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Library Spaces

student study in Cornell Library

Reserve your study space in Seats

The libraries have implemented a reservation system in order to help monitor building occupancy.

How do I reserve a space?

  1. Reserve your space online using SEATS
  2. Check in within 15 minutes of your start time  (follow link in confirmation email)
  3. At the end of your reservation, you can remain in your space if no one is waiting.

See our step-by-step tutorial below for more details

When should I reserve?

When you arrive at the library, or up to a week in advance. (Advance reservations are not required.)

How many reservations can I make?

You can reserve a study space up to one week in advance. Here's how much time you can reserve in each library:

  Advance reservations allowed Total time
McCabe 3 reservations x 2 hours 6 hours
Cornell 2 reservations x 2 hours 4 hours
Underhill 4 reservations x 2 hours 8 hours


Step-by-step tutorial

Includes screenshots, floor maps, and policies (direct link)