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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Center for War/Peace Studies Collected Records
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The Center was organized in 1966 by the New York Friends Group to carry out community and adult education on world affairs and U.S foreign policy issues. The Center's name was changed to Center for Global Perspectives in 1976, but a subsequent reorganization restored the original name.

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Historical Background
The following historical background was written by Doris Shamleffer for J. Richard Kyle, then curator of the SCPC, on January 25, 1982:
"New York Friends Group, Inc. was established in New York State in 1956.... In 1966, New YorkFG set up a program, the Center for War/Peace Studies, to carry out community and adult education on world affairs and U.S. foreign policy issues. It took over the publication of War/Peace Report, which had begun independently in 1961. Under the CW/PS a schools program was developed and it eventually became the major work of CW/PS. War/Peace Report was discontinued in 1975. In 1968, the CW/PS took over the publication of Intercom, a publication which had been started by the Foreign Policy Association In 1976, the name of the schools program of CW/PS was changed to the Center for Global Perspectives, and it continued to function as a project of the NYFG. It continued to publish the periodical Intercom, which since 1969 had been directed exlusively to a schools audience. At the same time (January 1976), a new organization -- Global Perspectives in Education Inc. -- was incorporated.... It carried out some work in the schools side by side with the Center for Global Perspectives. On July 1, 1977, the Center for Global Perspectives was transferred to Global Perspectives in Education Inc....., [which entity] continued to publish Intercom. In 1977 also, Richard Hudson, former editor of War/Peace Report, reorganized the Center for War/Peace Studies. It was incorporated to carry out applied research toward a world of peace with justice, and it published the newsletter Global Report and its Special Studies Series."

Both the CW/PS and Global Perspectives in Education Inc. had offices at 218 East 18th Street, New York (New York), a building owned by the New York Friends Group Inc. There were several regional offices as well. Staff and Board members of the CW/PS included Robert W. Gilmore (President), Charles Bloomstein, William A. Delano, Elizabeth J. Burke, H. Thomas Collins, Larry E. Condon, Robert E. Freeman, Richard Hudson, David C. King, Stella M. Saltonstall, and Doris Shamleffer

A 2007 website for CW/PS related the following: "The Center for War/Peace Studies, a non-profit, tax-exempt U.S. organization incorporated in 1977, is a "think tank" located in the United Nations backyard. The central objective of the CW/PS is to establish an international political and legal system that will make possible the abolition of war. Working on the premise that the present international decision-making system is obsolete, the CW/PS has developed the Binding Triad System for global decision-making. Under the Binding Triad concept, the U.N. General Assembly would be transformed from a powerless "Town Meeting of the World" into a genuine global legislature. Its decisions would require majorities on three "legs," based on the present one-nation-one-vote arrangement, population, and contributions to the regular U.N. budget, which are a rough measure of GNP." The current director of the organization is Lucy Law Webster. For more information, see http://www.cwps.org/index.html.

Collection Overview
Most of the material in this collection was removed from the files of Robert Gilmore during a 2006 sorting of his papers (the material that documents his own involvement with the CW/PS remained in his collection). One box was donated to the SCPC by Richard Hudson. The staff of the CW/PS was as high as 24 at one time, so it is obvious that much material is missing here, including Board meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, etc. -- that would fully document the efforts of this organization. It is possible that there is still material in the New York Friends Group records.

Two videorecordings were removed to the Audiovisual Collection ("Make the U.N. Work: The Case for the Binding Triad" (videorecording 0189) and "Global Forum: Peace Through the United Nations, No. 21" (videorecording 0621).

All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the Peace Collection to discuss your research needs. Note that there may be a limit to the number of boxes you are able to request from off-site storage for any one visit.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
General: History; goals
General: Tax exempt status; incorporation
General: Organizational leaflets
General: Biographies of staff and advisers, etc.
General: Programmatic efforts, 1966
General: Staff meetings, 1966-1968
General: Reports etc. by Penn Kemble and Charlotte Roe re: Youth Affairs efforts, 1966-1968
General: Efforts re: voluntary organizations 1966-1969
General: Programmatic efforts, 1967
General: Reports, 1967
General: Efforts re: fundraising, 1967-1969
General: Programmatic efforts, 1968
General: Reports, 1968

Box 2
General: Mailing for Negotiation Now!, 1968
General: Interne Program, 1968-1969
General: Programmatic efforts, 1969
General: Reports, 1969
General: National Peace Training Program Proposal (Jack Bollens), 1969 (April)
General: PROBE (investigation) re: work in the religious community, 1969
General: Efforts re: International Education Year, 1969-1970
General: Programmatic efforts, 1970
General: Efforts re: Middle East conflicts, 1970
General: Programmatic efforts, 1971
General: Programmatic efforts, 1972
General: Center Associates, 1972-1975
General: Programmatic efforts, 1973
General: Fundraising efforts -- National Endowment for the Humanities (and State of the Art paper), 1973-1975
General: Programmatic efforts, 1974
General: Programmatic efforts, 1975-1979

