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New artist's books purchased

The Library has recently added these to its collection of artist’s books:

Alpha Beta
by Ines von Ketelhodt
(Flörsheim, Germany)

A statement from the artist explains: The two volumes contain a text passage by Michel Butor that describes a portrait of a universal library. The “Alpha” volume contains the original French text, “Itinéraire – Les Bibliothèques,” and the “Beta” volume features a German translation, “Reiserouten – Die Bibliotheken” (Itineraries – The Libraries).

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by Ginger Burrell
(Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2017)

According to the artist: Un[Hood]ed examines the alarming audacity demonstrated by white supremacists in the United States. Once hidden under homemade white robes, today's alt-right members feel emboldened, empowered, and unafraid of the consequences of their racism. They no longer feel that they have to hide their identities.

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