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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Emergency Peace Campaign Records
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Initiated in late 1935 by the American Friends Service Committee and other pacifists; originally planned as a two-year campaign to rally peace, religious, labor, African-American and student groups; aim was to organize a national campaign to promote peace principles in the face of preparation for war in Europe, and to keep the United States out of war; may have been preceded by the Emergency Peace Committee (1931-1933), though this has not been documented. The first EPC office opened in February 1, 1936. Ray Newton served as Executive Director; other staff members were Baruch Braunstein, Harold Chance, and Kirby Page. The EPC disbanded at the end of 1937, its work continued by the National Peace Conference

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Yes: microfilm reels 72.1-72.190 (by Alpha Sytems in September 1979, with funding from NEH Grant #27706-77-739)
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Gift of the Peace Section of the American Friends Service Committee, 1940, and John Musgrave, Archivist, American Friends Service Committee, 1947

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Historical Background
The Emergency Peace Campaign, "a nation-wide program to keep the United States out of war and to promote world peace," was initiated in late 1935 by the American Friends Service Committee and other liberal pacifists, including Devere Allen, Frederick J. Libby, Ray Newton, Kirby Page, John Nevin Sayre, and E. Raymond Wilson. The aim was to promote a vigorous, nation-wide campaign for two years which would enlist the cooperation of leaders from various peace organizations, religious bodies of all faiths, trade unions and labor groups, liberal organizations, student and youth groups, Negro groups, and other agencies interested in keeping the United States out of war and in improving the serious international situation.

The idea of such a campaign was initially proposed by Ray Newton. In December 1935, a three-day conference of over 100 pacifists was held at Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, to consider ways and means of launching a campaign for peace activity and education.

Ray Newton, Secretary of the Peace Section of the American Friends Service Committee, became Executive Director of the Emergency Peace Campaign. The AFSC served as treasurer of the campaign and made office space available at 20 S. Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, for the EPC headquarters. The office of the EPC opened on February 1, 1936.

The purpose of the Emergency Peace Campaign was stated as follows: "To promote a co-operative nation-wide campaign to keep the United States from going to war and to achieve world peace by:

1. Strengthening pacific alternatives to armed conflict;

2. Bringing about such political and economic changes as are essential to a just and peaceable world order;

3. Recruiting and uniting in a dynamic movement all organizations and individuals who are determined not to approve of or participate in war."

After the EPC joined the National Peace Conference in March, 1936, the following statement was added:

4. "Acquainting peace-minded people with the program and policies of the member organizations of the National Peace Conference and other peace groups."

The EPC was officially launched on April 21, 1936, over a national radio broadcast. Mrs. Eleanor D. Roosevelt and George Lansbury, former leader of the British Labor Party, were the speakers.

A major effort of the Emergency Peace Campaign was to arrange public meetings and conferences in cities throughout the country. These were arranged by the EPC Speakers Bureau, headed by Kirby Page and Fred Atkins Moore, with the cooperation of local peace committees. Some of the meetings featured well-known speakers, including several British peace leaders (George Lansbury and Alfred Salter in the spring of 1936 and Maude Royden in early 1937). Other meetings utilized the speaking talents of ministers, educators, and peace leaders from across the country.

The two major cycles of the Emergency Peace Campaign in 1937 were the Neutrality Campaign from January through March and the No-Foreign-War Crusade beginning April 6. Charles P. Taft, II, served as Honorary Chairman of the Neutrality Campaign, which focused on the need for neutrality legislation and the costs of neutrality in the event of a major war abroad. The No-Foreign-War Crusade was designed to increase and make articulate the determination of the American people not to be drawn into a war in Europe or Asia. Admiral Richard E. Byrd served as the Honorary Chairman of this crusade, which called for the restriction of naval and military policy to the defense of the United States, rather than to the protection of investments, commerce and other interests abroad.

The national staff of the EPC was greatly expanded in 1937 and area offices were established in twenty cities. These area offices functioned from January through June 1937. A few succeeded in raising sufficient funds to continue their activities through the summer of 1937.

Several other elements of the Emergency Peace Campaign program should be mentioned. The Youth Section was under the direction of Harold Chance. Youth volunteers were enlisted to promote the Campaign on college campuses and to serve as Peace Volunteers in rural areas during the summers of 1936 and 1937. This work was continued in 1938 as the Student Peace Service, under the sponsorship of the AFSC.

Another element of the EPC was a nation-wide poll of personal attitudes on war and peace conducted during the first cycle of public meetings, and a National Peace Enrollment which continued through the entire campaign. Over 23,000 names of pacifists and near-pacifists were collected and made available to other peace organizations.

The EPC also worked to promote peace education through churches, synagogues, labor and farm groups, and encouraged vigorous legislative measures which would make it difficult for the U.S. to become involved in another war.

The Emergency Peace Campaign was originally planned as a two-year campaign to keep the U.S. out of war and to bring about a more coordinated and united effort within the American peace movement. The movement toward a coalition of peace agencies accelerated in 1937. Joint meetings of the EPC Council and the National Peace Conference were held in the spring of 1937, when it was agreed that the NPC should be given stronger administrative and coordinative functions so that it could formulate and promote a definite peace program. The Campaign for World Economic Cooperation was undertaken by the National Peace Conference. It was expanded to a 15-month program under the direction of Clark Eichelberger.

The EPC was disbanded at the end of 1937.

Collection Overview
The complete, official records of the Emergency Peace Campaign were given in January 1940. Forty-two file drawers of material, plus additional books and files of enrollment cards, were accessioned at that time.

The material includes meeting minutes, reports of field workers and peace caravans, correspondence, material of local peace councils set up under EPC auspices, financial records, pledges of abstinence from war, publications, newsclippings, and files of five of the Campaign's twenty area offices (Kansas City, New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Michigan).

A supplementary accession of EPC records was received in June 1947 from John Musgrave, Archivist of the American Friends Service Committee. John Musgrave did not know whose files the material had come from but felt that it should be with the other EPC material in the SCPC. The names of Ray Newton, Kirby Page, and E. Raymond Wilson all appear on material in these four boxes (Boxes 217-220).

The EPC records were prepared for microfilming in the summer of 1979. The correspondence files were left in the order in which they were found, with more recent material filed in front. Certain other files (meeting minutes, releases, etc.) have been arranged in chronological order.

Some material from this collection sustained damage after its arrival at the SCPC and was unsalvageable. What could be saved was re-foldered and re-boxed in June 2000. In 2010, newsclippings from several scrapbooks (#19-21) were photocopied or scanned and the originals discarded.

Re-File Box material

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [mf reel 72.1] off-site
Historical Records
Preliminary stages, October-December 1935
Buck Hill Falls Conference, December 1935: preliminary draft, condensed report and verbatim account
Buck Hill Falls Conference: correspondence, October-December 1935
Preliminary Regional Conference
Relationship with American Friends Service Committee
Aims and purposes
Executive Committee
Council organization, 1935-1936
Council, 1935-1937
Sponsors, 1936
Sponsors, 1937 [2 folders]
Staff / personnel, February 1936
Chairmen and contacts, June 1937
Lists of prominent people
Box 2 [mf reel 72.2] off-site
Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes, November 20, 1935
Council meeting minutes (complete set), December 1935 - December 1937
Meeting minutes, January 04-15, 1936
Meeting minutes, January 23 - March 03, 1936
Meeting minutes, March 24 - December 1936
Meeting minutes, 1937
Special meeting minutes and miscellaneous meetings, November 1936 - January 1938
Box 3 [mf reel 72.3] off-site
General Administration
Meeting minutes and reports, 1936-1937
Material for EPC literature
EPC material about itself
Summaries of activities, 1936
National Peace Conference, 1936
Application for member in National Peace Conference
Financial records
Financial appeals
Financial document
Tax information for contributors
Correspondence with United Peace Chest, 1937
Lists of contributors (including United Peace Chest)
Box 4 [mf reel 72.4] off-site
General Administration
Meetings: reports by areas

General releases, January-June 1936
General releases, July-December 1936
General releases, January-March 1937
General releases, April-June 1937
General releases, July - December 1937
[illegible folder label]
Form letters, 1936
Form letters, 1937
Form letters, n.d.
Box 5 [mf reel 72.5] off-site
General Administration
Area directors

Area directors' Bulletins #1-19, 1937
Labor Department
Literature and samples
National Peace Enrollment: Methodists
Philadelphia area
Radio speeches
Maude Royden
Volunteer field leaders
Work camps
World Affairs Forum of the Air Over Station WIP
Youth Section: handbooks
Youth Section Handbook, 1937 [different edition]
Youth Section, 1936
Youth Section, 1937
Youth Section: peace meal, 1936-1937
Box 6 [mf reel 72.6] off-site
General Administration
Blueprint: Plan for a Greater American Peace Movement

Instructions to local committees
[illegible folder label]
Local Work Department: Peace-Work Calendar
Local Work Department: mimeographed material
Publicity: Photographs
Publicity: Cartoons
Publicity: Cartoons by Russell O. Berg
Publicity: Poster
Map: "Regional Territories and Offices of the Emergency Peace Campaign"
Map: "Cities in Which Meetings Were Held During Spring and Fall of 1936 by EPC"
Map: "Showing 100 Communities in Each Area Which Should be Organized With Peace
Communities in 1937"
Map: "Territory Covered By Volunteer Youth Units: 1936"
Map: "Showing Colleges In Which The Youth Section Has Stimulated Action"
Map: "Showing Colleges Covered By Youth Section of EPC, 1936-1937"
Map: "Returns From National Peace Enrollment of the EPC as of April 1, 1937"
Map: "404 Places Where the National Peace Enrollment Has Been Taken Or Is Being Taken April and May
Box 7 [mf reel 72.7] off-site
General Administration
National Peace Enrollment
National Peace Enrollment: covenant cards, poll cards and suggested covenant services
Report "Approach to the Churches" by Harold Fey
General administration
General administration: conferences
General administration: drama (Ryllis Alexander Goslin)
General administration: motion pictures
General administration: pigeons [released from D.C. with letter re: peace from Eleanor Roosevelt], 1936
Box 8 [mf reel 72.8] off-site
General Administration
Literature (Vinton A. Boyd, Printer)
Report "Negroes and the EPC" by Joseph V. Baker
No-Foreign-War Crusade
Proclamations on Kellogg Pact
Radio scripts
Radio speeches
Religion Department
Letters regarding broadcast launching campaign, April 21, 1936
Legislative Department
Legislative Department
Neutrality sheets
Bibliography on neutrality and related matters
Sample resolutions
Comparison of Puttman, McReynolds and Thomas neutrality bills
Analysis of the Koppleman Bill
Analysis of bills introduced January 05-26, 1937
Congressional Record, February 02, 1937
Comparison of Clark, Lewis and Voorhis neutrality bills
Sheppard-Hill Bill
Legislative Letter
Box 9 [mf reel 72.9] off-site
Publicity Department
Publicity Department
Form letters
Box 10 [mf reel 72.10] off-site
Philadelphia Area Office
Meeting minutes
Philadelphia Executive Committee: A-L
Philadelphia Executive Committee: M-Z
Special report of Calvin C. Cope, co-director, Philadelphia Area of the EPC, March 1937
Inter-office memos, 1937
Mailing lists
Enrollment contacts
Box 11 [mf reel 72.11] off-site
Philadelphia Area Office: Correspondence
Miscellaneous correspondence, forms and literature, February-April 1936
Letters to department stores and businesses, March 1936
Speakers, Luncheon: outgoing correspondence, March-April 1936
Correspondence: P, 1936
Correspondence, W, 1936 [note: other folders of this alphabetical sequence are missing or filed elsewhere]
Philadelphia General Committee (Maude Royden meeting, January 1937)
Philadelphia sponsors (Maude Royden meeting, January 1937)
January 07th luncheon, 1937
No-Foreign-War Crusade, Spring 1937
Preliminary meeting, February 23, 1937
Replies from Rev. Daniel Poling letter of March 06, 1937
March 30th meeting at Christian Association: Convention Hall plans, March 30, 1937
Mass meeting: correspondence
Organizations: further contacts for Convention Hall meeting cooperation, February 27, 1937
Box 12 [mf reel 72.12] original documents discarded due to water and rodent damage
Philadelphia Area Office: Correspondence and Speakers Bureau
Misc. correspondence, 1937 [2 folders -- primarily re: Speakers Bureau]
Speakers, Philadelphia Committee
Lists of speakers
Lists of speakers and contacts
Speaking engagements: P.T.S.
American League Against War and Fascism
The Elks, Philadelphia
Epworth League
Federation of Junior Jewish Associations
Girl Reserves
Kiwanis Club
Labor, Philadelphia Committee
Methodist Youth Committee
Nichols, Ruth
Public schools, Philadelphia
Richie, David
Skversby contact meetings
Student strike, Philadelphia
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Young people's fellowships
YWCA Business and Professional Women

Box 13 [mf reel 72.13] original documents discarded due to water and rodent damage
Philadelphia Peace Council, 1937
Meeting minutes
Executive Committee
Correspondence, May-November 1937
Institute of International Relations, Middle Atlantic Area (E.A. Schaal, Director), 1938
Literature Shipments
Records arranged by cities with EPC regional offices (Atlanta-Syracuse) [20 folders]
Shipments etc. (Philadelphia Area Office)

Box 14 [mf reel 72.14] original documents discarded due to water and rodent damage
Files of Dr. Baruch Braunstein (A-M)
[note: Braunstein was on the national staff of the EPC, with primary responsibility for promoting the Campaign among Jewish groups. He also served as director of the "World Affairs Forum of the Air," a weekly radio broadcast sponsored by the EPC]

Files, A-M

Box 15 [mf reel 72.15] off-site
Files of Dr. Baruch Braunstein (N-Z)
National Council of Jewish Women
New York EPC Office

National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods
Ozer, Charles
-? Youth
Press notices
Personal speaking engagements
Prospective contributors
Page, Kirby
Q [collective file]
R [collective file]
Mrs. Eugene Springer
S [collective file]
United Order of True Sisters
T [collective file]
U [collective file]
V [collective file]
World Affairs Forum Of … Public Service Announcement
W [collective file]
[illegible folder label]
XYZ [collective file]
Braunstein correspondence (by city)

Boston, Mass
Albany, NY
Syracuse, NY
Clevland, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Chester, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Box 16 [mf reel 72.16] off-site
Files of John Dillingham
[note: Dillingham was on the national staff of the EPC, with primary responsibility for promoting the Campaign among Negroes]
EPC work among Negroes, 1936-1937
Articles about the E.P.C

Correspondence, 1936-1937 [includes other material]
Lists of addresses
Literature: EPC negro organizations
Personal papers: correspondence, 1932-1936, re: inter-racial retreat, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
Personal papers: correspondence, 1933-1936, re: Making Religious Education Effective (published 1935)
Personal papers: Hazen Foundation, 1934-1936 -- correspondence and reports
Personal papers: race relations
Personal papers: notebook of personal correspondence and memorabilia, 1925-1937
Box 17 [mf reel 72.17] off-site
Requests for copies of speeches given on radio broadcasts
List of radio requests

Speech by Kathleen Norris, November 11, 1936 (Armistice Day)
Speech by Maude Royden, January 10, 1937
Speeches by Richard E. Byrd, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Emerson Fosdick, April 06, 1937
Speeches by Senator Gerald P. Nye and Senator Dietrich, April 18, 1937
Representative addresses used
Box 18 [mf reel 72.18] off-site
Speakers Bureau
[note: the office files of the Speakers Bureau are arranged in two sequences. The first sequence (boxes 18-19) consists of forms used in 1936 for instructions for speakers, arranged alphabetically by the names of the cities in which meetings were held. The second sequence (boxes 19-20) contains a variety of material relating to the work of the Bureau, arranged in rough alphabetical order.]

Instructions for speakers: A-Q (collective files)
Box 19 [mf reel 72.19] off-site
Speakers Bureau
Instructions for speakers: R-Z (collective files)
Speakers Bureau
Assignments, Spring 1936
Assignments, January 1937
Correspondence, 1936
Field workers
Form letters
Lists: City chairmen
Box 20 [mf reel 72.20] off-site
Speakers Bureau
Lists: Meetings
Lists: Speakers
Acceptances, Fall 1937
Refusals, Fall 1937
Regional Directors' Conference, December 1936
Reserve Speakers
Speakers in each area receiving financial form letter and personal note, May 1937
General correspondence, December 1937-
Box 21 [mf reel 72.21] off-site
General Correspondence: A-Al [note: general correspondence runs from box 21-99]
Statement re: revision of files, April 03, 1936

Abbey, Merril R.
Abbott, Professor Grace
Abbott, Professor Isabel
Abbotts, William
Abele, Rev. Ralph C.
Abernathy, Rev. Bradford S.
Abernathy, Dr. William S.
Abrams, Rabbi Samuel J.
Adams, Mrs. C.W.
Adams, Rev. Earl Frederick
Adams, Rev. F.F.
Adams, Frederick W.
Adams, John Maxwell
Adams, Mrs. S.Q.
Agard, Professor Walter R.
Agee, Carl
Ahern, Rev. Philip A.
Aitken, Dr. Walter
A [collective file]
Albade, W.T.
Albright, Professor Spencer
Alcorn, Professor M.O.
Aldrich, Claude
Alexander, Rev. Gross W.
Allen, Hon. A. Leonard
Allen, Devere
Allen, Edward S.
Allen, Judge Florence E.
Allen, Harland
Allinson, Brent D.
Alter, Mrs. David
Al [collective file]
Box 22 [mf reel 72.22] off-site
General Correspondence: Am-Are
American Academy of Political and Social Science

American Baptist Publication Society
The American Friend
American Friends Service Committee
American League Against War and Fascism, 1936-1937
American Legion
American Student Union
American Youth Congress
Ames, E.S.
Amos, Thrysa W.
Anderson, J. Edward
Anderson, Dr. Karl
Anderson, Robert Grant
Anderson, Rev. Wallace W.
Am [collective file]
Area kit
Area men: memos and form letters
Area men
Area youth secretaries
Box 23 [mf reel 72.23] off-site
General Correspondence: Arm-Bak
Armstrong, Mr.

Armstrong, Rev. C.A. [folder discarded due to excessive damage]
Armstrong, O.K. [folder discarded due to excessive damage]
Armstrong, Dr. William E. [folder discarded due to excessive damage]
Arndt, Professor Elmer J.F.
Arnold, Mrs. Claude
Artman, Dr. J.M. [folder discarded due to excessive dama]
Ar [collective file]
Ashburn, Professor Karl E.
Ashton, H.O.
Ashworth, Dr. Robert A.
Aspinwall, Lura E.
Association Press (Miss Camlek), December 1936 - December 1937
Association Press (Miss Camlek), April-November 1936
Athearn, Clarence
Atkins, Rev. Carl
Atkins, Gavis Glenn
Atkins, Henry Pearce
Atkinson, Dr. Henry A.
Atkinson, J.H.
Auman, Orrin W.
Aust, Professor Franz A.
Austin, Clarence F.
Avey, Clarence F.
Aydelotte, Frank [Swarthmore College]
As [collective file]
Bacon, Rev. Wallance
Bader, Jesse M.
Badgley, Robert
Baer, Gertrude [WILPF]
Bagley, Elizabeth (Mrs. John C.) [folder discarded due to excessive damage]
Bagnell, Dr. Robert
Bagranoff, Rev. T.D.
Bahnsen, Rev. Roland
Bahr, Rev. Dwight L.
Beillie, Rev. A.S.
Bainton, Dr. Roland H.
Baker, Frank M.
Baker, Bishop James C.
Baker, Jos. V.
Bakkes, Rev. Cornelius
Box 24 [mf reels 72:24] off-site
See Box 221 for documents originally in Box 24. Folders marked with an * were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.
Balch, Emily Greene*
Baldeal, E.W.*
Baldridge, Cyrus LeRoy*
Balduf, E. W.*
Baldwin, Dewitt C.*
Bale, Judge Fred G.
Ball, Rev. Archey D.
Banker, Rev. Frank
Bankston, Dr. Marvin
Barbour, Clarence A.
Barbour, Dr. Clifford E.
Barclay, Dr. John
Barclay, Dr. Wade C.
Barnes, Dr. C. Rankin
Barnes, Mrs. Charles P.
Barnes, E.W.
Barnes, Guy L.
Barnes, Dr. Harry E.
Barnes, Roswell P.
Barnett, Dr. Albert E.
Barnhart, Professor William R.
Barnum, Cyrus P.
B [collective file]
Barrows, Professor David P.
Baron, Rabbi Joseph L.
Barstow, Robbins Walcott
Bartlett, Ethel J.
Barlett, Percy W.
Barton, Bruce
Bar [collective file] [*some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Bassett, Robert C. *
Batchelder, N.H.*
Battelle, Don D. *
Baxter, Bruce R. *
Baxter, Professor Edna M.*
Baxter, Nelson I. *
Bas [collective file*

Box 25 [mf reel 72.25] off-site
See Boxes 221 and 222 for documents originally in Box 25. Folders marked with an * were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.

Beach, Dr. David N.
Beach, Rev. King D. *
Beale, Rev. T.F. Rutledge *
Beall, Hayes *
Beard, Professor Charles A.
Beaven, Dr. Albert W. *
Beavin, Rev. T. Sidney *
Beck, Frank O. *
Beck, Henry *
Beck, Professor Walter *
Becker, Rev. Paul E. *
Beckley, Sam *
Beebe, George *
Beetham, Dr. Emory [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Beimfohr, Rev. Herman N.
Beittel, Dr. and Mrs. A.D.
Belcastro, Joe
Belk, Dr. J. Blanton
Bell, Rev. James E.
Bell, Orin W.
Bell, William J.
Belmer, Fred. C.
Be [collective file] [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Benezet, Louis P. *
Benham, Albert *
Bennett, John C. *
Bennett, Mrs. M. Katharine *
Benson, Gov. Elmer A. *
Berg, P.M. *
Berg, Russell O. *
Berger, Rabbi Elmer *
Berman, Edward *
Bernard, Kenneth L. *
Berneking, Rev. Gerald *
Bernstein, Rabbi Philip S. *
Berthold, Dr. Lloyd M. *
Bertocci, Angelo P. *
Bessesen, Mrs. Henry J. [Elsa N.] *
Bethune, Mary McLeod *
Bevan, Dr. Thomas S. *
Ben [collective file]

Box 26 [mf reel 72:26] off-site.
See Boxes 221 and 222 for documents originally in Box 26. Folders marked with an * were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.

