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Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
Part I, Series E,2

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Descriptive Summary
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
National Service Board for Religious Objectors; National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors; Center on Conscience and War
Center on Conscience and War Records
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DG 025
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Materials in English
670+ linear feet [papers only]
Organization still in existence that was formed to aid conscientious objectors in World War II.

Administrative Information / Historical Background / Collection Overview / Arrangement / Etc.
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Restrictions apply to any Series that include files about individual men, as noted below. Researchers must gain permission from the director of the Center on Conscience and War to view specific files. Contact the SCPC Curator about this matter.

All boxes are stored off-site. A request for their retrieval must be given to the SCPC Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the SCPC. See index page for which Series are off-site.

Detailed Description of Series E,2: Records re: Reclassified Men in CPS (Supplement) [men with classification difficulties, or men in prison; formerly Series R-S]
In this checklist, underlined words are box headings
Restrictions apply to all boxes/folders that contain information about individual men

RC = reclassified; None = no religious affiliation; not sure what NR meant; number [i.e., 33] refers to CPS camp/s; I-A-O = inducted into military noncombatant service; 1-A = inducted into military; delinquent = did not report to assigned CPS camp
Notations (in brackets) that appear after names were transcribed from original folders kept by NSBRO

Box 1 off-site
Abbott, John Hunley [76 / prison / discharged / Religious Society of Friends]
Abosh, Bernard [prison / RC]
Abosh, Hyman [prison / RC]
Abramowitz, Rubin [prison / RC]
Affeldt, John F. [prison]
Aks, William [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / RC]
Albrecht, Irving [prison / appeal case / general]
Anderson, Alfred F. [prison / RC]
Anderson, Theodore F. [prison]
Andreson, Bent Bredenberg [prison / 115 / Methodist Church]
Angelane, Paul [prison]
Angell, Ernest W.
Annunziata, Edward
Anschutz, Carl [prison]
Ashley, Albert R. [general]
Anthony, William [prison / RC]
Atkins, Carl [prison / general]
Atkins, Jerome [20 / prison]
Atkinson, Alan Watt [111 / prison / general / Religious Society of Friends]
Auld, Warren Elmer
Austin, Floyd Charles [prison / general]
Axford, Roger [prison / RC]
B: miscellaneous
Baergen, Ernest Edward [17 / RC]
Baggett, Noal [prison / general]
Bagley, Jack W. [prison / RC]

Box 2 off-site
Baker, Donald Earle [prison / discharged / general / clerk / 21]
Baker, Paul W. [prison / Leavenworth Farm Camp Prison]
Balas, Mitchell Francis [RC / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / carpenter]
Ball, James Woodrow [prison / delinquent / general / 14]
Ballantyne, John Dennis [28 / RC / delinquent]
Balsbaugh, John [RC]
Banach, Stanley [6 / RC / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Banning, William E. [prison]
Barber, Harry [28 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Barber, James [prison / Southern Branch USDB]
Barbosa, Tony Santos [prison]
Barker, John Jefferson [45 / Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church]
Barnes, Roscoe [prison]
Barnhart, Lowell E. [24-2 / Church of the Brethren]
Barrett, James [prison / general]
Basuk, Morris [prison / general]
Bean Jr., Ivan Wheeler [14 / prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / Milan Federal Correctional Institution / carpenter]
Belden, Byron [prison / Mennonite]
Belovich, Martin [prison / general]
Bell, Tobias [prison / RC]
Bender, Frank J. [prison]
Benedict, Donald L. [prison]
Benfante, Vincent [prison / general]
Bennett, Clifton [prison]
Berg, William Darragh [prison / RC]
Bernstein, Herbert [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution]
Bey, Fred [prison / delinquent / Muslim]
Bibbins, Edward Meredith [prison / delinquent / general / Church of the New Age / Negro]
Bibbins, William H. [prison]
Billings, Arthur G. [prison / general]
Blackburn, Charles Blaine [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Blais, Oliver Frank [9 / prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / none]

Box 3 off-site
Blankenship, Robert [108 / Church of Christ]
Blazier, Jacob Dale [prison / RC]
Blechman, Alfred B. [prison]
Block, William G. [prison]
Blott, Rex E. [prison]
Bode, Arden Dietrich [prison / Evangelical and Reformed Church]
Bodnar, John Anthony [prison / general]
Boland Jr., Hubert Thurston [128 / prison / Methodist Church]
Bollinger, Robert Devere [24-2 / Methodist Church]
Bollinger, Roy [prison]
Book, Nolan D. [RC / discharged]
Booth, Donald James [prison]
Boren, Lawrence [RC]
Borg, Robert Strang [prison]
Boswell, Fred Arnold [prison / RC]
Boswell, Hugh A. [prison / general]
Boswell, Keith R. [prison]
Botti, John [prison]
Boudreaux, Francis A. [prison / general]
Bower, Theodore D. [appeal case]
Bowles, Whitney [prison]
Bowman, Ralph Levi [121 / RC / Old German Baptist Church]
Boyer, J. Robert [appeal case]
Bozman, William [prison]
Branam, Elmer [prison]
Bray, ElRoy [prison]
Bristah, James Werner [prison / discharged / RC]
Broaster, Ethelbert [prison]
Broglia, Silvio [prison / general]
Brooks, Gordon [prison / parole / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
Brown, Arthur Paul [16 / 56 / prison / discharged / general]
Brown, Ernest S. [prison]

Box 4
Brown, Harvey [prison]
Brown, Robert Grady [42 / prison / general]
Brown, Roman L. [prison]
Broze, Zenon R. [111 / prison / Christian]
Brubaker, James Arthur
Brunell, Joseph A. [prison]
Buerge, Frank Orville [appeal case / general]
Buerge, Paul A. [appeal case / general]
Buettner-Janusch, Johannes [prison / RC]
Bunch, Thomas N. [prison]
Burgh, John Stanley [prison / general]
Burkett, Billie Joe [prison / Methodist Church]
Burkholder, Floyd E. [45 / Mennonite Church]
Burnham Jr., Harold Nichols [Religious Society of Friends]
Burrous, Stanley Emerson [Church of the Brethren]
Burton, Donald Ross [135 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Burton, Harley E. [prison]
Bury, Daniel [prison / general]
Butcher, Charles [6 / 62 / prison / general]
Buzzelli, Joseph A. [prison / Federal Detention Headquarters / general]
C: miscellaneous
Cady, Charles [prison]
Cady, Charles David
Calpakoff, Abe [prison]
Cantrell, Marvin D. [prison]
Carlson, Arthur E.H. [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Carlson, Hugo L. [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Carpenter, Charles B. [46 / prison / discharged / Religious Society of Friends]
Carpenter, Charles E.
Carroll, Howard Alexander [prison / discharged / RC / 20th Century Church / Negro]
Carter, ______? [folder label read like this] [prison]
Carter, Charles A. [army]
Carter, Glasco J. [prison]
Case, William H. [prison]
Catavolo, Erasmo P. [3 / prison / RC]
Chady, Otto E. [prison / general]

