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Edwin D. Mead and Lucia Ames Mead Papers, 1876-1938

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Mead, Edwin D.(1849-1937) and Ames Mead, Lucia (1856-1936)
Edwin D. Mead and Lucia Ames Mead Papers
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DG 021

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Edwin D. Mead (1849-1937), and Lucia Ames Mead (1856-1936), were both leading pacifists, writers, and social reformers of the U.S. and international peace movement. Edwin Mead directed the work of the World Peace Foundation and participated in many international peace congresses. He was an American delegate to the International Peace Bureau. Mead helped found the School Peace League and was a prominent member of the American Peace League. Lucia Ames Mead was a leading member of many feminist and pacifist organizations, including the Woman's Peace Party. Mead was a delegate to the founding conference of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919 and served as a vice-president on the board of the National Council for Prevention of War. She was also an officer of the National Council of Women of the United States, and was a member of many U.S. feminist associations.

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Gift of Edwin D. and Lucia Ames Mead, and various others, 1937
Acquisition: a Massachusetts committee composed of Emily Greene Balch, Helen Elliott, and Mrs. George Nasmyth
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Historical Background
Edwin D. Mead (1849-1937) and Lucia Ames Mead (1856-1936) were both leading pacifists, writers, and social reformers. Both Meads were involved in the leadership of the international peace movement. After their marriage in 1898, they worked together on peace related activities and attended many European conferences.

Edwin Mead began his career as a lecturer and writer for numerous literary magazines. In the 1870s he studied at Oxford and Cambridge, and in Leipzig, Germany. He also worked for a year at the British Museum. After 1879 Mead began lecturing in the United States on American literature and politics. He served as director or executive officer of a number of literary and civic organizations. From 1889 to 1901 he edited the New England Magazine .Mead directed the work of the World Peace Foundation (WPF) and wrote or edited may publications printed by its International Library (1902-1914). Keenly interested in international affairs, Edwin Mead attended many of the Hague and other peace conferences in Europe. His participation in international peace congresses and his subsequent involvement in the WPF led to a European lecture tour in 1911, the same year he was named an American delegate to the International Peace Bureau. Mead also helped to found the the School Peace League and gave many addresses under the auspices of the American Peace Society. Although his health failed in 1914, Mead continued to write on various aspects of internationalism throughout his life.
Correspondents and others in the collection include Andrew Carnegie, Norman Angell, Rose Dabney Forbes, George Nasmyth, and Woodrow Wilson,.

Lucia Ames Mead was a leading member of many feminist and pacifist organizations. In the 1890s she wrote numerous pamphlets for the Union for Industrial Progress on various economic issues. After the turn of the century Mead concentrated her efforts on women's rights and the peace movement.
She was a member of the Woman's Peace Party and a delegate to the founding conference of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom held in Zurich in 1919. Mead also served as Vice President on the board of the National Council for Prevention of War. She also wrote articles and pamphlets on various peace issues. Mead combined her interests in women's rights and peace by serving as chairman of the Department of Peace and Arbitration of the National Council of Women of the United States. She wrote many article on the need for women to gain access to the ballot in order to influence national and international politics and to work effectively for peace. Mead was also involved with other U.S. feminist organizations including the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association and the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and had connections with the British suffrage groups. Mead wrote and spoke on a variety of issues including woman suffrage, social housekeeping, scientific efficiency in the home, women's clubs, and the need for teachers and parents to train children in nonviolence.

Both Meads continued to work on peace and other interests until their deaths. Lucia Ames Mead died in 1936 from injuries sustained when caught in a crowd in the Boston subway. Edwin Mead died a year later in 1937.

Correspondents and others in this collection include Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, Alice Stone Blackwell, Carrie Chapman Catt, Hannah Clothier Hull, David Starr Jordon, Ramsay MacDonald, and Rebecca Shelley.