Bielefield, Frederick J.
Biemiller, Andrew J.
Bien, Ruth
Bigelow, Hon. Herbert S.
Bi [collective file]
Bi [collective file]
Bilgray, Rabbi Albert T.
Billikopf, Jacob
Binford, Helen T. (Mrs. Raymond)
Bingham, Alfred M.
Binstock, Rabbi Louis
Bird, Dr. Philip Shead
Bird, Remsen DuBois
Birkhead, Dr. L.M.
Bisel, Homer H.
Bishop, Rev. F.J.
Bishop, Rev. Shelton Hale
Bixler, Mrs. Edward G.
Bixler, H.M.
Bixler, Mrs. M.F.
Black, Professor John D.
Black, Dr. S.M.
Blackburn, Rev. H.W.
Blackburn, Rev. Laurence H.
Blackstone, Maude
Blair, Rev. John Allan
Blaisdell, James A.
Bj-Bl [collective file]  *
Blake, Bishop Edgar *
Blakeman, Dr. E.W.
Blakemore, Dr. J.H.
Blakeslee, Dr. George H.
Blakney, Rev. Raymond B.
Blanchard, Dr. Ferdinand Q. *
Blanchard, (Mr.) Leslie *
Blankenship, N.V. *
Blanchard, Professor Brand
Blashfield, Dr. Herbert
Bleakney, Dr. Edward F.
Bliven, Bruce
Block, Rev. Karl Morgan
Bloodgood, Father F.J.
Bloom, Rabbi Herbert I.
Bloye, Professor Amy
Blum, Mrs. Douglas
Blunt, Katherine

Box 27 [mf reel 72.27] off-site
General Correspondence: Bod-Brag
Boddy, Dr. William Henry

Boden, Rev. Reynold B.
Bodmer, Arthur R.
Boeckel, Florence B.
Bogardus, Dr. Emory S.
Bohling, Earl
Bohn, Herbert G.
Bok, Nellie Lee (Mrs. Curtis)
Bollinger, H.D.
Bolton, Dr. Joseph S.G.
Bolton, Mary
Bomgren, Rev. A.E.
Bond, Rev. Ray Edwin
Bone, Hon. Homer T.
Bonsall Jr., E.H.
Booth, Major Charles D.
Booth, Dr. Henry Kendall
Boothe, Dr. Viva B.
Borchard, Professor Edward A.
Boss Jr., Charles F.
Bowen, E.R.
Bowen, Professor Howard
Bowen, Rev. T. Hassell
Bowie, Dr. Walter Russell
Bowman, Dr. Harold Leonard
Bowman, Isaiah
Bowman, Dr. LeRoy E.
Bowman, Rufus D.
Boyd, Drucilla F.
Boyd, Vinton A.
Bo [collective file]
Braden, Pres. Arthur
Bradley, Rev. Dan F.
Bradley, Dr. Dwight
Bradley, Professor Phillips
Bradley Press
Bradley, Dr. Preston
Bragg, Rev. Raymond
Box 28 [mf reel 72.28] off-site
General Correspondence: Brai - Brown, J.
Brailsford, Mr. H.N.

Brammal, Edith C.
Brandt, Rev. Walter M.
Brannan, Eleanor D.
Branscomb, B. Harvie
Branton, Professor J.R.
Braunstein, Dr. Baruch
Brav, Rabbie Stanley R.
Brenneman, Jesse
Brett, Mrs. Fred
Brewster. Rev. Benjamin
Brickner, Rabbi Barnett R.
Bridges, Ronald
Briggs, Professor Herbert
Briggs, Pres. Lucia R.
Brightman, Edgar S.
Brinard, Betty
Brinistool, F.E.
Brinton, Ellen Starr
British students: H. Morris-Jones, Rowland L. Miall, Charles A. Coulson
Britt, Albert
Britton, S.C.
Br [collective file]
Broadman, Dr. Joseph
Brockway, Fenner
Bronson, Rev. Oliver Hart
Brooks, Kenneth J.
Brooks, Dr. Raymond C.
Brooks, Rev. Seth
Brooks, Dr. William E.
Brookwood Labor College
Bro [collective file]
Brown, Rev. A.W.
Brown, Dr. Edwin A.
Brown, Rev. Elmer
Brown, Ernest S.
Brown, Forrest D.
Brown, Mrs. G.F.
Brown, Rev. Hugh Elmer
Brown, Professor J. Douglas
Brown, Rev. J. Graydon
Box 29 [mf reel 72.29] off-site
General Correspondence: Brown, K. - Bun
Brown, Pres. Kenneth I.

Brown, Rev. Lawrence K.
Brown, Hon. Prentiss M.
Brown, Dr. Sharon
Brown (collective folder)
Brown, Dr. Cornelia
Browning, Rev. D.L.
Broyles, J.W.
Brubacher, Dr. A.R.
Brubaker, Florence
Brueseke, Rev. Edward W.
BrumbAugusth, A.J.
BrumbAugusth, Lewis H.
Brummitt, Dan B.
Brunauer, Dr. Esther C.
Bryan, Richard
Bryan, Dr. W.F.
Bryant, Lt. Comm. Stewart F.
Bryn-Jones, Professor David
Bryson, Professor Lyman
Bucher, Vincent W.
Buchholtz, Mrs. H.F.
Buchman, Lloyd
Buck, Pearl
Buckham, John Wright
Buckley, Harry
Buckner Jr., George Walker
Buell, Raymond L.
Buffalo Envelope Company
Bugbee, Lucius H.
Bull, Benjamin
Bullock, Dr. Henry M.
Bu [collective file]
Box 30 [mf reel 72.30] off-site
General Correspondence: Bur - Byrd, Richard
Burger, Charles C.
Burgess, Professor J. Stewart
Burgin, Rev. Herschel S.
Burkhart, Dr. Roy A.
Burnett, Professor Charles T.
Burnham, Dr. Frederick W.
Burnley, Mrs. C.T.
Burns, Bishop Charles Wesley
Burns, Robert
Burr, Rev. Holland F.
Burr, Hugh C.
Burr, Samuel Engle
Burrell, Alfreda C.
Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau
Burt, Rev. Paul
Burt, Rev. Robert E.
Busch, Henry M.
Bush, Dr. Benjamin J.
Bushea, Frances
Butcher, F.E.
Butcher, Harold
Butler, Dr. F.D.
Butler, General Smedley D.
Butler, Rev. W. Fay
Buttrick, Dr. George A.
Butzer, Dr. Albert G.
Buxton, Henry
Byrd, Richard E.
Box 31 [mf reel 72.31] off-site
General Correspondence: Byrd, Robert - Car
Byrd, Rev. Robert

Bur [collective file]
Cadbury, Dr. Henry J.
Cadwallader, Laura P.
Cadwallader, T. Sidney
Cady, Rev. George
Caemmerer, Rev. R.R.
Calhoun, Joseph D.
Calhoun, Professor R.L.
Calisch, Rabbi Edward N.
Callahan, Rev. F. Howard
Cameron, Amy
Camp, Rev. H.E.
Camp, Rev. L.H.
Campaign for World Economic Cooperation
Campbell, C.M.
Campbell, Dr. Fay
Campbell, George A.
Campbell, Rev. Harlin M.
Campbell, Jeffery W.
Canfield, Cass
Canfield, Gladys
Cantor, Eddie
Caplan, Mrs. Oscar
Caples, Anna
Capper, Hon. Arthur
Capper-Johnson, Karlin
C [collective file]
Carey Jr., James
Carlson, Rev. Alex S.
Carman, Rev. James W.F.
Carmichael, Dr. O.C.
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carpenter, Dr. Homer W.
Carpenter, Dr. J. Henry
Carr, Henry J.
Carrell, O.W.
Carroll, Charles
Carroll, Charles P.
Carroll, Dudley D.
Carruthers, Dr. Thomas
Carter, Boake
Carter, Edward C.
Cartwright, Lin D.
Car [collective file]
Box 32 [mf reel 72.32] off-site
General Correspondence: Cas-Ch
Casady, Bishop Thomas

Case, Dr. Harold C.
Case, Leland D.
Case, Rev. William M.
Caskey, Rev. John F.
Cassady, Professor Maynard L.
Castleberry, Rev. J.J.
Cathcart, I.M.
Catholic Association for International Peace
Caulk, R.J.
Covert, Samuel McCrea
Cayley, Murray
Cell, Professor George C.
Cas [collective file]
Chaffee, Edmund B.
Chalmers, Professor A. Burns
Chalmers, Rev. Allan Knight
Chalmers, Dr. Gordon K.
Chamberlain, Professor Joseph P.
Chamberlin, Arthur
Chandler, Henry P.
Chanter, Dr. William George
Chappell, Dr. Clovis G.
Charlton, Rev. Frank D.
Charrier, Rev. Fred C.
Chase, Rev. Clifton E.
Chase, Harry Woodburn
Chase, Mary N.
Cheney, Professor Coleman B.
Cheney, Rev. J.R.
Cherrington, Ben M.
Child, Ruth K.
Childs, John S.
Chilton, Dr. C.M.
Christensen, Alphus
The Christian Advocate
The Christian Century
The Christian Herald
Christian Science Publishing Society
Christiansen, Christian
Christianson, J.O.
Chubb, James S.
The Churchman
Church Management
Ch (collective file)

Box 33 [mf reel 72:33] off-site
See Box 222 for documents originally in Box 33. Folders marked with an * were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.

City government officials [collective file] *
Ch[collective file]
Clampitt, Roy J.
Clark, Dr. Alden H.
Clark, Rev. Arthur T.
Clark, Hon. Bennett Champ
Clark, Grover
Clark, Rev. J. Albert
Clarke, Rev. Alfred B.
Clarke, Mrs. Ida Clyde
Clarke, Rev. Robert H.
Clausen, Rev. Bernard C.
Clayton, Dr. Cranston
Clee, Dr. Raymond
Cleghorn, Sarah N.
Clelland, Frank W.
Clemson, Eline
Clifton, Rev. Samuel
Clinchy, Rev. Everett R.
Clinchy, Rev. Russell J.
Cline, Pierce
Clippinger, Bishop A.R.
Clippinger, W.G.
Close, C. Donald
Cloward, Rev. Donald D.
Cl [collective file]
Coates, Edith
Cochran, Fannie
Cockroft, Grace A.
Coe, Dr. Albert Buckner
Coffin, Dr. Henry Sloane*
Coffin, Professor J. Herschel
Coghill, Pattie Lee
Cohen , Rabbi Armand
Cohen, Rabbi Henry
Cohen, Lillian Beverly
Cohn, David L.
Cokesbury Press
Co [2 collective files]

Box 34 [mf reel 72:34] off-site
See Box 222 for documents originally in Box 34. Folders marked with an * were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.

Colby, Mrs. Woodward
Cole, Dr. Clinton
Cole, Herbert H.
Cole, Rev. Russell
Cole, S. Walton
Cole, Mrs. W.A.
Cole, Dr. Walton E.
Colegrave, Kenneth
Coleman, Professor Cheyney
Coleman, Dr. Norman F.
Collier, John E. *
Collins, Dr. Walter L. *
Colman, Elizabeth Wheeler *
Colman, George F. *
Combs, W.A. *
Comfort, William W. *
Committee on Militarism in Education *
Commonwealth College *
Comstock, Ada Louise *
Col [collective file]
Congdon, LaRoy *
Conner, Rev. W. Ross *
Consolidated Press Clippings Bureaus *
Cook. David *
Cook, Dr. Edmund F.*
Cook, Rev. Oliver *
Coolige, Mrs. N.F.*
Cooper, Professor Russell *
Cope, Alfred H. (AFSC) *
Cope, Ellen *
Cope, Rev. Howard W. *
Copithorne, Jack *
Copplestone, Rev. Tremayne J. *
Coppock, Homer J. *
Com [collective file]

Box 35 [mf reel 72:35] off-site
See Box 222 for documents originally in Box 35. All folders in this box were discarded due to excessive damage. The material in the folders that were discarded is available on microfilm.

Cordier, Dr. Andrew W.
Corey, Dr. Stephen M.
Corley, Jesse Lee
Corner, Mrs. Henry E.
Correll, Virginia M.
Corrigan, Rev. J. I.
Corwin, George B.
Cossum, Robert W.
Cotton, Dr. J. Harry
Coulson, Charles A.
Counts, George S.
Cousens, John A.
Couwan, Dr. T. B.
Cox, Dean
Cox, Dr. Garfield V.
Cox, Rev. Gilbert S.
Cox, Dr. Harvey W.
Cox, Isaac J.
Cox, Joseph D.
Cor [collective file]
Craig, Althea
Crain, Dr. James E.
Cralle, Dr. Walter O.
Cramblet, Dr. Wilbur H.
Cramer, Rev. Harold E.
Crane, Rev. Henry H.
Cranston, Rev. Earl
rawford, Dr. B. Franklin
Crawford, Dr. J. F.
Crawford, Dr. W. Rex
Crichton, Andrew B.
Crippen, Rev. Lorimer W.
Crisman, Rev. Homer C.
Crolle, W. O.
Cromwell, Rev. G. Custer
Cronin, Rev. John F.
Crosby, Thomas Leroy
Crosby, Willis R.
Crosland, Rev. Stanley B.
Crossfield, Dr. R. E.
Crosswaith, Frank R

Box 36 [mf reel 72.36] off-site
General Correspondence: Crow-Dar
Crowe, Rev. William
Crowther, Dr. James E.
Cruikshank, Nelson H.
Cr [collective file]
Cuber, John F.
Culver, Dr. Harry C.
Culver, Raymond B.
Cumine, Geoffrey
Cummings, Clark Walker
Cummings, Rev. Stanley
Cummins, H.H.
Cummins, Rev. Robert
Cunninggim, J.L.
Cunningham, Mrs. J.C.
Curley, Rev. Richard
Currie, Thomas W.
Currier, Raymond P.
Curti, Professor Merle E.
Curtis, Anna L.
Cushman, Bishop Ralph Spaulding
Cutshall, Chancellor E.G.
Cutten, George Barton
Czatt, Mrs. Milton S.
Cyril, Professor James F.
Cu [collective file]
Dakin, Dr. E. LeRoy
Dalager, Paul E.
Dallas, Rev. John T.
Dancis, Winston
Daniels, Rev. Vincent
Darr, Professor John Whittier
Darvall, Frank
Box 37 [mf reel 72.37] off-site
General Correspondence: Dat-Det
Datisman, Mrs. Charles

DAugustherty, Edgar Fay
D [collective file]
Davey, John G.
Davidson, Mrs. H.O.
Davies, James J.
Davis, Rev. C. Ernest
Davis, Rev. Dr. George
Davis, Grace M.
Davis, Jerome
Davis, Rachel
Davis, Mrs. T.N.
Dawson, J.M.
Day, Dr. Albert E.
Day, E.L.
Day, Rev. Gardiner M.
Day, John W.
Day, Dr. William H.
Dav [collective file]
Deak, Professor Francis
De Chant, Rev. John M.
Deems, Rev. Charles E.
DeHaas, Dr. J. Anton
deHajek, Sari
Deichman, John W.
Deitz, Purd Eugene
DeLeeuw, Georgiana (Mrs. F.J.G.)
De [collective file]
Denman, Henry
Dennis, Rev. P.G.
Dennis, William C.
Dennison, Henry S.
de Pierrefeu, Comtesse Alain
Detzer, Dorothy [of WILPF]
Box 38 [mf reel 72.38] off-site
General Correspondence: Dev-Dr
Deverall, Richard

Dewey, Judge William S.
Dewing, Kate
Dem [collective file]
Dibble, Dr. William V.
Dick Company [A.B. Dick Company, Chicago]
Dickerson, Addie W.
Dickey, Jane K.
Dickinson, E.H.
Dickson, Conway W.
Dieckmann, Annetta M.
Dierenfield, H.E.
Dietrick, Rev. John H.
Diffendorfer, R.E.
Dillard, Dr. J.E.
Dillinger, Rev. J.A.
Dillingham, John: , 1937
Dingwell, Dr. James D.
Di [collective file]
Dobbs, C.C.
Dobson, D.
Dobson, Rev. Dr. R. Calvin
Dodge, Homer K.
Donald, Samuel
Donnan, Ray F.
Donnelly, Harold I.
Dorn, Dr. Walter
Doubleday, Doran and Co. Inc.
Doudna, Edgar G.
Douglas, Rev. Earl W.
Douglas, George A.
Douglas, Dr. Lloyd
Douglas, Professor Paul H.
Douglass, Gaylord W.
Drake, Rev. Alfred
Drake, G. Bryant
Drake, J.G. St. Clair
Draper, Rev. C.E.
Dreier, Rev. Nelson C.
Dreiske, John H.
Drury, Dr. Benton
Do [collective file]
Box 39 [mf reel 72.39] off-site
General Correspondence: Du-Ei
Du Bois, Dr. W.E.B.

Duddy, Dr. Frank E.
Duggan, Dr. Stephen P.
Dulles, Sophia H.
Dun, Anger
Duncan, C. William
Duncan, John M.
Dunham, Rev. C.S.
Dunham, Rev. W.E.
Dunn, Rev. Charles E.
Dunning, Rev. John W.
Dunnington, Rev. Lewis L.
Dunsmore, Norman McGowan
Dupre, Huntley
Durkee, Dr. J. Stanley
Dutton, Rev. Rolland N.
Duvall, Evelyn M.
Duvall, Sylvanus M.
Du [collective file]
Eads, Rev. Robert
Eagleston, Clyde
Eames, Dr. Owen Whitman
Eastman, Fred
Eaton, Eleanor
Eaton, Horace and Emily
Ebenhack, Arthur E.
Eby, Kermit
Eby, Kerr
Edgerton, Alice
Edwards, Dr. David M.
Edwards, Dr. George N.
Edwards, Rev. L.M.
Edwards, Miss Thyra
Edworthy, Rev. Z.B.
Egbert, Catherine B.H. (Mrs. Jacob)
Eggleston, Elizabeth D.
Egley, Charles D.
Ehrman, Robert W.
Eichelberger, Clark M.
Eikenberry, Ivan L.
Eikenberry, Mrs. W.L.
Eiselen, Mrs. E.T.
Eiselen, Frederick Carl
E [collective file]
Box 40 [mf reel 72.40] off-site
General Correspondence: El-Ev
Elderkin, Rev. Noble S.

Eldredge, Mrs. Mark
Eleazer, Dr. R.B.
Ellickson, Rev. W.L.
Elliott, A. Roland
Elliott, Dr. Arthur E.
Elliott, Dr. Edwin A.
Elliott, Professor Harriet
Elliott, John W.
Elliott, Dr. Phillip P.
Ellis, Dr. A. Caswell
Ellis, Betty
Ellis, Miss Dale
Ellis, Dr. Matt
Ellwood, Dr. Charles A.
Elmhirst, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K.
Emmanuel, Rev. Cyprian
Emeny, Brooks
Emerson, Chester B.
Emerson, Fred W.
Emingholz, Rev. W.C.
Emmons, Peter K.
El [collective file]
Engelbrecht, H.C.
English, Mable
English, Dr. Merle N.
Engwall, Charles A.
Ennis, Professor Harold
Eppstein, Rabbi Victor
The Epworth Herald
Erickson, Morris
Erickson, Paul
Espy, Willard R.
Eubank, Merle
Euban, Jessie Burrall
Eulette, Mrs. Clayton D.
Evans, Rev. Garfield
Evans, Rev. Richard
Evans, Silas
Evans, Dr. Ted
Evaul, Rev. Harry
Box 41 [mf reel 72.41] off-site
General Correspondence: Ew-Fe
Ewers, Dr. John Ray

Ewing, Dr. Cortez A.M.
Ewing, William C.
En [collective file]
Fackt, Elizabeth
Fagerburg, Rev. Frank B.
Fairchild, Dr. Claire G.
Fairchild, E.T.
Fairchild, Professor Henry P.
Fairley, Lincoln
Farquharson, F.B.
Farquharson, Senator Mary [senator of Washington state]
Faust, Dr. Floyd
Fawcett, Dr. H.S.
Fay, Professor Bernard
Fay, Professor Sidney B.
F [collective file]
Feakins, William B.
Federal Council of Churches
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Fenn, Dr. Don Frank
Fenstermacher, Mr. ___
Fenwick, Professor Charles G.
Ferber, Edna
Ferguson, Elaine
Ferguson, Mrs. James T.
Ferris, E.S.
Fettner, Frank Whitson
Feuer, Rabbi Maurice
Few, William P.
Fey, Harold
Fe [collective file]
Box 42 [mf reel 72.42] off-site
General Correspondence: Fi-For
Fichter, Joseph W.