Box 5 off-site
Chaffin, Arthur B. [prison / general]
Checkver, Samuel [37 / prison / discharged]
Chelquist, Norman A. [prison / general]
Chino, Robert Asahi [prison / general]
Chrekjian, George [prison]
Christensen, Keith [prison]
Chytla, Bernard [prison]
Ciesnieski, Peter [prison / general]
Cisco Jr., John
Clark, Bronson P. [prison / general / delinquent / RC]
Clark, Burnell A. [prison / general]
Clawson, Larry Dudley [prison / McNeil Island Prison Camp/ RC]
Clayton, Versil Edgar [prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Clemence, George E. [prison / RC]
Cline, Luther Herman Cooke, Hugh David [Christadelphian Church]
Coker, Jack Howard [128 / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Collins, Douglas L. [prison / RC / general]
Collins, Irvin W. [prison]
Collum, Charles H. [prison / general]
Connolly, Donald
Conovoloff, Pete J. [prison / general]
Conrow, D. Thorton [prison / general]
Cooney, Thomas Joseph [appeal case / prison]
Cooney, Vernon [prison / none]
Cooper, Samuel [prison / general]
Cope, Arthur M.
Copeland, Thomas Shell [jail]
Copeland, William Ford
Cote, Gordon R. [prison]
Cottrell, Elton Elva [33 / prison]
Cottrell, Harold W. [prison / general]

Box 6 off-site
Cox, John Taylor [45 / prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Cronk, Elwood Francis [128 / prison / Religious Society of Friends]
Cunningham, Edward Raymond [general / NR]
Curia, Franklin [prison]
Currier, Robert Newton [97 / prison / discharged / general / Baptist Church]
Curtis, Frank Morris [appeal case; prison]
Cuthberson, Kenneth E. [52 / prison / general / delinquent / Congregational[?] Church]
Dadisman, Claude Franklin [6 / RC]
Dale, Ronald A. [prison]
Danser, Lloyd [army]
Darrow, Gerald Pittman [36 / prison / discharged / general / Tucson Federal Prison Camp]
Davidson, Garland N. [appeal case / prison]
Davis Jr., Arthur Alvin [prison]
Dayson, Hubert W. [prison / general]
Decker, Howard E. [prison]
De Febio, Frank J. [prison]
De Grote, Kingdom [prison]
De Grote, Stanley [prison]
Deines, Raymond [prison]
Dellinger, David [prison / general]
DeLuck [DeLuke?], Daniel Louis [prison] Desatoff, Alex A. [appeal case / prison]
Deshazer, Charlie W. [prison / RC]
Dettweiler, Theodore Christian. [111 / prison / discharged / Baptist Church]
Dettweiler, William J. [prison / general]
Detweiler, Randolph J. [RC / Mennonite Church]
DeVault, Don Charles [135 / prison / McNeil Federal Prison Camp / none]
D’Haillecourt, Gaston [prison / general]
Diamond, William Louis [33 / prison / general]
Dickinson, Joseph Romlus [prison / general]
DiGia, Ralph [prison / general]
Dinning, Richard [prison / general]
Dixon, Henry [prison / Texarkana Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Dixon, John Norman [prison / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary / general]
Dobransky Jr., John Andrew [29 / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Doerr, George W.

Box 7 off-site
Dolve, Philip Curtis [36 / prison / discharged / general / Fellowship of Reconciliation]
Dooley, Matthew [prison / general]
Dowers, Boyd Dean [prison]
Doyle Jr., Robert E. [prison / general]
Dukes, Robert Stephen [prison]
Dunajski, Benjamin J. [prison]
Dupre, Joe Elbert [prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Duquet, Albert
Durling, Lee W. [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Dutko, Anthony [prison / general]
Dutton, Denver [prison]
Dyck, Walter H.
Ebeling, Albert [prison / RC]
Ebrecht, Scofield R. [El Reno Federal Reformatory]
Eby, Isaac Shirk [discharged / Mennonite Church]
Eby, Wayne Aldus [52 / Mennonite Church]
Ediger, Marlow Richard [Mennonite Church]
Edling, William [prison / general]
Edwards, Bruce [prison]
Edwards, Everett L.
Edwards, Isaiah [prison]
Ehrman, L.H. [prison / general]
Eiden, Alphonse N. [prison]
Eikram, Aslak [prison]
Eikrem, Bjorn [135 / prison / RC / none]
Eirhart, Russell James [prison]
Eise, William John [appeal case / prison / general]
El, Paul Jackson [prison / general]
Elkington, Robert H.
Ellis, Robert [prison]
Elsas, Floyd O. [prison]
Emmons, Melvin Logan [prison]
Engle, Harold H.
Engelhardt, William James [111 / prison / Chillicothe Federal Reformatory / Methodist Church]
Ervin, Hider [prison]
Estey, Charles Gurley [appeal case]
Eurit, Joe [7 / prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Everingham, Benjamin [prison / discharged / general]
Faber, Ervin C. [prison / general]
Fagins, Joseph M. [prison / general]

Box 8 off-site
Fairley, William E. [prison / RC]
Falbo, Nick [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Falbo Jr., Ralph [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Falbo, Salvatore John [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Farson, Kenneth Arthur [21 / Dupont Federal Prison Camp]
Fassman, John [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Fenter, Vernon Guy [108 / Church of Christ]
Fenske, William [prison / RC]
Ferruggio, John [47 / prison]
Fields, Hiram Elison [37 / prison / Religious Society of Friends]
Fichter, James Hal [appeal case]
Fields, James A. [prison / general]
Finkel, Jacob [appeal case]
Finucan, Thomas W. [prison / general]
Fiore, Charles [prison]
Fischer, Henry R. [prison]
Fischer, N. Gayle [appeal case]
Fisher, Dale Martin [prison]
Fisher, John P.
Fisher, Walter J. [general]
Fitz-Hugh, Ernest L.
Fogarty, William Harton [prison / none [or Episcopal Church?]
Foltz, Paul A. [prison / general]
Fore Jr., Walter F. [prison]
Forsythe Jr., Albert H.
Fox, Floyd Elam [prison / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Fox, Richard E. [prison / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Frankel, Simon [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Franklin, J. Stuart
Franklyn, Roy [128 / prison / none]
Franz, Robert [Mennonite Brethren Church]
Fratrick, Steve [17 / prison / general]
Freeman, Merle Lee [prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Freeman, Robert [prison]
Friedrich, Phillip [128 / Jehovah’s Witnesses]

Box 9 off-site
Friedt, Mervin [appeal case]
Fujii, John
Gabaston, Jean Pierre [prison / discharged / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Galbreath, Douglas Milton [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp]
Galkin, Alex [prison]
Gallina, Anthony [prison / RC]
Gallina, David [general]
Galt, Ralph [42 / prison]
Gamble, Paul Luther [prison / RC / general]
Gara, Larry [prison / RC]
Garber, Melvin W. [appeal case]
Garcia, Andrew [prison]
Garrett, Almer [prison / general]
Geiger, Dwight E. [42 / non-affiliated]
Gephart, Cpl. Foley Ford [army]
Gerbrandt, Marvin LeRoy [Mennonite Church]
Gettier, Straughan Lowe [prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / Petersburg Federal Reformatory / general]
Gibel, John
Gibson, Ivan [prison]
Giese, Willis [prison / RC]
Giles, William Ward
Glaab, Stephen [prison / general]
Glazebrook, Walter [prison]
Glebe, Otis Orick [prison / Leavenworth U.S. Penitentiary [folder says Farm Camp] / Mennonite Church]
Godbersen, Gilbert L. [prison]
Goebel, David L. [Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary [folder says Farm Camp] / delinquent / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Goehring, Gordon S. [prison / general]
Goetz, Eugene H. [prison]
Gold, Isadore Edward
Golden, Ward Gardner [prison / none; War Resisters League]
Goley, Gordon [prison / RC / none]
Gormly, Walter Ford [prison / Congregational Christian Church]
Gosho, Lewis [prison / general / Methodist Church]

