VPN and Off-Campus Access

How to install and use Swarthmore's VPN system

The Cisco Virtual Private Network client is the only way to connect to Swarthmore network resources such as shared network drives and Banner from off-campus. The Cisco client provides enhanced security over previous methods. It is strongly recommended that users of the built-in Windows or Macintosh VPN clients use the Cisco VPN client for their remote connections.

Note: VPN is not necessary to access Swarthmore library bibliographic databases; instead, connect to EZproxy (http://proxy.swarthmore.edu).

To use our New VPN Client:

  1. open a web browser, such as Firefox or Safari (highly recommend Firefox)
  2. go to http://swatvpn.swarthmore.edu
  3. on the login page, leave the group = "Swarthmore" and enter your userid and password
  4. click the Login button

The client will download and install within about one minute. You will be prompted for the server name (enter swatvpn.swarthmore.edu) and then your Swarthmore credentials.    The VPN client will connect and leave you logged in. (You may close the browser or go to another web page once the client has started).

When ready to quit the VPN session, open the minimized VPN client icon in the taskbar or the dock and select the End Session button. The VPN application will stay running until you exit from it. Once the client has been downloaded, there is no need to go back to the SwatVPN web page.

To use the VPN at a later time:

  • On a Mac: Open the Applications folder, click on the Cisco folder and select the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
  • On Windows: Click on Start, Programs, Cisco, and select the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
    By using VPN, you can connect to college servers as if you were on campus (see examples below).

VPN On iPad/iPhone

Settings --> General --> Network --> VPN

  1. Click 'Add VPN Connection'.
  2. Click 'IPSec' at the top of the screen.
    Description: Swat VPN
    Server: swatvpn.swarthmore.edu
    Server address: swatvpn.swarthmore.edu
    Group Name: swarthmore.edu
    Shared Secret:c1sc0n3tw0rk
  3. Account: Swarthmore Username
    Password: Swarthmore Password

VPN On Android

Open Settings and tap More under Wireless & networks. (On Android 2.3, tap Wireless & networks.)

Tap the + button and provide the VPN’s details.
Name:  Swat VPN
Type:  IPSec XAuth PSK
Server address: swatvpn.swarthmore.edu
IPSec identifier: swarthmore.edu
IPSec pre-shared key:c1sc0n3tw0rk
Username: Swarthmore Username
Password: Swarthmore Password


  • On a Mac: --> Go --> Connect to Server --> enter the server path to the resource you want to access (contact the helpdesk if you need a path to a specific server).
  • On a PC: --> Start --> Run --> enter the server path (see below for your K:\ drive).
Windows Users
A-C \\winshare.swarthmore.edu\home1$\your-username
D-H \\winshare.swarthmore.edu\home2$\your-username
I-L \\winshare.swarthmore.edu\home3$\your-username
M-R \\winshare.swarthmore.edu\home4$\your-username
S-Z \\winshare.swarthmore.edu\home5$\your-username


Your Gmail account allows you to access your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. ITS does not recommend configuring email programs such as Eudora, Outlook, Apple Mail, and/or Thunderbird on your personally-owned computer systems. ITS instead recommends accessing email from off-campus using Gmail.

Connect to your Swarthmore Gmail: http://gmail.swarthmore.edu

​Google Drive

Documents stored in Google drive are available from any computer with an internet connection.

     Connect to your Swarthmore Google Drive:   https://apps.swarthmore.edu

Access to Library Databases

Access Library databases and resources from any computer using EZProxy. Use your email username and password to login.

Try it out: https://proxy.swarthmore.edu/login