Research & Information Associates

What's a RIA?

Research and Information Associates — RIAs — are students who assist peers with finding and evaluating information.

Swarthmore's RIAs are able to:

  • Work with students throughout the research process across disciplines.
  • Provide feedback and strategies designed to help students with questions about topic formation, discovery and exploration of relevant literature, contextualizing source material, and citing materials properly.
  • Engage with student researchers about fostering ethical scholarly practices within the framework of their project.
  • Appropriately refer fellow students to reference librarians, SAMs, Writing Associates, and other resources for further consultation.

How can I find a RIA?

RIAs have regularly scheduled office hours at the Research & Information Desk in McCabe Library:

  • Sunday, 2-5pm and 7-10pm
  • Monday, 6pm-midnight
  • Tuesday, 7-10pm
  • Wednesday, 6pm-midnight
  • Thursday, 7-10pm
  • Friday, 3-6pm

Any student may schedule an appointment with a RIA via email ( or by dropping in during office hours (check to see who's on the desk).

How can I become a RIA?

Applications are currently closed until spring 2018, but you can take a look at our program details here! Contact Sarah Elichko (selichk1) for more information.