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Health & Societies

Health & Societies brings together Swarthmore staff, students, and faculty who are interested in the cultural, ethical, economic, social, and political questions that relate to health on local, regional, and global scales. The central goal of the Health & Societies group is to highlight the important intersection of health and social justice, and the vital contributions that the social sciences and humanities make on understanding and addressing human health—past and present. This initiative is directed by Associate Professor of Anthropology Christy Schuetze and, for 2019-2020, Visiting Assistant Professor of German Madalina Meirosu. 


Relevant Swarthmore Faculty:

Student Groups and Programs:

Other Opportunities:


Examples of relevant courses at Swarthmore (please check course schedules for offerings each semester): 

  • ANTH 043. Culture, Health, & Illness 
  • ANTH 049B. Comparative Perspectives on the Body 
  • ANTH 053B. Anthropology of Public Health 
  • ANTH 133. Anthropology of Biomedicine
  • ECON 075. Health Economics  
  • ENGL 002M. Medical Writing and Rhetoric 
  • FREN 017A. First-Year Seminar: Literature and Medicine 
  • POLS 048. The Politics of Population 
  • PSYC 038. Clinical Psychology
  • PSYC 108. Research Practicum in Clinical Psychology
  • PSYC 109. Research Practicum in Social and Emotional Well-Being
  • SOAN 020M. Race, Gender, Class and Environment    
  • SOCI 050B. Medicine as a Profession 

Bryn Mawr Health Studies Program

Haverford Civic and Community Engagement Courses in Health Studies 

Health & Societies at the University of Pennsylvania


Consider internship, research, and study-abroad opportunities related to Health & Societies.

Sidney Kimmel Early Admission Program | Contact: Gigi Simeone — An early assurance program with Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. This program is for students who want to become physicians, who are interested in public health and health policy, and who have a commitment to social and community engagement. It is open for sophomores to apply, and this year, juniors may apply as well. Selected students receive a conditional acceptance to Sidney Kimmel Medical College, and do not need to take the full roster of premedical requirements, take the MCATs, or participate in the regular application process.

Internship Host Sites​

Contact Lang Center Associate (Public Health) for additional resources. 

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Health & Societies Contact

Madalina Meirosu

Madalina Meirosu

Visiting Assistant Professor
Modern Languages & Literatures, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Parrish 209
Christy Schuetze

Christy Schuetze

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Sociology & Anthropology
Kohlberg 238