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Gift Book Donations

  • We will accept up to five books as an on-the-spot donation. Because of space and time constraints, we ask that boxes of books not be dropped off unexpectedly.
  • For donations of more than five books, please submit a list that includes title, author, and year of publication. Our subject specialists will make a decision about what we will retain based upon the information you provide. Please email your list to Amy McColl.
  • If requested, we can acknowledge receipt of gift materials with a form letter indicating the quantity and type of materials donated. Please include this request with your list of books.
  • We cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes. The standard value assigned by the College for non-monetary gifts is $1. If you want a receipt for the actual value of the materials, you will need to provide some affidavit of its value.
  • All gifts are final. By the act of donation, the donor permanently relinquishes all rights to ownership and dispensation.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of books to our best advantage. Such disposition may include: retention, transfer to another institution, sale, or discard.
  • Donations of archival materials and other such items relating specifically to the College are encouraged.