Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Part I, Series F,1

Contact Information
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399 U.S.A.
Telephone: 610-328-8557 (curator);
Fax: 610-690-5728
Email: wchmiel@swarthmore.edu (curator)
URL: http://www.swarthmore.edu/Library/peace/

Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
Inclusive Dates
Call Number
DG 025

Language of Materials
Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information / Historical Background / Collection Overview / Arrangement / Etc.

See index page for information

Restrictions apply to any Series that include files about individual men, as noted below. Researchers must gain permission from the director of the Center on Conscience and War to view specific files. Contact the SCPC Curator about this matter.

All boxes are stored off-site. A request for their retrieval must be given to the SCPC Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the SCPC. See index page for which Series are off-site.

Detailed Description of Part I (Files from 1940-1946), Series F,1: Records re: Individuals in CPS [formerly Series D]
In this checklist, underlined words are box headings
Restrictions apply to all boxes/folders that contain information about individual men

These files do not just contain discharge records, but are composed of all forms and correspondence generated about each man/woman in CPS. Also note that "Junior" was sometimes used as a middle name, as per some names below. A listing such as Smucker, Adam, Jr. should be read as Adam Smucker Jr.; similarly Smucker, Adam, II should be read as Adam Smucker II.

Box 1 off-site
Abbenhouse, Lester C.
Abele, Charles Frederick
Abell, Richard Palmer
Aberman, Sidney
Ablett, Joseph Harold
Abrahams, Norman Ernest
Abrecht, James Walter
Abshire, Paul Harold
Achenbach, Edison LaRue
Ackerman, Eugene
Ackerman, Frank Vercler
Ackerman, Martin Albert
Ackerman, Paul Kurt
Ackerman, William Blake
Ackers, Frank Thomas
Ackley, Sheldon Carmer
Adamik, Julius Lawrence
Adams, Alan Edward

Box 2 off-site
Adams, Christopher Leon
Adams, Denver Milton
Adams, Eldren Alvin
Adams, Elwood Ralph
Adams, George Robert
Adams, Horace Franklin
Adams, Leslie Orton
Adams, Louis Mason
Adams, M. Robert, Jr.
Adams, Paul Lieber
Adams, Raymond Howard
Adams, Robert Neal
Adams, Theodore Daniel
Adams, Wilmer Fred
Adamson, Jean
Adkins, Thomas Henry
Adlesic, Ralph John
Adlon, John William
Adrian, Henry V.
Adrian, Walter Verlando
Aeschliman, Elton John
Aeschliman, John Galen
Aeschliman, Ora Calvin
Aggertt, Otis, Jr.

Box 3 off-site
Ahrens, Henry William
Ahrens, Oscar Christian
Ainsworth, John Logan
Akers, Charles Shacklett
Akers, Jesse Walton
Akutowicz, Edwin James
Alaes, Ferdinand
Albrecht, Dan Murray
Albrecht, Emil
Albrecht, James Emerson
Albrecht, Joseph Henry
Albrecht, Marion Niles
Albrecht, Paul Abraham
Albrecht, Robert Raymond
Albrecht, Roy Allen
Albright, Homer Henry
Albritton, Edgar Thomas
Alden, Donald Carl
Alderfer, Everett Gordon
Alderfer, Horace Keller

Box 4 off-site
Alderfer, Melvin Landes
Alderfer, Norman Groff
Alderfer, Paul Detweiler
Alderfer, Stanley Detweiler
Alders, William
Aldrich, Bernard LeRoy
Aleem, Nazeer
Alexander, Barton
Alexander, Byron Eugene
Alexander, Earl Adam
Alexander, Escoe Elzie
Alexander, Howard Wright
Alexander, Ruble Garrett
Alexander, William Louis
Alger, John Paul
Alger, Ralph Jacob
Allan, William J.
Allein, George John
Allein, Joseph John
Alleman, Melvin Irvin

Box 5 off-site
Allen, Charles Jackson, Jr.
Allen, Daniel Stetson
Allen, Donald Reagan
Allen, Frank Croft
Allen, James Leroy
Allen, John Charles
Allen, Lloyd Robert
Allen, Lyle Bernard
Allen, Max Weldon
Allen, Paul Vernin
Allerson, Holley Virgil
Alliman, Gilbert Wyse
Allinger, Warren Carl
Alliston, John Clark, Jr.
Allman, Everette Lee
Allred, Joseph Myrick
Allred, Philip Morrison
Allstot, Richard Elmer
Alspaugh, Charles Leroy
Alspaugh, Robert Paul
Altic, Glenn Franklin
Altman, Walter Forrest
Ambler, Howard Muir

Box 6 off-site
Ambler, William Webster, Jr.
Ambrose, Henry Bartlett
Amburgy, Claude I.
Amburgy, Marvin Edward
Amburgy, Wayne S.
Ament, Edward Franklin
Ames, Winslow
Amstutz, Arlin Glen
Amstutz, Arthur Lee
Amstutz, Ivan Clair
Amstutz, Lester Dale
Amstutz, Noah Leo
Amstutz, Robert Freeman
Andersen, Francis
Andersen, Harry Samuel
Andersohn, Emerson LeMar
Anderson, Dale
Anderson, Alvin Troy
Anderson, Carl D.
Anderson, Carl Edwin
Anderson, Carl Robert
Anderson, Charles Ernest

Box 7 off-site
Anderson, David
Anderson, Demry Lee
Anderson, Dole Abel, Jr.
Anderson, Emil Gustov
Anderson, Francis William
Anderson, George Arthur
Anderson, Henrick
Anderson, James Lewis
Anderson, John Delbert
Anderson, Laurence
Anderson, Lewis Laverne
Anderson, Lloyd Richard
Anderson, Noah
Anderson, Oscar Edwin
Anderson, Paul Victor
Anderson, Raymond Edward
Anderson, Richard Charles
Anderson, Sydney
Anderson, Theodore Richard
Anderson, Tobe
Anderson, Verner Valfrid
Anderson, Vernon Wesley
Anderson, Walfred LaRoy

Box 8 off-site
Anderson, Wallace Carl Edwin
Anderson, William Eugene
Anderson, William Francis
Anderson, William Franklin, II
Andes, Asa Nelson
Andes, Edgar Early
Andes, John Henry
Andre, Luther Aumund
Andreas, Carl R.
Andreas, John Fredrick
Andreas, Paul William
Andrew, Kenneth L.
Andrews, Burton Allen
Andrews, Clifford Ray
Andrews, Frank Richard
Andrews, James Whitmore
Angell, Clarence Simeon
Angell, Stephen Leroy, Jr.
Angle, Howard Edgar
Angle, Luther Eugene

Box 9 off-site
Angle, Roy Clarence
Angle, Wayne L.
Anselm, Courtenay David
Anspach, George William, Jr.
Anthony, Hayes William
Anthony, William George
Antonio, Charles Augustus
Appenzeller, Abe
Applegate, Merlin Jay
Arcese, Alfredo
Archer, Cecil Duncan
Archer, Leonard Benjamin
Arhelger, Wayne William
Armantrout, Earl Willard
Armantrout, Ellis Paul
Armentrout, John Raymond
Arms, Adolph Herman
Armstrong, Arthur Harold
Armstrong, Donald Budd, Jr.
Armstrong, James Elmer
Armstrong, James Harrison
Armstrong, James Herrinhott
Armstrong, Jesse J.
Armstrong, Lincoln  

Box 10 off-site
Armstrong, Robert Neil
Armstrong, Wayne Evert
Arnecke, Alfred
Arnett, Donald Matthew
Arnett, Edward McCollin
Arnett, Waldo Emerson
Arney, Lewis Jesse
Arney, Melvin E.
Arnold, Albert Dewey
Arnold, Arthur Edward
Arnold, Edwin Harry
Arnold, Lloyd Clifford
Arnold, Walter Harry, Jr.
Arnold, William Henry
Aronin, Aaron
Arroyo, Rene Michael
Ashby, Clyde Darris
Ashby, Paul Flesher
Ashcraft, Alva
Ashman, George Burdell
Atchison, William Avery
Athains, George W.
Atherton, John Robert

Box 11 off-site
Atherton, Joseph Eugene through Austin, Roland Michael

Box 12 off-site
Autenrieth, Horace Henry through Baer, Willard Allen

Box 13 off-site
Bagnell, Eugene
Bagwell, Caroll Weaver
Bahnson, Frederic Newhall
Bailey, Charles Lloyd
Bailey, Donald Harry
Bailey, Felix Bryan
Bailey, Frank Tennyson, Jr.
Bailey, Harry Harris
Bailey, Janius Jarrison
Bailey, John Groff, Jr.
Bailey, Marriner Record
Bailey, Winston Sherman
Baily, Herbert Stanton
Baima, Valentino Domenico
Baine, Henry Martin
Baird, George Hetzel
Baird, John William
Baker, Charles Walter
Baker, DeLoss William
Baker, Denver Shirl
Baker, Edward Maynard
Baker, Frederick John
Baker, John Edward
Baker, John Henry
Baker, Loyd Henry
Baker, Norman Leroy

Box 14 off-site
Baker, Paul Darrel through Balmer, Clyde Hess

Box 15 off-site
Balster, Kenneth Lyle through Bargen, Ralph Kliewer

Box 16 off-site
Barillet, Louis through Barnhart, John Abraham

Box 17 off-site
Barnhart, Roy David through Bartel, John C.

Box 18 off-site
Bartel, Leonhard through Barton, Chester Wray

Box 19 off-site
Barton, Harold Edwin Logan
Bartram, John Dickinson
Bartram, Jr. Thomas Smedley
Bartlett, Phillips Payson
Bartlett, Raymond William
Barto, Harvey Jr.
Basinger, Bryan B.
Basinger, Leonard Wallace
Basinger, Lowell Eugene
Bass, Norris Mark
Bassett, Thomas Day
Bassler, Carl Bruce
Batcheller, Raymond
Batchelor, Jon David
Bateman, Paul Trevier
Bates, Donald Joe
Bates, Francis Patrick
Bates, John Edward
Batley, James Eddie
Batterman, Jacob Reuben
Batterman, Levi Myers
through Batterman, Levi Myers

Box 20 off-site
Bauer, George, Jr. through Bayer, David Henry

Box 21 off-site
Bayer, George through Beachy, Nelson

Box 22 off-site
Beachy, Noah J. through Beattie, Samuel F.P.

Box 23 off-site
Beattie, Warren Murray through Becker, Leslie Clyde

Box 24 off-site
Becker, Marvin Lloyd through Beechy, William D.

Box 25 off-site
Beede, Donald Farquhar
Beede, Jay Willis
Beehler, Orville Edward
Beemer, James Gage
Beery, Daniel Pierce
Beery, David Showalter
Beery, Joseph Galen
Begly, Normal David
Behre, Charles Arnold
Behre, Herman Edward
Beier, Harvey William
Beiler, Alvin Robert
Beiler, Jacob Riehl
Beiler, John S.
Beiler, Roman
Belan, Edward Stephen
Belansky, Aaron
Belau, Harry Arthur
Belcher, Robert Orange
Belden, Frank Lamoin
Bell, Bestor Tartt

Box 26 off-site
Bell, Edgar Dawson
Bell, Harry Raymond
Bell, Jerry Henry
Bell, Morris Abraham
Bell, Oswald Walter
Bell, Weldon D.
Bell, William Leaton
Beller, Joseph M.
Beloof, Robert Lawrence
Beltz, Clelland Emory
Belzer, Ralph Clark
Bemis, Philip Wright
Bender, Alvin Eugene
Bender, Charley
Bender, Chester Earl
Bender, Claude Oscar
Bender, Clyde S.
Bender, Daniel Howard
Bender, Ivan I.
Bender, John E.
Bender, John William
Bender, Jonas M.

Box 27 off-site
Bender, Lester Raymond through Benson, Purnell Handy

Box 28 off-site
Bent, Wilson Hopkins through Berk, Maynard Hales

Box 29 off-site
Berkey, Byron Jay through Bertsche, Samuel Evans

Box 30 off-site
Bese, Albert Ben through Bird, Leroy Cummings

Box 31 off-site
Bird, Walter William
Birdsell, Edward Francis
Birdsong, Dan Travis
Birkey, Clarence Roy
Birkey, Harold Clayton
Birkey, Harold Emerson
Birkey, Harlen Daniel
Birkey, Ralph Orvil
Birkey, Raymond J.
Birkey, Roy Samuel
Birky, Dale Amon
Birky, Elden Willard
Birky, Ezra Ray
Birky, Harley Emory
Birky, Harold C.
Birky, Jonas John
Birky, Luke Amon
Birky, Menno Alvin
Birky, Paul P.
Birky, Paul Walter
Bischoff, Rudolph Herbert
Bishop, Andrew Joseph
Bishop, Charles Oliver
Bishop, Kenneth Russel
Bishop, Monford Harding

Box 32 off-site
Bissey, Donald Leroy through Blankenship, Henry Clay, Jr.

Box 33 off-site
Blatt, Sidney
Blauch, Glen Thomas
Blechman, Gabriel Eugene
Bledsoe, Norman Emmett
Bleich, Theodore Leopold
Bleile, Gerald Lavon
Bleile, Paul Ezra
Blewitt, Charles Russell
Blicharz, Walter
Blickenstein, Delbert David
Blickenstaff, Harold Curtis
Blickenstaff, Stephan Claire
Blocher, Earl Charles
Blocher, Henry David
Blocher, Isaac L.
Blocher, Paul David
Blocher, Paul Ivan
Blocher, Ray Moine
Block, Ervin Frederick
Blodgett, Joseph William

Box 34 off-site
Blombach, Gerhard through Blosser, Virgil LaMar

Box 35 off-site
Blough, Lester William through Bodenstein, Shirley F.

Box 36 off-site
Bodnar, Ernest through Boggs, Oscar Merrill

Box 37 off-site
Bogue, Robert Lee
Bohm, Robert Charles
Bohrer, Albert Eugene
Bohrer, George Charles
Bohrer, Raymond
Boldt, David Goertzen
Boldt, Jr. Jacob Henry
Boldt, William O'Brien
Boley, Gerald Dale
Boley, Mahlon David
Bolinger, Donald Earl
Bolles, Berthold
Bollinger, John Cripe
Bollinger, Joseph Henry
Bollinger, Paul
Bollman, Paul Melvin
Bolsem, Everett Ladeu see Mattox (Bolsem), Everett Ladeu
Bomberger, Henry Landis
Bomberger, Roy Landis
Bommerscheim, James Henry
Bonaccorso, Joseph
Bone, Robert Adamson
Bond, Edward Eugene
Bond, James Oliver

Box 38 off-site
Bonham, Eugene Holmes through Bontrager, Gideon J.

