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Watch Instantly

When you feel like watching a gritty Eastern European drama, a cerebral indie comedy, a social issues documentary, or an HBO series, check out a remote from the Circulation Desk, grab some friends, and don't forget the popcorn!


We have a Netflix account?
Yes, we have a Netflix account, and with it students can view anything that Netflix has available to watch instantly from either of two locations:

  • the Family Room (on the 3rd floor next to the DVDs) through the BluRay player
  • the Screening Room (on the 3rd floor near the men's room) through the BluRay player

Do we need to do anything first or can we just go to the Family Room and watch a movie?
You just need to check out the remote control/s from the Circulation Desk for the room they are using. The Family Room has three remotes, the TV remote, the DVD/VCR remote, and the BluRay remote. There are equipment operation instructions in each room, too, just in case you need them.

How do I know what's in our Instant Queue in the first place?
With the remote, you can browse through available titles on screen.

The movie I want to watch isn't in our Instant Queue. Can I add it?
Of course! Have a look through what's available, then just stop by the Reference Desk (or call x8493) to let us know the title you'd like to watch; we'll add it to the queue right away. Also, you can search for the title through the Netflix channel on the BluRay player.

The movie I want to watch used to be available to watch instantly and now it isn't.
In some cases, Netflix only makes titles available in their "Watch Instantly" program for a limited time period. Check back later or see if we have the movie on DVD.

Someone mentioned that there are other "channels" available through the BluRay players. Can we get to content from other places (like Amazon) through it?
We'd really rather you didn't. Actually, please just don't use or activate any channel must be linked to an account. The Libraries are not responsible for charges you may incur as a result of linking their own accounts to these channels.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact our Streaming Specialist!