Box 10 off-site
Gould, Stanley Robert [7 / prison / discharged / Congregational Church]
Gowell, Robert Preston [prison / discharged / general / Presbyterian Church]
Graf, Joseph J. [prison / general]
Graham, James Wesley [I-A-O / discharged / mechanic / Southern Baptist Church]
Grace, Kenneth C. [prison / general]
Graham, Kenneth G. [prison]
Granata, Frank [prison]
Granvold, Bjarne [67 / prison / delinquent]
Granvold, Sander [prison]
Gray, James Craig
Gray, John F. [prison]
Graybill, Joseph J.
Green, Norman [prison]
Green, Willie O.
Greenberger, Murray J. [prison / general]
Greer, James [prison / general]
Gregg, William M. [army]
Gregory, Clarence Whitney [29 / prison / none]
Guinn, Joseph [prison / discharged / RC / Baptist Church]
Gustafson, Roy H. [prison / general
Gutow, Richard [prison / general]
H: miscellaneous [prison] [file missing June 2012]
Haarstrich, Albert R. [prison]
Haase, Horace Joseph [prison / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary [folder says Farm Camp] / general]
Haeber, Otto [general]
Haff, Drayton Sherwood [prison]
Haffelfinger, John H. [prison / general]
Hagen, Russell V. [prison]
Hall, Donald E. [appeal case]
Hall, James Edward [111 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Halliburton, Charles H. [prison / general]
Hammaker, W.L.
Hampton, Arless [prison / RC]
Hampton, John Edward [prison / appeal case]
Hannah, Clarence [prison / RC]
Hannibal, Richard C. [prison / general]

Box 11 off-site
Harcrow, Garnice Lindsey [prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Harper, Harvey
Harper, Lloyd E. [prison]
Harrell, William [prison]
Harrison, Lloyd Ray [128 / prison / Christadelphian Church]
Harryman, Isaac J. [prison / general]
Harryman, Joel [prison / general]
Hart, Morris Beryl [23 / prison / Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution / general / Christian Scientist Church]
Hart, Vernon [prison]
Hartl, Louie [prison / general]
Hartman, John Booth [prison / discharged / McNeil Federal Prison Camp]
Hartman, Kenneth Irving [appeal case]
Harvey, Gordon [army / discharged]
Harvey, Robert Shaw [56 / prison / discharged / Religious Society of Friends / none]
Hatala, John [prison]
Hawkins, J. William
Hazelton, Henry [prison / navy]
Hefner, William Karr [32 / prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / Presbyterian Church]
Hegler, Robert [80 / prison / discharged]
Helfrick, Francis W. [RC]
Helwig, William P. [prison]
Hendrickson, Otto A. [prison]
Herder, Herman R. [prison]
Hernandez, Philip [prison]
Hershberger, John E. [Old Order Amish Mennonite Church]
Hess, Robert Buckwalter [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Hillen, Lester H. [appeal case]

Box 12 off-site
Hingle, Roland Leon [prison / RC]
Hinkey, Wendell Allen [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution]
Hofer, Jacob [55 / Hutterite Church]
Hofferbert, John Charles [46 / RC / Lutheran]
Hogenauer, Irwin R. [135 / prison / RC / appeal case / Methodist Church]
Holderith, William J. [prison / RC]
Holmes, James S. [prison]
Holliman, Andrew O.
Hollingsworth, Harleston [prison]
Hollingsworth, Paul H. [prison]
Holuboff Jr., John [prison]
Hopkins, Jason Jerome [prison / none]
Horn, Arnold
Horn, Arthur M.
Hornig, Charles D. [prison]
Horowitz, Morris [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Horowitz, Nathan [prison / general]
Horton, Robert
Howard, Jack [prison]
Howard, Roy Francis [prison]
Horst, Willis D. [prison / general / Mennonite Church]
Hutchinson, James C. [54]
Hudson, Edgar Eugene [prison / discharged / shipfitter / Northern Baptist Church]
Huissel, Paul [general]
Humphries, George Jefferson [128 / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Hunter, Charles [prison / none]
Hurford, Donald Edward [50 / prison / discharged / clerk; cook / none]
Hutchins, Herbert William
Hutchinson, James Glenn [111 / prison / discharged / Methodist Church]
Ianni, Gino [prison / general]
Iavarone, Anthony Joseph [prison / general ]
Inlay, Herbert [prison / general]
Jackson, Abraham [prison / general]
Jacobi, Albert [prison / general / appeal case]
Jacobi, Arno M. [prison / general]

Box 13 off-site
Jacobs, Noah [31 / Mennonite Church]
Jahns, Frederick W. [31]
Janicki, Roman J. [prison]
Jantzen, John Edgar [Mennonite Church]
Janzen, Ernest Willard [Mennonite Church]
Jasin, Raymond [prison / general]
Jaynes, Julian Clifford [32 / prison / Lewisburg Farm Camp Prison / discharged / psychologist; teacher / Unitarian Church]
Jefferson, Kenneth Elwood [prison / discharged / RC / Presbyterian Church]
Jeffery, William R. [prison / Assemblies of God Church]
Jeffry, Joseph Ralph
Jenkins, Thomas [prison]
Jennings, Francis A. [prison / general]
Jensen, David [prison]
Jessop, Edward William [21 / prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Johnson, Charles Byron [prison]
Johnson, Charles M. [prison / Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp / general]
Johnson, John [prison / general]
Johnson Jr., Paul B. [prison / general]
Johnson, Richard B. [prison]
Johnson, Robert [prison]
Johnson, Thorger William [prison / appeal case]
Jones, Samuel I. [prison]
Jones, Thomas [111 / prison / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Jones Jr., Walter Royal [Danbury Federal Correctional Institution]
Jordan, Emmett [prison]
Jordan, Louis [prison / general]
Jubb, Paul T. [prison / general]
Juran, William Ulrich [prison]
Justice, Jasper W. [prison]
Justus, Edmund Joseph
Kalch, Joseph L. [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Kalpakoff, Abe Paul [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kammer, William D. [prison]
Kaplan, Seymour [Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / paroled]
Karr, Earl R. [prison]
Kasimoff, Alex P.
Kasimoff, Mickey P. [prison / general]
Kasner, Clarence [general]
Kauffeld, Harold [prison / general] [file missing June 2012]
Kauffman, Eugene Metzler [128 / prison / Mennonite Church]

