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McCabe 306 Computer Classroom

McCabe 306 is located on the top floor of McCabe Library, in the corner away from the main entrance, McCabe 306 offers 30 student and one instructor Macintosh computer.  Of those 30, four are laptops attached to a collaboration table, with an independent large screen monitor ideal for small group work.  There are also extra connectors to allow those bringing their own device to connect and share their ideas at the collaboration table.  This room has dual projectors that present to screens as large as we could fit, with the flexibility to have the same source go to both screens, or independent sources to each screen.  The collaboration table screen can also be driven from the instructor's workstation.

Based upon the success of our Trotter 201 desks with faculty and staff and students, similar furniture has been installed that can quickly transform the space from a computer classroom to a traditional discussion environment in moments. Each workstation is attached to a moveable platform that easily glides below the desk surface, removing the screen as a distraction during more discussion based portions of a class. When it’s time to return to the computer, students can simply bring the screens back above the desk and resume working where they left off.  Although wireless is available, each of the tables in the room also has active ethernet ports, and power for student devices.

Organized to allow the instructor and students to walk easily throughout the space while still having access to 30 student workstations this space has replaced the Science Center 256 Macintosh classroom. The freedom of movement enhances student/faculty interaction. The arrangement creates a space that is not only comfortable and collaborative, but one that also enhances the disability accessibility of the room and its features.  The extra tall white boards are located on both long walls of the room and we've added both a laser printer and an Epson V500 scanner workstation to support student work.

To schedule the room for a single class or training event, use the SwatCentral space reservation system. Faculty who would like to use McCabe 306 (or the 22 seat Windows classroom, Trotter 201) as the sole classroom for a course or lab session should request the room as part of the regular scheduling process run by the Registrar’s Office.