Box 39 off-site
Bontrager, Harry, Jr. through Borkholder, William D.

Box 40 off-site
Borntrager, A.D. through Boucher, Robert Lyman

Box 41 off-site
Boutwell, George David through Bowman, Henry Snader

Box 42 off-site
Bowman, Jesse Jacob through Boyd, Warren Francis

Box 43 off-site
Boyer, Clarence Vanney through Brandenburg, James Ralph

Box 44 off-site
Brandom, Jesse John through Brendle, Ben Shore

Box 45 off-site
Breneman, Charles Andrew through Breshears, Roger Harvey

Box 46 off-site
Brethauer, Andrew Charles through Brill, Robert M.

Box 47 off-site
Bringewatt, Lawrence Frank through Brotsman, Russel Paul

Box 48 off-site
Broughton, Nicholas Ohlandt through Brown, Gerald Ivan

Box 49 off-site
Brown, Harold Merle through Brown, Roland Peter

Box 50 off-site
Brown, Sheldon Jackson through Brubaker, Hubert Lloyd

Box 51 off-site
Brubaker, Jacob Josiah through Brumbaugh, Warren Robert

Box 52 off-site
Brumbaugh, William Donald through Buchanan, James Dewey

Box 53 off-site
Bucher, Samuel Jacob through Bulla, Robert Malcolm

Box 54 off-site
Bullen, Leland Campbell through Buller, Raymond Marion

Box 55 off-site
Buller, Vernon Henry through Burgess, Samuel Bullock

Box 56 off-site
Burgman, Raymond L., Jr. through Burkholder, Levi

Box 57 off-site
Burkholder, Noah Abram
Burkholder, Robert Wagner
Burkholder, William Harold
Burkholder, Winfield Clarence
Burkle, Robert Samuel
Burks, Harry Black Junior
Burling, Richard Lancaster
Burnett, Ellsworth
Burnett, Randall Norris
Burnham, Kenneth Edward
Burnham, Roger Whittier
Burns, Charles Henry
Burns, Denton Poe
Burns, Lander Creed
Burrel, Wilbert Oliver
Burritt, Howard Benton Junior
Burroughs, David Wevill
Burroughs, Henry Wallace
Burrous, Roger Wendell
Burrowes, John Havens
Burry, Howard Stanley
Burt, Allan Gilson
Burtoff, James Allen

Box 58 off-site
Burton, Lindley James
Burton, Willis Dehuff
Busenitz, Gerhard Alfred
Busenitz, Karl
Bush, Clarence Francis
Bush, George
Bush, Harold Gilbert
Bush, Joseph
Buss, Raymond Charles
Bussard, Erwin Lewis
Busse, Martin John
Bustin, James Hugh Jr.
Butcher, David Welton
Butler, Arthur D.
Butler, Doyle Edwin
Butler, Elmer Jacob
Butler, George Franklin
Butler, Harold Edmund
Butler, Herman
Butler, Hollis Burt
Butler, James Clyde
Butler, James Clyde
Butler, Seymour Shaffer
Butman, James Harris
Butterfield, Leroy John

Box 59 off-site
Butterworth, Harrison through Byler, John K.

Box 60 off-site
Byler, Leslie LeRoy through Caldwell, James

Box 61 off-site
Calef, John Hale through Campbell, Victor Lewis

Box 62 off-site
Campbell, Walter through Carmean, Stephen Daniel

Box 63 off-site
Carnevale, Anthony Vincent
Carpenter, Edward Charles
Carpenter, Floyd Earnest
Carpenter, John J.
Carpenter, Joseph, Jr.
Carpenter, Marcus
Carpenter, Max Maynard
Carpenter, Robert Alden
Carper, Eugene Garber
Carper, James Weber
Carper, Jerry O.
Carr, Eli Robert
Carr, Irby Alvin
Carr, John Henry
Carr, Paul R.
Carrico, Frederick Stevenson
Carrier, Merlin Jefferson
Carroll, Eugene Harold
Carroll, Michael James, Jr.
Carruthers, Randel Ray
Carson, Albert Harold
Carter, Gerald Lee
Carter, Howard, Jr.
Carter, John Harlan
Carter, Joseph Samuel
Carter, Lee Edwin

Box 64 off-site
Carter, R.W. through Cassett, James Boyd

Box 65 off-site
Caster, William Oviatt
Castile, Elton Stanley
Cate, Herbert Victor
Cates, Benjamin Harold Jr.
Cates, George Fletcher
Catlett, Richard Ralston
Cave, Emory Leonard
Cave, Roger Franklin
Cavender, Vernon Winston
Cavitt, John Whitley
Cederborg, Chester Gabriel
Cerroni, Mervin Joseph
Cesana, Harold Moses
Chaffee, Paul Curtis
Chaffin, Bruce Foster
Challacombe, John Richard
Chamberlin, Alfred Orville
Chamberlin, Donald Brewster
Chamberlin, Harold Clifton
Chambers, Clarence Dillard
Chambers, Delbert Leroy

Box 66 off-site
Chambers, Joel Robert through Charlton, John Mark

Box 67 off-site
Chartier, Richard Arthur
Chase, Robert Graham
Chatham, Ivan Young
Cheatham, Laurie Leighton
Cheatham, Milton Edward
Checinski, Stanley
Chekan, Andrew Francis
Chernabaeff, Alex William
Chester, John Frank
Chew, Robert Scott
Chiarito, Americo Matteo
Childs, Harano Emner
Childs, Richard Harold
Chinn, Ronald Ernest
Chiplis, Adolph Stanley Jr.
Chittum, John Raymond
Chojnacki, Mathew Casimer
Chrisco, David E.
Chrisman, Charles Mathias Jr.

Box 68 off-site
Christenberry, Daniel Keener, Jr. through Christner, William

Box 69 off-site
Christophel, John Eldon through Claassen, Louis

Box 70 off-site
Claassen, Paul Gerhard through Clark, Robert Henry

Box 71 off-site
Clark, Robert Oliver through Clayton, John William

Box 72 off-site
Cleary, Roby through Cline, Abit Glenn, Jr.

Box 73 off-site
Cline, Garland Lee through Coblentz, Freman J.

Box 74 off-site
Coblentz, Homer A.
Coblentz, Willis J.
Coanower, Charles Laverne
Cochran, Robert Llewelyn
Coe, Robert Livingstone
Coffield, Glenn Stemmons
Coffin, Gordon Reid
Coffin, Hervey John
Coffin, Joseph Herschel Jr.
Coffin, Thomas Erwin
Coffman, Barton Eugene
Coffman, Cornell Ono
Coffman, David Abraham
Coffman, Harold Walter
Coffman, John Samuel Austin
Coffman, John William
Coffman, Paul Edward
Cogburn, Lewis Alvin
Cogburn, Travis John

Box 75 off-site
Cogley, Jeremiah Richard through Collins, George Smith

Box 76 off-site
Collins, Harlan Wilfred through Cook, Edwin Ivan

Box 77 off-site
Cook, Floyd Fairbanks
Cook, Fred Lucien
Cook, Lawrence Francis
Cook, Lawrence Henry
Cook, Lester Marcus
Cook, Marvin Hargey
Cook, Orville Lee
Cook, Thomas Carroll
Cook, Weldon H.
Cook, William Robert
Cook, William Curtis
Cooke, Albert Tommy
Cooke, Arthur Kern
Cooley, Charles Finley
Cooley, Dwight Ridgway
Coolidge, Robert Lee
Cooper, Albert Owen
Cooper, B. F.
Cooper, Clyde C.
Cooper, Ernest Arthur
Cooper, Eugene Robert
Cooper, Harry Arthur
Cooper, Homer Chassell
Cooper, Joseph Chester

Box 78 off-site
Cooper, Lyman Beecher
Cooper, Robert Glenn
Cooper, Russell Milton
Cooper, William Bowker
Cooper, William Hawley
Cooper, Wilmer Albert
Coors, Orval Edger
Cope, Alfred Lewis
Cope, Harold Cary
Cope, James Bonwill
Cope, William Lorin
Copeland, Bevan Henry
Copeland, James Roy Jr.
Copeland, Julian Quarterman
Copeland, Royal Selwyn
Copeland, Van Tilden
Copeland, William Harold
Copp, Ernest Eugene
Coppedge, Ernest Morrison
Copping, William Pearson
Coppock, Harold West
Coppock, Walter J., Jr.

Box 79 off-site
Corbell, Walter
Corbett, Jack Elliott
Cordell, Irvin Edgar
Cordell, Robert James
Cordell, Vail Robison Jr.
Crofman, Rex Mohler
Cornelius, Russell Paul
Cornell, Boyd B.
Cornell, Douglas Henry
Cornell, Earl Thomas
Cornelsen, Pete C.
Corney, Glenn Harlin
Corney, James Robert
Cortez, Robert Cabello
Costa, Jerry Gederfrido
Coston, William Porter
Cote, Gordon Ross
Cott, Winfred T.
Cottam, Carl William, Jr.

Box 80 off-site
Cotton, John Boies
Cotton, Paul Edwin
Cottrell, John Junior
Coughenour, Dawn Fountaine
Coulson, Ross Harold
Coumbe, Thomas Owen
Countryman, Charles Casper
Counts, Winfield Andrew
Courson, Clyde Davidson
Cover, Chester Donald
Cover, John Immel Junior
Cover, Samuel Robert
Covert, George Lyle
Covert, Quentin Hill
Cowen, Clyde Harrison
Cowell, David Lyndon
Cowles, Edward J.
Cox, Anderson Elwood
Cox, Arley M.
Cox, J.C.
Cox, John Marvin
Cox, Lowell Delbert
Cox, Raymond John
Cox, Robert Milton
Cox, Wesley William
Cox, William Howard

Box 81 off-site
Coxe, Spencer Lawrence, Jr. through Cravey, Kaiser

Box 82 off-site
Crawford, Clayton Delisle through Crist, Kenneth Frederick

Box 83 off-site
Crist, Paul Franklin
Croasdale, Lawrence Knowles
Croasdale, Wilfred Franklin
Crocker, Herbert Francis
Crockett, Virgil George
Crooks, F. Corydon
Crooks, Malcolm Phelps
Crosbie, Owen Edward
Crosby, Esco Bernice
Crosman, Hurford Pickering
Cross, Richard Jesse
Crossgrove, Orvil Jay
Crossgrove, Chauncey Willard
Crossman, Arlington Wheeler
Crouch, Aaron Byron
Crouch, Everett Irvin
Crouch, Joseph Daniel
Crouch, Leonard Montgomery
Crouch, William Brodie
Crouse, Dan Horton Jr.,
Crow, Lyle Byron
Crow, Paul Redmond
Crowe, Wesley Sterling
Crowder, Paul Carl
Crull, Bobby Roy

Box 84 off-site
Crum, Richard Henry
Crumley, Frederick Thomas Jr.
Crumley, Howard
Crumley, Lester Miller
Crumpton, Enoch Able
Crumrine, Ernest Earlham
Crysler, Charles Herbert
Crystal, David Eugene
Cullen, Raymond Kenneth
Culler, Arthur Dwight
Culley, Girven Howard
Culliton, James R.
Culp, Amos David
Culp, George Richard
Culp, Lester Irvin
Culp, Millard Marvin
Culp, Paul David
Culton, Arthur Clayton
Culton, Floyd Stanley
Culver, Andrew Jackson, Jr.

Box 85 off-site
Cunningham, John Franklin
Cunningham, Wilson Raymond
Curry, George Mickle
Curtis, David Lapham
Curtis, Edmund
Curtis, Herbert John
Curtis, Louie David
Curtis, Marvin Douglas
Curtis, Ralph Kendall
Curtis, Russell Guild
Custard, Robert Angel
Custer, Charles Storer
Custer, Hugh Clement
Cutlar, Maynard Alanson
Cutrell, Orie
Cutrone, Francesco Salvatore
Cuttre, Joseph Vincent, Jr.
Czajkowski, Walter
Czap, Charles
Czeladko, Edward Anthony

Box 86 off-site
Dahl, Carl B. through Danforth, Laurence

Box 87 off-site
Daniel, Arbrie Leo
Daniel, Gerald Vivian
Daniel, Homer Luke
Daniel, Lewis Gayle
Daniel, Thomas Matthew
Daniels, Benny Allen
Daniels, Clyde
Daniels, Dan
Daniels, Deo Dwight
Daniels, Raymond
Dankert, Donald Allen
Danskin, David Guild
Danovich, Francis Edward
Danzeisen, Lloyd Merwyn
Darby, William Allan
Darnell, Emerson Lippincott
Darr, William Humiston
Darrow, Denton
Dart, John Northrop
Dasenbrock, John Henry

Box 88 off-site
Dauberman, Frederick Elwood through Davis, Harold Kimberley

Box 89 off-site
Davis, Henry Charles
Davis, James Leland
Davis, James Worley
Davis, Joel Ephraim
Davis, John William
Davis, Joseph Albert Junior
Davis, Paul Wesley
Davis, Robert Campbell
Davis, Rodney Lemuel
Davis, Robert Vernon
Davis, Walter Steward
Davis, Wardell Alfonso
Davis, William Sherman
Davidson, Robert Allen
Davidson, Roderic Hallett
Davolt, Clyde Raymond
Dawson, Joseph E.
Dawson, R. B.
Deach, Charles A.
Deadmond, Irl Thomas Junior
Deal, Daniel Alvin
Deale, Henry Vail Junior

Box 90 off-site
Dean, Bruce LeRoy through Deckert, Bennie

Box 91 off-site
Deckert, Harvey Joseph through Dellinger, John Douglas

Box 92 off-site
Dellinger, Melvin Cletus through Derr, Lawrence William

Box 93 off-site
Derstine, Samuel Nyce through Detweiler, William E.

Box 94 off-site
Detwiler, Arthur David
Detwiler, Chester Lamar
Detwiler, Ernest Swartley
Detwiler, John Russell
Detwiler, John William
Detwiler, Oren Lee
DeVeny, John Franklin
DeVol, William Thomas
Devore, Vernon Lee
DeVoute, John
DeVries, Calvin Thomas
DeVries, Tom, Jr.
Dewees, Philip Ernest
Dewey, Chester Putnam
Dewhirst, Robert Gould
Dias, Manuel
Dibrell, Harvey Everall, Jr.
Dice, Gene Clyde
Dick, Alvin Arthur
Dick, Arthur Ray
Dick, Delbert Harry
Dick, Harold Homer

Box 95 off-site
Dick, Harry M. through DiDonato, Pietro

Box 96 off-site
Diebel, Carl Jacob through Dietzel, Reuben Stanley

Box 97 off-site
Diffely, Cyril Francis through Dirks, Curtis Lowell

Box 98 off-site
Dirks, Clarence Wilbur through Dixon, Frank Robert

Box 99 off-site
Dixon, John Arford through Doerksen, Wilhelm C.

