterman, Claude Ray
- Hare, John Frederick
- Harmon Clifford Lecount
- Harms, Charles Lynn
- Harper, Herbert Lamar
- Harner, Verle Lee
- Harper, Herbert Lamar
- Harper, Tommy Edward
- Harrell, James Edward
- Harrell, Jeremiah
- Harris, Isaac Miller, III
- Harrison, Albert Lee
- Hartman, Roger Duane
- Hartman, Terry Joseph
- Hartzler, David Everett
- Hartzler, Franklin La Vern
- Hartzler, James Robert
- Hartzler, Roger Allen
- Hazelton, Larry Wayne
- Headings, Daniel Lee
- Heatwole, Marvin Rhodes
- Heisey, Dale Eugene
- Heisey, Nelson Earl
- Helms, Michael Gale
- Helmuth, Clifford Eugene
- Helmuth, Elmer W.
- Helmuth, Ervin N.
- Helmuth, Floyd Joseph
- Helmuth, John Dale
- Helmuth, Vernon Lee
- Hendricks, Charles Melvin
- Henricks, Richard Allen
- Herbert, Dwight Emil
- Herder, Richard E., Jr.
- Herr, Edwin Weaver
- Herr, Jay Carl
- Herrmann, Charles Leroy
- Herrow, William Russel
- Hersch, Stephen Paul
- Hershberger, Albert Dale
- Hershberger, Crist D.
- Hershberger, Delbert D.
- Hershberger, Mark Eldon
- Hershberger, Marlen Ray
- Hershberger, Melvin J.
- Hershberger, Nevin Ray
- Hershberger, Paul R.
- Hershberger, Wayne
Hershey-Hum [collective file]
- Hershey, Clarence Ray
- Hershey, Irvin Lefever
- Hershey, Leon Burkwalter, Jr.
- Hertzler, John Paul
- Hertzler, Roger Vernon
- Hess, Earl Kenneth
- Hess, Gerald Brubaker
- Hess, Jay Harold
- Hicks, James Ronald
- Hiebert, Garvin James
- High, Elvin Leroy, Jr.
- High, Melvin Musser, Jr.
- Hildreth, George Gayle
- Hill, James Robert
- Hill, Richard Arlen
- Hilty, Dan L.
- Hilty, Melvin S.
- Hines, Fred Lee
- Hins, Russell Eugene
- Hochstedler, Lloyd S.
- Hochstetler, Joseph Eldon
- Hochstetler, Leroy E.
- Hochstetler, Raymond L.
- Hochstetler, Wesley
- Hochstetler, Willis J.
- Hodel, Kenneth Roy
- Hofer, Marlowe John
- Hofstetter, Earl Lee
- Hofstetter, Glenford Samuel
- Holdeman, Samuel Myron
- Holderman, Edward Harvey
- Hollander, Sherman Keith
- Holliday, William Edward
- Hollinger, Richard Eugene
- Holmes, David William
- Holsopple, Thomas L.
- Holzer, John Wilhelm
- Hoover, Dale La Verne
- Hoover, Larry David
- Hoover, Levi F.
- Hoover, Paul Eugene
- Hoover, Stanley Glenn
- Hoover, Steven Lowell
- Horst, Gerald Ray
- Horst, Roy Irvin
- Hostetler, Delbert John
- Hostetler, Edwin Marion, Jr.
- Hostetler, Henry B.
- Hostetler, James Wilbur
- Hostetler, Paul Edward
- Hostetler, Roger Lee
- Hottinger, Gerald Dean
- Householter, Dewayne Lee
- Howard, Roosevelt
- Hubbard, Alan Merritt
- Huber, Peter Shockey
- Hufford, William Wayne
- Hufft, Charles Dennis
- Hull, Melvin Mack
- Hummel, Roger Lee
Hun-J [collective file]
- Hunsberger, David
- Hunter, Jerry Lewis
- Huntley, Ralph Franklyn
- Hurst, Allen Martin
- Hurst, Leroy N.
- Huston, Ervin Leroy
- Hutchins, Samuel David
- Inemer, Michael Patrick
- Isaac, Timothy John
- Isaac, Edward Winfield
- Jackson, Dennis Lynn
- Jackson, Henry Leon
- Jackson, Norland Bernard
- Jackson, Ronnie Lee
- Jacobson, Arnold Michael
- Jantz, Curtis David
- Jantz, James Galen
- Jantz, Richard Allen
- Jantzi, Lonnie Lee
- Janzer, David H.