Fidler, Mrs. Thelme Thorp
Field, Floyd S.
Field, Frederick V.
Fiers, A. Dale
Fifield Jr., Dr. James W.
Findley, Rev. Frank D.
Fineshriber, Dr. William H.
Fink, Rabbi Joseph
Finely, H.C.
Fish, Hon. Hamilton
Fisher, Dorothy Caufield
Fisher, Dr. Edgar J.
Fisher, Dr. Fred B.
Fisher, Gaylen
Fisher, Suzanne (Mrs. H.G.)
Fisher, Mrs. Nevin W.
Fisk, Dr. Alfred G.
Fite, Rev. Alonzo S.
Fitzpatrick, John
Fi [collective file]
Flaxington, Rev. Ward B.
Fleck, Rev. John G.
Fletcher, John P.
Flickinger, Rev. Norman H.
Flint, Bishop Charles W.
Flint, Rev. James
Flynn, Edward F.
Fogg, William R.
Fogle, Maurice W.
Folk, Ernest
Folkman, Rabbi Jerome D.
Foote, Rev. Gaston
Ford, Don S.
Ford, Edsel
Ford, Mrs. George B.
Foreign Policy Association
Forshaw, Rev. William
Fortune, Dr. A.W.
Box 43 [mf reel 72.43] off-site
General Correspondence: Fos-Fre
Fosbroke, Hughell E.W.

Fosdick, Dorothy
Fosdick, Dr. Harry Emerson
Fossett, Clarence
Foster, Doris G.
Foster, Mrs. Frank
Foster Jr., Professor H. Schuyler
Foster, Dr. William
Fouke Jr., Rev. Hugh B.
Fowell, Rev. Myron W.
Fowler, Florence V. (Mrs. A.P.)
Fowler, Eleanor
Fox, Dr. Dixon Ryan
Fox, Lewis
Fox, Mary [see Jennie Lee]
Fox, Mrs. Paul
Fl [collective file]
Fradkin, Mrs. L. Henry
Francis, Rev. George E.
Francis, H.W.
Frank, Anna G. (Mrs. Samuel)
Frank, Glenn
Franklin, Dr. J.H.
Franklin, Dr. Sam
Fraser, Dr. Herbert F.
Fraser, Janet Love
Fraser, Mrs. W.J.
Frazier, Rev. R.L.
Fredman, Rabbi Samuel
Freeling, Rev. Henry P.
Freeman, Anna
Freeman, Rev. E.S.
Freeman, Harrop A.
Frelick, Rev. Victor
French, Lawrence H.
French, Rev. Walter L.
Frenyear, Marion C.
Fr [collective file]
Box 44 [mf reel 72.44] off-site
General Correspondence: Fri-Ga
Fridell, Dr. Elmer A.

Friedman, Dr. Benjamin
Friedman, Rabbi Newton J.
Friedson, Ruth
The Friend
Friends Intelligencer
Fries, Professor Horace S.
Fritchman, Stephanie H.
Frost, Rev. Harlan M.
Fry, Ruth
Frye, Rev. Emil B.
Fyock, Rev. J.W.
Fri [collective file]
Gage-Colby, Ruth
Gaines, Pres. Francis P.
Gale, Zona
Gallagher, Buell
Gamble, Dr. Bruce
Gamble, Sydney
Ganders, Harry S.
Gans, Rev. Herbert C.
Gardner, Jean
Garner, Dr. James W.
Garner, Rev. L. Hamilton
Garner, Ralph H.
Garrison, Anne
Garrison, Hazel Shields
Garth, Dr. Schuyler E.
Gates, Dr. Sherwood
Gates, Rev. William Bishop
Gaus, John Mrs. M.
Gawthrop, William R.
Gawthorpe, Mr. and Mrs M.G.
Gay, Verbon F.
Gaylord, Dr. E.D.
G [collective file]
Box 45 [mf reel 72.45] off-site
General Correspondence: Ge-Gol
Gearhart, Dr. Robert H.

Geer, Owen W.
Geneva News Letter
George, Adda Gentry
George, Mrs. Edward H.
Gerould, Russell
Gersham, Rev. Perry
Gerstenfeld, Rabbi Norman
Ge [collective file]
Gibarti, Louis
Gibbons, Rev. Ray
Gibson Jr., Rev. George
Gibson, O.E.
Gideonse, Professor Harry D.
Gilbert, Bishop Charles K.
Gildersleeve, Virginia
Gilkey, Charles W.
Gill, Mrs. J.M.B.
Gilley, Professor John L.
Gillette, Stanley A.
Gillies, Dr. Andrew
Gilman, Elizabeth
Gilson, Rev. Frederick L.
Gimbel, C.W.
Gingrich, Professor F.W.
Glass, Annie L.
Glassrock, Rev. L.V.
Glezen, Harper
Glover, Ellen J.
Gi [collective file]
Godbold, Dr. Albea
Goddard, Rev. A.C.
Goldman, Rabbi Solomon
Goldstein, Rabbi David A.
Goldstein, Dr. Sidney E.
Go [collective file]
Box 46 [mf reel 72.46] off-site
General Correspondence: Goo-Gro
Good, W.C.

Gooden, Opal
Goodenough, Luman W.
Goodfellow, Rev. Rollins
Goodwin, Mrs. George
Goodwin, Rev. Thomas A.
Gordan, Dr. Robert B.
Gordon, Linley V.
Gordon, Rabbi S.
Goslin, Mrs. Ryllis Alex.
Gossard, H.C.
Gottschall, A.W.
Gould, Dr. Benjamin
Good [collective file]
Grady, Rev. Robert C.
Grafton, Warren
Graham, F.P.
Graham, T.W.
Graham, William R.
Granger, Lester B.
Grant, Dr. A. Raymond
Grant, Donald
Grant, Vivian
Gratz, Dr. W.E.J.
Gray, Dr. Charles G.
Gray, Rev. Henry David
Gray, J.R.
Gray, Dr. Joseph M.
Gray, Martha Platt
Greeley, Helen Hoy
Gr [collective file]
Green, C. Sylvester
Green, George F.
Green, Rev. J.D.
Gren, John F.C.
Green, Mildred
Green, William
Greene, Felix
Greene, Rev. Louis
Gregg, Abel J.
Gregg, Richard B.
Gregory, Dorothy
Gregory, Kermit
Gresham, Rev. Perry
Grey, Robert M.
Griffin, Mrs. Albert Angus
Griffin, Elizabeth (Mrs. H.K.)
Griffing, Mary F.
Griffis, Rev. H.W.
Griffith, Glenn
Griswold, Nat
Grose, Dr. Wilbur D.
Grossel, Frances
Grossman, Mark
Growney, Rev. Vincent
Box 47 [mf reel 72.47] off-site
General Correspondence: Gru-Han
GrubAugusth, Rev. Leon E.

Green [collective file]
Guess, Dr. R. Malcolm
Gup, Rabbi Samuel M.
Gurley, Rev. Richard H.
Gutelius, Rev. Stanley F.
Guthrie, Professor Paul N.
Gu [collective file]
Haas, Father Francis J.
Haas, Grant
Hadas, Rabbi Gershon
Hager, Rev. Charles S.
Hahne, Professor Ernest H.
Haile, Pennington
Haines, Bernard S.
Hale, Rev. Lewis M.
Hale, W.R.
Hale, Whitney
Hall, Rev. Cameron P.
Hall, Rev. Charles L.
Hall, Clarence W.
Hall, E. Snell
Hall, Dr. Royal G.
H [collective file]
Hamilton, Dorothy Dee (Mrs. Fred B.)
Hamilton, Professor Samuel
Hanlon, Dr. C.H.
Hammaker, William L.
Hammerschmidt, Louis M.
Hammond, Godfrey
Hammond, Dr. Jack
Hammond, Professor W.J.
Hanchett, John C.
Handsaker, J.J.
Haney, Charles
Hanna, Rev. George B.
Hanover, Max
Hansen, Neil K.
Ham [collective file]
Box 48 [mf reel 72.48] off-site
General Correspondence: Har-Hat
Harcourt, Brace and Co.

Hardwick, James T.
Hare, Rev. Howard
Hargrave, Rev. C. T.
Harkness, Dr. Georgia
Harkness, Dr. R.E.E.
Harlan, Dr. Rolvix
Harley, Dr. J. Eugene
Harlow, Dr. Ralph
Harmon, Francis S.
Harper and Bros.
Harper, Dr. Heber
Harrin, F. P.
Harrington, ProfessorK. P.
Harrington, Ruth
Harris, Rabbi Arba H.
Harris, Professor Herbert E.
Harris, Lawton D.
Harris, Rev. Leonard C.
Harris, Rabbi Melbourne
Harris Jr., Paul
Harrison, Rev. Carter
Harrison, Mae H.
Harrison, Marvin C.
Harrison, May H.
Harrison, Samuel James
Harrity, Ralph J.
Harry, Rev. C. P.
Hart, Dr. Earl R.
Hart, Hornell Professor
Hart, Theodora Miss
Hartinger, Rev. W. C.
Hartley, Rev. M.R.
Hartman, Rev. Cecil B.
Hartman Company
Hartman, Rev. W. Emory
Hartman, Dr. George W.
Hartmayer, Frederick L.
Harvey, J. Mahlon
Harvey, Martin L.
Har [collective file]
Haslam, Rev. A. Herbert
Hass, Anna P.
Hasselblade, Rev. Earnest
Hastings, Rev. J. Warren
Hatch, Harold A.
Hatcher, Dr. Harlan
Box 49 [mf reel 72.49] off-site
General Correspondence: Haw-He
Hawk, Dr. Jonathan B.

Hawkins, Lewis E.
Hawkins, Thomas E.
Hawley, Frederick W.
Haworth, Dorothy
Hayden, Joel
Hayes, Carlaton J.H.
Hayes, Dr. H. Gordon
Hays, Brooks
Hayward, Paul S.
Hayward, Percy R.
Haywood, John W.
Has [collective file]
Head, Mabel
Head, Walter D.
Healy, Warren D.
Hearn, Walter A.
Heath, Rev. Paul S.
Heaton, George
Heck, Mrs. John F.
Hedges, Marion
Hedges, Mary Frances
Heidt, George
Heiges, Professor Donald R.
Heimsath, Dr. Charles H.
Heiniger, Rev. J. W.
Heinsohn, Rev. Edmond
Heistand, J. Thomas Very
Hellebust, Ilert
Heller, Rabbi Bernard
Heller, Rabbi James G.
Helme, Rev. Frank G.
Helms, Professor E. Allen
Hemenway, Mrs. Augustustus
He [collective file]
Box 50 [mf reel 72.50] off-site
General Correspondence: Hi-Hom
Hickman, Dr. Emily

Hickman, Dr. Frank S.
Hickok, Ralph K.
Hicks, Rev. T. Ross
Higgins, Emma Lippincott
Hill, Leslie Pinckney
Hill, Richard Hurst
Hilley, Howard D.
Hillyer, Justin
Hillyer, Mary
Hindman, Dr. Ralph B.
Hinrichs, Mrs. Alfred E.
Hints, Rev. William
Hirschberg, Rabbi Morris
Hirshon, Rev. Louis M.
Hi [collective file]
Hoagland, Rev. D. D.
Hobbs, A. W.
Hobbs, Richard
Hobson, Bishop H.W.
Hocking, Ernest
Hoff, Paul
Hoffman, Rabbi Isidor B.
Hoffman, Milton J.
Hoffman, Wray B.
Hogarth, Charles P.
Hogsett, Mrs. L. M.
Hoherz, Adolf
Holcombe, Professor Arthur N.
Holden, Rev. Edwin R.
Holland, Mrs. R. L.
Hollenbeck, S. Earl
Hollett, Delite
Hollister, William K. and Alvaine
Holloway, Sterling
Holmes, Harry N.
Holmes, Dr. Jesse H.
Holmes, Dr. John Haynes
Holt, Arthur E.
Holt, Frank O.
Holt, Pres. Hamilton
Holt, Dr. Ivan Lee
Holton, Rev. Horace F.
Ho [collective file]
Hommel, Dorothy
Homrighouse, Rev. F. M.
Box 51 [mf reel 72.51] off-site
General Correspondence: Hoo-Hur
Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W.

Hopkins, Rev. Robert M.
Hopkinson, Rev. Arthur
Hopper, Bruce
Hopper, Myron T.
Horn, Dr. J. E. Kemp.
Horowitz, Rabbi Samuel
Horton, Dr. Douglass
Horton, Herbert
Horton, Professor Walter M.
Ho [collective file]
Hosie, Rev. Lawrence T.
Hoskins, Robert W.
Hospers, Rev. Henry G.
Hough, Dr. Lynn Harold
Houghton Mifflin Co.
House, R.B.
Houser, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Houston, Ralph M.
Howard, Dr. J.H.
Howe, Arthur L.
Howe, Rev. L.A.
Hos [collective file]
Huband, Henry T.
Huber, Rev. Allen R.
Hudnut, Rev. Herbert Beecher
Hudson, Rev. Roland O.
Hudson, William E.
Huget, Rev. J. Percival
Hughan, Dr. Jessie Wallace
Hughes, Rev. Cymbrid
Hughes, Bishop Edwin H.
Hughes, Elliott Reese
Hughes, Professor Merritt Y.
Hughes, R.M.
Hughes, W.A.C.
Hulac, Charles
Hulbert, Dr. C.A.
Hull, Hon. Secretary of State Cordell
Hull, H. Stone
Hull, Hannah Clothier
Hull, Professor William I.
Hume, Rev. Theodore C.
Hunt, Rev. M.C.
Hunt, Rev. Ray E.
Hunter, Allan A.
Hunter, Rev. Graham C.
Hunter, Dr. Stanley A.
Hurd, Mary A.
Hurrey, Charles D.
Hurst, Fannie
Hurwitz, Rabbi B. Leon
Box 52 [mf reel 72.52] off-site
General Correspondence: Hus-I
Huston, Bishop S. Arthur

Hutchins, Robert M.
Hutchins, William J.
Hutchinson, Rev. Charles X.
Hutchinson, Rev. H.E.
Hutchinson, Paul
Hutchinson, Ralph C.
Hylton, D.P.
Hynd, Dr. J. Hutton
Hu [collective file]
Idleman, Dr. Finis S.
Imes, Rev. William Lloyd
Imperial Aerogram Corporation, Ltd.
Ingalls, Rev. Harold B.
Ingalls, Laura
Inglis, Rev. Ervine P.
Inglis, Rev. Robert
Inman, Dr. S. Guy
Innerst, Rev. J. Stuart
Innes,Mrs. K.E.
Institute of International Education
International Council of Religious Education
International Press Clipping Bureau
Irwin, Rev. Keith
Irwin, Mrs. Preston
Irwin, Professor William A.
Ise, Dr. John
Israel, Rabbi Edward L.
Isserman, Rabbi Ferdinand M.
Ives, Mrs. Hilda
Izant, Robert
I [collective file]
Box 53 [mf reel 72.53] off-site
General Correspondence: Ja - Johnson, R.
Jackson, Elbert M.

Jackson, Dr. James W.
Jackson, Juanita E.
Jackson, Mrs. S.K.
Jackson, Professor W.W.
Jacobs, Rabbi Robert P.
Jacoby, Harold S.
James, Professor F. Cyril
James, Dr. Glenn C.
James, Rev. Walter
Jameson, Lois
Janson, Mrs. J.
Jaqua, Ernest J.
Jarman, Virginia
J [collective file]
Jeffries, Rev. A. J.
Jeffries, Ella C. (Mrs. W.V.)
Jenkins, Albert G.
Jenkins, Burris
Jenkinson, Rev. Egbert W.A.
Jenney, Dr. Ray Freeman
Jennings, Dr. Frank
Jennison, Mrs. George B.
Jensen, Ethel
Jensen, Howard E.
Jessup, Professor Phillip A.
Je [collective file]
Johnson, Rev. Arthur
Johnson, Rev. Barton A.
Johnson, Rev. Bert R.
Johnson, Dr. C. Oscar
Johnson, Dale R.
Johnson, Rev. E. Shurley
Johnson, Edwin C.
Johnson, Emily Cooper
Johnson, Harry Mrs.
Johnson, Henry M.
Johnson, Rev. Irving P.
Johnson, Dr. J.W.
Johnson, Louise Warren
Johnson, Mae Reese (Mrs.)
Johnson, Dr. Mordecai
Johnson, Rev. Phillip
Johnson, Rev. ____
Box 54 [mf reel 72.54] off-site
General Correspondence: Johnson, W. - Ju
Johnson, Williard

Johnson Jr., Woodbridge O.
Jones, Ashton B.
Jones, A. Creech
Jones, Rev. Charles S..
Jones, Chester Lloyd
Jones, Dr. E. Stanley
Jones, Edgar Dewitt
Jones, Professor Ethel M.
Jones, Dr. Everett H.
Jones, Rev. H. Millard
Jones, Jesse H.
Jones, Dr. John Paul
Jones, Dr. M. Ashby
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Nilan
Jones, Bishop Paul
Jones, Dr. Rufus
Jones, Rev. T. Parry
Jones, Tom Elsa
Jones, Thomas H.
Jones, Dr. Virgil
Jones, Professor William C.
Jordan, Dr. G. Ray
Jordan, Parker
Jordon, Rev. Fred
Jordon, Dr. Ray
Jorgensen, Arthur
Josephson, Rev. Clarence E.
Judd, Professor C.D.
Judd, Mrs. O.R.
Justice, Rev. William M.
Juvinall, Mrs. Florence
Jo [collective file]
Box 55 [mf reel 72.55] off-site
General Correspondence: Ka-Ke
Kadyk, Merion

Kaiser, Julius
Kaltenborn, H.V.
Kamp, Wilbur W.
Kaplan, Rabbi Karry
Karbach, Marjorie
Kaufman, Abraham
Kaufman, Ed. G.
Kaufman, Herbert
KavanAugusth, J.F.
K [collective file]
Kearney, Dr. Chester M.
Keefer, W.F.
Keehn, Thomas B.
Keeny, S.M.
Keigwin, Dr. A.E.
Keim, C. Ray
Keim Jr., Howard H.
Kellison, Walter Evan
Kellogg, Harold F.
Kellogg, Rev. Richard
Kelly, Colby
Kelsey, Marion E.
Kemp-Horn, Rev. J. E.
Kendrick, Rev. Raymond H.
Kennard, Spencer
Kennedy, Rev. E.O.
Kennedy, Rev. Franklin J.
Kennedy Jr., Howard S.
Kennedy, Paul D.
Kennedy, Thomas
Kern, Rev. Leon
Kern, Rev. Paul B.
Kerr, Dr. Hugh T.
Ketcham, Charles B.
Kevin, Dr. Robert O.
Ke [collective file]
Box 56 [mf reel 72.56] off-site
General Correspondence: Ki-Koe
Kiekhofer, William H.

Kilander, Dr. H.F.
Kimball, Chase
Kimball, Martha S.
Kimmel, Mrs. H.A.
King, Mrs. Alvin J.
King, Mrs. C.G.
King, E.S.
King, Rev. Elmer C.
King, Herbert H.
King, Rev. Joseph F.
King, Juliet
King, Rev. William P.
King, Willis J.
Kingdon, Dr. Frank
Kinsolving, Arthur Lee
Kirby, Father William C.
Kirk, Albert E.
Kirk, Professor Grayson L.
Kirkpatrick, Blaine E.
Kissling, Dr. Albert W.
Kitchelt, Florence L.C.
Kitchen, Wilmer J.
Ki [collective file]
Klaer, Alfred Lee
Klein, R.S.
Kleinberg, Rabbi Maurice S.
Klingman, C.C.
Knapp, Helen
Knebel, A.C.
Knickrehm, Rev. Fred
Knight, Professor Bruce Winton
Knoles, Tully Clone
Knopf, Professor Carl
Knowles, Harry
Knudson, Rev. Carl
Kl [collective file]
Koch, Rev. C. Frank
Koelb, Howard E.
Koelz, Mrs. H.C.
Koerner, Grace E.
Koenig, W. F.
Box 57 [mf reel 72.57] off-site
General Correspondence: Kof-Land
Kofod, Leon V.

Kohn, Professor Hans
Koncius, Dr. J.B.
Koo, T.Z.
Kopf, Rev. Carl Heath
Kopplemann, Hon. Herman P.
Korfhage, Rev. W.A.
Kosman, Dr. William F.
Ko [collective file]
Kratz, A. Roger
Kratz, Rev. David
Krenmyre, Rev. J.H.
Kroll, Rev. William E.
Krueger, Professor Maynard C.
Krumbine, Rev. Miles
Kruse, S.A.
Krussell, Rev. Arlie H.
Kuhn, Dr. Hedwig S.
Kurtz, Pres. D.W.
Kr [collective file]
Lackland, Dr. George S.
Lacklen, Rev. Jesse
LaFollette, Gov. Philip Fox
LaFollette, Hon. Robert M.
LaFoy, Peggy
Lahman, Professor Carroll P.
Laidler, Harry W.
Laing, Graham
Lamb, Dr. B.
Lambert, R.W.
Lamneck, Hon. Arthur P.
Lampe, M. Professor Willard
Land, Leon Rosser
Land, Velma
Landes, Carl J.
Landis, Benson Y.
Box 58 [mf reel 72.58] off-site
General Correspondence: Lane-Lem
Lane, Dr. Stoddard

Lang, Professor Alden
Langh, Rabbi Philip
Lapp, John A.
L [collective file]
Larrowe, Rev. Lawrence
Lash, Joseph
Lasswell, Harold
Lathrop, Dr. John H.
Latourette, Kenneth S.
Laurie, Rev. J. A.
Laut, Dr. A. Raymond
Laves, Walter H. C.
LaVoy, Ruth
Lawrence, Carl G.
Lawrence Jr., Charles R.
Lawrence, Ruth
Lawton, Platt R.
Lazell, J. Arthur
Lar [collective file]
Leach, William H.
League for Industrial Democracy
League of Nations Association
Leavenworth, Mrs. Loyal E.
Leavett, Dr. T.O.
Leavitt, Ralph L.
Lebau, H.
Ledden, Dr. Earl
Lee, Jennie
Lee, Hon. Josh
Leeds, Sarah B.
Lefkowitz, Rabbi Aaron, H.
Leggett, Rev. Floyd A.
Lehman, Rev. Galen T.
Lehmann, Paul
Lehmenn, Timothy
Leibman, Rabbi Joshua Loth
Leiffer, Dr.Murray H.
Leipziger, Rabbi Emil W.
Leith, Rev. Yoder P.
Lemon, Rev. C.E.
Le [collective file]
Box 59 [mf reel 72.59] off-site
General Correspondence: Len-Lit
Lentner, W.G.

