Dialing To Campus

When you dial campus phones from off-campus, you need to use the complete phone number:

area code (610) + 3-digit exchange + 4-digit campus extension

The following table will help you determine the 3-digit exchange associated with various 4-digit campus extensions.

4-digit Extension Range 3-digit Exchange Primary Use Complete Number
1xxx 690 residence halls  610-690-1xxx
2xxx 690 residence halls 610-690-2xxx
3xxx 690 residence halls 610-690-3xxx
4xxx none hall phones (on-campus only) cannot be dialed from off-campus
5xxx 690 residence halls 610-690-5xxx
6000-6499 957 residence halls, faculty/staff, departments 610-957-6xxx
6500-6999 690 residence halls 610-690-6xxx
7xxx 328 faculty/staff, departments 610-328-7xxx
8xxx 328 faculty/staff, departments 610-328-8xxx

Some faculty/staff are now assigned telephone numbers in the 690- and 957-exchanges since the 328-exchange is now full.