Box 100 off-site
Dohner, Paul Smith through Dorocke, Michael

Box 101 off-site
Dorsey, William George
Dothage, Russell Oliver
Dotson, Otis LeRoy
Dotterer, Stanley Smith
Doubleday, Douglas Jay
Doucette, John Henry
Doucette, Louis Frank
Dougharty, Floyd Edmon
Douglass, Alden Capp
Douglass, Aubrey James
Dourte, Allon Brubaker
Dourte, Eber Brubaker
Dovel, John Woodrow
Downer, Daniel Bush
Downer, Prescott Warren
Downing, Conrad Jones
Downing, George Valentine, Jr.
Downing, John William
Downing, Richard Ray
Downing, Richdard DeWitt
Downs, Warren Ferris
Dowson, Marvin Earl
Doxford, William Burton Dallas
Doyle, Earnest Levi

Box 102 off-site
Doyle, Elmer Rex through Duckworth, Allen Bernard

Box 103 off-site
Duckworth, Harold through Duncan, William Wyeth

Box 104 off-site
Dunham, Otto LeRoy
Dunkel, Ralph E.
Dunlap, Paul Revere
Dunn, Lawrence Edward
Dunn, Mark Leo
Dunn, Roy
Dunn, Roy Brinton Jr.
Dunn, Wallace Allen
Dunn, Wayne Erwin
Dupre, Vladimir Anderson A.
Dunrad, William Frederick
Durgin, Ralph Pickering
Durham, Lee Porter
Durland, William Wesley
Duval, Wayne Howard
Duveneck, Francis Boott Jr.
Dyck, Clinton Dannie
Dyck, Curt
Dyck, Harold Peter
Dyck, Irwin

Box 105 off-site
Dyck, John Mark
Dyck, John N.
Dyck, Leo Alvin
Dyck, Lloyd Henry
Dyck, Marvin Gustave
Dyck, Ralph Carl
Dyck, Walter Dietrick
Dye, Wilmer John
Dyer, Don Ray
Dyer, Henry Ward
Dyer, James Daniel
Dyer, Leslie Herschel
Dyerson, Victor Harold
Dyson, Eldon Dean
Dyson, Willie Edward
Eager, Clarence Ray
Eager, J.C. Jr.
Earheart, John Stanley
Earl, Broadus Jack
Earl, Forrest W.
Earle, Norton Kinsley
Eash, Albert W.
Eash, Elon Henry

Box 106 off-site
Eash, Linus E.
Eash, Milo Elmer
Eason, David Lloyd
Eastlund, Edward Allen
Eastman, Daniel
Eastman, James Alfred
Eastman, Richard Payson
Eaton, Forrest Edward
Eaton, Glen Wilbert
Eaton, Ira Miles
Eaton, John Benjamin
Ebbert, Kurtz W.
Ebeling, George C. Junior
Eberhard, George Walter
Eberly, Albert
Eberly, Lloyd B.
Eberly, Junior Duane
Eberly, Mark Rhodes
Eberly, Milton F.
Eberly, Nathan Herr
Eberly, Warren Rohrer
Eberly, Wayne B.

Box 107 off-site
Ebersole, Abner Longnecker through Eddy, Russell W.

Box 108 off-site
Edelstein, Leonard Gerald
Edgerton, Howard Haschal
Edgerton, Jesse Wilbert
Edgerton, Louis James
Ediger, Cornelius Clarence
Ediger, Daniel Elmer
Ediger, Elmer M.
Ediger, Ernest
Ediger, Frank J.
Ediger, George Edward
Ediger, Henry E.
Ediger, Henry Martens
Ediger, Henry W.
Ediger, Herman N.
Ediger, Irvin M.
Ediger, Jacob F.
Ediger, Leo M.
Ediger, Paul
Ediger, Peter J.

Box 109 off-site
Ediger, Raymond Stanley through Egner, George James

Box 110 off-site
Ehman, Edward Gilbert
Ehresman, Roy Joseph
Ehret, Robert D.
Ehrman, Kenneth Otto
Ehrman, Leroy Mart
Ehrman, Marvin Otto
Eichelberger, Clarence Leroy
Eichelberger, Clayton L.
Eichelberger, John Albert
Eichelberger, John Eldon
Eichelberger, Lester Duane
Eichelberger, Ray Valentine
Eichelberger, Wilber Henry
Eicher, Amos J.
Eicher, Andrew
Eicher, Andrew N.
Eicher, Daniel
Eicher, Eugene Dale
Eicher, Jacob William
Eicher, James Edward

Box 111 off-site
Eicher, Marion Harold through Eisenhut, Theodore Joseph

Box 112 off-site
Eisold, Erwin Lee through Elliot, Gene Johnston

Box 113 off-site
Elliot, Glenn Edward
Elliot, Herbert Ironside
Elliot, John Young
Elliot, Marvin B.
Elliot, Robert Edward
Elliot, Kerschel Hugh
Ellis, Samuel Blake
Ellis, William Amos
Elmore, Floyd Beward
Elmore, Roscoe Dawn
Elmore, Vaugn Shirley
Elrich, Ivan Thamoas
Emberton, Edward
Emcott, Robert Dennis
Emerson, Kames Randall
Emery, Arthur Herbert, Jr.
Emig, Kenneth Harvey
Emig, Laurence Wilson
Emmert, Donald Ray
Emmert, John Mark
Emmert, Willis Floyd
Emmons, Wayne Louis

Box 114 off-site
Emmons, Wilford Hervey through Ens, Gerhard K.

Box 115 off-site
Ens, Pete Duerksen through Epp, Peter

Box 116 off-site
Epp, Richard Earl
Epp, Ruben K.
Erb, Daniel Shenk
Erb, Joe D.
Erb, John A.
Erb, Michael S.
Erb, Reuben S.
Erbaugh, Carl Wilson
Erbaugh, Eugene Irvin
Erbaugh, Herbert Franklin
Erbaugh, Roscoe Samuel
Erbaugh, Russell Henry
Erbaugh, Samuel Edward
Erbaugh, Samuel Eldon
Erbaugh, Wilfred Michael
Erbskorn, August David
Erdman, Donald Seward
Erickson, Lawrence Wilhelm
Erickson, William Berhard
Eropkin, John Nicholas
Eropkin, Peter N.
Errett, Frederick Wade

Box 117 off-site
Ernst, Chester through Eshleman, James Daniel

Box 118 off-site
Eshleman, John Cordell
Eshleman, John Leaman
Eshleman, Samuel Joseph
Essick, Forrest Weiser
Esswein, Charles Elmer
Ester, Richard Poter
Estes, Lloyd
Etkin, Seymour
Etter, Elwood Rudy
Etter, Harold Welsey
Eury, Sam Carledward
Eustice, John Milton
Evans, Charles Edward
Evans, Ernest Sharpless
Evans, Glenn Le Moyne
Evans, Jonathan
Evans, Lyonel King
Evans, Robert Henry
Evans, Samuel Wayne
Evans, Stokes DeLaMothe
Evans, Willard Waldo

Box 119 off-site
Evans, William Carey
Evans, William Henry Jr.
Everson, William Oliver
Eve, Pinckney
Evenson, Eldo Norman
Ewen, Harold
Ewert, Abram
Ewert, Albert John
Ewert, Ben
Ewert, Earl
Ewert, Elmer Henry
Ewert, John L.
Ewert, Wilbur Arnold
Ewert, William H.
Ewing, Donald Lee
Ewing, Edward III
Ewy, Arlo John
Ewy, David Jacob
Ewy, Raymond Arthur

Box 120 off-site
Fadenrecht, Arthur Harry through Farmer, James Elmer

Box 121 off-site
Farmer, Warren Leon through Faulconer, Arthur Francis

Box 122 off-site
Faulconer, Henry Adams through Fenner, Almer Odine

Box 123 off-site
Fenske, Albert Wesley, Jr. through Fields, Howard J.

Box 124 off-site
Fike, Milton Elwood through Fiore, Quentin

Box 125 off-site
Fiorello, Dominic through Fisher, George William

Box 126 off-site
Fisher, Gideon Kenneth through Fitzwater, Mylen Ezra

Box 127 off-site
Flaccus, David Perry through Flint, Alfred Wallace

Box 128 off-site
Flintermann, Peter C. through Flory, John Jacob

Box 129 off-site
Flory, Lester Miller through Forbes, John Ripley

Box 130 off-site
Forbes, John Van Gelder through Foster, Glenn Randolph

Box 131 off-site
Foster, Gordon through Fraley, John Nathan

Box 132 off-site
Fraley, William Harrison through Frantz, Elmer Verlin

Box 133 off-site
Frantz, Jacob Royal
Frantz, John B.
Frantz, Milton Eugene
Frantz, Robert Samuel
Frantz, Roger Lee
Frantz, Arthur
Frantz, Arthur John
Frantz, David B.
Frantz, Elbert David
Frantz, Herbert G.
Frantz, John C.
Franz, John Walter
Franz, Peter Anton Junior
Franz, Peter Paul
Franz, Roy Allen
Franz, Theodore
Franzen, Max Lorenzo
Fravel, Nisan Nathaniel
Frazee, Earl Glen
Frazer, Grant Van Leer
Frazer, John Charles
Frazier, Paul Eugene
Frazier, Prince Frederick
Frechette, Romeo Arthur
Fredenburg, Sylvester Milton
Frederick, Carlyle

Box 134 off-site
Fredrickson, John Raymond through Frey, Aurelius F.

Box 135 off-site
Frey, Chester Elwood through Fridinger, Wilmer Baugher

Box 136 off-site
Friedman, Leon Peace through Friesen, Herman F.

Box 137 off-site
Friesen, John Elmer through Fritts, Thomas Richard

Box 138 off-site
Froehlich, Melvin Louis through Funderburg, Virgil Leroy

Box 139 off-site
Funk, Bernard G. through Gadberry, Lowell Clarence

Box 140 off-site
Gade, Ray Milton through Gandy, Ted Elwyn

Box 141 off-site
Ganger, Chester Rozelle through Garber, Merle Edward

Box 142 off-site
Garber, Maynard Aubrey
Garber, Robert Lee
Garber, Samuel Albert
Garber, William Francis
Gardener, Lorenzia Maxwell
Gardiner, Joseph Nathan
Gardner, Frank Junior
Gardner, John H.
Gardner, Stanley Dean
Garman, Loyde Kenneth
Garmier, Ford Leroy
Garner, Harold Riley
Garner, Hubert
Garner, James William
Garner, Jasper H.B.
Garner, Raymond Howard
Garrett, Earnest
Garrett, Ralph
Garrison, Irving Monroe
Garrison, William Edmund
Garst, John Cecil
Garver, Earl Simeon
Garver, Eddie A.
Garver, Kenneth Kohler
Gascho, Gerald Laverne
Gascho, Harry

Box 143 off-site
Gast, Fred C., Jr. through Gehrke, Edward Ernest

Box 144 off-site
Gehrke, Ernest Edward
Gehrke, Gustav August
Geib, Edgar Nissley
Geier, George Charles
Geier, Vance Edgar Allen
Geiger, Calhoun Doty
Geiger, Edgar Dale
Geiger, Elwood Edward
Geiger, Ervin Darold
Geiger, Henry Van Vleck
Geiger, Van Cleve
Geigley, Robert Walter
Geiman, David Samuel
Geiser, Benjamin Jr.
Geiser, George
Geiser, Warren Roger
Geisler, Arthur Fred
Gemberling, Charles Allen
Gensel, Oskar
Gensinger, Leonard Devon
Gentry, Alvie Manco
George, Clarence Weston

Box 145 off-site
George, Collins Crusor through Gerber, William

Box 146 off-site
Gerhart, Elmer Carl through Gibas, Andrew Carnegie

Box 147 off-site
Giberson, Irving Albert through Giles, Cecil Portis

Box 148 off-site
Gillen, Richard Doyle through Gingerich, George

Box 149 off-site
Gingerich, Herman through Gingrich, Earl Breidenstine

Box 150 off-site
Ginsburg, Max H.
Giordano, Anthony
Giovannangelo, Joseph Leo
Gipe, Elwood Grove
Gipe, Harry Estel
Girod, Jacob S.
Gisel, Chester Dale
Gish, Arnold, Verle
Gish, Harold Eugene
Gistirak, Joseph
Glanzer, Jacob E.
Glanzer, Joe L.
Glanzer, Moses
Glanzer, Paul J.
Glaser, Daniel H.
Glass, Jesse Newton
Glatt, Leon Paul
Gleason, Philip Joseph
Gleiser, Charles Conrad
Glick, Daniel Jerry
Glick, Jacob
Glick, John Junior
Glick, Lester Jay

Box 151 off-site
Glick, Melvin Ira through Goering, Jacob David

Box 152 off-site
Goering, John Hobart through Goertzen, Melvin Jacob

Box 153 off-site
Goertzen, Peter
Goertzen, Alvin Willard
Goetz, Elmer Jr.
Goings, Paul Sylvester
Goins, Mabrie Lee
Gold, Milton
Goldhor, Herbert
Goldsmith, Harley Harold
Goldstein, Abram Bresel
Goldstein, Howard
Goldwasser, Martin
Gonder, Earl Franklin
Gooch, David Hardy
Gooch, Marle Edwin
Good, Bernard Eldon
Good, Claude Lester
Good, Emory Josephn
Good, George Thomas

Box 154 off-site
Good, Harper Willard through Good, Warren Stauffer

Box 155 off-site
Goode, Melvin Washington through Gorham, Lawrence Lewis

Box 156 off-site
Gorham, Russell Ernest through Graber, Arthur

Box 157 off-site
Graber, Clarence John through Graber, Wilbert Hoyte

Box 158 off-site
Graber, Wilbert Jim
Graber, Wilbur
Graber, Willard
Grabill, Ezra David
Graeler, Marvin William Harold
Graham, James Rutledge
Graham, Norman Claude
Gram, Curtis
Gramm, James Robert
Grand, Samuel
Grandstaff, Leroy
Granger, George Sylvester
Granger, James Baker
Granger, William Joseph
Grant, Joseph Wallace
Gratz, Delbert Leroy
Gratz, Laurel Bernel
Graumann, Garfield Virgil
Graves, Max Devillo
Graves, Richard Harwood

Box 159 off-site
Gray, Albert Lewis through Green, Thomas Edward

Box 160 off-site
Green, Thomas, Jr. through Grieser, Daniel Raymond

Box 161 off-site
Grieser, Ernest Edwin through Grim, Stewart William

Box 162 off-site
Grimm, John Ott through Gross, Albert Fred

Box 163 off-site
Gross, Alfred, Jr. through Grover, Ralph Gordon

Box 164 off-site
Groves, David Elmer
Grummon, Donald Longden
Grunau, Allen Ray
Grunau, Charles William
Grunau, Clifford Earl
Grundman, Milton
Grundman, Walter Reiny
Grundy, Donald Levi
Grundy, Elwin John
Guckemus, Phillip Louis
Gudykunst, William David
Guengerich, Charles Edward
Guengerich, Glenn Wayland
Guengerich, Harold Wayne
Guengerich, Paul Thomas
Guenther, Frank Ray
Guenther, Vern Leroy
Guetzkow, Harold [2 folders; removed progress reports by H.G. re: studies of CPSers to the SCPC Subject File: Civilian Public Service]

Box 165 off-site
Gugel, Louis Frederick through Gustafson, Howard Frederick

Box 166 off-site
Guthery, Burvel Eugene
Guthrie, Charles Willis
Guthrie, David Taylor
Guthrie, James Victor
Guthrie, James William
Guthrie, John Perry
Guthrie, Walter Cline Jr.
Guthrie, Ward Barnes
Guthrie, Wayne Spoerline
Guthrie, Wayne Wesley
Guthrie, William Henry
Guyer, Arlie Eldon
Haag, Walter Eugene
Guyon, John Louis
Haas, Eldon Charles
Hass, John Eugene
Habegger, Glen Arthur
Habegger, Gordon David
Habegger, Loris Aldo
Habegger, Marden Carl
Habenicht, Benno
Haberman, Robert Jr.
Hack, Bruno Joesph
Hackbarth, Melvin Walter
Hackett, Harold Wallace Jr.

