Collection Development

Collection Development

Purpose of the Collection

The Library's collections first and foremost support undergraduate teaching and research. As such, the collections reflect the scope of the curriculum past and present. The Library takes pride in the breadth and depth of its undergraduate research collection. Our collections are strengthened by those at Bryn Mawr and Haverford, and supplemented by a comprehensive interlibrary loan program.

Role of the instructional staff in collection development, Instructional Staff Manual [pdf] pg. 175

Monographs and other one time purchases, Instructional Staff Manual [pdf] pg. 176

Subscriptions to journals and series, Instructional Staff Manual [pdf] pg. 177

Digital resources: Databases and archives, Instructional Staff Manual [pdf] pg. 177

Digital Collections

The Library supports the creation, cataloging, and maintenance of digital image collections using a variety of software platforms. For example, if you have a collection of 35mm slides on the Crum Woods flora, images of Tibetan temples, or Dadaist paintingsĀ which you would like to share with students or colleagues, we can help determine the best software platform for your needs, help with slide digitization, and insure that the digital slides are appropriately archived.