Library staff report on conferences

At the library staff’s Lunch and Learn event last month, staff members reported on workshops they attended.

Maria Aghazarian attended New York Comic Con Professional Day at the New York Public Library, and recapped the session "Comics as Primary Sources." This session, presented by Brian Carlin from the NYC Department of Education, reviewed different ways educators and librarians could incorporate comics into their instruction sessions, encouraging students to practice historical fingerprinting by analyzing visual clues. She discussed the symbol of the Comics Code Authority (CCA) as one such clue for a signal of both publication date and content of the story, and its particular relevance to the library's recent gift of MAD Magazines.

Mary Marissen attended a keynote talk and a workshop by Sara Wachter-Boettcher at the edUi Conference, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA. She based the talk on her book Design for Real Life, which explores bias in web design. She spoke about web products that are designed based on careless assumptions often caused by the lack of diversity in tech and the harm these products can cause as a result. She also discussed her new book Technically Wrong: Sexist apps, biased algorithms and other threats of toxic tech, where she writes about the moral and ethical issues of big data.