Box 3
General: Programmatic efforts, 1980s
General: Programmatic efforts, 1990s
General: Programmatic efforts, undated
Outreach: Report/evaluation of projects, undated
Outreach: Workshops sponsored
Outreach: “U.N. Envoy Workshop” by James W. Leonard
Outreach: Quad Cities workshop “Teaching About China,” March 1973
Outreach: Assistance for Wingspread conference “ China in the Schools,” 1972 (June)
Outreach: Experimental education program, ca. 1966-1968
Outreach: Schools program (Tom Collins), 1971-1973
Outreach: Public education program, 1971
Outreach: Connecticut School Project on International Education, 1972-1973
Outreach: Curriculum development program (David C. King), 1971-1974
Outreach: Curriculum materials program (Larry Condon), 1971-1972
Outreach: Curriculum materials project, 1971-1973 [includes National Education Project]
Outreach: Joint sponsorship of the Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR)
Outreach: Efforts [proposed only?] re: the California Task Force on Global Perspectives on Education, 1975

Box 4
Outreach: Diablo Valley Education Project
Outreach: Cooperation with Global Perspectives in Education, Inc., 1980
Outreach: Friends of Land Reform Project / Prosterman Support Committee (mailings of Prosterman writings, etc.), 1970-1978
Literature Developed: Experimental Education Program -- study kit "War/Peace Perspectives," 1965
Literature Developed: Experimental Education Program -- study kit “The Viet-Cong, Revolutions, and the U.S.” [Unit #4], ca. 1965-1966
Literature Developed: study material re: Vietnam and the churches (prepared for convocation sponsored by NCC and others), 1967
Literature Developed: booklet “Global Education: Long Range Goals and Objectives,” ca. 1968-1969
Literature Developed: kit “Sanctuary: A Simulation Game” by Derek M. Mills, 1969
Literature Developed: paper/report “Global Corporations: A Demonstration Exercise” by David C. King, 1971
Literature Developed: booklet “Global Dimensions in U.S. Education” by Maurice Harari, 1972
Literature Developed: bibliography “Curriculum Materials on War, Peace, Conflict, and Change,” 1972 (May)
Literature Developed: paper/report (curriculum?) “The Quality of Life: Three Case Studies on Interdependence and Survival” by David C. King, 1973 (January)
Literature Developed: booklet “An Attainable Global Perspective” by Robert G. Hanvey, ca. 1975
Literature Developed: booklet “A Peregrination for Peace in the Middle East...” by Richard Hudson, 1979 (Aug.) [Special Study #3]
Literature Developed: Experimental Education Program -- booklet “ Vietnam: The Viewpoints of I.F. Stone [et al.],” n.d.
Literature Developed: Experimental Education Program -- study kit “ Vietnam: Its Land and People, Problems of Modernization” [Unit #1], n.d.

Box 5
Literature Developed: Efforts re: development of study material re: Vietnam, n.d.
Literature Developed: Draft “Understanding Vietnam: A Citizen’s Primer,” n.d.
Literature Developed: Paper “The War/Peace Field in Education” by Robert E. Freeman, n.d.
Literature Developed: Publication and publicity of Intercom
War/Peace Services: general/miscellaneous
War/Peace Services: general/miscellaneous (cont.)
War/Peace Services: Jewish-Christian debate re: 1967 Arab-Israeli Conflict
War/Peace Services: Viet Nam and U.S. Policy, 1968
War/Peace Report: general/miscellaneous; reports; plans
War/Peace Report: New YorkFG contract

Box 6

War/Peace Report: misc. correspondence, 1963, 1965
War/Peace Report: correspondence, 1969-1972
War/Peace Report: Gunnar Myrdal, 1968
War/Peace Report: Thomas Yoseloff, 1961-1971
Regional Efforts: Regional goals and programs
Regional Efforts: Proposal to set up program in Chicago (IL), ca. 1968
Regional Efforts: Western area offices and programs ( California, etc.)
Regional Efforts: Work of Derek Mills (Regional Associate, Pacific Northwest), 1966-1968
Regional Efforts: Reports by Derek Mills ( Pacific Northwest), 1966
Regional Efforts: Reports by Derek Mills ( Pacific Northwest), 1967
Regional Efforts: Reports and memos by Anne Stadler, 1966-1968
Regional Efforts: Reports by Robert Freeman (Pacific Central Region), 1966-1968, 1981

Box 7
Richard Hudson Files: Special Studies (#1-9), by Richard Hudson, 1977-1991
Richard Hudson Files: 400 th Birthday of Hugo Grotius: correspondence, 1983-1985
Richard Hudson Files: Binding Triad draft resolutions, 1986-2005
Richard Hudson Files: Comments on Binding Triad proposals, 1981-2005
Richard Hudson Files: Program efforts, 1990-1999
Richard Hudson Files: Correspondence with Iraqi Ambassador Al-Anbari, 1990-1991
Richard Hudson Files: Information re: the War Powers Act of 1973, Efforts re: Kosovo
Richard Hudson Files: Security Council Meeting re: Safety and Palestinian civilians, 1990 (Dec.)
Richard Hudson Files: Correspondence with Boutros Boutros Ghali Administration, 1992-1996
Richard Hudson Files: United Nations Security Council expansion, 1993-1994
Richard Hudson Files: Efforts re: Western Sahara, 1996
Richard Hudson Files: Sungap Conference, 1996-1997
Richard Hudson Files: Programmatic efforts, 2000-200_
Richard Hudson Files: Support for International University for Peace, 2003
Richard Hudson Files: “Take the Future of Iraq to the U.N.” resolution, 2005
Richard Hudson Files: “Sense of the U.S. Congress” Resolution, 2005
Richard Hudson Files: Sponsorship of “What Future for the United Nations?” California Conference, June 26-27, 2005
Richard Hudson Files: Biographical materials about Richard Hudson
Richard Hudson Files: Middle East: writings by Richard Hudson
Richard Hudson Files: United Nations: writings by Richard Hudson

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