Box 14 off-site
Kauffman, Joe Samuel [Mennonite Church]
Katz, Sander [Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
Kawasaki, Jimmie [prison]
Kellam, John [prison]
Kellen, Oscar C. [prison / general]
Keller, Ernest [prison]
Kelsey, Philip [32 / prison / discharged / general / Religious Society of Friends]
Kentie, Joseph W. [prison / RC]
Kern, Vernon Charles [prison / RC / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kessler, Leonard LaVerne [42 / German Baptist Church]
Kimmel, Melvin Earl [Leavenworth Farm Camp Prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kinderman, Eugene
King, John C. [prison]
Kintner, Chester Leo
Kirschenman, Elmre [Elmer?] Edgar [prison]
Kislosky, Frank [52 / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kittredge, Selwyn B. [appeal case]
Klassen, Otto [Mennonite Church]
Kleinbaum, Max M. [appeal case]
Kliewer, Paul Wesley
Klima, Otto [Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution]
Klotz, Carl Lamar [42 / Mennonite Church]
Knast, Raymond Leo [prison]
Knoll, Norman Donald [Mennonite Church]
Koegen, Edward L. [prison / general]
Koehn, Arlo Dale [33]
Koehn, Willis [33]
Kofler, William [prison / general]
Kolb, Edwin Blair [Mennonite Church]
Korell, Karl [prison / general]
Kornoff, Pete
Koslocky, Frank M. [prison / general]
Kowalewski, Bernard E. [prison / general]
Kramer, William Daniel [army]
Krask, Frank John [prison / general]
Kruse, Clarence Willard
Krzyzanowski, Mathew [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kuenning, William H. [prison / general]
Kunz, Charles Joseph [128 / prison / RC / Catholic Church]
Kuresko, Walter Joseph [48 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Kyle, John W. [prison]

Box 15 off-site
L: misc.
Labassi, Nicholas [general / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution]
Lackey, Vernon Cay [33 / prison / Pentecostal Church]
Lamontine, James Derwood [appeal case / general]
Lamothe, George Emanuel [prison]
Lancaster, Josiah R. [prison]
Landes, Dennis Duane
Landes, Hugh Dale [prison]
Lane, Robert W. [prison / general]
Lang, Alexander W. [prison]
Lapholder, Joseph R. [prison]
Lapkiewicz, Matthew [prison]
Larsen, Edward J. [prison / general]
Lavac, Arthur [24 / prison / Mennonite Church]
Lavvorn, Bonnie [prison]
Lawrence, Fred John [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Lawson, Roynell [prison]
Lecompte, Olin Harper [111 / prison / Methodist Church]
Ledbetter, Joseph W. [prison]
Lee, Ralph B. [prison]
Lefever, Harold Raymond [prison / general / Church of the Brethren]
Lehrman, Charles Henry [Mennonite Church]
Lehrmann, James William [128 / general / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Lermond, Lester [16 / prison / discharged]
Leonard, Thomas Jesse [prison / discharged / Episcopal Church]
Lester, Clifford F. [prison]
Lester, Judson Ward [Church of the Brethren]
Lewis, Gordon H. [prison]
Lewis, John
Little, Henry H. [prison]
Livingston, John Roy
Lloyd, John Samuel [prison]
Lofaro, John [prison]
Logue, John [prison]
Lorentzen, Randolph P. [prison]
Loscutoff, Jr., John [31 / prison / McNeil Federal Prison Camp / discharged / general / cabinet maker]
Lout, Ewell Maurice
Lovett, James S. [prison]
Lowes, George [prison / general]
Lubiniecki, Walter [16 / prison / parolee from Chillicothe Federal Reformatory / appeal case / RC]
Lulkovich, Joseph [prison / discharged / general]
Lynch, David Emmet [prison / Mennonite Church]
Lyon, Daniel (Shivers) [prison]

Box 16a
Lyttle, Bradford Janes [42 / Religious Society of Friends]
Mabbrey, Joseph [prison / general]
Mady, Henry Thomas [prison / general]
Magee, John Louis [21 / discharged / Methodist Church]
Maizinsky, Joseph J. [prison / general]
Maker, Lynn E.
Man, Albon
Manske, Leonard [7 / prison / general / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Marcantonio, Nicholas [prison]
March, Sherman [108 / general / appeal case / Presbyterian Church]
Marconett, Ralph David [prison / McNeil Federal Prison Camp / general]
Markley, Benjamin M. [prison / general / Baptist Church]
Marsh Jr., John Howard [128 / prison / Methodist Church]
Marshall Jr., John Marvin [26 / prison / discharged / chemist / none]
Marshall, John Leroy [prison]
Marshall, Robert [prison / general]
Martin, Fred [prison / general]
Martin, George W. [prison / general]
Martin, Harry Hoover [general / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Ivan Martin [45 / prison / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary / general / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Mahlon S. [prison / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary / general / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Nathan Stauffer [4 / prison / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Norman Stauffer [4 / prison / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Reuben W. [prison]
Martin, Russell [prison / general / Mennonite Church]
Martin, Wilson S. [20 / general / Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary]
Martinson, Paul G.
Marty, Gerald William [RC / prison]
Mastella, Frank [prison / general]
Mattox, Charles M.J. [prison]
Matysik, Theodore [RC / prison]
Mautner, Robert S. [prison]
McAlester, James Walter [Church of Christ]
McAllister, Arthur J. [prison]

Box 16b off-site [box missing June 2012]
McCabe, Lloyd W. [prison]
McCabe, Ray Bower [prison / RC]
McConville, John
McCorkel, Richard G. [prison]
McCutcheon, Robert [prison / Baptist Church]
McDaniel, James Frederic [prison / general]
McDonald, Raleigh R. [prison]
McGowan, John J. [prison]
McInteer, John [prison / McNeil Farm Camp Prison]
McKinney, Richard T. [RC]
McLane, Victor Walter [prison / Methodist Church]
McManus, James Joseph [prison]
McManus, John P. [prison / general]
McRae, Alan Burton [21 / prison / discharged / general]
Medina, Francisco [prison]
Mellott, Kermit Harold [appeal case]
Mehr, Leonard M. [prison]
Mena, Alphonso [prison]
Merkey, George Edwin [general / appeal case]
Merkh, Walter J. [appeal case]
Metzgar, Benjamin Franklin
Meyer, Samuel [Danbury Federal Correctional Institution]
Middleton, Willie [prison / general]
Miller, Albert Lee [33 / Mennonite Church]
Miller, Earl Howard
Miller, John J. [Mennonite Church]
Miller, LeRoy Harold
Miller, Sanford E.
Milner, Charles L. [prison / general]
Mills, James A. [prison / general]
Mimms, Lawrence [prison]
Mitchell, Donald Paul [41 / prison / discharged / appeal case / Presbyterian Church]
Mitchell, Minor R. [prison]

Box 17 off-site
Mohr, Ralph M. [prison]
Molenaar, Marinus [17 / prison / general]
Montgomery, Malcolm
Moore, Albert [prison]
Moore, Harry B. [prison]
Moore, Leroy G. [prison / general]
Moorman, Gail C. [prison / general]
Moose, Richard Irvin [Amish Mennonite Church]
Morbette, Antonio [7 / prison]
Moresco, Rudolph [prison]
Morgan, David [Petersburg Federal Reformatory]
Moyer, Ronald Stephen [Church of the Brethren]
Moss, Charles Haynie [prison / general]
Mulowski, Stanley C. [prison / general]
Murdock, Everett [prison]
Murel, Guinn Mahan [general]
Myer, Everett B.
Myers, Grover Jack
Nafziger, Ezra George [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Naill, Mahlon
Nantz, James Frederick [prison]
Nash, Marquis Richard [Milan Federal Correctional Institution]
Necessary, Finis [18 / prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Nelson, Alden Olaf [14 / delinquent / Lutheran Church]
Nelson, Alexander [prison / general]
Nelson, Gilbert Karl [30 / delinquent / accounting student / Lutheran Church]
Nelson, Wallace Floyd [prison / RC / discharged / Methodist Church]
Neubrand, John Kayser [prison / Presbyterian Church]

