Digital Initiatives Student Assistant

Position Objective

Under the supervision of permanent staff, the Digital Initiatives student assistants are responsible for providing support for digital collections of student and faculty scholarly works, and assisting with ongoing digitization projects and digital scholarship. In order to properly complete assigned tasks and to make sound judgment calls, student assistants will be well-versed in library collections, tools and services, and information technology.


Students average 4-6 hours of permanently assigned shifts.

Essential Duties

Students may work in one or more of these areas:

Providing support for digital scholarship collections

  • Searching for faculty publications from various resource providers to add to collections.
  • Ensuring the integrity of data in the collection
  • Adding and editing metadata to ensure materials are discoverable
  • Uploading new content to collections
  • Scanning print materials and preparing files for digital collections

Assisting with reference, resource, and technology projects

  • Testing tools and applications which enhance or facilitate access to online library services and collections
  • Creating library web pages and updating web-based course and research guides
  • Gathering statistics on library tools and services, including the library website
  • Basic editing of project related websites including content, CSS stylesheets and other files as appropriate

Supporting digitization of resources for teaching

  • Digitizing DVDs into electronic formats
  • Updating master digitization spreadsheet with all relevant file information, and updating bibliographic records for digitized works
  • Providing assistance with managing the lifecycle of digitization workflows including those with outside vendors


  • Individual training sessions that include instruction occur during the first few work shifts. Topics covered include a review of the library collections, processes and procedures, and training on systems used for digital collections management.
  • Ongoing training throughout the year as required by newly assigned tasks or as problems or changes arise. Communication is by e-mail, phone call, or in person.
  • Opportunity to pursue the student's own interests in learning and building skills involved in the web development cycle in a liberal arts context in support of the library's digital scholarship program.

General Qualities Required/Desired

  • Familiarity with the library collections, tools and services.
  • Previous research experience preferred.
  • Experience with information technology.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Self-motivated, dependable, enthusiastic, and interested in the work being done.
  • Ability to work both as a member of a team and independently.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • User-oriented approach to service.
  • Familiarity with or desire to learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript and/or PHP-based content management systems.