Faculty Research Support

Faculty Research Support

While faculty should be judicious in ordering materials in support of their own research, the Library will occasionally order highly specialized materials for use by a single faculty member, particularly if the request is a one time purchase. Many journals and databases are significantly less expensive for individual subscriptions as well, and the Library will help instructional staff identify options for acquiring these resources for their own use.

Using Other Libraries

Swarthmore faculty have borrowing privileges at the University of Pennsylvania and other PALCI member libraries. These libraries require a signed letter from the College Librarian which verifies employment status, which is available at the McCabe Circulation Desk. Faculty also have access to the libraries of any SHARES member (.pdf), though you cannot borrow materials. Faculty who are intending to work elsewhere can apply for access to other libraries by contacting the College Librarian. She will try to obtain access and borrowing privileges at another academic institution on your behalf.

Research Dissemination and Archiving

As we continue to move into the digital age there is an ever increasing need to gather, store, index, preserve, and provide access to the intellectual and cultural output of our institution. To address this need, the Library has developed an institutional repository to manage the long term preservation of our community's resources and ensure continued access to those items. The data gathered in faculty research is often in digital formats; providing a long term solution addressing the ephemeral nature of such digital objects allows the College community to more fully benefit from our own research. In addition to preserving and providing access to the traditional products research such as preprints and data sets, our institutional repository offers a place to make other works digitally available, including faculty performances, lectures, and campus events. To insure ongoing access to your digital materials, please contact the Digital Initiatives Group (x8541).

Library Carrels

Both McCabe and Cornell Libraries have a small number of carrels available for faculty use. The rooms in McCabe are assigned by the College Librarian (x8489) and in Cornell, by the Science Librarian (x7685). Because of the limited number of carrels, faculty may be asked to share with another colleague.