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Collection Development

Collection Development

Purpose of the Collection

While the libraries collect at an undergraduate research level, we have traditionally provided strong support for faculty research. Acquisitions and collection development are facilitated by our librarian subject specialists, who in collaboration with faculty, ensure that our collections support both the curricular and research needs of the College. The libraries develop both their own collections and provide access to collections at other institutions.

For further detail on collections policy, please see the Collections section [PDF] of the Swarthmore College Departmental Handbook for Chairs and Administrative Assistants.

Digital Collections

The Library supports the creation, cataloging, and maintenance of digital image collections using a variety of software platforms. For example, if you have a collection of 35mm slides on the Crum Woods flora, images of Tibetan temples, or Dadaist paintings which you would like to share with students or colleagues, we can help determine the best software platform for your needs, help with slide digitization, and insure that the digital slides are appropriately archived.