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Health & Societies brings together Swarthmore staff, students, and faculty who are interested in the cultural, ethical, economic, social, and political questions that relate to health on local, regional, and global scales. The central goal of the Health & Societies group is to highlight the important intersection of health and social justice, and the vital contributions that the social sciences and humanities make on understanding and addressing human health—past and present. This initiative is directed by Associate Professor of Anthropology Christy Schuetze.


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Bryn Mawr Health Studies Program

Health & Societies at the University of Pennsylvania


Consider internship, research, and study-abroad opportunities related to Health & Societies.

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Contact Therese Ton ’19 for more details.

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Christy Schuetze

Christy Schuetze

Associate Professor of Anthropology (on leave spring 2019)
Sociology & Anthropology
Kohlberg 238
On Leave Spring 2019