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Edward Hasbrouck Collected Papers
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Edward Hasbrouck was born in 1960 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1980, when registration for the draft was reinstituted, he refused to register. Hasbrouck worked with the National Resistance Committee and affiliated local organizations. In June 1983, he was put on probation because of his draft refusal and sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service. This sentence was revoked in November 1983 in favor of a six month prison term, which Hasbrouck served at the federal prison camp in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, from November 1983 to April 1984.

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Historical Background
Edward Hasbrouck was born on January 11, 1960 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He attended high school in Wellesley and college at the University of Chicago (1977-1980). In 1980, when registration for the draft was reinstituted, he refused to register; shortly thereafter, he moved back to Massachusetts, where he was prosecuted in 1982 for refusing to register. Hasbrouck worked with the National Resistance Committee, its national journal Resistance News, and affiliated local organizations in Chicago, Boston, and the San Francisco Bay Area. In January 1983, he was put on probation because of his draft refusal and sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service. This sentence was revoked in November 1983 in favor of a six month prison term, which Hasbrouck served at the federal prison camp in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, from November 1983 to April 1984. Following his release, he moved to San Francisco,, where he still lives and works as a traavel journalist and civil liberities activist. He continues to publish a darft resistnace Web site at <http://www.resisters.info>.

The National Resistance Committee

The National Resistance Committee (NRC) was formed in 1980 to oppose registration and the draft, and disbanded following the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

The National Resistance was open to all draft resisters: pacifist and non-pacifist, religious and secular, ideological and individualistic, internationalist and isolationist, young and old, women and men, queer and straight and questioning (and, like me, confused), public and closeted, anarchist, communist, libertarian, patriotic, pagan, feminist, and of course many who didn't identify with any "ism". As a group potentially regaded by the government as a criminal conspiracy, the NRC had no formal structure or officers; its activities were carried out by local and national working collectives and individual activists. It was funded almost exclusively by smal individual contributions, many of them anonymous and many of them from the same people who were doing the work.

Like other draft resistance groups, the NRC used as its symbols the rainbow of diversity and the Greek letter "omega", which has been used since the 1960's as the symbol of the resistance to the draft. The omega is the symbol (in phsics and electronics) of the unit of resistance, the "ohm" and also symbolizes the Buddhist chant for peace, "om".

From 1980-1987, the NRC published 25 issues of newspaper, Resistance News, providing an open forum for all draft resisters.

From 1980 through 1991, the National Resistance Committee was the only national organization in the USA dedicated exclusively to resisting draft registration and open to all draft resisters. As of 2008, it remains the only such organization to have existed in the USA since the last involuntary inductions into the military in the USA in 1973.

Hasbrouck was involved with the NRC throughout its life, and moved to San Francisco in 1985 to take over as one of the editors of Resistance News when Fred Moore left on one of his extended peace wa;ks.

Collection Overview
These papers comprise the first large collection received by the SCPC regarding draft resistance in the early 1980s, though material from the 1960s and 1970s can be found in the collection as well. Edward Hasbrouck was involved with the National Resistance Committee and other anti-draft groups, but not all of the files included in this collection were created by or sent to him, so that it is difficult to know how they came into his hands. Hasbrouck's personal papers include letters written while in prison, as well as his anti-draft statements and information from interviews. An important component of the collection is correspondence, statements and other information -- including news articles -- from draft resisters in the United States and abroad. Other correspondents in the collection include Bob Berkel (Coordinator, National Resistance Committee), Will Doherty (Mass Open Resistance), Steve Homer (Co-Editor, Resistance News, National Resistance Committee), Brad Lyttle (U.S. Pacifist Party), Jeff Mertens (East Bay Resistance), Fred Moore (Editor of Resistance News, National Resistance Committee), Matt Nicodemus (Co-Editor, Resistance News, National Resistance Committee), Richard Orlando (East Bay Resistance), Alex Reyes (Advertising Director and Eastern Director, National Resistance Committee), Alex Stavis (National Resistance Committee), Paul Trudeau (Berkeley Resistance), and Aaron Weinstein (Berkeley Resistance).