Leonard, Rev. Theodore H.
Leritz, Mrs. Ellis W.
Lerner, Max
Leslie, Dean
Lester, Muriel
Levering, Miriam
Levi, Dr. Harry
Levine, Rabbi Joseph
Levinson, Rabbi Samuel J.
Levitsky, Rabbi Louis M.
Levy, Rabbi Felix A.
Levy, Rabbi Samuel
Lewis, Barbara
Lewis, Hazel A.
Lewis, J.H.
Lewis, Liecester Crosby
Lewis, William M.
Len [collective file]
Libby, Frederick J.
Lichliter, Dr. M.H.
Liesmann, Fred W.
Lilienthal, Mrs. E.
Limbert, Dr. Paul M.
Lindeman, Dr. Eduard C.
Lindsay, Dr. Samuel Macaulay
Lindsay, Dr. Samuel McCune
Lineberger, E.R.
Lingle, Walter L.
Link, Arthur
Link, Margaret M.
Linkletter, I. E.
Lippiatt, Alma C.
Lippincott, J.B. Co.
Lippincott, Miriam L (Mrs. A. Haines)
Little, Rev. Ganse
Little, Dr. Henry
Little, Kathryn
Little, Mrs. W.O.B.
Box 60 [mf reel 72.60] off-site
General Correspondence: Li (Misc.) - Lu
Li [collective file]

Loaring-Clark, Dr. Alfred
Lobingier, Dr. John L.
Logee, Floyd E.
Long, Mrs. Harry C.
Long, J. F.
Long, Vicent
Loomis, Attorney General ____
Loomis, Rev. Herbert F.
Loper, Dr. Vere V.
Lord, Rev. Lemuel K.
Lord, Russell M.
Lorimer, Rev. Allan I.
Lorimer, Mrs. W.S.
Love, Joe Brown
Loveland, Mrs. Charles N.
Lovell, Dr. Moses R.
Lovett, Robert M.
Lovett, William P.
Lowe, Bishop Titus
Lowther, Dr. E. A.
Lo [collective file]
Luccock, Dr, Halford E.
Luce, Mrs. R.W.
Ludlow, Hon. Louis
Lumley, Fred E.
Lupton, Rev. Dilworth
Lutterloh, Mrs. Charles H.
Lybyer, Albert H.H.
Lyding, Rev. Otto
Lyon, Mary G.
Lyons, Rabbi Alexander
Lu [collective file]
Box 61 [mf reel 72.61] off-site
General Correspondence: Mac-Mag
MacCracken, Henry Noble

MacDonald, Rev. George B.
MacDonald, James C.
MacDougall, Rev. G.M.
Mace, Calver Mrs.
MacGregor, Lawrence J.
MacGuire, Donald
MacIvor, John W.
MacKay, Dr. John
MacKenzie, Gladys K. Gould
Mackey, J.R.
MacKnight, Jesse
MacLean, Rev. Donald A.
MacLean, Rev. John A.
MacLeod, A.A.
MacMillen and Co.
Macnair, Luther K.
Macphail, Agnes
Macy, Rev. Paul G.
Madison Square Garden
Magazines: A-E
Magazines: F-Z
Magee, Bishop J. Ralph
Magid, J. H.
Magill, Duane
Magill, Dr. O.R.
Maguire, Rev. J.W.R.
M [collective file]
Box 62 [mf reel 72.62] off-site
General Correspondence: Mal-Mat
Main, Verner W.

Malin, Professor Patrick M.
Malisheff, A.
Mallalieu, Wilbur V.
Mallery, Otto T.
Mander, Linden A.
Mann, Rev. Alexander
Mann, H.
Mann, Irving
Mann, Rabbi Louis I.
Mannheimer, Rabbi Eugene
Mansfield, Rev. H. E.
Manthey Jr., Fred R.
Mah [collective file]
Marble, Rev. Sam W.
Marble, Sarah A.
Marburg, Mrs. Louis C.
Marcantonio Esq., Vito
Mark, Rabbi Julius
Markham, R.C.
Marks, Harry
Marks, Rachel
Marlatt, Professor Earl
Marmion, Rev. William
Marsh, Benjamin C.
Marsh, Daniel L.
Marsh, Dr. Reese
Marshall, Millicent
Marshall, Robert
Martel, Professor G.L.
Martin, Arba
Martin, Dr. Herbert
Martin, Homer
Martin, W.C.
Martinez, Margaret
Mar [collective file]
Mason, William P.
Mather, Professor Kirtley F.
Mathes, Erma
Mathews, Cecil R.
Mathieson, Dr. S.J.
Matson, Mrs. C.K.
Matson, Rev. W. A.
Mathews, Rev. Paul
Mattson, Dr. A.D.
Box 63 [mf reel 72.63] off-site
General Correspondence: Mau-McD
Mauck, Wilfred

Maurer, Irving
Maurer, Dr. Oscar, E.
Maverick, Hon. Maury
Maxwell, Jean B.
May, James W.
Mayer, Theodore C.
Mayerberg, Rabbi Samuel
Mayo, Rev. Harold E.
Mayflower Hotel
Mas [collective file]
McAfee, Rev. Ralph
McCabe, Professor George L.
McCall, Oswald W.S.
McCash, Pres. I.N.
McChesney, John F.
McClersky, Professor Howard Y.
McComb, Kemper Grier
McConAugusthy, James L.
McConnell, Professor C.M.
McConnell, Bishop Francis J.
McCormick, Rev. Arthur B.
McCoy, M. Elsie
McCracken, Henry Noble
Mc [collective file]
McDanel, Professor R.C.
McDiarmid, Margaret
McDonald, James G.
McDonald, W.F.
McDowell, Mrs. J.Q.A.
McDowell, Mary S.
McDowell, Dr. S.L.
Box 64 [mf reel 72.64] off-site
General Correspondence: McG-Men
McGeachy, D.P.

McGiffen, James
McGowan, Rev. R.A.
McGuire, Marie F.
McD [collective file]
McIntosh, Rev. F. Bringle
McKaig, Ray
McKean, M. H.
McKee, Rev. Elmore
McKenna, Norman
McKinney, William Ayer
McLaren, Louise Leonard
McLeod, Chaplain A.C.
McNair, Professor Harley
McNary, David L.
McPherson, Dr. N.C.
McQuate, A.C.
McQuate, Mrs. B.F.
McI [collective file]
Mead, Bishop Charles L.
Mead, Rev. James C.
Mehus, Professor O. Myking
Meiklejohn, Dr. Alex
Melcher, Rev. Webster D.
Melchior, Dr. D. Montfort
Melish, Dr. J.H.
Melish, Dr. William H.
Mendenhall, W.W.
Mendenhall, William Orville
Meng, Dr. John J.
Me [collective file]
Box 65 [mf reel 72.65] off-site
General Correspondence: Mer-Min
Merrill, Rev. Richard N.

Merrill, Dr. W.P.
Merritt, Dr. E.L.
Merritt, Rev. O.L.
Messenger, Donald
Meston, Mrs. George D.
Methodist Book Concern
Metzner, Rev. Harold
Meury, Rev. Calvin C.
Meyer, Rev. Otto
Meyer, William S.
Meyerhardt, Mrs. Milton
Mer [collective file]
Miall, Roland Leonard
MiddAugusth, Rev. Bruce L.
Middlebush, Frederick A.
Miles, C.C.
Miller, Mrs. Carroll
Miller, Eleanora T.
Miller, Francis P.
Miller, Mrs. Harold T.
Miller, Helen Hill
Miller, Herbert A.
Miller, Dr. J. Lane
Miller, Professor Merlin G.
Miller, Rev. Ormal
Miller, Dr. R.H.
Miller, Rev. Robert S.
Miller, Jr., Spencer
Millgram, Rabbi Abraham E.
Mi [collective file]
Millis, Walter
Mills, Edwin S.
Mills, Dr. J.W.
Mills, Rev. Neal D.
Milne, W. Arthur
Milner, Mrs. Clyde A.
Milton, Mrs. A.C. Crawford
Milton, George Fort
Minler, Rev. Theodore
Box 66 [mf reel 72.66] off-site
General Correspondence: Mit-Moo
Mitchell, Broadus

Mitchell, Rev. George E.
Mitchell, Dr. S.C.
Mitchell, Stanley
Mitchell, Dr. U.S.
Milli [collective file]
Mock, Clark
Moldenhawer, Dr. J.V.
Molyners, Peter
Moncrief Jr., Dr. Adiel
Monroe, Bertha H.
Monroe, Professor Paul
Montague, Jean
Montgomery, Dr. ____
Montgomery, John D.
Montgomery, Dr. Riley B.
Montgomery, Rev. R.M.
Moon, Dr. Parker T.
Moor, Arthur P.
Moor, Rev. N.R.H.
Moore, Dr. Alfred D.
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Eleanor S.
Moore, Fred Atkins: personal, 1937
Moore, Fred
Moore, H.S.
Moore, Henry T.
Moore, James A. G.
Moore, Rev. John Milton
Moore, John S.
Moore, Sarah A.
Moore, Professor Walden
Moorman, Mrs. George
Moors, Ethel P.
Mo [collective file]
Box 67 [mf reel 72.67] off-site
General Correspondence: Mor-Mul
Moran, Fred

Moran, Dr. Hugh A.
Morehouse, D.W.
Moreland, Jessica M.
Morey, William F.
Morgan, Daniel E.
Morgan, Edith
Morgan, I.L.
Morgan, Laura Puffer
Morgan, Opal
Morrill, Mrs. E.E.
Morrill, Miran A.
Morris, Alberta (Mrs. Samuel Morris)
Morris, Dorothy J.
Morris, Harry T.
Morris, Homer L.
Morris, Rev. and Mrs. Lewis G.
Morris, Victor P. Professor
Morris-Jones, H. [see also: British students]
Morrison, Dr. Charles C.
Morrison, Mrs. D.G.
Morrison, Sarah
Morrissy, Professor Elizabeth
Morrow, Mrs. E.K.
Morse, Josiah
Morton, Harriett Ena
Mor [collective file]
Moseley, Rev. L.B.
Mott, Dr. John R.
Mosesco, Filippus
Moskowitz, Charlotte
Moss, Norman M.
Mossman, Frank E.
Motter, Rev. Alton M.
Muelder, Walter
Mueller, Frances
Muilenburg, James
Muir, Dr. C. Marshall
Mulford, Mrs. Holbrook
Mullikin, Dr. W.L.
Mullin, James P.: office memos
Mullin, James
Mullin, Warren D.
Box 68 [mf reel 72.68] off-site
General Correspondence: Mun - National Peace Conference
Munds, Rev. William Capers

Murphy, Clara Ford
Muthard, William
Mu [collective file]
Myers, Joseph
Mygatt, Tracy
Myhrman, Professor Anders M.
Myres Jr., S. D.
Nace, Rev. I.G.
Nagel, Rev. Arthur L.
Nalley, Rev. Virgil
Nance, Dr. E.C.
Nash, Philip Curtis
Nash, R.T.
Nason, Mrs. R.C.
The Nation
National Broadcasting Co. Inc.
National Committee on Cause and Cure of War
National Council for Prevention of War, April-November 1937
National Council for Prevention of War, January-March 1937
National Council for Prevention of War, January-December 1936
National Council of Jewish Women
National Peace Conference, October 1937
National Peace Conference, January-May 1937
Box 69 [mf reel 72.69] off-site
General Correspondence: National Peace Council - Ne
National Peace Council

National Preaching Mission
National Youth Administration
N [collective file]
Neal, Wayne A.
Nealis, Rev. Donald
Nedrow, Dr. ____
Neely, Rev. Gerald G.
Neff, Pat M.
Negro colleges
Negro leaders
Neilson, W.A.
Nelson, Emery M.
Neumann, Henry
New Theatre League
Newlin, Rev. Neal D.
Newman, Rabbi L.I.
Newman, W.C.
Newton, Babette
Newton, Dr. Joseph Fort
Newton, Ray: office memos
Newton, Ray, January 1937
Ne [collective file]
Box 70 [mf reel 72.70] off-site
General Correspondence: Ni - Ny
Nichols, Calvin

Nichols, Ruth R.: carbon copies
Nichols, Ruth R.
Nicholson, Mrs. Evelyn Riley
Nickless, Rev. Alfred S.
Niebuhr, Dr Reinhold
Nielson, A.E.
Nilsson, Rev. M.W.
Nipps, Merrill V.
Nixon, Rev. Justin W.
Noble, Rev. Charles C.
NoFrontier News Service, December 1936 - December 1937
NoFrontier News Service: June-November 1936
Nollen, John Scholte
Norenberg, Rev. Jess H.
Norman, Dr. C.A.
Norman, JRev.ohn T.
Norment, Rev. William
Norris, Hon. George W.
Norris, Kathleen (Mrs. Charles)
Noss, Rev. John B.
Noyes, Rev. Morgan Phelps
Nye, Hon. Gerald P.
Ni [collective file]
Box 71 [mf reel 72.71] off-site
General Correspondence: Ob-Os
Oberdorfer, Clara Mrs.

O'Brian, Rev. Delos W.
O'Brien, Constanze K.
O'Donnell, Charles
O'Donnell, Professor Walter
Odum, Dr. Howard W.
Offenhauer, R.E.
O'Geran, Dr. Graeme
O [collective file]
Olan, Rabbi Levi A.
Oldham, Bishop G. Ashton
Olinger, George W.
Oliver, Mrs. William Brattle
Olmstead, Frank
Olmsted Esq., Allen S.
Olmsted, Mildred Scott
Olson, Dr. Oscar T.
Onderdonk, Dr. Francis
O'Neall, Rev. Kelly
Ol [collective file]
Osborn, Rev. G. Edwin
Osborn, Ronald E.
Box 72 [mf reel 72.72] off-site
General Correspondence: Ou-Par
Oudemool, Dr. Arthur

Outland, Ruth
Overstreet, Dr. Harry A.
Owen, Dr. George Earle
Owen, Mildred B.
Owens, Rev. L.L.
Oxman, Bishop G. Bromley
Or [collective file]
Packer, Mrs. Gilson
Paden, Rev. William T.
Page, Bishop Herman
Page, Kirby, May-July 1937
Page, Kirby: office memos
Page, Kirby: questionaires
Paine, George L.
Paine, M.W.
Paist, Mrs. Frederick M.
Palches, Rev. Peter
Palmer, Dr. Albert W.
Palmer, Edgar Z.
Paris Pact Conference
P [collective file]
Park, J. Edgar
Park, Marion E.
Parker, Emily
Parker, F.C.W.
Parker, Harry H.
Parr, Rev. Clarence E.
Parry, Wilbur C.
Parsons, Bishop Edward L.
Parsons, Edward S.
Box 73 [mf reel 72.73] off-site
General Correspondence: Pat-Pe
Patterson, Charles H.

Patterson, Donald
Patterson, Ernest Minor
Peabody, Rev. Stephen
Peace Action
Patterson, Dr. L.D.
Patton, Dr. Robert D.
Paty, Dr. Raymond
Paul, Dr. Alexander
Paulsen, Irvin
Paunack, A.O.
Park [collective file]
Peace News
Peace Pledge Union
Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent
Pearl-Pressman Co.
Peebles, Mrs. Richard
Peirce, Rev. Jesse Pindell
Penfield, Rev. Thornton B. Jr.
Penick, Rev. Edwin Anderson
Pennington, Levi T.
Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennybacker, Mrs. Percy V.
People's Lobby, The
Peoples Mandate Committee
Perkins, Marion O.
Perlman, Professor Selig
Perry, Rev. J.A.
Perry, Morton
Peterson, William R.
Petry, R. C.
Pe [collective file]
Box 74 [mf reel 72.74] off-site
General Correspondence: Ph-Pow
Phelan, John

Philipson, Rev. Ralph
Phillips, Dr. Harold Cooke
Phillips, Dr. Hubert
Phillips, Ruth R.
Ph [collective file]
Pickens, William
Pickett, Clarence
Pickett, Herbert E.
Pierce, Edith Lovejoy
Pierson, Frank C.
Pigatt, Margaret H.
Piper, Mrs. Howard
Pipkin, Charles W.
Plumb, Rev. Oscar C.
Plummer, Dr. F. Berry
Pi [collective file]
Pogue, Barton Rees
Poling, Dr. Daniel
Pollock, Dora [see also: Alva Tompkins]
Pollock, Junietta
Pomerene, Atlee
Pomeroy, Woodman B.
Pool, David De Sela
Poole, Grace Morrison
Pooser, Rev. D.S.
Poteat, Edwin McNeill
Pope, Hon. James P.
Pope, Rev. Kenneth
Porter, Rev. Eliot
Porter, Paul
Porter, Robert
Postgate, Daisy
Postgate, R.W.
Poteat Sr., Edwin M.
Poteat, Dr. William L.
Potter, Jessie Dalton
Potter, Professor Pitman
Powell, E.A.
Powers, Lucy S.
Box 75 [mf reel 72.75] off-site
General Correspondence: Po (misc.) - Q
Po [collective file]

Prater, J.W.
Pratt, Frances J.
Prescott, E.M.
Presler, Rev. Henry H.
Price, Anne H.
Price, D.R.
Price, Dr. Ernest
Price, John
Price, Maurice T.
Priestley, J.B.
Priestley, Rev. S.E.Gerard
Provident Title and Trust Co.
Public Action Committee
Purdy, Alexander C.
Putman, Dr. Dwight F.
Pyle, Mrs. Henry J.
Pr [collective file]
Quade, Louis J.
Quartly, Rev. Harold G.
Quigley, H.S.
Quillian, Dr. Paul
Quillian, William F.
Quin, Clinton S.
Q [collective file]
Box 76 [mf reel 72.76] off-site
General Correspondence: Ra-Rau
Radcliff, Rev. Edward

Radio addresses
Radio and Film Methods Corp.
Radio and dramatics
Radio contact lists
Radio contact lists by cities
Radio programs
Radio: April 6th Program, 1937
Radio stations
Raible, Robert
Railway Express Agency
Raines, Dr. Richard
Rainey, Homer P.
Rake, Norman
Randall, Dr. Alfred E.
Randall Jr., Mercedes M. (Mrs. John H. Jr.)
Randegger, G. Aldo
Randell, Huldah
Randolph, A. Philip
Rankin, Jeannette
Raper, Dr. Arthur
Rappaport, Rabbi Julius
Rappard, Dr. William E.
Rarick, C.E.
Rasmussen, E.V.
Ratliff, H.M.
Raushenbush, Dr. Stephen
Box 77 [mf reel 72.77] off-site
General Correspondence: Ra (misc.) - Rid
Ra [collective file]

Read, Charles R.
Reagor, Rev. William Paul
Redmond, Pauline
Reed, Dr. Irma
Reed, Dr. Marshall R.
Reede, Professor Arthur H.
Reeder, Rev. Harold L.
Reese, Dr. Curtis W.
Reeve Jr., Arthur D.
Regner, Rabbi Sidney L.
Re [collective file]
Reich, John F.
Reid, Mrs. Bernetta Jefferson
Reid, Paul M.
Reiland, Karl
Reinhardt, Dr. Aurelia H.
Reis, Judge
Reisner, Rev. Christian F.
Reizenstein, Mrs. Charles L.
Remington, Francis K.
Requa, Eloise
Resler, Rev. E.K.
Reuter, Victor G.
Reves, Rev. Claude M.
Rhine, Rabbi A.B.
Rhoades, J. Irving
Rei [collective file]
Rice, Professor William Gorham
Rich, Raymond T.
Richard, Cyril K.
Richards, Dr. James Austin
Richards, Mrs. L.K.
Richards, Robert D.
Richardson, Eleanor
Richarson, Rev. Harry V.
Richardson, Mrs. James A.
Richie, Amelia
Richie, David S.
Richmond Peace Council
Ricks, James Hoge
Ridge, Margaret F.
Ridgely, Dr. Vernon
Ridpath, Rev. Ben Morris
Box 78 [mf reel 72.78] off-site
General Correspondence: Rie-Roo
Riemann, Rev. R.G.

Ries, Adele M.
Riesen, Dr. E.R.
Rieve, Emil
Riggs, Father T. Lawrason
Rippy, Dr. Fred J.
Rittenhouse, Marie E.
Ritter, Rev. H.O.
Rivers, Major Gen. William C.
Ri [collective file]
Robbins, Howard C.
Roberts, Rev. H.P.
Roberts, Paul
Roberts, Dr. Richard
Roberts, Bishop William Blair
Robertson, Hon. A. Willis
Robertson, Dr. J. Gallaway
Robertson, Rev. John F.
Robins, Col. Raymond
Robinson, Rev. Dan R.
Robinson, Rev. Ernest, W.
Robinson, Rev. Harold McA.
Robinson, Rev. Morris C.
Robinson, Rev. and Mrs. Wayne L.
Robison, Dr. William D.
Roblee, Rev. Fred A.
Rockel, Charles D.
Rodriquez, William E.
Roelefs, Henrietta
Rogers, Herbert W. and Margaret Cobb
Rogers, Dr. Jas. C.
Rolli, Bertha M.
Root, Paul A.
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, President Franklin Delano
Box 79 [mf reel 72.78] off-site
General Correspondence: Ros (misc.) -Rum
Ros [collective file]

Rose, Donald
Rosenblum, Rabbi William F.
Rosenzweig, Rabbi Efraim
Ross, B. Charles
Ross, Professor E.A.
Ross, Roy G.
Ross, Stanley
Rotary clubs
Rothenburger, William F.
Rowan, Ross
Royden, Maude
Royden, Maude: radio address
Rugg, Professor Harold
Rugglers, Wilbur D.
Rukow, Rev. Emil P.
Ruland, Dr. Lloyd S.
Rumble, Dr. Lester
Box 80 [mf reel 72.80] off-site
General Correspondence: Ruo-Sa
Ruopp, Rev. Harold W.