- Janzen, John Willard
- Jay, David Allen
- Jehnsen, John Robert
- Joachim, Lyndon Earl
- Jobs, Dan Allen
- Johnsen, Laurence Stephen
- Johnson-Bey, Ishmel
- Johnson, Jared Roy
- Johnson, Larry Dale
- Jones, David Arthur
- Jones, Thomas
- Jost, Howard Wayne
K-Kna [collective file]
- Kaiser, George Thomas
- Kaliss, Anthony Morris
- Kandel, Clell Eugene
- Kanter, Bruce Jonathan
- Kapica, John Peter
- Kaplan, Roland
- Karg, William Russell
- Kargen, James R.
- Kauffman, Charles Lynn
- Kauffman, Dale Richard
- Kauffman, Darrel Boyd
- Kauffman, David Glenn
- Kauffman, Duane Lee
- Kauffman, Ira H.
- Kauffman, Jake S.
- Kauffman, Joseph Lloyd
- Kauffman, Nathan Leroy
- Kauffman, Robert Glen
- Kauffman, Willard A.
- Kauffman, William Allen
- Kaufman, Donald Lynn
- Kaufman, Firmen N.
- Kaufman, Reuben A.
- Kaufmann, John Edward, Jr.
- Keener, Jason David
- Keim, Roy A.
- Kell, Samuel Hench, Jr.
- Keller, George Richard, Jr.
- Kemp, Noah Wesley
- Kennedy, James Edward
- Kennell, Roger Eugene
- Kenney, John Gerrard
- Keplinger, Loney Melvin, Jr.
- Kerns, Robert Merrill
- Keseloff, Frederick Alex
- Kesselring, Howard Leon
- Khmara, Edward Ilia
- Kilgore, Darious Daniel
- Kimmel, Barry Lynn
- Kindy, William Earl
- King, Alvin Lee
- King, Delbert Lee
- King, Dennis Samuel
- King, Ervin J.
- King, Harry Lee
- King, Robert
- King, Robert Harley
- Kinsey, Neal Wayne
- Kinzie, Eldon Eugene
- Kinzie, Glenn Raymond
- Kisling, Thomas Philip
- Kissell, William Roy
- Kitson, Kenneth Eldon
- Klaassen, Herbert Leonard
- Klassen, Delbert Lee
- Klassen, Richard Merle
- Klassen, Robert Samuel
- Kleinhen, John Raymond
- Klett, Ronald Louis
- Kline, Jesse Amos
- Kline, Vernon A.
- Kling, Robert Charles
- Knapp, Robert William
- Knaus, Glen Dale
Kne-Lans [collective file]
- Knepp, Vernon
- Knicley, Daniel Shank
- Knowlton, Danny Scott
- Koehn, Leon Floyd
- Koehn, Leroy Don
- Koehn, Lewellyn Leon
- Koehn, Ronald James
- Koehn, Steven Mark
- Koehn, Wesley Roy
- Kolb, Norman Jonathan
- Konopinski, Dan Robert
- Koogler, Lewis Galen
- Kooker, Harley M.
- Koon, LeLand Dale
- Kopitzke, David Arnold
- Koppenhaver, Richard Elwood
- Koppenhaver, Ronald Glen
- Kornweibel, Theodore, Jr.
- Koser, Jay Melvin, Jr.
- Kraft, David Gene
- Krall, Lawrence John
- Krause, James Walter
- Krehbiel, E. Roger
- Krehbiel, Joel
- Krehbiel, Timothy Edward
- Kreider, Earl Leaman
- Kreider, Kenneth Lee
- Kreider, Melvin Root
- Kreider, Richard Amos
- Kroeker, Darell, Lee
- Kroeker, Kenneth George
- Kropf, Earl Daniel
- Kropf, Marion Jacob
- Kropf, Walter K.
- Kruke, Rodney Allen
- Kuboshima, Peter Kan
- Kulp, John E.
- Kummer, Todd Lukens
- Kurtz, Paul James
- Lacey, Richard Albert
- Laing, Donald Lee
- Lair, Donald Gayle
- Lair, Keith Eugene
- Lair, Kenneth Eugene
- Lairson, Erick Dean
- Lambdin, Michael
- Lambright, Elva H.
- Lambright, Ernest Jay
- Lamkins, Donald Claude
- Landhuis, Jesse John
- Landis, Glen Le Roy
- Landis, James Kenneth
- Lansidel, Richard Duane

Box 39
Lant-Lu [collective file]
- Lantau, Charles William
- Lanter, Ralph Warren
- Lapp, Joseph Andrew
- Lapp, Joseph Lamar
- Larson, Donald Lee
- Lausch, Kenneth Arlin
- Laviolette, Allen James
- Layfield, Tom Murray
- Leach, Gary Arnold
- Leaman, Kenneth Ray
- Leatherman, Harold Charles
- Leatherman, Walter James
- Lee, Douglas Gene
- Lehman, David Luther
- Lehman, Glenn Mark
- Lehman, John Robert, Jr.
