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COVID Safety Policies

Library users must follow these safety policies:

  • Follow the Garnet Pledge at all times
  • Wear a mask
  • Physically distance from others
  • No food, personal water bottles only

How are these policies enforced?

Students have two chances to be warned about adherence to the COVID safety policies before there are more serious consequences. We are instituting these steps and plan to uphold them to maintain safety for library workers and the entire campus community.

Please note that at the third or fourth infraction, loss of library privileges and other consequences will occur.

libraries covid policy student consequence ladder
  1. First step: Verbal Warning
    A library staff member will write down your name and give you a reminder and warning to please comply with the policy.
  2. Second step: Written Warning
    A library staff member will make note of your second infraction and issue a written warning to you, as well as your dean.
  3. Third step: Disciplinary Action
    A library staff member will make note of your third infraction. You and your dean will be notified a second time via a disciplinary letter. With this third step, you lose physical access to the libraries for two weeks. During this time, you may still pick up materials or print in the libraries, but will not be allowed to study.
  4. Fourth step: Severe Disciplinary Action
    Above steps, as well as a discussion with your dean and the College Librarian about extending your loss of library privileges for the entirety of the semester.