Russell, Elbert
Russell, Galen
Russell, William, F.
Russell, Rev. William K.
Ruyle, Dr. C.E.
Ryan, Agnes
Ryan, Professor Frederick L.
Ryan, John A.
Ryder, Frank H.
Ryland, Dr. E.P.
Rypins, Rabbi F.I.
Ru [collective file]
Sachar, Dr. Abram
Sadler, Rev. George W.
Sadler, Rev. M.E.
Sallis, Dr. J. Garfield
Salter, Dr. Alfred
Saltonstall, William G.
Salvation Army
S [collective file]
Sanders, Rabbi Ira
Sandrow, Rabbi Edward T.
Sansbury, Rev. Marvin O.
Sargent, S. Stansfeld
Sarles, Rev. Harry
Sarles, Rev. Phillip W.
Sarles, Ruth
Sarvis, Guy W.
Sattershwaite, Pauline
Saunders, Dero A.
Saunders, W.E.
Sausaman, Kenneth H.
Sawyer, Rev. Fred D.
Saxton, Eugene F.
Sayre, Francis B.
Sayre, John Nevin
Box 81 [mf reel 72.81] off-site
General Correspondence: San (misc.) - Sch (misc.)
San [collective file]

Scalise, Victor F.
Schaal, E.A., December 1936 - November 1937
Schaal, E.A.: office memos and correspondence
Schain, Josephine
Schaum, Winnifred
Schelbe, Thomas G.
Schenk, Rabbi Max
Scherer, Dr. Paul
Schermerhorn, Elizabeth L.
Schermerhorn, Francis
Schietinger, Harold C.
Schilling, Rev. S. Paul
Schlesinger, Professor Arthur M.
Schloerb, Rolland
Schlossberg, Joseph
Schmalz, Alfred
Schmidtke, Rev. B.L.
Schneider, Rev. Augustust
Schneiderman, Rose
Sch [collective file]
Box 82 [mf reel 72.82] off-site
General Correspondence: Scho-Se (misc.)

Scholz, Karl
Schooler, Rev. Don E.
Schroeder, Rev. Ernest
Schroeder, Dr. John C.
Schultz, J. C.
Schulz, Rev. Theodore E.
Schuman, Frederick L.
Schuster, George
Schuster, Rev. Monroe Goebel
Schwalenberg, Rev. H.W.
Schwalm, Dr. V.
Schwartztrauber, Professor Ernest
Schwellenbach, Hon. Lewis B.
Schwengel, Rev. E.H.
Score, Dr. J.N.R.
Scott, Eugene Field
Scott, Isabel Chilton
Scott, Professor K.M.
Scott, Ralph Clelland
Scott, Warren H.
Scho [collective file]
Seaman, Rev. Floyd J.
Seamans, Harry
Seamans, Herbert L.
Searle, Robert A.
Searle, Rev. Robert W.
Seasholes, Dr. Charles L.
Sebold, Rev. Charles E.
Seebold, Rev. Richard W.
Seelye, Laurens H.
Seesholtz, Anne
Segroves, Rev. J.T.
Seip, Dean Farrar
Selecman, Charles C.
Sellars, Mr. and Mrs. Larry
Selleck, George
Sellers, Rev. Fred M.
Seminaris, Jo
Semple, Mrs. Samuel
Seneff, Jeannette
Senior, Clarence
SensabAugusth, L.F.
Sensency, Mrs. E.T.
Serrill, Rev. G.D.
Seskind, Morris
Setzer, Rev. W.J.
Severance, Rev. Cyrus W.
Se [collective file]
Box 83 [mf reel 72.83] off-site
General Correspondence: Sha-Sil
Shackford, Dr. John W.

Sharp, Rev. Waitstill H.
Sharp, Professor Walter R.
Sharrar, Lee M.
Shaw, A.A.
Shaw, Rev. Mark R.
Shaw, Wilbur A.
Shelburne, Rev. James M.
Sheldon, F.M.
Shelton, Rev. O.L.
Shepard, Dr. Sheldon
Shepherd, Mary L. (Mrs. D.C.)
Shepherd, Ora Leigh
Sherman, Walter
Sherrill, Rev. Henry K.
Shike, Rev. Charles,
Shipler, Guy Emery
Shirley, Harriet
Shoemaker, Dorothy
Short, William D.
Shotts, Claude C.
Shotwell, Professor James T.
Shoup, Earl Mrs.
Shrader, Rev. Ralph
Shull, Ralph H.
Shull, W. Russell
Shulman, Rabbi Albert M.
Shulman, Avis Clamitz
Shulman, Rabbi Charles E.
Shutts, Everett
Sh [collective file]
Sias, G. Rev. Gerald
Sibley, Georgia
Sibley, Rev. H. Norman
Sikes, Walter W.
Silliman, Rev. Vincent B.
Sills, Kenneth
Silver, Rabbi Abba Hillel
Box 84 [mf reel 72.84] off-site
General Correspondence: Sim - Smith, T.
Simms, Mrs. David

Simon, Dr. Abram
Simon, Dr. H.F.
Simons, Mrs. L.A.
Simpson, Charles R.
Simpson, Rev. Clifford O.
Siverling, Mrs. M.T.
Sizoo, Dr. J.R.
Skinner, Clarence R.
Skoien, Rev. Clarence E.
Slattery, Margaret
Slocombe, Mrs. E.M.
Slosson, Professor Preston
Slowe, Lucy D.
Si [collective file]
Small, Vivian
Smart, Dr. W.A.
Smart, W.M.
Smith, Dr. Angie
Smith, Rev. Asbury
Smith, C.A.
Smith, Dr. Charles Cecil
Smith, Edward E.
Smith, Rev. Elbert J..
Smith, Dr. Francis Marion
Smith, Rev. Fred
Smith, Mrs. H.F.
Smith, Bishop H. Lester
Smith, H. Shelton
Smith, Henry Lester
Smith, Irene P. (Mrs. Philip E.)
Smith, Jeanette A. Poole
Smith, Dr. Joseph
Smith, Luther Wesley
Smith, (Miss) Lyn
Smith, Merle N.
Smith, Milo, J.
Smith, Dr. R.E.
Smith, Ray
Smith, Rev. Roy L.
Smith, Roy M.
Smith, Thomas S.
Smith, Tucker P. and Myra B.
Box 85 [mf reel 72.85] off-site
General Correspondence: Smith, W. - So
Smith, W.A.

Smith, W.R.C.
Smith, Rev. Wales E.
Smith, Rev. Wistor B.
Sm [collective file]
Snavely, Guy E.
Snodgrass, Rev. R.C.
Snyder, Margaret
Socialist Party
Sockman, Ralph W.
Solenberger, Edith K. (Mrs.Edward D.)
Solt, Guy W.
Solt, Guy
Sn [collective file]
Box 86 [mf reel 72.86] off-site
General Correspondence: Sp - Stei
Spahr, Neal B.

Spann, Dr. J. Richard
Spaulding, C.A.
Spaulding, Helen F.
Spaulding, Rev. Walter B.
Speers, T. Rev. Guthrie
Speicher, Professor E.E.
Speight, Harold E.B.
Spencer, Herbert L.
Spiegelberg, Flora
Spivey, Dr. L.M.
Spofford, William B.
Sproul, J.E.
Spurrier, Rev. Percy M.
Spykman, Professor Nicholas J.
Sp [collective file]
Stafford, Dr. Russell
Stahnke, Mrs. Harold K.
Staley, Professor Eugene
Stamm, Dr. Frederick E.
Stanbury, Rev. W.A.
Stanford, E.V.
Starbuck, Kathryn H.
State government
Stauffacher Rev. A.D.
St [collective file]
Stearly, Rev. Wilson R.
Stearns, Josephine M.
Stearns, L.E.
Steel, Rev. Marshall T.
Steen, Margaret H.
Steere, Dr. Douglass V.
Steere, Jonathan M.
Stein, (Miss) Lee B.
Stein, Rose
Steiner, Dr. Edward A.
Steinmetz, Rev. Philip H.
Box 87 [mf reel 72.87] off-site
General Correspondence: Step - Sti (misc.)
Stephens, Mrs. T.C.

Stephens, Waldo E.
Stephenson Brothers
Stephenson, Rev. Howard S.
Sterbenz, F.H.
Sternberger, Estelle M.
Stevens, Rev. J.W.
Stevenson, J. Ross
Stewart, A.E.
Stewart, Mrs. Charles E.
Stewart, Professor Charles L,
Stewart, Rev. Donald
Stewart, Frances B.
Stewart, Dr. George
Stewart, Rev. George C.
Stewart, Harold S.
Stewart, Marguerite Ann
Stewart, Maxwell S.
Stewart, Virgil Pierce
Stewart, Rev. William H.
Stidger, Rev. William F.
Stiedl, M.F.
Stimson, Rev. Edward W.
Stimson, Dr. Ralph H.
Stinetorf, Louise
Stinetorf, Louise: office memos
Stinger, Gilbert
Stitskin, Rabbi Leon Rabbi
Stitt, Dr. Jesse W.
Sti [collective file]
Box 88 [mf reel 72.88] off-site
General Correspondence: Sto-Swe
Stock, Harry T.

Stockenberg, H.A.
Stocking, Professor George W.
Stodghill, Dr. Edward W.
Stolper, Dr. Gustav Dr.
Stone, C.T.
Stone, Rev. W. Owings
Stone, William T.
Stonequist, Dr. Everett V.
Stoody, Rev. Ralph
Stose, Mrs. Harold F.
Stover, Dr. Ross
Stowe, Louisa Boyd
Stratton, Professor George Malcolm
Straus, Freda
Strauss, Dr. Manny
Strayer, C. Bevan
Strunk, L. H.
Stuart, Graham
Studebaker, Ellis M.
Studebaker, Rev. H.A.
Sturbers, Fred
Sturm, Mrs. W.L.
Sto [collective file]
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays
Summers, Isabelle Summers (Mrs. J. C.)
Sumners, Rev. Thomas W.
Suplee, Charles
Survey Associates
Sutherland, Hale
Su [collective file]
Swain, Edith L.
Swain, Rev. Joseph
Swan, Dr. Alfred
Swanson, Harvey
Sward, Mrs. E.T.
Sweeney, (Miss) E. B.
Sweeney, Rev. S.H.
Sweet, Herman
Sweetland, Monroe M.
Sweetman, Ray
Swengel, Rev. Clinton Rev.
Swenson, Elizabeth Z.
Box 89 [mf reel 72.89] off-site
General Correspondence: Swi - Te (misc.)
Swift, Sarah J.

Swihart, D.W.
Sykes, Tom
Sylvester, Rev. E. Paul Rev.
Symons, Ruth C.
Sw [collective file]
Taber, Rev. Lloyd B.
Taber, Louis
Taft, Charles P.
Talbott, Dr. E. Guy
Talbott, Howard
Tallakson, Rev. Lloyal E.
Tamke, Rev. George R.F.
Tapley, Alice P.
Tarshish, Rabbi Allan
Taubeneck, Ignatius D.
Tavenner, Albion J.
Tayler, William L.
Taylor, Dr. Alva W.
Taylor, Arthur K.
Taylor, Caroline
Taylor, Clarence H.
Taylor, Professor George
Taylor, George Oliver
Taylor, Jacob H., April- October 1937
Taylor, Rev. John F.
Taylor, Rev. L.A.
Taylor, Rev. L. Wendell
Taylor, Lea D.
Taylor, Lytton R.
Taylor, Travis
Taylor, Rev. W.M.
Tead, Ordway
Teitelbaum, Rabbi Samuel
Terhune, Professor ____
Terman, E.L.
Terrell, Harry E.
Terry, Cyrintha
Tetlie, Rev. Joseph
Te [collective file]
Box 90 [mf reel 72.90] off-site
General Correspondence: Th-Tin
Thayer, P. Edward

Thomas, Sister Aquinas
Thomas, C.V.
Thomas, Dr. D.Y.
Thomas, Dr. George F.
Thomas, Rev. George Monroe
Thomas, Mrs. Harrison
Thomas, Dr. James
Thomas, Rev. John Edward
Thomas, Rev. John Newton
Thomas, Lavens, Dr. ____
Thomas, Norman
Thomas, Wilbur K.
Thompson, Dorothy
Thompson, Dr. Earnest T.
Thompson, Hugo
Thompson, Rev. J. Harold
Thompson, Dr. John
Thompson, Professor John B.
Thompson, Melvin
Thompson, P.L.
Thompson, Seal
Thomson, Charles A.
Thomson, Rev. J. Harold
Thomson, Leon
Thomson, Matt H.
Thornburg, Rev. Mont
Thornburg, Opal
Thornton, Dr. E.W.
Thorny, Father ____
Thorp, R.L.
Thruston, Lucy Meacham
Thurber, C.H.
Thurber, John Newton
Thurman, Howard
Tibbetts, Rev. Norris L.
Tiffany, Mary (Mrs. Charles W.)
Tiffany, Rev. Fred R.
Time Magazine
Timerman, Rev. Donald
Timm, Dr. Charles A.
Timmons, Dr. Wofford C.
Tingley, Rev. A.E.
Tingley, Florence
Tinker, Wellington, 1937
Box 91 [mf reel 72.91] off-site
General Correspondence: Tip - To (misc.)
Tippett, Donald H.

Tittle, Dr. Ernest F.
Th [collective file]
Tobin, Chester M.
Tobin, Irwin M.
Todd, Professor Arthur J.
Todd, Ruth
Tolley, William P.
Tomlin, Fred
Tompkins, Alva; Dora Pollock
Toothacker, Frank
Tope, M.S.
Torrison, Mrs. B.W.
Towner, Dr. Milton
Townsend, Ada
Townsley, Rev. Lester
To [collective file]
Box 92 [mf reel 72.92] off-site
General Correspondence: Tr-U (misc.)
Trager, Frank N.

Trimble, Martha
Trinkaus, Molly
Trotter, Rev. Fred B.
True, Professor Allen
Truett, Dr. Geo. W.
Tr [collective file]
Tucker, Rev. Henry St. G.
Tucker, Luther
Tucker, Dr. Robert L.
Tucker, Rev. Roy
Tupper, Rev. Charles B.
Turck, Dr. Charles J.
Turner, Rev. Ewart Edmund
Turner, Frederick L.
Turner, Rev. O.E.
Tuttle, Bernice R.
Tuttle, Rev. Kenneth H.
Tyler, Florence G.
Tyler, Gertrude
Tyler, Helen E.
Tu [collective file]
Ullrich, Pauline
Ulp, Rev. George E.
Ulrich, Rev. Fred
The Union Signal
United Peace Chest
Uphoff, Walter
Upton, W.H.
Urmy, Marian S. (Mrs. R. B.)
Urmy, Ralph B.
Utley, Clifton M.
United States government
U [collective file]
Box 93 [mf reel 72.93] off-site
General Correspondence: V-Wal
Van Buskirt, Dr. J.D.

Vance, Rev. James I.
Vance, Joseph A.
Van Deman, Roy L.
Vandenbosch, Professor A.
Vanderberry, Rev. R.W.
Vanderburgh, Mrs. C.M.
Vandever, Rev. W.T.
Vanguard Press
Van Kirk, Walter
Van Kleeck, Mary
VanZandt, Philip G.
Varela, Agatha
VAugusthan, David
V [collective file]
Velte, Charles
Velte, Rev. Willis W.
Vernon, Mabel
Vernon, Robert H.
Verplanck, Mrs. J. DeLancey
Vickers, Rev. W.H.
Viguerie, Francis Clay
Vittum, Harriet
Voelkel, Rev. Elmer E.
Voorhis, Hon. H. Jerry
Voss, Carl
Vruwink, Rev. Henry
Ve [collective file]
Wachtel, Agatha
Wade, Rev. Irving E.
Wagner, Rev. James E.
Wagner, Hon. Robert F.
Wahl, Rev. F.W.
Waite, Mary L.
Waldenberg, Rabbi S.H.
Waldron, Clint
Walker, Rev. Edwin
Walker, Professor Harvey
Walker, J. R.
Walker, Dr. Raymond B.
Wall, Reid
Wallace, Rev. A.T.
Wallace, Florence
Wallack, Rev. A.M.
Walton, J. Barnard
Box 94 [mf reel 72.94] off-site
General Correspondence: Wan-Wei (misc.)
Wann, Harry Arthur

W [collective file]
War Resisters League
Warburg, Nina L. (Mrs. Paul)
Ward Jr., Archibald F.
Ward, Dr. Elsie C.
Ward, J. S.
Ward, Wells and Dreshman
Ware, Robert L.
Warmer, Dr. George A.
Warren, Rev. Claude
Warren, Professor Luther
Watson, Professor Goodwin
Watson, J. Alln
Waymack, W. W.
War [collective file]
Wear, Robert B.
Weatherford, Willis Duke
Wehrhan, Rev. Nelson W.
Weienthal, Leo
Weigmann, Rev. F.W.
Weiler, Mary Joe
Weinberg, Mrs. Alexander
Weir, Rev. Howard R.
Weis, J. Max
Weiss, Rev. Henry L.
Weitz, Rabbi Martin M.
Wei [collective file]
Box 95 [mf reel 72.95] off-site
General Correspondence: Wel-Wh
Welborn, Irma

Weldon, Rev. Wilson O.
Wellard, James
Wellman, Professor Frank A.
Wells, Professor L.N.D.
Wells, Mrs. Leeman
Wells, Marguerite M.
Wells, Dr. Roger H.
Welty, Mrs. Carl
Wentworth, Lois M.
Wentworth, Lydia G.
Werlein, Ewing
Werner, Professor G.A.
Werner, Rev. Hazen
Wertheim, Edward L., May-November 1937
West, Rev. M. Guy
West, Margaret A.
West, Ruth
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Westmaas, Rev. A.J.
Wel [collective file]
Whaley, W.C.
Whear, Rev. William N.
Wheeler Jr., J.H.
Whimsett, Rev. Grover C.
Whitaker, Eleanor
White, Dr. Hugh Vernon
White, Janet
White, Luke
White, Mrs. Paul A.
White, Mrs. R.M.
White, Roland
White, Rev. Wayne
Whitlock, H.N.
Whitney, A.F.
Whitney, Charles A.
Whitney, Professor Norman J.
Whitsitt, Rev. W.S.
Whittier, Harriet
Box 96 [mf reel 72.96] off-site
General Correspondence: Wh (misc.) - Williams (misc.)
Wh [collective file]

Wickenden, Professor Arthur C.
Wickenden, Dr. W.E.
Wicks, Dr. Robert R.
Wiegmann, Rev. F.W.
Wightman, Richard
Wilcox, Dr. Francis
Wiley, Alexander
Wiley, Samuel S.
Wilkin, Frank D.
Wilkins, C.E.
Wilkinson, D.R.
Willard Jr., Rev. C. Lawson
Willcoxon, F.W.
Willets, Rev. George L.
Wi [collective file]
Williams, Frank S.
Williams, H. Justice
Williams, Howard Y.
Williams, J. Paul
Williams, L.K.
Williams, Michael
Williams, Rev. Morgan
Williams, Dr. Thomas A.
Williams, Rev. William Harrison
Willingham, Edward
Williston, Frank
Williams [collective file]
Box 97 [mf reel 72.97] off-site
General Correspondence: Wils-Wom
Wilson, Mrs. E.G.

Wilson, E. Raymond
Wilson, Editha Mrs.
Wilson, Rev. Edwin H.
Wilson, Frank Dean
Wilson, Bishop Frank E.
Wilson, Rev. George H.
Wilson, H.M.
Wilson, Stewart G.
Winder, Mary Ida
Winn, Rev. Edgar
Winslow, Dr. Earl M.
Winslow, William Allen
Winsor, Mary Miss
Wirth, Louis
Wise, Carl A.
Wise, Helen
Wise, Bishop James
Wise, Rabbi Jonah B.
Wise, Rabbi Stephen S.
Wishard, Glenn W.
Wishart, Pres. Charles F.
Witt, Rabbi Louis
Witthamper, W.W.
Wittke, Dr. Carl
Wilson, ____
Wolcott, Dr. Ruth F.
Wolf Jr., Frank
Wolf, Rev. W.H.
Wolff, Rev. C.
Wolseley, Mrs. Roland
Wolsey, Rabbi Louis
Women's International League [for Peace and Freedom]
Box 98 [mf reel 72.98] off-site
General Correspondence: Woo-Wy
Wood, C. Stanley

Wood, Richard R.
Wood, W. C.
Woodford, B. Louise
Woodman, Dorothy
Woods, Dr. Andrew H.
Woodward, Walter C.
Woolf, Rabbi Sidney
Woolley, Mary E.
Wootten, Barbara (Mrs.)
Workman, Dr. James W.
World events
World Peaceways, Inc.
Worley, Gordon
Worrell, Ruth M.
Wright, Rev. Bruce S.
Wright, Ernest H.
Wright, Rev. Harold
Wright, Rev. Paul S.
Wright, Professor Quincy
Wulff, Mrs. J.C.
Wyatt, Rev. George D.
Wyer, Samuel S.
Wo [collective file]
Box 99 [mf reel 72.99] off-site
General Correspondence: X-Z
Yard, James M.

