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Engaged Scholarship Courses and Resources

Engaged Scholarship Courses 

Community-Based Learning (CBL) is a pedagogical approach that is based on the premise that the most profound learning often comes from experience that is supported by guidance, context-providing, foundational knowledge, and intellectual analysis. The Lang Center staff supports faculty in teaching rich CBL courses, specifically, and engaged scholarship courses more broadly. The opportunity for students to bring thoughtful knowledge and ideas based on personal observation and social interaction to a course's themes and scholarly arguments brings depth to the learning experience for individuals and to the content of the course. The communities of which we are a part can benefit from the resources of our faculty and students, while the courses can be educationally transformative in powerful ways.

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Click here to find the current list of Engaged Scholarship Courses [SwatDoc]

Student Action Plan for Engaged Scholarship 

At the Lang Center, we use the term engaged scholarship to refer to teaching and research that orient the College's energies toward pressing social, environmental, and ethical problems. As part of our mission to support engaged scholarship at Swarthmore, we support students hoping to link their academics with action. 

Student Action Plan for Engaged Scholarship [SwatDoc]