- Lehman, Larry Joe
- Lehman, Larry Lee [from Albany, OR]
- Lehman, Larry Lee [from Hopewell, PA]
- Lehman, Larry Lee [from Mill Creek, IN]
- Lehman, Samuel Jonathan
- Leininger, Stanley Wenger
- Lengacher, Glenn
- Lengacher, Joseph A.
- Leonard, James Leroy
- Leu, Darrell Arvid
- Leu, John Devon
- Lewis, Ernest
- Lewis, Jon Allan
- Leys, George Edward
- Liechty, Darrell Lamar
- Liechty, Stanley Wayne
- Lien, Lenard Raymond
- Lind, Jonathan Shoemaker
- Lind, Kenneth Dale
- Link, Geoffrey Philip
- Linn, Douglas Frederick
- Linneman, Charles Henry
- Litke, Dale Gilbert
- Litwiller, Terence Allen
- Litwiller, Wayne Dean
- Livingston, Peter David
- Lloyd, Donald Eugene
- Loewen, Allyn Keith
- Loewen, Calvin Kenneth
- Loewen, Frank Marlowe
- Loewen, Ronald Dean
- Long, Frank Benjamin
- Long, Harold William
- Long, Hayden Daniel
- Long, Leonard Thomas
- Long, Paul Edward
- Long, Ralph Wayne
- Longacre, David Reeser
- Longacre, James Harold
- Longacre, Newton Treichler
- Loose, Gerald Wilmer
- Loucke, Wayne Eugene
- Love, Harold Wayne
- Loxley, Jack B.
- Lugibihl, Kenneth Paul
- Lutz, Mark J.
Ma-Meh [collective file]
- Mac Blane, Thomas Stephen
- Mac Farlame, Russell James
- Maline, Michael Edward
- Mann, Dennis Carlisle
- Manning, Wayne
- Martens, John Roy
- Martens, Richard Dean
- Martin, Allen Harold
- Martin, Amos Martin
- Martin, Dale Eugene
- Martin, Darwin Lee
- Martin, Dennis Oliver
- Martin, Earl Kurtz
- Martin, Eugene Royce
- Martin, Glenn Hurst
- Martin, Gordon Lee
- Martin, Harold Ray
- Martin, Isaac Burkholder
- Martin, Ivan Kurts
- Martin, James Arnold
- Martin, James Edward
- Martin, Jerry Fisher
- Martin, John Dourte
- Martin, Larry Lee
- Martin, Leon Earl
- Martin, Leonard H.
- Martin, Levon H.
- Martin, Luke David
- Martin, Lynn Luther
- Martin, Melvin S.
- Mast, Amos D.
- Mast, Fred S.
- Mast, John J.
- Mast, Mose D.
- Mast, Paul David
- Mast, Ralph Earl
- Mast, Uriah, Jr.
- Mattern, David Larry
- Matthes, Garth William
- Matthews, Harold Lee
- Maust, Lynn Dale
- Maust, Wendell Lee
- McConnell, Richard Arnold
- McCray, Leroy Theodore
- McCurrach, Stephen Bruce
- McDaniel, Raymond William
- McDaniel, Victor Berton
- McDonald, Athen Matthew
- McDorman, Franklin LeRoy
- McGowan, William Joseph
- McIntire, Timothy Lee
- McKoy, John Harris
- McMichael, William V.
- McMurray, Darrell James
- McNett, Wesley Urban
- McVey, Kenneth Eugene
- Mead, Ritridge Arthur
- Meadors, Donald Alan
- Medlar, Thomas Milton
- Mehl, Ronald Steve
Mei - Miller (Melvin) [collective file]
- Meitzler, Leslie Vernon
- Mellinger, Judson Lane
- Mellor, Venn Gray
- Melville, Douglas William
- Mendrin, Max John
- Mendel, Gerhard Lee
- Mennell, Lee Franklin
- Metzger, Philip Dean
- Metzger, Teddy Joe
- Metzler, Ross David
- Middaugh, Charles Rodney
- Mikesell, Gerald Thomas
- Miller, Alan Eugene
- Miller, Albert J.
- Miller, Alvin H.
- Miller, Amos S.
- Miller, Andrew E.
- Miller, Andy M.
- Miller, Atlee H.
- Miller, Atlee J.
- Miller, Chris, Jr.
- Miller, Cleo Ray
- Miller, Clyde Duane
- Miller, Daniel John
- Miller, Daniel Ray
- Miller, Daniel S.
- Miller, Dean J.
