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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Argentina | Chile | Costa Rica | Cuba | Dominican Republic
Ecuador| Guatemala | Mexico | Peru | Puerto Rico

We encourage students to meet with a Latin American and Latino Studies faculty member to discuss study abroad possibilities and find the program that best suits their academic needs and interests. Students are required to meet with the LALS Coordinator after completing the Study-Abroad Advising Form [PDF].

In order to apply study abroad courses toward a Latin American and Latino Studies minor/special major, courses must have a Latin American focus, and study abroad coursework must be pursued in Spanish. Students must complete SPAN 004 or its equivalent before going abroad. Students are encouraged to complete the introductory requirement (LALS 005, HIST 004, or SPAN 010) before going abroad. Spanish language courses do not count toward a LALS special major or minor.

Latin American and Latino Studies minors and special majors can transfer two courses taken abroad, with the pre-approval of the LAS program coordinator, toward their academic program. Only one of these two courses may be approved as a LAS Interdisciplinary credit. Please see the Interdisciplinary Transfer Credit Application [PDF] form for procedures and criteria regarding LAS interdisciplinary credit, including internships.

Students are encouraged to take courses that do not duplicate those offered at Swarthmore. Students can choose from a wide range of destinations from the following list of approved programs:

Latin America

College/University Program Description
IFSA Butler Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza is located in te Andes foothills and is the heart and soul of Argentina's wine country. Students take classes at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, which offers two program courses designed specifically for IFSA students. There are many opportunities for qualified students to participate in fine arts and musical activities. The city offers unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation.
College/University Program Description
IFSA Butler University
in Chile (Chilean
Universities Program)
Students can choose between two programs: Santiago and Valparaíso. All classes are integrated with degree-seeking students and taught by Chilean faculty. In Santiago, the program allows students to enroll directly in classes with local students at up to three different universities. In addition, the program offers two classes designed specifically for IFSA-Butler participants as well as a directed research project option. The Valparaíso program allows you to enroll directly in classes at three different universities with local students. In addition, it offers three program classes, and an internship (Internship in Community Action). Five semesters of university-level Spanish or equivalent are required.
Middlebury in Chile Students have the option of directly enrolling in nine different universities in six locations: La Serena, Concepción, Temuco, Valdivia, Santiago, and Valparaíso. In addition to two to four university courses and an internship, students are required to take the "cuaderno" course, a journal-webblog-keeping workshop.
Tufts University
in Santiago
Tufts-in-Chile allows students to study at one of the region's leading schools, the University of Chile in Santiago, for the fall semester or academic year. Since students take regular courses at the university, fluency is Spanish is important. Participants are expected to have completed the equivalent of six semesters of college-level Spanish. This program should be of interest to students in Latin American studies, international relations, environmental studies, and the social sciences. Preference will be given to students who have taken coursework on Latin America, or have shown in other ways, an interest in the region.
Costa Rica
College/University Program Description
IFSA Bulter University
in Costa Rica
The program is situated in Heredia at the Universidad Nacional and combines excellent academics with extensive opportunities to get involved in campus life and the surrounding community. Students can cross-enroll in a variety of departments and take classes with Costa Rican students. All coursework is in Spanish. Opportunities to volunteer are available for IFSA-Butler students in many different fields: environmental projects, working in rural communities, beach patrolling to protect turtles, community work in an indigenous town, or tutoring children after school. Four semesters of university-level Spanish or equivalent is required.
Pitzer College in Costa Rica Pitzer’s program provides cultural immersion and cultural instruction in two communities in Costa Rica and an opportunity to complete a culminating independent study project on a regional issue.  Students begin with intensive Spanish Language study and a home stay in San Jose, the capital.  During the second homestay in a rural area near Pitzer College’s Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology on the Pacific Coast, families serve as important resources for students’ understanding of issues they will study in their independent research project.
ICADS – Costa Rica

Field Program: Environment and Sustainable Development

In ICADS' semester-long Field Program, students gain research experience in both the natural sciences (forest ecology, agro-ecology, soil sciences) and social sciences (sociology, anthropology, history, economics) while learning to address environmental issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students are provided with the analytical tools and research expertise to make meaningful contributions to ongoing work in the area of “sustainable development,” with the recognition that workable solutions to environmental conflicts can only come from an understanding of the intersection between community needs, ecosystem dynamics, and political-economic systems.