Collection Overview
Edwin Mead's papers include correspondence (1876-1935), with many peace leaders. There is a section of correspondence between mead and Andrew Carnegie (1902 to 1910.) In addition to the correspondence there are manuscripts, printed articles, clippings, and memorials issued after his death. Substantial amounts of material by and about Edwin Mead may be found in the records of the World Peace Foundation and the Lake Mohonk Conferences on International Arbitration. Both of these collections are located in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

The papers of Lucia Ames Mead consist of her diaries, notebooks, and correspondence with numerous organizations, including the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the Woman's Peace Union (London), and the American Woman's Republic. Many manuscripts and printed versions of her articles, pamphlets, book reviews, and newspaper clippings are included. The collection also contains a file of newspaper clippings on attacks on Mead for her role in the peace movement by the American Legion and the Daughters of the American Revolution. There are also peace cartoons, photographs, and memorials issued after her death.

Arrangement of Collection
The materials in this collection are divided into two series. The first series contains the papers of Edwin Mead. Reel one includes correspondence and printed articles by Mead (1877-1910). Reel two also contains printed articles (1911-1935), correspondence between Mead and Woodrow Wilson (1912-1914), and memorials to Mead.

The Lucia Ames Mead materials are more extensive and are located on Reels three to eleven. Mead's correspondence from 1903 to 1936 appears first. This section includes correspondence between Mead and Carrie Chapman Catt (1920-1936.) Diaries and notebooks (1884-1934), , typescripts and manuscripts (mostly undated), of Mead's many writings, printed pamphlets, articles, and book reviews (1886-1936) by and about Mead make up the second section. Additional correspondence, memorials, publicity and attacks on Mead, and photographs make up the last section of material.

Re-File Box, received 1992-2003 [on-site]

Edwin Mead

Lucia Ames Mead

Microfilm reels:

Detailed Description of the Collection

Edwin Mead

Box 1 Correspondence 1876-1935, and undated [Reel 78.1]
General correspondence
Correspondence between Edwin D. Mead and Andrew Carnegie, 1902-1910
Manuscripts and typescripts of Edwin D. Mead

Box 2
Printed writings, 1877-1910
Printed Writings, 1877
Printed Writings, 1881
Printed Writings, 1882
Printed Writings, 1883
Printed Writings, 1885
Printed Writings, 1886
Printed Writings, 1887
Printed Writings, 1890
Printed Writings, 1893
Printed Writings, 1894
Printed Writings, 1895
Printed Writings, 1896
Printed Writings, 1897
Printed Writings, 1898
Printed Writings, 1899
Printed Writings, 1900
Printed Writings, 1901
Printed Writings, 1902
Printed Writings, 1903
Printed Writings, 1904
Printed Writings, 1905
Printed Writings, 1906
Printed Writings, 1907
Printed Writings, 1908
Printed Writings, 1909
Printed Writings, 1910
Additional printed writings by Edwin D. Mead, 1884-1903

Box 3 Printed writings, 1911-1930 [Reel 78.2]
Printed Writings, 1911
Printed Writings, 1912
Printed Writings, 1913
Printed Writings, 1914
Printed Writings, 1915
Printed Writings, 1916
Printed Writings, 1925
Printed Writings, 1926
Printed Writings, 1927
Printed Writings, 1928
Printed Writings, 1929-1930

Box 4 Printed writings, miscellaneous dates, 1931-1936, and not dated
Printed writings, Miscellaneous dates
Printed Writings, 1931
Printed Writings, 1932
Printed Writings, 1933
Printed Writings, 1934
Printed Writings, 1935
Printed Writings, 1936

Box 5 Materials about Edwin D. Mead and correspondence with Woodrow Wilson (1912-1914)
Writings about Edwin D. Mead
Writings about Edwin D. Mead and programs [2 folders]
Programs, articles, and memorials to Edwin D. Mead
Mead correspondence with Woodrow Wilson, 1912-1914