Box 18 off-site
Neufeld, Walter Pauls [Mennonite Church]
Nevitsky, Meyer
Newby, Emmett F. [prison / general]
Newell, Claudius Bailey [154 / prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Newman, Russell Wallace [prison / discharged / general]
Newton, David Raymond [94 / prison / discharged / RC / Methodist Church]
Nichols, Herbert Lee [prison / general / clerk; mechanic; carpenter]
Nichols, Homer Elias [prison / Baptist Church]
Nichols, Ralph Edward [7 / prison / general]
Nicholson, Lynn Sumner
Nickel, Harold V.
Nielsen, Arild [prison]
Niles, Raymond C. [prison]
Niles, William Victor [prison]
Nipper, Joseph [prison / general]
Noland, Benny F. [prison]
Nollkamper, Clarence [prison]
Norcott, Fred
Nunnally, Joe Frederick [31 / prison / McNeil Farm Camp Prison / discharged / bookkeeper / Methodist Church]
Nusbaum, Harold Raymond [30; 56 / prison / discharged / Church of the Brethren]
Osgyan, Ernest John [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / RC]
O’Choada, Mattias D. [prison / general]
O’Connor, James [prison / general]
Olah, Arnold J. [prison / general]
Opielowski, Dominic [prison / general]
Opielowski, Fred [46 / prison / discharged / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Opielowski, Stanley S. [prison / general]
Orcutt, Jr., Albert Washburn [154 / prison / discharged / clerk; woodworker]
Osen, Eric Birger [prison]
Otsuka, Katsuki James [prison]
Owen, John Harvey
Owen, Rodney Claud [prison]
Owens, George Washington [prison / RC]
Palmer, James [Jack?]

Box 19 off-site
Palmerlee, Charles [Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Palmieri, Mario L. [prison]
Pancetto, Caesar [prison]
Pann, Joseph [prison]
Pannill, Robert [prison]
Parker, Malcolm Warren [prison]
Parks, Thomas [RC]
Partridge, Alfred Earnest [prison / RC / Congregational Church of Christ(??)]
Pate, Charles D. [prison / general]
Patton, Harry [prison / Lewisburg Prison Farm Camp / general]
Payne, Arthur Florian [prison / general] [file missing June 2012]
Peaster, Archie E. [prison / Tucson Federal Prison Camp / general]
Peck, James [prison / general]
Peebles, Truman F.
Pelazinksi, Joseph [prison]
Pender, Howard Bennett [prison / general / RC]
Perry, Joe [prison]
Perzniedo, D. Ted [prison]
Peters, Edward [prison]
Peterson, Alfred M. [prison]
Peterson, Gordon Raynold [31 / prison / general]
Peterson, Hector L. [prison]
Petry, Virgil E.
Petti, Gus C. [prison]
Pfeiffer, William B. [prison]
Philipp, Oliver A. [prison / general]
Phillips, Randolph
Piaser, Armondo V. [prison]
Pittelli, Marco G. [prison / Danbury Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Pierce, Ralph Alfred [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Pinchassoff, Henry Benjamin [prison / discharged]
Pipes, Henry Granville [prison]
Pitt, Lester V.
Plambeck, Henry [general]
Plowman, Kermit [prison]
Pohl, Roman [prison / general]
Pollock, Hiram R. [prison]
Pontarilli, George F. [prison / general]
Ponti, Ralph W. [prison / general]
Pryor, Jr., Albert [prison / general]

Box 20 off-site
Pulliam, Ralph Edwin [prison / Baptist Church]
Purscell, David James [prison]
Quinn, David J. [prison]
R: miscellaneous
Ramsey, Harold J. [prison / general]
Randle, Worth S. [prison / RC]
Rankin, James W. [prison]
Ransom, Frances
Ransom, Robert W. [prison / general]
Ratner, Max [prison / general]
Ravin, Irving [prison / general / RC]
Reavis, Clifton [prison / Religious Society of Friends]
Reece, Charles F. [prison]
Reed, Earl Andrew [59 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Regier, Chester Fay [Mennonite Church]
Regier, Herman Lee [Mennonite Church]
Rehert, Issac B. [prison]
Reicheneker, Fred Nelson [25 / prison / discharged / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Reid, Maurice H. [prison / McNeil Farm Camp Prison]
Renner, Ralph C. [prison]
Rhoades, James R. [prison]
Rhodes, Edwin R.
Rhome, Francis M. [prison / general]
Rice, Bernard L.
Rice, Richard H.
Rice, Walter Clarence [31 / prison / McNeil Federal Prison Camp]
Rich, Eldon
Ricks, James E. [prison / RC]
Rizzo, Tom [prison]
Roberts Jr., William P. [prison / RC]
Roach Jr., George W. [prison]
Robinson, Cecil [prison]

Box 21 off-site
Robinson, Glenn S. [prison / general]
Rogers, Andrew J. [prison]
Rogg, Edward [prison]
Ronda, William S. [prison / general]
Roodenko, Igal [prison / War Resisters League]
Rosdail, Jesse Hart [111 / RC / Methodist Church]
Rose, John Robert [prison]
Rosenberry, Richard Smith
Rosenbloom, Joshua
Rossak, Mathew [prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
Rosser, Wendell
Roth, Howard Elroy [Mennonite Church]
Rothbart, Lawrence
Rothblatt, Henry Barnett [52 / RC / Hebrew]
Rothermel, Harold Christian [RC / Methodist Church]
Rothman, Jack [prison]
Rotochnik, Rudolph Aloise
Rounds, Ellsworth E.
Rouser, Elmer Dale [4 / Mennonite Church]
Rowe, William Lee [prison / RC]
Rowell, Earl Kenneth [Missionary Church Association]
Rowin, William Talmadge [prison]
Rowling, Henry Willard [42 / RC]
Roy, James Rider [23 / minister / Baptist Church]
Royer, Donald M. [prison]
Rubel, Anthony Andrew [30 / RC / House of David]
Rubio, Frank [107 / discharged / RC / Catholic Church]
Ruble, Ernest Burlin [57 / RC]
Ruble, Manley Eugene [17]
Ruby, Lowrey [appeal case]
Ruby, Morris M.
Rudolph, Armond Raymond [30]
Rudolph, Dewey Gilbert [RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Rudolph, Harold George [30 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Ruesink, Lewis Laverne [14 / soil conservationist / Congregational Church]
Rufenacht, Maynard Eugene [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Ruhlander, Arthur Eugene [128 / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Ruhlander, Ralph Roy [128 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Ruklic, Erwin Richard
Rumer, Robert George [46 / RC / First Century Gospel Church]
Ruml III, Wentzle [46]
Rummel, Arthur Paul [35]
Rupp, Paul W. [24 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Rush, Elwood Linden [121 / RC / Church of the Brethren]
Rusher, Charles [prison]
Rushing, Elmer Eugene [16 / RC]
Rusk Jr., Fred [RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Rusk, Jr., Henry Willa [29 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Russell, Aaron
Russell, John
Russell, Robert M. [prison]
Russell, William Mallard [31 / RC / Church of Christ]

