Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Records of the Center on Conscience and War, 1940-ongoing
[formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]

Collection: DG 025
History: Original Series for NSBRO Files

Historical Background: "File Code Explanations for Original Series for NSBRO Files" (most series were designated by NSBRO staff; document with explanation put together by SCPC staff in the 1950s??)
Note: These Series designations were changed in 2006; however, the material contained in each series is basically the same

Series A & A-S
ontains the general administrative files, found in the following order: 1/ American Friends Service Committee; 2/ Brethren Service Committee; 3/ Mennonite Central Committee; 4/ National Service Board; 5/ Selective Service System. Each section contains: correspondence of Director and principal staff; publications; and, minutes and memoranda. For desired material not found in this section, look under General.

Series C & C-S
Contains administrative material on camps in numerical order from 1 - 151. Under each unit is the following material: publication; general; Director; staff; administrative agency; Selective Service; Technical agency; meal requests; arrivals, discharges and transfers; equipment; corrections; sick and accident reports and work reports; camp administration correspondence; camp minutes.

Series D & D-S
Contains the personal folders of men who had been in CPS and received a normal discharge. (Certain supplemental personal material was found in the general material under some of these names. Most of this supplemental material contains earlier or later correspondence regarding the individual. Occasionally material on these men was found in the general file under the name of the advisor or person assisting the man to secure proper classification.) If a man's folder is not found in Series D, look in Series D-S, R, R-S, or General.

Series G
Contains general files arranged in alphabetical order by subject and individuals. Since the filing system was changed several times during the life of the files, some of the miscellaneous folders overlap. This is especially true when it is taken into consideration the time element. If you do not find your subject and/or person in the proper alphabetical classification, check to see if there is another folder containing the classification desired. Check should be made both on a subject and on the principal person working in the specific field. The miscellaneous alphabetical folders are arranged by grouping of subject, material, correspondence with an individual person, and chronologically. The folders may be arranged in any of these orders or in a combination of several of them.

Series R & R-S
Contains personal material. This classifications includes the personal folders of men who sought change of classification, men in prison, men in CPS who did not receive a normal discharge, and men in the Armed Forces. If you do not find the desired folder look in Series D, D-S, R-S, or General. In some instances additional material will be found under the name in the General folder. This additional material is generally correspondence which arrived before the personal folder was made or after it was sent to storage.

Series S & S-P
Contains correspondence and information on special projects anticipated and realized. This includes most of the correspondence of the Special Project Section.

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