Box 167 off-site
Hackett, John Bernard through Hain, James Thurman

Box 168 off-site
Haines, Carey Leigh through Hall, Henry Benbrooke

Box 169 off-site
Hall, Ira Finkbiner through Hamm, Eldon Raymond

Box 170 off-site
Hamm, Homer Delmond through Hanawalt, Joseph Clair

Box 171 off-site
Hanawalt, Wayne Brandt through Hansen, Robert S.

Box 172 off-site
Hanson, Dale Harlan through Harder, Ernest Abe

Box 173 off-site
Harder, Harry Henry
Harder, Jesse John
Harder, Leo John
Harder, Paul Henry
Harder, Raymond George
Harder, Robert John
Hardeshell, Edward Thompson
Hardin, Bonnie David
Harding, Elmer Thomas
Harding, Stephen Atwood
Harding, Walter Roy
Hardy, Ernest Henry
Hare, William Henry
Harkey, William Jarrott
Harkey, Theodore Griffith
Harkness, Edwin James
Harman, Raymon Lowell
Harman, Warren Gale
Harmon, Leon David
Harmon, Wendell E.
Harmon, William Rudolph

Box 174 off-site
Harmon, Willis Verl through Harpest, Lloyd L.

Box 175 off-site
Harpest, Russell Herbert through Harshman, Roy McFerren

Box 176 off-site
Hart, Charles Nimrod through Hartman, Melvin Samuel

Box 177 off-site
Hartman, Neil Harmon through Hartzler, Wilton Emerson

Box 178 off-site
Harvey, Anson Burlingame, Jr.
Harvey, Donald Linsey
Harvey, Galen Miller
Harvey, George Washington
Harvey, Melvin Milton
Harvey, Philip Charles
Harvey, William Marion
Haselden, Clyde LeRoy
Hasenbank, Raymond Paul
Haskell, Norman Mitchell
Haskins, Charles David
Hastings, Allen Beckwith
Hastings, Frank Willard
Hastings, Thomas R.
Haston, Jimmie Lee
Hatch, Gordon Wilbur
Hatch, Richard Lathrop
Hatchett, James Kenneth
Hatfield, Frank William
Hatley, Landon Allen
Hauschild, John Theodore

Box 179 off-site
Hausenfluck, Omer L. through Hayman, Donald Bales

Box 180 off-site
Haynes, John Edward through Heatwole, Lewis John

Box 181 off-site
Heatwole, Oren Early
Heatwole, Paul Simeon
Heatwole, Vernon William
Hebel, Harold Lee
Heck, Gerald William
Hecker, Herman William
Hecker, John, Jr.
Hecker, Paul Eugene
Heckman, Earl Landis
Heddings, Jesse Auten
Heffelfinger, Franklin Grant
Heffelfinger, Robert Jacob
Heffley, Melvin Shearer
Hege, Elvin Martin
Hege, John H.
Heifler, Solomon [includes dependency case of his mother]
Heil, John Jonathan
Hein, Marvin Lester
Hein, Wesley Paul
Heinle, Charles A.S.
Heinrichs, Abraham Henry
Heinrichs, David Albert
Heinrichs, Herbert John
Heinz, Merril Samuel
Heise, Alvin Lenhert

Box 182 off-site
Heise, Jesse Lenhert through Helmuth, Andrew Jacob

Box 183 off-site
Helmuth, Benjamin J.K. through Henkel, William Frederick

Box 184 off-site
Henley, EdwarAbner through Herbster, Ernest Reinhardt

Box 185 off-site
Hermann, Arthur William through Hershberger, Clarence Edward

Box 186 off-site
Hershberger, Clayton Calvin through Hershberger, Joe E.

Box 187 off-site
Hershberger, John E. through Hershey, Noah Burkhart

Box 188 off-site
Hershey, Noah Mack through Hess, Robert Marion

Box 189 off-site
Hess, Scott Edward
Hesselein, Leonard William
Hester, Gerald Gordon
Hetko, Alex
Hetrick, Kenneth Edward
Hetzel, Willard Charles
Heusel, William George
Hewitt, Ercil Ray
Heye, Harold Eugene
Heyerly, Melvin Clarence
Heywood, Charles William
Hiatt, Arlyss Edmond
Hiatt, Porter Gilmer
Hiatt, Russell R.
Hibner, Clifford K.
Hibner, Dayton Carroll
Hickerson, George X.
Hickin, Frank Ward
Hicks, James Robert
Hiebert, Albert Franklin
Hiebert, Ernest N.

Box 190 off-site
Hiebert, Franklin Harry through Hill, Carlyle Herbert, Jr.

Box 191 off-site
Hill, Donald Raymond
Hill, Henry Clyde, Jr.
Hill, Homer Harold
Hill, John Earl
Hill, Judson Walter
Hill, Louis Kimball
Hill, Robert Vernon
Hillen, Lawrence R.
Hiltebeitel, Howard Edward
Hilty, Calvin Albert
Hilty, Joseph A.
Hilty, Lawrence John
Himes, Allen Woodger
Himes, Donald Bryant
Himes, Milo Donald, Jr.
Himes, Philip Jerome
Himmel, Joseph Edward
Hineline, Warren Milton
Hines, Harry Vincent, Jr.
Hines, Henry, Jr.
Hinkle, Roscoe Conkling, Jr.

Box 192 off-site
Hinshaw, George Clifford through Hochstetler, Abe M.

Box 193 off-site
Hochstetler, Ben
Hochstetler, Carl David
Hochstetler, Dale Eli
Hochstetler, David
Hochstetler, Earl Lewis
Hochstetler, Edward H.
Hochstetler, Emanuel E.
Hochstetler, Ernest Leroy
Hochstetler, Isaac E.
Hochstetler, John Henry
Hochstetler, Jonas E.
Hochstetler, Joseph J.
Hochstetler, Levi
Hochstetler, Rolen I.
Hochstetler, Samuel J.
Hochstetler, Vincent Clay
Hochstetler, William John
Hochstetler, William Y.
Hockman, John Arthur
Hodel, Paul Clarence
Hodges, Graham Rushing

Box 194 off-site
Hodges, Leonard Earl, Jr.
Hodges, Lloyd Cabell
Hodges, Roland Ethan
Hodgin, Wilson J.
Hodgson, Marshall Goodwin Simms
Hodgson, Walter Louis
Hoefle, Dean Cleo
Hoehn, Maurice Sebastian
Hoehn Raymond Wenzel
Hofem, Robert Karl
Hofer, Amos
Hofer, Andrew S.
Hofer, Dave J.
Hofer, David Jacob
Hofer, David P.
Hofer, George Jacob
Hofer, Harris P.
Hofer, Jacob Eli
Hofer, Jake J.
Hofer, Jake M.
Hofer, Jeremias
Hofer, Joe E.

Box 195 off-site
Hofer, John M. through Hoffman, Merle Calvert

Box 196 off-site
Hoffman, Nathan through Hogue, Harold Stanley

Box 197 off-site
Hohmann, Willie
Hoke, Cassel Jacob
Hoke, Daniel Dwain
Hoke, Earl Henry
Holaway, Clarence Jay
Holcomb, Carl Hubert
Holcomb, Kenneth Raymond
Holcomb, Leo Baxel
Holcomb, Richard Winston
Holdeman, Ivan Edward
Holdeman, Menno
Holdeman, Paul Donald
Holden, Harold Hoyt
Holden, Leonard W.
Holderread, Arthur Marion
Holderread, Eldon Ray
Holderread, Wilbur Henry
Holderread, Elzie Ray
Holdredge, Gene Ralph
Hole, Francis Doan
Holland, Walter Raleigh
Hollander, Arthur
Hollander, Norman
Hollander, Ralph
Hollar, Everette Carlyle
Hollenberg, Alfred Eugene

Box 198 off-site
Hollinger, Daniel through Holmes, Burton Ralph

Box 199 off-site
Holmes, Hillard Myron through Holtzman, Paul Douglas

Box 200 off-site
Holybee, Donovan Homer through Hoover, Galen Edward

Box 201 off-site
Hoover, Harlan Martin through Horning, Titus Horst

Box 202 off-site
Horst , Adam Horvath, through Theodore Samuel

Box 203 off-site
Hosking, Russell Sloan through Hostetler, Henry

Box 204 off-site
Hostetler, Henry D. through Hostetler, Norman Merle

Box 205 off-site
Hostetler, Payson A. through Houston, Howard Rogers

Box 206 off-site
Houy, Robert Arthur through Hoylman, Wayne Wesley

Box 207 off-site
Hoyman, Scott Mitchell through Huff, Clyde Richard

Box 208 off-site
Huff, Marion Edward through Hulteen, Rubert Julius

Box 209 off-site
Hultquist, Harvey Oliver through Hunt, Emery W.

Box 210 off-site
Hunt, Folger Defoe through Hutchens, Hubert L.

Box 211 off-site
Hutchins, Wilbert Herman through Imboden, Herbert Bernard, Jr.

Box 212 off-site
Immel, Glenn through Isaak, Wallace Cornelius

Box 213 off-site
Isard, Walter
Isenberg, Albert D.
Isenberg, Arthur C.
Iten, George Joseph
Ives, Kenneth Holbrook
Jaberg, Robert Jr.
Jack, David E.
Jack, Iril Bertram
Jackson, David Westfield
Jackson, Earl Wesley
Jackson, Forrest Duane
Jackson, John C.
Jackson, Leon Klamath
Jackson, Maynard Eli
Jackson, Melvin Wheeler
Jackson, Stanley Francis
Jackson, Vattel Robert

Box 214 off-site
Jacobs, Dwight Robert
Jacobs, Merle Emmor
Jacobson, Robert Carlyle
Jaderborg, Einar Henning
Jadiker, William Victor
Jadron, Anthony
Jaehde, William
Jaffe, Jacob H.
Jahn, John Putnum
James, Alvin Ward
James, Arthur Franklin
James, Clayton Bernard
James, Robert Clarke
James, Walton Cope
Jamieson, Edward Boardman
Jamir, Michael
Jamison, Joel Houston
Jamison, John Marion
Jamison, Virgil Ezra
Janney, Werner Lutz
Jantz, Allen
Jantz, Alvin

Box 215 off-site
Jantz, Benjamin Manford through Jantzen, Sam R.

Box 216 off-site
Jantzen, Theodore Jacob through Jasica, Frank

Box 217 off-site
Jasper, Dale Robert through Jette, Norman Oscar

Box 218 off-site
Jeutter, Paul Graf through Johnson, Charlie Bruce

Box 219 off-site
Johnson, Chester Boyd through Johnson, Harry Quentin

Box 220 off-site
Johnson, Hart Aaron
Johnson, Helmer John
Johnson, Herbert Alfred
Johnson, Howard Hiram
Johnson, Howard Irving
Johnson, James Buford
Johnson, James Edward
Johnson, James Robert
Johnson, Jefferson LaVern
Johnson, John Henry
Johnson, John Lars
Johnson, John LeRoy
Johnson, John Nelson
Johnson, Leevern R.
Johnson, Leonard Peter
Johnson, Lester Frederick
Johnson, Lloyd Berna
Johnson, Lloyd Randolph
Johnson, Louis Manning
Johnson, Louis Richard
Johnson, Lucian Lyons

Box 221 off-site
Johnson, Martin through Johnson, William

Box 222 off-site
Johnston, Edward Allen through Jones, Thomas Martin

Box 223 off-site
Jones, Tommy Lee through Judd, Randolph Edel

Box 224 off-site
Juhnke, John Elmer through Kalk, Fay Eastman

Box 225 off-site
Kallal, Anthony Victor
Kallal, Joseph Anthony
Kallner, Moshe Alfred
Kaltenbaugh, James Monroe
Kamin, Mortimer Simon
Kaminsky, Abram
Kamm, Jacob Oswald
Kammerer, Herbert Lewis
Kampelman, Max M.
Kanagy, Attrenis Edwin
Kanagy, David Ellsworth
Kanagy, Jonathan David
Kanagy, Lee Hartzler
Kanagy, Paul Chester
Kanagy, Urie Yoder
Kandel, Ernest Olen
Kandel, John J.
Kandle, Edward Arthur
Kane, Albert Morris
Kantorik, Carl Reuben
Kapcala, John, Jr.