Much of what was donated by Hasbrouck duplicated what was already held by the SCPC, and was therefore discarded. This included material put out by CaliforniaRD, CCCO, Institute for Policy Studies, Jobs with Peace Campaign, Liberation News Service, Midwest Committee for Military Counseling, Movement for a New Society, National Lawyers Guild, New Society Publishers, The Peacemaker, Promoting Enduring Peace, Syracuse Peace Council, U.S. Peace Council, U.S. Peace Initiative, War Resisters' International, and the War Resisters League, Some of the remaining collection had been damaged by water before it's arrival at the SCPC and was beyond saving or even photocopying; unfortunately this was the situation for many newsletters from local draft resistance groups.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection first documents the draft resistance of Edward Hasbrouck and other men in the early 1980s (in the U.S. and abroad), followed by files about events, by draft resistance groups, and otherreference material.

All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the Peace Collection to discuss your research needs. Note that there may be a limit to the number of boxes you are able to request from off-site storage for any one visit.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 (1/2 box)
Personal Files
Biographical information: draft resistance, trial and imprisonment, 1982-1984 [includes letters by his mother, Marguerite]
Correspondence from Marguerite Hasbrouck re: son Edward
Writings; notes
Editorship of Resistance News (along with Steve Homer)
Efforts re: Plowshares support