- Miller, Don Jay
- Miller, Duane Linford
- Miller, Eli J.
- Miller, Ezra L.
- Miller, Freeman A. [from Middlefield, OH]
- Miller, Freeman A. [from Orrville, OH]
- Miller, Gail Edwin
- Miller, Galen Lee
- Miller, Gary Dean
- Miller, Gene Leroy
- Miller, Harlan John
- Miller, Harold C.
- Miller, Henry T.
- Miller, Ivan L.
- Miller, Ivan S.
- Miller, James Martin
- Miller, James Monroe
- Miller, James Ray
- Miller, Joe U.
- Miller, John Daniel
- Miller, John J.
- Miller, John Myron
- Miller, John Olen
- Miller, John Paul
- Miller, Jonas J.
- Miller, Joseph P.
- Miller, Kenneth Keith
- Miller, Kevin Bret
- Miller, Larry James
- Miller, Leon Ray
- Miller, Leslie Ray
- Miller, Lester T.
- Miller, Lewis Benjamin
- Miller, Lloyd Vernon
- Miller, Loren Ray
- Miller, Manilius Ray
- Miller, Marshall Ray
- Miller, Max Willard
- Miller, Melvin
Miller (Nelson) - Mur [collective file]
- Miller, Nelson
- Miller, Nelson J.
- Miller, Paul P.
- Miller, Perry
- Miller, Ray A.
- Miller, Raymond J.
- Miller, Raymond Leroy
- Miller Richard E.
- Miller, Rodney Edward
- Miller, Roland Gail
- Miller, Ronald James
- Miller, Roy J.
- Miller, Royal Keith
- Miller, Samuel Eugene
- Miller, Stanley Phillip
- Miller, Stephen Allen
- Miller, Ted Alan
- Miller, Uria W.
- Miller, Verlin Lamar
- Miller, Vernon J.
- Miller, Wayne L.
- Miller, William Gerald
- Miller, William J.
- Mills, Gene Edward
- Miner, Kenneth Lee
- Mishler, Ora Jay
- Mitchell, Donald Paul, Jr.
- Mohier, Allen Ray
- Monahan, David William
- Monroe, Earl Burton
- Monroe, Stephen Alexander
- Mooneyham, Kenneth Eugene
- Moorman, David Sterett
- Morgan, Harry Lee
- Morgan, John Moore
- Morozov, Harold John
- Morozov, John William, Jr.
- Morse, Keith Richard
- Morzov, Frederick Lee
- Mott, Rodger Dale
- Moyer, Cleon Alderfer
- Moyer, David
- Moyer, Melvin Eugene
- Moyer, Vernon Rush
- Muhlenbruch, Ronald Dee
- Mullet, Freeman H.
- Mullet, Joe E.
- Mullet, Paul S.
- Mullet, William R.
- Mullett, Joseph Henry
- Mullett, Lavern Jay
- Mullins, Carl Burgess
- Mullins, Timothy Patrick
- Murphy, James Blaine
- Murphy, John Lawrence
- Murray, Kenneth Earl
- Murry, Richard Paul
Mus-Ol [collective file]
- Musser, Marlin Glen
- Musser, Robert Jay
- Myer, Ralph Edwin
- Myers, Harold S.
- Myers, Harry Osman
- Myers, Stanley Dale
- Mylin, Glenn Robert
- Nafziger, Mervin J.
- Nafziger, Richard Alan
- Nava, Robert Lucio
- Naylor, Gerald Dean
- Nees, Larry Lee
- Neiford, Jon Darell
- Nelson, Larry Dale
- Nesmith, David Earl
- Neufeld, Paul George
- Newman, Stephen Henry
- Nichel, Stanley Leonard
- Nick, Nicolas Alexander
- Nickel, Gilbert
- Nickel, Jimmy Allen
- Nickel, Ronald Dean
- Nightengale, Andrew Joseph
- Nightengale, Henry Allen
- Nightingale, Eldon Ray
- Nisly, Maynard E.
- Nissley, Kenneth Miller
- Nissley, Vernon C.
- Noble, Gordon David
- Nofziger, Donald Lee
- Nofziger, Edward Lee
- Nofziger, Jerry Allen
- Noonchester, Frederick Klaren
- Norris, Arthur George
- Norton, Gary Duane
- Novick, David Michael
- Nussbaum, Howard Lee
- Nyce, Vernon
- Oberholzer, Kenneth Eugene
- Oberly, Larry Leroy
- Oliver, Larry Milton
- Oliver, Roosevelt
O’Neal, John Milton, Jr. [in separate folder]

Box 40

Or-Rab [collective file]
- Orendorf, Leonard La Ray
- Orendorff, Lyle Eugene
- Orr, Wayne Eugene
- Ortman, Frederic Krehbiel
- Osborne, David Troyer
- Osborne, Philip La Mar
- Oswald, Dale Dennis, Jr.  