Box 226 off-site
Kapp, Otto Charles
Karber, Albert
Karber, Edwin
Karber, M. David
Karber, Vernon Ray
Karczmarczyk, Joseph
Karlin, Frank Charles
Karnes, Paul T.
Karr, Paul Parmele
Kashner, Gordon Leslie
Kasimoff, William Peter
Kasperowicz, Nicodem Carl, Jr.
Kasso, William Oscar
Kast, Gaylord P.
Kathe, Richard Leo
Kattas, Abraham
Kattner, Loren Victor
Kauble, Donald Eugene
Kauble, John Harold
Kauffman, Alvin D.
Kauffman, Archie
Kauffman, Atlee B.
Kauffman, Clair Samuel
Kauffman, Daniel Erb
Kauffman, Daniel Nathan

Box 227 off-site
Kauffman, Daniel Samuel through Kauffman, Ralph J.

Box 228 off-site
Kauffman, Raymond Ray through Kaufman, Delbert

Box 229 off-site
Kaufman, Delmer D.P. through Kautz, Bernnard, Jr.

Box 230 off-site
Kautz, Earl Welrose through Kehl, Christian Horace

Box 231 off-site
Kehler, Frank through Keller, William Beverley

Box 232 off-site
Kelley, Carl Franklin through Kennel, Isaac Vernon

Box 233 off-site
Kennel, Mahlon Vernon through Kepler, Roy Cecil

Box 234 off-site
Keplinger, Maynard F. through Key, Norman

Box 235 off-site
Kidd, Michael through King, Clarence

Box 236 off-site
King, Clifford E. through King, Leonard John

Box 237 off-site
King, Lloyd Edwin through Kinsinger, Marvin Lyle

Box 238 off-site
Kinsley, Raymond Jay through Kirk, Robert Louis

Box 239 off-site
Kirk, Robert Louis through Klassen, Pete E.

Box 240 off-site
Klassen, Walter Jacob through Kliewer, John William

Box 241 off-site
Kliewer, Marvin Gerhard through Klopfenstein, Wayne Willus

Box 242 off-site
Klose, Herbert Otto through Knicely, Irvin D.

Box 243 off-site
Knicely, Amos Daniel through Knorr, T. Edward

Box 244 off-site
Knutsen, Frank Andrew through Koehn, Howard Kay

Box 245 off-site
Koehn, Jacob Virgil through Koenig, Richard Charles

Box 246 off-site
Koenig, Roland Henry August through Koogler, James Alvin

Box 247 off-site
Kooi, Jacob
Koontz, Glen Willard
Koop, Clarence Victor
Koop, Elmer
Koop, Harrison
Koop, Paul Jonathan
Koop, Wallace
Kope, David
Kopp, Howard Shenk
Kopper, Edgar Edwin
Kopper, Ralph Eugene
Koppes, Clinton Clarence
Korn, Thomas Hungerford
Kosareff, Mike Edward
Koser, J. Melvin
Kost, Jesse
Kosbab, Earl Gordon
Kosmet, Walter Ladislaw
Koterba, Michael John
Kottcamp, Elmer Rudisill

Box 248 off-site
Kovac, Frank Joseph through Krause, Arnold L.

Box 249 off-site
Krause, David through Kreider, Gerald Richard

Box 250 off-site
Kreider, Harold Arthur through Kropf, Elmer S.

Box 251 off-site
Kropf, Fred Vernon through Kuhns, Erwin H.

Box 252 off-site
Kuhns, Henry Welty
Kuhns, James Winfred
Kuhns, Kenneth Keith
Kuhns, Samuel P.
Kulikoff, John Alexeivitch
Kulp, Arthur William
Kulp, Ernest
Kulp, Isaac
Kulp, Joseph
Kulp, Paul Overholt
Kulp, Robert Clemens
Kunkel, Fred
Kunkel, Harry Warren
Kuntz, Leonard Philip
Kuntz, Louis William
Kuohn, Richard Albert
Kurkjian, Ernest
Kurtz, Albert D.
Kurtz, Alvin
Kurtz, Christian Stephen
Kurtz, Clarence H.
Kurtz, Dan J.
Kurtz, Ervin

Box 253 off-site
Kurtz, Ervin through Ladner, Laurence Monroe

Box 254 off-site
LaFountain, Earl Stanley through Landis, Allen Kulp

Box 255 off-site
Landis, Dale Emmert through Lane, Ernie Samuel

Box 256 off-site
Lang, Clifford through Lamont Lapp, Christ B.

Box 257 off-site
Lapp, Elwin Dean through Laubach, Robert Seely

Box 258 off-site
Lauber, George Washington, Jr. through Layman, Philip Edward

Box 259 off-site
Layman, Ralph Clifford through Leatherman, Paul Arthur

Box 260 off-site
Leatherman, Ralph C. through Leedy, Eugene Alfred

Box 261 off-site
Leedy, John Leslie
Leedy, Kenneth David
Leever, Forrest L.
Lefever, Elvin Groff
LeFever, Lloyd Kilheffer
Lefever, Herbert Calvin
Lefever, John David
Lefever, Martin Diffenbach
Lefever, Paul Groff
Leffel, Marvin Lyle
Lefferson, Edgar Dubois
Leffler, John King
Legg, Samuel Bradford
LeHay, Goerge Henry
Lehman, Abraham L.
Lehman, Allen Dean
Lehman, Arthur Roy
Lehman, Benjamin Franklin
Lehman, Carl Lee
Lehman, Carl Menno
Lehman, Chester Stanley

Box 262 off-site
Lehman, Clair Edison through Lehman, Martin Weagley

Box 263 off-site
Lehman, Marvin George through Lehrman, Orie Willis

Box 264 off-site
Leibfried, George Stanley through Lengacher, Joseph L.

Box 265 off-site
Lengacher, Lewis E. through Leu, Milo Grant

Box 266 off-site
LeVally, Homer Phillip through Lewis, Tedford Pierce

Box 267 off-site
Ley, Dr. Albert P. through Lightner, Charles Lowell

Box 268 off-site
Ligon, Thomas Harrington, Jr.
Liljengren, Philip Enoch
Liller, Charles Oliver
Lilley, Theodore Kermit
Lillibridge, Robert McCullough
Lind, Gilbert Harold
Lind, Russell Edward
Lind, Wilbert Gerald
Lindberg, Walter William
Lindeman, Paul LeRoy
Linder, Earl Howard
Linder, Ervin Louis
Lindes, Adolph Gregory
Lindley, Alfred Baker
Lindley, George Mendenhall
Lindorfer, Robert Karl
Lindsey, David
Lindstorm, Oscar William
Line, David Chapman/
Linegar, Daniel Ned
Link, Charles Edward
Link, Eugene Harris

Box 269 off-site
Link, John August
Link, Richard Nelson
Link, William Henry
Linscheid, Harlan William
Linscheid, John Willard
Linstrum, Oscar Emanuel
Linton, Morris Albert, Jr.
Linvill, Lawrence Wolf
Linville, Joseph Harlan
Lion, Richard Albert
Lipfert, Donald Ernest
Lipinski, Robert
Lipka, Edmund
Lipko, John Jr.
Lipnichy, Mike Stephen
Lippincott, Charles Edward
Lipshitz, Victor
Lischner, Harold W.
Liskey, Sameul William
Littell, Wallace William
Litten, Robert Dwain
Little, Arthur Dillard
Little, Earnest Oseby
Little, Elmer Gool
Little, George Thomas

Box 270 off-site
Little, Jesse Ferman through Loewen, Bernhard F.

Box 271 off-site
Loewen, Daniel C. through Long, George Oliver

Box 272 off-site
Long, Harold Perry
Long, Howard Franklin
Long, Jan Winston
Long, Robert Irvin
Long, Samuel John
Long, Stanley Russell
Long, Walter Raymond
Long, Wilbur Maurice
Long, William Jay
Longenecker, John Gingerich
Longenecker, John Sellers
Lorch, Troy Edward
Lord, Charles Robert
Lorenz, Edward Groth
Lorenz, Walter Miller
Loria, Andrew
Lornell, Wallace Marvin
Louch, Alfred Richard
Loucks, Lamar Emerson
Loucks, Lowell Edgar
Loucks, Loyal K.
Loucks, Virgil Lamar
Loudenback, Howard Baker
Love, John

Box 273 off-site
Love, Radical through Luca, Mark

Box 274 off-site
Lucas, Charles Michael through Lundin, Bern Milo

Box 275 off-site
Luper, Robert Alfred
Lupinski, Lucian
Lupo, Columbus Fred
Lurvey, John Barrett
Lust, Sam
Luther, Elbert Sisson
Luther, Merrill J., Jr.
Lutz, Howard TenBroeck
Lutz, Kenneth Harrison
Lutz, Lloyd Verlando
Lutz, Wilson Boyd
Lydic, Francis Leroy [LeRoy?]
Lynch, Thomas Clark
Lyndaker, Andrew John
Lyndaker, Arther Andrew
Lyndaker, Ednor E.
Lynn, Ercell Vernon
Lyon, Harold Brower
Lyon, Robert Arneson
Lyons, Clare J.

Box 276 off-site
Lyons, Edward Eugene through McCoy, Daniel Lawerence

Box 277 off-site
McCoy, Norman G.
McCoy, Robert Thorpe
McCracken, Emmett Francis
McCracken, Preston Cloyce [Cloyde?]
McCray, Jack Cameron
McCullagh, Robert Patterson
McCulloh, William Paul
McCullen, Joseph Thomas
McCullough, William Burns
McDaniel, Hardey Irving
McDermot, Robert Gibson
McDonald, Ralph Thomas
McDavitt, Orville Willis
McDonaldson, William Franklin
McEvers, Charles Louis
McFadden, Donald King
McGarry, Kevin John
McGaw, Howard Franklin
McGinnis, Stephen Eugene
McGinnis, Robert Sampson
McGinnis, William Sherwood
McGrath, John Michael
McGuire, Frank Raymond
McGuire, John James

Box 278 off-site
McGuire, Warren Ira through McMullen, Ivan Ellsworth

Box 279 off-site
McMurrin, James Irvin
McMurtry, Harmon Charles
McNail, Stanely Duane
McNally, Thomas Gerard
McNeary, Harry Henry
McNeil, Robert Allen
McNeil, Walter Gelston
McNutt, Earl Francis
McNutt, Roy Samuel
McPherson, Roy Turner
McRae, Philip
McReynolds, William Thomas
McRoberts, Howard David
McVey, Archie Allen
McVey, James Joyce
McWhirter, James K.
Maas, Willard Herman
Mabee, Fred Carleton, Jr.

Box 280 off-site
MacAdams, Ronald Arthur through Magon, John Arved, Jr.

Box 281 off-site
Mahaffey, Ray Elbert through Maloney, Jesse Willard

Box 282 off-site
Malthaner, Alvin William through Marchand, Rene Arthur

Box 283 off-site
Maris, Donald Cope through Marshall, William Archibald

Box 284 off-site
Marstaller, Louis John through Martin, Charles H.

Box 285 off-site
Martin, Charles W. through Martin, Houston

Box 286 off-site
Martin, Howard through Martin, Lester N.

Box 287 off-site
Martin, Lester Nolt through Martzall, Mark M.

Box 288 off-site
Marzolf, Philip, Jr. through Mast, Andrew Benjamin

Box 289 off-site
Mast, Andy through Masters, J.D.

Box 290 off-site
Masters, Jean through Mattocks, James Richardson

Box 291 off-site
Mattox (Bolsem), Everett Ladeu through Meader, Robert Whitton

Box 292 off-site
Meador, Laverne Duane through Mekolichick, Michael

Box 293 off-site
Mellott, Samuel Brumbaugh through Messinger, Donald Norwood

Box 294 off-site
Messner, Melvin Andrew through Meyer, Freeman William

Box 295 off-site
Meyer, Harold through Midgette, Ross Escott

Box 296 off-site
Mielke, Edward Henry through Miller, Albert

Box 297 off-site
Miller, Albert Adrian through Miller, Amos J.

Box 298 off-site
Miller, Andrew D. through Miller, Chester E.

Box 299 off-site
Miller, Chris Ervin, Jr.
Miller, Christian C.
Miller, Christian E.
Miller, Christy C.
Miller, Clair Eugene
Miller, Clarence
Miller, Clarence A.
Miller, Claude Elmer
Miller, Clayton Willis
Miller, Cleland Keith
Miller, Clyde Raymond
Miller, Crist S.
Miller, Dale Leon
Miller, Dan
Miller, Dan A.
Miller, Dan Eli
Miller, Dan J.
Miller, Dan Joseph
Miller, Dan M.
Miller, Dan S.
Miller, Daniel A.
Miller, Daniel Edwin
Miller, Daniel J.

Box 300 off-site
Miller, Daniel Joseph through Miller, Edward J.

Box 301 off-site
Miller, Edwin Warren through Miller, Floyd Henry

Box 302 off-site
Miller, Floyd Vernen through Miller, Henry

Box 303 off-site
Miller, Henry A. through Miller, Jesse Williard

Box 304 off-site
Miller, Jewell Stacy through Miller, Joseph Alfred

Box 305 off-site
Miller, Joseph William
Miller, Keith Richard
Miller, Kenneth Maynard
Miller, Kenneth Orval
Miller, Kenneth Ray
Miller, Kermit Arthur
Miller, Lawrence Jay
Miller, Lawrence Lantz
Miller, Lawrence McKeever, Jr.
Miller, Leander
Miller, Leander N.
Miller, Leander Roman
Miller, Lee Edward
Miller, Leland Lloyd
Miller, Leo Jay
Miller, Leo Lynn
Miller, Leroy
Miller, LeRoy [or Le Roy]
Miller, Lester
Miller, Lester Arthur
Miller, Lester B.
Miller, Lester Joseph
Miller, Levi D.

Box 306 off-site
Miller, Levi E. through Miller, Milo P.

Box 307 off-site
Miller, Milton D. through Miller, Ora A.

Box 308 off-site
Miller, Ora Jay through Miller, Raymond Emerson

Box 309 off-site
Miller, Raymond J. through Miller, Samuel M.