Box 2
Draft Resisters
Miscellaneous draft resisters, 1980s
Mennonite draft resisters
Armin, Bruce (draft resister), 1982-1983
Clarke, Chris (draft resister), 1980, 1983
Doherty, William (draft resister): statement of non-registration; notes etc. on draft registration and “ United States of America v. Edward J. Hasbrouck”
Eklund, Gary (draft resister), 1982-1983
Eller, Enten (draft resister), 1980-1982
Epp, Chuck (draft resister), 1981-1983
Ford, Russell F. (draft resister), 1981-1983
Frisch, Mike (draft resister), 1982-1983
Gingerich, André (draft resister), 1982
Jacob, Paul (draft resister), 1982-1986
Jolly, Paul (draft-resister), 1981-1984
Kerley, Gilliam (draft resister), 1982-1983
Mager, Andy (draft resister), 1981-1983
Martin, Rusty [Russell] (draft resister), 1982-1984
Matthews, Sam (draft resister), 1983-1984
McMillian, Michael (draft resister), 1982
Nicodemus, Matt (draft resister), 1981-1984
Peter, A.J., (draft resister), 1982
Rutt, Daniel (draft resister), 1983-1984
Box 3
Draft resisters (cont.)
Sachs, Gary (draft resister), 1981-1983
Sasway, Ben (draft resister), 1981-1987
Schlossberg, Steve (draft resister), 1983-1984
Schmucker, Mark (draft resister), 1982-1983
Steele, Richard (South African draft resister), 1981-1983
Warkentine, Kendal (draft resister), 1983
Wayte, David (draft resister), 1980-1984
Draft Resistance in Other Countries
International draft resistance: Europe/Eastern Europe
International draft resistance: Finland [photo removed to Photograph Collection]
International draft resistance: Germany
International draft resistance: Israel
International draft resistance: Nicaragua
International draft resistance: South Africa
International draft resistance: USSR
International draft resistance: Miscellaneous countries
Box 4
Miscellaneous events re: the draft, nuclear weapons, etc.
Gathering of resisters, May 2, 1981: transcription of conversations
West Coast Resistance Gathering, Berkeley (California), September 26-27, 1981
Midwest Resistance Gathering, Chicago (Illinois), October 2-4, 1981
Northeast Resistance Gathering, New York (New York), October 2-4, 1981
Blockade at Livermore Weapons Factory, 1981 (circa)
Northeastern Regional Draft/Militarism Resistance Organizing Conference, February 20, 1982
Anti-Draft Festival ( New York, New York), June 13, 1982
National Resistance Gathering, Berkeley (California), June 18-21, 1982
Bay Area High School Student News Conference, U.C. Berkeley (California), November 12, 1983
National Resistance Committee: National Conference on Registration and the Draft, Berkeley (California), July 14-15, 1984 [Hasbrouck involved]
Western Region Resistance Speaking Tour, November-December, 1985
October 18th Resistance Campaign to Shut Down Selective Service Headquarters, 198_
Box 5
National Resistance Committee
Miscellaneous efforts; notes; etc.
1985-1986: requests for information; mailing list updates; donation
1987: requests for information; mailing list updates; donation
Replies to questionnaire re: “Resistance News”
Material for newsletter [includes letter from Larry Gara]
Mailing list for Resistance News
Financial records
Box 6
National Resistance Committee (cont.)
Financial records (cont.)
Correspondence, 1980-1981
Correspondence, 1982
Correspondence, 1983
Correspondence, 1984
Correspondence, 1985
Correspondence, 1986
Correspondence, 1987
Box 7
National Resistance Committee (cont.)
Correspondence, undated [ca. 1980s]
Correspondence with Leah Halper, 1982-1983
Lynn Fitz-Hugh: correspondence and reports
Correspondence, etc. from Brad Lyttle ( United States Pacifist Party)
Drafting of doctors and nurses: correspondence, etc.
Correspondence, etc. re: War Tax Resistance, 1980-1984
Contacts/address lists of peace groups in the U.S.
Notes re: the law and draft resistance/civil disobedience
Plowshares resistance (Molly Rush, Daniel and Philip Berrigan): correspondence; news articles
Elizabeth Davidson [arrested after Hasbrouck trial?]
Eastern Director Alex Reyes ( Washington, D.C.)
Chicago chapter
Miscellaneous correspondence, etc.
Local Resistance Groups Connected With the NRC
Berkeley Resistance: correspondence, 1968, 1975-1976
Berkeley Resistance: correspondence, 1981
Berkeley Resistance: correspondence, 1982-1983, undated
Berkeley Resistance: efforts, 1981; statement of purpose
Berkeley Resistance: efforts, 1982-1983
Berkeley Resistance: efforts, undated
Box 8
Local Resistance Groups Connected With the NRC (cont.)
Berkeley Resistance: draft resisters’ defense fund
Berkeley Resistance: Emergency Response Network
Berkeley Resistance: correspondence, etc. re: Solomon Amendment (to cut student financial aid to non-registrants), 1982-1983
Berkeley Resistance: efforts re: Job Training Partnership Act, 1982-1983
Berkeley Resistance: efforts re: Job Training Partnership Act -- “Information Access Guide,” 1983
Berkeley Resistance: efforts re: National Resistance Gathering and other events
Boston Draft Resistance Coalition/Committee, 1981-1982
Campus Resistance ( Berkeley, California); Campus Draft Opposition ( Berkeley, California)
CIRCLE – Draft Resistance ( Portland, Oregon)
Earlham Resistance ( Richmond, Indiana)
East Bay Resistance: correspondence, 1969-1973
Fresno Resistance (California)
Madison Resistance / Madison Draft Resistance Coalition (Wisconsin), 1982-1983 [see also Gilliam Kerley, draft resister]
