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2016 - 2017

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Layout of Cornell Library

Main Floor: Circulation desk, staff offices, reserves (both General & Honors), Canon printer/copier (with document feeder), core reference section, public scanner, public Macs & PCs, current print periodicals, two small group study rooms, and a seminar room.

Ground Floor: Periodical stacks, reference titles, individual study carrels with Macs and 1 PC, seminar room.

Top Floor: Book stacks, video collection, and a public computer room. This is the designated "quiet floor".

Circulation Information

One of the first things you will need after you arrive on campus is a bar coded ID card. This you will get from Public Safety in the Benjamin West House. Records for you have been entered in the library's patron database. The first time you use your card in the library, we will enter the barcode from the back of your ID card in your library patron record.

Monographs: Tripod is the online library catalog for Bryn Mawr, Haverford, & Swarthmore. As a Swat professor, you have borrowing privileges from all three schools. Faculty due date for books checked from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, or Swarthmore is February 15th of the next year. If you need a book from Bryn Mawr or Haverford, you may request the title directly from Tripod by selecting the Request button. Be sure to select Cornell Library if you want the book sent here. The book should arrive in a day or two and you will be notified by e-mail of its arrival.

Note: If you find a Swarthmore book which has a + in the call number, that means it is oversized, and is kept in the Oversized Section, which is the last range of books upstairs, after "Z", by the study tables.

Electronic Periodicals: To see if we subscribe to a journal title, go in to Tripod and select "Journal Title Search". The holdings information will show up in a hyperlink in the center of the Tripod screen. 

Always look for the "Connect from Swarthmore" link in the Tripod record, as we may not subscribe to all of the same journals that Bryn Mawr and Haverford do. 

If you are using a database, look for the Find It! icon and that will take you to the journal article if we subscribe to it, or will allow you to send an ILL form, if we don't subscribe.

Print Journals: On the lower level, the journals are arranged by call number and are split between compact shelving and open shelving. 1995 is the cutoff date for compact shelving, so any volumes published 1995 and before will be in compact shelving, and anything published after 1995 will be out on the open shelves!

Reserves are taken care of by Terry, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact her. 

There are two types of reserves:

  • In-House Reserves: These reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk, and they do not leave the library. These are the required texts and other items that you would like to place on reserve for your course.
  • Honors Reserves: Most often used by the smaller seminars for suggested or optional readings. These items may be checked out and removed from the library any time during the day and are due back the following day. Honors reserve rules are more relaxed than those for general reserves and work best for small classes where there would be low demand for the reserve materials. 


  • The library tries to purchase one copy of required textbooks, and will keep that copy on reserve behind the circulation desk. These textbooks may be checked out for two hour intervals, and may not leave Cornell. Please let us know if you have made any last-minute changes to your textbook requirements, or if your book was not on the bookstore list, and we will track down a copy for reserve. And feel free to give us a personal copy for reserve if you have one.
  • Please try to bring in your reserve materials during office hours so that we can confirm the course information with you. If you bring reserves over when the office is closed, leave them at the desk with a note including your name, course number and type of reserve.
  • The earlier you get your reserve materials to us, the faster we can have them processed and made available to the students. Once classes begin, reserves are put up on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Interlibrary Loan

There are two types of ILL: TriCollege and everywhere else. There is an ILL web page, containing links to all types of ILL described below:

  • TriCollege ILL - Books: If you want a book from Bryn Mawr or Haverford, simply press the Request button next to the call number at the bottom of the Tripod screen. Enter your name & barcode, and select where you want to pick up the book. Delivery takes approximately one day library to library.
  • Non-TriCollege ILL - Books: For books not available in Tripod, try E-ZBorrow, a web gateway which allows simultaneous searching of academic library catalogs in Pennsylvania. Enter the barcode from the back of your ID card and you will be able to search and request books directly from participating libraries within Pennsylvania. You will be notified by e-mail when your book arrives, and you must go to McCabe (the main library) to pick it up. Books ordered from E-ZBorrow usually arrive within a few days of the request. If books are not available from E-ZBorrow, try regular ILL, which can sometimes take up to two weeks to fill.
  • TriCollege & Non-TriCollege ILL - Journal Articles: For all article requests, use the online article delivery form. If you come across an article you want in a database, and the Find It button says you don't have access to it, select the ILL button, and your citation information will be copied into the ILL request form. Articles requested from ILL will be sent as .pdfs to your email. 

Borrowing from Other Libraries
Swarthmore professors are allowed to use and borrow from the libraries at University of Pennsylvania, but it involves a bit of preparation. If you plan to borrow from Penn, you must obtain a courtesy card from Van Pelt Library. This must be done during the work week so that the Circulation Staff may verify your current employment by Swarthmore, or you may present them with a letter provided by the Provost each year which verifies yours employment. There is no fee, and check-out period is 28 days. If you just want to use a library at Penn, your Swarthmore ID should get you through the door. Swarthmore students may use Penn's libraries, but they have no direct borrowing privileges. 

Bibliographic Instruction

One of the favorite parts of my job is getting in to the classroom to teach students. The best way to reach the most students is by going into a class, and relating what the library has to what they have to accomplish that semester. It also gives me a chance to introduce myself to them, and let them know they are not "bothering me" if they need to get some information. So feel free to ask me to come into your class and do a Bibliographic Instruction Session if you feel it would be beneficial to you and your students. We can tie it in to a specific assignment, just make it quick overview of resources, or I find even getting five or ten minutes in a class just to encourage them to ask for help and hand out my card with contact information can work quite well. Come and talk to me if you have some ideas or questions about this. If I haven't done so already, I will be happy to make up a Research Guide which ties together all of the resources used for your courses.

Ordering Books

You are encouraged to order books which you feel would be useful in our collection. If you come across a book you think we should own, please feel free to order it. You may pass the book information on to me, or you may order books yourself using the online book order form which is at our Library's Web Site. If you want to see what new items have been purchased for Cornell, the New Items List is updated automatically each week. Or if you want to create your own personalized list of new items, check out the New Items List and you can view as a web page or an RSS feed.

Seminar Rooms

There are two small classrooms in Cornell which may be used by the Science Departments. If you think holding your class in the library would be beneficial, contact me and I'll let you know if we can accommodate you (these rooms are not managed by the Registrar). Room 110 (on the main floor next to my office) holds 8 to 10 people, and the Sigma Xi Room downstairs holds 10 to 12.