Lucia Ames Mead

Box 6 Correspondence to and from Lucia Ames Mead, 1903-1936 [Reel 78.3]
Correspondence, 1903-1919
Correspondence, 1920-1925
Correspondence, 1926-1929
Correspondence, 1930-1936
Correspondence with Carrie Chapman Catt, 1920-1936
Correspondence from Mead, written during her travels abroad, 1927
Correspondence thanking Mead for copies of her book Law or War, 1928-1929
Correspondence, no date

Box 7 Diaries and Notebooks 1884-1909 [Reel 78.4]
1884 [3 folders]
1901 [2 folders]
1904-Peace Diary
1905-Peace Work
1906-Peace Diary
1908, October-Peace Diary
1909, October-Peace Diary
1910 [Reel 78.5]
1911-October 1,-Peace Record Book
1913-October-Peace Diary
1914-[No. 1]
1914-[No. 2]
1915-October-Peace Work
1916-October-International Law
1916-1917-Peace Work
1917-1918-Peace Work
1919-[No. 1]
1919-[No. 2]

Box 8 Diaries, Notebooks, 1920-1934
1920-Pro-League Tour
October 1923-October 1924
1925-1926-Notes and Lectures
1926-1927-Notes and Lectures [Reel 78.6]
1927-Europe-[No. 1]
1927-Europe-[No. 2]
1927-Europe-[No. 3]
1927-Europe-[No. 4]
1931-Europe-[No. 1]
1931-Europe-[No. 2]
History Notes-no date
International Law-no date
No date [No. 1]
No date [No. 2]

Box 9 Typescripts and manuscripts
Typescripts [Reel 78.7]

Box 10 Typescripts and manuscripts
Notes-miscellaneous, No. 1
Notes-miscellaneous, No. 2
Manuscripts [No. 1]
Manuscripts [No. 2]
Manuscripts [No. 3]
Manuscripts [No. 4] [Reel 78.8 ]

Box 11
Typescripts and manuscripts
Manuscripts [No. 1-No. 3]
Manuscripts [No. 5-No. 6]
Manuscript-proposed book
Manuscripts [No. 8]

Box 12
Printed pamphlets, magazine and newspaper articles, 1886-1936 [Reel 78.9]

Book reviews by Mead
Exhibit of clippings, 1934-1935 [2 folders]
Newspaper and magazine reviews of Mead's book Law or War, 1928-1929

Box 13
Printed pamphlets, magazine and newspaper articles
Pamphlets, 1895-1909
Pamphlets, 1910-1919
Pamphlets, 1920-1931
Pamphlets, no date
Printed articles, 1896-1903
Printed articles, 1931-1933

Box 14
Printed pamphlets, magazine and newspaper articles, 1886-1921 [Reel 78.10]
Printed articles
Newspaper clippings, 1914-1915, 1914-1916

Box 15
Printed pamphlets, magazine and newspaper articles, 1922-1936
Clippings, 1922-1924, 1927
Clippings, 1925-1927
Clippings, 1919-1930
Clippings, 1934-1936
Clippings, 1919-1930
Clippings, 1934-1936

Box 16
Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about Mead, 1896-1936
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1896-1936
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1910-1929
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1930-1936
Newspaper and magazine clippings, no date

Box 17
Material about Lucia Ames Mead
Japanese material
Commendations of Mead
Speaking trips
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Mead
Attacks on Mead
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1908-1928
Brief notes about Mead
Editorials about Mead
Publicity for Mead
Additional materials by and about Mead
Programs listing Mead [Reel 78.11]
Programs listing Mead
After Mead's death
Swords into Plowshares
Miscellaneous writings by Mead

Box 18
Pictures collected by Mead
Pictures of Mead
Pictures of war and peace propaganda collected by Mead
Pictures of peace leaders
Peace pictures

Re-File Box, received 1992-2003 [not microfilmed, on site]
Material from Re-File Box, 1992
Material from Re-File Box, 2002-2003

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