College/University Program Description
Sarah Lawrence
College in Cuba
This program is built on the philosophy of small classes and opportunities for individual research. It offers a wide range of elective courses in the humanities, social sciences, visual/performing arts, and film studies, taught by recognized experts in their field. All classes are taught in Spanish. You can expect most of your classmates to be Cuban. The core seminar course (designed exclusively for Sarah Lawrence in Cuba students) is conducted through Centro de Estudios Demográficos (CEDEM), a unique research center at the University of Havana. This core seminar examines gender, health, education, and sustainable development.
Dominican Republic
College/University Program Description
Council on
International Educational Exchange
This program is designed for students with two-years of college-level Spanish or equivalent, and an interest in Caribbean area studies. Optional community service courses with practicums in areas of health, education, civic action. Classes at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM).
College/University Program Description
HECUA - Ecuador The Community Internships in Latin America (CILA) Program offers a semester of study and experience with a focus on community participation and social change in the Andean region. It addresses issues such as: globalization, environment, oil politics, and ethnicity and national identity. Students are deeply immersed into Latin American life through a homestay, a hands-on internship, field seminars with local experts and activities, and an independent study. Courses, internships, and field projects are conducted entirely in Spanish. Field trips to regions outside Quito are also included.
Pitzer in Ecuador This program affords students the opportunity to enroll in a consortium of local universities, choose from specialized curricula, work with a culturally diverse faculty, and participate in a variety of community-based, service learning experiences.
College/University Program Description
University of Arizona
in Guatemala
The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona and the Center for Mesoamerican Research (CIRMA) invite you to a study abroad program in Antigua. The program offers a variety of Latin American Studies, History, Anthropology, Politics, Environmental Studies and Spanish classes (including Central American literature) taught by professors from Central America. Students can also study a Mayan language. Classes are designed to give in-depth and on-the-ground views of social justice, peace and development issues. The program offers engaging field trips throughout Guatemala related to course material. Internships and volunteer opportunities in the surrounding community for academic credit are available.
College/University Program Description
Earlham College
Border Studies Program
The Border Studies Program combines rigorous academic study, practical on-site learning, travel seminars and structured reflection that engages students in some of today's most urgent social, economic, and ecological matters. Based in the southern Arizona borderlands in Tucson, Arizona, and facilitates the examination of issues related to migration, human rights, globalization, food systems, and the environment. Peers, scholars, farmers, indigenous, state authorities, migrants and activists in Mexico and the U.S. contribute to the learning process. Extensive travel seminars and excursions to Mexico and Guatemala are an integral part of the learning process, providing students with a more holistic understanding of the borderlands and the relationship the region has to broader global issues. Students take a variety of courses on migration, a course on qualitative research methodology, and a class on identity, privilege and social change. Two years of college level Spanish (or equivalent) are required for this spring program. The program is willing to work with students to assist with their participation.
IFSA-Butler University
in Mérida
IFSA-Butler offers semester and full-year study abroad programs at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY) in Mérida, allowing students to enroll directly in classes at UADY. The program has a commitment to archaeology and anthropology thanks to its location among some of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Mexico. A full range of coursework is available in the social sciences, humanities, education, and sciences. Several volunteer opportunities are available. Past students have worked with orphanages, local schools, museums, radio stations, and with rural communities in health-related fields. Four semesters of university-level Spanish or equivalent are required.
Rutgers in Yucatán Students take classes along with local Mexican students at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Choose from a full range of courses including archeology, anthropology, history, literature, communications, and the sciences.
This program in Xalapa, Veracruz is structured in coordination with schools and search institutes of the UV. It offers academic and administrative services to students who wish to undertake research or in-depth study of a special topic among those availabie at our university in the areas of Humanities, Art, Econmics, Business, Technology, Biological Sciences, or Health. This program is comprised of 20 hours for which two credits are granted, and is available all year, including summer.
College/University Program Description
IFSA - Butler in Lima The program facilitates direct enrollment in classes with Peruvian students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), one of the highest ranked universities in Latin America. It offers two courses designed specifically for IFSA participants: "Advanced Academic Writing and Peruvian Culture" and "Peruvian Social Reality," as well as a required service-learning component through community service and research with major NGOs in Lima. Interested students have the opportunity to enroll in the Social Constructions of Gender and Community Based Organizations concentration. Archaeology majors can work at Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Incan site.
Puerto Rico
College/University Program Description
State University of NY
at Oswego
program website
Students in this program are allowed access to all courses offered at the Universidad de Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, and attend courses alongside Puerto Rican and international students.