Yarmov, Jack, Mr.
Yeaple, Dr. Whitney S. K.
Yergen, Max
Yerkes, Sue C.
York, Sgt. Alvin C.
Young, Rev. Bradford
Young, Professor Kimball
Young, Lou E.
Young Men's Christian Association
Young, Rev. S. Edward
Young, William L.
Young Women's Christian Association
Youngman, Roy M.
Youth News Service
X-Y [collective file]
Zander, Eugene
Zerby, Professor Raybora L.
Zerfoss, Dr. Karl
Zietlow, Rev. and Mrs. Carl F.
Zigleer, Dr. M.R.
Zimmerman, Dr. William
Zumbrunnen, Rev. Thomas
Z [collective file]
Box 100 [mf reel 72.100] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Anniston, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama
Dacatur, Alabama
Florence, Alabama
Gadsden, Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Douglas, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Clarksville, Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Alhambra, California
Altadena, California
Anaheim, California
Banning, California
Berkeley, California
Compton, California
Covina, California
Dinuba, California
El Monte, California
Fresno, California
Fullerton, California
Glendale, California
Hollister, California
Hollywood, California
Huntington Park, California
Inglewood, California
LaHabra, California
LaJolla, California
Long Beach, California
Box 101 [mf reel 72.101] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Los Angeles, California, April-December 1937

Los Angeles, California, January-March 1937
Los Angeles, California, December 1936
Mills College, California
Modesto, California
Oakland, California
Ojai, California
Palo Alto, California
Pasadena, California
Paso Robles, California
Pomona, California
Redlands, California
Richmond, California
Riverside, California
Sacramento, California
San Bernardino, California
San Dimas, California
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
Sanger, California
San Jose, California
San Luis Obispo, California
Santa Ana, California
Santa Barbara, California
Santa Cruz, California
Santo Monica, California
Sierra Madre, California
Box 102 [mf reel 72.102] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Stockton, California

Tujunga, California
Van Nuys, California
Ventura, California
Visalia, California
Whittier, California
California: lists
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado
Greeley, Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Bristol, Connecticut
Danbury, Connecticut
Greenwich, Connecticut
Hartford, Connecticut
Lakeville, Connecticut
Meriden, Connecticut
Middletown, Connecticut
New Britain, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
New London, Connecticut
Norwalk, Connecticut
Norwich, Connecticut
Box 103 [mf reel 72.103] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Seymour, Connecticut
Torrington, Connecticut
Waterbury, Connecticut
Wethersfield, Connecticut
Willimantic, Connecticut
Wilton, Connecticut
Windsor, Connecticut
Yalesville, Connecticut
Dover, Delaware
Georgetown, Delaware
Millsboro, Delaware
New Castle, Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware
Washington, D.C., March-November 1937
Washington, D.C., February 1937
Washington, D.C., December 1936 - January 1937
Washington, D.C., September-November 1936
Box 104 [mf reel 72.104] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Washington, D.C., February-August. 1936

Dania, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Lakeland, Florida
Leesburg, Florida
Miami, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Winter Park, Florida
Athens, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia, March-October 1937
Atlanta, Georgia , June 1936 - February 1937
Augustusta, Georgia
Decatur, Georgia
Elberton, Georgia
La Grange, Georgia
Macon, Georgia
Newnan, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Thomasville, Georgia
Valdosta, Georgia
Waycross, Georgia
Boise, Idaho
Pocatelle, Idaho
Box 105 [mf reel 72.105] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Alton, Illinois
Aurora, Illinois
Bourbonnais, Illinois
Bloomington, Illinois
Cairo, Illinois
Centralia, Illinois
Champaign and Urbana, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois, April-November 1937
Chicago, Illinois, March 1937
Chicago, Illinois, February 1937
Chicago, Illinois, January 1937
Chicago, Illinois, October-December 1936
Chicago, Illinois, October 1936
Chicago, Illinois, August.-September 1936
Box 106 [mf reel 72.106] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Chicago, Illinois, January-July 1936

Chicago, Illinois: Lists
Danville, Illinois
Decatur, Illinois
Dekalb, Illinois
East St. Louis, Illinois
Elgin, Illinois
Evanston, Illinois
Galesburg, Illinois
Granite City, Illinois
Hinsdale, Illinois
Joliet, Illinois
Kankakee, Illinois
Kewanee, Illinois
La Grange, IIllinois
Maywood, Illinois
Moline, Illinois
Monmouth, Illinois
Naperville, Illinois
Oak Park, Illinois
Oneida, Illinois
Peoria, Illinois
Princeton, Illinois
Quincy, Illinois
River Forest, Illinois
Rock Island, Illinois
Rockford, Illinois
St. Charles, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois
Illinois: Miscellaneous
Box 107 [mf reel 72.107] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Bloomington, Indiana
Carthage, Indiana
Connersville, Indiana
East Chicago, Indiana
Eaton, Indiana
Elkhart, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Frankfort, Indiana
Hammond, Indiana
Huntington, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana, January-September 1937
Indianapolis, Indiana, March-December 1936
Kokomo, Indiana
Lafayette, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
New Albany, Indiana
Newcastle, Indiana
North Manchester, Indiana
Richmond, Indiana
Salem, Indiana
Seymour, Indiana
South Bend, Indiana
Terre Haute, Indiana
Tipton, Indiana
Vincennes, Indiana
Wabash, Indiana
Winamac, Indiana
Ames, Iowa
Atlantic, Iowa
Burlington, Iowa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Box 108 [mf reel 72.108] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Clinton, Iowa

Davenport, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa
Eldora, Iowa
Estherville, Iowa
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Grinnell, Iowa
Harlan, Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
LaPorte City, Iowa
Marshalltown, Iowa
Mason City, Iowa
Mt. Vernon, Iowa
New Providence, Iowa
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Ottumwa, Iowa
Richland, Iowa
Sioux City, Iowa
Spencer, Iowa
Waterloo, Iowa
Waupeton, Iowa
Baldwin, Kansas
Cedar Vale, Kansas
Clay Center, Kansas
Coffeyville, Kansas
Emporia, Kansas
Greenleaf, Kansas
Box 109 [mf reel 72.109] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Hutchinson, Kansas

Independence, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
McPherson, Kansas
Minneapolis, Kansas
Osborne, Kansas
Ottawa, Kansas
Salina, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
Winfield, Kansas
Ashland, Kentucky
Berea, Kentucky
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Frankfort, Kentucky
Franklin, Kentucky
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Murray, Kentucky
Newport, Kentucky
Owensboro, Kentucky
Paducuh, Kentucky
Archibald, Louisiana
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Lake Charles, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana
Box 110 [mf reel 72.110] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Augustusta, Maine
Bangor, Maine
Brunswick, Maine
Farmington, Maine
Gardner, Maine
Houlton, Maine
Kennebunk, Maine
Lewiston, Maine
Orono, Maine
Portland, Maine
Skowhegan, Maine
Waterville, Maine
Baltimore, Maryland, April-December 1937
Baltimore, Maryland, January-March 1937
Baltimore, Maryland, July-December 1936
Baltimore, Maryland, January-June 1936
Chestertown, Maryland
Cumberland, Maryland
Easton, Maryland
Salisbury, Maryland
Westminster, Maryland
Box 111 [mf reel 72.111] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Amesbury, Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts
Arlington Heights, Massachusetts
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Belchertown, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts,May-December 1937
Boston, Massachusetts, January-April 1937
Boston, Massachusetts, January-December 1936
Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Brockton, Massachusetts
Brookline, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cotuit, Massachusetts
E. Northfield, Massachusetts
Fall River, Massachusetts
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Framingham, Massachusetts
Gardner, Massachusetts
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Holliston, Massachusetts
Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Lawrence, Massachusetts
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lynn, Massachusetts
Methuen, Massachusetts
Milton, Massachusetts
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Newburyport, Massachusetts
Newton Centre, Massachusetts
Newtonville, Massachusetts
Northampton, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Springfield, Massachusetts
Stoneham, Massachusetts
Swansea, Massachusetts
Box 112 [mf reel 72.112] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Waltham, Massachusetts

Wellesley, Massachusetts
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Winchester, Massachusetts
Worcester, Massachusetts
Albion, Michigan
Alma, Michigan
Adrian, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Battle Creek, Michigan
Bay City, Michigan
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Cass City, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan, January-October 1937
Detroit, Michigan, 1936
Flint, Michigan
Box 113 [mf reel 72.113] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jackson, Michigan
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Lansing, Michigan
Mount Clemens, Michigan
Muskegon, Michigan
Paw Paw, Michigan
Pontiac, Michigan
Royal Oak, Michigan
Saginaw, Michigan
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Bemidji, Minnesota
Brainerd, Minnesota
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Dodge Center, Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota
Farmington, Minnesota
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Fulda, Minnesota
Glenwood, Minnesota
Hibbing, Minnesota
Jackson, Minnesota
Kasson, Minnesota
Lakefield, Minnesota
Box 114 [mf reel 72.114] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Mankato, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota, April-December 1937
Minneapolis, Minnesota (transfer), January-March, 1937
Minneapolis, Minnesota (transfer), December 31, 1936
Northfield, Minnesota
Rush City, Minnesota
St. Cloud, Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota
Sauk Centre, Minnesota
Vernon Center, Minnesota
Virginia, Minnesota
Wadena, Minnesota
Willmar, Minnesota
Windom, Minnesota
Biloxi, Mississippi
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi
Meridian, Mississippi
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Carthage, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri
Gladden, Missouri
Hannibal, Missouri
Jefferson City, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri.
Box 115 [mf reel 72.115] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Kansas City, Missouri, April-November 1937

Kansas City, Missouri, May 1936 - March 1937
Kirksville, Missouri
Marshall, Missouri
Maryville, Missouri
Mountain Grove, Missouri
Parkville, Missouri
St. Joseph, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri: January - November 1937
St. Louis, Missouri: April - December 1936
Sedalia, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri
Webster Groves, Missouri
Bozeman, Montana
Missoula, Montana
Box 116 [mf reel 72.116] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Beatrice, Nebraska
Central City, Nebraska
Ceresco, Nebraska
Chadron, Nebraska
Comstock, Nebraska
Grand Island, Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Omaha, Nebraska
Reno, Nevada
New Hampshire
Claremont, New Hampshire
Concord, New Hampshire
Durham, New Hampshire
Exeter, New Hampshire
Hanover, New Hampshire
Keene, New Hampshire
Laconia, New Hampshire
Lebanon, New Hampshire
Littleton, New Hampshire
Manchester, New Hampshire
Nashua, New Hampshire
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Rochester, New Hampshire
Tilton, New Hampshire
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Bayonne, New Jersey
Burlington, New Jersey
Camden, New Jersey
Carteret, New Jersey
Chatham, New Jersey
Dover, New Jersey
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Englewood, New Jersey
Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Hackensack, New Jersey
Jersey City, New Jersey
Lakewood, New Jersey
Long Branch, New Jersey
Box 117 [mf reel 72.117] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Madison, New Jersey

Maplewood, New Jersey
Medford, New Jersey
Millburn, New Jersey
Montclair, New Jersey
Moorestown, New Jersey
Morristown, New Jersey
Mount Holly, New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Newton, New Jersey
The Oranges, New Jersey
Passaic, New Jersey
Peterson, New Jersey
Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Plainfield, New Jersey
Pleasantville, New Jersey
Princeton, New Jersey
Red Bank, New Jersey
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Rutherford, New Jersey
Salem, New Jersey
Somerville, New Jersey
Summit, New Jersey
Trenton, New Jersey
Union City, New Jersey
Upper Montclair, New Jersey
Vineland, New Jersey
Westfield, New Jersey
Box 118 [mf reel 72.118] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
New Jersey

New Jersey
New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico
New York
New York, New York, May -December 1937
New York, New York, April 1937
New York, New York, March 1937
New York, New York, February 1937
New York, New York, January 1937
Box 119 [mf reel 72.119] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
New York, New York, December 1936

New York, New York, November 1936
New York, New York, October 1936
New York, New York, August.-September 1936
New York, New York, June-July 1936
Box 120 [mf reel 72.120] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
New York, New York, May 1936

New York, New York, February-April 1936
New York, New York: Lists
Albany, New York
Amsterdam, New York
Batavia, New York
Binghampton, New York
Bronx, New York
Bronxville, New York
Brooklyn, New York, January-November 1937
Brooklyn, New York, March-December 1936
Buffalo, New York, 1937
Buffalo, New York, February-December 1936
Canton, New York
Carthage, New York
Catskill, New York
Chappaqua, New York
DeRuyter, New York
East Aurora, New York
Elmira, New York
Box 121 [mf reel 72.121] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Flushing L.I., New York

Garden City, New York
Glens Falls, New York
Gloversville, New York
Hamilton, New York
Hempstead, New York
Ithaca, New York
Jamaica, New York
Jamestown, New York
Johnstown, New York
Katonah, New York
Keuka Park, New York
Kingston, New York
Kirkville, New York
Larchmont, New York
Little Falls, New York
Lockport, New York
Long Island, New York
Medina, New York
Middletown, New York
Mount Vernon, New York
New Rochelle, New York
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Olean, New York
Oneida, New York
Orangeburg, New York
Painted Post, New York
Perry, New York
Pleasantville, New York
Port Chester, New York
Poughkeepsie, New York
Pulaski, New York
Red Hook, New York
Rochester, New York, January-November 1937
Rochester, New York, February-December 1936
Rome, New York
Rye, New York
Salamanca, New York
Saranac Lake, New York
Saratoga Springs, New York
Schenectady, New York
Springville, New York
Staten Island, New York
Box 122 [mf reel 72.122] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Syracuse, New York, January-November 1937

Syracuse, New York, February-December 1936
Troy, New York
Utica, New York
Waterloo, New York
Watertown, New York
White Plains, New York
Yonkers, New York
New York
North Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina
Black Mountain, North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina
Greenville, North Carolina
Guilford College, North Carolina
Box 123 [mf reel 72.123] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
High Point, North Carolina

Lilesville, North Carolina
Lumberton, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Salisbury, North Carolina
Shelby, North Carolina
Smithfield, North Carolina
Tarboro, North Carolina
Wilmington, North Carolina
Wilson, North Carolina
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina
North Dakota
Bismarck, North Dakota
Charbonneau, North Dakota
Dickinson, North Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Jamestown, North Dakota
Minot, North Dakota
North Dakota
Akron, Ohio
Alliance, Ohio
Ashtabula, Ohio
Athens, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Camden, Ohio
Canton, Ohio
Chillicothe, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio, January-October 1937
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1936
Box 124 [mf reel 72.124] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Cleveland, Ohio, January-September 1937

Cleveland, Ohio, 1936
Columbus, Ohio, April-December 1937
Columbus, Ohio, January-March 1937
Columbus, Ohio, 1936
Dayton, Ohio
Delaware, Ohio
Delphos, Ohio
Box 125 [mf reel 72.125] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Findlay, Ohio

Granville, Ohio
Greenville, Ohio
Hamilton, Ohio
Hiram, Ohio
Lake Wood, Ohio
Lancaster, Ohio
Lima, Ohio
Lodi, Ohio
Lorain, Ohio
Mansfield, Ohio
Marion, Ohio
Middletown, Ohio
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Neffs, Ohio
Newark, Ohio
Oberlin, Ohio
Ottawa, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Painesville, Ohio
Piqua, Ohio
Portsmouth, Ohio
Sandusky, Ohio
Springfield, Ohio
Steubenville, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Urbana, Ohio
Warren, Ohio
Westerville, Ohio
Wilmington, Ohio
Wooster, Ohio
Xenia, Ohio
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
Ohio - Lists
Box 126 [mf reel 72.126] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Oklahoma, March 31, 1937

Enid, Oklahoma
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oregon, March 16, 1937
Corvallis, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Grants Pass, Oregon
McMinnville, Oregon
Medford, Oregon
Newberg, Oregon
Pendelton, Oregon
Portland, Oregon, January-November 1937
Portland, Oregon, 1936
Salem, Oregon
Tillamook, Oregon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April-December 1937
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February-March 1937
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 1937
Box 127 [mf reel 72.127] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 1936

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 1936
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September-October 1936
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January-August. 1936
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February-December 1937
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 1936 - January 1937
Box 128 [mf reel 72.128] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Anderson, Pennsylvania
Atglen, Pennsylvania
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Berkshire Heights, Pennsylvania
Berwick, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Bristol, Pennsylvania
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Canton, Pennsylvania
Carbondale, Pennsylvania
Cardale, Pennsylvania
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Chester, Pennsylvania
Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Easton, Pennsylvania
Erie, Pennsylvania
George School, Pennsylvania
Germantown (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Hanover, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Haverford, Pennsylvania
Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Box 129 [mf reel 72.129] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Kingston, Pennsylvania
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Lehighton, Pennsylvania.
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Lewistown, Pennsylvania
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Meadville, Pennsylvania
Media, Pennsylvania
Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
Montoursville, Pennsylvania
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Moylan, Pennsylvania
New Castle, Pennsylvania
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Oil City, Pennsylvania
Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Plymouth, Pennsylvania
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Radnor, Pennsylvania
Reading, Pennsylvania
Royersford, Pennsylvania
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Box 130 [mf reel 72.130] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Shickshinney, Pennsylvania
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
State College, Pennsylvania
Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
Villanova, Pennsylvania
Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Washington, Pennsylvania
Wayne, Pennsylvania
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Westtown, Pennsylvania
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Wyncote, Pennsylvania
York, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania: Cities A - L [collective file]
Pennsylvania: Cities M - Z [collective file]
Box 131 [mf reel 72.131] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Rhode Island

Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Provindence, Rhode Island
Westerly, Rhode Island
Rhode Island
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Clinton, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Gaffney, South Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina
Greenwood, South Carolina
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Sumter, South Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Clearfield, South Dakota
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Huron, South Dakota
Mitchell, South Dakota
Philip, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Yankton, South Dakota
South Dakota
Chattanooga, Tennessee, February-October 1937
Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 1936 - January 1937
Clarksville, Tennessee
Columbia, Tennessee
Franklin, Tennessee
Jackson, Tennessee
Jellico, Tennessee
Johnson City, Tennessee
Kingsport, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
McKenzie, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee, April-December 1937
Nashville, Tennessee, January-March 1937
Box 132 [mf reel 72.132] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Nashville, Tennessee, 1936

Norris, Tennessee
Paris, Tennessee
Shelbyville, Tennessee
Amarillo, Texas
Austin, Texas
Beaumont, Texas
Brownsville, Texas
Chatfield, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas
Corsicana, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Denison, Texas
Denton, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Galveston, Texas
Georgetown, Texas
Houston, Texas, January 1937
Houston, Texas, 1936
Box 133 [mf reel 72.133] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Jacksonville, Texas

Lubbock, Texas
Marlin, Texas
Marshall, Texas
Port Arthur, Texas
San Angelo, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Schulenburg, Texas
Sherman, Texas
Tyler, Texas
Waco, Texas
Washington, Texas
Weimar, Texas
Wichita Falls, Texas
Logan, Utah
Ogden, Utah
Provo, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Arlington, Vermont
Barre, Vermont
Bellows Falls, Vermont
Bennington, Vermont
Brattleboro, Vermont
Burlington, Vermont
Middlebury, Vermont
Rutland, Vermont
Springfield, Vermont
Vergennes, Vermont
Bridgewater, Virginia
Bristol, Virginia
Broadway, Virginia.
Charlottesville, Virginia
Danville, Virginia
Farmville, Virginia
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Ivor, Virginia
Lexington, Virginia
Lynchburg, Virginia
Newport, Virginia
Norfolk, Virginia
Box 134 [mf reel 72.134] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical
Petersburg, Virginia

Portsmouth, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
Roanoke, Virginia
Rocky Mount, Virginia
Staunton, Virginia
Tazewell, Virginia
Williamsburg, Virginia
Winchester, Virginia
Pullman, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
Walla Walla, Washington
West Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia
Fairmount, West Virginia
Huntington, West Virginia
Junior, West Virginia
Morgantown, West Virginia
Wheeling, West Virginia
West Virginia
Box 135 [mf reel 72.135] off-site
General Correspondence: Geographical

Appleton, Wisconsin
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Beloit, Wisconsin
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Fredonia, Wisconsin
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Janesville, Wisconsin
Kenosha, Wisconsin
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Portage, Wisconsin
Racine, Wisconsin
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Ripon, Wisconsin
Sparta, Wisconsin
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Superior, Wisconsin
Watertown, Wisconsin
Waupun, Wisconsin
West Allis, Wisconsin
Casper, Wyoming
Douglas, Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming
Puerto Rico
Box 136 [mf reel 72.136] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Adams, Fred, Area Director, Kalamazoo, Michigan

March-Augustust 1987
January-February 1937

Adkins, A. Carl, Area Director, Altanta, Georgia
May-November 1937
March-April 1937
February 1937

Blackwell, H. Conrad, Area Director, Richmond, Virginia
April-July, 1937
March 1937
January-February 1937

Box 137 [mf reel 72.137] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Collins, Rev. George L., Area Director, Madison, Wisconsin

February-December 1937
December 1936 - January 1937

Mrs. M. M. Winans, Secretary
Collins, Rev. George L., Area Director, Madison, Wisconsin
February-December 1936
KavanAugusth, John F. and Calvin Cope, Area Directors: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February-November 1937
Cope, Calvin C. and J. F. KavanAugusth, Area Directors: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February-April 1937
Dalton, Glen D., Area Director, Columbus, Ohio
April-November 1937
March 1937

Box 138 [mf reel 72.138] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Dalton, Glen D., Area Director, Columbus, Ohio

November 1936 - February 1937
M. Allyn, Secretary
Dalton, Glen D., Area Director, Columbus, Ohio
November 1936 - January 1937
October 1936
June-July 1936
April-May 1936

Box 139 [mf reel 72.139] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Elliott, Arthur, Area Director, Minneapolis, Minnesota

May-November 1937
April 1937
March 1937
June 1936 - February 1937

Knapp, Helen, Secretary
Elliott, Arthur, Area Director, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March-May 1936
Elliott, Paul S., Area Director, Portland, Oregon, March-December 1937
Elliott, Paul and Harry W. Stone, Area Directors, Portland, Oregon, February 1936 - February 1937 [see also: Box 147]
Box 140 [mf reel 72.140] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Griggs, Earl N., Area Director, Syracuse, New York

April-November 1937
April 1936 - March 1937

Hancox, Herbert F., Area Director, Chicago, Illinois
May-October 1937
April 1937
October 1936 - February 1937

Pollock, Dora, Secretary
Hankins, J. Lester, Area Director, Boston, Massachusetts, May-November 1937

Box 141 [mf reel 72.141] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Hankins, J. Lester, Area Director, Boston, Massachusetts, October 1937 - February 1937 [April 1937?]