Box 310 off-site
Miller, Samuel M.
Miller, Sanford
Miller, Sanford E.
Miller, Sanford Ellwood
Miller, Saymour
Miller, Simon J.
Miller, Soloman Abe
Miller, Sturgis
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Tom Polk
Miller, Truman Wesley
Miller, Uriah S.
Miller, Valentine Ward
Miller, Vernon M.
Miller, Vernon Uriah
Miller, Verton Samuel
Miller, Victor
Miller, Virgil Arletus
Miller, Virgil Hess
Miller, Walter Eldo
Miller, Walter Wilson
Miller, Waldo Emerson
Miller, Walter Woodrow

Box 311 off-site
Miller, Warren Daniel through Mills, Harlow John

Box 312 off-site
Mills, James Bryan
Mills, John Edwin
Mills, John Votow
Mills, Millard Kinsy Jr.
Mills, Richard Carle
Mills, Robert Chalfant
Mills, Robert Winton
Mills, Sheldon Homer
Milnes, Arthur Turkeltaub
Milnes, Kenneth Bond
Milnes, Robert Antrim
Minear, Floyd Lorenzo
Minear, Alan Ellsworth
Minear, Dana Leo
Miners, George William
Mininger, Clayton Bechtel
Mininger, Gerald P.
Mininger, Norman
Minor, Phillip Lockwood
Minnich, Charles Otto
Mirer, David
Mishkoff, Clement Paul

Box 313 off-site
Mishler, Archie William through Mitchell, Richard

Box 314 off-site
Mitchell, Robert Thomas through Moles, Clifford Coy

Box 315 off-site
Mommsen, Richard Arnold through Moon, Edwin Oscar

Box 316 off-site
Moon, Elvin Jay through Moose, Clyde Jonathan

Box 317 off-site
Moran, Charles Edward, Jr. through Morris, Donald W.

Box 318 off-site
Morris, Francis Bolton, Jr.
Morris, Frank Edward
Morris, George Carlton
Morris, Glen Russel
Morris, James Harvey
Morris, Jimmie Lee
Morris, John Julius
Morris, Jonas Samuel
Morris, Junius Hugh
Morris, Leo Raymond
Morris, Loran Howard
Morris, Paul Emerson
Morris, Richard Eugene
Morris, Robert Ben
Morris, Robert Gardner
Morris, William Kahle, Jr.
Morrise, Jacques
Morrison, Clarence Merchant
Morrison, Junior Leonard
Morrissett, Irving Archer, Jr.
Morrow, Robert Edgar
Morrow, William Robert
Morse, Eldon Lawrence
Morse, Frank Harris
Morton, Donald Harry
Morton, Russell Alfred
Mosely, Elwood Blaine

Box 319 off-site
Moseley, Joseph Lamar through Moyer, John Allen

Box 320 off-site
Moyer, John Howard through Mullen, Wilbur E.

Box 321 off-site
Mullet, Albert through Mumaw, Walter J.

Box 322 off-site
Mumma, Paul Stanley
Mummery, William James
Mundell, James Asas
Mundy, Paul William
Mundy, Richard Evan
Munn, Charles Hammond, Jr.
Murchison, Kenneth
Murphree, Murl Dee
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Fred Glen
Murphy, James Norris [Murphey]
Murray, Herbert Fred
Murray, James Douglas
Murray, John McLane
Murray, Richard Woodrow
Murray, Roy A.
Murray, Wayne Ellis
Murray, Wilfred Paul
Murrell, Elmo
Musgrave, John Knox, Jr.
Muska, John

Box 323 off-site
Musselman, George Christian through Myers, Robert E.

Box 324 off-site
Myers, Ernest LeRoy through Nachtigal, Richard

Box 325 off-site
Nachtigall, Irven David through Nazaroff, Morris John

Box 326 off-site
Nazaroff, William Alex through Neila, Steve Frank

Box 327 off-site
Nell, Harry Boyd through Neubauer, Allen Richard

Box 328 off-site
Neuenschwander, Paul A. through New, George Raymond

Box 329 off-site
Newbold, Donald B. through Nice, Harry Alfred

Box 330 off-site
Nice, Howard Fred through Nickel, John Wesley

Box 331 off-site
Nickel, Marvin Elward through Nightingale, John C.

Box 332 off-site
Nightingale, Orlie through Noffsinger, John Lawerence

Box 333 off-site
Noffsinger, Ray
Noffsinger, Roy
Noftsier, Alvin Joseph
Noftz, Paul Frederick
Nofziger, Alfred
Nifziger, Dale Floyd
Nofziger, Delmer Ellis
Nofziger, Edward Calvin
Nifziger, Howard Eugene
Nofziger, Willard Clayton
Nogrady, Coleman Kerner
Nolan, Alfred Charlie
Nolt, Chester Burkhart
Nolt, Melville Thompson
Nolt, Menno Martin
Nolt, Richard Bless
Nolte, Harold August
Nomland, John Barrington
Nomland, Kemper Jr.
Noordhoff, Lyman Judson
Nora, Frederik Findahl

Box 334 off-site
Nordstrom, Philip Ellsworth through Nunnally, Bill Overton

Box 335 off-site
Nunnally, Howard Charles through Nyce, William Price

Box 336 off-site
Oberg, Fred Robert through O'Leary, John James
Oberg, Fred Robert
Oberholzer, Walter
O'Brien, Fred
Oda, Paul D.
Oden LeRoy
Odenback, Edwin Martin
Odrobina, Andrew
Offerman, Chester
Ogburn, Walter Lloyd
Ogden, Glenn Blanchard
Ogren, Harmon Virgil
Ohan, William Joseph, Jr
O'Hanlon, Raymon Daniel
O'Harrow, Edgar J.
Ohlson, John Algoth
O'Kelly, Dallas Ted
Olbrich, Stuart W.
O'Leary, John James

Box 337 off-site
O'Leary, Thomas Edward through Olson, Oscar Julius, Jr.

Box 338 off-site
Olson, Reuben through Ortloff, Camillo Frank

Box 339 off-site
Ortman, Roland B. through Ott, Luther Ernest

Box 340 off-site
Ott, Walter Kermit through Owens, Charles Lee

Box 341 off-site
Owens, Ernest Thomas through Page, Robert Lincoln

Box 342 off-site
Page, Theodore Sanford through Palmer, Harold Willard

Box 343 off-site
Palmer, Harry Walter through Paré, Robert Harold

Box 344 off-site
Parke, David Bruce through Parrish, Edward, Jr.

Box 345 off-site
Parsons, Earl George through Pauls, Otto N.

Box 346 off-site
Pauls, Samuel Jacob
Paulson, Carl Edmund
Paulus, David Jacob
Pavloff, Ivan John
Pavloff, Jack William
Payne, Homer Emmer
Payne, James Albert
Payne, Ralph Evans
Payne, Willard Reuben
Peachey, Daniel J.
Peachey, Jacob H.
Peachey, John William
Peachey, Laban
Peachey, LeRoy Leonard
Peachey, Martin Luther
Peachey, Mervin Joseph
Peachey, Chester Jacob
Peachy, David Elam
Peacock, Arthur Clarkson
Peacock, Daniel Joseph
Peacock, Edward Berg
Peacock, Leslie Talton

Box 347 off-site
Pearlman, Sydney through Pendleton, Claude S.

Box 348 off-site
Pendleton, Paul Paige through Penner, Menno

Box 349 off-site
Penner, Randolph Vernon through Persons, Marvin Luther

Box 350 off-site
Peters, Adolph Ewalt through Peters, Raymond W.

Box 351 off-site
Peters, Victor John through Pettit, Earle Milton, Jr.

Box 352 off-site
Petty, Oliver Wendell through Phillips, Richard Paul

Box 353 off-site
Phillips, Stepheson Obert through Plagmann, Norman Glenwood

Box 354 off-site
Planin, Michael
Planinsek, Gregory
Plank, John Philip
Plank, Kenneth LeRoy
Plank, Oren David
Plank, Robert Lee
Plant, Alvin Lucien
Plapp, Robert Emery
Plate, Robert Vincent
Platt, David Sellers
Platter, Foster Lewellyn
Plaugher, Jim Weldon
Player, Isaac McKenzie
Plenert, Arlo Henry
Plenert, Harold Roy
Pletcher, Ralph Henry
Plett, Jake J.
Plett, Joseph J.
Plettau, Richard James
Plew, John Marshall
Plocher, Robert Henry
Plott, John Culpepper
Plum, LeRoy Edward
Plummer, William, III
Plunkett, Henry Wayne
Pobst, Galen B.

Box 355 off-site
Pojar, Theodore Francis
Polhemus, George William
Polifroni, Vincent Joseph
Poling, Rolandis Milford
Poling, Roy Cecil
Polito, Carl Jim
Pollard, Horace Ramon
Poltis, Andrew
Pomeroy, Herbert Charles
Ponch, Martin Joseph
Poole, James Willis Jr.
Poole, Robert Evans
Poor, Edward Alson
Poorman, Robert John
Pope, Calvin Clay
Pope, J. Lon
Pope, Robert Parks
Popoff, Dave
Popoff, Fred Mike
Popoff, Pete
Porinchak, Alex
Porinchak, Frank Martin
Porinchak, John William
Porter, Clark

Box 356 off-site
Porter, Dale Judson through Praise, David Happy

Box 357 off-site
Pratt, Luther Laurence through Price, Claude, Jr.

Box 358 off-site
Price, Joseph Cassel through Puller, Donald Lee

Box 359 off-site
Pullman, Andrew through Quiring, Henry P.

Box 360 off-site
Quiring, Herman H. through Radecke, Charles Elbert

Box 361 off-site
Rader, Donald Norman
Radley, Charles Thomas
Radley, Erwin Gregory
Rafalski, Raymond Joseph
Rages, Donald Ewing
Ragland, James Glenn
Ragonese, Joseph
Ragsdale, Randoph Harvey
Raho, Nicholas
Raiford, John Calvin
Rainwater, Woodrow Finas
Rajnoch, Walter
Ramberg, Edward Granville
Ramer, Elmer Leroy
Ramer, Mearl
Ramer, Monroe
Ramer, Samuel Peter
Ramirez, Arcadio Rufus
Ramsey, Duane Hughes
Ramseyer, John Earnest, Jr.
Ramseyer, Paul Henry
Ramseyer, Raymond Ralph
Ramseyer, William Jennings

Box 362 off-site
Ramsier, Robert Stuart through Rathgeber, Albert John

Box 363 off-site
Rathgeber, Albert John (cont.) through Ratzlaff, Paul William

Box 364 off-site
Ratzloff, Rolan David through Redger, Jacob Joseph

Box 365 off-site
Redger, Lincoln through Reed, Horace Bigelow, Jr.

Box 366 off-site
Reed, Howard Junior
Reed, Jesse Brammer
Reed, Kyle Thayer
Reed, Raymond Francis
Reed, Robert Rush
Reed, Roscoe Nelson
Reed, Walt Arnold
Reeder, Charles William
Reeder, William Rodman
Reedy, John Henry Junior
Rees, Edwin Lloyd
Reese, Justin
Reese, William Heartt
Reeser, Harvey William
Reeser, Maynard Lowell
Reeve, Mark Fred
Reeves, Bruce Winfield
Reeves, George Ballard
Reeves, Marvin Glen
Reeves, Newton Calvin
Reeves, Willis Leander
Refior, Everett Lee
Regehr, Cornelius L.
Regehr, Eldo R.

Box 367 off-site
Regehr, Harold through Reid, Dillard Glenn

Box 368 off-site
Reid, Isaac Errett, Jr.
Reid, James Leslie
Reilly, John William
Reim, Eldred Schubring
Reimche, Henry, Jr.
Reimer, Adolf Gustav
Reimer, Albert F.
Reimer, Bernard B.
Reimer, Dave C.
Reimer, Earl Leroy
Reimer, Edward
Reimer, Eldon Henry
Reimer, Ernest Menno
Reimer, Harry Elmer
Reimer, Henry K.
Reimer, Henry M.
Reimer, Henry Theodore
Reimer, Hugo Bernhard
Reimer, John C.
Reimer, John H.
Reimer, John K.
Reimer, John Milton
Reimer, Lee Earl
Reimer, Leonard Harry

Box 369 off-site
Reimer, Milton Dean
Reimer, Paul
Reimer, Pete C.
Reimer, Raymond John
Reimer, Walter B.
Reimer, Wilbert Vernon
Reimer, Winfred Denver
Rein, Elmer William
Reindl, Alfred
Reiner, Milton
Reinert, Charles Angus
Reinert, John Wesley
Reinert, Paul A.
Reinert, William Edward
Reinford, Daniel Johnson
Reinhardt, Donald Edwin
Reinhart, Robert
Reinicke, J. William
Reinicke, Sylvester Harold
Reisch, Floyd Edmond
Reisch, Joseph Elbert
Reish, William Edwin
Reith, Harry Warren
Reiringer, Rbt. Huston
Reitz, Harry Weaver

Box 370 off-site
Reitz, Leroy Diffenbach through Ressler, Earl Jay

Box 371 off-site
Ressler, Kenneth Ray through Rhodes, Harry Wayne

Box 372 off-site
Rhodes, Luke Clement through Richard, John Maynard

Box 373 off-site
Richard, Oscar Daniel through Rickard, Marvin Lemoyne

Box 374 off-site
Rickerman, Henry George through Rife, Everett Lowell

Box 375 off-site
Rigberg, James Silvester through Rissler, Isaac Martin

Box 376 off-site
Ristenbatt, Sherwood Edwin through
Roberts, George Anderson

Box 377 off-site
Roberts, Kenneth Stokes
Roberts, Malcolm Preston
Roberts, Maurice Eldon
Roberts,Owen Cullson
Roberts, Ray Clayton
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Stanley Louis
Robertson, Luke Earl
Robinson, Donald Fay
Robinson, Eugene Detrick
Robinson, George Hayward
Robinson, James Russell
Robinson, John Beveridge
Robinson, Ralph Oscar
Robinson, Ryland Albert
Robinson, William Harold
Robinson, William Pilcher
Robitaille, Donald Elles

Box 378 off-site
Robutka, Walter
Roby, Albert Theodore
Roby, Rochester Ross
Rocke, Vernon Samuel
Rockwell, Frederick Hughan
Rodeffer, James Samuel
Rodeman, Hans William
Rodemeyer, Harvey Ernest
Roger, Donald Seares
Rodgers, Carl William
Rodgers, Lloyd Joseph
Rodman, Albert Kingsley
Roe, Robert Arnold
Roehrs, Edward H.
Rogan, James Watkyn
Rogers, Albert Porter
Rogers, Charles Parr
Rogers, Dallas Kennedy
Rogers, David Allan

Box 379 off-site
Rogers, Elven William through Rohrer, Warren Israel

Box 380 off-site
Rohrer, Willis David through Rosenbaum, Lauren Crane

Box 381 off-site
Rosenberger, John Edward through Roth, Leo John

Box 382 off-site
Roth, Lester through Rountree, Jonas Clifton

Box 383 off-site
Roupe, James Edward
Roupp, Stanley Milford
Roupp, Willard J.
Rousseau, Leo A.
Routier, Atly
Rowan, William Gregg Jr.
Rowe, James Ernest
Rowell, Clarence Edward
Rowland, William Bradford
Roy, Raymond Frank
Royer, Clarence Jay
Royer, Merrill Forrest
Royer, Paul M.
Royer, Robert Howard
Royt, Kevin
Rozeboom, Gerrit Andrew
Rubin, Bernard
Rubin, Gerald Milton
Ruby, Joseph

Box 384 off-site
Rudd, Ralph Corlies
Ruddell George Richard
Rudisill, Jacob Albert
Rudometkin, John James
Rudy, Douglas Carr
Rudy, John Henry
Rufenacht, Charles David
Ruff, Wilbur Loran
Ruffing, Alvor Edward
Rugg, Earle Melvin
Ruhl, J. Robert
Ruhling, William Louis
Ruiter, Leon C.
Rumble, Dale Charles
Rumble, Eldon Eugene
Rumble, John William
Rumble, Paul Benton
Rumble, Robert Wayne
Rumble, Ward Benton
Rumer, Jack Norton
Rumer, Kenneth Daniel
Rumer, Paul Walton

Box 385 off-site
Rummel, Dean Lavalle through Rust, Cecil F.