Box 22 off-site
Rustin, Bayard [prison]
Ruszkowski, Richard [37 / RC / Open Door Church]
Ruth, Forrest [RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Rutherford, John F. [prison / RC]
Rutledge, Irvin Presler [RC / Methodist Church]
Rutschman, James D.
Rutt, Clarence [46 / RC / United Brethren Church]
Rutt, Harold Brubaker [45 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Rutzen, Clarence Henry [Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Ryals, Jack Bryant [delinquent]
Rychemer, Earl Gideon [45 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Rychlik, Robert Frank [RC]
Ryder, Roy [128 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Rynerson, Robert Vennum [18 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Rystrom, Edwin Parl [128 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Ryun, Gerald Ellsworth [7 / RC / Church of Christ]
Rzonca, Joseph [prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
S: miscellaneous
Saathoff, Carl Burt [33 / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sabaleskis, William [RC]
Sabo, Frank [16 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sackett, Charles Miller [appeal case]
Sacoples, George Richard [19 / RC]
Sadlock, Albert [3 / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp]
Safford, Merle A. [prison]
Safran, Stephen [prison / parole case / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
Saine, Hilburn Washington [57 / RC / Immanuel Missionary Church]
St. Clair, Boyd Orlando
St. Clair, Robert M.
St. John, Harold Scott [29 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sakas, John Peter [general / Catholic Church]
Sakrekov, John
Salisbury, Howard H. [Methodist Church]
Salmon, Alvin Mortimer
Salverson, Farrell [23 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Salverson, Russell Thomas [57 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Salyer, William
Samad, Amad [prison / parole case]
Samford, Lindon Noyle [7]
Sampson, Robert L.
Sanborn, Everett [prison]
Sanborn, Raymond Jones [RC / Religious Society of Friends]
Sandall, Martin Laurence [64 / Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sanders, Edwin [discharged]
Sanders, Marian
Sanders, Elijah [mechanic / Christ Sanctified Holy Church]
Sanders, Glenn Ryne
Sanders, J. Olcott
Sanders, J.T.
Sanders, Virgil Frank
Sanderson, Robert Daniel [prison / Montgomery Prison / general]
Sands, William George [delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sandweiss, Joseph [Seventh Day Adventist Church]
Saner, Ralph Menno [25 / RC / Church of the Nazarene]
Sanford, Walter Leonard [21 / prison / RC / delinquent]
Sarchett, John Edmund
Sargent, Frederick Oberlin [10 / NR]
Sargent, George Mason [60 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sargent, Jackie Prather [19 / NR]
Sarinsky, Samuel [prison]
Sarre Jr., Robert E. [prison]

Box 23 off-site
Sarske, Bernard H. [28 / Leavenworth Farm Camp Prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sartain, Albert Jaciel [76 / RC]
Sasnett, J. Randolf [RC]
Satterthwait, Arnold C. [prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
Sauder, Harry Lloyd [general / Mennonite Church]
Sauder, Lewis Dombach [121 / RC / Church of the Brethren]
Sauder, Roy Emanuel [28 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Sauerhammer, Earl C.
Saulls, Kenneth Glaze [67 / RC / none]
Saunders, Louis H. [prison]
Saunders, Thomas [prison]
Sawatzky, Carl P.
Sawatzky, Edwin [5 / NR]
Sawyer, Tom
Sayles, Preston E. [RC]
Saylor, Ladson K.
Scantlen, Ronald Jacob [42 / RC / Church of the Brethren]
Schaaf, John [general]
Schach, Glenn Frederick [52 / RC / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schader, Oscar [general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schafer, Raymond [59 / general / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schallock, Alton Louris [18 / delinquent]
Schambach, Albert Daniel [30 / mechanic / Apostolic Christian Church]
Schanus, Ray [prison]
Scharnick, Reinhold Oswald [general]
Scharrieff, Willie [prison / RC]
Scheier, Frederick Al [48 / Chillicothe Federal Reformatory / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schlegel, Glenn Leroy [60 / general / Mennonite Church]
Scheller, Lorenz [prison]
Schenkman, Irvin Harold [9 / general / linguist; pianist / none]
Schesser, Roy [general / Unitarian Church]
Schiaone, Frank [prison / general]
Schierling, Raymond Abraham [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schiller, Philip [RC]
Schillinger, Duncan William [48 / RC]
Schindehette, John MacBride [12 / NR / teacher; clerk]
Schindler, Donald E.
Schirmer, John M. [prison]
Schirmer, John Maurice [128 / delinquent / Seventh Day Adventist Church]
Schlabach, Abe J. [24 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Abraham Wilbert [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Alvin M. [NR]
Schlabach, Dan J. [45 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, David S. [52 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Emanuel D. [NR]
Schlabach, Levi C. [52 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Owen J. [45 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Paul S.
Schlabach, Roy J. [39 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Solomon Edward [52 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlabach, Wyman J. [52 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schlegel, Everett [RC]
Schlegle, Clifford Leonard [RC / mechanic / Mennonite Church]
Schloeh, Frederick R.
Schlosberg, Harold
Schlosnagle, Marvin V. [29]
Schmardebeck, Daniel W.
Schmeelk, Albert Tillitoin [prison / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schmeichel, Alvin Albert [general / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schmidt, Alfred Leonard [general]
Schmidt, Anton L. [57 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Carl Gerhardt [33 / RC / Mennonite Church]

Box 24 off-site
Schmidt Jr., Christopher Leonard [3 / NR]
Schmidt, Clarence George
Schmidt, Clinton Barney [33 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Conrad [5 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt Jr., Edmund [46 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schmidt, Elmer Harry [33 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, George E. [55 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Herbert M. [prison]
Schmidt, Jack J. [appeal case]
Schmidt, John Alfred [1-A-O / RC]
Schmidt, Lewis [55 / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Louis [35 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Milton [33 / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Orval Lee [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Raymond Sam [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Roland Tim [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmidt, Sam J.
Schmidt, Vernon Henry [RC]
Schmidt, Willard [64 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmoker, Lavon Elbert [128 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schmucker, Amos [8 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmucker, Amos Joseph [35 / Mennonite Church]
Schmucker, Carl J. [20 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmucker, Elmer A. [28 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmucker, Freeman E. [57 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schmucker, Menno [RC]
Schmucker, Wilbur A. [4 / RC]
Schmuederich, Hubert
Schneder, Karl Richard [32 / RC / none]
Schnee, Roy [NR]
Schnell, Kempes Yoder [20 / NR]
Schneider, Alexander F. [prison]
Schoenberg, Samuel [prison / Mennonite Church]
Schoenheider, Carl
Schoening Jr., Charles Frederick [3 / NR]
Schoenuth, Albert Edwin [59 / general]
Scholl, Walter Ernest [general]
Scholsnagle, V. Marvin [16 / NR]
Schoonmaker, Richard Cadbury
Schopp, Dawn R. [prison / RC]
Schrag, Daniel Harold [33 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrag, Ralph P.
Schragal, Rudolph Emil [17 / RC / machinist]
Schreck, Nicholas [prison / RC]
Schreiner, Albert Charles [46 / RC / Methodist Church]
Schrock, Alvin [18 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Andy J.
Schrock, Ben W. [28 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Ceaphus Cyrus [20 / RC / clerk / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Christian A. [52 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, David J. [22]
Schrock, Edward Allen [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Enos J. [RC]
Schrock, Harry Monroe
Schrock, Henry M. [18 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Jonas M. [28 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock Jr., Joseph C.
Schrock, Lester M.
Schrock, Nolen [24 / general]
Schrock, Ralph Dale [20 / NR / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Vernon Neil [18 / RC]
Schrock, Waldo Olen [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schrock, Walter Lee [8 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schroeder, Earl Ray [33 / Mennonite Church]
Schroeder, Ernest I. [33 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schroeder, Herbert W. [NR]
Schroeder, Irvin David [35 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schroeder, Jerrold David [22 / clerk]
Schroeder, Leo Edward [18]
Schroeder, Richmond John [64 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Schroeder, Vern [57 / RC / appeal case / Mennonite Church]