Mass Open Resistance [Boston Area Resistance; Hasbrouck involved]
Mass Open Resistance, undated
Northeast Resistance
Santa Cruz Resistance (California), 198_
Upstate Resistance (New York), 1981-1984; 1986-1987;correspondence with NRC; misc. efforts
Box 9
Local Resistance Groups Not Connected with the NRC
ACLU of Northern California / ACLU: San Diego Chapter
American Friends Service Committee
Anti-Draft Coalition
Atlanta Peace Alliance (GA)
AWOL [Anti-War Organizing League] ( Cambridge, Massachusetts), 1981-1982
Bay Area Network Against Militarism and the Draft
Berkeley Anti-Draft Association (California)
Berkeley Draft Counseling Center
Boston Alliance Against Registration and the Draft, 1980-1981
Boston Anti-Draft Legal Defense Fund
Brother John Defense Fund (Episcopal Peace Fellowship project)
CaliforniaRD [Committee Against Registration and the Draft] [Hasbrouck involved]
CaliforniaRD-San Diego (and San Diego Draft Resisters Defense Fund)
Catholic Peace Fellowship; Pax Christi
Coalition Against Conscription ( New York Mobilization for Survival)
Committee for Draft Resistance (San Francisco, California)
Committee for GI Rights ( New York, New York)
Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
Committee to Resist the Draft (Los Angeles, California)
Common Sense for Hard Times ( West Cornwall, Connecticut), 198_
Community of Resistance; Community Peacemakers ( Garberville, California)
Draft Action ( Washington, D.C.)
Draft Counselors’ Umbrella Group
Draft Info. Group
Evanston Against Registration and the Draft (Illinois), ca. 1980
Felons for Peace ( Berkeley, California)
Free Marin Supper Club
Fund for Education and Training, 1986-1987: correspondence with NRC; by-laws; misc.
Genessee Valley Citizens for Peace, 1980-1982
Grass Valley Mobilization Against the Draft (California)
Ithaca Peace Council (New York)
Kansas Anti-Draft Organization
Libertarian Student Network
Midwest Committee for Military Counseling: correspondence with NRC, 1984-1986; fliers
Militarism Resource Project
Box 10
Local Resistance Groups Not Connected with the NRC (cont.)
Mobilization Against the Draft [of Northern California], 1980
Mobilization for Survival ( New York, New York) 1985-1986: correspondence with NRC; misc.
National Lawyers Guild: Military Law Task Force, 1980-1982
New Hampshire Draft Counselors Association
No Business As Usual ( San Francisco, California), 1985-1986: efforts re: STAR Wars
Northern Lights Affinity Group (VT)
Parents Against the Draft ( Brookline Village, Massachusetts); Parents and Friends Against the Draft ( Berkeley, California)
Patriots Against Registration and the Draft ( Chicago, Illinois), 1980 [Hasbrouck involved]
People Against the Draft (Doris Jones)
Portland Military and Veterans Counseling Center (Oregon)
Raza Draft Counseling Center ( Oakland, California)
San Diego County Draft Resisters Defense Fund
San Jose Peace Center (California); Draft Information Center ( San Jose, California)
SCREAM: The Paul Jacob Action Group, 1986-1987: correspondence with NRC
Seattle Draft Counseling Center (WA)
Selective Service Law Panel of Los Angeles, ca. 1981
A Separate Peace: Draft and Military Counseling Service, 1981-1982
Stanford Against Conscription (California), 1979-1982 [much written by Matt Nicodemus, draft resister]; Stanford Anti-Draft Union (California)
STP [Stop the Pentagon/Serve the People]
Student Coalition Against the Draft / Students United Against the Draft, ca. 1980
Students Against Registration and the Draft (Massachusetts)
Students for a Libertarian Society
Survival Summer
Task Force Against Conscription ( Des Moines, Iowa)
Teenagers Against the Draft
Tuscon Draft Resistance
Twin Cities Stop the Draft Committee ( Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Veterans for Peace ( Chicago, Illinois) / Veterans for Draft Resistance ( San Francisco, California)
W.A.R.D. Off the Draft [Westchester Against Registration and the Draft] ( White Plains, New York)
Washington Area Coalition Against Registration and the Draft
Women for Peace ( Chicago, Illinois)
Women Opposed to Registration and the Draft
Youth Against Registration and the Draft
Box 11
Reference Material
Miscellaneous events/classes
Draft resistance, 1965-1968
Draft resistance, 1978-1979
Draft resistance, 1980
Draft resistance, 1981
Draft resistance, 1982
Draft resistance, 1983
Draft resistance, 1984-1985
Draft resistance, 1986-1987
Draft resistance, undated [2 folders]
Draft resistance graphics
Selective Service System forms, regulations, etc.
Selective Service racism
Box 12 (1/2 box)
Reference Material (cont.)
Selective Service System cases; prosecution of nonregistrants
Prison for non-registrants
Guidelines for bail and legal defense funds for nonregistrants
Solomon Amendment (re: loss of financial aid for draft resisters)
Draft resistance by African Americans
Draft resistance by college faculty / college students
Draft resistance by gays
Drafting of women; nonviolence and women
Radicalization of women
Draft resistance in California
Draft counseling / help
Libertarian viewpoints re: the draft
Chicago 7 / Oakland 9 / Boston 18
Writings by Joffre Stewart (“advocate of the Anti-Christ”)
Pamphlet “On Resistance,” 1982
Pamphlet “Skool Resistance” by Fred Moore

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