Box 386 off-site
Ruth, Paul Landis through St. Luise, Christopher

Box 387 off-site
Sakers, John Edward
Sala, Raymond Merle
Sala, Robert Paul
Sallaska, Eugene May
Sallaska, James Francis
Salmonson, Keith Burton
Salstrom, David
Salter, Manuel Lee
Saltzman, Dale William
Saltzman, Ivan Kelly
Saltzman, Orville Glenn
Salyer, John Alexander
Samarin, John Fred
Samarin, Roy John
Sammons, Daniel Shadrach
Sample, George Aldrich
Sampson, Robert Lee
Sandbach, Oswald Walker
Sanders, Charles Starbuck
Sanders, Donald Gilbert
Sanders, Herman Glenn
Sanders, James Olcutt
Sanderson, Bill Robert

Box 388 off-site
Sanderson, Donald Lorraine through Sasser, John Casey, Jr.

Box 389 off-site
Sateren, Leland Bernhard through Sawtelle, Granville Harvey

Box 390 off-site
Sawyer, Warren Davis through Schafer, Kenneth William

Box 391 off-site
Schafer, Roger Straus through Schertz, Melvin Lee

Box 392 off-site
Schertz, Robert Lee through Schlabach, Lloyd Edwin

Box 393 off-site
Schlabach, Mose A. through Schmidt, Bernhard D.

Box 394 off-site
Schmidt, Clyde Earl through Schmidt, Marvin Abe

Box 395 off-site
Schmidt, Melvin Benjamin through Schmitt, Clifford Jerome

Box 396 off-site
Schmitz, Claude Matthias through Schoenheider, Nor Carl

Box 397 off-site
Scholberg, Henry Cedric
Scholl, Maurice Carlton
Scholtens, Albert
Schomer, Howard
Schon, Charles Russell
Schorman, William Reed
Schowalter, Frederick W.
Schrag, Abe D.
Schrag, Chester Walter
Schrag, Clarence
Schrag, Daniel R.
Schrag, David D.
Schrag, Delbert J.
Schrag, Edwin Joshua
Schrag, Ervin D.
Schrag, Erwin E.
Schrag, Harold David
Schrag, Johnny J.
Schrag, Martin Homer
Schrag, Orvid Ransom

Box 398 off-site
Schrag, Walter E. through Schrock, Harley A.

Box 399 off-site
Schrock, Harvey through Schrock, Truman William

Box 400 off-site
Schrock, Walter Lee through Schuhle, William, Jr.

Box 401 off-site
Schuler, Victor Elwood through Schwantes, John Paul

Box 402
Schwartz, Aaron P. through Schwoyer, Vincent C.

Box 403
Schwyn, Edward Junior through Searles, Robert Clay

404 off-site
Sears, Wayne Howard
Seaton, Ralph Simonds
Seaver, LaRoy Edward [2 folders]
Seaward, John Corliss
Seawright, Delmar Clarence
Sebert, Robert Horace
Seburn, Alfred Tobias
Secrist, Ford Ivan
Sedig, Elmer Victor Jr.
Sedig, John Henry
Seegers, Ernest Franklin
Seeley, Claude John
Seeley, David Herrick
Seeley, Frank Edward
Seelig, Lester Otis
Seeman, Melvin
Seeman, William
Seese, Robert Morrison
Segal, Benjamin David
Sehnert, Frank Henry
Sehulster, Francis T.
Seibel, Carl Arnold
Seidman, Bertrand Russell

405 off-site
Seiler, Arnold
Seiler, William Edward
Sekerak, Emil Edward
Sekulic, Samuel Oscar
Selby, Elmer
Selby, Melvin Thomas
Selent, Raymond Arthur
Sellers, Willie Jerome
Selph, Arlis Winfield
Selzer, Lester Alvin
Selzer, Elvin Monroe
Semple, Robert Adams
Senger, Marvin Eugene
Senner, Robert William
Sensenig, Aaron W.
Sensenig, Jacob Sauder
Sensenig, Raymond M.
Sensenig, Titus Landis
Serafin, Frank

Box 406 off-site
Sesser, Paul George through Shaffner, Dean Nevin

Box 407 off-site
Shalkoski, Harry Eugene through Shank, Stuart Aaron

Box 408 off-site
Shank, William S.
Shankster, Owen LaRue
Shapiro, Marvin James
Sharp, Floyd Eugene
Sharp, LeRoy Pearle
Sharp, Vernard Ralph
Sharpe, Roy Robertson
Sharpless, Palmer Martin
Shattuck, Claude Ray
Sharpes, Lowell Victor Jr.
Shatto, David Elvin
Shatzel, Albert Vernice
Shaw, David
Shaw, Donald Lincoln
Shaw, Elmer Elvus
Shaw, Eugene
Shaw, Ralph Bacon
Shaw, Thomas Jr.
Shaw, Warren Curtis
Sheaffer, Robert Earl
Shearer, Byron Cleo
Shearer, Clarence Edwin
Shearer, Sterling Eldon
Shearrow, Donald Wayne
Sheen, Milton Roy Jr.
Sheets, Carl Edward

Box 409 off-site
Sheets, Gwyn Levernon
Sheets, Louis Kermit
Sheets, Roger Carl
Sheffer, Dean Phillip
Sheketoff, Joseph Louis
Shellabarger, Byron Mack
Shellabarger, John Jacob
Shellenberger, Marlin Carl
Sheller, Charles
Sheller, John Howard
Shelley, Byron Everett
Shelley, Lloyd Emerson
Shelly, Leroy Earhart
Shelly, Rufus Earhart
Shelnutt, Clarence Bordon
Shenk, Clarence Mowrer
Shenk, Ezra Willam
Shenk, Franklin Paul
Shenk, Paul Joseph

Box 410 off-site
Shepherd, Ray Milton through Shetler, Paul Wesley

Box 411 off-site
Shetler, Ralph Milton through Shirk, Leon B.

Box 412 off-site
Shirk, Newman Sidney through Short, Benjamin Amos

Box 413 off-site
Short, Chester through Shoup, Harry Leonard

Box 414 off-site
Shoup, Melvin Wade through Shreiner, Paul Myer

Box 415 off-site
Shrock, Mervin through Shull, Wilbur Ray

Box 416 off-site
Shultz, Glenn Leroy
Shumake, Lawrence Alvin
Shumaker, Fred Willard
Shuman, Harry Allen
Shuttleworth, Lowell DeWitt
Siceloff, Courtney Parker
Sickbert, Lawrence John
Sides, Joe Miller
Sides, Oliver James
Sieber, Floyd Mervin
Siebert, Almon F.
Siebert, Eugene Victor
Siebert, Frederick Mark
Siebert, Pete C.
Siebert, Walter F.
Siegel, Abraham Lazarus
Siegfried, John Daniel
Siemens, Erwin
Siemens, John Jr.
Siemens, John Cornelius
Siemens, Melvin Roy
Siemens, Nick Alfred
Siemon, William Lee
Siemons, Lawrence Herman

Box 417 off-site
Silvers, Orlan Dale through Sipkens, Klaas Folbert

Box 418 off-site
Siple, James Barney through Slabaugh, Roman J.

Box 419 off-site
Slade, Albert Halsey through Smalley, Marion Charles

Box 420 off-site
Smart, Marvin Leroy
Smedley, Thomas Morgan
Smedley, Walter, Jr.
Smeltzer, Donald Raymond
Smeiska, Gerhard Ernst
Smeiska, Gilbert Rudolph
Smith, Alvin Edward
Smith, Arnold Ray
Smith, Bracy Napoleon
Smith, Charles David
Smith, David Symon
Smith, David Walter
Smith, Donald Clyde
Smith, Donald Elton
Smith, Emory Clayton
Smith, Eugene Jacob

Box 421 off-site
Smith, Floyd Dale through Smith, James Randolph

Box 422 off-site
Smith, Jimmie James through Smith, Ralph Leslie

Box 423 off-site
Smith, Raymond Harry through Smucker, Cletus Sears

Box 424 off-site
Smucker, Daniel Stoltzfus through Snipes, Edgar Thomas, Jr.

Box 425 off-site
Snipes, Samuel Moon through Snyder, William Thomas

Box 426 off-site
Sobel, Stanford Leonard through Somerville, William James

Box 427 off-site
Somes, Faith through Souder, Russell Landis

Box 428 off-site
Souhami, Elias Joseph through Spector, Joel

Box 429 off-site
Speicher, Ray Enfield through Spink, Louis Vernon

Box 430 off-site
Spitler, Harold Eugene through Stabler, Arthur Phillips

Box 431 off-site
Staby, John Henry through Stalter, John D.

Box 432 off-site
Stalter, Milo D. through Stanley, Philip Boyd

Box 433 off-site
Stanley, Raymond William
Stanley, Robert Clarence
Stanley, Wilmer Wilid
Stanley, Woodrow Leburn
Stannard, David Robertson
Stannard, Edward Currie
Stanton, Gordon Athol
Stanton, Orrie Huyek
Stanton, William Macy, Jr.
Staples, Lionel Wentworth
Starbuck, Robert George
Stark, Benjamin John
Stark, James William
Stark, Leonard Charley Albert
Stark, Robert James
Starkey, Harold Dwayne
Starkey, Theodore Nichols
Starmer, Karey
Starratt, Roscoe Parker
States, Floyd
Staton, Arnold Boone
Stauffer, Charles Reich
Stauffer, Ezra
Stauffer, Glen Eugene
Stauffer, Harold Leroy
Stauffer, Henry Habecker
Stauffer, Irvin Reich

Box 434 off-site
Stauffer, John
Stauffer, Nelson Ray
Stauffer, Pete Edward
Stauffer, Stanley Sell
Stauffer, Vern Joseph
Steckler, William Russell
Steckley, Clayton Leroy
Steckley, Loren
Steckly, Allen Christian
Steckly, Dale William
Steed, Guy Vance
Steele, Harold Eugene
Steele, Robert William
Steelink, Cornelius
Steer, John Wilmer
Steer, Philip Riegel
Steere, Jonathan Mowry
Steers, Harold
Stefan, Walter Harry
Steffen, Walter Lee
Steffey, Carlton Elwood

through Steffey, Carlton

Box 435 off-site
Steffy, John Anthony through Steinhilber, Norman

Box 436 off-site
Steinle, Wilbur Oscar
Stelle, Robert Allen
Stellrecht, Samuel Jacob
Stenberg, Gilbert Waldermer
Stenhouse, Richard Eugene
Stephens, Richard
Stephenson, Edwin Pou
Steria, Earnest W.
Stern, Richard Stephen
Stern, Wilbur Evert
Sterne, Harold Lester
Stethers, Howard Leroy
Stetzel, Warren Dale
Steury, Amos
Steury, Enos
Steury, Lores Ernest
Steury, Menno
Stevanus, Garland Milton
Stevens, Henry Gray
Stevens, James Sherard
Stevens, John Curtis
Stevens, Robert Malcolm
Stevens, Robert Warren
Stevenson, Arthur M., II

Box 437 off-site
Stevenson, John Allen, Jr. through Stinebaugh, Vernon Howard

Box 438 off-site
Stines, Otis Manson through Stoltzfus, Amos Umble, Jr.

Box 439 off-site
Stoltzfus, Clarence through Stoner, Clyde Buchen

Box 440 off-site
Stoner, Harry Alfred through Strauss, Lyle Keith

Box 441 off-site
Strauss, Paul Bernard through Stuart, Paul Wilkes

Box 442 off-site
Stubbs, Elmer LaVerne through Stucky, Martin J.

Box 443 off-site
Stucky, Marvin through Stumpf, Wilbur J.

Box 444 off-site
Sturm, Gerald Maurice through Stutzman, Jake J.

Box 445 off-site
Stutzman, John Cletus through Suderman, David Harry

Box 446 off-site
Suderman, Jean Wesley
Suderman, Orval Joey
Suesoff, Fred John3
Suits, Daniel B.
Suits, Howard William
Sulek, James William
Sullivan, Covy Ray
Sullivan, Lloyd Lawrence
Summer, Dennis Daniel
Summers, Joseph Holmes
Summers, Leon Melvin
Summers, Ralph Willard
Summers, Raymond Reid
Summers, Robert Paul
Summers, Stanford Grayston
Summers, Sylvester Joshua
Summers, Thomas Jasper
Summey, Edward Neal
Summy, Peat
Summy, Simon Clair
Sumner, Leonard Randall
Sumner, Lowell Graham

Box 447 off-site
Sundberg, Arthur
Sundberg, Eric Nilson
Sunderland, Raymond
Sundheimer, Daniel Wyman
Sunnen, Eugene Carl
Suplee, Ronald Paxson
Sussman, Marvin Bernard
Suter, Charles Clifford
Suter, Daniel Blosser
Suter, Eldon LeRoy
Suter, Evan William
Suter, James Russell
Sutherland, John Hale
Sutphin, Galen Miles
Sutter, Clayton Chris
Sutter, Ivan Paul
Sutter, Ivis Chris
Sutter, Joseph Gerig
Sutter, Mervin Earl
Sutton, Andrew David
Sutton, Charlie Clint
Sutton, Marshall Ostrander
Sutton, Robert Franklin
Sutton, Sewell
Swafford, Leonard

Box 448 off-site
Swain, George Henry
Swain, Kurtis Warren
Swain, Walter David
Swan, John Clement
Swank, Roscoe Lee
Swanson, Louis Earl
Swanson, Walter Alfred
Swantz, Lester Earl
Swantz, Wilson Ray
Swartley, George Merrill Price
Swartz, Carrol Edward
Swartz, Charles Sherman
Swartz, Dale Leon
Swartz, Dwight Franklin
Swartz, Galen Kenneth
Swartz, Vernon Orville
Swartzell, Max Irvin
Swartzendruber, Dale
Swartzendruber, Eldon Wayne
Swartzendruber, Ellis Maynard
Swartzendruber, Glenn G.
Swartzendruber, Harold Leon
Swartzendruber, Joseph Paul
Swartzendruber, Lloyd Joseph
Swartzendruber, Mark P.

