Librarians attend conferences

Jessica Brangiel, Electronic Resources Management Librarian
​I recently attended the AHEAD: Association on Higher Education Disability Accessing Higher Ground Conference in Denver Colorado. The focus of AHEAD is accessible media, universal design and assistive technology in the university, business and public setting; legal and policy issues, including ADA and 508 compliance; and the creation of accessible media and information resources, including Web pages and library resources.
A highlight for me was a preconference session on learning Visual Braille. Utilizing apps for braille creation, the full day class allowed me to learn how to create Grade 1 braille. Grade 1 includes the full alphabet, numbers, punctuation and math symbols. We also started learning the Nemeth Math Code for braille system and the differences between Nemeth braille and grade 1 braille numbers. Though there are fewer blind students utilizing braille in higher education, some institutions have seen a resurgence in interest in braille especially for STM content. By the end of the full day course, we were transcribing children's books into braille. I have new-found respect for the complexity of Go Dog Go and Hop on Pop.

Amy McColl, Asst. Director for Collections & Tri-College Consortium Licensing Librarian 
I attended the Charleston Library Conference ( from Nov. 7-9, held in Charleston, SC every year. The conference has traditionally focused on acquisitions and collection development, but in recent years it has branched out to include topics such as changes in scholarly publishing and open access initiatives. Highlights for me were hearing more about an ILS (integrated library system) migration since we are about to embark on a similar migration here in the TriColleges, and connecting with colleagues and some of our vendors and publishers.