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New Swatmail Features

Restore previously deleted email messages

Users can now self-restore previously deleted email messages from their email Trash folders. They right-click (option click for Mac users) on the email Trash folder and select Recover Deleted Items.

Undo Action

Mail and Contacts actions (including delete, move and mark messages as Spam) can be undone using the "undo" dialog that displays when an action is performed.

Send Email Later

A user can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent.

Email Address Bubbles

Names in the address field display in a "bubble" rather than as text. Bubbles are enabled by default. Users can optionally enable or disable bubbles by going to the Preferences>General page, Other section

Expand Bubble to Display Distribution List Members

When the bubble option is enabled, and when autocomplete is used to select a distribution list, the bubble includes a + (plus) sign to identify the address as a distribution list. Users can click the + to expand the list to display distribution list members. They can also click on an address in the list to send an individual email to the selected addressee.

Add Multiple Attachments with Multi-Select

Ability to add multiple attachments to an email message using Ctrl and Shift. Note the multiple attachments selected display on one Attach: line. The multi-select feature is supported in the following browsers: Chrome, Safari 4 and later, and Firefox 3.6 and later.

Finding Emails Sent From or Sent To Sender, Recipient, or Contact

Users can find emails using the following features:

  • A new right-click (option-click for Macs) option is available when browsing folders, reading messages or when looking at addresses in the Address Book to find emails.
  • When browsing folders or reading a message, right-click (option-click for Macs) a message or the sender to find emails Received From Sender or Sent To Sender.
  • When reading a message, right-click (option-click for Macs) an address in the To: or Cc: field to find emails Received From Recipient and Sent To Recipient.
  • When viewing contacts in the Address Book, right-click (option-click for Macs) an address to find emails Received From Contact or Sent To Contact.
  • Users can search their Sent folder for emails sent to specific recipients. When users are in their Sent folder, they can select one or more messages, click the To header, and the Find Email to Recipients dialog is populated with the email addresses (To, Cc, Bcc). The search is an AND search. Only messages that include all the recipient addresses are included in the search results.

Scheduling Wizard

The Scheduling Wizard Suggested Times feature has been changed. Organizers can now request a list of available locations without adding attendees. After selecting to create a New appointment, the user can click on the Show Suggestions for... link in the Suggested Times area in the Navigation panel to see the list of locations before adding attendees. This "on demand" feature is available when the Suggestion Preferences is set to Manual.

Set Working Hours

In Calendar preferences, users can customize their work week and hours worked schedule. In the General section, users select how they want to display their work week view. In the Work week and hours section, users indicate their work week and hours that display in calendar.

Saving Appointment Pages

The Save and Close link is displayed when creating an appointment without attendees. When Save and Close is clicked, the appointment is saved to the user's Calendar. When attendees are added to the appointment page, the options on the toolbar change to Send, Save, Close. The Save option lets users save a meeting invite as a draft to send later. The appointment request is not sent to the attendees.

Create a Copy of a Meeting

Users can create an appointment similar to an existing appointment by right-clicking (option click for Mac users) on the existing appointment and selecting Create a Copy, and then pasting it to another date and time.

Tags and Folders

More color options are available when users select More Colors...