Dialing From Campus

On Campus Calls

All campus telephone numbers can be dialed using the 4-digit extension from on campus telephones.

Off Campus Calls

To make an off campus call, dial #, 1 + the area code, and the seven digits of the telephone number you are calling.

Local Calls

Calls to the following localities are considered local and will not incur a charge regardless of the length of the call: Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Chester, Drexel Hill, Glenolden, Havertown, Lansdowne, Marcus Hook, Media, Newtown Square, Ridley Park, Sharon Hill, Springfield, Swarthmore and Woodlyn.

For an up-to-date list of exchanges in the 610 and 484 area codes corresponding to these local calling communities, consult the Verizon Western Delaware County/Main Line directory (provided to RAs and Campus departments and the libraries) or call the Help Desk at extension 4357.

Measured & Long Distance Calls

Available to Faculty & Staff only.  Students will need to use a calling card to make Measured and Long Distance calls.

Calls to the (215) and (267) area codes, and all calls to the (610) and (484) area codes not included under local or long distance, are measured calls. These calls are charged on a per minute basis. To place a measured call dial #, 1 + the area code, and the 7-digit phone number.

All calls to area codes other than (215), (610), (267) and (484) within the United States are considered long distance calls.  In addition, a few calls within the (610) and (484) area codes are also considered long distance:

To call long distance, dial #, 1+ the ten-digit number of the telephone you are calling.

International Calls

Available to Faculty & Staff only.  Students will need to use a calling card to make International Calls.

Calls to Canada and many of the Caribbean Islands are dialed as normal US long distance calls. To call other international locations dial #, 011 + country code + city code + number of the telephone you are calling. Country and city codes are available in Verizon telephone directories provided to RAs, Campus departments and the libraries, or by calling the Help Desk at extension 4357.

Long Distance Calling Cards

You may use telephone calling cards from other long distance providers such as AT&T, MCI, and Sprint through the College phone system. There are two ways to place a call on a telephone calling card from a campus telephone. Which method you need to use will depend on what kind of telephone number your company provides to access their network (a toll-free 800 number or a 10xxx number).

Using a Calling Card with an 800/888 Number:

Dial #, 1, 800 or 888, then the 7-digit number. When your call is answered follow the instructions provided on your calling card.

Using a Calling Card with a 10xxx Number:

Many long distance providers have been assigned a unique 5-digit code beginning with 10 that can be used to access their long distance network. To use such a number, dial #, 10xxx, 0, then the area code and 7-digit number you are calling. At this point, you usually hear a tone and need to enter your calling card account number. Follow the instructions provided on your calling card.

Making a Collect Call

It is also possible to originate a collect call to an off campus telephone from any campus phone provided the called party accepts the charges. These calls will cost the called party significantly more than a direct-dialed call. Under no circumstances will the College operator give you an outside line to make long distance calls. If you are having difficulty dialing a number, please call the help desk at extension 4357 for assistance.

Toll-Free 800 and 888 Calls

Toll-free calls are those where the area code portion of the telephone number are 800, 888, 866 and 877 are ready to dial from your campus telephone.

Directory Assistance

For directory assistance in the (610), (484), (215), and (267) area codes:

Dial # + area code + 555-1212 (+ auth code for students)

For directory assistance for other area codes in the United States and Canada:

Dial # + 1 + area code + 555-1212 (+ auth code)

Note that a charge of $0.75 applies to each call to directory assistance. There are many potentially useful sources of telephone directory information available via the Internet. AT&T offers a searchable toll-free (800/888) yellow pages site and Switchboard offers National white/yellow pages databases.