- Otto, Lester Eugene
- Otto, Melvin Jake
- Overholser, Jack Donald
- Overholt, Fred
- Overly, Ronald Henry
- Owen, David Lynn
- Oyer, Robert Lynn
- Pagano, Timothy James
- Palmer, Ronald Bruce
- Pappas, John Theodore, Jr. 
- Pardini, Earl
- Parker, John William, Jr. 
- Parker, Walter Ray
- Parks, Forrest Leslie
- Parsons, David Henry, III
- Parsons, Robert Gregory
- Passmore, John Robert
- Patches, Luther Ralph
- Patel, Bhagubahai Bhule
- Paulus, Paul David
- Peachey, Jay Irvin
- Peachey, Karl Blaine
- Peacock, Ralph Mark
- Peck, Terry Jay
- Pedersen, John Edwood
- Penner, Ray Allen
- Perkins, Herbert James
- Perry, David Lee
- Peters, Dennis Dean
- Peters, Jerold Edward
- Peters, Joe La Verne
- Peters, Lelyn Gail
- Peters, Ronald Lee
- Petre, Harold Lee
- Pflederer, Robert Lee
- Pidgeon, William Charles
- Pitts, Henry Ulysses, Jr.  
- Platter, Henry Nelson
- Plenert, Jerald Lee
- Pletcher, Roger Allen
- Pletcher, Stanley Kent
- Porter, Robert Winearls
- Powers, Larry Dean
- Pregent, Leigh Colin
- Preheim, Delbert Jonathan
- Preheim, Gayle Orlo
- Prestbroten, Sven Olaf
- Queisser, Robert Louis, IV
- Quiring, David Jonathan
- Rabenstein, Richard Allen
- Raber, Abe L.
- Raber, Alvin
- Raber, Atlee A.
- Raber, Eli A.
- Raber, Eli J.
- Raber, John
- Raber, Le Roy J.
- Raber, Levi E.
- Raber, Roman A.
Rah-Ru [collective file]
- Rahn, Eugene Paul
- Raifsnider, Wayne Ellis
- Ramer, Virgil Lamar
- Rappold, William Henry
- Ratzlaff, Paul Ward
- Ratzlaff, Robert Allen
- Reder, Ronald Ollie
- Rediger, Bernard Dean
- Redskop, Jacob Benjamin
- Reeb, John Andrew, III
- Reed, Kenneth David
- Reed, Roger Kent
- Regier, Charles Eugene
- Regier, Calvin Lynn
- Regier, Donald James
- Regier, Lester Gene
- Rehak, Delmer Wayne
- Reid, Peter Williamson
- Reimer, Gilbert Ross
- Reimer, Norman Eugene
- Reist, David Henry
- Rempel, Merrill Dean
- Replogle, Roger Lee
- Reschly, Denton Ralph
- Reschly, Meredith Linn
- Reyes, Oscar
- Reynolds, Marvin John, Jr.
- Richards, Robert E., Jr.
- Richer, Larry Allen
- Riekenber, Lyle Dean
- Riggenbach, Donald Dean
- Riggleman, Glenn Norman
- Ringenberg, Roger Laurence
- Rishel, Joseph Preston
- Ritch, Alan William
- Robison, Philip Irwin
- Rodabaugh, Stanley Edwin
- Rohrer, David Lee
- Rohrs, David John
- Rosenberry, James Leroy
- Roskos, Stephen Peter
- Rotenberg, David
- Roth, John Benjamin
- Roth, Norman Garth
- Rothaar, Dennis Kay
- Rothenbusch, Hermann
- Rothsteim, Richard Joel
- Rowland, Roy Allen
- Rudiger, Eldo Gale
- Rumer, Ronald Titus
- Rupp, Alvin Jay
- Rupp, Harry Richard
- Ruth, Samuel Rittenhouse
- Rutrough, Darrel Ray
- Rutrough, Donald Lee
- Rutrough, Jacob Lowell
Sa-Sel [collective file]
- Saffer, Keith Arlin
- Sager, Galen Douglas
- Samarin, Dennis Roy
- Sanders, Gary Lynn
- Sandidge, Robert Louis
- Sandoz, Jerry Eugene
- Sandoz, Rodney Charles
- Saner, Dale Richard
- Saner, Leroy David
- Sark, Dana Dwight
- Sauder, Abram Lewis
- Sauder, Gerald Risser
- Sauder, Leon Ray
- Sawatzky, Winston Timothy
- Saylor, Jesse L.
