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The Global Affairs program at the Lang Center takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining our most pressing global challenges. It projects disciplines such as Economics, Environmental Studies, History, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Political Science onto the global stage, asking how these disciplines can work together to help us understand our complex, global world. Swarthmore’s increasingly international composition and outlook coincide with rising uncertainty about the future of global order, making Global Affairs a timely Engaged Scholarship initiative. This initiative is directed by Associate Professor of Political Science Dominic Tierney and Assistant Professor of Political Science Emily Paddon Rhoads.


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  • War News Radio—Founded in 2005, War News Radio aims to rediscover the voices of real people. “Our show fills the gaps in the media’s coverage by airing new perspectives, both personal and historical, in a balanced and in-depth manner. We hope our broadcasts will engage our listeners and inspire them to engage critically with the rest of the world.”
    Contacts: Lisa Kato ’19Haruka Ono '19Jake Stattel '19Salima Bourguiba '19
  • Swarthmore International Relations Journal (SIRJ)SIRJ is an undergraduate journal publishing works on global affairs. Established in 2016, SIRJ is student written, edited, and produced. The primary goals of SIRJ are twofold: to help foster a new generation of scholars, and to bring fresh, liberal arts perspectives to international relations. Through a peer-reviewed editing process, SIRJ seeks to become a major vehicle for undergraduate research on international relations, and encourage critical and intellectual dialogues among scholars. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Global Affairs Contact

Dominic Tierney

Dominic Tierney

Associate Professor of Political Science
Trotter 304

Emily Paddon Rhoads

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Trotter 305 305