Davis, Howard P., Secretary
Hankins, J. Lester, Area Director, Boston, Massachusetts
September-December 1936
June-August. 1936
January-May 1936

Hayes, Egbert M., Area Director, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March-September 1937

Box 142 [mf reel 72.142] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Hayes, Egbert M., Area Director, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 1936 - February 1937

Griffin, Mrs. Elizabeth E., Secretary
Helm, Rev. Bert, Area Director, Houston, Texas

May-December 1937
March-April 1937
September 1936 - February 1937

Judson, Russell F., Area Director, St. Louis, Missouri, February-November 1937
McPherson Jr., Nenien C., January-May 1936
Box 143 [mf reel 72.143] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Miller, Mrs. Ellacoya (Harold T.), Detroit, Michigan, January-May 1936

Mills, Ethelwyn, Area Director, Los Angeles, California, September 1936 - November 1937

Box 144 [mf reel 72.144] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Mills, Ethelwyn, Area Director, Los Angeles, California, January-August. 1936

Moore, Fred Atkins, 1936 - March 1937
Parry, William D., Area Director, January-July 1937

Box 145 [mf reel 72.145] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Rains, Paul B. Rev., Area Director, Kansas City, Missouri

Mar.-October 1937
January-February 1937

Rumbough, Constance, Area Director, Nashville, Tennessee
April-October 1937
February-March 1937
October 1936 - January 1937

Box 146 [mf reels 72.146 and 72.147] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Rumbough, Constance

Carbon copies, November-December 1936
September-December 1936
Carbon copies, October 1936
Carbon copies, September 1936
Carbon copies, July-August. 1936

Box 147 [mf reel 72.148] off-site

Correspondence: Area Directors
Schaal, Dr. E.A., January-November 1936
Stone, Harry W., Area Director, Portland, Oregon, November 1937
Stone, Harry W. and Paul Elliot, January-June 1937Stone, Harry W. and Paul Elliot, January-June 1937 [see also: Elliott, Paul S., box 139]
Tinker, Wellington H, Area Director, New York, New York, October 1936 - October 1937

Carbon copies A-L [primarily from June-September 193

Box 148 [mf reel 72.149] off-site
Correspondence: Area Directors
Tinker, Wellington H, Area Director, New York, New York, 1936

Carbon copies M-Z [primarily from June-September 1936]
Tompkins, Alva and Dora Pollock, Chicago, Illinois
September-December 1936
February-August. 1936

Womer, Wayne W., Hartford, Connecticut
May-June 1937
December 1936 - April 1937

Box 149 [mf reel 72.150] off-site

Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Abele, Ralph C.

Allen, Devere, 1936
Anderson, K. Brooke
Arndt, Professor Elmer J.F.
Aspinwall, Lura E.
Bainton, Professor Roland H.
Barstow, Robbins W.
Beaven, Dr. Albert W.
Becker, Rev. Paul
Belk, Dr. J. Blanton
Bernstein, Dr. Philip L.
Bingham, Alfred
Blakney, Rev. Raymond B.
Boss Jr., Charles F.
Bowman, Dr. Harold L.
Bragg, Rev. Raymond
Brickner, Rabbi Barnett R.
Brummitt, Dr. Dan B.
Bryant, Stewart
Burt, Rev. Paul
Buttrick, Dr. George A.

Box 150 [mf reel 72.151] off-site

Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Calhoun, Dr. Robert L.

Case, Rev. Harold C.
Chaffee, Rev. Edmund B.
Chalmers, Dr. Allan Knight
Chance, Harold, January-May 1936
Chanter, Professor William George
Clark, Grover
Clark, Professor Keith
Clausen, Dr. Bernard
Clinchy, Rev. Russell J.
Conard, Joseph W.
Cooper, Russell M.
Cotton, Rev. J. Harry
Cox, Professor Garfield V.
Crain, Dr. James A.
Cranston, Dr. Earl
Cronbach, Dr. Abraham
Crossfield, R.H.
Darvall, Frank
Davis, Professor Jerome
Dawson, Dr. Joseph M.
Day, Dr. Gardiner M.
Day, John Warren
Detzer, Dorothy, 1936
Douglas, Professor Paul H.
Dunnington, Lewis L.
Box 151 [mf reel 72.152] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Eddy, Sherwood, 1936 - January 1937

Eichelberger, Clark M.
Eleazer, Dr. R.B.
Elliott, Dr. E.A.
Elliott, Harriet
Elliott, Dr. John W.
Elliott, Phillips
Eubank, Professor Earle
Fairchild, Professor Henry Pratt
Faust, Dr. Floyd
Fenwick, Professor Charles G.
Fey, Harold
Fisher, Dr. Edgar J.
Frost, Rev. Harlam M.
Gibson, Rev. George M.
Gilkey, Dr. Charles W.
Goldstein, Rabbi Sidney E.
Graham, T.W.
Grant, Donald
Greene, Rev. Theodore A.
Greshman, Dr. Perry E.
Hahne, Professor Ernest H.
Handsaker, J.J., January-May 1936
Box 152 [mf reel 72.153] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Harkness, Professor Georgia

Harlow, Professor Ralph
Hart, Professor Hornell
Hartman, Professor George W.
Heinsohn, Dr. Edmund
Heller, Rabbi James G.
Hickok, Ralph K.
Hilley, Howard S.
Hindman, Dr. Ralph B.
Hobbs, Professor R.J.M.
Holmes, Professor Jesse H.
Holmes, Dr. John Haynes
Hume, Theodore C.
Hunt, Rev. Ray E.
Hunter, Joseph Boone
Inman, Dr. Sammuel G.
Isserman, Rabbi Ferdinand M.
Israel, Rabbi Edward L.
James F. Professor Cyril
Jenney, Dr. Ray Freeman
Jones, Bishop Paul
Kennedy, Rev. Frank J.
Kimball, Chase
King, Rev. Joseph F.
King, Dr. William Peter
Kirk, Professor Grayson L.
Leckland, Dr. G.S.
Laidler, Harry W.
Lane, Rev. Stoddard
Lansbury, Hon. George
Laves, Dr. Walter H.C.
Box 153 [mf reel 72.154] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Libby, Frederick J., 1936

Limbert, Dr. Paul M.
Macy, Paul Griswold
MacLean, Rev. Donald
Maquire Rev. J.W.R.
Maurer, Irving
McGeachy, Rev. D.P.
McKean, M.H.
McKee, Rev. Elmore
Miller Jr., Rev. Spencer
Mitchell, Dr. S.C.
Moore, John S.
Morgan, Laura Puffer
Myres Jr., Professor S.D. Jr.
Nelson, Claud
Ruth Nichols
Niebuhr, Dr. Reinhold
Norris, Kathleen
Newton, Ray, 1936
Newton, Ray and Babette
Box 154 [mf reel 72.155] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
O'Donnell, Professor Charles Professor

Olmstead, Mildred Scott
Onderdonk, Dr. F.S.
Page, Kirby, 1936 - April 1937
Palmer, Dr. Albert W.
Paul, Dr. Alexander
Phillips, Dr. Hubert
Pickett, Clarence E.
Porter, Paul
Poteat, Dr. W.L.
Rankin, Jeannette
Rich, Raymond T.
Box 155 [mf reel 72.156] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Robinson, Rev. Morris C.

Root, Dr. Paul A.
Russell, Dr. Elbert
Sayre, John Nevin
Schloerb, Rolland W.
Schroeder, Rev. John C.
Schwalm, V.F. Pres.
Searle, Dr. Robert W.
Seesholtz, Anne
Sherman, Dr. W.J.
Sias, Rev. G. Gerald
Sikes, Walter W.
Skinner, Clarence R.
Smith, Asbury
Smith, Rev. Luther Wesley
Smith, Tucker P.
Speers, Rev. T. Guthrie
Staley, Pro. Eugene M.
Stanbury, Rev. W.A.
Stearns, Josephine, January-May 1936
Steel, Rev. Marshall T.
Steiner, Dr. Edward A.
Stitt, Dr. Jesse William
Swan, Rev. Alfred W.
Sweetman, Ray, January-May 1936
Tayler, Dr. William L.
Taylor, Jacob, 1936 - March 1937
Box 156 [mf reel 72.157] off-site
Correspondence: Speakers Bureau
Thompson, Professor and Mrs. John B., March-Sept 1936

Timm, Professor Charles A.
Tucker, Rev. Robert L.
Turck, Dr. Charles J.
Van Kirk, Walter, 1936-March 1937
Van Kleeck, Mary
Voss, Carl H., January-May 1936
Wertheim, Edward L., Jan-April 1937
Wertheim, Edward L., 1936
Wertheim, Edward L.
Wickenden, Professor Arthur C.
Willets, Rev. George L.
Williams, Howard Y.
Wise, Rabbi Stephen S.
Woolley, Dr. Mary E.
Workman, Dr. James W.
Young, Rev. Bradford

Box 157 [mf reel 72.158] off-site

Area Records
Composit report of meetings

Royden meetings
List of cities in each area having some organization for peace work
List of 100 largest cities in each area
Comments on Emergency Peace Campaign meetings
ROTC, D.A.R and American Legion comments
Area Records (in city order)
Atlanta area

Atlanta area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Boston area
Boston area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Chicago area
Chicago area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Columbus area
Columbus area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Dallas area
Dallas area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Hartford area
Houston area
Houston area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Kalamazoo area
Kansas City area
Kansas City area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Los Angeles area
Los Angeles area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Madison area
Madison area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Minneapolis area
Minneapolis area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Nashville area
Nashville area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
New York City area
Philadelphia area
Philadelphia area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Pittsburgh area
Pittsburgh area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Portland area
Portland area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Richmond area
Richmond area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
St. Louis area
St. Louis area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Syracuse area
Syracuse area reports of No-Foreign-War Crusade Meetings
Box 158 [mf reel 72.159] off-site
Kansas City Office: A-E
Area exchange

Chicago, Illinois
Houston, Texas
Kansas City
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee
St. Louis, Missouri
Syracuse, New York
Area offices: miscellaneous
Kansas City area
Area finances
Paul Erickson
Kansas City area: form letters
Inquiry forms (filled in by public)
Mailing lists
Mass meeting information sheets
Monthly reports
Peace preparedness

Alamosa, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado
Fort Morgan, Colorado
Greeley, Colorado
Las Animas, Colorado
Monte Vista, Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado
Sterling, Colorado
C [collective file]
D [collective file]
EPC: area reports
EPC: blank forms
EPC: bulletins
EPC: Finance Department
Box 159 [mf reel 72.160] off-site
Kansas City Office: E-K
EPC: form letters

EPC: Jewish Department -- Baruch Braunstein
EPC: Labor Department
Literature prices
Literature -- Miriam Levering
EPC: memorandums
EPC: National Peace Enrollment
EPC: Negro Department -- John Dillingham
EPC: objectives
EPC: pamphlets
EPC: publicity
EPC: Record Department -- Agatha Wachtel
EPC: reports
EPC: Youth Department -- Harold Chance
E [collective file]
Foreign Policy Association
G [collective file]
Atlantic, Iowa
Avoca , Iowa
Bedford, Iowa
Corning, Iowa
Corydon, Iowa
Creston, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa
Earlham, Iowa
Garnett, Iowa
Greenfield, Iowa
Grinnell, Iowa
Harlan, Iowa
Logan, Iowa
Milo, Iowa
Mt. Ayr, Iowa
Oakland, Iowa
Osceola, Iowa
Red Oak, Iowa
Shenandoah, Iowa
Villisca, Iowa
J [collective file]
Abilene, Kansas
Arkansas City, Kansas
Atchinson, Kansas
Baldwin, Kansas
Belleville, Kansas
Beloit, Kansas
Cedar Vale, Kansas
Chanute, Kansas
Cherryvale, Kansas
Clay Center, Kansas
Coffeyville, Kansas
Coldwater, Kansas
Concordia, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas
Downs, Kansas
El Dorado, Kansas
Emporia, Kansas
Eureka, Kansas
Box 160 [mf reel 72.161] off-site
Kansas City Office: K-M
Great Bend, Kansas

Greenleaf, Kansas
Hays, Kansas
Hillsboro, Kansas
Humboldt, Kansas
Hutchinson, Kansas
Independence, Kansas
Iola, Kansas
Junction City, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas
Kingman, Kansas
Larned, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
Lehigh, Kansas
Lindsborg, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
Mankato, Kansas
McPherson, Kansas
Minneapolis, Kansas
Newton, Kansas
Nickerson, Kansas
Ottawa, Kansas
Parsons, Kansas
Pittsburgh, Kansas
Salina, Kansas
Salina, Kansas
Seneca, Kansas
Smolan, Kansas
South Haven, Kansas
Stafford, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
Wakeeney, Kansas
Washington, Kansas
Wellington, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
Winfield, Kansas
Belton, Missouri
Bolivar, Missouri
Brookfield, Missouri
Carrollton, Missouri
Carthage, Missouri
Chillicothe, Missouri
Crane, Missouri
Forest City, Missouri
Independence, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri
Box 161 [mf reel 72.162] off-site
Kansas City Office: M-N
Kansas City, Missouri

Liberty, Missouri
Marshall, Missouri
Maryville, Missouri
Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Nevada, Missouri
Norborne, Missouri
Norfolk, Missouri
Odessa, Missouri
Parkville, Missouri
Princeton, Missouri
Ravenwood, Missouri
Rich Hill, Missouri
St. Joseph, Missouri
Slater, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri
Stanberry, Missouri
Trenton, Missouri
Webb City, Missouri
Windsor, Missouri
M [collective file]
National Council for Prevention of War
National labor relations
National Peace Conference
Alliance, Nebraska
Beatrice, Nebraska
Broken Bow, Nebraska
Central City, Nebraska
Chadron, Nebraska
Columbus, Nebraska
Comstock, Nebraska
Doniphan, Nebraska
Fairbury, Nebraska
Fremont, Nebraska
Fullerton, Nebraska
Geneva, Nebraska
Grand Island
Grand Island, Nebraska
Hastings, Nebraska
Holdredge, Nebraska
Ithaca, Nebraska
Lexington, Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Loup City, Nebraska
Mitchell, Nebraska
Norfolk, Nebraska
North Platte, Nebraska
Omaha, Nebraska
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Seward, Nebraska
Superior, Nebraska
York, Nebraska
N[collective file]
Box 162 [mf reel 72.163] off-site
Kansas City Office: P-Z
Peace methods

High school contest
Peace discussions or classwork
Peace Methods Institute
Peace dramas
Peace radio plays
Peace movies
Peace polls
Postal regulations
P[collective file]
R [collective file]
T [collective file]
U [collective file]
W.I.L. [Women's International League for Peace and Freedom]
Casper, Wyoming
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Clearmont, Wyoming
Douglas, Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming
W [collective file]
X-Y-Z [collective file]
New York Area Office, 1936 (A-D)
New York Office, 1936
A [collective file]
Advisory Council
Agenda for meetings
Area Office correspondence
Armistice Sabbath meetings
B [collective file]
Rev. W. Russell Bowie, D.D.
802 Broadway, New York City
C [collective file]
Committee on Literature and Books
Conference: May 8-9, 1936
Covenant meeting
Covenant of Peace list
(Letter - Bowie)
D [collective file]
Box 163 [mf reel 72.164] off-site
New York Area Office, 1936 (E-F)
E [collective file]

EPC: general
Executive Committee
F [collective file]
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Field Workers
Box 164 [mf reel 72.165] off-site
New York Area Office, 1936 (F [cont.] - L)
Financial reports and budgets

EPC: New York area
Financial reports: expense vouchers
Financial solicitation: Tinker
G [collective file]
H [collective file]
I [collective file]
J [collective file]
Jones, Thomas H.: personal
K [collective file]
L [collective file]
Letters, etc.
Correspondence (?)
Lists of financial prospects
Box 165 [mf reel 72.166] off-site
New York Area Office, 1936: (M)
M [collective file]

EPC meeting at Carnegie Hall, April 22, 1936
List, subscriptions to World Events
Requests for tickets

EPC meeting at Madison Square Garden, November 11, 1936
Advertising solicitation
Correspondence, etc.

Box 166 [mf reel 72.167] off-site
New York Area Office:, M [cont.] - O)
Meetings, 1936 [arranged geographically]

Boston, Massachusetts
Bronx, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Harlem, New York
Manhattan, New York
Mount Vernon, New York
New York, New York
Queens, New York
Staten Island, New York

Meetings [general]
Meetings of General Committee
Meetings, 1936
Meetings, 1937

Meeting minutes (of Philadelphia meetings, etc .)
Moore, Fred Atkins

N [collective file]
National Council Emergency Peace Campaign
National Council for Prevention of War
Newspaper clippings
Newton, Ray
Nichols, Ruth
O [collective file]
Olmstead, Frank
Box 167 [mf reel 72.168] off-site
New York Area Office, 1936 (P-Z)
P [collective file]

Philadelphia Office: Personal [personnel?]
Possible secretaries
Possible volunteers
Program Committee
R [collective file]
Relations: Head Office, Philadelphia
EPC: New York area
Reports of Spring meetings, 1936
S [collective file]
Schaal, E.A.
Speakers, 1936
Speakers' Committee
Summer Planning Committee
T [collective file]
U [collective file]
V [collective file]
W [collective file]
Wertheim, E.L.
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
X-Z [collective file]
Youth Division
Youth Section of the EPC, 1936
Box 168 [mf reel 72.169] off-site
New York Area Office, 1937 (A-B)
New York Area Office, 1937 Records

A [collective file]
Correspondence, bulletins
B [collective file]
Borough Chairmen and City Chairman
Material sent to Borough Chairman andCity Chairmen
Bowie, Rev. W. Russell
Braunstein, Baruch
Bronx Committee
Brooklyn Committee
Brooklyn lists
Box 169 [mf reel 72.170] off-site
New York Area Office, 1937 (C-F)
C [collective file]

Chance, Harold
Contributions, 1936-1937
D [collective file]
E [collective file]
EPC: general
Enrollments, 1936-1937
F [collective file]
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Finance collection
Finance solicitations, 1936-1937
Financial statements
Flushing Peace Society
Form letters, 1936-1937
Box 170 [mf reel 72.171] off-site
New York Area Office, 1937 (G-O)
G [collective file]

H [collective file]
Harlem Committee
I [collective file]
J [collective file]
K [collective file]
Kaufmen, Abraham
L [collective file]
Labor Division
Levering, Miriam
Lists: Cards for Mr. Tinker
Long Island, New York
Mc [collective file]
M [collective file]
Madison, Wisconsin
Moore, Fred Atkins
Mount Vernon Committee
N [collective file]
New Jersey
New York Office reports
Newton, Ray
Nichols, Ruth
Olmstead, Frank
Box 171 [mf reel 72.172] off-site
New York Area Office, 1937 (P-S)
P [collective file]

Peace study courses
Petty cash vouchers, bills, etc., 1936-1937
Petty cash, samples of workers, expense vouchers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Plays and pageants
Queens Committee
R [collective file]
Rabbis, 1936-1937
Riverside Church, New York, New York
Riverside Conference for church leaders, March 04, 1937 [principle speaker was Maude Royden]
Riverside Conference for church leaders, March 04, 1937: Correspondence
Riverside luncheon
Riverside regrets
Royden (Maude) meetings
S [collective file]
Schaal, E.A.
Staten Island Committee
Syracuse, New York
Box 172 [mf reel 72.173] off-site
New York Area Office, 1937 (T-Z)
T [collective file]

Tinker, W.H.: area offices
Tobin, Chester H.
U [collective file]
V [collective file]
W [collective file]
Westchester, New York
Y [collective file]
Yonkers, New York
Youth Section
Box 173 [mf reel 72.174] off-site
Lists of Contacts (National Office) [lists of names and addresses of people believed to be interested in the maintenance of peace and who might be willing to contribute to EPC activities; includes approximately 1150 forms, arranged in numerical order]
EPC Contacts: 0-199

EPC Contacts: 200-399
EPC Contacts: 400-599
EPC Contacts: 600-899
EPC Contacts: 900-1154
Box 174 [mf reel 72.175] off-site
New York Area Office, 1936-1937
Alphabetical file of speakers

A-Mc (collective files)
Moore, Fred
N-Z (collective files)

Speakers Bureau
Information on speakers
Speakers Bureau
Lists of speakers
Speaker requests and confirmations in NY area
Record of meetings

Material from Abraham Kaufman
Lists of contacts, ushers, etc.