- Scally, James Joseph
- Scarlett, Robert Hunter
- Schalk, David Eugene
- Schantz, Arland Howard
- Schertz, Dale Eugene
- Scheufler, Clyde Eugene
- Schey, Terry Lee
- Schlabach, Aden A.
- Schlabach, Andrew A.
- Schlabach, Jonas L.
- Schlabach, Nelson W.
- Schlabach, Titus
- Schmidt, David Wayne
- Schmidt, Frederick Paul
- Schmidt, Garry Keith
- Schmidt, Gaylord Ray
- Schmidt, Gordon Wesley
- Schmidt, Johathan
- Schmidt, Norman Gene
- Schmidt, Verle Dean
- Schmidt, William Donald
- Schmucker, Dennis Leroy
- Schneider, Alvin Leon, Jr. 
- Schock, John Wilbur, Jr.  
- Schrag, Daniel Dean
- Schrag, Robert Dale
- Schrock, Daniel Paul
- Schrock, David Murl
- Schrock, Joseph M.
- Schrock, Levi R.
- Schrock, Merit Duane
- Schrock, Ralph Lynn
- Schrock, Ronald Lee
- Schrock, Rufus - Samuel
- Schroeder, John Mark
- Schroeder, Richard John
- Schroeder, Roy Allen
- Schroeder, Wesley Allen
- Schubert, Ronald Paul
- Schurter, William John
- Schwartz, Luther Elmer
- Schwarz, Theodore Robert
- Schwarzendruber, John William
- Schweitzer, Ronald Ray
- Seeley, Robert Atkinson
- Seese, Otis Rodman
- Seibel, Clinton Howard
- Seiler, Michael Ross
- Seiler, Rolan Jay
- Selzer, Gerald Leroy
Sen-Sn [collective file]
- Sensenig, Carl Zimmerman
- Sensenig, Jay Robert
- Severance, Kenneth Paul
- Shank, C. Robert
- Shank, Dale Richard
- Shank, Galen Wayne
- Shank, Jay Moses
- Shank, Robert Lynn
- Sharp, Kenneth David
- Sheeler, Donald Paul
- Sheets, Wilbur Dale
- Shellenberger, Ronald Gene
- Shelnutt, Luther Randall
- Shenk, John Barge
- Shenk, Stanley James
- Shetler, Ivan A.
- Shirk, Barry Lee
- Shirk, Glenn Ray
- Shirk, John Larry
- Shirk, Merlin Lee
- Shonk, Leroy Kenneth
- Short, Leon Jay
- Showalter, Amos Henry
- Showalter, Ronald Lee
- Shriner, Stanley Craig
- Shrock, John
- Shultis, Daniel Robert
- Sidwell, Raymond Louis
- Sieber, Gerald Allen
- Siegrist, Ray Henry
- Siemens, Leander John
- Simons, Joseph Marion
- Slabach, Ervin Joni
- Slabach, Lloyd E.
- Slabaugh, David Henry
- Slabaugh, Virgil Lynn
- Slabugh, Steven Ray
- Slappey, Thomas Glen
- Slaubaugh, Elvin Eugene
- Smeltzer, Ronald Richard
- Smiddy, Hershel Glenn
- Smith, Alan Winston
- Smith, Carl Rudolf
- Smith, Chester D.
- Smith, Clyde William
- Smith, Daniel Lee
- Smith, George Everitt, Jr.
- Smith, Glen Dale
- Smith, James Calvin
- Smith, Linden Arthur
- Smith, Phillip Ray
- Smothers, Ronald Lee
- Snavely, James Raymond
- Snedden, Robert Walter
- Sneden, Albert Terhune, III
- Snider, Glenn Gregory
- Snider, Richard Lee
- Snyder, Carl Lee
- Snyder, Junior Harold
- Snyder, Stephen Albert
So-Sw [collective file]
- Somers, Paul Mack
- Sommers, Arden Ray
- Sommers, Eugene
- Sommers, Jonas A.
- Sommers, Mervin
- Sommers, Mervin M.
- Sommers, William Dean
- Sonifrank, David Eugene
- Souder, David Ray Mitman
- Sowers, Floyd William
- Speicher, David Kirk
- Spory, Melvin Lee
- Stapenhorst, Steven John
- Starbuck, Timothy Dewees
- Starr, Dorwin Lee
- Stauffer, Glenn Eugene
- Steele, Larry Delmas
- Steiner, Eldon Ray
- Stephey, John Fredrick
- Stern, Eric Marshall
- Stevens, John Patrick
- Stevenson, Karl William
- Stewart, Gary Eugene
- Stickford, Keith Lewis
- Stiegman, Darryl Dean
- Stoll, Amos Junior
- Stoll, William Francis
- Stoltzfus, David M.