Box 25 off-site
Schroeder, Walter Henry [general / Mennonite Church]
Schryver, John Howard [RC]
Schuenight, William Henry [60 / RC]
Schuerman, Loyd E. [67 / Leavenworth U.S. Penitentiary [folder says Farm Camp] / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Schuler, Ralph Edward [15 / teacher; photographer; clerk / Catholic Church]
Schulmeier, Franklin W. [prison]
Schulster, Francis Theodore
Schultz, Charles E.
Schultz, Cornelius
Schultz, Gustave P. [appeal case]
Schultze, Robert R. [prison / general]
Schultze, Waldemar J. [prison / general]
Schulz, Hubert E. [prison / RC]
Schumacher, Victor Diedrich [52 / prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / general / Lutheran Church]
Schutte, William M.
Schwanemann, Henry Matis
Schwaninger, Fred
Schwartz, Aaron P. [57 / Amish Mennonite Church]
Schwartz, Albert Charlie [33 / delinquent]
Schwartz, Amos S. [NR]
Schwartz, Curt Floyd [Mennonite Church]
Schwartz, Daniel M. [RC / Mennonite Church]
Schwartz, Irving [prison / RC]
Schwartz, John Arthur
Schwartzman, Sidney [prison / Ashland Federal Correctional Institution / RC]
Schwarz, Charles William
Schwarz, Richard Walter
Schwarz Jr., Herman
Schweitzer, Leonard Lee [22 / NR]
Schwindeler, Louis John [NR]
Scott, Algernon [Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary [folder says Farm Camp Prison]]
Scott, Arlin John [28 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Barton P.
Scott, Dallas T. [111 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Frederick Clyde [4 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Fred Kenneth [17]
Scott, Glenn Orville [128 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Merlin
Scott, Victor Franklin [NR]
Scott, Howard Beaman [prison / RC / discharged]
Scott, Howard Ralph [45 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Victor L. [prison]
Scott, Wallace Morgan [16 / RC / Christadelphian]
Scott, Walter Bruce [111 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scott, Willard [prison]
Scott, William Taussig [10 / RC / physicist; teacher / Religious Society of Friends]
Scrivener, Marshall Kavanaugh [McNeil Federal Prison Camp / delinquent]
Scroggin, Earl John Carlyle [128 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Scroggin, Marvin Darrell
Sea, Pvt. Felipe [linguist; teacher; artist / Catholic Church]
Searles, Alan Latham
Seay Jr., Francis Marion [36 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sebastian, Allen A. [prison / general]
Secrest, Floyd G. [RC]
Sedig, Charles Abraham [NR]
Seeman, Julius [19 / teacher; social worker / Jewish]
Seeman, Melvin

Box 26 off-site
Seibel, David Heller [45 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Seibel, Loyd Henry [60 / RC]
Seiler, Wilbur John [23 / RC / artist]
Seldner, Abe [prison / RC]
Seldner, Max [prison / general]
Self, Dallas LeRoy [128 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Self, Evon Loy [111 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Self, Glenn Richard [52 / Atlanta Farm Camp]
Seliznoff, Pete [2 / RC / Molokan]
Sellars Jr., Joseph Franklin [7 / NR]
Sellers, Charles William [121 / RC / Church of the Brethren]
Seltzer, Chester [68 / prison / discharged]
Selvidge, Homer Clare [33 / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Selzer, Wilbur Edward [RC]
Seminoff, William Alexander [128 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Senderling, Melvin Harry [46 / RC]
Seney, Garnet Wesley [111 / delinquent]
Senger, Donovan Ray
Sentell, John Lewis [RC / Church of Christ]
Seps, Merrill Mayo [prison / RC / Jewish]
Seppala, Fred Walter [RC / Apostolic Lutheran Church]
Serfort, Alfred Gerhard [42 / RC / Lutheran Church]
Setzer, Arthur Albert [11 / general / electrician]
Sevenich, Edward John [RC / Catholic Church]
Severino, Frank Oliver [111 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Seville, Wilson Hayes [45 / RC / Pentecostal Church]
Sexton, Claude M.
Seymour, Collie [NR]
Shaddy, Alfred [prison / RC]
Shaddy, Ralph [prison]
Shafer, Francis Henry [46 / RC / Religious Society of Friends]
Shaffer, Foster Burton [39 / RC / Dunkard Brethren Church]
Shafer, LeRoy H. [prison]
Shaffer, George
Shafer, Milburn Lewis [17 / NR / RC]
Shafer, Theodore C. [prison / RC]
Shalkoskie, Harry Eugene [delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Shaner, Walter Clemenstine [RC]
Shanholtzer, Frank Cleveland [128 / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Shank, Byard Wenger [18 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Shank, Harry Wilson
Shank, John Samuel [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Shank, Lester Clinton [20 / RC / clerk / Mennonite Church]
Shank, Paul Yoder [4 / RC / Mennonite Church]
Shank, Ralph DeWitt
Shanks, William John [prison]
Sharp, Marion [prison / general]
Shealy, Leo [prison / general]
Shirk, Abraham Wenger [39 / Lewisburg Prison Farm Camp]
Shirk, Gene Carlton
Shively, John
Shively, Robert Larry [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Shively, Robert Lee [46 / German Baptist Church]
Shubin, David Jack
Shubin, John [prison]

Box 27 off-site
Shuck, William Joseph
Shulman, Samuel [prison]
Sigman, James Calvin [128 / prison / none]
Sikorski, Harry [46 / prison / discharged / RC]
Simmons, Bertrand [prison / general]
Simmons, John Dee [prison / general / Mennonite Church]
Simon, Albert [prison / Mill Point Federal Prison Camp / general]
Simpson, Elery Eugene [prison / McNeil Farm Camp Prison]
Sindileck, Rudolph F. [prison]
Siteman, Stephen [prison / general]
Slattendale, Russell Alwyn [Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Smilnak, Michael [prison]
Smith, Albert F. [prison]
Smith, Daniel E. [prison / discharged / general / none]
Smith, Donald [prison / general]
Smith, Kenneth Kato [25 / delinquent]
Smith, Robert Vincent [16 / Chillicothe Federal Reformatory]
Smith, R. Wiley [prison / discharged / none]
Smith, Russell I. [prison / Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Smith, Thomas L. [general]
Smith, Vernon W.
Smith, Wayne Bernard [prison / general]
Smith, William Willard [prison / general / for earlier correspondence see file of Russell McKennon Smith (brother)]
Snider, Winston [prison / U.S.D.B., Southern Branch]
Soelzer, Ralph Frederick [21 / prison / discharged]
Sorensen, Paul Lewis Wendt [prison / general / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Spainhour, William E. [prison]
Sparks, Earl M.
Sparks, Sherman [prison / general / Mennonite Church]
Speltz, Eugene W.
Springer, Herbert J. [prison / general]
Staats, Paul Riley [128 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Stach, George Alexander [prison / RC]
Stanewick, Richard [prison / general]
Stanley, George [prison / general]
Stauffer, Aaron Brubaker [4 / prison / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Stauffer, Titus G. [4 / prison / delinquent / Mennonite Church]
Steele, Robert S.

