Libraries and Collections

McCabe Library
Near the heart of the campus, McCabe houses the Humanities and the Social Sciences collections and other collections of interest, including the Rare Book Room.

Cornell Science Library
Located within the Science Center, Cornell supports the research of both faculty and students of the following departments: biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics & statistics, and physics & astronomy. 

Underhill Music & Dance Library
Nestled inside the Lang Music Building, Underhill houses the extensive collection of Music and Dance materials, in addition to being home to some of the loveliest views of the Crum Woods on campus.

Digital Collections
The gateway to digitized materials associated with the research and scholarship of the College and those of historical value, including the Phoenix and Halcyon.

Friends Historical Library
Just inside the main entrance of McCabe Library, FHL reflects the Quaker origins of Swarthmore College and is one of the outstanding research facilities for the study of Quaker history. Additionally, it maintains the College Archives and the papers of the Swarthmore (Borough) Historical Society.

Peace Collection
On the Lower Level of McCabe Library, the Swarthmore College Peace Collection gathers, preserves, and makes accessible material that documents non-governmental efforts for nonviolent social change, disarmament, and conflict resolutions between peoples and nations.

Black Cultural Center Library
Inside the Black Cultural Center, this collection encapsulates African American experience and the thought inherent to the civil rights movement.

Beit Midrash
In Hebrew, "Beit" means house. "Midrash" comes from the word root that means to seek, to search out, to dig for meaning. A Beit Midrash is a House of Study. The Swarthmore College Beit Midrash, a joint project of the Libraries and the Department of Religion, offers unique access to the rich tradition of Jewish textual interpretation in the liberal arts environment.