- Stoltzfus, Gene Ray
- Stoltzfus, John Alvin
- Stoltzfus, Moses Stolzfus
- Stoltzfus, Samuel S., Jr.
- Stout, Clayton Wayne
- Stout, Leon Edgar
- Strader, Ardie Ellis, Jr.
- Strausbaugh, Terry Leon
- Strite, Richard Dennis
- Struble, James Ellis
- Stuckey, Richard E.
- Stuckey, Wyman David
- Stucky, Bobby Eugene
- Stucky, John Gary
- Stucky, Robert Keith
- Stucky, Stanley Gene
- Stucky, Stephen Wayne
- Stucky, Steven Joe
- Stutzman, David L.
- Stutzman, David Lee
- Stutzman, Emery J.
- Stutzman, Glenn E.
- Stutzman, Keith A.
- Stutzman, Raymond E.
- Stutzman, Robert Eugene
- Stutzman, Robert Maxton
- Stutzman, Thomas Ray
- Sucsy, David C.
- Suhajda, Michael Andrew
- Sutton, Edwin Ashley
- Swartley, George Alan
- Swartzendruber, John Edward, Jr. 
- Swartzendruber, Ronald Jay
- Swartzentruber, Gerald Dwaine
- Swartzentruber, Linford La Marr
T-V [collective file]
- Taylor, Ronnie Dale
- Thieszen, Leroy James
- Thomas, Douglas M.
- Thomas, Kenneth Devon
- Thomas, Kenneth Ray
- Thompson, David Milton
- Thompson, Eric Eastburn
- Thompson, Frank Eugene
- Thompson, Paul Martin
- Thomson, Matt, Jr.  
- Tickenoff, John Wayne
- Tiemeyer, David John
- Tilbert, Terry George
- Tilley, George Laverne
- Toerper, David Barton
- Toews, Robert La Vern
- Tolstoy, William Jack
- Tornquist, August Douglas
- Trautwein, Richard Dean
- Trevino, Roland Ernest
- Trimble, David Brown
- Troester, Frank
- Troyer, Andy N.
- Troyer, Burl E.
- Troyer, Jerry Lee
- Troyer, Moses E.
- Troyer, Neil E.
- Troyer, Paul A.
- Troyer, Richard Wayne
- Troyer, Roger Lee
- Troyer, Roman A.
- Troyer, Stanley Jewell
- Troyer, Verlin W.
- Tucker, Harold Dale
- Turner, Bobby Jack
- Turner, Gerald Eugene
- Tyler, Tim
- Ulrich, Donald Ray
- Ulrich, Raymond Eugene
- Ulrich, Roger Wilton
- Unrau, Marlin Eugene
- Unruh, Darryl Gene
- Unruh, Lyle Duane
- Unruh, Vernon Dale
- Unruh, Warren Glenn
- Unternahrer, Clarence Frederick
- Unternahrer, Ralph Leichty
- Unzicker, Ronald Roy
- Upchurch, Curtis Lee
- Valdez, Clarence Richardo
- Van der Water, John James
- Vannoy, David Lynn
- Van Tine, John Raub, III
- Victory, Robert Francis
- Villanueva, Ralph
- Vogt, Gaylon Duane
- Vogt, Wayne Keith
- Von Gunten, Stanley Lee
- Voorhis, Gary Lee

Box 41
W-Weil [collective file]
- Wagenbach, Park Luther
- Wagler, Mark E.
- Wakefield, James Lowell
- Walters, Allan Thomas
- Walters, Lloyd Franklin
- Waltner, Robert Charles
- Ward, Edward Allen
- Ward, Glenn Mc Ree
- Ward, Jerry Francis
- Ward, Maynard Louis
- Warkentin, Daniel James
- Warkentin, Stanley Ray
- Watson, Richard Eric
- Waugaman, Robert Dean
- Waugh, Kenneth Prank, Jr.
- Weaver, Aaron Richard
- Weaver, Dale Eugene
- Weaver, David Lee
- Weaver, Donald Lee
- Weaver, Elam Clyde
- Weaver, Harry E.
- Weaver, Harry J.
- Weaver, John Gingrich
- Weaver, Henry W.
- Weaver, Leon Zimmerman
- Weaver, Leroy A.
- Weaver, Melvin M., Jr.  
- Weaver, Michael Vernon
- Weaver, Paul E.
- Weaver, Warren M.
- Weaver, Wayne J.
- Weaver, Winston Odell, Jr.  