Box 28 off-site
Stefan, John G.
Stefula, John [prison / Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Steiner, Elno [general / appeal case]
Stevenson, William Camp [59 / prison / discharged / Methodist Church]
Stickney, Laurence Merrill [128 / prison / Baptist Church]
Stith, Rede [prison]
Stodola, Quentin Cecil [98 / prison / Episcopal Church] [2 folders]
Storm, Clayton Earl
Stormer, Arthur E. [prison]
Strachan, Richard [discharged / general; being paroled to camp from prison]
Strate, Martin Fredrick [general]
Striber, Leroy F. [prison]
Stull, Donald Edmond [56 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Sturgill, Arnold B. [prison]
Suesoff, Fred John [prison / Texarkana Federal Correctional Institution / general]
Suitt, Charles Nathaniel [32 / prison / general / Spanish Church of Jesus Christ Inc.]
Sukovitzen, Fred [McNeil Federal Prison Camp]
Sullivan, Aaron Andrew [31 / prison / Tuscon Federal Prison Camp / general]
Sullivan, Thomas Edward [59 / prison / delinquent / Fellowship of Reconciliation]
Sutherland Jr., William Henry [prison / Lewisburg U.S. Federal Penitentiary]
Sutter, Eldo Jean [52 / Mennonite Church]
Swank, Robert W. [general]
Swartley, Elmer H. [general]
Swartley Jr., Henry [general / appeal case]
Swartzentruber, Eldon E. [Mennonite Church]
Swick, Carlo [prison]
Swope Jr., George Sylvester [104 / prison / discharged / Baptist Church]
Sydlik, Daniel [prison / delinquent / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Szymanski, Thaddeus [prison]

Box 29 off-site
T [collective file]
Taber Jr., William Pickett [prison]
Takashima, Mamoru [prison]
Tangney, John [prison / general]
Tatum, Arlo [prison / general]
Tatum, Lyle [prison / general]
Taylor, Charles A. [prison]
Taylor, John E. [prison]
Taylor, Mack F. [prison]
Taylor, Walter Griffen [87 / prison / discharged / general / Congregational Christian Church]
Ten Brink, Harry Dale [Fellowship of Reconciliation]
Thoburn, Horace Edward
Thomas, Benjamin A. [prison]
Thomas, Paul Jacob [appeal case]
Thomas, Edsel B. [prison]
Thomas, William [prison]
Thomason, Delmar Grady [general]
Thompson, C.M. [prison / general]
Thompson, Charles E. [prison / general]
Thompson, Clifford [prison]
Thompson, Edgar H.D. [prison / general]
Thompson, Joe [prison]
Thompson, Marshall N. [prison / general]
Thurman, Dennis B. [prison]
Tidwell, Charles E.
Tichy, Andrew [prison / general]
Tichy, Stephen G. [prison]
Tickenoff, Dave [prison / general]
Tiebe, Harry Oliver [111 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Tiffin, Pvt. Ira Ensley [army]
Tilenius, William O. [Church of the Brethren]
Tilly, John [111 / prison / RC / Church of God]
Timm, Harvey M. [prison]
Tjossem, Glenn A. [42]
Toth, Emery [prison / general]
Toth, Julius [prison / general]
Triest, Frank [prison / RC / none]
Trimble, Will D. [prison]
Troutner, Paul Wayne [21 / Methodist Church]
Tumlinson, Melvin Noel [prison / discharged / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Tumlinson, Verno Carney [55 / prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Tuomey, John Joseph [prison / general]
Tyler, Samuel [prison / general]

Box 30 off-site
Unruh, Melvin Joe
Unsworth, Giles Service [prison]
Vagts, Adam E. [prison]
Vail, Walter George [prison / RC / Religious Society of Friends]
Valov, James Timothy [107 / prison / Russian Molokan]
VanBibber, Thomas Houston [11 / prison]
Venhuizen, Robert [prison / general]
Venhuizen, Warmoth Klass [prison / general]
Vickery, James Marion [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Vogt, David James [111 / prison]
Volckhausen, Walter R.
Volkov, Morris
Volmer, Elmer Herman [prison]
Volz, Albert R. [prison]
Vrzak, Jerry [prison / general]
Walker, Charles Coates [117 / prison / discharged / general / Methodist Church]
Wallace, Robert Washington [128 / general / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Walter Jr. Peter [prison]
Wannerstrom, Walter A.
Ward, Clinton Clyde [prison]
Warner, Calvin [prison / general]
Warner, George A. [prison / general]
Waters, Andrew Glenn [appeal case / general]
Wattley, Arnold [prison / general]
Watts, Loren Avery [128 / prison / Methodist Church]
Weatherbee, Herbert L.
Webb, William Griffin [21 / prison / discharged]
Weberman, Samuel L. [prison]
Weedman, Roy [prison]

Box 31 off-site
Weiland, Ray E. [prison / general]
Weinstein, Harold W. [prison / general]
Weiss, Emil [prison / general]
Weiss, Hans [prison / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Weiss, Ralph R. [prison]
Welch, Earl Alexander [Ashland Federal Correctional Institution]
West, Earle Huddleston
Wickman, Richard E. [prison]
Wideman, James [prison]
Wiese, Edwin [prison]
Wilbarger, John Tom [prison]
Wiley, Seymour
Wilhite, Charles [prison]
Wilkinson, Harmon S.
Wille, Otto L. [prison / general]
Willhite, Enis, Meryl and Victor
Williams, Cecil L. [prison]
Williams, Raymond H.
Williams, Robert [prison]
Williams, Stephen Kerr [Baptist Church]
Willis, Grant [prison]
Wilson Jr., Harry Leon [prison / general]
Winston, Richard M. [prison / general]
Wirth, Donald Eugene [21 / Church of the Brethren]
Wissel, Robert L. [appeal case]
Witmer, Earl Warren [52 / Mennonite Church]
Witnak, Kerwin [prison / general]
Wittko, Frank [prison / general]
Wizek, Edward [prison]
Wolf, Howard F.
Woolnough, Donald F.
Wooten, Oliver [prison]
Worley, Charles Vincent [7 / 36 / prison / Tucson Federal Prison Camp / discharged / general]
Wren, Andy Peter [107 / prison / RC / Molokan]
Wright, Norman F. [prison]
Wright, Robert Orville [128 / general / RC / Jehovah’s Witnesses]
Wynes, William [prison / general]
Wynn, Eugene Isaac [prison]

Box 32 off-site
Yamada, George Kiyoshi [prison / general] [2 folders]
Yard, Wesley
Yoder, John David [Church of the Brethren]
Yoder, Rudy C. [Old Order Amish Mennonite Church]
Yost, Joseph [prison]
Young, Rhodes Charles [128 / prison / Disciples of Christ Church]
Yurenko, Dimitro [18 / prison]
Zahn, Curtis [prison / general]
Zernit, Sidney [prison / general]
Zernoske, David [18 / prison / War Resisters League]
Zumwinkle, Richard Alan [64 / prison / discharged / RC]
Zwickel, Abraham Albert [37 / prison / discharged / chiropractor / Fellowship of Reconciliation]