Box 175 [mf reel 72.176] off-site

St. Louis Area Office Records, 1947: General
A-C [collective file]
Area directors and territories
Arndt, Elmer J.F., Webster Groves, Missouri
Auditorium: floor plan
Peace bibliography
Bulletin: area directors
Chairmen, St. Louis area
Committee reports
Cralle, Walter O., Springfield, Missouri
Edwards, Dr. L. M., St. Louis, Missouri
Form letters
Gates, Dr. Sherwood
Gibson , George M., Webster Groves, Missouri
Hearn, Professor Walter A.
Hunter, Joseph B., Little Rock
Instructions re: office
Isserman, Rabbi F.M., St Louis, Missouri
Johnson, C. Oscar, St. Louis, Missouri
Judson, Russell F.
Key list
Legislative letters
List of invited speakers
Lists: miscellaneous
Literature and bills from Philadelphia
Literature bills paid
Literature bills sent
Box 176 [a] [mf reel 72.177] off-site
St. Louis Area Office Records, 1947: General / Correspondence
Mailing list
Meeting reports
Meeting minutes
No Foreign War Crusade
Office accounts
Organizations promoting peace
Proposals and set-up for St. Louis area
Record of material mailed
Report re: Area Directors Conference
Resolutions: signers
Sample leaflets, misc.
Senators and congressmen: Voting records
Sias, Rev. G. Gerald (10 and Louisiana Sts., Little Rock, Arkansas)
Speakers engagements, 1936
Speakers: St. Louis area
Taylor, Rev. L.A., Little Rock, Arkansas
Tolley, Geo. Humphries, St. Louis, Missouri
Travel expenses
Workman, Rev. James W., Fayetteville, Arkansas
Clarkesville, Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas
Fayettvile, Arkansas
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri
Box 176 [b] [mf reel 72.178] off-site
St. Louis Area Office Records, 1947: Correspondence
Fayette, Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri
Fulton, Missouri
Gladden, Missouri
Hannibal, Missouri
Jefferson City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Kirksville, Missouri
Mexico, Missouri
Moberly, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri
Sedalia, Missouri
Webster Groves, Missouri
Box 177 [mf reel 72.179] off-site
Chicago Area Office: General (A-F)
American Artists' Congress
American Student Union
Artman, Joseph M.
Braunstein, Dr. Baruch
Chicago Peace Council
Contacts: business
Contacts: groups and organizations
Contacts: physicians
Curry, Betty
Dillingham, John (Negro File)
Evanston Committee
South Side Committee
West Side Committee
Boston, Massachusetts (Helen M. James)
Kalamazoo, Michigan (Fred Adams)
Philadelphia, PA (National Office)
Syracuse, New York (Irene L. Ford)
Finances: bills paid, 1937
Finances: report forms
Financial appeals
Financial reports, 1936-1937
Form letters

Box 178 [mf reel 72.180] off-site
Chicago Area Office: General (H-M)
Hancox, Herbert F: correspondence, etc.
Hancox, Herbert F.: correspondence, etc., May 1937
Hancox, Herbert F.: correspondence, etc., April 1937
Hancox, Herbert F.: correspondence, etc., Jan,-March 1937
Hancox, Herbert F.: correspondence, etc., Spring 1937
Labor Peace Conference
Legislative Committee (Dorothy Detzer, Eleanor Fowler)
Literature orders
McKinney, William Ayer: correspondence, February 1937
Meetings: Chicago Area - Committees on Arrangements, etc.
Meeting, May 05, 1936: speakers George Lansbury, Kirby Page and Ferdinand M. Isserman
Meeting, January 16, 1937: Lawyers' Conference
Meeting, January 18, 1937: Conference dinner
Meeting, January 19, 1937: speakers Maude Royden and Sherwood Eddy
Meeting, January 19, 1937: Educators' Conference and follow-up meeting
Meeting, January 19, 1937: Ex-Service Conference
Meeting, January 19, 1937: Women's Conference
Meeting, January 19, 1937: Youth Conference
Meeting, January 19, 1937: Youth Conference

Meetings, February 1, 1937: speaker Charles P. Taft II
Box 179 [mf reel 72.181] off-site
Chicago Area Office: General (M [cont.] - R)
Meeting, April 04, 1937: speaker Kathleen Norris
Meeting, April 22, 1937: speakers Kirby Page, Pitman Porter and Clark Eichelberger
Mid-West Institute of International Relations
National League of Women Voters
National Peace Conference
National Peace Enrollment (Marion Frenyear)
National Youth Administration of Illinois
No-Foreign-War Crusade, Spring 1937
No-Foreign-War Crusade: radio broadcast, April 06, 1937
Office supplies
Press releases
Proctor, Betty (Field Secretary for Youth Section): Correspondence, 1936-1937
Publicity: newspaper clippings, Fall 1936 - Winter 1937
Publicity: newspaper clippings, Spring 1937
Radio addresses
Religious Leaders Committee
Reports, Fall 1936
Reports, 1937
Reports of Local Committees
Box 180 [mf reel 72.182] off-site
Chicago Area Office: General (S-Y)
Speakers Bureau
Steering Committee, 1936-1937
Telephone Brigade
Tompkins, Alva W.: correspondence - Spring 1936
Tompkins, Alva W.: correspondence and other material - Spring 1936
Tompkins, Alva W.: finances - Spring 1936
United Peace Chest Drive, 1937
Wright, Stuart: correspondence, March-April, 1937
Youth Section (Harold Chance)
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (A-F)
Hancox, Herbert F.: correspondence (unfiled carbons)
A-F (collective files)
Box 181 [mf reel 72.183] off-site
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (G-Z)
G-Z (collective files)

Box 182 [mf reel 72.184] off-site
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (Illinois: A-Q)
Aurora, Illinois

Berwyn, Illinois
Beverly Hills and Morgan Park, Illinois
Bloomington and Normal, Illinois
Bourbonnais, Illinois
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Champaign - Urbana, Illinois
Danville, Illinois
Decatur, Illinois
DeKalb, Illinois
Elgin, Illinois
Erie, Illinois
Evanston, Illinois
Freeport, Illinois
Galesburg, Illinois
Glencoe, Illinois
Joliet, Illinois
Kankakee, Illinois
Kewanee, Illinois
La Grange, Illinois
Macomb, Illinois
Maywood, Illinois
Monmouth, Illinois
Naperville, Illinois
Oak Park, Illinois
Pekin, Illinois
Peoria, Illinois
Princeton, Illinois
Quincy, Illinois

Box 183 [mf reel 72.185] off-site
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (Illinois: R-Z)
River Forest, Illinois
Rock Island - Moline, Illinois
Rockford, Illinois
St. Charles, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois
Sterling, Illinois
Sterling, Illinois
Streator, Illinois
Sycamore, Illinois
Waukegan, Illinois
Western Springs, Illinois
Winnetka, Illinois
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (Indiana)
Breman, Indiana

Culver, Indiana
East Chicago, Indiana
Elkhart, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Frankfort, Indiana
Gary, Indiana
Goshen, Indiana
Hammond, Indiana
Michigan City, Indiana
North Manchester, Indiana
Peru, Indiana
South Bend, Indiana
Winchester, Indiana
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (Iowa)
Burlington, Iowa
Clinton, Iowa
Davenport, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa
Dubuque, Iowa
Chicago Area Office: Correspondence (other states)

Minnesota: New Ulm
Minnesota: Minneapolis, St.Paul
New York
North Carolina
Washington (D.C.)
Box 184 [mf reel 72.186] off-site
Michigan Area Office Records
Bulletins from Philadelphia Office
Michigan chairmen
Chicago office (Herbert Hancox)
Finance reports of mass meetings
Handbook of No Foreign War Crusade
Literature form, Philadelphia Office
Michigan Peace Bulletin
Miscellaneous o\peace organizations
Outdoor poster campaign
April 06th radio program
Philadelphia Records Office
Speakers: Dr. Baruch Braunstein
Speakers: Royal T. Hall
Speakers: Verner W. Main
Speakers: Thornton Penfield
Speakers: Robert L. Tucker
Speakers: Marshall R. Reed
Youth Division of EPC
Box 185 [mf reel 72.187] off-site
Biographies of E.P.S. staff and speakers, A-Z (collective files)
Biographies of Youth Section volunteers, A-R [collective file]

Box 186 [not on microfilm] off-site
Enrollment Cards
Card file re: ministers (in alpha order) [blue 3x5 cards with name, address and demonination of ministers]

Box 187 (document box) [not on microfilm] off-site
Enrollment Cards
Card file re: individuals [buff 3x 5 cards with name and address]

Boxes 188-197 (document boxes) [not on microfilm] off-site
Enrollment Cards
Card file re: nationwide opinion poll of personal attitudes on war and peace [buff 3x5 cards, arranged by

state] [note: in September 2003, box 190 was found to be so full, that some of the cards were put into box 187]

Boxes 198-216 (document box) [not on microfilm] off-site [in 1979, reduced to one document box]
White coupons from National Peace Enrollment

Box 217 [located in same box with material from boxes 183-185] [mf reel 72.188] off-site
Supplementary Accession

Youth Section
Proposed coalition of peace agencies; National Peace Conference
Meeting minutes of EPC meetings
Blueprint "Plan for a Greater American Peace Movement"
Lists of speakers; instructions to speakers
Form letters
News Releases
Bulletins to area directors; reports of area directors
Instructions ot local committees
Literature lists
Financial statements
Lists of chairmen and contacts
Map showing regional territories and offices of the EPC
Map showing cities in which meetings were held in Spring-Fall, 1936
Map showing 100 communities in each area to be organized with peace committees in 1937
Map showing territory covered by volunteer youth units, Summer 1936
Map showing colleges in which Youth Section has stimulated groups of students to peace action
Box 218 [mf reel 72.188] off-site
Supplemntary Accession
Form letters, 1936-1941 [note: most written by Ray Newton and concern the EPC; however, a few were written by

others, including Harold Chance and Guy W. Solt, and concern the Peace Section of the AFSC]
Legislative material
Pictoral charts on the cost of war (published by the National Forum)
General bulletins
Radio speeches
No-Foreign-War Crusade, Spring 1937
Speakers' biographies [collective file], 1936-1937
Box 219 [mf reel 72.188] off-site
Supplemntary Accession
Sample letterheads

Forms used by Speakers Bureau, [1936?]
First letter to speakers
Memoramdum to speakers
Suggestions to speakers at mass meetings
Itinerary sheets
Registration sheets for speakers
Railroad schedule sheets
Local questionnaire

Mimeographed material (duplicates)

Box 220 [mf reel 72.188] off-site

Supplemntary Accession
Notebook of Calvin C. Cope, Co-Director of the Philadelphia Area Office [note: this notebook contains material

from the EPC and from several other organizations, including the AFSC, National Council for Prevention of War, and the War Resisters League]
The American Friend, November-Dec 1935
Biographical Information
Braunstein, Dr. Baruch
Eddy, Sherwood
Gans, Herbert C.
Graham, Thomas W.
Isserman, Ferdinand M.
Libby, Frederick
Morris [Norris?], Kathleen
Page, Kirby
Randolph, A. Phillip
Royden, Maude
Sheldon, Frank Milton

Lists of speakers
Meeting minutes and reports, 1935-1936 (Duplicates)
Packet of EPC and National Peace Conference material
Packets of material printed by the EPC national office
Box 221 [on microfilm reels 72.24-26] Folders found in unlabeled box 06/2000; Originally part of Boxes 24-26; new box number given to this material, part of damaged corrrespondence files.
General Correspondence
[Originally Box 24, microfilm reel 72.24]

Bale, Judge Fred G.
Ball, Rev. Archey D.
Banker, Rev. Frank
Bankston, Dr. Marvin
Barbour, Clarence A.
Barbour, Dr. Clifford E.
Barclay, Dr. John
Barclay, Dr. Wade C.
Barnes, Dr. C. Rankin
Barnes, Mrs. Charles P.
Barnes. E.W.
Barnes, Dr. Harry E.
Barnes, Roswell P.
Barnett, Dr. Albert E.
Barnhart, Professor William R.
Barnum, Cyrus P.
B [collective file]
Barrows, Professor David P.
Baron, Rabbi Joseph L.
Barstow, Robbins Walcott
Bartlett, Ethel J.
Barlett, Percy W.
Barton, Bruce
Bar [collective file] [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
[Originally Box 25, microfilm reel 72.25]
Beach, Dr. David N.
Beard, Professor Charles A.

Beetham, Dr. Emory [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Beimfohr, Rev. Herman N.
Beittel, Dr. and Mrs. A.D.
Belcastro, Joe
Belk, Dr. J. Blanton
Bell, Rev. James E.
Bell, Orin W.
Bell, William J.
Belmer, Fred. C.
Be [collective file] [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Benham, Albert [some letters discarded due to excessive damage]
Bennett, John C.
Bennett, M. Katharine
Benson, Gov. Elmer A.
Berg, P.M.
Berg, Russell O.
Berger, Rabbi Elmer
Berman, Edward
Bernard, Kenneth L.
Berneking, Rev. Gerald
Bernstein, Rabbi Philip S.
Bertholf, Dr. Lloyd M.
Bertocci, Angelo P.
Bessesen, Mrs. Henry J.
Bethune, Mary McLeod
Bevan, Dr. Thomas S.
Ben [collective file]
[Originally Box 26, microfilm reel 72.26]
Bielefield, Frederick J.
Biemiller, Andrew J.

Bien, Ruth
Bigelow, Hon. Herbert S.
Bi [collective file]
Bilgray, Rabbi Albert T.
Black, Professor John D.
Black, Dr. S.M.
Blackburn, Rev. H.W.
Blackburn, Rev. Laurence H.
Blackstone, Maude
Blair, Rev. John Allan
Blaisdell, James A.
Bl [collective file]  

Box 222 [on microfilm reels 72.24-26] Folders found in unlabeled box 06/2000; originally part of Boxes 24-26; new box number given to this material, part of damaged corrrespondence files.
[Originally Box 24, microfilm reel 72.24]
General Correspondence

Baldwin, Dewitt C.
Baldwin, Rev. Glenn A.
Baldeel, Dr. E.W. *
Baldridge, Cyrus LeRoy *
Cooper, Professor Russell *
Cope, Alfred (AFSC) *
Cope, Ellen *
Cope, Howard W. *
Copithorne, Jack *
Copplestone, Rev. Tremayne J. *
Coppock, Homer J. *
Consolidated Press Clippings Bureaus *
Cook. David *
Cook, Dr. Edmund *
Cook, Rev. Oliver *
Colby, Mrs. Woodward
Cole, Dr. Clinton
Cole, Herbert H.
Cole, Rev. Russell
Cole, S. Walton
Cole, Mrs. W.A.
Cole, Dr. Walton E.
Colegrave, Kenneth
Coleman, Professor Cheyney
Coleman, Dr. Norman F.
Collier, John E. *
Collins, Dr. Walter L. *
Colman, Elizabeth Wheeler *
Colman, George F. *
Combs, W.A. *
Comfort, William W. *
Committee on Militarism in Education *
Commonwealth College *
Comstock, Ada Louise *
Congdon, LaRoy *
Conner, Rev. Ross *
Col [collective file] *
Co [collective file] *
Ch (collective file
Clampitt, Roy J.
Clark, Dr. Alden H.
Clark, Rev. Arthur T.
Clark, Hon. Bennett Champ
Clark, Grover
Clark, Rev. J. Albert
Clarke, Rev. Alfred B.
Clarke, Mrs. Ida Clyde
Coates, Edith
Cochran, Fannie
Cockroft, Grace A.
Coe, Dr. Albert Buckner
Coffin, Professor J. Herschel
Coghill, Pattie Lee
Cohen , Rabbi Armand
Cohen, Rabbi Henry
Cohen, Lillian Beverly
Cohn, David L.
Cokesbury Press
Cl [collective file]
Clippinger, Bishop A.R.
Clippinger, W.G.
Close, C. Donald
Cloward, Rev. Donald D.
Clinchy, Rev. Everett R.
Clinchy, Rev. Russell J.
Cline, Pierce
Clelland, Frank W.
Clemson, Eline
Clifton, Rev. Samuel
Clayton, Dr. Cranston
Clee, Dr. Raymond
Cleghorn, Sarah N.
Clausen, Rev. Bernard C.
Clarke, Rev. Robert H.
City government officials [collective file] *
[Originally Box 26, microfilm reel 72.26]

Bj-Bl [collective file] *
Blake, Bishop Edgar *
Blakeman, Dr. E.W.
Blakemore, Dr. J.H.
Blakeslee, Dr. George H.
Blakney, Rev. Raymond B.
Blanchard, Dr. Ferdinand Q. *
Blanchard, (Mr.) Leslie *
Blankenship, N.V. *
Blanchard, Professor Brand
Blashfield, Dr. Herbert
Bleakney, Dr. Edward F.
Bliven, Bruce
Block, Rev. Karl Morgan
Bloodgood, Father F.J.
Bloom, Rabbi Herbert I.
Bloye, Professor Amy
Blum, Mrs. Douglas
Blunt, Katherine

Box 223 [not on microfilm] off-site
Scrapbook #19 [dismantled; photocopies or scans made of newsclippings]
Newsclipping re: distribution of image/graphic "For What?," 1936
Newsclippings re: radio announcements concerning the EPC, 1936
Media coverage of campaign from Alabama, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Arizona, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Arkansas, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from California, ca. 1936-1937 [2 folders]
Media coverage of campaign from California (Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Bernadino), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from California (San Diego, San Francisco), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Colorado, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Connecticut, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from District of Columbia (Washington), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Delaware, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Georgia, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Idaho, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Illinois, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Indiana, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Iowa, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Kansas, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Kentucky, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Louisiana, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Maine, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Maryland, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Massachusetts, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Michigan, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Minnesota, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Mississippi, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Missouri, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Montana, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Nebraska, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New Hampshire, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New Jersey, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New Mexico, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New York, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New York (New York City), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from New York (Rochester, Buffalo), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from North Carolina, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from North Dakota, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Ohio, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Oklahoma, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Oregon, ca. 1936-1937

Box 224 (1/2 box) [not on microfilm] off-site
Scrapbook #19 (continued) [dismantled; photocopies or scans made of newsclippings]
Media coverage of campaign from Pennsylvania, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia), ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Rhode Island, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from South Carolina, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Tennessee, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Texas, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Utah, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Vermont, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Virginia, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Washington, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from West Virginia, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from Wisconsin and Wyoming, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from foreign papers, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from religious papers, ca. 1936-1937
Media coverage of campaign from periodicals, ca. 1936-1937

Box 225 [not on microfilm] off-site
Scrapbook #20 [dismantled; photocopies or scans made of newsclippings]
Media coverage from Alabama, Arizona and Arkansas
Media coverage from California (Berkeley, San Franciso, Los Angeles, San Diego, Stockton, Fresno)
Media coverage from California (Palo Alto, Lodi, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, miscellaneous)
Media coverage from Colorado, Connecticut and Delaware
Media coverage from District of Columbia (Washington), Florida and Georgia
Media coverage from Idaho, Illinois and Indiana
Media coverage from Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine
Media coverage from Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota and Mississippi
Media coverage from Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Jersey
Media coverage from New Mexico and New York
Media coverage from North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon
Media coverage from Pennsylvania through Tennessee
Media coverage from Texas through Virginia
Media coverage from Washington through Wyoming
Scrapbook #21 [dismantled; photocopies or scans made of newsclippings]
Media coverage from Alabama through Delaware
Media coverage from Georgia through Iowa
Media coverage from Kansas through Massachusetts
Media coverage from Michigan through New York
Media coverage from North Carolina through Oregon
Media coverage from Pennsylvania through Texas
Media coverage from Virginia through Wisconsin

Box 226 [not on microfilm] on-site

Re-File Box material [additional refile material may be added to this]
Literature and miscellaneous material, 1936-1949
Lists, literatureand miscellaneous material, undated
Student Peace Service Handbook, 1937
Student Peace Service Handbook (2nd Edition)

Box of Scrapbooks (1, 12-18, 22-26) [scrapbooks 1-26 on mf reel 72:189-190; see
exceptions below] off-site
Scrapbook #01
All printed material of Emergency Peace Campaign
Fliers announcing meetings [not on microfilm]

Scrapbook #02 discarded (in 1979?)
No-Foreign-War Crusade, Spring 1937
Newsclippings re: Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Scrapbook #03 discarded (in 1979?)
Publicity of Negro Department
Scrapbook #04 [not on microfilm; dismantled and portions kept; located in Oversize/Scrapbooks] missing
Newsclippings re: Distribution of Picture "For What?" 1936
Scrapbook #05 [not on microfilm; dismantled and portions kept; located in Oversize/Scrapbooks] missing
Newsclippings re: Radio Announcements about the Emergency Peace Campaign, 1936
Scrapbook #06 discarded (in 1979?)
Newsclippings re: work camp program in cooperation with the AFSC, Summer 1936
Scrapbook #07 [not on microfilm] missing since 1968
Articles on peace pact, neutrality, rearmament, economics etc., Spring 1936
Scrapbook #08 [not on microfilm; located in Oversize Scrapbooks]
Newsclippings re: peace organizations, churches, students, etc., Spring 1936
Scrapbook #09 discarded (in 1979?)
Newsclippings re: Ruth Nichols
Scrapbook #10 [not on microfilm; located in Oversize Scrapbooks]
Newsclippings re: world situation, April-December 1936
Scrapbook #11 discarded (in 1979?)
New York City Office scrapbook, March-October 1936
Scrapbook #12
Reports of meetings held during No-Foriegn-War Crusade [dated June 10, 1937]
Scrapbook #13
Labor Division scrapbook
Scrapbook #14
Speeches (incomplete)
Scrapbook #15
Articles on Jewish work, Negro work, labor work, and work camps
Scrapbook #16
Original copies of releases sent to magazines
Scrapbook #17
Original copies of releases, February 1936 - February 1937
Scrapbook #18
Original copies of releases, February-May 1937
Scrapbook #19 [not filmed; dismantled; located in boxes 223-224]
Publicity (arranged by state) 1936
Scrapbook #20 [not filmed; dismantled; located in box 225]
Newsclippings (arranged by state), Fall 1936 - Spring 1937
Scrapbook #21 [not filmed; dismantled; located in box 225]
General publicity (arranged by state), April-October 1936
Scrapbook #22
Prepared by the Women's International League [for Peace and Freedom], 1935-1936
Scrapbook #23
EPC volunteer team in Wooster, Ohio, Summer 1937
Scrapbook #24
Youth Section news releases, 1936
Scrapbook #25
"Live Book: towns with peace councils or committees from which correspondence has been received"
Scrapbook #26
"Dead Book: mailing lists for towns from which there has been no initial response"

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