Box 449 off-site
Swartzendruber, Owen Louis
Swartzendruber, Stanley Jay
Swartzendruber, Wallace Guy
Swartzendruber, Wilbur P.
Swartzendruber, Willard Herman
Swartzendruber, William Paul
Swartzendruber, Alvin A.
Swartzendruber, Henry
Swartzendruber, Henry W.
Swartzendruber, Ivan L.
Swartzendruber, William J.
Swatsell, Elbert R.
Swatsell, Leroy
Sway, Albert
Sweigart, Amos Oliver
Sweitzer, Donald Earl
Sweitzer, John Harry
Swiatkowski, Chester B.
Swiatkowski, John W.
Swift, Charles James
Swift, David Everett

Box 450 off-site
?? through ??

Box 451 off-site
Tanner, Chester Delos through Taylor, Sherman Voorhees

Box 452 off-site
Taylor, Stanley Maurice through Thiel, Harry Paul

Box 453 off-site
Thiermann, David Ian through Thiessen, Willie Ratzlaff

Box 454 off-site
Thoburn, Horace E. through Thomas, James Irvin

Box 455 off-site
Thomas, John Melvin through Thompson, John Clement

Box 456 off-site
Thompson, Kenneth Wilford through Tice, Alva Daniel

Box 457 off-site
Tice, Simon J. through Tipton, Roy Lane

Box 458 off-site
Tisdale, John Joseph through Tolmachoff, Jack

Box 459 off-site
Tolmachoff, Jim Pete through Towart, William George, Jr.

Box 460 off-site
Towle, Delwin Albert through Trochim, Daniel

Box 461 off-site
Troeger, Ernest Robert through Troyer, Harold Frank

Box 462 off-site
Troyer, Henry through Troyer, Raymond Eugene

Box 463 off-site
Troyer, Royden Royce through Tucker, Gerald Everett

Box 464 off-site
Tucker, Robert Leonard
Tucker, Willis R.
Tuinstra, George Richard
Tuning, Gerald Edward
Turek, Henry Theodore
Turner, Don Cecil
Turner, Millard Wilton
Turner, Robert Chapman
Turner, William Clair
Turner, William Fletcher [died 03/16/1943]
Tussler, Robert Leon
Tuttle, George Kenneth
Tuttle, George Richard
Tuttle, Harold Dean
Tuttle, Henry Burt
Tuttle, Russell Connell [Conwell?]
Tweedy, Charles Stanley
Twente, Allen Ralph
Twente, Raymond Herman
Twet, Omer Sylvester
Tweten, Emil Edmond
Tweten, Richard Donald

Box 465 off-site
Twichell, Goss Browne through Umble, Roy Herman

Box 466 off-site
Unangst, Carl Lewis through Unruh, John Henry

Box 467 off-site
Unruh, James Richard through Unzicker, Harley Julius

Box 468 off-site
Unzicker, Ores Harley through van der Water, Eric Noel

Box 469 off-site
Van Duyne, Lloyd W. through Vaughn, Bernard William

Box 470 off-site
Vaughn, Leonard Edward through Vice, David Richard

Box 471 off-site
Vician, George [2 folders]
Vickers, Elmo Wheeler
Vickrey, William Spencer
Viehe, Carl Armin
Viehland, Charles Louis
Vietz, Hugo
Villa, Arthur David
Villwock, Robert Jonathan
Vires, Presley Alexander
Vishnewski, Stanley Francis
Vittetoe, Jack Orin
Vogel, Robert Samuel
Vogelmanm, Stuart Carl
Vogley, Charles Daniel
Vogt, Barney Allen
Vogt, Cornelius Wendell
Vogt, Harold Waldo
Vogt, John Edwin

Box 472 off-site
Vogt, Leanard Jimmie through Voth, Waldo Otto

Box 473 off-site
Voth, Wesley D. through Wagler, Mahlon

Box 474 off-site
Wagler, Wilmer
Wagner, Charles Arthur
Wagner, Frederick James, Jr.
Wagner, George Robert Jr.
Wagner, Marlin Keeney
Wagner, Marvin Roy
Wagner, Nathan George
Wagner, Paul William
Wagmer. Richard Ellis
Wagner, Robert Andrew
Wagner, Robert James
Wagner, Wayne William
Wagner, Wilbert Wesley
Wagoner, Dwight David
Wagoner, Ezra Harold
Wagoner, Jesse E.
Wagoner, Raymond Kenneth
Waite, Andrew Jackson III
Waite Maynard Edwin
Waite, Otis Earl
Waite, Richard
Walbridge, Alvin Eugene
Walbrige, Gilbert Clarence
Walden, David Carroll

Box 475 off-site
Waldner, Jacob
Waldner, Mike John
Waldner, Mike M.
Waldner, Sam John
Walker, Alfred William
Walker, Donald Horton
Walker, Ewald Edward
Walker, John Mason
Walker, Lester Wilbur
Walker, Quinn
Walker, Robert Bell
Walker, Vic
Walker, William Bruce
Wall, Albert Edward
Wall, Albert G.
Wall, Arnold
Wall, Arthur Benjamin
Wall, Edwin George
Wall, Elmer Henry
Wall, Harold
Wall, Irvin Franz
Wall, John Franz
Wall, John Peter

Box 476 off-site
Wall, Willie Alvin through Waltner, Ervin H.

Box 477 off-site
Waltner, Marvin through Warfield, Roland Martin

Box 478 off-site
Warford, William Smith through Warren, Roscoe Lynd, Jr.

Box 479 off-site
Warren, Wirt Adrien
Warrick, William Anthony
Warrington, Donald Cleaver
Washburn, Arnold Gordon
Washburn, Grant Orr
Washburn, James Ancil
Washeck, John Eldon
Wass, Henry Noland
Wasser, Marvin H.
Waters, Clifton Norwood
Waters, Elbert Ezra
Watkins, Asa DuPuy
Watkins, Franklin Taylor
Watkins, George Robert
Watkins, Harry Joe
Watkins, Lewis Henry
Watkins. Richard Walker
Watrous, Elbert Ervin
Watrous, Leonard
Watrous, Stanley Roland
Watrous, Wallace Eden
Watson, Curtis Brown
Watson, George Henry

Box 480 off-site
Watson, Gerald Alva through Weaver, Dan A.

Box 481 off-site
Weaver, Dan J. through Weaver, Jacob A.

Box 482 off-site
Weaver, James Oliver through Weaver, Oliver Kenneth

Box 483 off-site
Weaver, Orlando through Webb, Pearson Alton

Box 484 off-site
Webber, Melvin Myron through Wedel, Silas Willard

Box 485 off-site
485 Wedel, Tobias Levern through Weirich, Harvey Henry

Box 486 off-site
Weirich, Joseph D. through Wells, George Stevens, II

Box 487 off-site
Wells, John Hunter
Wells, Maurice, N.F.
Welsh, Ronald Scott
Welty, Carold David
Welty, Everett Lavon
Welty, Virgil Lamar
Wenberg, Ernest Daniel
Wengard, Monroe L.
Wengard, Roman L.
Wellman, Orville Henry
Wengard, Jonas N.
Wenger, Byron Levi
Wenger, Chester Lehman
Wenger, Clayton
Wenger, Dale Cook
Wenger, Daniel Erb
Wenger, Daryl LaVerne
Wenger, David Sensenig
Wenger, David Snyder
Wenger, Donald David
Wenger, Eldon Chester

Box 488 off-site
Wenger, Ervy D.
Wenger, Gerald Leroy
Wenger, Harry Jacob
Wenger, Howard
Wenger, Jay Melvin
Wenger, John David
Wenger, John Robert
Wenger, John Wilmer
Wenger, Lehman Roy
Wenger, Mark Reither
Wenger, Noah Yost
Wenger, Robert Racely
Wenger, Roy Emerson
Wenger, Walter Ray
Wenger, Wayne Justein
Wenger, William Junior
Wengerd, Dan S.
Wengery, Robert John
Wennerberg, Karl Gustave Wilhelm
Wenz, Emanuel
Werner, Carl William
Werner, George Albert [2 folders]
Werner, Melvin

Box 489 off-site
Werner, Samuel Edward through Whatley, Van Buren

Box 490 off-site
Wheeler, Floyd Earl
Wheeler, Floyd Ernest
Wheeler, Henry
Wheeler, Nathaniel Harthorn
Wheeler, Wayne Earl
Wheeler, Wilfred Eugene
Wheeler, William Woodrow
Whelan, Duane
Wherry, Franklin Priest
Whetstone, John S.
Whetzel, Joseph Daniel
Whirledge, Donald
Whisler, George Ernest
Whistleman, Fred Chester
Whitaker, Merl Wesley
Whitacre, Raymond Earl
White, Anthony C.
White, Calvin Fulton
White, Charles Benson

Box 491 off-site
White, Clayton Verne through Whiteway, Edwin Norman

Box 492 off-site
Whitham, Melvin Raymon through Widrick, Amos

Box 493 off-site
Wiebe, Arthur John
Wiebe, Donald R.
Wiebe, Dwight Moody
Wiebe, Elmer B.
Wiebe, Ervin
Wiebe, Franklin Edward
Wiebe, Harry Ben
Wiebe, Herbert Warkentin
Wiebe, Herman Henry
Wiebe, Joel Albert
Wiebe, John K.
Wiebe, John Reuben
Wiebe, Leonard
Wiebe, Oscar William
Wiebe, Raymond Francis
Wiebe, Rudolph
Wiebe, Waldimar Ferdinand
Wiebe, Walter
Wiederhold, III, Louis
Wiedman, William Frederick
Wiegand, Lewis Edward
Wiens, Allen Richard
Wiens. Calvin Lloyd
Wiens, Esward [Edward?]

Box 494 off-site
Wiens, Edward Abe Wiggins, Delmar Edward

Box 495 off-site
Wight, Clement Paul through Will, Herman, Jr.

Box 496 off-site
Willard, Edward Lee through Williams, Frank T.

Box 497 off-site
Williams, Frank Thomas through Willoughby, Leon Louis

Box 498 off-site
Willoughby, Robert Holmes
Wills, George David
Wilmoth, Raymond White
Wilsnack, Gerald Peter
Wilson, Albert Wilton
Wilson, Alfred Holcomb, Jr.
Wilson, Andrew Wilkins
Wilson, Clifford Wayne
Wilson, Conrad
Wilson, Dan
Wilson, Dean Warren
Wilson, Elby Cleveland
Wilson, Ellis Esco
Wilson, Floyd Alva
Wilson, Finis Warren
Wilson, James Samuel
Wilson, James William
Wilson, Max Worth
Wilson, Robert Alfred
Wilson, Robert E.
Wilson, Ubele Adrian
Wilson, William Jerome
Wimmer, John Cline
Winchester, Harold Purcell, Jr.

Box 499 off-site
Windemiller, Duane Arlo through Winter, Charles

Box 500 off-site
Winter, Wilbert Morris through Witmer, Austin Walter

Box 501 off-site
Witmer, Henry Allen through Wojnarowski, Alexander

Box 502 off-site
Wolf, Arthur through Wollman, Samuel S.

Box 503 off-site
Wollman, George through Woodman, Lewis Smith

Box 504 off-site
Woodman, Walter
Woodrow, William Park
Woodruff, Stockton White
Woodruff, Herbert Raymond
Woodson, Weldon D.
Woodward, Americus Hodge
Woodward, Claude William
Woodward, David Earl
Woodward, Don Byron
Woodward, Edgar H., Jr.
Woodward, Franklin Laruel
Woodward, Garlnad Joseph
Woodward, Walter Francis
Woolensack, Florian Louis
Wooster, Fred Leslie
Wooten, Edsel Burk
Wooten, Eunice
Wooten, James Richard
Workman, Robert Eldon
Worley, Edward Thomas
Worley, Marshall Winton
Worth, Vaughn Ora
Worthington, Earl LeRoy
Worthington, James Phillip

Box 505 off-site
Wotring, Eldred through Wyly, Porter Union

Box 506 off-site
Wyse, Erin Orval through Yoder, Alvin Chriss

Box 507 off-site
Yoder, Alvin J. through Yoder, Daniel G.

Box 508 off-site
Yoder, Daniel Mark through Yoder, Enos E.

Box 509 off-site
Yoder, Ernest Leroy through Yoder, Jacob Lee

Box 510 off-site
Yoder, Jacob N. through Yoder, Melvin Allen

Box 511 off-site
Yoder, Melvin, Jr. through Yoder, Otis P.

Box 512 off-site
Yoder, Ottis through Yoder, Roman S.

Box 513 off-site
Yoder, Rudolph E. through Yoder, Wilbur Wayne

Box 514 off-site
Yoder, Williard E. through Yost, Howard S.

Box 515 off-site
Yost, Robert Earl through Yutzy, Jonas J.

Box 516 off-site
Yutzy, Noah F.
Yutzy, Ralph Edward
Yutzy, Raymond Lee
Yutzy, Roman J.
Yutzy, Solomon N.
Zabek, Henry
Zabel, John Roger
Zabriskie, George
Zaerr, Maurice Lavern
Zahm, Romain Edwin
Zahn, Fred Otto
Zahn, Gordon Charles
Zahn, Oswald Franklin, Jr.
Zahniser, John Raymond
Zajac, Nicholas
Zandbergen, Howard K.
Zavackes, Vito
Zeager, Norman
Zehr, Amos Daniel
Zehr, Dale Arthur
Zehr, David, Jr.
Zehr, Donald Lawrence
Zehr, Edmund Peter
Zehr, Eugene Amos

Box 517 off-site
Zehr, Harold Joseph through Zim, Herbert Spencer

Box 518 off-site
Zimmerchied, Lawrence Harry through Zook, Amos Levi, Jr.

Box 519 off-site
Zook, Arthur Leroy through Zychal, Edward

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