- Webb, James Dewey
- Weber, Amos Good
- Weber, Paul Eugene
- Webster, Charles Richard
- Wedel, Galen Silas
- Wedel, Melvin Daniel
- Weed, David Lyle
- Weidner, James Cornelius
- Weiler, Clarence Martin
Weir-Wrig [collective file]
- Weirch, Joseph E.
- Weiss, Richard Henry
- Welch, Daniel Alan
- Wells, Walter Keith
- Wenger, Clair Raymond
- Wenger, David Ray
- Wenger, David Swope
- Wenger, Eugene Eby
- Wenger, Harold Robert
- Wenger, James Alvin
- Wenger, J. Earl
- Wenger, Kenneth Allen
- Wenger, Noland Edgar
- Wengerd, Andrew J.
- Wengerd, Daniel Ray
- Wengerd, Jerry Allen
- Wengerd, Ronald Gene
- Wentorf, Dale Le Roy
- Wert, Melvin James
- West, Brian Eugene
- West, John Miller
- West, Steven Landon
- Westrom, Walter David
- Wheeler, Joseph Lee
- White, Edward Jackson, II
- White, Ronald Rountree
- Whitford, Robert Van Norman
- Wickey, John S.
- Wieneke, Richard Paul
- Wiener, Paul Herman Aaron
- Wiens, Donald Lee
- Wiens, Jay Dennis
- Wiens, Orvis Lee
- Wiens, Robert James
- Wiggers, Maynard De Vern
- Wildman, Edward Embree
- Wiles, Richard Alan
- Wilgus, Jerre Curtis
- Wilkins, Dennis Dale
- Willems, Dennis John
- Williams, David Clayton
- Williams, David George
- Williams, Harold
- Willis, James Eugene
- Wilson, Nathan Eugene
- Wilson, Philip Leon
- Wilt, Robert Dale
- Wingerd, Edgar Calvin
- Wingerd, Raymond Bert
- Wingert, Donald Le Roy
- Wingert, Ray Allen
- Wingfield, Marvin Dow, Jr.  
- Winslow, Robert Charles
- Wipe, Joseph Jake
- Wisner, Benjamin Goodwin, Jr.
- Witmer, Ray Sensenig
- Wittrig, Gene Howard
- Wittwer, Robert Otto
- Winder, Thomas Lee
- Wojcik, Philip Walter
- Wolfe, James Godfrey, Jr.  
- Wood, David Bowne
- Wray, Luther Benton, Jr. 
- Wright, Ronald Leo
Wrin-Z [collective file]
- Wrinkles, Larry Clifford
- Yeackley, Keith Ellis
- Yerkes, Richard Harmer
- Yoder, Abe A.
- Yoder, Aldon Dean
- Yoder, Allen Lee
- Yoder, Alton Lavern
- Yoder, Alvin D.
- Yoder, Amos A.
- Yoder, Andrew A.
- Yoder, Calvin Lewis
- Yoder, Calvin Morris
- Yoder, Clifton
- Yoder, Daniel E.
- Yoder, Danny Eugene
- Yoder, David D., Jr. 
- Yoder, Delbert A.
- Yoder, Donald Eugene [from Goshen, IN]
- Yoder, Donald Eugene [from Canton, OH]
- Yoder, Eli A.
- Yoder, Ezra Jay
- Yoder, Floyd Harvey
- Yoder, Gene Edward
- Yoder, James Luke
- Yoder, Joe D.
- Yoder, John Charles
- Yoder, John D.
- Yoder, John Earl
- Yoder, Joseph
- Yoder, Harvey Lee
- Yoder, Henry J.
- Yoder, Homer Paul
- Yoder, Jerry J.
- Yoder, Lynn Douglas
- Yoder, Marvin Ray
- Yoder, Milton A.
- Yoder, Norman Wayne
- Yoder, Owen H.
- Yoder, Paul Edgar
- Yoder, Paul Jay
- Yoder, Raymond Glenn
- Yoder, Robert Paul
- Yoder, Ronald Mark
- Yoder, Roy Louis
- Yoder, Roy Samuel
- Yoder, Stephen E.
- Yoder, Vernon Lee
- Yoder, Verton Kenneth
- Yoder, Wilbur
- Yoder, Willis M.
- Yohn, Marcus Lee
- York, Boyd Eugene
- York, Thomas Dwight
- Yost, Clark Colin
- Yost, Dale Keith
- Yothers, Paul
- Young, William Alonza
- Zehr, Edward Daniel
- Zehr, Stanley George
- Ziebell, Judson
- Ziegler, Donald Wesley
- Zielke, Richard Keith
- Zimmer, John William
- Zimmerman, Clair M.
- Zimmerman, Harvey Lamar
- Zook, Elwood Nevin
- Zook, Glenn Ray
- Zook, Thomas James

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